Best Weekend of my Life (mf, inc)

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It was Saturday morning, and I was just getting home from
spending the night at a friends. My parents were out of town for
the three day holiday, and I was supposed to stay at Tim’s the
whole weekend, but I decided against it Tim’s girlfriend showed
up and decided she wanted to go out, alone.

I threw my gym bag into my room and headed for the kitchen.
There was a sound upstairs. My sister was old enough to stay at
home, while mom and dad were away. It was still early in the
morning, and I figured Cindy was just getting up.

I had spent alot of my time, trying to get peeks of her
while she took a shower. What do you expect from a fifteen-year
old? I remember the time I was able to get a picture of her as
she stepped out of the shower. I had convinced her that the
camera was empty, and that I was just trying to tease her. The
picture is still under my mattress.

Cindy is built. She had the long legs that I always heard
Tim’s big brother talk about. Her ass is firm and small. Her
pussy had just the right amount of light blonde hair, that didn’t
quite hide the lines of her mound. Her tits weren’t large, I’d
seen tits of the women in magazines. Large ones just turn me
off. Her face and hair were perfect for her body. I used to
jack off while looking at her picture.

I walked quietly up the stairs, hoping to see a little more
than I had in the past. As I walked down the hall, I heard more
sounds of life. Her bedroom door was open. I stooped down low
and looked around the sill. I couldn’t believe it.

I was looking straight between my sister’s legs as she lay
naked, sprawled on the bedroom floor. She couldn’t see me
though, because, sitting right over her face, with her back to
me, was one her best friends, Lisa, bare naked.

I watched for a moment as Lisa, her red hair swaying as she
moved back and forth. I listened as both girls moaned. They
were not new at this. My eyes drifted down to my sister’s cunt.
I’d never really gotten a chance to see her full slit, but now, I
was watching it as it glistened wet.

I pulled back, not wanting to be seen. Slowly I crept
back downstairs. There was alot to fuel my fantasies.

As soon as I was in my room, pulled off my clothes and
grabbed my stiff cock. It was bigger than I had ever seen it
before. I had never had such a hard on. As I pictured the two
girls in my mind, I stroked myself. It wasn’t long before I cut
loose. I lay down on the bed and let my mind wander through all
the possible fantasies a 15 year old can have.

I must have layed there for half an hour before I realized
that I had left my bedroom door open. I turned my head, just in
time to see Lisa step in through the door.

She stood there, fully naked. Slightly wet. Her red hair
fell, in a light curl to her shoulders, and a small twist hung
over her small, breast. Her left hand brushed at the curl, then
fell towards her pussy. That’s when I noticed.

There was no hair covering her little, slightly plump pussy.
It was completely shaven and smooth. I had never really seen a
a bare cunt, and I was kind of surprised that it turned me

Before I could sit up, she moved towards me and sat on the
bed. She leaned over me, and placed her hand on my dick. It was
beginning to get very hard again.

“Did you come up and spy on us?” she smiled.

I could barely move. I’d never been that close to a naked
girl before. I smiled, nervously, and nodded. If I spoke, I
would probably stutter.

She smiled back at me and began to stroke my hard on.
Lightly, she squeezed my balls. She lifted my hand to her tits
and let me feel them. Still grasping my cock, she lay back, away
from me. She pulled her legs up and spread them. My hand
drifted away from her tits, down her belly, and to her smooth
cunt. Her hand guided mine as she slowly moved my fingers
around, and into her slit. I took the cue and slowly began
pumping her. Her juices flooded between my fingers. How could I
have been any luckier?

Lisa stroked at my cock. This was more than I could handle.
Just as I exploded, I heard a sound of surprise. My sister was
standing in the door. She was wearing skimpy panties, and
nothing else.

“Lisa!” “Cindy!” “Billy!”

We all spoke at once. For a moment, we all were silent.
Then my sister walked over to the bed. My fingers were still
stuck in Lisa’s cunt. Cindy pulled my fingers out and kneeled
down to lick them. Her tongue shot around my fingers, lapping up
the juices of her friend.

“Billy, is this what you’ve been looking for, all this
time?” she asked.

Again, all I could do was nod. It was then that I noticed
the warm wet feeling around my cock. Lisa was sucking on it. I
placed my hand on Cindy’s panties, and rubbed. She was warm and
wet. She backed off, turned away from me, bent over, and made a
little show of taking off her panties. She fingered herself as
she slowly walked back to the bed.

With a little shifting. Cindy lay on the bed and pulled my
head down between her legs. There, I lapped up her juices. And,
Lisa continued to pull and suck at my dick. I felt her fingers
wander and poke at my butt. Slowly she shoved her fingers up my
ass. With a shattering breath, I exploded my cream into her
mouth. She had to know what she was doing.

As she finished swallowing what I could giver her, I heard
her whisper to Cindy.

“I want to fuck him.”

“Me first,” my sister whispered back, “I’m still the virgin

Cindy pulled my head up, and pulled me forward. I climbed
on top of her. Lisa’s hand guided my stiff cock to my sister’s
hole. Slowly, Lisa pushed me into her.

Cindy’s cunt was tight, and warm. I moved up and down, in
and out. Cindy moaned as I slid further into her. I pumped
harder and harder. My whole body strained.

Lisa was still with us. She stayed back and licked at my
balls, then moved up until she was working over my ass-hole. I
felt her tongue dart around and try to push itself in.

Just as I was ready to cum, Cindy’s hole tightened up, and
milked my cock dry.

I had barely let loose, when Lisa was pulling me out of my

“Now, you can fuck me.”

Lisa swung around and kneeled on the bed. She looked over
her shoulder.

“Fuck my ass, Billy.”

Cindy moved, and lay in front of Lisa so that Lisa could
clean my juice out of her cunt. I got up behind her and aimed my
dick at her small, brown hole. Slowly, and firmly, I pushed my
rod deep into her.

“Oh, God, FUCK ME!” she screamed, between cunt laps. She
began to pound her ass back towards me. Together we stroked,
until I pumped my final ounce of cum into her ass.

Tim could have his girlfriend drag him around the mall. Me,
I’ll stay home any weekend, and fuck my sister, and any friend
she brings home.

Eleventh Grade Teacher

by John-John (address withheld)


A teacher is enthralled by a young student and succumbs
even though he knows it’s wrong. (M/F-teen, underage,
oral, anilingus, school)


There was a girl in my 11th grade class who was in
danger of flunking. I had tried to tutor her a few
times at lunch but it was not enough time. She worked
after school and there was no time then. I hate any of
my students to fail and thought it would be wonderful
if I could have one class with no E’s.

In some desperation I told her that she could come at
my apartment on Saturday morning for a real tutoring
session. Christy gave me a long searching look and
agreed leaving me slightly puzzled and uneasy.

On that warm spring morning she rang my bell at the
hour we’d agreed upon, and I let her in. I only noticed
it later but she was wearing high heels. Tight spandex
shorts, and a v-necked t-shirt cut to expose her tummy.
For 17 she had a very mature body. She carried her
books under one arm and a large handbag on the other.

We started the lesson and there I made my mistake I let
her sit next to me. I tried hard to concentrate on the
material while she seemed attentive and I became more
and more aware of her body next to me.

Once she leaned closer to look at the materials and the
cloth of her short t-shirt fell forward; I got a good
look at her full breasts and prominent nipples. My dick
became very hard. Christy sat closer and her thigh
touched mine. She moved her hand onto my knee and my
student looked at me with her face inches away. I do
not know who started first but then we were kissing
deeply, our arms around each other, she was cares-sing
my dick through my pants.

We kissed for a long time penetrating each others mouth
with our tongues. She started unbuttoning my shirt and
she kissed me on the neck moving lower as she undid
successive buttons. Her tongue circled my nipples and
lapped at their small peaks. She pursed her lips around
one and sucked. It felt good.

I cupped Christy’s breasts under her shirt and caressed
the bare skin. She paused a moment, re-moved her short
t-shirt, and went back to work on me. Her tongue was on
my stomach now and her hands unfasten-ed my pants and
unzipping me. She pulled my underwear down and fastened
her lips around the head of my cock. I couldn’t believe
what was happening.

I looked down at her sandy brown hair. She gave a long
suck that sent a bolt of pleasure through me. When she
looked up at with her beautiful face and suggested we
get into bed and do it right, I didn’t argue. Picking
up her handbag she followed me.

Setting her large handbag down by the bed, Christy took
the rest of my clothes off. I reached for her breasts
again and sat on the edge of the bed.

She knelt and took my dick in her mouth again. She gave
me an expert blowjob. I had never been blown so well.
Her tongue would swirl around the head and try to force
its way into the urethra. Then her gorgeous head would
bob up and sown and she would use her lips and the
front of her teeth on the shaft and head. She caressed
my balls and teased my asshole with her finger-tips.

The pleasure was becoming so intense that I wanted her
to slow down. Christy would have none of it. Her head
bobbed even faster. Her mouth was like a vacuum chamber
and her lips were a tight rubber ring. She made me come
so hard I thought my head would burst.

I shot into her mouth thinking I would never stop
coming. There must have been 10 or 12 spasms because my
cock was still jerking when there was no more semen.

Ordinarily my prick goes soft after a hard come like
that, but Christy kept her tongue going all the time,
and it stayed stiff.

She snuggled up next to me and said, I want you to fuck
me now and later I’ll fuck you. At the time I didn’t
realize the significance of her words. Looking into her
eyes I kissed her deeply and rolled her onto her back.

Mounting her, my hard cock thrust into her. The age-old
rhythm and her excitement combined, took control of her
and she fucked back. Christy held me tightly. Her eyes
were closed. Her face was a grimace. Her pelvis gyrated
up and down against mine.

After only a few minutes of this she arched her back,
raising her butt off the bed and we ground our pelvises
together while she came with a long drawn out moan.


After a short rest she propped herself on knees and
elbows and we did it doggie-style. While plunging her
pussy from behind I came again and so did she. I rested
on her back and my dick softened and slid out of her.


We ate a light lunch and talked about school, teaching,
homework, anything. Then we were kissing again and she
was fondling my hardening dick. We were embracing lying
in bed. Christy was on the bottom. Her hands caressed
my lower back and then my ass cheeks. She slid a finger
into the crack and teased my asshole.

My dick was getting as hard as steel. I wanted to fuck
her again. I tried to spread her legs again, but she
said: Roll over onto your back. Another blowjob would
be nice, I thought, as she tongued my dick while I lay
on my back. But she licked my cock a few times and
started on my balls. Christy pushed my legs up until my
knees touched my chest. Her tongue moved lower still.
Christy rimmed me. I don’t know how long it lasted. I
was going out of my mind with pleasure; I’d never had
that done to me before.

Her finger pressed against my opening. She slowly
forced it inside. After her digit was in it moved more
freely in and out. She worked a second finger in. I was
being prepared for a much larger insertion, though I
didn’t know it at the time. She rolled me onto my
stomach and spread my legs. Her long tongue snaked up
my ass. Her oral digit invaded my rectum. Her oral
member went up my ass and lit a fire inside me.

Christy’s lips were right at my anus as she ate my ass.
I don’t know how much time passed, but a while later I
felt her weight leave the bed. She came into my field
of view and reached into her large handbag. Out came a
pair of handcuffs. Quickly, she cuffed my hands to the
bed. I was so bemused I let her do it.

Reaching into her bag again, Christy pulled out a long,
wide strap-on dildo. She smirked as she put it on: I’m
going to teach the teacher. I’m going to teach you what
it’s like to be fucked.

She mounted me. Her breasts crushed on my back as she
parted the cheeks of my ass and I felt the knob of the
dildo against my asshole.

First came the pressure. Slowly she pushed until my
anus began to open. The tip of the dildo entered,
slowly followed by the rest of the long shaft. When her
pelvis rested up against my butt, I knew she had
penetrated me fully.

She fucked me. Christy fucked me with a slow precision.
Her rod pistoned in my butt. Her hands wrapped around
my cock and set up a squeezing rhythm. She had oiled
her hands and when she pushed with her hips the shaft
went up my ass and my dick was stroked in her hand: it
was just like screwing a tight pussy.

“Do you like being fucked?” she whispered in my ear.
“This is what a girl feels when you stick your cock
into her. You’re being buggered and you like it don’t
you?” Her fingers were stroking and squeezing my cock
as she spoke.

Then she held my dick in her left hand. Christy thrust
the tip of a manicured nail into the urethra opening
and worked it in and out. I couldn’t tell if I liked it
or not; it was pain and pleasure. “Let me fuck you a
little longer, darling. You’ll come soon,” she murmured
hotly in my ear, “I promise.”

Her breasts crushed on my back and her pelvis pummeled
against my butt with every thrust of her hips. She
pulled my head around and kissed me wetly on the mouth.
Her tongue thrust into my mouth, claiming possession. I
was handcuffed to my own bed, being kissed and fucked
in the ass by a dildo-wielding teen-age nympho.

I groaned into her mouth. She took that as a sign of my
coming orgasm and drove her tool even deeper into my
bowels and held it there. She was stretching and
violating me and I loved it.

She jacked my cock until I came in long spurts, soaking
the sheet. I thought she had done everything she could
to me, but Christy took off the dildo and left it in my
ass. Then she rolled me onto my back, sat on my face,
and commanded me to eat her pussy while she sawed the
pole in and out of my ass with my legs up in the air.
She came three times before she was satisfied.

Then Christy got off me and dressed. She paid no
attention to my trussed nakedness until she was fully
clothed. She then sat on the bed between my spread legs
and grabbed one end of the plastic cock.

She spoke: “If you want some more of this’, here she
twisted the prick making me groan, “and I think you do,
you’ll give me an ‘A’ on the next test. Do it, or I’ll
blab all over that you’ve been fucking your students.”
She giggled at that. Here she worked the dildo in and
out slightly and kissed my dick. I was thinking all the
time, how much fun we had just had together.

With that she keyed open one of the cuffs and left me.
I heard the door slam as she left.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It’s okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn’t
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The Elevator (MF, nursing-wife, oral)

by Tom Hollis (address withheld)


Tom Aaron jumped out of the cab in front of County
General Hospital, getting soaked to the skin as a
summer thunder storm swept across Cobb County. Shaking
off as much water as he could, Tom looked to find the
correct bank of elevators that would take him to Dr.
Golden’s office on the tenth floor.

Seeing one of the elevator doors beginning to shut, Tom
broke into a sprint and stuck his arm into the closing
doors and made them bounce back open allowing him
entry. When he finally settled into the front corner of
the elevator in front of the floor selection panel, he
noticed a pretty young woman of about twenty-two or
three leaning up against the wall at the back of the

He nodded a cursory hello and turned back to wait for
his stop on ten. Just as the elevator passed the sixth
floor there was a hard bump and all the lights went
out. The elevator was not moving and they were standing
in pitch darkness. Before either of them could say any
thing an emergency light in the back corner popped on
filling the elevator with a soft eerie yellowish light.

Tom turned to the raincoat-clad girl and said, “It
might be a power outage from the storm, and we may be
here for a little while.”

The girl now looking very forlorn said, “I’ve got an
appointment with my baby doctor in five minutes, I hope
I’m not late!”

After fifteen minutes and still no power, Tom sat down
on the floor to rest, and the young woman who had
introduced herself as Sandra, still stood in the corner
not moving an inch. As the two made small talk, Tom got
the distinct impression that Sandra was very
uncomfortable. He couldn’t exactly put his finger on
it, but she kept her arms folded in front of her and
she fidgeted from one leg to the other.

Finally Tom asked her if she had a problem. Shaking her
head yes, Sandra slowly removed her coat and revealed a
truly massive chest on such a slim body! Tom knew he
was staring but couldn’t help himself! Just watching
Sandra breath was a treat in itself!

Sandra then said, “I had a baby about six weeks ago,
and I’ve always been large busted, but since I got
pregnant they have just grown and grown! Now I have to
wear a 40DD bra! I nurse my baby at least six times a
day, but I produce way more milk than she can drink, so
I use a breast pump at least twice a day to relieve the
pressure. This morning my pump broke down and I was
going to pick up another one at my doctor’s office, but
now we’re stuck in here and my breasts are really
getting sore.”

Tom couldn’t believe his ears! Here was a pretty young
woman talking about her over-sized breasts as if they
were talking about the weather! Not knowing what to
say, Tom just nodded and said he hoped that they would
be out soon and that she could see her doctor soon.

Another half hour went by and still no movement. Sandra
was now growing more desperate! She had been whimpering
for a good ten minutes and now was starting to tear up
from the painful pressure. Sandra was holding her huge
tits, one in each hand, trying to relieve some of the
strain that their sheer bulk was causing.

Tom, trying to act the gentleman, asked if there was
anything he could do to help.

Still massaging her chest, Sandra looked at him and
said, “When my baby sucks on them to get milk, I can
feel the tightness go away. If you could maybe suck
them for me, maybe the swelling would go down a

Dumbfounded what she had asked of him, all he could do
was nod his head “yes”.

Sandra quickly unbuttoned her loose fitting top and
dropped it to the floor. Right in front of his face was
an industrial strength bra that was doing it’s best to
hold back a tidal wave of tit flesh! Sandra unhooked
her bra and let it slip of her slim shoulders. Her huge
tits were tipped with large nipples that were almost a
deep shade of purple! The tips were long and firm, the
result of nursing a baby six times a day!

As Sandra sat down next to Tom, her breasts swayed back
and forth just inches from his face. Now sitting
against the elevator wall, Sandra asked Tom to lay on
his back with his head in her lap. She guided a hard
nipple into his mouth and said, “Come on baby, let
Momma feed her big boy!”

Tom started sucking on the huge nipple and soon his
mouth was full of thin sweet tasting milk! The more he
sucked the more he wanted! After about fifteen minutes
Sandra removed the nipple only to replace it with it’s
heavy twin!

By now Tom’s pecker was hard as a flagpole! His head
being held and caressed by this beautiful young girl
who was cooing softly as he sucked the milk from her
big chest. His heart jumped in his chest when he felt
her begin rubbing the front of Tom’s pants.

When she found his erection Tom heard a moan come from
her lips. “Baby’s a naughty little boy,” she said, as
she rubbed up and down the shaft of his thick pecker
through the material of his pants!

Finally when Tom thought that he couldn’t take it any
longer, Sandra moaned, “Time for Momma to suck baby.”
She unzipped Tom’s pants, slipped her small hand into
his open fly, and pulled out his engorged organ!

He had never felt such a delicate touch as the one this
young huge titted woman was now giving to his straining
cock! Because of the massiveness of her chest, Sandra
was able to lean over and take his prick into her mouth
and not even pull the nipple from his lips! As delicate
as were her fingers, her mouth was another story! She
became a bitch in heat as she began to deep throat his
entire shaft! Both of them moaned and groaned as they
sucked each other, he on her huge nipple, and her on
his manly blue steel!

The mutual suckfest went on for about five minutes when
Tom’s balls tightened and his cock shot his load of hot
jism into Sandra’s mouth! As he shot his seed into her
mouth, Sandra began her own orgasm simply from the
intense sucking that Tom had been giving her engorged
boobs and at the knowledge that she’d brought him off!

Sandra moaned lustily, “The baby gives me orgasms all
the time when I nurse her! Ever since I got pregnant I
can get off on my tits all by themselves!”

Just then the lights came on and the elevator started
to move!

Both Tom and Sandra leaped to their feet and struggled
to get their clothes on! Sandra didn’t even have time
to put on her bra! At the tenth floor there were people
waiting to get on the elevator. Tom stepped out and
gave Sandra a wink as the elevator quickly filled up.

Sitting in the waiting room Tom looked out the window
as the sun came through the clouds. A guy sitting next
to him said, “Some storm, huh?” Tom looked at him and
replied, “Yeah, some storm alright!”


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It’s okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn’t
okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than
a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it!
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BEST FRIENDS (ff-teens, first time)

This work is copyrighted to the author (c) 1997. All
rights reserved. (If you are the author please let us
know and we’ll correct this file to show the proper
acknowledgement.) Thank you.

Best Friends (ff-teens)
by (Actual Author Unknown)


Susan and Heather had been best friends
since the first day of high school. Four years later
they crammed for finals as they had always done,
late night study sessions that found one or the other
sharing the same bed as it became too late to head
home. A water main break at the school had given
them an unexpected day off and both were more
than happy to sleep in as everyone else in Heather’s
family left for their respective schools and jobs.

Heather woke up first. She lightly rubbed
her eyes as she watched her friend sleep. Susan’s
nightshirt had crept above her waist and as she lay
still, Heather fixed her eyes on the cotton print
panties that Susan was wearing. They seemed to be
a little tight and she could clearly make out the
outline of her friends crotch. She wasn’t sure why
she was getting a strange feeling looking at another
girl. It was the same feeling she got just before she
played with herself.

As she looked at Susan, she placed a hand in
her own panties and started to massage her little
bud. This had always brought her pleasure but this
would be the first time she had done it when she
wasn’t alone. As she circled her clit with her finger,
she admired her friends body. Susan was very cute;
short red hair, bright green eyes. Heather wondered
if Susan ever played with herself like she was doing
now. They had talked about lots of intimate things,
but never that.

Soon an overwhelming urge came upon Heather
to touch her friend on that special spot. Even though
she didn’t know how Susan would react, she felt
compelled to take the chance. Pretending to be asleep
so she could claim it wasn’t intentional, Heather
allowed her hand to come to rest on the mattress next
to Susan’s crotch. After it had been there a minute
without any adverse consequences, she allowed it to
brush against her cotton panties. Little by little
she became braver, sure that Susan wouldn’t wake up
screaming or worse.

Susan had lay awake, one eyes barely opened,
concealed by her hair. She watched as Heather with
her hand in her panties had played with herself. She
was relieved to know that she wasn’t the only girl
that did that, maybe it wasn’t so bad after all. She
found herself wishing Heather had actually lowered
her pajamas before doing it so that she could’ve had
a better view of what she was doing.

When Heather had suddenly stopped
masturbating, Susan was afraid that maybe she had
sensed that she was awake and Susan had closed her
eyes tightly. But when she felt Heather’s hand make
contact between her legs, she knew that hadn’t been
the case. A little shiver of excitement trickled
through Susan’s body as that first touch was felt.
That was the first time anyone had ever touched her
there. She wasn’t expecting it from another girl, but
right now that really didn’t matter. She was excited
from watching Heather and that overcame any sense
of wrong doing. Besides, she could just lay there
and pretend to be asleep and see what happened.

Heather’s touch was very light and casual in
the beginning. But as time went on and Susan didn’t
awaken and protest, her touch got more aggressive
and deliberate. She had already caused a wet spot
to appear on Susan’s panties and now she was so
excited that she didn’t care if Susan now woke up.
Bravely, with one hand she lifted up the waistband
of Susan’s panties and held them up while she slid
the other hand beneath them. She brushed her hand
over the soft, tiny patch of sprouting pubic hair and
found her friends moist hole with one finger. After
slightly inserting it, she commenced a circular
motion around the girl’s clit with her thumb.

Susan was sure she couldn’t pretend to be
asleep much longer. The tingles of electricity that
she had felt now turned to bolts of electricity as
Heather’s finger toyed at the entrance to her cunt.
Slowly, instinctively, she began to rotate her hips in
a circular motion in response to Heather’s continuing
massage of her clit. Sensing that her pretending to
be asleep now served no purpose except to diminish
her enjoyment of this new experience, Susan opened
her eyes, smiled at Heather and said softly,
“Umm…that really feels good.”

“I’m glad you like it. I wasn’t sure you
would. I don’t know why I started doing it, but I
just wanted to.”

Susan responded by pulling her panties off
and spreading her legs apart to give Heather more
freedom between her legs and a sort of unspoken
permission to proceed. Heather buried a finger in
Susan’s cunt-lips and started pumping in and out.

Susan, discarding her charade of being a
passive participant, reached inside Heather’s pajama
bottoms. Heather wasn’t wearing panties. She
found the moist slit with her finger and commenced
giving Heather the same type of pleasure that she’d
been receiving.

“The only thing that would make this better
is if we had a boy here with us,” said Susan.

“Like really.” Heather replied. “Except the
boys I know would blab all over school. Or you
could wind up like Mary Johnson…pregnant!”

“Yeah…you ever done it with a boy?”
Susan asked.

“No. Almost did but my mom came home
early and messed everything up. Have you?

“No, but there are times when I really want
to. I just want to know what it feels like…I mean
you’re making me feel better than anything I’ve ever
done so far.” replied Susan.

Suddenly Heather stopped. “You wait right
here. Don’t move,” She ordered as she jumped up
from the bed, went to the dresser and reached way
behind a drawer. Carrying something white and
folded into the bathroom, she told Susan she’d be
right back.

Five minutes seemed like an eternity for
Susan until the bathroom door opened and Susan
received the second biggest surprise of the morning.

Heather had slicked back her already short
brown hair, parted it on the side and had it combed
in a boy’s style. She was wearing a t shirt and a pair
of boy’s jockey shorts. Her big brown eyes gave
here the look of a young boy that could’ve been her
twin. Sensing the question on her friend’s face,
Heather explained. ” These used to be my brothers.
I rescued them before Mom threw them out.
Sometimes I sleep in them , it turns me on.”

“Wow!” Susan exclaimed as she looked at
her friend in amazement. If she hadn’t known better,
she would swear she was looking at a young boy in
his underwear. She felt her cunt really start to itch
as she admired her friend’s ingenuity.

“And thats not all.” Heather said as she
pulled her jockey shorts down in the front and
revealed about five inches of a double-headed dildo
protruding from her cunt lips, the other half buried
deeply in her hole. “I never thought I’d get to use
both sides of this at once, but if you’re as hot as I
am, we both need to do it now!”

As she walked over to the bed, holding the
thing to keep it from shooting out between her legs,
Susan reached out to touch it and examine the
device. It was made of a soft, and slightly rigid
vinyl. The head was just like the drawings she had
seen in her sex-ed book, and she could imagine that
it was probably pretty close to the real thing in size
and shape.

“Where did you ever get that?” Susan asked.

“That you’ll never believe?” Heather said.
“Do you remember when my Aunt Amanda passed
away last summer and I had to go clean out her
apartment. Well, I found this in her stuff, buried in
the back of her closest.”

A mental image of Heather’s Aunt passed
though Susan’s mind. Amanda had been 52 with the
body of a much younger woman. To Susan’s
surprise, the image she formed was naked with the
dildo hanging as it now hung from Heather.

“I guess if we can’t have a boy, this is the
next best thing.” Heather said, bringing Susan’s
attention fully back to her.

Susan was a little apprehensive about
allowing the thing up her cunt. She had put things
up there before, but she had always been in control.
But her fear subsided as her friend reassured her,
“It’s okay. You’ll feel great when its inside you.”

With that, Heather removed the dildo from
inside her and turned it around, placing the head that
had been in her cunt, now slippery wet, over the
opening to her friends hole. The lubricant on the
head of the plastic dick caused it to pop in with a
minimum of resistance. Susan lay on her back with
her legs spread obscenely, her knees resting against
the bidding little mounds on her chest as Heather
worked the cock in and out of her to get he adjusted
to it. When she felt that it was properly in and not
going to be painful for Susan, she positioned herself
between Susan’s spread legs. Once again she pulled
down the front of the jockey shorts she was wearing
and expertly inserted the other half of the dildo in
her own cunt.

Slightly she pumped her hips, allowing the
dick to sink first into her hole and then Susan’s.
Susan was still spread with her hands behind her
knees, holding herself open, afraid to resist in the
least. Soon both girls were pumping their hips in
opposite rhythms until the cock was completely
swallowed between their two cunts. Their pussies
were rubbing together as Heather humped Susan,
continuing the role of the boy. Susan, now engulfed
in lustful abandon, wrapped her legs tightly around
Heather, digging her heels into her friends pumping

“Fuck me!” Susan cried to her “boy/girl”
lover,”Bury that cock of yours in me all the way!”

As Heather pumped and her cunt tightened,
Susan moaned. Heather pushed the slippery dildo
all the way into Susan’s cunt. As Susan pumped
back, Heather could feel the thing thrust against the
back of her own hole. The girls had the dick so
deeply buried into them selves that their clits were
rubbing together and it didn’t take long until both
girls shuddered into estacy, juices flowing from
their cunts and down the crack of Susan’s ass.

The girls collapsed in exhaustion, the
slippery toy now glistening as it lay cast aside on the
bed. They kissed each other passionately, feeling the
kind of devotion that only one young girl can feel
for another, having traded their youthful innocence
for passion.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Please keep this story, and all erotic stories out of
the hands of children. They should be outside playing
in the sunshine, not thinking about adult situations.

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Modern Day Echo (M/F, fant)

This work is copyrighted to the author (c) 1996.
Please do not remove the author information or make
any changes to this story. You may post freely to non-
commercial “free” sites, or in the “free” area of
commercial sites. Thank you for your consideration.


Five-fifteen. Still time to make the bus if she
hurried. Laura quickened her pace as she made her way
through the park towards the Cayman Street bus stop.
She really wished she wasn’t in such a rush, but alas,
such is life. She sighed as she adjusted her packages
in her arms. The sun shined brilliantly overhead. The
pigeons had all gathered about the statue of Narcissus
staring into the fountain that decorated the city park.

Laura stopped and stared. She had never really
taken time out of her day to look at the statue. In
spite of its weathered outer texture, he was truly
beautiful. She set her bags down on the steps of the
fountain and climbed up two more for a closer look.
The pigeons scattered as she crossed into their ter-
ritory. He was indeed spectacular, this Narcissus.
No wonder he fell in love with himself. The grayish
green marble was fading, but you could imagine that it
once gave the illusion of alabaster skin. His eyes
were deepset, and Laura imagined them to be dark green,
perhaps with flecks of gold. His lips were rosebuds,
and his hair, a thatch of golden curls. Laura was
baffled that she had never noticed it before. His
face bore a boyish smirk as he gazed into the water
to feast upon himself. She felt the need to touch it.

She reached her hand out, stretching her fingers
tentatively toward the statue. Her fingers grazed his
cheek and a hand clamped over hers. She looked up,
expecting to see a policeman hovering over her, but
there was no one there. She looked to her own hand
and realized it was covered by a young man’s. He was
about 19, and bore an uncanny resemblance to the statue.

“hey!” she said. “What’s the problem?”

“Nothing,” he answered, face down. “I just saw you
looking at …looking that way.”

He looked into her eyes and she gasped.

“You…you…uhh….” she stammered. “Did..uhh…
you pose for that?”

She gestured toward the statue, and as she set her
gaze upon it, she realized there was nothing there.

“I guess you could say so…” he smirked.

“You mean…you…”

He nodded.

“But…but…can’t anyone see you, like I am seeing
you now, I mean? Aren’t the scientists and TV crews
going to bombard us at any moment?”

“No,” he answered. “You are the only one who can
see me.”

“Wow. How did this happen?”

“Well, I have loved myself for so long, and only
myself, and yet, when someone worships me as I worship
myself, I am allowed a bitter taste of true mutual


“Please…” he said. “Let’s not talk anymore.”

He kissed Laura’s hand and moved to be next to her.
He slowly lifted her arm. He frowned as he examined
the clothing she wore. He was clad only in something
that could only be described as a mixture of a toga
and loincloth, cinched at the waist with gold braid.
He examined the clothing for a moment, then began tug-
ging at it.

Laura made no move to stop him. She didn’t know
exactly how to react, so she just let him. He finally
tugged so hard that the flimsy cotton blouse tore. A
tear formed at the corner of his right eye.

“Laura,” he said sorrowfully. “I broke it!”

“No, no, honey…you just ripped it. Look…”

She showed him how the buttons fastened and unfas-
tened. He was intrigued. He unfastened them all and
removed her shirt. She was not wearing a bra, and her
hard nipples stuck out from her small, firm breasts.
She felt the slight chill of the April breeze and
brought her arms up to shield her breasts.

Narcissus moved to her skirt next. Finding no
buttons, he tugged at it, and found it yielded wil-
lingly. Laura was scantily dressed in only her small
cotton panties. But not for long, he removed those too.

He then walked around to face her, standing her up.
He walked around her entire form, stopping to kiss the
sensitive areas on the back of her neck. Shivers ran
up and down her spine. With his hands. He began ex-
ploring her body. He let his palms caress her swollen
nipples as she moaned with delight. She turned herself
so she was facing him. She wanted him to be as naked
as she was. She felt so free.

She remembered where she was for a moment and looked
around. Mothers strolled by with carriages, men walked
dogs, children played, but no one seemed to notice any-
thing out of the ordinary. She put them out of her mind
and focused on her Narcissus.

He looked deep into her eyes as he lifted her arm
once again. He lifted her hand to his mouth and kissed
it gently, then moved on to kiss the entire length of
her arm… She let her head roll back and her eyes
close. There was something so passionate, and yet so
innocent about this man.

Narcissus took her hand and led her to the fountain.
He stepped in. She wondered for a moment if she could
get in trouble for that, but only for a moment did she
wonder before following him. The water was warm in
comparison to the wind. She trailed her fingers in it
as they walked to the rocks that adorned the center. He
sat Laura down and stroked her hair. He was still wear-
ing his makeshift robe. Sensing her arousal, he removed
it, and for the first time she gazed upon his erect
penis. It was beautiful, quite perfect in her eyes…

Narcissus soaked his robe in the water and wrung it
out. He let it trail across Laura’s breasts, and then
began washing her with it. She had never been washed
by a man, and certainly not by a Greek hero of myth-

All at once he dropped the robe into the water and
kneeled in front of her. She closed her eyes as his
lips met hers. They were the sweetest candy she’d ever
tasted. It seemed like an eternity they just held on
like that. His hands began caressing her breasts, stop-
ping to circle her nipples gently. She hooked her right
hand in his hair and with her left she stroked his back.
The more aroused she got, the lighter his touch would be
making her want him even more. She began raking her
fingernails up and down his back, his kiss became more
fierce and he forced her back against the rocks. The
water from the fountain cascaded down on their naked-
ness. She felt his hardness against her, and wanted
him more and more. He let his hands move down to her
thighs. He lightly glided his nails over them. Laura
let out a little sigh.

His fingers kept teasing her, each time getting a
little closer to her pussy. Finally she could take no
more. She turned him over and began kissing him all the
way down his body. She licked and sucked on his ear-
lobes, breathed her way down his neck, teased his nip-
ples with her tongue, nibbled at his inner thigh…
Narcissus moaned in ecstasy.

With her right hand, she began massaging his hard
penis. She started by running her fingertips the length
of it, and then began breathing on it. She licked his
balls as she massaged the head. She had never felt so
free in her life. She then kissed it, running her
tongue along its underside. She opened her mouth and
took it in, rolling her tongue around it as she sucked.
With her left hand, she massaged the area right above
his scrotum, and she glided the fingernails of her right
along his inner thigh.

His body tensed and flexed as she sucked him, final-
ly he could take no more, and pulled her face away. He
pulled her to him and held her there for a moment. She
felt his heart beating in his chest. He began stroking
her buttocks and this turned her on again. The water
came in stronger waves now, only adding to the excite-

Boldly, she climbed on top of him and let her warm
pussy covered his shaft. She looked into his eyes, and
he stroked her cheek. She leaned forward to let him
suck on her nipples. Laura began moving her hips in a
circular motion…she felt him against her and loved it.

He grabbed her by the waist and positioned her. She
knew what was about to happen… It would seem absurd
to analyze it, so she just let it happen. She felt a
wave of dizziness wash over her as his penis entered her
vagina. Neither of them moved for a moment, and then
Laura began with slow, rhythmic movements. In the dis-
tance she could hear car horns, children laughing, dogs
barking, sirens blaring, but in her mind she could only
hear the pounding reverberations of passionate times and
distant places. The world shook, the water poured over
them, and Narcissus began thrusting his pelvis up to
meet hers.

Laura knew it wouldn’t be long. She knew she was
about to come. She could feel the familiar sensations
invading her body. It was unlike any sexual experience
she had ever had. All her sexual knowledge began with
masturbating in dorm showers, and ended here…right

As she neared the peak, her rhythms became erratic
and faster. He matched her with every move. She was
getting closer, closer… she reached that last moment
that everyone reaches before climax. That feeling of
strong elation and unreality. She threw her head back
and gasped as she felt herself clench and release…her
body racked with orgasm. Elation passed over her in
dizzy waves of relief. She fell backward into the pool
as she passed out.

“Been staring a long time…shame they don’t keep
better care of it, eh?”

“What?” she asked.

She turned to meet with a kind faced old policeman.
She shook her head.

“Yeah…Narcissus has been with us for quite a-
while…” he said. “I wonder what he thinks about all
day, staring in that pool. You have a nice day now.”

She stared after him as he strolled away.

She turned her gaze back to the statue. She under-
stood the boyish smirk now. She smiled as she gathered
her packages. Lifting her wrist, she checked the time
on her watch.

Five twenty-seven. She could still make the bus.
She turned and walked down the fountain steps, hurrying
toward the bus stop.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Please keep this story, and all erotic stories out of
the hands of children. They should be outside playing
in the sunshine, not thinking about adult situations.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~