Jeanne Does Deer Camp (M+/F, wife-sharing, inc, gb)

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by tony tiger (


a young wife learns to love deer hunting. loosely based
on the exploits of another author from arkansas. (m+/f,
wife-sharing, inc, gb)


“oh goody!” jeanne squealed. her husband had just
announced she was invited back to deer camp this year.
she had a hot flash remembering the wonderful time she’d
had last time.

one of the older wives that had done the camp for years
had moved away and all the guys had pressured her
husband to let jeanne fill the vacant spot. he hemmed
and hawed but they kept reminding him of all the years
he had been to the camp and it was his turn to

you sure couldn’t blame the guys for asking. jeanne was
the best eye candy around. just turned 18, she’d been
married to billy bob for only a year. her hourglass
shape with firm d cup tits and nice tight buns even gave
the ministers at her church a hard on when she wiggled

you couldn’t blame billy bob for being reluctant. deer
camp in southeast arkansas was just a good excuse for a
four day sex orgy. more two legged “dears” got bagged
than the four legged game animals. with eight guys to
three women, at least one of the bunks had a humping
couple in it at all times. in the evening there would be
guys waiting near the beds, sippin’ shine and stroking
their peckers, ready for their next turn with whoever
didn’t have someone between their thighs.

billy bob remembered how difficult the first part of
their marriage had been. he had struggled to get her to
spend more time in the marital bed than back with her
pa, three brothers, and an uncle. he’d made damn sure
she took her birth control pill every morning! they had
to move further away to break her habit although she
would still go over there a couple of weekends a month.
what would this gang bang do to their marriage?

one of the other wives who had been a regular for years
offered to talk with jeanne. she reminded billy bob of
how many times he’d been between her legs and she still
loved her husband. actually even more because he was ok
with letting go once a year like this.

marybelle was in her late thirties and this would be her
eleventh year at the camp. since there were always some
changes in the roster of guys attending, she’d fucked
probably twenty or twenty five different cocks during
that time. she was plump and blond and a squealer. if a
guy had a smaller dick she’d take it up her ass too.

billy bob was a bit dismayed with the enthusiasm his
wife showed when told what the invitation entailed. her
“tail” to be exact. she looked at billy bob and asked,
“honey, why didn’t you ever tell me what you was doing
at that camp? wow, eight guys! that’ll be like family
reunions. if it was fun fer you then it will be fun fer
me too. only fair!”

billy bob didn’t have an answer to that logic. he’d
fucked family plenty so that part was already even.
jeanne tried to reassure him a bit more, “honey, yer the
only man i love, besides family of course. any other
peckers is fer fun jest like you and that married lady
down at the feed store where you work. of course ah
knows about it. she told me that yer cock’s bigger and
better than her old man’s and i’m lucky to get it so

jeanne was disappointed this wasn’t a good excuse to get
some new clothes. marybelle had told her that the women
didn’t wear clothes much since it was a bother to take
them off all the time. that’s alright, she thought. she
liked running around nekkid anyway.

on the ride to the camp jeanne was in the back of a
pickup with four of the guys. they’d already been into
the shine and got to squeezing her fun parts. she
squeezed back and the guys all had their peckers out
before long. she’d mostly seen family ones which were
pretty similar so there were some interesting
differences to see and touch. they all tasted pretty
much the same though.

at the big one room cabin everybody piled out and got
the gear unloaded. the women were busy getting the
kitchen in shape so the guys had to leave them alone for
a bit. jeanne knew the other women. sally jo was about
sixty and skinny with saggy tits. her crotch was bushy
too. she’d been doing the camp for thirty years and kept
coming even though her husband had passed away. the guys
were happy to have her there because she could do things
with her cunt muscles that no one else could. and she
sucked a mean dick too.

everyone got more shine and got nekkid. peckers rose all
over the cabin when jeanne took it all off. dinner got
cooked in spite of the distractions, then the fun began.
of course all the guys wanted a piece of the new hot
young stuff so jeanne wrote numbers 1 to 7 on slips of
paper and the guys drew.

she said, “i ain’t never fucked more than four guys in a
row so that’s how many kin have me tonight. the rest of
y’all will get my pussy tomorrow. marybelle and sally jo
need seein’ to, you know, so go get with them.”

there were four sets of bunk beds at one end of the big
room with some curtains hanging mostly to give a little
privacy from the rest of the room. jeanne picked out a
lower bunk and lay back with spread legs. the light was
pretty good so she could see the new peckers before they
was buried in her snatch.

her first guy gave her a good licking to get her juicy
then pushed his pecker in to the hilt. he was so horny
and turned on by this beauty he only lasted a few
minutes. she kissed him and said, “you come back for
seconds, ya hear!”

he nodded and pulled out.

she wiped her twat with a towel and the next guy got in
bed with her. he wanted to play with her magnificent
tits. she enjoyed that a lot and her pussy started to
tingle. his pecker was longer and thinner than the first
guy and he pushed right up against her cervix on every
stroke. she came right after she felt his hot juice
spray her insides.

the third guy put her on hands and knees and cupped her
swinging boobs as he rammed his thick dick in her
slippery slot. she looked over at the other bottom bunks
and saw her husband doing the same thing to marybelle.
she smiled at him but he wouldn’t smile back. he was
still a little jealous. the fourth guy wanted her on top
so he could get real good tit play and she loved the
stuff he did to them.

the first guy was back with another erection. jeanne got
on top so she could control the fuck better. she
encouraged him to suck her tits and got herself off just
before he shot his load again. her other guys wanted
seconds too but she said she was tired and sent them to
the other women “who needed their share too”.

after her last guy pulled out and left the bed her
husband got in. putting his hand on her pussy she said,
“there’s five loads of man juice in there. ah expect you
won’t be needin’ any of my pussy for a while the way i
seen you banging them other women. ahm a little sore so
i’ll give you some in the morning.”

billy bob asked, “so you’re alright then?”

“why shore. you know i likes hard dicks rubbin’ in me.
and feeling their seed squirt out way inside me knowin’
they’s trying to plant a baby is real hot too. momma
told me that a pussy just can’t be wore out. it’s kind
of excitin’ feelin’ peckers in ya that you haven’t known
all your life. so what happens tomorrow?”

billy bob replied, “well, half the guys go hunting and
the others stay here to have fun with you women. after
lunch they trade.”

jeanne had heard about sally jo’s cunt talents and
talked to her about it. she watched the older woman in
action and tried to use her own pussy muscles as she was
screwing her guys. after watching the other women do it,
she also tried doubling up with two guys. that had real
potential for fun.

after lunch there was a set of fresh peckers to drain.
husbands took turns like everybody else. jeanne got to
spend some slower time with each of the men and got to
know them better. good opportunities for cunt muscle
training too. just like her family, each one fucked
differently and you could make the best of that when you
knew them.

following dinner the pace was a lot slower since folks
had been screwing all day. they all watched some porn
flics on the big screen. at bedtime jeanne did her
husband first, then he watched as she banged three of
the guys. after they finished enjoying her body, billy
bob dipped his half hard pecker into the slippery mess
but he was too fucked out to shoot off again before they
slept. as she was drifting off to slumber, jeanne
thought about how many kinds of sperms were wiggling
around inside of her. she hoped her birth control kept

and so it went for the rest of the time at the cabin.

what happened at the hunt, stayed at the hunt. no one
talked about it and no one hit on the women afterwards.
of course if a woman wanted some more cock from one of
the men she could ask for it. sally jo had lots of
choices and never lacked for cock.

jeanne talked to billy bob, “since i ain’t hardly
screwin’ my family no more, ahd like to get me some
strange once in a while. i know yore tapping that widder
woman at work so ahd like to take care of wilbur.”

he was the first hunter guy she’d banged at the cabin.
she continued, “he’s pretty old but has a good pecker
and no woman to use it on. i liked humpin’ him and he
says my furry box reminds him of when he wuz young and
all the girls wuz that way.”

billy bob liked getting in the widder woman, who was
always a hot fuck even though he knew she was putting
out to at least two other guys, so he agreed.

he could always tell the days his wife had screwed
wilbur. she’d meet him at the door naked and they
wouldn’t even get to the bedroom before he was in her
sperm filled box. if he brought a buddy home, she’d
screw him too when she was wound up like that.

yes, jeanne was ready for deer camp. her cunt muscle
control was a lot better and she wanted to show off for
the hunters. she wondered if there would be any new guys
to try out…

to be continued?

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A Beautiful Woman is the Best (F/FFF-teens, 1st-lesbian-expr)

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My entire outlook on sex has turned around in the past
year, and I must admit that it has been a turn for the
better. I am a thirty-five-year-old business woman who
has been divorced for five years and I am trying to get
my daughter through college. I have tried to keep myself
in relatively good shape so that I’ll remain attractive
to the opposite sex.

About six months ago I was out on a date with an old
friend of mine. My daughter, Suzanne, was at home with
two of her friends from the local college, and she
didn’t expect me home until much later.

I had no sooner arrived at my friends house than I got
the worst headache ever. After about thirty minutes I
realized that I would be no fun for the evening. I
apologized to Tom and returned home.

I came in the back door of my town house and was ready
to tell Suzanne that I was home, when I heard giggling
coming from the basement. I walked over to look
downstairs and almost fainted!

Suzanne, Carol and Amy were all sitting around on the
floor in various stages of undress. At first I was
furious, but then I decided to watch and listen to what
was going on. Amy had the least on, a skimpy pair of
light-blue bikini panties. My daughter had her jeans on,
but nothing else. Carol had on a flannel shirt, which
was unbuttoned, revealing well-developed breasts.

Her friend Amy is a real beauty, with long blonde hair,
a great face and a great body. As I watched, I heard Amy
telling the other two how great it felt to have her
breasts touched. She began lightly touching the
undersides of her breasts with the palms of her hands
until her nipples were erect. Then she began squeezing
each one firmly, rubbing especially hard around each
nipple. As she rubbed herself passionately, she urged
each girl to try it.

Suzanne was giggling, saying she hoped it would make
them grow, and Carol was just looking on in a daze as
she touched each breast lightly. After about two or
three minutes the giggling stopped and the heavy
breathing began. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to
yell, but I couldn’t.

Then as I watched, Amy gently removed carols shirt and
told her how beautiful she was and how the guys must
love to fondle and suck her breasts. She told Carol to
close her eyes. Amy lowered her head to her neck and
began kissing her. She soon moved down to carol’s huge
breasts and started to lick the underside of each one.

Carol’s nipples really grew. They looked like huge
acorns. Amy now began sucking them. Carol had not said a
word. As her sucking became more intense, I saw her
slide her right hand into Carol’s panties. At first
lightly and then harder, she rubbed Carol’s clitoris in
a circular motion, every once in while sliding a finger
into her pussy. I found myself becoming quite aroused
and puzzled. I walked back outside and decided to make a
loud entrance so the girls would hear me coming into the

I waited about five minutes after making lots of noise
with my car. When I came in the door I was greeted by a
“Hi Mom!” from downstairs. I slowly walked down the
stairs and smelled the aroma that only a woman can make
when she is excited. I told the girls that I had had a
headache and decided to come home. Amy asked if I’d mind
giving her a lift back to the dorm and I said I wouldn’t
mind at all.

We left Suzanne and Carol and got into the car. I asked
Amy if she had any other plans for the evening, when she
suddenly started to cry. I asked her what was the matter
and she said that she never had any plans or dates. Amy
was the most beautiful young girl I had ever seen.

I told her this, and she replied that because of that,
guys were afraid to ask her out. She began crying harder
as I pulled into the parking lot of her dorm. I shut off
the engine and put my arm around her to comfort her. I
told her that I had similar in college and that the
right guy would come along for her. She turned toward me
to hug me and thank me.

As I returned the embrace, I accidentally brushed her
against her right breast. As if spellbound, I couldn’t
move my hand. Amy positioned herself so that her breast
was now flat against my hand. My passion overcame me. I
started squeezing her breast softly. She looked me
straight in the eyes and kissed me softly on the lips.
My lips met hers almost mechanically, and I felt her
delicious tongue parting my lips and entering the warmth
of my willing mouth. I was now kissing her more
passionately than I had ever kissed any man.

She began telling me how beautiful I was as her hand
gently stroked my thighs. I couldn’t believe what was
happening. She took my hand and led me out of the car
and into her dorm. My head was spinning and my knees
were weak. I felt my panties sticking to my pussy. We
entered her room and she immediately locked the door
behind us.

We drew close and clumsily began undressing each other.
She threw off her panties and moved me to the bed. I
still had my skirt on but she laid me down on the bed
and slid my panties and panty hose off at the same time.
For the next fifteen minutes we wildly kissed, stroked
and sucked each other’s breasts lips and legs.

Finally Amy the outer folds of my pussy. She started
stroking my clit, entering my pussy every two or three
circles. I grabbed her head and pulled it to me. Our
lips and tongues met and I told her how much I wanted
her. She spread my legs and pushed her pussy against

I lifted my legs so that my ankles were resting on her
shoulders. Amy’s hands were now flat on the bed, one on
either side of my shoulders. Her knees were now almost
under my ass as we began to grind together in a steady
rhythm. I opened my eyes and looked up at my beautiful

Amy was gazing at me and licking her lips seductively. I
felt my entire body begin to shake as my orgasm came on.
we both exploded within seconds. It was the most
incredible sex I had ever had. Amy collapsed on top of
me, and I must have drifted off for a few minutes.

I woke up to feel Amy’s hot and tender tongue licking
the entire length of my pussy. Each time she licked
quicker and quicker and penetrated my pussy a bit
deeper. Finally her pace was incredibly quick and I felt
all the heat in my body rushing to my pussy. She then
stopped and said she had a surprise for me.

She returned in a second and inched her body up along
mine. I suddenly felt something pressing against my
pussy lips. She had gotten a double-headed dildo. With
almost no effort she slipped the twelve-inch monster
into me. We gave it our best shot and fucked each other
several times. The best position for us was when Amy
entered my pussy from behind.

After a long while I looked at the clock and realized
that I had been with her for almost four hours. I
quickly dressed, kissed my beautiful Amy and drove home.

Carol had apparently departed and Suzanne was asleep. I
don’t know how long our relationship will last, as Amy
is graduating soon. I have enjoyed every minute.
Although I still love men, a beautiful woman is probably
the best sexual partner for me.

Ladies, if you haven’t tried it, you should.

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Hot Little Army Brats (MFF-teens, oral, anal, military, threesome)

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I was a young Army private, just 19 years old, and I
found myself deployed to an Army base in Germany. I was
immediately lost and homesick, and it was quite a shock
to find myself in a foreign country where the native
language wasn’t English. I pretty much stayed on base
among my American brethren.

Only a few days into my new experience, I met Nicole.
The base was sponsoring some sort of festival, with a
parade, music, and tons of food. I milled around, bored
and lonely, and then I saw her. Nicole was chatting with
some of her fellow Army brats, and our eyes met. She was
taller than her friends, slender with long dark blonde
hair. We exchanged smiles, and I walked towards her.
This was most unusual for me, because I was always shy
around girls, especially pretty ones.

I guess I figured I had nothing to lose, being away from
home and all. She stepped away from her friends, and
smiled as I approached. She said hi to me, and I said hi
back. Then I amazed myself by laying a line on her:
“Where have you been all my life?” Wow, how utterly
unoriginal. But she didn’t hesitate for even a second.
She batted her eyes at me, and replied: “Waiting for
you.” And we were together from that day on.

She told me that she was “almost” 16, and I laughed to
myself. Yeah, and I’m “almost” the Commanding Officer of
the base, I thought. She lived with her family off-base,
and her dad was some kind of Senior Enlisted Man. It
felt very comfortable being in her presence, and I
wasn’t nervous at all. We even kissed at the end of that
first day, and my head swooned. I’d had a couple of
girlfriends along the way, but none of them kissed like
Nicole. She let me walk her home, which was a short
distance past the main gate.

There was a small patch of woods next to her house, and
it was a nice little private place to live. She wanted
to bring me in to meet her parents and younger brother,
but I was scared to death. Imagine what they would
think, their “almost 16″ year old daughter bringing home
an “old 19 year old” Army private. She didn’t seem to
think anything of it, but she let me slide…but only if I
came over for supper the following night. I reluctantly
agreed, mostly because I wanted to kiss her a million
times before she went inside.

As darkness fell, we finally parted. But not before
Nicole told me she’d be at the lake around noon
tomorrow, if I wanted to come see her. Did I ever!


The next day was a Sunday, and it was agony waiting for
the clock to get around to 12:00. I made my way over to
the small manmade lake that was tucked away in a remote
corner of the base, and there she was, wearing tight
jeans and a conservative white blouse. She was so
beautiful, and it was all I could do to keep from
running up to her, tongue out, and my tail wagging
furiously, like her pet cocker spaniel, or something.

She greeted me with open arms, and we kissed long and
tenderly. She finally pulled away, grabbed my hand and
dragged me around the edge of the lake. We came upon a
row boat, with oars and everything, all provided by the
U.S. Army for recreational purposes. Nicole said “let’s
go,” and I helped her push the small boat into the
water. I rowed us out to a small island in the middle of
the lake, all dark and mysterious, with a thick plot of
trees on it.

We walked back into the woods until we were out of
sight. We stood close together, and made out with
reckless abandon, as reckless as you could be using just
your lips, at any rate. I was getting aroused, and I
could feel her squirming around in my embrace, as her
lips felt like they caught fire. This was only our
second day together, and it felt like we’d been together
our whole lives.

Before long, we were rubbing each other’s back and hips,
and Nicole was moaning softly. I kissed her down her
neck, and she squealed and giggled, because I was
tickling her. So, I continued down and kissed her chest
and shoulders, tracing the top of her blouse with my
lips. She faltered a little, and grabbed my head with
both hands, steadying herself. I took this to mean that
I should keep going, so I kissed one of her small
breasts, bold thing that I was. Apparently, my
assumption proved false, because I heard an immediate
“NO,” as Nicole pushed my head away from her body.

That’s just great, I thought, and I figured I had just
blown any chance of having a relationship with her.
Then, she said something remarkable, which she did
often: “I don’t want you to wrinkle my new blouse,” she
explained, as she unfastened her buttons, pulled the
blouse off, and let it drop to the ground behind her.
Then, she unclasped her bra, and let it fall onto her
blouse. My eyes almost popped right out of my head, and
you could have driven a truck into my wide open mouth.

She stepped towards me, and put my hands on her breasts.
They felt so soft and wonderful to the touch, and she
pushed them toward me, her nipples hard and proud. We
kissed some more, as I fondled her tits, squeezing her
nipples playfully. She grabbed my head again, and guided
my lips to her aching boobs, and I followed her body
language loud and clear. I licked and sucked them,
twirling my tongue around her nipples, and raking them
with my teeth.

She gripped my hair in both fists and groaned, her knees
shaking, and then we heard a voice from across the lake,
“Nicole? Nicole?” It was her best friend April, who knew
Nicole was hoping to meet up with me that day. She had
waited on the shore for a long time, and got worried
when the boat wasn’t back yet.

“I’ll be right over, April,” she yelled over, and
started dressing. That was the end of our rendezvous,
which was probably good, because I wasn’t sure how far I
dared to go with her. I kept picturing myself at my own
court martial. I did know that there was no way I was
going to go all the way with her. That was completely
out of the question.

I rowed us back to the spot where April was standing.
She was a sweet little thing, petite and thin, her light
blonde hair cut short. She wore a big smile as we docked
the boat. “You okay?” she inquired. “I’m fine April,”
Nicole shot back, more than a little aggravated that her
friend interrupted our little tryst.

Nicole introduced us, and I tried to hide my fascination
with this young elfin girl. Turned out she was seeing
Nicole’s younger brother Ned. She said she was “almost
14,” but Ned was only 13 (big difference, I thought to
myself.) “Your mom said it’s almost suppertime, and for
you two to get home,” April told Nicole. At least her
mom knew I was coming for dinner, so that was a relief.

Nicole’s parents were more than friendly, and no one
mentioned anything about me being too old to see their
daughter. Her father put on a gruff, threatening
demeanor for me, but he couldn’t hold it for long. Her
brother Ned seemed like a nice enough kid, but he didn’t
seem like a good fit with April. Even as small as she
was, she still seemed more mature than he did.

I helped clean up the dishes with Nicole, which seemed
to delight her mom. Never too soon to make points with
mom, I thought. I hung out with the kids for awhile, and
soon the parents turned in for the night. Ned walked
April home, which left me with Nicole on the couch
watching TV. In no time, she was all over me, kissing
and tickling and running her hands through my hair. I
was feeling the heat, and I teased her, holding her
wrists tightly so she couldn’t escape, until I was
afraid her giggling would wake her parents.

Ned came through the front door, and we both settled
down until he went off to his room. That’s when I took
Nicole’s hand and put it on top of my raging hard-on.
Her eyes got real big, but no words came out of her
mouth. She moved her hand around timidly, like she’d
just discovered a delicate flower, or something. My
blood raced when she touched it, and I had to have more.
I unzipped my fly, yanked out my throbbing cock, and put
her hand right on top of it.

She instinctively wrapped her thin fingers around it,
and slid her hand up and down the shaft, mesmerized.
“I’ve never touched one before, it’s so big,” she
whispered. “Yeah, that’s what they all say,” I joked. I
figured I was about average in size, but she could
believe what she wanted, I thought. “Can I kiss it?” she
asked, and bent over and put her lips on it before I
could even answer. I said nothing as she explored the
head and shaft with her deft little licks and roving

When I felt her whole hot mouth wrap around my manhood,
I could hardly control myself. She bobbed her head up
and down on me for a few seconds, and sensing something
was about to happen, she pulled her head back and
gripped the shaft tightly, as I shot my load up in the
air, and all over my lap and her hand. “Wow, that was
cool!” was her response, as she ran into the kitchen and
brought back some paper towels for both of us.

I couldn’t believe how uninhibited and curious she was.
It was a refreshing change from those girls who would be
grossed out by something like that.

Her mom yelled out her bedroom door that it was time for
Nicole to go to bed, and I almost jumped out of my skin.
Had she heard our little antics? I never found out, but
her timing was impeccable. We agreed to meet in the
small patch of woods after she got home from school the
next day. I was still processing into the base, so I
didn’t have any Army duties yet.

I got there early, and did a little exploring. I
discovered a huge old tree stump that stood as high as a
kitchen table. The top was flat and smooth, and the
blanket I brought along covered the top. “So, I see
you’ve met Mr. Stump,” Nicole said, as she came into
view. Apparently Mr. Stump was a popular spot for the
local dependent kids to hang out. We kissed each other
passionately and desperately, like lovers who hadn’t
seen each other in years.

She told me to sit down on the blanket, as she stood in
front of me. She pushed on my chest, and I lay back on
the stump. Then she quickly unzipped me and pulled out
my semi flaccid cock. She seemed disappointed, but I
told her she could make it big in no time. She pumped my
shaft slowly and gently, and watched as it grew bigger
with each stroke. She bent over me, and licked up and
down my emerging hard-on until it was stiff and ready
for action.

Without hesitation, she wrapped her young lips around
the head, and began sucking me. Her head moved faster
and she took more of my burning cock into her mouth,
until it was bumping the back of her throat. Of course,
it wasn’t long before I was filling her mouth with
gushes of cum, and she gulped and swallowed as fast as
she could, not missing a drop. My twitching finally
subsided, and she pulled me up by my hands, smiling
broadly. She pulled me to my feet, and pushed me out of
the way, eagerly switching places with me.

“Now, do me,” she said, lifting her plaid schoolgirl
skirt up, and exposing her sweet naked pussy to me. I
wasn’t really surprised to see that she had already
removed her panties, but I was quite pleased. I bent
over her spread legs, and ran my tongue around her inner
thighs, edging ever closer to her dripping pussy, until
she could stand it no more. She grabbed my head and
directed my mouth to her love opening, and pushed my
face into her wetness. I got the hint. I guess I’m a
fast learner.

I licked her clit, and she almost went ballistic. I
began eating her hungrily, and she cried out so loud, I
had to put my hand over her mouth. “Oh, that feels so
good, lick me harder,” she implored. I buried my face
against her pussy, and sucked her hard, as she pulled
her legs back to give me a better angle.

She started twitching and bouncing on that old stump,
and soon the floodgates opened, and she drowned me in
her teen love juices. Her head jerked from side to side,
and her legs shook, as she rode her orgasm to its
finish. As she rested, she told me she’d never done that
before. “Is this your first orgasm?” I asked. “No, I’ve
had thousands of them, but this is the first time with
another person,” she explained.

With that, she jumped up, fixed her skirt, and grabbed
her backpack. “I’ve got to go, my mom will start to
worry,” she told me. She reached up and kissed me with
such passion, it took my breath away. She told me I
could come over after she finished her homework and had
Part Two

No sooner had I arrived and greeted her parents, than
she took my hand and headed for the door. “We’re going
bowling,” she announced, barely waiting to be told to be
home by 9:00. It was 7:00 when we left, so we had two
hours to be together.

We did go bowling, but we got there via a rather
circuitous route. Nicole led me to into an old airplane
hangar left over from WWII. Inside was a racquetball
court, dark and deserted. When we entered, she dropped
to her knees, fidgeted with my zipper, and pulled my
stiff member out in the open. She didn’t spend any time
with teasing or any kind of foreplay.

She just jammed her throat in one shot, taking as much
of my cock into her mouth as she could handle. She
bobbed and sucked with amazing vigor, not letting up
until she was swallowing my cum once again. Her mission
complete, she put it away, stood up, and led me to the
bowling alley. I didn’t know heaven was located in
Germany, but I wasn’t about to dispute the fact.


One night, we were in the movie theater, feeling each
other up. We were both sweating and breathing heavily,
and she whispered those dreaded words: “Fuck me, please
fuck me!” I sat frozen in my chair, thinking about what
the world would look like from behind bars. But, she was
relentless, and kept pleading for me to fuck her, take
her in the woods and fuck her. I told her I didn’t have
any protection with me, hoping it would settle her down.
“Protection? Protection from what?” she asked.

“So I don’t get you pregnant,” I explained.

She laughed, and told me I didn’t have to worry about
that, because she was on the pill. Her doctor put her on
them to regulate her period. I had never heard of
anything like that, but I didn’t really need an
explanation. We walked out of the movie, and made our
way stealthily to visit Mr. Stump.

We didn’t have a blanket with us, so we improvised. We
stripped off our pants, and I bent Nicole over Mr.
Stump, standing up. I got on my knees and began licking
her sweet, musky pussy, and her hips began gyrating
gently. Her moans were getting louder, and I had to tell
her to be quiet, before the whole neighborhood heard

I stood up behind her, and maneuvered my steaming cock
into place. I was kind of winging it, because I had
never gone this far with any of my past girlfriends (all
two of them). Nicole could sense me struggling, and she
reached between my legs and guided my cock into the
folds of her impatient pussy. She pushed back into me,
and with a jolt, my cock entered her tight pussy. She
emitted a noise that sounded like a low growl, and
tensed up for a minute. I

didn’t know it at the time, but I had just broken her
hymen. I thought maybe I had hurt her, and I was
instantly remorseful. But she began to move her hips
again, slowly at first, then with more conviction. Soon,
we were humping and pumping, grunting and moaning, and
having a grand old time. This felt even better than her
mouth, and in minutes she was shuddering and shivering,
and cumming all over my thrusting cock.

The warmth of her creamy emissions put me over the top,
and soon I was filling her virginal love canal with
sticky jizz. And that’s how two young lovers lost their
virginity to each other underneath the full moon, in the
darkness of the woods.

As was her custom, she jumped up and told me to hurry up
and get dressed, because it was almost 9:00, her curfew
on school nights. We ran to her house, and kissed
quickly before she disappeared through her front door.
As I walked back to my barracks, I was on cloud nine,
even though I was sure I would be dishonorably
discharged and imprisoned, as soon as Nicole’s folks
discovered what was going on. Surely they were aware
that their 15 year old daughter had screaming hormones,
but I doubted that they knew the extent of her actions.
And mine.


Days turned into weeks, then months, and we were fucking
like rabbits every chance we got. She had a regular
babysitting job on Friday nights, and I would sneak in
when the kids were asleep. That’s where we discovered
anal sex together. She had a beautiful round ass which
seemed more developed than the rest of her body.

I would play around with it while we watched TV, and
managed to wiggle my finger into her asshole, as she
giggled and protested weakly. “Lick me there,” she
suggested, or commanded, depending on one’s
interpretation. The idea shocked me at first, but it
wasn’t disgusting or anything. By now, I was so enamored
of her open minded approach to life, that I probably
would have done anything she dreamed up.

I positioned her on her knees, head down on the carpet.
I spread her ass cheeks, and licked all around her tight
brown hole. She squirmed around some, but didn’t stop
me. The tip of my tongue found her hole, and I worked it
in and out, my saliva lubricating her, as she groaned in
pleasure. Her ass tasted different from her pussy juice,
but it wasn’t a bad taste at all. I could feel my cock
rise up, ready for action, when she whispered that I
should fuck her there.

“In the ass?” I questioned. It never occurred to me that
it could be done. But she made it sound like a
reasonable request, and soon I was kneeling behind her,
trying to penetrate her virgin asshole. I fumbled
around, frustrated. She suggested I try fingering her
first, and told me to look in the medicine cabinet for
some kind of lube. I found a tube of petroleum jelly and
squirted some in her crack. I rubbed it around, and
pushed some into her anus with my finger. Before long, I
could get two fingers inside her, and she writhed in

I could feel her sphincter muscle easing and relaxing,
and I tried to insert my cock into her again. She
provided the navigation, and I was the bombardier. I
finally managed to get my cock head past her tight
muscle band, and she told me to go slow. I eased out
some, then back in, entering her a little more each
time. We got a rhythm going, and she pushed back with
each new thrust. It was obvious that she was enjoying
having her ass fucked, and I increased my tempo and
thrust. She was so tight down there, it felt better than
fucking her pussy.

She reached underneath and fondled my balls. I thought I
would go through the roof, and I began pounding her
harder. She moved her hand to her pussy, and abused her
clit with her fingers. “Stand up and fuck me!” she
commanded. It sounded like a fine idea, and I berated
myself for not thinking of it. I stood over her
vulnerable ass, and had the leverage to slam my cock
into her ass full force, again and again, as she worked
her clit hard.

She banged her other fist down on the floor several
times, as her cum belched out of her pussy like a small
river. I kept banging her furiously, as I watched her
quivering body underneath mine. She was so beautiful and
so willing, and I was the luckiest guy alive, or at
least the luckiest guy in Germany. Either way, I thought
it couldn’t get any better than this.
Part Three

I was wrong again. Late one Friday night, Nicole and I
were cuddled up on her couch watching a movie on TV.
Everyone else had gone to bed. When a commercial came
on, she turned to face me, took hold of both of my hands
in hers, and looked me in the eyes. “I want you to do me
a favor,” she said softly. By then, she knew I would do
anything for her. “I want you to teach April about sex.”

She had my full attention. I had lusted after April
since I first met her, but I protested, nonetheless.
“She’s your brother’s girlfriend, are you crazy?”

“Ned doesn’t know anything about sex,” she explained.
“They barely kiss. I’ve been telling April about the
things we’ve been doing, and she wants to do it with
Ned, but she needs to learn how first. I thought we
could teach her, then, she could show my brother.”

I couldn’t believe my ears, and I admit I was intrigued,
until Nicole spoke again. “I want my good friend April
O’Malley to learn from the best,” she went on,
apparently trying the flattery approach on me.

“Well, I admit it does sound interesting,” I said,
imaging that pretty little girl lying under me. Then, it
hit me: “April O’Malley? As in Major O’Malley, the
Commanding Officer of the entire base?” I asked

“Yeah, that’s him, but who cares? What does that
matter?” Nicole stated. “Who cares?”

I shot back. “If we get caught, I’ll be castrated for
sure, and maybe I’ll have to face the firing squad!” I
blurted out.

“Relax, we won’t get caught. April is sleeping over
tomorrow night, and we’ll sneak out and meet you by Mr.
Stump at midnight. The only thing you can’t do is fuck
her in her pussy, because she wants to save her
virginity for Ned,” she declared.

I was speechless for some time, thinking of the
possibilities as well as the consequences of getting
caught. The CO’s own daughter, I must be completely
nuts, I thought. Then I heard Nicole say, “please,
please, please, you won’t regret it.” So, I agreed to
help out.

As I smoothed my blanket out on Mr. Stump, I shivered at
the thought of getting caught. I was truly out of my
mind to agree to this. My fears took a back burner when
Nicole and April showed up. They were radiant and
smiling from ear to ear. “Thank you for helping me out,”
said April. “I know it’s a big risk for you, but I swear
we won’t tell anyone.”

It was a comforting gesture, but I was already in a
state of lust, anticipating all the sexy things we were
about to do. Both girls wore cut off shorts and tiny

“Sit on Mr. Stump and watch,” Nicole ordered. I sat down
and watched them both unbutton their shirts and take
them off. Neither girl was wearing a bra. Their tits
were small, but it didn’t matter to me, as I watched
Nicole bend down and kiss April’s excited breasts,
fondling them ever so gently. April sighed deeply, and
threw her head back shamelessly. Next, it was April’s
turn, and she did the same to Nicole. I was already rock
hard, and I couldn’t believe I was here in the presence
of these two little beauties.

“Take your pants off and lay back on Mr. Stump,” Nicole
told me. As I slid my pants down, my erect cock popped
out and stood up straight and proud. April let out a
gasp, and Nicole smiled wide. “Go ahead and touch it,
April,” she said. April stepped forward, wide eyed, and
wrapped her trembling hand around my shaft. I could have
popped off right then and there, but I didn’t want to
finish before we even got started.

The touch of her little hand was as delicate as a
hummingbird, and it felt delicious. Nicole pushed April
aside, and had me lay back on Mr. Stump, and took my
fully exposed cock into her mouth, and moved her head
back and forth several times, then stood up. “Now you
try it,” she said to April. The little girl didn’t
hesitate, and soon she was blowing me with her soft thin
lips. I could hardly stand it, it felt so good.

While April sucked my cock, Nicole stood behind her, and
pulled her shorts down to her feet, and took them off.
April moaned softly, but she didn’t miss a beat. Nicole
massaged the little girl’s tight ass, then, she ran her
finger over the girl’s clit. April jumped, and I could
feel her teeth clenching around my throbbing cock,
making me jump in response. “Take it easy!” I warned.

Nicole changed tactics. She directed April to take my
place on Mr. Stump, as she removed her own shorts. As
April settled into place, Nicole walked around to where
April’s head rested, and to my surprise, leaned over and
planted a big kiss square on April’s mouth. I didn’t
expect it, and neither did April. But the younger girl
grabbed Nicole’s head and pulled her down close,
returning the deep kiss. Holy cripes, I couldn’t believe
what I was witnessing. Apparently, I hadn’t seen
anything yet.

Nicole reached down and pulled April’s legs back over
her head, and held them there. “Lick her pussy,” she
said to me. April’s hairless wet slit was staring me in
the face, and I didn’t have to be told twice. I leaned
over, took her ass cheeks in my hands, and began to lick
her precious pussy as tenderly as I could. Her body
bucked up off the stump like I just shocked her with a
cattle prod.

She settled down, and I went to work, teaching her
everything I knew about licking pussy. It must have been
okay, because her body thrashed against Nicole’s leg
holds, and she moaned as her orgasm racked her tiny body
with an intensity that was a beautiful thing to behold.
I would have paid good money just to watch her squirming
around in the throes of ecstasy, but here I was one of
the major performers instead. Sweet!

After she calmed down, Nicole helped her to her feet,
and got up onto Mr. Stump. She was on her back, with her
legs pulled back tight against her chest. “Lick my ass,”
she told me. I immediately obliged, and April stood next
to me, sheer fascination in her eyes. I spread Nicole’s
tight cheeks, and licked in circles, then plunged my
tongue into her anus. She let out a muffled shriek,
which seemed to excite April to no end. I could see out
of the corner of my eye that April had three fingers
buried into her pussy, finger fucking herself wildly,
without modesty.

I was on the verge of exploding, when Nicole ordered me
to stand up and give it to her hard in the ass. I
couldn’t get there fast enough. She motioned for April
to walk around to her head, and told her to kneel over
her face. April hopped up and assumed her assigned
position, as I entered Nicole’s ass. Nicole licked
April’s pussy ravenously, as I pounded away on her ass,
fucking her faster and harder, as I watched April’s
pussy being eaten by my girlfriend. I leaned forward,
and my lips met April’s and we kissed passionately as
all three of us moaned in unison. Nicole felt my cock
pulsating, and she knew I was about to blow wide open.

“Cum in her mouth,” she almost shouted, and as I pulled
out of her ass, April leaned forward, mouth wide open. I
clutched her head between my hands, and shoved my
erupting cock to the back of her throat, as wave after
wave of sticky jizz shot out, filling her mouth faster
than she could swallow. At the same time, both girls
exploded in violent orgasms, and I was thankful that Mr.
Stump was well rooted, as it were.

We all slumped down in various positions, as we caught
our breath. I was absolutely certain life couldn’t get
any better than this, but I was wrong again. Sometimes,
I loved being wrong, and this was one of those times.

As she scootched back, Nicole told April to go around
and kneel down on Mr. Stump, facing Nicole. I stood back
as they changed positions. Nicole motioned with her
hands, and caught April’s head in her grip, guiding the
younger girls’ mouth to her waiting pussy. April obeyed
without protest, and began to lick Nicole’s crotch. This
put April’s smooth tight ass directly in front of me,
and I began stroking my cock at the sight of all I was
seeing. I didn’t really need any self stimulation at
that point, because the view I had was plenty to make me

Nicole writhed under April’s tongue action, but she
managed to command me to lick April’s vulnerable ass. I
grabbed April’s cheeks and went after her virginal ass
with all I had. April responded by putting a lip lock on
Nicole’s flaming pussy, sucking it as hard as she could.
I wouldn’t have minded if I sucked April’s ass ’til the
cows came home, but I was ordered to step up onto Mr.
Stump, and fuck April’s ass as hard as I could.

As always, I obeyed my mistress. I hopped up and
straddled April’s hips. I bent my knees, and guided the
head of my cock toward April’s eager asshole. With
surprisingly little effort, her anus opened easily, and
I was inside of her quickly. Nicole rolled her body
back, and exposed her ass to April’s face. Without a
word, April attacked Nicole’s asshole with her willing

I started penetrating April’s tight little hole slowly,
increasing my thrust gradually. It didn’t take long
before I was stroking her ass fully, slamming my cock
into her time and again, and my balls bounced off her
clit in rapid fashion. I was getting ready to erupt
again, and I pulled out of April, and hurried around to
Nicole’s head. I pulled her head back, and slid my cock
into her mouth, and fucked her throat hard until buckets
of cum burst forth, gagging her as she tried to take it
all down her throat. April watched the action, finger
fucking herself forcefully, her body lurching in orgasm.
Nicole came along with me, bouncing up and down on Mr.
Stump like it was a trampoline.

And, finally, sadly, it was all over. We held onto each
other like we were the last humans left on earth. There
were all kinds of kissing combinations, and they were
all good. We dressed in silence, had a group hug, then
we parted ways.

Nicole and I continued our sexual revelries for the
entire 18 months of my deployment. I ended our
relationship as I was leaving, because I didn’t see a
future for us. Her father was getting ready to retire,
and they lived across the country from me. I didn’t
think it was fair to Nicole to string her along.

I never got to have any further sexual contact with
April, having completed her lessons in one night,
apparently. But I always got a big sheepish grin from
her whenever I saw her. And Ned seemed to be proud as a
peacock, strutting around like he knew something. Good
for you, Ned, I thought. I’m happy I could help out.

I was a mere humble servant, if nothing else.

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