Goody Goodie Girls (MF, 1st, FF, school) – Erotic Stories

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Maggie Peters was starting her senior year in Blasedalte High
as sexually unstated as she had ended the previous semester.

She was so horny, every time she took a step she could feel
her panties dampen more and suck up into the rubbery slit of
her hot little pussy. After a lonely summer at her
grandparent’s farm in Nebraska, she had returned to
Rochester, New York, no more hopeful than when she had left.

She was a delicate looking eighteen year old with dark hair
and a petite figure. Her breasts, like the rest of the women
in her family, were unusually large, making her waist appear
even tinier than it was in her pale blue blouse. She wore a
pleated skirt, knee high socks and saddle shoes. Her soft
brown eyes scanned the corridor until she located her best
friend, Karen Sheen.

Karen, a fetching blonde with the same big-breasted problem
as her friend, waved when she spotted Maggie. “Hi,” she
gushed, excited to see her friend. “Boy, did I miss you. How
was the farm?”

“A farm,” Maggie answered without any enthusiasm. “Are these
our lockers?”

“That’s yours and this is mine,” Karen said, patting a door
separated by another locker.

“Couldn’t we get them side by side?”

“I tried, but this is what they gave me.”

“Wonder what kind of dork the put between us?”

“Hey, don’t be so down. We’re seniors. One more year of this
prison and we’re free for good.”

Maggie forced a grin. “That’s the first encouraging thing
I’ve heard since I got back.”

“Didn’t you meet any boys or anything while you were out

Maggie hung her sweater in her locker and shut the door. “I
don’t think they have boys in Nebraska,” she said above the
din of youngsters racing to their classes.

“Then you didn’t lose it?” Karen asked shyly.

“Lose what?”

“You know,” Karen said, shifting her weight from side to side
and lowering her eyes. “Your cherry.”

The two girls had made a pact at the end of the last term
that this summer would be the season of their deflowering.
“Hardly,” Maggie said as she turned and followed the pretty
blonde down the hall to their homeroom. “My cherry’s so in
tact I’m surprised I haven’t started attracting fruit flies.”

“I know the feeling.”

“I thought you were going to rape one of the guys on the
basketball team or something.”

Karen giggled. “The closest I got to a jockstrap this summer
was when I washed my brother’s swim trunks.”

“We’ve got to do something about our virginity,” Maggie said,
stopping abruptly. “It’s almost embarrassing.”

Her friend turned around to face her. “Yeah, but what?”

“I don’t know,” Maggie answered wistfully, “but if I don’t
get a hard peter up my quim pretty soon I’m going to explode.
I’m sick and tired of just playing with myself. I want
someone else to stick some-thing up there.”

“You’re awful,” Karen laughed in a whisper.

“You know I’m not awful. I’m just trying to be honest. You
want to get fucked as bad as I do.”

“Yeah, but we’re the goody-goody girls of Blasedalte High,”
Karen said, thinking if anyone heard how she and her friend
were talking now they would soon change their minds.

Maggie knew what Karen said was true. Since childhood they
had been prim and proper little girls, and no matter how
attractive they had gotten, or how large their tits had
gotten, the prudishness of their upbringing had stayed with
them. The two good-looking eighteen year olds were strictly
hands off. “Well, we’ve got to do something about changing
our reputations, and we’ve got to do it fast.”

“What do you suggest, march naked into the locker room when
the boys are showering after practice? My goodness, we’d
start a full scale gang-bang.”

“I don’t care what we start as long as my box gets filled
with a nice stiff prick.” Maggie’s eyes suddenly lit up. “You
know, that’s not such a bad idea.”

“Getting gang-banged by the basketball team?”

“No, marching into the boys locker room.”

“Get serious.”

“No, listen. They were installing a new locker for the
equipment when I came to school. It’s four times the size of
a regular locker. We could hide in there until there’s just
two guys in the shower and maybe we could get something
besides our fingers in our pussies.”

“You just happened to be going by the boys locker room this
morning?” Karen kidded.

“Daydreaming about hard dicks, if you want to know the
truth,” Maggie admitted in a soft blush. “I overheard the
assistant coach say the new equipment won’t be in till
Wednesday, so the empty locker will make a perfect hiding

“When do we pull off this grand sexcapade?”

“This afternoon.”

“Well, I’m game if you are,” Karen said with a wink as the
bell sounded and a bunch of kids rushed past them to get to
their seats in time.

When the two sex starved teenagers snuck into the boy’s
locker room at three-thirty, it was totally empty and the
sounds of their footfalls echoed eerily through the spartan
room. The lockers were back to back, creating two narrow rows
fronted with benches. The place was stagnant with the sweet
ballsy odor of sweaty jockstraps. The huge, new locker was
facing the wide arch of the shower room where most of the
faucets were easily visible.

Trying to suppress her giggles, Maggie climbed into the large
metal compartment and waited for her friend to join her. They
closed the door and peered out the slits in the top as they
eagerly anticipated the end of basketball practice.

“Should we take our clothes off?” Karen asked in a low
whisper, feeling her heart pounding wildly beneath her large
breasts and a warm glow kindling the fire in her snatch.

“How about just our skirts?” Maggie suggested as she
unbuttoned her waistband and let her pleated skirt fall to
her ankles. Her heart was beating rapidly too, and her small
erect nipples were straining painfully inside the lacy cups
of her bra.

Karen unfastened her skirt and it fell to the floor of the
metal compartment like her friend’s. When she reached for
Maggie’s crotch, her hand was immediately greeted with the
wiry feel of the other girl’s shaggy bush. “You don’t have
any panties on,” she gushed out loud, then lowered her voice
as she petted the abundant growth of cunt hairs and trailed
her fingertips between the moist lips. “Did you come to
school like that?”

“I took them off after lunch,” Maggie answered in a heavy
breath while Karen’s fingers found her clit and began
massaging it. “My pussy got them so wet I couldn’t wear
them.” Using both of her hands, she shoved the blonde’s
undies over her luscious ass and down to her ankles, then
eagerly began exploring Karen’s quim. The other girl’s bush
wasn’t nearly as dense as Maggie’s. “You’re already soggy.”

The blonde nodded in the darkness of the closed locker as she
worked her underpants off her feet, finding it difficult to
move around in the cramped quarters and not wanting to stray
too far from her girl-friends probing fingers. “So are you.”

When the locker room door suddenly swung open and banged
against the wall, they both ceased speaking but kept their
fingers squirming around in each other’s juicy cunt.

Much to their disappointment, with the exception of the
team’s captain and star player, Mike Foster, and the team
manager, Norman Green, they couldn’t see any of the boys
disrobe. But they could smell the ripe cock odors and hear
the sounds of shorts and tops wet with perspiration being
yanked off along with damp jockstraps.

Mike stood in the center of the arch and hauled his jersey
up over his brawny chest. The hair in his armpits was as
dark and shaggy as the hair on his head. “Come on, you
cocksuckers, let’s get showered and out of here. Move your
asses.” He stripped off his shorts, and in just his athletic
supporter, turned and bent over to untie his sneakers. When
he did, his firm asscheeks parted and he gave the two girls
hiding in the new equipment locker an unobstructed shot of
his almost hairless asshole.

Maggie felt Karen’s finger suck deeper into her hairy cunt
and she let her’s do the same in the other girl’s small soggy

“Who you calling a cocksucker?” one of his teammates quipped,
running bare assed into the showers and turning the faucets
on one after the other. He was soon joined by sixteen other
balls-naked youths, the cheeks of their hind ends dimpling as
their long-legged strides carried them into the tiled room.

Soon the shower was filled with the sounds of running water
and the shouts and laughter which accompanies nude young men
involved in horseplay.

After yanking down his supporter, Mike turned to inspect the
locker room to make sure the rest of the team was under the
sprays. His long cut cock dangled over his large balls as he
absently combed his fingers through his pubic thatch. He was
a tall lanky teenager with well-developed muscles and a
rugged face. His fingers went lower, and as he pulled on his
expanding meat, the large head of his purple flange began to

Maggie raised her fingers to her mouth, wetting the tips and
tasting her girlfriend’s spicy juices before returning her
hand to the blonde’s snatch. “Ah, look at Mike’s big
beautiful cock. Is he ever hung!” she said in a soft, lust-
filled tone, never taking her eyes from the slits in the
metal door.

“What I wouldn’t give to see that pecker hard,” Karen
whispered back, totally mesmerized by Mike’s meat.

Norman, the only one in the room who hadn’t bothered to shed
his clothes, was wearing a pair of tan slacks and a striped
pullover. He was a slender youth with thin limbs and a small
butt who barely came up to Mike’s shoulder. His face was
pimply but cute.

“I guess that’s everyone, Norm.”

“Yeah,” the shorter youth answered, leering at the naked team

“Why don’t you get us some towels and maybe we can hustle
everyone out of here.”

“Got a hot date, huh, Mike?”

The good-looking captain grinned and openly stroked his
hardening cock in front of the skinny boy. “Something like
that,” he answered as he turned and walked into the showers,
his heavy balls swinging between his thighs as he moved.

While everyone was busy soaping up their cocks and balls and
asses, Norman, stood in profile and stared into the shower
room. Unconsciously, his hand slid down to his crotch, gently
rubbing the mound beneath his zipper. The more he rubbed, the
larger the mound grew. When one of the naked young men under
the jets of rushing water turned and looked out, the manager
abruptly twisted away, hurrying out of view.

“Looks like there’s no sense in trying to get Norm to fuck
us,” Maggie whispered, trying not to titter.

“What do you mean?” Karen replied in a distant tone. She had
been too busy ogling all the wet, gleaming bodies and naked
swinging meat to have taken any notice of Norman.

“I think he’s got a thing for boys.”

“What makes you say that?”

“He was playing with himself while he was watching what we’re

“To each his own,” Karen said disinterestedly, humping her
hips to get more of Maggie’s finger up her snatch.

As if on cue, all the showers turned off but one and the two
girls got an eyeful of bare peckers and balls as the teenage
squad came racing out of the steamy room. There were cocks of
every shape, size and description, some long, some short,
some with foreskin, most cut and banded with circumcision
scars; there were also large puffy scrotums as well as small
ball sacs that barely showed beneath the soft tubes of flesh
in the front and a variety of slender-hipped, long-limbed
bodies to match. In minutes the room quieted down and Mike
was the only one left with his shower still going. The door
banged against the wall repeatedly as the basketball players
departed, dressed in their street clothes.

Norman came to the archway again and stood for several
moments eyeing the good-looking brunette sudsing up his broad
back and humpy asscheeks. The skinny youth had his hands deep
in his pockets, and the girls could see his fingers moving
rapidly beneath his zipper. “The last of them are gone,” he
finally called to the team captain. “It’s all yours. I left
your towel on the bench.”

“Okay, Norm,” Mike answered without turning. “See you

When Norman disappeared from view, the girls heard the door
squeak on its hinges, then footsteps pad softly back into the
room. One of the lockers imitated the sounds of the door,
then except for Mike’s shower and the water gurgling in the
drain, the room was quiet again.

Maggie had worked two fingers up Karen’s quim and was trying
for a third when they heard the door open once more. Julie
Pratt came strut-ting into the boy’s room as big as life in
her red and white cheerleader uniform, her pretty legs bare
from mid-thigh to her ankles. “You by yourself, Mike?” she
yelled as her gaze swept around the dressing room.

He turned to her under the spray, grinning and humping his
hips in her direction. “What do you think?” he asked in a
lusty voice. His cock was bone hard and stood far out from
his gleaming wet crotch. He let his hand ease over his
throbbing pecker and worked it down to his large, low hanging

“By the size of your hardon, I’d say if you’re not alone then
that pervert, Norman Green, must be in there on his knees,”
she giggled, stripping off her short skirt and yanking her
letter sweater up over her head. In seconds she had her
tennis shoes, bra and panties heaped in a pile on the floor
with her other clothes. Her tits, though not large, were firm
and molded to perfection, her nipples looking like two
miniature hardons.

“Norm’s okay,” Mike said good-naturedly as he continued to
play with himself and his grin widened.

“He’s a fag,” the redhead said flatly as she padded bare
assed into the shower and wrapped her arms around the team
captain. Her full breasts squashed against the teenager’s
lower rib cage while she rubbed her small pussy over his
lower thigh, careful not to get her hair wet.

“I don’t know that and neither do you. He likes to pull his
pud while the team showers, but that doesn’t make him queer.
I’ll bet we’re the only naked flesh he’s ever seen. He
probably doesn’t even know what a cunt looks like.”

“I think he’s queer.”

“How do know I’m not queer?” Mike asked as he bent his knees
lower and let Julie get a firm grip on his huge boner.

She steered the meaty head of his hard dick to the junction
of her lovely legs and let it stab into her waiting cunt.

“Queers don’t fuck like you do.”

“Oh, yeah?” Mike said, giving his pelvis a shove and spearing
his pecker into Julie’s quim. Soon his long thick shaft was
in up to his massive balls. “How many queers have you fucked

“You know no one but you gets to ball me,” the pretty little
redhead answered in a breathless gasp. She straddled her legs
far apart to give his strong thighs more room.

“So you don’t know whether I fuck like a fag or not,” Mike
teased, pumping his cock slowly in and out of his
girlfriend’s hotbox. With each thrust, his spongy testicles
whipped up and slapped the redhead in the ass.

“All I know is I like the way you fuck,” Julie moaned. “Oh,
Mike, your cock feels so good shoved up inside me! Fuck me,
baby! Fuck me good!”

“You love my cock, don’t you?”

“Yes, Mike. I love your big, fat cock. You know I do.”

The team captain sped up the pistoning action of his hips.
“You’d do anything for that cock wouldn’t you, Julie? No
matter what I asked?”

“Anything,” Julie answered as she clutched his muscular
physique tightly to her small full breasts and dug her nails
into his shoulders until they left white trails on his skin.

“You’d eat that cock for me, wouldn’t you? You’d slide it
deep in your throat and work it until my hot cum drenched
your tonsils?”

“I’ll eat it now, if you want,” she panted, “but just don’t
stop fucking me!”

“You’d lick my balls and suck them into your mouth?”

“Yes, Mike! Oh, yes!”

“Chew on my pubes and lick my armpits?”

“Yes! Yes!”

“Shove your sweet little tongue up my shithole?”

“Yes, Mike! Anything!”

“And let Norm Green stick his cock up your cunt if I told you

Julie’s mouth gapped open and she lifted her head from the
team captain’s chest, but the bare cheeks of her well-shaped
ass didn’t stop jiggling for a second as she continued to
ride Mike’s pecker. “Yes,” she finally answered in a soft
tone. “I’d even fuck that pervert if you told me to.”

Both Maggie and Karen turned to each other in the dark
interior of the locker and exchanged a shocked expression.
Their fingers fucked with all the more gusto as they heard
Julie’s declaration. Julie was one of the most popular girls
in high school, and though everyone suspected she was
intimate with Mike, no one would have guessed the power the
good-looking basketball captain had over the head

“Shove your finger up my asshole, Julie,” Mike commanded.

“Work it way up inside. You know what I like.”

The pretty redhead reached around the boy’s shiny wet hind
end, traced along his smooth crack until she was near his
balls, found the tiny opening at the base of his cockroot and
poked her finger through the rim until she had it in past the
second knuckle.

“Pull it out,” Mike’s husky voice ordered after a few moments
when he felt himself approaching that point-of-no-return. His
hips had started ramming at lightening speed the moment he
felt her finger pierce his anus.

Julie did as she was told, making a popping noise which was
audible over the shower when she uncorked her finger.

“Now, stick it in you mouth.”

Maggie and Karen watched in amazement as the cheerleader
eased the finger coated with Mike’s asshole juices between
her lips.

Suddenly, Mike’s pelvis froze with his hard pecker deep in
Julie’s cunt. While she squirmed around on his rod,
completely impaled on his hard flesh, his body spasmed and
gush after gush of hot man seed shot up the cheerleader’s
sweet little quim.

“You’re cumming, Mike!” she squealed as she felt his scalding
load erupt inside her. “You’re filling my cunt full of your
love juice! Oh, Mike, I’m cumming too!” She held him even
tighter as wave after wave of heated ecstasy ebbed through
her small frame.

“Did you see that?” Karen hissed softly, twisting her fingers
around in Maggie’s snatch.

“I wish I could feel it.”

“Are you close to cumming?”

“Not a chance.”

“Me neither.”

When Julie’s body settled down, Mike pulled his still hard
cock out and gave it a gentle shake. He took a bar of soap
and lovingly washed the girl’s small pretty tits, her full
ass and her cum-soaked pussy. “You okay?”

The redhead nodded, taking the soap from him and lathering up
his cock and balls.

“You like it when I talk dirty like that, don’t you?”

“Just like you like my finger shoved up your ass when you
cum,” she purred, tugging gently on his testicles and working
more suds into the concave of his groin.

“You really get hot.”

“Just looking at you makes my pussy all soggy inside.”

“You want to try all those things I said I’d make you do?”
“Sure,” Julie answered without flinching.

A devilish gleam crept into Mike’s playful gaze. “Which means
if I were to find Norm, you’d prove what you said earlier?”

A look of rage flared in Julie’s gaze while the color drained
from her face. In the heat of her anger, she flung the bar of
soap at the bare assed boy and stalked out of the shower.

“Fuck him yourself,” she screamed, grabbing up her clothes
and rushing naked into the hall.

By the time Julie had stalked out of the locker room, Mike’s
hardon had softened considerably and was arcing comfortably
over his plump testicles. He gave the thick piece of meat a
few easy strokes, then stepped back underneath the shower to
rinse the suds from his well muscled body.

Maggie had three of her fingers embedded in Karen’s snatch
and her thumb stroking the blonde’s swollen clit. Her friend
may not have cum, but by the way she was humping her ass
around in the cramped locker, she was pretty damned close.

“Quiet, or Mike will hear us,” Maggie cautioned not exactly
cooled off herself.

The shower ceased and the basketball captain paraded his
naked frame out into the dressing room, looking as good with
his cock dangling loosely over his swaying balls as he had
when he was plowing the red-head’s snatch. He took his time
dressing, making the duration of the wait almost unbearable
for the two girls hiding in the equipment locker. But
presently, he had stashed his gear and was gone.

The male sanctuary was as silent as before, the only thing
left behind was the thinning clouds of steam and the
lingering odors of freshly scrubbed genitals.

Carefully, Maggie opened the door of the equipment locker and
stepped out into the large room. She felt a gust of warm,
humid air hit her bare flesh the moment she was out of the
compartment. Having nothing on but her short blue blouse and
her socks and shoes, the petite teen-ager felt lusty and
wanton. She was naked from her navel to her knees, her ample,
dark brown bush totally drenched with her heavy flow of fuck

“The coast is clear,” she said, turning and peering back at
her friend.

The pretty blond was thrust into the far corner of the large
locker stripped bare assed like her friend and panting
heavily. Resenting the absence of her girlfriend’s attentions
to her cunt, she had the index finger of each hand shoved up
her dripping twat, ramming them in as fast as she could. “I’m
so hot, Maggie!” she moaned, “I can’t stand it!” Keeping her
fingers wedged in her small quim, she waddled out and plopped
her bare ass on the nearest bench.

“So am I,” Maggie agreed, feeling the teasing itch in her
soggy box as she watched what her friend was doing. “We went
to all this trouble and that bitch Julie’s the one who got
fucked.” She let a stray finger feather through her bush,
parting the outer, lily-like petals of her cunt as she
squatted in front of her girlfriend.

“Did you hear the things Mike made Julie promise she would do
to him?” Karen asked in a heated hush as she finger fucked

“Yeah,” Maggie answered, probing her finger between her own
spread thighs.

“Suck his cock,” Karen tittered.

“And his balls,” Maggie responded.

“And his pubes.”

“And eat out his ass.”

“I’d do all those things for him and more if he were to ask
me,” Karen volunteered in a throaty whisper, plunging her
fingers in and out so fast her whole body shook. Two of her
buttons came unhooked and her bra was pushing through the
opening, the large cleavage of her creamy breasts exposed.

“Yeah, but would you go as far as to fuck Norman?”

They both giggled.

“I’d even fuck Norman now,” Karen admitted after a moment or
two of silence interrupted only by the sounds of their busy
fingers master-bating. “Any cock up my cunt would feel better
than playing with my-self.”

At the sound of a sudden movement in back of Karen, both
girls jerked their heads around, alarm spreading over their
faces. Then Maggie put her finger to her lips and nodded to
the blonde as she climbed onto the bench and grabbed the
handle of one of the lockers. Both of them had forgotten
about the footsteps padding back into the dressing room
before Julie showed up. With a quick flick of her wrist,
Maggie snapped the door open.

Both of the girls’ eyes bugged out and their mouths dropped
open when they saw Norman.

His short body was squashed into the narrow compartment, his
tan slacks and his dark brown briefs roped around his knobby
knees. His striped pullover had been rolled up above his pale
nipples and his huge hard cock protruded from his fist which
was pumping a mile a minute. Difficult as it was to believe,
the skinny little team manager’s erect pecker was even larger
than Mike’s whopper. “Oh, shit!” he cried when he realized
his hiding place had been discovered.

“Well, look what Norman Green’s got between his legs,” Maggie
gushed, her eyes glued to the huge purple knob. A steady
drool of lube was dripping from the wide piss slit in the tip
of the spongy glans and was smearing the surrounding surface
with it’s slick fluid. She felt her pussy twitch in response
to Norm’s meaty pecker and caught herself licking her lips.

“I’m looking; I’m looking,” Karen said, her face consumed by
a lusty smile. She had pulled her fingers out of her snatch
when her friend had discovered the youth’s hiding place and
discreetly sat with her legs crossed while she stared at the
large erect cock jutting from the team manager’s groin and
the egg-sized testicles dangling below.

Norman was easily a year older than either one of the girls
but because of his size and pimply complexion, he looked more
like a snotty-nosed freshman than a senior… except in the
cock department. That was one part of his anatomy which had
definitely grown up.

“What are you two doing here?” Norman asked angrily, his
fingers stalled on his swollen fuck pole. He had reasoned if
he stopped beating his meat and pulled his hand away, he
would only end up exposing more of his hard peter. If he kept
pumping on his prick, he would more than likely cum all over
the three of them. So instead, he just held his hardon in
front of his flat belly, wishing his ball juice would stop
seeping out and dripping on his fingers.

“Doing the same thing you were doing, Norman, watching all
the naked boys shower,” Maggie said cattily.

Norman blushed and shook his head. “I was watching Mike fuck

“Before that.”

“Well, I have a right; this is the boys locker room,” Norm
said in his own defense. “Girls have no business in here.”

“Neither do you, not doing what you’re doing.”

“A lot of guys beat off in here,” the team manager stammered,
giving his rigid pecker a squeeze. He wished for the life of
him he could make his hardon go down. But that wasn’t likely
with the two pretty girls next to him stripped from the waist
down. “Sometimes they even have circle jerks.”

“I’ll bet you love that, Norm; all those nude studs playing
with themselves while you watch them and play with yourself.”

Maggie was get-ting more than a small thrill out of teasing
the embarrassed youth.

“That’s not any different than what the two of you were

“What do you mean?”

“Why else would you be running around half dressed with your
pussies all wet?” he asked, staring at first the brunette’s
sticky bush and then over Karen’s shoulder at her tangled

Maggie had been so engrossed in Norman’s huge cock and in
ribbing the youth. she had forgotten she was strutting around
bare assed. She dropped her hands to the V of her legs and
immediately sat down opposite her friend.

“You were fingering your cunts while you watched that parade
of naked cock meat, weren’t you?” Norm said, finally feeling
like he had the upper hand on the pretty brunette.

Kicking off his shoes, he squirmed out of his slacks and
shorts and stepped out of the locker onto the bench, standing
brazenly naked from his jersey down. He leaned next to Karen
with his tremendous boner almost in her pretty face.

“Where were you hiding so no one would find you? You don’t
know whose locker is whose.” Turning, he spotted the open
door of the new storage compartment. “Of course, in there.”

He gave his cock a couple of long, slow strokes and grinned
at Maggie. “Well, here’s what you came to see. You want to
feel it up? Go ahead, I don’t mind.”

With the tables turned, Maggie lost most of her spunk and was
almost speechless. “Yes,” she answered softly, getting to her
feet and reaching for the knob of Norman’s big ram.

“Not so fast,” the skinny boy said playfully, shoving her
hand out of the way and leaping off the bench. “You get to
feel mine only if you promise that I can feel yours.”

Maggie glanced at her friend who only shrugged and returned
her gaze to Norman’s hind end. Karen was staring right into
the team manager’s ass crack, and it was all she could do to
keep her own hands off the youth.

“Well, how about it?” Norman asked again, flagging the dark-
haired girl with his leaking dick. “You let me touch yours
and I’ll let you touch mine.”

Reluctantly, Maggie dropped her bare ass back down on the

“Okay, you can touch it…but that’s all.”

Norman squatted down in front of Maggie and slid his hand
over her knees which were clenched tightly together. “Spread
your legs.”

Slowly, Maggie opened her thighs.


Taking a deep breath, she splayed her legs as far apart as
she could. When she did, the lips of her quim parted, giving
Norm an unobstructed shot of the fleshy folds of her tiny

The youth crawled between her legs and lowered his face to
the brunette’s tight snatch, using his finger to trace the
velvety smooth perimeter and easing the soggy pubes out of
the way. “You’ve got a lovely pussy, Maggie,” he said in a
lust-filled voice, his face almost in her large muff. His
finger slipped inside, then worked up to her swollen clit.
Maggie squirmed around on the bench, scissoring her legs
about the boy’s neck and panting hard.

“You like that, huh?” Norm said with a teasing grin, rubbing
the shiny red rosebud and watching the reaction on Maggie’s

“Uh-hu,” she whimpered.

He brought his face closer and squirmed his tongue across the
tip of her cunt, sucking the bloated clitoris between his
lips. He loved the heat and smell of the sticky fuck hole,
his rod getting harder and spitting out more lube as he ate
the girl.

“Oh, shit, that’s wonderful!” Maggie cried. “You’ve eaten
pussy before!”

Norm shook his head, keeping her clit in his mouth and
talking into her hot juicy cunt. “Not true, but I’ve watched
Mike eat pussy.”

“You’re a natural,” Maggie cooed, trying to force more of her
snatch into Norm’s face. She had forgotten that she had made
him promise that all he would do was touch.

Suddenly, he pulled his head back and stood up. “Now, you do
me,” he said, wiping her cunt lubricants from his face, then
licking his hand.

Maggie took the large hard pecker between her fingers and
stroked it gently up and down. She loved the feel of the
throbbing piece of meat even more than she thought she was
going to. It was smooth and firm, like a fleshy bat and as
hot as her own quim.

“You can handle it rougher than that,” Norm said. “It won’t

Maggie started pumping in earnest, thrilling to the feel of
the hot meat gliding through her fist.

“Do you want to taste it?”

Maggie’s eyes trailed self-consciously back to Karen who was
finger fucking herself again and hungrily watching both of
them. “Should I?”

“Do you want to?” Karen whispered, once again ogling Norm’s

“Of course she wants to; don’t you, Maggie? See the way her
mouth is watering to get her lips wrapped around my hard fuck

“Yes,” she said to her girlfriend, trying to ignore what Norm
was saying.

“Then, kiss my cock,” the team manager encouraged in a husky

“Stick my dick in your sweet little mouth.”

Without another moment of deliberation, Maggie let Norm’s
huge pecker glide across her tongue. In seconds he was face
fucking her for all he was worth, and she was loving every
stroke. Her hands sailed up to his bare ass and her fingers
probed for his crack while she felt his large balls bang into
her chin.

“You’re a damn good cocksucker for a goody-goody girl,
Maggie,” Norman hissed, really humping his joint into the
brunette’s mouth while he held the back of her head. “You’re
so fucking good, you’re going to make me cum.”

As she felt his body tense and the lips of his glans spasm,
Maggie tried to back away, but she only managed to pin
herself against the lockers. By the time she could shake her
head and mumble a few indistinguishable syllables around the
thick hose of flesh lodged in her craw, Norm was gushing out
his load. Volley after volley of gooey ball cream spurted
over her slick tongue and down her throat.

When Norm pulled his cock out of Maggie’s mouth he had a
sheepish grin stamped to his face. “I’m sorry. I was just too
damn close to stop.”

“You pig!” Maggie stammered, wiping her hand across her lips
to remove a smear of his cum. “You fucking dork!” She
scrambled to her feet and rushed to the equipment locker.

Yanking Karen’s skirt out and flinging it at her, she found
her own and slipped it on. “You came in my mouth, you turd!”

“I told you I was sorry,” Norm said lamely, covering his
softening cock with one hand while he reached into the locker
he had been hiding in and pulled out his shorts.

“You’re nothing but a fucking fag, just like Julie said.”

“I am not. You’re just pissed because you had to swallow my
cum load. What were you sneaking around the boys dressing
room for if you didn’t want to get a taste of cock?”

“I didn’t want anyone to squirt down my throat.”

Norman shrugged, turned his back on Maggie and Karen and
yanked on his shorts. When he glanced over his shoulder, they
were both gone. “Girls!” he breathed in a disgusting tone,
then reached for his slacks.

“What are you so upset about?” Karen asked as she rushed to
catch up with Maggie who was storming down the corridor
toward the front entrance of the high school.

“That little rat bastard came in my mouth!” Maggie hissed,
wiping her lips with the back of her hand for the tenth time.
It didn’t do any good. The ripe flavor of fresh semen still
lingered on her tongue, as if Norman’s thick cream had
permanently saturated her flesh.

“We went there to get laid,” Karen reminded her friend.

“I don’t care what we went there for, I never had any
intentions of letting that pimply little runt shoot off in my
mouth. I feel like nothing more than a human condom.”

“I doubt that you’re the first girl who’s ever swallowed a
load of cum without being warned in advance.”

“I don’t care if I’m the first or the last. I don’t like the
idea of a boy thinking he can stick his dick in my mouth and
let loose with all that nasty ball juice.”

“I don’t know what you’re so upset about,” Karen mused. “By
the way you were sucking his cock, I got the impression you
were enjoying it. I kind of wished it had been me.”

“So do I,” Maggie said with a scowl, then suddenly heard
herself talking and broke into a laugh. “I guess it is silly,
isn’t it? I just didn’t expect him to squirt down my throat.”

“Well, we know something Julie doesn’t know.”

“What’s that?”

“That Norman Green is anything but queer. Did you see the way
he went after eating your pussy? He really got a charge out
of that.”

“He got a charge?” Maggie said with a grin. “I was the one on
the other end of his tongue, remember? Now that was a charge,
believe me!”

“What did it feel like?”

“Like heaven,” the brunette purred, pressing her legs firmly
together to soak up some of her overflow still streaming from
her snatch.

“And what was it like when you sucked him off?”

“Like wrapping my lips around a big fat sausage,” Maggie said
in a whisper, “and I could smell and taste that delightful
male flavor of his. You know something?” Her eyes grew
suddenly very sober. “If he hadn’t cum in my mouth, I would
have let him stick his cock up my pussy. I really wanted him
to fuck me. I think that’s the reason I was so pissed when he
cut loose.”

Karen made a face. “I was hoping he would fuck both of us.
And you know what else?”


“When he started cumming in your mouth, I was wishing it were
me swallowing that hot cream. My monkey got all gooey and
warm inside.”

Maggie knew that even if Karen didn’t mean it, she was trying
to make them both feel better about Norman’s surprise
conquest in the locker room. “That’s nice Karen.” Her eyes
suddenly bolted to the front door. “Oh terrific!” she cried
as she spotted Mrs. Peters.

“What’s wrong?”

“I forgot Mom was picking me up after school to do some
shopping.” She broke away from her friend in a brisk walk.

“Would you get my Lit. book out of my locker and take it
home with you?”


“I’ll see you at seven.”

“You’re place or mine?”

“Call me.”

Maggie and her mother were already outside by the time Karen
started down the hall to collect her and her friend’s
textbooks. As she walked along, she felt the autumn breeze
from an open window ply at the folds of her skirt and rush up
between her legs.

The tingling softness of the fresh air currents had just
kissed the outer recesses of her snatch when she stopped
abruptly, suddenly aware that she was missing one of her
garments. “My panties!” she gasped out loud, then flashed her
eyes about the empty hall to make sure no one had heard her.
She knew only too well she had left them in the equipment
locker. Maggie hadn’t bothered to hand them to her with her
skirt. Because of summer camp, all of her underwear had her
name stamped inside. The only thing to do was to go back and
retrieve them before someone else found the tiny bikinis.
Sullenly, she marched back to the dressing room and carefully
pushed the door open. The place was as silent and still as
the first time she’d entered it. Norman Green had obviously
left, and no one else appeared to be around.

The attractive blonde tiptoed down the row of lockers and
leaned over the bench. Just as her hand connected with the
metal handle, she heard a voice sing out over her shoulder
and her heart skipped a beat.

“Can I help you with something?”

Karen turned to find herself staring into the deep green eyes
of Jerry Marshall, the new assistant coach. Jerry, twenty-two
years old and fresh out of college, was a husky redhead with
a powerful physique. His thick shag of curls was cut short
around his handsome features. His square jaw and sturdy mouth
were locked in a small grim smile as his leer raked over the
pretty blonde teenager. She tried to keep her timid gaze on
his face, afraid to look anywhere else. Out of her peripheral
vision all she could see was male flesh, rippling contours of
naked, bulging muscles. “I, ah, forgot something,” she

“You forgot something in here?” he asked, finding her
explanation anything but plausible.

“Well, I didn’t exactly forget it. I had something stolen by
some-one and it’s in here.”

“What was stolen?” Jerry asked, taking a step closer to the

When Karen braced herself against the locker, the bench
bumped into the back of her knees and that was her undoing.
The moment she felt the edge of the bench against her calves,
her legs went weak and flew out from under her. She sat down
with a thud, finding herself staring into the redhead’s
swollen jockstrap.

Mr. Marshall wasn’t wearing anything other than his thin
athletic supporter. The tiny garment rode low on his strong
waist and barely covered his spongy jewels. A fringe of wiry
hairs curled along the sides of his jock and feathered the
pair of freckled pillars which were his legs. Another fringe
of red pubes crawled up his flat abdomen in a slender
triangle terminating at his navel.

His well-defined limbs and torso were covered with a thin
coat of gleaming sweat. He smelled much the way Norman had
smelled when the skinny team manager was bucking his hips
into Maggie’s face, manly and hot and anointed all over with
the unmistakable aroma of cock odor.

“I’d rather not say,” Karen answered in a small timid voice.
Jerry’s brow furrowed. “Well, was it your wallet, your purse,
a letter?”

“No,” she answered, scooting her feet up to the bench. When
she did, her full cotton skirt, which had fluttered up to her
thighs when she sat down so abruptly, crawled further up her
bare legs.

Jerry’s eyes darted to the shiny, naked cunt between the
girl’s spread feet. She was sitting with her knees together,
her skirt halfway up her thighs and her quim on view for no
more than the looking. “How about your panties?” he said with
a broad grin.

Karen blushed and nodded, caught so off guard by his naked
magnetism that she didn’t think to question how he had
guessed correctly.

“Where are they?”

She turned slightly and rapped the locker behind her. “In

“Let’s take a look and see.”

Karen slid out of the way while Jerry opened the locker door.
On the floor of the compartment was the tiny pair of bikinis.
He raised them up with his forefinger and thumb and held them
out in front of him. “Are these what you were looking for?”
She nodded and blushed again, embarrassed to see the grown
man openly displaying her undergarment.

“How do I know they’re yours?”

“My name’s inside.”

He stretched the band and peered into the brief pair of

“Karen Sheen. Is that you?”

“Yes,” she answered.

“How can I be sure that’s really your name?”

It was Karen’s turn to frown. “Because I am.”

“Maybe you are and maybe you aren’t. Maybe you just want to
steal these,” Jerry said, amused at the teenager’s dilemma.

“But I am Karen Sheen,” Karen insisted, panic cloaking her
expression. The assistant coach was right; she had nothing on
her to prove her identity.

“I would presume if you’re the rightful owner of these
panties, it would mean you don’t have any on.”

The blonde dropped her eyes for a moment. “I don’t.”

“I think you’re going to have to prove that,” the redhead
said in a deep, suggestive voice.

Karen shot Mr. Marshall a dubious glance. “You mean, you want
me to show you that I’m naked under my skirt?”

The man nodded with his gaze fixed on her hem.

Reluctantly, the girl lowered her legs and slowly hiked her
skirt up to her waist.

As the blonde’s small cunt came into view, Jerry caught his
breath and his cock snaked up to the waistband of his
jockstrap. Being a stranger who knew no one in the small
town, it had been weeks since he had gotten his rocks off,
and he was hornier than hell. That coupled with the pretty
girl’s hot pussy was more than enough to make him throw a
sizeable rod.

“See?” Karen said, raising her eyes again as she continued to
hold her skirt up. “I don’t have any panties on.” Her words
were coming in abrupt halts because she had spotted the huge
boner behind the assistant coach’s jockstrap. She had meant
to demonstrate that the garment was hers then lower her
skirt, but the redhead’s hardon — after the young lady had
watch her friend suck off Norman — was too damn appealing to
pass up.

“I see,” Jerry said, bringing the skimpy undies to his face.
“But there’s only one way to be really sure.” He rubbed his
nose in the crotch of the undies, inhaling the faint sweet
smell of pussy without taking his eyes off Karen, then
dropped to a squat in front of the girl. “Let me see if the
smell in the panties is the same as yours.” His voice was a
harsh whisper.

Karen widened the spread of her knees as the redhead’s face
drew nearer. She could feel his warm breath on the insides of
her thighs and was overcome by the potent odor of his

Jerry’s face leaned in between the girl’s legs until his nose
was grazing against her sparse pubic bush. His nostrils
flared as he sniffed up and down the pretty little cunt, his
eyes fixed on the soft pink interior and the swollen clit at
the top.

“Is the smell the same?”

“Yes,” he answered heavily, panting like a man who had just
run the hundred-yard dash. “Would you mind if I …” His
tongue shot out and stabbed gently into her almost hairless

“Oh, Mr. Marshall!” Karen moaned as she felt his tongue
squirm between the lips of her juicy quim.

“Jerry,” he corrected before he sucked her tiny box into his
mouth, eating every hidden, tasty recess his tongue could

“Jerry,” she purred, splaying her legs farther and wiggling
around on the bench.

He raised up and hunched over her as he undid her blouse and
un-hooked the clasp of her bra between the lacy little cups.
Her large, creamy white breasts bounced into view, her tiny
nipples as hard as pointed pebbles. “Your tits are lovely,
Karen,” he said. licking the flat of his tongue across each
one and leaving a trail of saliva. He stood between her legs
with his knees pressing into her thighs. “Take my jockstrap

The blonde didn’t have to be told twice. Her hands raced to
the knit waistband and shoved the supporter down to the
assistant coach’s ankles. His hard meaty cock snapped out and
vibrated against her tits. Mr. Marshall may not have been as
large as Norman, but his erect peter certainly rivaled the
size of Mike’s pecker. The knob was a deep purple, the shaft,
thick and etched with veins that webbed down into a dense
orange bush and a pair of large cum swollen balls.

“Kiss my cock, Karen.”

She pressed her lips against the fleshy glans already wet
with his pre-cum, then took the head into her mouth. She had
suctioned the ring of her lips halfway down the wide shaft
and was toying with his huge balls when he suddenly pulled
his pelvis back, cheating her of any further oral homage.
“I can’t take much more of your hot cock sucking or I’ll
shoot off in your lovely throat.”

Karen thrust her face against Jerry’s throbbing dick,
pressing the hard pecker against his belly while she showered
the dorsal side with kisses. “I love your cock,” she purred,
knowing she didn’t dare tongue it too much or he would cum.
“Karen,” he said, stepping out of the jockstrap roping his
ankles and laying her back on the bench, “I want to fuck

“Oh, yes!” she moaned, parting her legs for him and pulling
his trim waist into the spread of her thighs. “Fuck me,
Jerry. Shove your hard cock up my hot pussy, please!” She
could hear the pleading whine of her voice echo in the boy’s
dressing room as he positioned her legs around his muscular
thighs so her ankles locked on the firm pillow of his naked

Jerry stabbed the bloated head of his rod into the tight,
juicy quim, then froze, his eyes puzzling as he looked into
Karen’s heated face. “Are you a virgin?” He had felt the thin
membrane start to tear with his initial thrust.

“Yes,” she said warmly, “but it doesn’t matter. I want you to
take my cherry. Fuck me, Jerry! Please, fuck me!”
He withdrew until just the tip of his dick was kissing her
cunt, then stabbed as hard as he could. Her membrane
shattered in an instant. His shaft sailed up her snatch
until his heavy balls were snugged against her asshole. Both
of them were panting hard and sweating. “Are you okay?”

“Oh, yes!” she answered, so hot from finally getting a man’s
hardon in her pussy that she barely noticed the destruction
of her cherry. Assured that the blonde girl was in no
discomfort, Jerry began pistoning his fat ram in and out of
the freshly deflowered quim, bucking his ass high on the out
strokes and dropping his hips down to plunge even deeper with
each additional thrust. In no time at all, Karen was hunching
her hips up to meet his onslaught as they both got closer and
closer to their climaxes.

“I’m cumming!” she finally cried, feeling the heated spiral
well up inside her.

“Feel that?” he asked, as he halted with his cock buried deep
in her snatch. His dick spasmed wildly as his balls shrunk
into his groin.


“I’m filling your little cunt with my cum, Karen.”

“It’s fantastic,” she purred.

After a few moments of his swollen knob spitting out its hot
load up inside of her, he pulled out. His peter had started
to wilt by the time he reached for her panties. “Do you want
to clean up before putting these on?”

“No,” she said, slipping the undies on and snapping her bra.

“I want to take you juices with me.”

“I know what you mean,” Jerry said, yanking his jockstrap up
over his hips. “I’m going to beat off thinking about you
later tonight and smelling your twat on my hand.”

“I wish you’d fuck me again.”

“I don’t know, Karen. It’s pretty dangerous for me, being my
first year here and all. If anyone caught me balling one of
the students, it’d be my job for sure.”

“I won’t tell anyone, I promise.” She stood to her feet,
smoothed out her skirt and brought her lips up to his mouth.
His tongue met hers outside their faces, then he sucked it
inside as her hands slid down to the bare cheeks of his humpy

“You kiss as good as you fuck,” she laughed as he pulled

“You’d better get out of here before we get caught.”

She nodded and took a last look at the sexy redhead dressed
in only his skimpy jockstrap, the pouch wet with what she
knew was partly her own juices. “When will I see you again?”

“We’ll figure out something,” he promised, steering her
toward the door.

After Maggie got home from studying with Karen she couldn’t
believe how horny she had gotten just thinking about the
first time she and Karen had fingerfucked each other during
one of their sleep-overs. That coupled with remembering how
she had let Norm eat out her box today and she had
reciprocated by taking his huge ram between her lips, then
swallowing his cum load, made her pussy as wet as it had been
when she was half naked in the boys locker room. The dark
blotch soaking through her panties was more than testimony of
her feverish excitement.

She straddled her feet a good yard apart, watching her
reflection in her mirror do same and seeing her naked breasts
jiggle in the soft shadows of her room. Slowly, she eased her
fingertips over the enticing mound of her vagina, tracing the
well-defined, outer lips of her snatch through the sheer
fabric and feeling the cushion of her cunt hairs under the
tiny swatch of fabric.

She jumped when she heard the firm but gentle rap at her
window. Angry at the sudden intrusion, she marched across
her room, resting her hands on the sill and peering outside,
forgetting for the moment that she was naked except for the
abbreviated panties. “Who’s out there?” Her large pliable
tits swung out and touched the cool wire mesh of the screen
when she leaned forward, but she didn’t seem to notice.

“It’s me,” came a low masculine voice.

Still not knowing who it was, she said softly, “I can’t see

A pale pimply face raised up from the hedge outside her
window and pressed into the screen. “Me.”

“Norman Green!” she cried in a hushed whisper. “What are you
doing here? You are some kind of fucking pervert.”

“I thought maybe after the way you went down on me today
you’d want to see me again,” he grinned, staring at her
magnificent titties.

“Well, you thought wrong,” she said in a curt tone, although
she was more than aware of the contradictory feelings ebbing
through her loins. It took only the sight of his cute, pimply
face to remind her of the immense cock he had packed between
his legs.

“Let me come in for just a minute,” he pleaded, his mouth
watering as he ogled her bare breasts.

“I wouldn’t dare. My parents are sleeping, and their room’s
just down the hall.”

“Just for a minute,” he said again, all but begging. “I’ll
let you play with my pecker again,” he added in a tantalizing

Reluctantly, Maggie removed the screen and raised her window.
In seconds the skinny team manager had hoisted his small
sturdy body up and crawled through the narrow space.

When Norman’s bare feet dropped soundlessly onto her bedroom
floor, Maggie saw that the short youth was wearing only a
pair of thin running shorts and a brief tank top. “You’re
going to freeze your balls off running around like that at
night,” she said, noticing the spongy head of his cock poking
out of one of the loose legs of his shorts. “Summer’s over,
you know?”

“I’ve got more on than you do,” he observed, letting his eyes
wash over her bare breasts and down to the damp spot where
her panties were being sucked into her cunt. He could see
every contour of her snatch and even the web of pussy hairs
through the wet fabric.

Maggie instantly crossed her arms over her breasts and humped
her ass back as if that would do anything to hide her
nakedness. “I knew I shouldn’t have let you in.”

“You let me in because you couldn’t help yourself,” Norm
teased, dropping his hand to his crotch, then letting it go
lower until he was fingering the swelling head of his
hardening cock. “Once you got a taste of my pecker, you had
to have more. I’ll bet you’re going out of your mind to get
more of my hot meat in your mouth.”

“That’s stupid,” Maggie muttered, watching as his organ
filled with blood, raising the leg of his shorts like a
fleshy crowbar levering out the thin material. “I’m still
pissed because you shot off in my mouth.”

“You don’t look too pissed,” Norm observed, hauling his
shorts down and letting his boner jut out in front of his
narrow hips. He watched her soft brown eyes lock on his
throbbing ram, a trace of saliva wetting her puffy lips. He
gave his fuck tool a couple of easy strokes and took a step
towards the pretty brunette. “Let me see your titties.”
Maggie strapped her arms tighter across her naked breasts.

“Why should I?”

“Because you want to. Because if you let me see them, I’ll
let you suck on my cock again.”

“What makes you think I want to suck on your cock again?” Her
voice had lost all of its severity, and a queasiness was
filling her insides. She knew as well as Norman that she
couldn’t resist that pulsating shaft of flesh at the junction
of his legs or that low-hanging sac of balls anymore than he
could resist stealing into her bedroom tonight.

“Because you’re a natural cocksucker, just like I’m a natural
pussy eater. And you know if you suck my cock, I’ll work my
hot tongue up your hairy little snatch again. Come on. Let me
see your titties.”

Carefully, Maggie lowered her arms, letting her full, melon-
like breasts come into view for the short teenager.

“They’re as lovely as your cunt,” Norm muttered, unable to
take his eyes off her erect nipples. “Take your panties off.”

“What about my parents?” Maggie asked, shooting a cautious
glance at her door. “What if they hear us and come in?”

“Don’t worry. I promise you we won’t make any noise.”

“I don’t know.”

Lewdly, Norm shook his cock at the small bare-breasted girl,
making his large balls dance around and took another step
closer. “You want to get your lips wrapped around this big
fat dong of mine again, don’t you?”

Resigning herself to her out-of-control lusts, the brunette
carefully eased her panties down and kicked them to one side.
She stood there totally bare-assed in front of the teenaged
youth, deliberately spreading her legs so he could get a good
look at er cunt.

“Your pussy’s already soaking wet,” Norm said, seeing the
dark, gleaming hairs bending into the shiny slash and curling
along the insides of her thighs. “Were you playing with
yourself before I showed up?”

Maggie nodded as she backed toward her bed and sat on the
edge of the mattress.

“Were you thinking about me and my big hard ram while you
fingered your snatch?”

Maggie nodded again, not at all ashamed to admit that she had
teen lusting for the skinny teenager’s cock in his absence.

“I was playing with myself too, and thinking about you. I
loved having my tongue up your juicy pussy, just as much as I
loved cumming in your mouth. I skipped dinner just so your
cunt taste would stay in my mouth.

“Then, I said to myself, why should I waste my time pulling
my pud when all I have to do is go over to her house and wait
for her to go to bed.” With his large rigid pecker wagging in
front of him, he followed her to the bed and laid down with
his head on the pillow. “Come on and get your lovely ass up
here next to me.”

Maggie stretched out her petite frame beside the small youth,
rolling onto her side and facing him. When she did, he took
her hand and gently wrapped it around his meaty pecker. Then,
he nuzzled his face into her breasts, sucking one of her
nipples between his lips and twirling his tongue around the
hard nub.

“You’ve got the nicest tits in school,” he said, switching to
her other breast. “I’ve never seen anything like them, even
under a blouse. And they’re even sexier naked.”

“They’re the same size as Karen’s,” Maggie said, sliding her
hand down his long, thick shaft and easing her fingertips
into his balls.

“Yours are nicer. I’ve always thought so.”

Not able to wait any longer, Maggie pulled away and lowered
her head to Norman’s lap. In seconds she had his cockhead
between her lips and her tongue squirming into his wet, wide
piss slit. Smelling his ballsy odor and tasting the heady
flavor of his thick meat was like coming home. There was
something about his smell and the feel of his enormous
sausage between her lips that made her feel complete and

Norman knew it too. He could sense it just by the way she
mouthed him. “You like sucking on my dick, don’t you,

She nodded, giving his pecker a new thrill as her lips
quivered and mumbled something indistinguishable around the
swollen stem.

“I knew it when you blew me today that you had the hots for
my big cock. I’ll bet you’d do just about anything for me,
the same way Julie would do anything for Mike. Try licking my

She uncorked his cock and lapped around his almost hairless
testicles, taking first one and then the other into her
mouth. “They taste as good as your peter,” she murmured,
darting her nose behind his scrotum and liking the base of
his cockroot.

“French my asshole,” Norm ordered, raising his knees to his
chest and parting his asscheeks with his hands.

“You want me to kiss your ass?” Maggie gasped, seeing his
tiny pinkish-brown anus puckering close to her face. The rim
was expanding and contracting like a circular mouth.

“Sure, kiss my hot little hole,” the youth hissed between
grit-ting teeth while he strengthened his arm lock on the
backs of his knees. “Don’t be afraid to stick your tongue up
my shitter. I’ll do the same for you.”

She lowered her face to his smooth crack and cautiously
stabbed her tongue out. The rim tasted satiny smooth and
clean, like licking the interior of someone’s mouth. Gaining
her courage, she probed into his shitter and pursed her lips
against the tiny rim, feeling the spasming ring of flesh
kissing her back.

“That’s the ticket. Boy, can you ever suck asshole! What a
great fucking chick!” While she kept her warm face pressed
between his sweaty asscheeks and her slick tongue up his hot
bung, he maneuvered her body around until she had her knees
on either side of his long neck. Pulling her down by the
waist, he ran his tongue along her small inner cunt lips,
circling them several times before kissing the short stretch
of skin between her quim and her ass crack, then he began
rimming her asshole.

“Norm, that feels divine,” Maggie cooed, surprised that his
oral attentions on her bung felt as good as rimming him.

While she spoke, her tongue continued to attack his anus. “I
thought kissing ass would be demeaning.”

“Like sucking cock?” he asked before letting his own tongue
squirm into her cherry shitter.

“I never thought cocksucking was demeaning for a girl,” she
corrected him quickly.

“You didn’t act none to thrilled when my balls unloaded in
your mouth today in front of your friend.”

“I just wasn’t expecting to swallow your cum. When you
climaxed it caught me totally off guard.”

“I wasn’t expecting you to swallow my cum either,” Norm
admitted, pulling his head out from under Maggie’s body and
removing her face from the smooth crack of his ass. “I just
got so carried away I lost control.”

“What are you doing?” she asked, watching him rearrange their
naked bodies on her bed.

“Lay on your back. I want to try something else.”

Maggie laid with her head on the pillow while Norm climbed
over her and straddled her rib cage with his freckled thighs.
He positioned his large pulsing cock in the deep cleavage of
her breasts and began sawing his pecker slowly back and

“That feels good too,” she purred, feeling his hardon tunnel
into the spongy softness of her tits.

“It feels a whole lot better than good,” Norm muttered as he
fucked her breasts.

Maggie watched his huge cockhead pop in and out of the
spherical pillows of her tits, the eye in the center of his
huge helmeted knob dripping with pre-cum and beginning to
pulse. She could feel his balls and his ass grazing against
her tummy, sending a barrage of electrifying thrills rushing
through her body. “Don’t do that too much,” she whispered. “I
want you to fuck me.”

But by the time Maggie issued her warning, it was already
much too late. The wide wet lips of the boy’s glans had begun
to quiver and seconds later his syrupy hot spunk was gushing
out and splattering on her neck and face. They both watched
until the last squirt dribbled out and trickled into the
crease of her cleavage.

“You did it again,” Maggie whined. “You cheated me out of
another fuck, you moron.”

“I’m sorry,” Norm said, gripping his still hard cock and
aiming it at her mouth. “You want to lick up the rest of my
cum?” he offered, thinking eating him would make up for not
fucking her.

“Lick it up yourself!” Maggie spat angrily, her eyes moist
and large. “And get your sweaty ass off me!”

The youth climbed off the bed and found his shorts. When he
had them pulled up over his groin, his wilting cock stuck a
good two inches out of the leg, the bulbous head streaked
with traces of his cum. “I could still fuck you, if you
want,” he said. “It’ll only take a few minutes before I have
another hardon. If you’d suck on it, I’m sure it would help.”

“Just get out of here,” Maggie whimpered, the sexual high she
had been feeling completely vanished.

“Well, maybe next time,” Norm said as he crawled out her open
window, thrusting his bare legs through the opening first,
then dropping to the ground.

“There won’t be a next time,” Maggie whispered, feeling the
boy’s cum trickling down her cheeks and over her neck. “I
never want to see you again, Norman Green!”

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Good Sport (M+F, wife)

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I married my high school sweetheart and moved to the big
city three years ago.  Pam has grown more beautiful each year.
We met in the pre-schooler's Sunday school and married in that
same church fourteen years later.  I learned a good trade in the
heating and air business.  I landed a great job with a company
that stays busy and pays well.  After a year with AAA Heating and
Air, Pam and I decided to start a family.

Unlike many of our peers, we remained virgins until our
wedding night.  That first night was awkward.  We were both
uptight, and I was clumsy and over-excited.  Gradually, we've
become less inhibited and sex is much better.  At least now I can
usually last long enough to get Pam off.

Sex was still a topic we couldn't discuss easily.  We knew one
position, the missionary, and the subject of oral sex was never
broached.  We both blush easily, so company get-togethers were
always trying times for us.  I work in a shop of fifteen men.
I'm the youngest, the new kid.  Most of those men have been with
Jake Barnes from the day he opened shop six years ago.  They are
a tight-knit group and rather rowdy at parties.

Our work shop is not open to the public, so pictures of
naked women are everywhere.  It has a men's locker room
atmosphere.  Pam has, on occasion, brought my lunch to me.  She
creates quite a stir when she walks through.  She acts like she
has blinders on and stays red-faced the whole time.

Jake Barnes is a tough guy to work for but he pays well.  Two
things can get you canned from the company: poor work and not
fitting in.  My year of probation was up.  I'd been accepted.
Our future looked secure.  As long as I continued to fit in, I
knew I'd have a job.  Pam and I decided to buy a house.

The ink wasn't dry on the paperwork when Jake called me into
his office one day.  He said he was disappointed because I never
offered to host a Friday night poker game.  I'd heard about the
games, an institution at AAA, but I didn't gamble.  He said the
games were low stakes and friendly.  He said I'd learn.  I had a
house, so I could not claim that the apartment was too small.

>From the stories I'd heard, I did not want Pam exposed to their
bawdy poker games.  What was even worse was that
the wife of the host was to serve as hostess of the game, serving
drinks and snacks.  The way Jake put it, I had little choice but
to volunteer.  I said we'd host the next one.  Jake smiled.  As I
departed, Jake called out, "See that Pam wears something sexy.
We don't want a hostess that looks like a Tomboy."  I grinned
uncomfortably and scrapped the idea of having her wear jeans and
a sweat shirt.

Pam was not pleased to hear about the poker party.  She
disapproves of gambling and she hates being around drinking and
smoking men.  When I told her what Jake said about wearing
something sexy, she threw a fit.  I let her rant and rave, but
she knew as well as I that we were in no position to alienate
Jake Barnes, not with a sixty-thousand dollar mortgage over our
heads and the possibility of there being a baby on the way.  She
came to her senses on her own after stewing for a couple of days.
Together, we picked out the dress she'd wear.

You may think this odd, but after three years of marriage,
I'd never seen Pam naked.  She is very shy and wears PJs to bed.
We made love in total darkness.  I saw her in bra and panties for
the first time as she changed outfits.  I sat on the bed, trying
to act nonchalant about it.  I could see that Pam was aroused.
She grew more aroused as she tried on various outfits and modeled
them for me.  None suited her.

I almost choked when she suggested that going braless might help.
She removed her bra right in front of me.  I stared at the
nipples I'd sucked on but never seen.  They were
tight, puckered, reddish caps on bullet-shaped mounds of firm
flesh.  She took her time donning the dress and paraded her tits
before me with her shoulders back and chest out.  As she moved
about, those breasts vibrated with each footfall.

I broke out in a sweat when she decided the panties were all
wrong and shimmied out of them.  She went through her things in
the nude, presenting me with a visual feast of her unguarded sex,
mostly rear views of her pouting vaginal pouch tucked neatly at
the top of her creamy thighs.  Pam's pubic hair is so light and
fine that it is barely noticeable and hides nothing.  Her wet
slit seemed to wink at me when she'd bend over.  Her clit hung
from between the lips like a tiny cock, just begging for someone
to walk over and kiss it.  She waved that pink flag in my face
one second too long.  I went over, knelt behind her, and planted
a wet kiss right on her clit.

Pam shot upright and spun around as though a snake had bit
her.  She looked down on me like I was sick, saying, "Jerry, what
on earth has gotten into you?"

I stood and apologized, feeling like a pervert.  She said,
"I thought we could be mature adults about this.  Just because I
agreed to dress like a tramp doesn't mean you can treat me like
one.  Now, you go sit down, behave yourself, and don't get up
until we're through."

I slinked back to the bed and sat.  Remarkably, Pam turned
back to the dresser in a wider stance than before.  In addition,
she bent low to open the bottom drawer and began rummaging
through it, giving me a most provocative display.  It was then I
realized that her tease was intentional.  She was looking for
panties in her sweater drawer and taking her sweet time doing it.
After searching another bottom drawer, bending over with straight
legs, her tits showing between the inverted V of her legs, she
stood and faced me, hands on hips, flustered.

She still had her high heel shoes on and walked about, gathering
her dresses, holding up one after another.  She tossed all to the
bed and stood with a hand on her cocked hip and said, "Jerry,
none of my dresses are sexy.  They're all too long."

I tried not to look between her legs or at her tits, but she
made it most difficult for me.  She stood right before me.  She
picked up a light summer dress with an open bodice and said, "If
I wear this one without a bra and shorten the hem, I suppose it
might look sexy.  What do you think?"

I nodded.  She slipped it over her head and folded up the
hem to mid thigh, saying, "Is this short enough?"  I nodded.  She
folded it up another inch and said, "How about this?  Is this too

I said, "You'd be inviting trouble if you cut it too short.
Remember who you'll be wearing that in front of."

"I haven't forgotten, Jerry.  Jake said sexy.  He expects
sexy.  This might be a test, you know.  Suppose he lets you go
because I wasn't wearing a sexy enough dress.  What would we do

"All right, if you'll wear it that short, I'll go along.  He
can't say it isn't sexy."

Pam folded under another two inches of material until the
hem was just below her crotch.  She said, "Maybe we should go all
out just to be sure."

I gulped.  I said, "Pam, you'd never wear anything that
short in front of a bunch of men and you know it."

She said, "With our future at stake, I might go topless
wearing a g-string.  Don't forget the baby.  I am due to ovulate
this week.  I can endure a little embarrassment if I have too.
I'm not that weak and fragile, Jerry."

Pam's attitude surprised me.  She shortened that dress a little
higher than mid thigh.  She looked very sexy in it,
especially in her high heels.  When she modeled the dress, I
noticed that she had also cut back the top.  The square-cut top
exposed the swells of her upper breasts and showed a great deal
of cleavage. When she stood straight, the top edge just did hide
her nipples. If she'd bend over, it dropped away and exposed her
hanging tits.  I made no comment about the modification; she
offered no explanation.  With the puffy sleeves and ruffled short
hem, the dress looked like something a little girl might wear.
On Pam it looked sexy as hell.

Eight guys showed up on Friday night.  Since we figured
there would be other poker nights, we bought a large round table
with eight matching chairs.  Nine of us just barely fit around
the table.  I had to sit on a bar stool.

Pam was a big hit.  The guys made a fuss over her
every time she entered the room.  She was nervous and scared, but
she looked stunning.  They embarrassed her by staring
openly down her top when she had to bend over.  Those that were
not in a position to look down her top would lean back and look
up her dress.  They kept the ash tray in the center
of the table and requested she empty it often.

The first time Pam tried to empty the ash tray, she reachout out
and brought it to her.  Jake said, "No, No, No.  If you're going
to do the job, do it right.  Here, set the ash tray back where it
was.  Now, don't ever carry an ash tray over people.  Do like
this."  Jake had Pam lean back over the table as he was doing.
Their heads converged near the center as Jake tutored her on the
professional way to service an ash tray.

Pam listened attentatively, mindless of the scene taking place
behind her.  Tommy Drew and John Blazek were on their knees
pinching the hem of her skirt and lifting.  Two others were
leaning in to watch the operation.  They were either very good or
Pam was very absorbed in what Jake was telling her.  I could not
see what they were seeing, but from the looks on their faces, it
was a sight.

I tried to get Pam's attention, but she would not look up.  She
watched as Jake laid a paper towel down after first making sure
that every butt was out.  He then poured the contents into the
paper towel, folded it neatly, then used the folded package to
swab the inside of the ash tray.  It all looked very neat and
professional, but would also be time consuming.

Before Jake was done, Tommy had Pam's dress laid back over her
back.  I could not see how she did not notice the draft.  Just
when I thought the show was over, Jake emptied the napkin back
into the ash tray and told Pam to give it a try.  This allowed
the guys more time to visually feast on my wife's ass and make
crude jestures.  When Pam did back away, she bumped right into
John's face with her ass.  She acted surprised to find herself
exposed and John at her ass, but she playfully admonished him and
pranced into the kitchen.

To service the ash tray required Pam to squeeze in between two
chairs in order to reach it.  Two guys would scoot back from the
table to let her in, then while she laid over the table, they'd
boldly look up her skirt from the rear.  Each time Pam had to
clean the ash tray, she'd find a new hole open up for her.

Pam amazed me.  She caught on quickly to what they were
doing.  On her third visit to empty the ash tray, she went to the
third set of guys and waited for them to make a hole.  Then, she
would rest on her elbows, her tits fully exposed, while emptying
and wiping clean the ash tray.  The guys on either side of her
were not content to simply look.  Their hands roamed up and down
her legs.  Pam took her sweet time, her face as red as a rose.
The fourth set took even longer.

Being the odd man, I got skipped the first time around.  I got
included on the second go round.  I scooted back with Benny, who
sat on my left and had been in on the first round with the guy
who sat on his left.  When Pam leaned over, I decided to act like
all the others and take a peek up her skirt.  What I saw blew me

Pam had on a pair of frilly pink panties I'd never seen before.
They were so sheer and thin that only a narrow strip
passed between her legs.  I could plainly see her labia lips and
I could see that she'd shaved them clean.  A dark pink spot
caused by wetness marked the place where her clit pressed out
against the material.  While I sat in stunned awe, Benny ran his
hand up her left leg right up to her crotch, pressing the edge of
his hand between her lips.  Pam did not react, even when he took
the panty material between thumb and forefinger and made it wedge
between her lips.  Her labia lips closed over it.  When she
stood, she just smiled and walked off with a sexy sway to her
stride.  This time, my face was red.

The game went on like this for several hours.  Pam worked
the table, bringing fresh beer, keeping the snack food bowels
full, and frequently emptying the ash tray.  Hands reached for
her legs, tits, and ass whenever she passed by.  Pam never jumped
or flinched and never pushed a hand away.  She kept track of
which set got to feel her up and never balked at the hands that
went between her legs.  The cards got sticky and so did my

After four hours, I was down three hundred dollars.  I was
learning to play poker the hard way.  After buying the house and
the table set, our savings was tapped out.  Fifty dollars was all
we had to our name with payday two weeks away.  While Pam was out
of the room, Jake said, "Jerry, I'm going to give you a chance to
recoup your losses at two to one.  You interested."

I sat up and said sure.  He said, "I'm going to bet you six-
hundred bucks that Pam will let me take her panties off right
here at the table and not say a word while I do it.  If she does,
she's mine for twenty-four hours.  If she so much as makes a
peep, you get six bills."

I felt sure Pam wouldn't stand still for that, not quietly
anyway.  I also knew she'd be pissed if I put her ass on the
table as part of a wager. I said, "Jake, I can't give you Pam.
I'm her husband not her keeper."

"I'll handle Pam.  All I need is your acceptance.  What do you
say, kid?  I know you could use the money.  I'm just trying to
make things easy for you."

I thought hard for a few seconds, then we shook hands.  Pam
was due to stop between Jake and Tom on her next ash tray stop.
All eyes watched when she got between Jake and Tom and leaned way
over.  Jake got right behind her and ran both hands up the sides
of her legs clear up to her hips.  We could see the impression of
his fists as they curled under the waistband of her panties. Pam
froze; her eyes shot wide open.  Jake slowly drew her panties
down, giving Pam ample opportunity to say something.  She knew we
were all looking at her ass and most of us could see her panties
come into view below her skirt.  Still, she said nothing.  Jack
slowed his progress, pausing when her panties passed over her ass

Pam had plenty of time to finish cleaning the ash tray.
Instead, she rested on her elbows, doing nothing, breathing
heavily, waiting.  The two men seated to her front actually got
up and went to stand behind her.  The rest were leaning towards
her rear, looking at Jake's index finger hooked over the thin
crotch band, waiting.  Jake looked at me and shrugged as though
to say, "Hey, kid, I'm trying not to win."

Pam was incredible.  It was obvious that she intended to
wait, how ever long it took, for Jake to remove her panties.
Jake was in no hurry, enjoying the tension.  He inched those
panties down her legs by fractions, pausing often.  It took
several minutes for those panties to hang limply at her ankles.
Pam lifted one foot free, then the other.  Jake reached down and
held the flimsy garment aloft like a trophy.  The guys let out a
cheer.  This snapped Pam out of her catatonic lethargy.  She
stood and backed away from the table, covering her face with her

Jake reached out and took her left hand, drawing her to his
side.  He placed her panties on the table and said, "Pam, you
just made me a very happy man."

Pam looked to me with questioning eyes.  I couldn't speak.
Benny said, "Jake bet Jerry that he could remove your panties at
the table, and you wouldn't make a peep.  There's the panties,
and nobody heard a peep.  Jake now owns your ass for twenty-four

Pam looked right at me, stunned.  I shrugged and shook my
head, still unable to speak.  She said, "Jerry, how could you
make such a bet?  You had no right.  I'm not your property."

I found my voice and shot back, "I never thought I could
lose.  Why didn't you say something?"

She didn't have an answer for that.  Jake said, "What's done
is done.  You're mine now, Pam, at least for twenty-four hours.
A bet is a bet."

Pam looked defiant even in defeat.  She stared daggers at me
and folded her arms.  Jake said, "Let's have a look at the
merchandise.  Why don't you get those clothes of, Pam?"

Pam shot him a dirty look and said, "I'll do no such thing.
If you want to collect your stupid bet, you'll do it in private."

Jake said, "Pam, you don't tell me how to take my winnings.
Your ass is mine to do with as I see fit for the next twenty-four
hours.  If I say strip, by God, you strip!"

This shook Pam.  Jake ordered the table taken away.  The guys
pitched in and lifted it over our heads, setting it off to the
side.  We gathered our chairs in a circle centered on Jake.  Pam
was in the middle looking like a trapped animal.  Jake shouted,
"Don't stand there, get the fucking dress off!."

With a beet red face and clenched jaw, she drew it over her head,
revealing her total nudity.  She kicked off her heels and stood
defiantly before Jake and said, "There, are you happy, now?"

Jake smiled and said, "Start here on my left and go around
to each guy so they can get a good look at your charms."

Pam stomped over to the man on Jake's left and stood glaring
down on him with her hands on her hips, daring him to look.  Jake
grabbed Pam roughly by her elbow and jerked her to her knees at
his feet.  He shocked everyone by yelling, "Listen to me, you
little cunt!  You lost; I won.  The bet was fair.  I gave you
every opportunity to win, but you wanted those panties off so we
could finger-fuck you without them getting in the way.  If you
had only made a squeak, I'd have handed over six-hundred bucks to
Jerry with a smile.  He would have taken it, too.  Well, you
didn't make a squeak.  You lost.  I'm going to get six-hundred
dollars worth out of your ass if I have to hog tie you, toss you
in my pick-up, drive you to Jefferson Street, and sell your ass
for twenty bucks a pop.
     "I happen to be in a sharing mood and just want to have fun
with my friends in the comfort and privacy of your new home.
Now, if you don't want to party with us here, maybe you'll like
partying downtown.  Either way, you are going to party.  Do you
understand me?"

Jake's words had a sobering effect on Pam.  We both knew he
was dead serious.  She nodded her head meekly.  He helped her to
her feet, saying, "Now, let's see a little enthusiasm on your
part.  If I don't see any, I could use six-hundred bucks."

Pam stepped over to the man she'd been pulled away from.
This time she ran her hands up her sides and cupped her breasts
in sensuous offering.  A slow sway started in her hips as she
moved her left foot out.  She drew his eyes to her crotch by
trailing her painted nails down her front and teased it through
her loins.  She thrust her pelvis out and ran a stiff finger
through her wet lips.  I was directly behind her and could see
that red nail dip between those sexy vaginal peach halves, curl
in, and disappear up the front.  Her white moons swayed
provocatively as she did a sexy grind for him.  The guys were
awe-struck by her beauty and sexuality.

She turned slowly to present him with her rear view.  Our
eyes locked as her hands went behind to stroke her ass cheeks.
Her eyes seemed to say, "I hope you're satisfied."  My eyes
drifted to her crotch.  She had shaved off all of her pubic hair.
Her pussy lips were wet and swollen.  Her clit stuck out
obscenely, pink and shiny.

Pam went to the next man and repeated the performance,
putting more into her act.  As she went around, she grew hotter
and hotter.  Her fingers delved repeatedly into her wet sex.  Her
stance grew wider.  The fourth guy was treated to her bending
from the waist with her ass in his face and feet wide apart.  She
held this pose and pulled her cheeks apart.  She held steady as
he leaned in and buried his face in her beaver.

The fifth guy was on my right.  When she got to him, she
looked at me and lifted her left foot, placing it on the top of
his chair near his right ear.  I looked at her yawning sex as her
fingers played through and entered it.  She bent her knee to
bring her pussy closser to his face.  He leaned in to suck her
clit.  She pressed her crotch to meet his lips.  She pulled her
labia lips apart for his clitty suck.  She looked at me with
passion-glazed eyes while he sucked on her clit.

She let him suck for several minutes, then turned her ass to
him, spread her legs wide, and dipped low.  Her head looked back
at me from between her knees as her hands came up from the inside
and framed her sex.  Her index fingers laid on each cunt lip and
pried out, making a coral-pink oval of her vagina.  He leaned in
and lapped that oval like a dog.  She swayed gently under the
tongueing, never taking her eyes off me.
     She left him in mid lap and stood before me, looking down.
I looked up sheepishly.  A mischievous grin appeared on her face.
She leaned down and whispered in my ear, "I'm ovulating tonight."

She stood and went to Benny, on my left.  This time, her
right foot came up to the chair back by his left ear and she
turned to face me.  Benny entered her cunt with his two middle
fingers and finger-fucked her while Pam ground her cunt on his
fingers.  She bit her lower lip while staring hard at me.

Sex between her and Jack was a foregone conclusion.  After
her rounds, it was obvious to everyone that she'd willingly have
sex with anyone.  By reminding me of her fertility, she was
sending me a message, but I didn't get it.  Did she expect me to
do something to protect her?  Would she protect herself?  Would
she at least let Jack know?  Should I speak up before it got that
far?  She laid that problem in my lap, as though divorcing
herself from the responsibility.  I had to wonder if it really
mattered to her whose baby she had.  Could she be happy with just
anyone's baby?  Could I?

These thoughts never left me as I watched my horny wife
return to Jake.  Jake pulled her to his lap and positioned her so
that her ass rested on his thighs with her legs outside his.  He
pulled her back to his chest and told the two men sitting beside
him to each take a leg and make a wish.  They eagerly reached
down and took a foot, drawing Pam's legs into the splits.  Pam
seemed to enjoy the lewd exposure, showing off her newly
shaved pussy, a pussy she was obviously proud of.  She had every
reason to be proud.  It was the cleanest, sexiest pussy
anyone of us ever saw.  Everyone marveled and fawned over it,
leaning in for a closer look.  Even her asshole looked cute and
sexy, pink and clean.
     Pam shamelessly basked in her exposure and the lewd
attention.  Her pussy hole looked tight, wet, and inviting.  Her
clit was completely in the open and standing tall.  Jack brought
his hands to her crotch and manipulated her aroused flesh.  His
fingers delved into her hole and teased over her clit making her
loll her
head on his shoulders and swoon.  Jack said, "Well, now that
we've gotten to know the physical Pam, let's get up close and
personal.  We don't want any secrets between us, do we, Pam?"
She shook her head.  He went on, "Did Jerry know you shaved
your pussy?"

"No, I did it this afternoon."

"Why did you shave it?"

"I wanted to look sexy."

"Why?  Did you plan on showing it to us?"

"I wanted to be ready, just in case."

"Did you masturbate thinking about this game?"

"Yes, constantly."

"What were your thoughts?  Tell us what you imagined might

"I pictured Jerry losing and having to bet my clothes.  I
pictured him losing my clothes.  Then, I had to serve you all
naked.  When Jerry got a great hand, he showed it to me and asked
if he could bet sex with me for the pot.  I said yes, and he
lost.  I pictured you winning the hand and carrying me upstairs
to our bedroom and making love to me."

"Well, you weren't far off, were you?"


"You do realize that we are all going to fuck you, don't


"I hope you're doing something about birth control."

Pam looked to me and waited.  I don't know why, but I froze.
After several seconds, Pam said, "It's all right; I'm on the

"Good.  Pam, how would you feel about becoming the new
company whore.  The last one we had ran off and got married. It
pays five-hundred a week.  There's light office duties, some
typing and book work.  Other than that, it's just taking care of
fifteen horny men."
     Pam looked to me for just a moment then nodded her head.
Jake patted her pussy then set her on her feet.  He said, "You
run on upstairs and get comfortable.  We're going to have us a
pussy drawing."

Pam ran upstairs as Jake shuffled the deck.  We all drew
a card.  I drew the two of spades.  I waited and watched as seven
of my coworkers and my boss made the trip upstairs.  They came
down singing her praises.  Each left after patting me on the back
and saying something like "Better luck next time," or "You're a
good sport, kid."

Jake remained behind after his turn.  We sat together
waiting for Benny to finnish.  It was four in the morning.  Jake
intended to take Pam with him after my turn.  He shook my
shoulder and said, "Face it, kid.  You married a whore.  We
didn't make her that way.  All we did was expose her for what she
is.  Make the most of it.  Think of the money you two will bring
in together."  Jake peeled off five one-hundred dollar bills and
said, "Look, here's an advance on her salery.  I know you're

I said, "Thanks," as Benny came trudging downstairs.  He said,
"She's all yours kid.  You better hang on tight, she's awfull
slippery."  He laughed, grabbed his coat, and left.

I went up with great trepidation.  Pam was sprawled on our
bed on her back.  The bed was down to bare mattress.  Pam was
literally covered with sperm.  It was in her hair, on her face,
pooled between her tits, and she lay in a big puddle of it.  She
turned her head and smiled weakly.  I sat by her side, looking
into her glazed eyes.  A strand of fresh cum draped her nose.
One run reached her lips as I looked on.  She calmly licked at
it.  She reached between her legs and scooped a handful of cum on
her fingers, stuffing it up her cunt.  She said, "I think I'm

I looked at her sperm-drenched pussy and said, "I think you
are too."

"Do you want to place any bets on who the father might be?"
I shook my head.  "Why didn't you say something?  I gave you the

"Why didn't you?"

"If you didn't care, I didn't either.  You had your chance."

I pulled out the money and said, "Jake gave you an
advance on your salery."

She took the money and smiled.  She sat up and thumbed
through the bills.  She said, "I forgot about that.  I'm the new
company whore."

"You are if you take that money."

"I'm taking the money, Jerry.  I earned it.  Don't be mad,

"I'm not mad.  You win some, you lose some."

"You're a good sport, Jerry.  I'm glad I married you."
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Good Cum (FF)

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I was sitting around the house one evening all by myself;
the rest of the family had gone down to Norfolk to visit
relatives for the weekend. My boyfriend, Jack, was out of town
too, at a swimming meet. I was feeling pretty horny, and wished
Jack was around to let me taste that wonderful cock of his. He’s
gets a beautiful 8” hard on that never ceases to amaze me. He
can stay hard for hours, it seems, and he’s one of the few
uncircumsized men I’ve ever known. The flesh enveloping the head
of his cock turns me on incredibly! I mixed myself a screwdriver and
decided I’d have to take matters into my own hands if I was going
to find sexual relief that evening. I decided to call my friend
Lorie and see if she wanted to come over. She and I sometimes like
to watch X-rated videos together, and it seemed like the perfect
evening for it. She answered the phone, and told me that she
could be over in about an hour. That gave me plenty of time to
get ready, and I went up stairs to my room to get dressed. I really
like wearing sexy lingerie, so I stripped off my skirt and blouse
and went to the dresser. I picked out a black lace-trimmed garter
belt, sheer black stockings, a pair of satin bikini panties,
and a very pretty black half-cup bra that I’d just purchased at
Victoria’s Secret. I topped it off with a snug-fitting, low-cut
blouse and short skirt. I looked and felt like a real hot little
slut, and looked forward to Lorie’s arrival.

Before going back downstairs, I went to my closet and got my `toy
box’ down from the shelf. It contained my collection of dildoes
and other sex toys. I tucked the box under my arm and took it
down to the living room, tucking it under the coffee table where
it would be out of the way until I was ready for it. Lorie arrived
about 15 minutes later, and I had my Dad’s collection of X-rated
tapes lined up next to the VCR. While Lorie checked out the tapes,
I went into the kitchen and mixed us each a cocktail. When I
returned, Lorie was sitting on the couch rolling a joint.
“Did you pick out a tape, Lorie?” I asked, handing her her drink.

“Yeah, I did,” she said. “Let’s watch `Deep Throat’. I know
we’ve seen it before, but I really like to watch them suck all
that cock!” she said, as she lit the slim joint. I put the tape
in the VCR and started it rolling as Lorie stepped over and
handed me the joint. I drew the smoke deep into my lungs and
almost immediately felt the effect of the sweet-tasting pot.
I hadn’t had any really good pot in a while, and it was a real
treat. I sat in the armchair and Lorie laid back on the couch as
we watched the action on TV. Linda Lovelace was on her knees in
front of this very hard and well-hung stud, his cock planted
firmly between her lips. I glanced over at Lorie and could tell
she was starting the get excited already; she was squirming a
little while watching the screen intently. She obviously wasn’t
wearing a bra, and her nipples were getting hard and pressing
against her leotard. Lorie has beautiful breasts, and I was
getting almost as turned on watching her as the TV. “Oh, look
at that handsome cock!” she exclaimed. “Oh, I wish I had a
cock like that to enjoy!” “Would you like to suck a cock that
big?” I asked her. “That BIG!” she exclaimed. “The bigger,
the better for me! I’ve never seen a cock so big I couldn’t
handle it!” She began to roll another joint, and I watched
her fingers working. She has beautifully manicured nails and
long, slender fingers; altogether, quite elegant. We both had
one eye on the screen, watching the girls fucking and sucking
with great abandon. I could feel myself starting to get wet
and started moving my legs to ease the itch. I went to the
kitchen to mix us each another cocktail while Lorie finished
the joint, and while there I ran one hand under my skirt and
rubbed my pussy a little. It felt so nice! I knew it wouldn’t
be long before I’d need to do some serious fooling around.

When I returned I was surprised to see that Lorie had one
hand under the hem of her skirt; she said she didn’t really
appreciate masturbation and prefered to wait until she could
latch on to a real cock. I smiled when she glanced up at me in
the doorway. “Oops! You caught me!” she said with a sly grin.

“No problem,” I assured her as I handed her the cocktail. “I’ve
been waiting for you to loosen up. Doesn’t that feel good,
after all?” She admitted that it did, and I encouraged her to lie
back and enjoy it. She fired up the second joint, and as we
passed it back and forth, Lorie kept one hand on her bush and
slowly rubbed herself while still watching the screen. Now Linda
was getting fucked from the rear by one guy while a second had
his cock shoved deep into her throat and a third stood on the
side and jerked himself off. We both paused to watch closer as
the first guy pulled out of her pussy and shot a huge load of cum
all over her ass, followed shortly by the second guy shooting his
load on her face as the third came in her hair. All in all, quite
an arousing scene. We finished the joint and I moved over
on the couch next to Lorie. She once again had her hand under
her skirt, and I reached over and pulled it up so that I
could see her fingers massaging her clit and rubbing up and
down her slit. I leaned down so that my face was quite close
to her and I could smell the sweet juices building in her

I’d never watched another woman so closely, and was awed
at the sight of Lorie’s fingers gently rubbing and manipulating
her clit. I could see the wetness starting to ooze from between
her beautiful pink lips and form in little beads against the fine
blonde hair of her bush. I could almost feel the heat rising from
her crotch. Her panties had long since been tossed aside, and I
reached around and unfastened the catch on her skirt. Without
pausing, she lifted her hips from the couch and let me tug it
off. I tossed the skirt aside. I was watching Lorie so intently
that I’d completely forgotten the tape that was still rolling.

I was just barely conscious of the sound in the background,
moaning and greedily slurping at stiff cocks. I was too enthralled
with my friends actions to pay any attention. Watching her was
getting me horny as hell myself, and I stood up and slipped out
of my skirt. Lorie smiled when she saw my garter belt and
stockings, and stopped rubbing herself just long enough to
reach over and help me slide my panties down and toss them aside.

I grabbed at the hem of my blouse and yanked it over my head.
My nipples were hard with excitement and stood out over the
lace trim of my pretty half-cup bra. Before sitting down on
the couch again, I grabbed at Lorie’s blouse and pulled it off,
revealing her own beautiful breasts. Lorie’s breasts are somewhat
larger than my own, and I couldn’t resist the temptation to
fondle them. Sitting down next to her, I cupped her left breast
in my palm and started squeezing it gently. With my free hand,
I started rubbing my pussy. I was already soaked, and easily
slid two fingers into my hot slit. I took Lorie’s nipple between
my fingers and slowly rolled it back and forth, tugging gently.
She was moaning softly now, lying back with her eyes closed and
enjoying my efforts. “Oh, Susan,” she moaned. “That feels so good!
Oh, I wish you had a cock so that I could feel you inside me!”

I’d almost forgotten the toy box I’d hidden on the floor.
I immediately reached down and pulled it out and set it on the
coffee table, opening the lid. Lorie stopped to see what I was
doing, and smiled with glee as I began setting my collection of
dildoes and other toys on the table. She immediately grabbed my
largest tool, a 10″ black rubber cock, and started rubbing it
against herself, the shaft parting her pussy lips. She rubbed the
length of the shaft up and down her pink lips until it was soaked
with juice. Then, as I lowered my head for a closer look, she
placed the head at her hole and gently pressed the tip of the
shaft into her. She withdrew it briefly and then pressed forward
once again, this time a little deeper. She slid the shaft in and
out of her steaming pussy, going a but deeper with each stroke,
until she had a good 8 inches inside of her. With almost the full
length inside of her, she paused and began to wiggle her hips,
grinding the rubber cock against her and forcing it yet deeper
inside. As she busily fucked, I reached over and began to rub her
clit with my fingers. I looked up and Lorie was lying back on the
couch, her eyes closed, enjoying every moment and every sensation.

Slowly, tentatively, I moved my mouth closer to her crotch, gently
touching her bush with my tongue. Receiving no protest, I started
to lick the juices that were clinging to her hair, slowly moving
to her clit. She began sliding the huge rubber cock in and out of
her pussy once again, and was moaning softly. “Oh, Susan,” she
muttered. “Oh, that feels so good….ummmm….yes….oh, yes.”

I could tell that my friend was approaching her climax, and before
long I felt her tighten and raise herself up from the couch. She
was moving the dildo in long, hard strokes now, and as she began
to cum, she plunged it into her pussy to the hilt. “Oh, God!” she
screamed. “Oh yes! I’m coming! Ohhhhhhh!” She had a long and
apparently very satisfying orgasm, and after several minutes,
she relaxed and opened her eyes. My tongue was still licking at
her clit, and I eagerly licked up the flood of juice that had
come flowing from her. I moved her hand from the dildo and took
it myself, wiggling it back and forth gently while slowly with-
drawing it from her.

When I had removed the wonderful toy, I once again moved
down to her bush and slipped my tongue between her pussy lips.
I’d never eaten another woman’s pussy this way, and it was
making me feel more excited than I’d been in a long time. I
licked her with long strokes of my tongue, eagerly lapping up her
sweet-tasting juices. Surprisingly, she tasted somehow stronger
than my own juices when I licked them from my fingers. I kept
running my tongue up and down between her soft pink lips,
ocassionally darting into her hole and across her clit until
she started moaning once again. “Oh, Susan…that’s so good!
Oh, your tongue feels so nice! I’ve never been eaten like this
before!” It wasn’t long before she tensed once again and I tasted
more sweet, hot juice as she climaxed one more time. She
collapsed on the couch, spent from the excitement, and rested
with her eyes closed for several minutes. The videotape had ended
at some point, but I had no recollection of it. While Lorie
recovered from my attentions, I stood up and reached around to
unfasten my bra. I slipped the cups from my breasts and tossed
the garment on to a chair. Now, clad only in my garter belt and
stockings, I sat next to Lorie and took her in my arms and kissed
her. Our lips met and her tongue lashed out at mine. We embraced
and hugged each other as we kissed. Her soft lips, her smooth
flesh, the very idea of making love to another woman, excited me
to no end. I could feel drops of pussy juice running down my
thighs. “Lorie, would you make love to me? I aksed softly.”

Without a word, she changed positions and placed her head on my
thigh. She reached up with her fingers and started rubbing my
clit lightly, spreading my pussy lips with two fingers. She had
the same rubber cock that she had enjoyed so in her other hand,
and started rubbing the head against me in slow strokes. I
relaxed as I felt the head of the dildo pressing against my
parted lips, and Lorie pressed the shaft slowly into me. It was
large that it almost felt like it would split me apart, but with
a few deft strokes it was inside me. She slowly worked the huge
shaft in and out of me, pushing deeper and deeper into me with
each stroke. My pussy didn’t seem to have the capacity that hers
did, and 8 inches or so was all that I could comfortably
accomodate. It felt so good to get fucked like this by one of my
best girl friends! While she worked the wonderful dildo in
and out of my hot pussy, Lorie reached up and squeezed and
teased my nipples and breasts with her free hand. I love to
have my breasts played with, and her efforts brought me very
close to climax. I felt the pressure beginning to build
inside of me, and in a matter of moments my body shuddered in
orgasm. As soon as the waves of passion subsided, I felt the
hard rubber shaft being withdrawn and replaced by Lorie’s soft
lips and tongue. She licked and nibbled at my soaked pussy like
no one ever had before. Her tongue darted in and out of my hole
and brushed over my clit, sending new waves of pleasure surging
through me. I couldn’t move, but just laid back and enjoyed her
efforts. Suddenly, I felt something new, a slight pressure at the
opening of my tight asshole. Lorie had a slim dildo in one hand
and was pressing it into my anus. My muscles tightened
mometarily, then relaxed as the tip of the shaft penetrated me.

I wasn’t used to taking anything that way, but after the first
shock passed, I found it quite exciting. I did my best to relax,
and soon Lorie had almost 6 inches of the slim plastic shaft
eased into me, and she hardly missed a lick with her tongue. She
slowly worked the dildo in and out of my ass as she ate me, and
the combined sensations were a total delight! Needless to say, it
wasn’t long before I was enjoying my second magnificent orgasm of
the evening. After we’d both had a chance to relax, Lorie rolled
another joint and I fixed us each yet another cocktail. We picked
another video and put it in the machine, lying back on the couch
in a warm embrace and watching as `Little Oral Annie’ came to
life on the screen. It was one of the most magnificent evenings
I’ve ever had, and Lorie and I get together now whenever we have
the chance.

As the Sexy Devil edited this file, his cock quickly sprang to
attention – 7 1/2″ of hard cock is uncomfortable inside tight jeans
so I lowered my pants and held my cock with my left hand as I typed
with my right. The story of Susie Q and Lorie was so hot I soon
began stroking my cock as I read their adventure. I imagined being
there as the two ladies sucked and fucked each other, all the while
stroking my cock faster and harder. As soon as they both reached
their orgasm I was ready to cum too and I imagined they both started
licking and sucking my cock as I shot a huge load of hot cum in
their mouths.

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