A Submissive Housewife (MF, F/M-teen, d/s, inc, exh, rom, huml)

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Part I: The beginning

This is the story of my live as a submissive
housewife. It starts near the time I was married, and
continues to the death of my husband.

My name is Judy, and my husband was named Ken. We met
when I was about 23 and he was about 31. I had had
several boyfriends and was sexually active with most
of them. Ken had been married before and had a young

We met at a party at one of my friend’s home. He also
had a friend at the party. I was shy, and stayed
mostly by myself. Once Ken spotted me, he came over
and started talking to me. I was embarrassed, as I am
no beauty. I do measure in at 34C, 29, 35. My face is
rather plain, so it surprised me to have someone talk
to me, since we had not been introduced. We talked
for a few minutes and he asked for my phone number,
which I gave to him. I did not expect to hear from
him again.

About a week later, I received a phone call, and was
very surprised that it was Ken. We talked for a few
minutes and then he ask me if I wanted to go to a
movie. I was not sure if I wanted to see him, and
then he said I will pick you up in 30 minutes, be
ready, and then he hung up. I thought wow that was
fast and I do not remember telling him that I would

Thirty minutes later on the dot, Ken knocked on my
door. During the movie, Ken was a perfect gentleman.
Afterward we went to a cafe and had coffee and talked
about each other, telling each other about growing up
etc. Ken also told me that he was divorced and had a
young son that lived with his mother, but that he had
his son for one or two weekends a month and that he
tried to keep those days just for his son. His son
was about 8 years old and was less than a year old
when the divorce was final. It was very apparent that
the boy was the most important thing in his life.

When he took me home, I ask him in for coffee, and
he accepted. When he was ready to leave, he ask if he
could see me again. Since he had been such a nice
person, I said that it would be ok. He then said that
this weekend was for his son, and that maybe we could
do something the next week end, when he did not have
his son. I said that it was all right, and that I
understood that his son had to come first.

Ken called me on Wednesday, of the following week,
and told me that he would pick me up on Saturday
morning, and for me to be wearing a bikini. I told
him that I did not have one, and he said, Get one. I
started to tell him that I would not feel comfortable
in one, when he hung up. I thought about if for a
couple of hours, and then I went out and bought a
bikini that covered me. My breasts were about ¾
covered, and my vagina, pubic hair and bottom were
not showing.

On Saturday morning, I met him at the door wearing my
new bikini. He took one look at me and ask do you
call that a bikini? I said that I did and he said we
will go buy you a real bikini, and pulled me through
the door. I said I need to get my purse and to lock
the door, so he let loose of me. I went back in and
got my purse and came out and locked the door. He
lead me to his car wearing something that I felt was
showing me way to much.

On the way out of town, he stopped at a Fredrick’s of
Hollywood store. There he walked to the bikini area
and had me strip down. My face was read as a beet,
but I did what he told me to do. He found a bikini
that barely covered my nipples and left my pubic hair
and ass mostly showing. My vagina was almost fully
covered, but not quite. I told him that I could not
wear something like this in public and he said, yes
you can and you will. So I did, but my face was
continuing blushing.

As we walked out of the store, I tried not to notice
all the stares I was getting from the men and women.
However I continued to blush until we got to his car.
Once in the car, I told him that I did not like for
my pubic hair to be showing, and he told me that from
now on I must shave it off and keep it shaved. I
started to say something, but something inside of me
said do not argue, just do what he tells you to do.

I ask where we were going and he said that there was
a beach that he knew of where there would not be a
lot of people at. There will be some but not many,
and we can have a lot of fun there.

It took us about an hour to drive there. There was a
small parking lot on a hill overlooking a small lake.
We parked and walked down to the waters edge. As we
were walking along the water’s edge, I noticed some
women with no tops on and some totally nude. I said
something about it and Ken said that this was a
clothing optional area. My whole body turned beet
red, but Ken just kept hold of my hand and continued
walking for about 5 minutes.

When Ken stopped walking, he put down a blanket for
us to sit on. I told him that I liked him very much,
but I am not sure that I can do this nudity thing and
that I have been very embarrassed since he picked me
up. He answered, that he liked me very much and he
would not have brought me here if he thought that it
would cause me a lot of grief.

He said that I have two choices. 1. I can take you
home and we will never see each other again, or 2.
You can sit down and remove your bikini and we can
have a good time.

I was very torn. This was totally new to me. However
having Ken tell me what to do felt very nice, and I
wanted to see him again, so I took off my bikini and
sat nude in public for the first time in my life. Ken
smiled and said thank you, I was sure that you and I
would be compatible, and enjoy doing things together.

I told him that no one had seen me nude outside of a
bedroom before, and he said that’s all right, because
I will see you this way a lot from now on, and you
will see me nude a lot also. With that he removed his
trunks, and for the first time I saw he had a large
hard on.

I said to him, I don’t mean to pry, but do you bring
your son here? He said Yes, and he knows Not to tell
his mom, as she would not like it. However he loves
it here and at my house, because he likes the freedom
of not wearing clothing. With that he reached over
and started playing with my nipples, it felt so good
that I almost had an orgasm. I looked around and saw
that no one was even looking in our direction, so I
reached over and started to jack him off. It felt
very naught, but I loved it.

Ken then ask me to give him a blow job. I blushed and
said that I had never tried that and was not sure how
to do it. He then told me to just put his dick in my
mouth and use my tongue and lick it like it was a
lollypop. He also warned me that my teeth could
really hurt him, and to be very light if I let them
touch his cock. While I was doing this, he put a
finger in my pussy, then two and then three. He
fucked my pussy with his fingers as I gave him the
first blow job of my life.

When I knew that he was about to cum, I started to
pull off of his cock. But he put a hand behind my
head and forced me to keep it in my mouth. When he
did com, I had no option than to swallow all of his
cum. It tasted a little salty, but it was better than
I thought it would be. I thought to myself, why
haven’t I done this before? It really is good enough
to eat.

Ken kept finger fucking my pussy for a while, until
his dick had recovered. I had several organisms
during that time. Once his cock was revived, he
pulled his fingers out of me and pulled me over close
to him and rolled me onto my back. He picked my legs
up and put my knees over his shoulders, and slowly
entered my pussy with his cock. As he slowly pushed
all 9 inches of it into me, it felt like I was being
stuffed with a cannon barrel. When he had almost all
of the 9 inches inside of me, he gave a big shove and
I felt him hit my cervix and enter my womb.

I gasped to catch my breath and said to him no one
has ever been that far into me. It feels really
great. It’s a good thing I am on the pill, as your
sperm will be shooting directly to where an egg would
have been. He laughed and said well we don’t want you
to get pregnant at this time, but maybe some time
later on we will.

He slowly started pulling out and then stroking into
me again. He kept up this slow rhythm for a minute
and then slowly started increasing his speed. As his
speed increased, so did his thrusting force. I felt
like I was being fucked by a cannon barrel, with the
force of jackhammer. I came three times before he
started putting rope after rope after rope of cum
inside me. I had never been so filled with cum. It
felt like heaven.

After he went flaccid, and slid out of me, he said
roll over into the sand off of the blanket. As the
cum started pouring out of my pussy, he told me to
roll in the sand and let it stick to me. I continued
doing this until almost all of the cum had cum out.
Between the cum running out of me and the sweat on my
body, I was completely covered with sand. I stood up,
and he told me to stand still a minute.

He then took out a digital camera and took several
pictures of me. My tits were covered in sand as well
as my arms, legs and pussy. He took pictures of each
of these areas. I ask him what he was going to do
with them, and he said not sure, but might put them
on the internet. I said no don’t do that, and he said
if I want to I will and you will not say anything
about it. I just closed my mouth and muttered yes

I thought to myself, why did I not speak up? I just
as much gave him permission to put nude pictures of
me on the internet. Why do I let him tell me what to
do? I like him very much but he seems to be going to
far and I am letting him do it without hardly any

About that time, he said lets go into the water to
clean the sand off. He grabbed my hand and pulled me
toward the water. The water was cool and I started to
shiver. He kept hold of my hand and pulled me deeper
and deeper into the water, until my shoulders were
under water and only my head was above it. He then
pulled me to him and kissed me hard, then started
French-kissing me.

I instantly started kissing him back. As we were
kissing, he pulled me under the water and held the
kiss. When we were both about out of air, he pulled
us back above the water and kept holding the kiss. It
was amazing and thrilling. I had never had a kiss so

We waded back to where the water was about waist deep
and he picked me up and inserted his cock back into
my pussy, and told me to wrap my legs around him and
lock them together. Then with his cock still buried
deep in my pussy, he walked back to the shore and our
blanket. As he walked, he would change directions so
that he would be close to another couple and made
sure that they knew that I was being fucked while he
walked. He did this to about 5 couples and they all
gave a thumbs up gesture.

Back on our blanket, he knelt down and laid me on my
back without ever coming out of my pussy. Then he
moved his hips and I felt the cannon barrel being
shoved deeper into me again. Once again he came
inside me and filled me to overflowing. God he was
good. I felt that I had died and went to heaven.

We spent the whole day there, sometimes I would give
him a blow job but most of the he would fuck me till
I couldn’t walk. While I was laying there exhausted,
several people ask if they could take photos of me.
Each time he said yes but you have to take her whole
body in the pictures. Anyone seeing them must see
totally what she looks like.

Every time I heard him say this, I got butterflies in
my stomach, and I just knew that in a few days, my
picture would be on almost every porn site on the
internet, but at this point, I just did not care. The
way he was fucking me made it worthwhile, even if
some of my family might see them, I just did not care
anymore, as I was over the moon.

As darkness approached, we started getting ready to
go. Ken put on his trunks, but when I picked up mine,
he grabbed it and stuck it down inside his trunks. He
then said that I had to walk back to the car as I
was. In the parking lot he then had me get in the car
while he put away our stuff in the trunk. Once he got
in the car, I asked for my bikini, and he said NO, so
I had to ride all the way home totally nude. Also he
took the bikini that I had bought and threw it out
the window.

Ken made sure to go on streets with enough lighting
that anyone looking at his car would see me and know
that at least I was nude from the waist up, and if
they had few feet of height they would know for sure
that I was totally nude.

When we got to my apartment complex, I had to walk
from the parking lot to my apartment nude. Luckily no
one saw me close up.

Once inside, I put on some coffee and we sat down to
talk. He told me that today was a test to see if his
assessment of me was right, and that it was. I ask
what he meant by that and this is what he said: It
appeared to me that you have a submissive nature, and
I was checking out to see if what I thought was
right. While you sometimes questioned what I was
doing, for the most part you let me do to you
whatever I wanted to do. I firmly believe that you
are a submissive and you will never be happy unless
you find someone like me who can tell you what to do
in most situations. Your other boyfriends probably
let you call the shots sometimes and when you did,
everything pretty much went to pieces. Am I right?

I thought for a few minutes and then I said: It
appears that you might be right. At first several
times I wanted to tell you no, but there was
something in your voice that made me want to please
you, so I did what you wanted, regardless of how I
felt about it. I will be right back, as the coffee is

I came back with the coffee, and he said tell me
about your family.

I told him that mom and dad never let me decide
anything. The clothing that I had they bought, and
what I wore each day was picked out by either dad or
mom. They told me in High School what classes I would
take, and no matter what anything under a B was
reason for punishment. When I was 15, mom started
giving me a pill almost every day. She called it a
vitamin, but I now know it was a birth control pill.

On my 16th birthday, I was told that from now on I
would be sleeping with my brother and whatever he
wanted to do to me I was to let him do. So on my 16th
birthday night, I lost my virginity to my older
brother. Dad never fucked me, but my brother did
almost every night unless I was having my period.
This continued until my brother left for collage.

Ken said: you are telling me that your parents
allowed your brother to rape you each night?

No, I answered. I was told that if I did not
willingly give myself to my brother, then dad would
take me and mom said that it would not be pleasant if
dad fucked me. I ask why and she told me that the
family order was for the father to fuck the girl in
the ass, then the mouth and then the pussy, one right
after the other without cleaning up in between. She
said that she had been given to her brother who was a
year younger than her, and that dad was given his
older sister. If we break the family tradition, our
parents will eat us alive.

Mom and dad are lucky that they did not have any
children from their siblings, but I have a couple of
cousins that were born from brother and sister
relations. I was also lucky not to have gotten
pregnant from my brother. That’s why I figured that
the vitamin pill that mom gave me were birth control

I have not had any contact with my parents since I
left home for collage. Nor have I had any contact
with my brother. I do know that he is married and has
a couple of kids, but I know nothing else about them.

You are the only one I have ever told this too. It’s
not something that I want most people to know, but I
trust you. You have made me feel very good and I
would like to keep seeing you.

Ken then said; don’t worry, you will not get away
from me. Unless I want you to, which at this time I
do not want.

He then said: Next Saturday, I want you to be the
same place that we were today, but be there by 8:30
AM. Be on a blanket and be nude. I don’t care what
you wear to get there, but you will be nude by 8:30
AM. If anyone stops to talk to you, you tell them you
are waiting for your husband. That should stop any
harassment. If not, when I get there I will take care
of it.

Now I may or may not call you this week, it depends
on how my work schedule is, but I will be there
Saturday, shortly after 8:30 AM. Just remember that
now you belong to me and no one else. See you

Without even thinking about it, I walked him out to
his car, and I was still totally nude. Somehow it
just seemed right to do so. I met a young couple on
my way back to my apartment. They gave me a big smile
and kept on walking, and so did I.

I was still coming down from my high on Monday. I was
dreaming about Ken most of the day, and suddenly it
hit me: this Saturday is Ken’s weekend with his son,
surely he will call and cancel our date. I would call
him to confirm, but I do not have his last name or
where he lives. I have no way to get hold of him. I
guess unless I hear from him, I will just have to
show up, and assume that he will also.

I was on pins and needles all week, but no call came.
So on Saturday morning, I put on my bikini top, put
the bottoms in my purse, and walked nude from the
waist down to my car. Since it was early, no one saw
me. I arrived at the parking lot about 15 minutes
early. I got my blanket, took off my bikini top, and
put it and my bottoms in the car. Then I walked down
to the lake. I followed the shore until I got to the
same place we had been the week before. By now it was
nearly 8:30 AM.

About 5 minutes later I saw a young boy walking along
the shore line, with a person who looked like Ken
following behind a few steps. I thought to myself
that must be Ken and his son, as the time was right.
As they got closer to me I could tell that it was
indeed Ken, and my heart began to flutter with
excitement. As they drew closer, Ken waved at me and
I waved back. I saw Ken say something to the boy and
he looked toward me, and then started walking my way.

When he got close to me, he stopped and ask: Are you
my daddies girlfriend. I answered yes I think I am.
He then ran up to me and hugged me tight. He then
stepped back and looked at me and said: you have nice
tits, spread your legs so I can see your pussy.
Without even thinking, I spread my legs and he
dropped to his knees and looked right at my pussy. He
said you shaved your pussy, dad said that it had a
lot of hair. Does you dad tell you everything I ask
him. He grinned and said probably not, but he has
told me all about you this morning. Oh I said and
what did he say about me?

He said that you were pretty, had very nice tits and
a pussy that makes a man want to fuck you. He also
said you have a great personality. That will be hard
to live up to words, I said. He looked me over again
and said No he is right I like your face, your nice
tits and pussy and you talk to me like an adult.

I said you have the advantage over me, you still have
on your bathing suit, so I don’t know how big your
cock is. Will it please a woman? I ask. No he said I
am still too little for that, but I love to see naked
women and play with them.

By now Ken had gotten to where we were and said; I
see that you have met David, what do you think of
him? I said David and I were talking about me, and
what you had told him about me. He also said that he
is to little for his cock to please a woman. For one
so young, he seems to know a lot about the female
anatomy. Before Ken could say anything I told David
you can set on my leg and play with my nipples and
pussy while your dad and I talk. He needed no further
instruction, and was sucking one nipple and had one
hand in my pussy.

Ken laughed and said his mother and I both believe in
totally letting kids learn from an early age what
human sexually is and how it works, so he sees his
moms gigantic tits and her pussy almost every day.

I said Wow, not many parents would do that, that is
much better than the way I was brought up. With
David’s playing with my nipple and pussy, I was
getting very worked up. I started to say something,
when Ken looked at me and said, it looks like David
is getting you ready for my cock. To which I replied
the sooner the better you put it in me. Is David
going to go play or is he going to watch you fuck me?

David said I always watch mom get fucked and watch
dad fuck when I am with him. I am trying to learn
what to do for when I am a little bigger. Ken said he
also knows not to talk to me about his mom lovers,
and he never tells mom about my ladies, but he and I
talk to each other about everything else.

Ken said, his mom and I have a good arrangement, she
teaches him how to pleasure a woman, and I teach him
how to fuck his woman. Then your divorce was not a
nasty one, I am glad to hear that, I would hate to be
put between David and his mother. No problem said

David had almost his whole hand inside me. I took and
pulled his bathing suite down and off of him. He was
startled and looked at me with a question on his
face. I looked at Ken and he was chuckling. He then
told David that it was all right that this beach it
was allowed. Then he reached down and removed his own

He then walked over to me and put his dick in my
mouth and said to David, this is how a good lover
gets your cock hard enough so that you can fuck her.
David looked up to see, but he never stopped playing
with my nipple, and his hand pushed as far as he
could get it into my pussy. Having a cock in my
mouth, my nipple being sucked on and a small hand
inside my pussy, it just doesn’t get any better that

I took Ken’s load down my throat. It felt so good,
with David playing it was like I had two lovers at
one time. When Ken pulled his cock out of my mouth,
the said to David, By the way David this is Judy, and
we will get to play with her all weekend.

Dave took his mouth off my nipple and said: Hi Judy,
I am going to like playing with you all weekend. I
hope that you like what I am doing to you now. I
answered David, It is very pleasant. You are doing a
great job. I hope that when your dad fucks me you can
keep playing with my nipples, it feels really good.

I whispered in Ken’s ear, is it all right if I play
with his cock while you fuck me? Ken smiled and said
I was going to ask you if you would. He has never had
that done to him before, so that will be a special
treat for him.

Ken’s cock had regained its rigidity, so I told David
he had to pull his hand out of my pussy, but that he
should lay beside me face up so that he could put one
of my nipples in his mouth, which he did. I checked
the spacing and I could easily reach his little
weenier. Ken then knelt down between my legs and when
his cock head was barley starting to enter me, he
shoved and bottomed out in me in one push. I felt my
cervix open up so I knew that he was fully inside me.

At this point I reached down and took hold of David’s
little we-we, and started jacking him off. Of course
he did not get hard, but he loved the feeling that he
got by my pumping him. By now, Ken was thrusting in
and out of me like a mad man.

David let loose of my nipple so he could look up at
me and I winked at him. He then went back to sucking
my nipple. His dick was small and I could only get
about 3 fingers on it but I was able to pump it a
little. His dad however was thrusting into me like
there was no tomorrow. His thrusts was pushing me up
on the blanket, and was making it hard for David to
keep his mouth on my nipple and for me to keep
jacking David off. But it only took David a minute to
move his body up so that we could keep at it.

I had at least 3 organisms before Ken was ready to
cum. When he did, he pulled out, and sprayed cum on
my face and tits and on down to David’s stomach. He
was so tired he collapsed on me and rolled of to the
side that David was not on. David kept sucking my
nipple and I kept jacking him off for a couple
minutes more, then I went to sleep Ken had completely
worn me out.

Some how I seemed to have rolled off the blanket in
my short nap, and had sand all over my body sticking
to the cum on my skin. When I awoke, David was
playing with my pussy again, only this time, he was
putting sand inside of me. It took a while before I
could register what he was doing, in the mean time he
had filled my pussy with a lot of sand. I started
laughing and Ken raised up to see what was so funny,
and saw all the sand in my pussy, and he started
laughing also.

After I quit laughing, I ask David why he was putting
sand into my pussy and he replied, so I can have an
excuse to put my hand inside you again, and this time
I will play with your clit at the same time. I just
shook my head and Ken looked at me and said, if I
don’t think of something, David will.

The only problem with this is if we don’t get it all
out, it going to hurt both of us next time I fuck
you. He started to scold David, but I stopped him and
said no one told him he couldn’t do it so its not his
fault. I looked at David and said, very carefully
start pulling all the sand out of my pussy. He looked
at me and smiled, and said thank you for getting me
out of trouble with dad. I never thought of how to
get it out before I started putting it in side of
you. I said David you are welcome, but you must
always think of what will happen when you do
something like that. Most things that are put inside
pussies, are ok, but sand can cause a lot of trouble
for me and for your dad.

I stood up and spread my legs as far apart as I
could. Then I pulled my pussy lips as far open as I
could. Sand slowly started coming out of me. A couple
who was walking by looked at me and laughed and said
that’s what you get for calling it a sand box,
instead of a cunt or pussy, then continued on.

After it looked like no more was going to come out, I
told David come with me. He followed me to the water.
I went in until the water was about a foot deep. Then
I knelt down on my knees and opened them as wide as I
could then I told David to sit in front of me and
take his hand as carefully reach into my pussy and
pull all the sand he could feel out. I also told him
to push water into my pussy and let it wash out as
much sand as it could.

When it felt like all of the sand was out, I told him
to put his hand in as far as he could and see if he
could feel anymore sand. He very slowly put his hand
inside my pussy and got it as far in as he could. He
then started feeling around with his fingers and
finally said I think we got it all. I told him that I
hope we did, but there is a chance that the liquids
in me had carried some of it far enough inside me
that he could not reach it. David started crying and
pulled his hand out of my pussy. I put my arms around
him and told him not to cry. I was not mad at him. I
told him that he could still play with tits and pussy
if he wanted to.

Then I picked him up and walked out to where the
water was up to my tits. We stood there for a while
letting the water wash away the rest of the sand and
cum on our bodies. David had his arms around my neck.
I told him to wrap his legs around my body and then
he could use his hands to play with my tits. Then
with him pinching and twisting my nipples, we walked
back to the blanket. Ken had cleaned it off while we
were in the water.

Several times that day I jacked David off while Ken
was fucking me. It was a great day and as dark
approached, we walked back to the parking lot, still
all of us were nude. Ken decided to come over to my
apartment for a while, so David rode with me. I would
not let him put his bathing suit back on, and I only
put on my bikini top. As we drove home David laded
down with his face in my lap. I told him that if he
wanted he could use his tongue to play with my pussy
until we got to my place, which he did. He actually
got me off once on the way home, and had his first
taste of a woman’s cum. When I ask him if his mom had
taught him about eating pussy he said no, but I sure
like it. Yours is tasty. I said thank you. You are
becoming quite an accomplished young man.

It was quite dark when we got to my apartment. I told
David, that I would take my top off and that we would
both be nude as we walked to my door. He ask if other
people would see us, and I told him if they are in
the hallway, then they could see us, but that we
would not be in the hallway very long, and if we were
seen they would look at me and probably not at him.
He said that sounds good I want people to see the
beautiful woman that I am with. You should be nude
all the time. David, I said you say the nicest
things. Your mom is teaching you well.

Then David said in a louder than normal voice, I want
to thank you for jacking me off at the beach today, I
really enjoyed it. As he said that I was opening my
door and the couple across the hall stuck there heads
out to see what was happening. The guy said Judy you
are stunning as usual, and his wife said Your young
friend seem to be very hip, but isn’t he a little
young? By this time Ken had caught up with us. He was
still nude also, and he said to the girl, yes but you
are never to young to learn how to please a lady.
With that we all went inside my apartment.

Ken and I had coffee, and David had a root beer. The
three of us talked for about an hour and Ken said it
is about time for David to go to bed, so we should be
going. I said nonsense, David can sleep on the couch,
and we can sleep in my bed. There is no since in you
driving home yet tonight. David looked at Ken and
ask, Dad can we please. I like Judy and it would be
neat to sleep here, and you can fuck her all night

Ken said it looks like we are sleeping here then. So
I got out a sheet and pillow, so David could be
comfortable. I put the sheet on the couch and up the
back. I put the pillow down and went to David and
ask, can I put you to bed tonight? He said if you
don’t I will be mad. So I picked him up and laid him
on the couch. I brought the sheet down over him. Then
I kissed his lips and said good night. He said good
night Judy and I hope dad fucks you all night long,
you made me very happy today.

With that, I turned the light off and entered the
bedroom. Ken was already in the bed, so I went into
the bathroom to get ready for bed. As I was starting
to do my usual ritual at bedtime, Ken came in behind
me and said it looks like all women have much the
same ritual at bedtime. He then put his arms around
me and grasped my tits and squeezed them so hard that
it almost gave me an organism on the spot. I tried to
turn around to face him, but with his hands squeezing
my tits, I could not move. He then ask if I had any
KY jelly or something like it. I said no I don’t, why
do you need that? He said because I am going to fuck
you ass tonight.

I said NO I have never done that and I do not want
to. He whispered in my ear, you do want it and I will
do it to you tonight so find something to lube you
ass with. NO I said. Ken then let go of my tits and
turned me around and looked into my eyes and said You
are going to find something to lube your ass with and
I will fuck your ass. He held me there staring into
my eyes, until I said ok will butter work? He said
yes go get at least a full stick. Since you have
never had anal before, bring 2 sticks. I will butter
up your ass and pussy and make them ready to eat.

As I headed for the kitchen, I again mumbled to
myself, why do I let him do things to me that I don’t
like? I must be nuts. Or maybe he is right that I
just need someone to tell me what to do, and when to
do it.

Heading back to the bedroom, I noticed that David was
still awake, so I stopped and said you are supposed
to be asleep already. He said I heard you and dad
arguing. Can I ask what it was about? Your dad
insists that he is going to fuck my ass, and I do not
want to do it. David said I saw one of mom’s
boyfriends fuck her in the ass. After he got his cock
inside her ass, she really loved it. Now that
boyfriend is only allowed to fuck her ass. I know
that dad likes you a lot and he would never do
something that would hurt you. I kissed him and said
now you go to sleep and thank you for your advice.

Back in the bed room, I told Ken, you have quite a
helper out there. He ask what do you mean? I told him
what David had told me and he said he is quite right
I would never do something that would hurt you. Now
lay down on your stomach. I will explain each thing
that I am doing so you can know what I am really
doing to you.

Once I laid on my stomach, Ken sat beside me on the
bed and said the first thing I am going to do is to
put one finger into your ass. This is to help open it
up, but it will take a while for you to be ready. I
then felt his finger enter my asshole. As he moved
his finger around, he said I am loosening up the
muscles that control your ass opening. He then said I
am going to add another finger, which he did. It felt
weird but he kept moving the fingers around to loosen
the muscles.

He then said that he was going to add a third finger,
as he added the third finger, it felt like he was
trying to put a telephone pole in my ass. I told him
that it was hurting, and he said as long as it is not
real bad, we will keep going. After he got the third
finger inside, the pain quickly went away, but it now
felt like a cannon trying to enter my ass.

After a few minutes he then said that he was going to
pull his fingers out of me, but that he would be
putting them back inside with a lot of butter to
lubricate me to make it easier to get his cock
inside. I felt his fingers leave my ass, and it felt
so good, but then a few seconds later, he slid them
back into me. This time it was easier with the
butter, but it was still hard to get them inside. He
pulled them out again and then with more butter, put
them back inside. He kept doing this until all the
butter had been used up.

Now he told me that he was going to put just his cock
head inside and let me adjust to it. As his cock
touched my ass, I gave an involuntary shudder. The
tip of his cock started in, the as it pushed harder
against my opening, it became more difficult and
harder to get it in. He told me to just relax and it
would help. That was easy for him to say, it wasn’t
his ass that had a telephone pole being pushed in it.
I tried to relax as much as I could, and very slowly
I could feel his cock starting to enter my ass. He
would push slowly and his cock head would go a little
further inside. He kept working very slowly and I
finally felt his cock head get past the entrance.
When that happened it felt like my ass had closed and
trapped him inside. Ken confirmed that that is what
had happened. He said that I will let it set for a
minute or two so that your body can adjust to it.

After a couple of minutes, Ken said that he was going
to slowly push in a little at a time. He pushed and
he said that he had gotten about half an inch inside.
He kept pushing a little at a time, and it took about
20 minutes before he said that it was all inside. He
now said that he would let it set for a little time
so that my body could adjust to the intrusion. The
telephone pole in my ass felt like it was 20 feet
inside of me. Then he very slowly pulled out until
just the head was still inside of me. Then he slowly
pushed it back inside. He kept up this slow movement
for a little while and very slowly began to increase
the speed.

A few minutes later he was moving in and out at a
nice speed and I was starting to feel really good.
Now the faster he thrust inside of me the better it
felt. Soon he was thrusting like it was my pussy, and
it felt so good. I was getting so sexually turned on
that I was starting to have an organism about every
third or fourth thrust. The organisms were getting
quicker and harder.

When Ken was ready to cum, he slammed into me and
emptied his load deep inside my lower intestine.
This triggered a gigantic organism, that caused me to
black out. Ken told me that I was out for about 5
minutes. He told me that he had never seen a woman do
that before, that I must have a lot of pleasure
receptors in my ass, that most women do not have.

I told him that I had never had an organism like that
before, but if it takes a butt fuck to do it, then he
needs to do that for me at least once a month. He
playfully asked then are we going to be together that
long? I told him that from now on whatever he said
goes and I will do anything that he wants me to do.
He asked if that included crawling on hands and knees
to suck his cock, and agreeing to be his sex slave
forever? I answered I will do whatever you want, and
whenever, and wherever you want. If you want me to be
your slave then you have me forever.

He ask then, does that mean that you will marry me,
have my kids, and do anything that I ask, even if it
would mean fucking anyone I told you to? YES I
replied, I will do anything, or anyone that you want
me to.

When is your lease up on this apartment? I do not
have a lease, it is month by month. I can leave
anytime. Then tomorrow we will start moving your
stuff to my house. You will move in with me, and next
week we can get a marriage license. In 3 weeks you
will be legally mine. At that time we will start
training you as a submissive and we will be together
as husband and wife, master and slave. Is this
acceptable? Yes I screamed.

I went to sleep wrapped in Ken’s arms. I awoke about
3 AM, and Ken was not there. I was about to get out
of bed to look for him, when he came back into the
bedroom. I must have had a puzzled look on my face,
as Ken then said I was checking up on David. Is he
sleeping well I ask? Very well Ken answered, as he
climbed back into bed with me. He kissed me and then
rolled me onto my back and without warning thrust his
cock inside me with a hard fast movement.

I sighed a happy sigh. Ken then said now and then I
like to take my ladies without giving them a chance
to get ready. It makes it feel more like I am raping
them. To which I replied; you cannot rape a willing
woman. He said no but you should get a different feel
than when I get you worked up first. Yes it hurts a
little, but after a few thrusts, my body started to
react to you and it feels fantastic now.

I fell asleep with his cock still in my pussy, and
when I awoke then next morning, it was still inside
me, but quite limp. I was also on top of Ken, and the
last thing I remember Ken was on top of me. I laid
there and waited for him to wake up, but before he
awoke, David came into the room and crawled into bed
with us and started sucking on one of my nipples. I
smiled at him and said, don’t wake your dad.

Ken awoke a few minutes later. David, when did you
get in here with us? He ask. David winked at me and
said, right after you went to sleep, and I have been
playing with nipples since. Ken laughed and said I
need breakfast, Judy do you have enough for all three
of us? I said we can have bacon and eggs, with toast
and jelly if you want, I replied. Then I said we
should all take a shower before I get it started. Ken
then told David to get his shower first. I could feel
Ken getting hard inside me and said Yes David your
dad is getting sexy again, so you go first while he
fucks me again.

I took my shower after David did and then started
making breakfast. David wanted to help so I let him
make the toast.

After we ate, Ken said that we could start moving my
things to his house. We would start with my clothing.
First he had me put all my underwear into one big
bag. Then we took out my jeans and pants and put them
in another bag. Then we started looking at my

About 4 of them were put in my suitcase, and the rest
were put into another bag. Last was my blouses. We
kept put 6 of them in the suitcase and the rest in a
bag. When I ask him why so much was put into bags to
get wrinkled, he said the stuff in the bags will be
given to a homeless shelter, and I will buy what you
need beyond what we are taking with us.

I said that most of that stuff was almost new, he
said that my clothing style would be changing. What
about my underwear I ask? His answer was from now on
you will NOT be wearing underwear. I started to say
something, and he held up his hand and said starting
right now, you will no longer wear undergarments at
any time or anyplace. Only your bikini’s will be
allowed to cover your pussy, period, end of

It only took two loads to move all my stuff, as it
was a furnished apartment and no furniture needed to
be moved. On the first trip, we stopped at the
Salvation Army and donated almost all of my clothing
to them. On the last trip we dropped David off at his
mom’s house.

Ken had a 3 bedroom house. We moved what little I was
bringing into the master bedroom. He told me that
tomorrow, after he came home from work, that we would
go shopping for new stuff that would suite his taste
in clothing. In the meantime, I was to stay at the
house all day, and get acquainted with the layout and
where things were.

The house had a large yard, which had a privacy fence
all around it. The driveway was in the back, with an
electronic controlled gate. A four car garage sat
there and was connected to the house by a breeze way.
There was a walk gate in the front which was kept
locked. Next to this gate was a mail box, which could
be emptied from inside of the fence. On either side
of the property, the nearest homes were about 200
feet from the fence. It was a quiet street in front
and the back street was fairly busy. There were
security lights so that the whole yard and house was
lite up at night.

The house its self was not that impressive, it was a
standard ranch design, but much larger than usual.
The rooms were about twice the size in a normal

All in all, it appeared that my master/husband to be,
had lots of money.

I spent the day just puttering around the house and
arranging what clothing I still had. Of course that
did not take very long, since ninety percent of what
I had, was given away. Since I had no undergarments I
just put on a blouse and a skirt. The blouse was
totally see thru and the skirt ended about an inch
below my pussy. Neither one of them hid anything, I
for all practicable purposes was nude.

In the middle of the afternoon, Ken called. He said
that he would be home about 6 PM and that I should
have supper on the table no later than 6:15. I ask
him if there was anything special that he wanted and
he said to Surprise me. All right I said, I will see
what you have here and then fix something. He said
that that will be fine, and hung up.

I checked the pantry and the fridge, and decided to
make spaghetti and meat balls. I could fix the meat
balls and have them ready, and the spaghetti would
only take about 5 minutes, so I could have everything
ready by 6:10.

I had everything ready by 6:10, but Ken did not get
home until 6:30, so I had to reheat the meal. Ken
said that he got held up in traffic, but do not worry
it will be all right. After we had eaten and the
kitchen was cleaned up, Ken came in from the garage
with a bunch of packages. What’s this? I asked. He
said open them and see.

The first one I opened contained a blouse. Ken told
me to put it on to see how it fit. I put it on and
discovered that it only had one button and that was
at the waist line. It also had a v neck that started
at the waist line and up to the center of my
shoulders. I told Ken that it was beautiful, but that
it would not cover my tits, and he said yes I know.
It looks great on you. He then said takeoff that
skirt, and open this one next.

The next one had a garter belt and nylons in it. He
said now put them on. When I had them on he gave me
another package and said open it and put it on now.
This package had a skirt in it. When I put it on, the
hem came to just below the snaps on the garter belt.
Any movement of my skirt would show my pussy. I was
going to protest, but he said it looks better than I
thought. Now try on the other stuff and we will
discuss things after you have tried on all of the

I tried on everything that he had bought, but was a
little upset as each outfit would show either my tits
or pussy or both. When I said something about it, he
said Remember I tell you how to dress and what to
wear from yesterday on. He also said that tomorrow he
would send someone to start teaching me how a sex
slave should act, both in and out of public.

All I could say was yes Ken, you are the master, and
I will learn what you want me to and wear what you
want me to, but I will still be embarrassed wearing
some of those cloths.
The next morning just before Ken left for work, a
woman named Kara came in, she evidently had her own
key to the gate as the doorbell did not ring, she
just appeared in the kitchen where we were sitting.

Ken introduced her to me and said Kara will be your
teacher, and she has permission to do whatever she
thinks is necessary to teach you, including
punishment for lack of progress, or any other reason
that she feels is right.

Ken then said, first take off all of your clothing (I
just had a robe on), which I did. He then said get
down on your hands and knees, with you head in my
lap. When I was in this position, Kara handed him
something, and I felt something being placed around
my neck. Then I heard something click, and Ken then
said; Judy, I have just collared you. You cannot take
the collar off, for it is locked on and will remain
there as long as you are my sex slave. Do you
understand that? Yes Ken I replied. Ken then slapped
my face and said the proper response is yes master.
Do you understand? The slap was hard and I did not
want to get hit again so I said Yes Master.

Ken then told Kara she is yours for the day see if
you can teach her, her place with out to much
punishment. With that Kara snapped a leash to the
collar and told me crawl on all four limbs to the
back door. As I crawled toward the back door, Kara
kept flicking my ass with leather strap. Once I got
to the back door, Kara said sit here and stay, I will
be back in a few minutes. I sat on the floor and said
to myself, what have I got myself into? I will do
this as I do not want to lose Ken and David.

A few minutes later Kara came back and picked up the
leash. She said follow me on all fours, and try to
keep up. She went out the back door, and stopped on
the porch. I was a little slow, and she took the
leather whip and hit me lightly on the ass with it.
She said I told you to keep up. You must learn how to
do that on all fours, so we will go around the yard
and each time I have to discipline you will be harder
than the last. With that she started walking around
the yard.

The grass was slick with dew and made it hard to keep
my hands and knees moving at the right speed. The
first time around the yard, she hit me with the whip
at least a dozen times. The last time she hit me it
stung and I could feel a welt appearing. When we
finished that lap, she said that was not to bad so we
will do something else for a while and come back to
this later. Now I think it is time for the torture

She led me into the garage and across the cement
floor, which hurt my knees and hands. On one side of
the garage, was a locked door. She opened it and
flipped a light switch on. She then told me that
going up and down stairs, it was all right if I stood
up to navigate the steps. I stood up and she led me
down a flight of stairs to a large room with a lot of
strange equipment spread around. There was an easy
chair sitting in the middle of the floor and she led
me to it (on all fours again), where she sat down and
told me to sit on my hands and knees facing her.

Kara then told me that I am going to explain how you
are to act as a slave, and then we will practice some
of it. This time if you do something wrong, I will
use my whip on your tits, where it will hurt a lot
more than it did on your ass. Do you understand? Yes
mistress I replied.

Kara smiled and said there may be hope for you yet.
She then reached down and took one of my tits in her
hand and started squeezing it. It was hurting badly
by the time she let it go, but then she took the
other one and did the same thing. I gritted my teeth,
but did not say anything. She let go of my tit and
sat back and smiled. Very good most women would have
been screaming with the first one.

I see tears in your eyes, that shows me that you are
determined to succeed, I like that in a new slave.
You will however give in to the screaming after a
while. The first thing you must never do is look your
master in the eye. Your head must be bowed down at
all times. The second thing is you never speak unless
spoken to. Those are pretty easy to learn, but you
would be surprised at the number of times you will
for get it, and get punished.

You never wear any clothing unless your master tells
you to do so. This means that if he has visitors,
your tits and pussy are there for them to look at.
Unless he tells you otherwise, his guests may do with
you what they want. In other words if the guest wants
to fuck you, you have nothing to say about it, if
your master says yes then they are free to do any sex
act to you that they want. If they want a blow job
you will do it, if they want to fuck your ass you
will let them. If they want your pussy then you will
take all the dick they can give you. Is that clear?
Yes mistress I answered.

I started to ask a question, and the whip lashed out
and hit my left nipple. It hurt really bad and I
started crying. Kara said I did not give you
permission to speak. Next time it will be both

Then she led me over to some of the machines and
explained what they would be use for. One of them
would tie me down and then a ram would be placed just
inside my pussy and then when turned on, it would
continue to move in and out of my pussy, until
someone turned it off. Another was a round cage that
was just big enough for a person to get in, but
he/she would be so cramped that it would hurt. If a
woman had a dildo stuffed in her pussy and/or ass, it
could drive her mad. There were several other
machines and their functions were explained to me.
All of them would put a great strain on the person it
was used on.

When we were about to leave the dungeon Kara stopped
and picked up a couple of dildos. She pushed the
larger on inside my pussy and said do not touch it,
but do not let it come out. Then she put a smaller on
in my ass and gave me the same instruction. In her
hand she had something that looked like a TV remote.

Once we were back in the garage, she shut the lights
off and relocked the dungeon. Before she could say
anything, I got back down on my hands and knees. She
smiled and said you are learning, now keep up. Again
the cement was taking some skin off of my knees, but
I kept up until we got outside in the grass. At that
point she did something with the remote and my pussy
started vibrating causing me to faultier. Kara then
hit both of my nipples with the whip before I could
even recover from my misstep. Now both nipples were
in agony. And I was crying.

Kara then started walking again. Now she did
something again and my ass started getting turned on,
but I was determined to get through this with no more
pain. However with all my resolve, I still got hit
several more times on my tits.

By now it was nearly noon, so Kara led me back to the
house. Once inside, she took off the leash and said;
you did much better than the average new slave. Now
go to the bathroom and do whatever you need to do,
then fill the tub with water and I will be up
shortly. I went up and used the toilet and started
filling the tub. I was expecting Kara wanting me to
give her a bath. However when she got there she said
get into the tub and I will help you bathe.

I have some salve to put on your nipples, breast and
ass where the whip got you. I must have looked very
surprised, as I was. Kara then said a good master or
mistress, will discipline you but then will look
after your hurts and take care of you. I will see
that you get a good nap, before Ken gets home from

Once the bath was over and I was feeling better, Kara
put me to bed and left. I slept for about 2 hours and
was awakened by the phone. It was Ken and he said
that he would be home early and not to fix anything
for supper until he got there. I told him I had been
asleep when he called and he said go back to bed.

I was still asleep when Ken got home an hour later.
He woke me up with a kiss, and said I heard that you
did very well with your lessons today. Let me see if
the marks on your nipples are all right. With that,
he uncovered me and looked at my nipples. They seem
to be all right, he said and then he started playing
with them. He ask do they hurt when I do this? I said
yes a little but not bad. Great he said. I bought you
a new outfit to wear tonight. We are going out I ask?
Yes he answered. Where I ask? A special dinner show,
I think you will enjoy.

I put on the blouse and discovered that it had two
holes where my nipples would stick through the
material, and it had a collar and the front material
came from the back, under my arms and then down to my
waist. There it had one button. It left me especially
nude except for a small part of each boob. The skirt
came down to ½ inch below my pussy, but was slit up
both sides and the front and back to the waist band.
I also had a garter belt and a pair of nylons to
complete the outfit. The shoes that he chose had 6 in

I told him that I might as well go nude, as I was not
covering anything. Ken smiled and said yep and that
is the way you are going to wear tonight. I thought
for a minute and then said, Yes Master if that is
what you want. Ken wore a nice suite, but nothing

Ken drove us to an area of town that I had never been
in. He pulled up to a wall with a gate in it and
showed the attendant a card, which allowed us to
enter a parking lot that had 10 ft walls all around,
with just two openings. One was the gate that we came
in and the other entered a building that had no
windows that I could see. There were several cars
already there, and Ken said I hope we are a little
early so I can choose. You can choose what? I ask.
Later he said.

He walked up to a bulletin board and looked for a
minute and said Good, we got the seats that I wanted,
and our seat mates are people I know.

He proceeded to guide me to our assigned seats. Here
there was a table for four, but was set so that all
four of us would be on the same side, and would be
looking toward a stage. He said that after dinner,
there would be a show and that he thought that I
would like it. What is going to be on I ask? All I
will tell you is that Kara told me this morning that
she would be in putting on the show.

To answer your earlier question, I can choose to let
Sam sit next to you, and have his date sit either
next to him, or put you between them. Or I can choose
to sit beside you and let Sam sit on one side of you
and his date sit next to me. Since I know Sam pretty
well and this is your first time here, I will sit
next to you and then Sam will sit on the other side
of you and his date will sit next to me. I looked at
him with a question, and he said no questions.

Just do what I and Sam want. He can do anything to
you tonight except fuck you. I started to ask a
question, and Ken said I told you no questions. He
then pulled out of his pocket a pair of nipple
clamps. He clamped them on my nipples outside of my
blouse. And tightened them so that they hurt and
would not come off.

I was about to cry, because they hurt so much, but
Ken leaned over and kissed me and said you need to
trust me more. Just do what I told you. The clamps
will stay on until we get home, unless Sam wants to
take them off. You will ask him nothing, and will
only talk to him to answer any questions. All your
answers must be truthful no matter what he asks. Is
that clear? Yes Master I answered.

Shortly Sam showed up. He sat to my right and his
“date” sat next to Ken. Ken said to Sam, I see you
have a new slave tonight. How long have you had her?
Sam said about a month. I had Jo Ann train her, but
she needs someone more like Kara as a trainer, she
had a full week of training and she acts like she
hasn’t been trained at all some times. That’s to bad
said Ken. Judy here has had only one day with Kara,
and she still needs a lot more training, but she is
doing very good for only one day.

Sam said I see she has nipple clamps. Ken said yes
she still needs to learn not to question what I tell
her. However if you want you have the option of
taking them off or making them tighter as you wish.
She knows not to reject anything that you have a mind
to do to her. Have you briefed you slave on the
protocol of the club? No I thought it better to do it
here, less problems getting her to understand how
things are done.

Sam told his slave, Whatever Ken wants to do to you
tonight, you will let him. That means that if he
wants to play with your tits you will let him. If he
wants to finger fuck your pussy or ass, you will let
him. Do you understand? I will not she said. Sam then
got up and walked around the table to where she was.
He took hold of her blouse and ripped all the buttons
off and then told her to take it completely off. She
looked at him and then meekly took off her blouse.
Sam took her blouse and gave it to one of the
attendants and said throw this in the trash. She will
go with out for the rest of the evening.

Ken said you should have sent her to Kara. Sam said
yes I have arranged to send her to Kara after she has
finished with your slave. I hope you are having
better luck. Ken said so far she is doing good for
only one session with Kara. Maybe she could talk some
sense into her, Is it ok for her to try? Sam said she
can try, if you let her.

Slave you have permission to talk to Judy, but you
will remember she is your better, and for this
evening she is your mistress. Kent then told me that
I could talk to the Slave, but only about her
training. I said yes master, but it would help if I
could ask a few personal questions as well. If Sam
will allow it its all right with me. Sam said yes if
it will help.

I said Slave how old are you? Mistress I will be 20
in two months. Sam said she ask how old are you now
not in 2 months. You will answer the questions you
are ask not what you want answer, is that Clear?
Slave answered, Yes master. I am 19 mistress.

Did you become a slave by volunteering, or were you
forced into by someone? Mistress I volunteered, under
duress. By whom and why? I ask. Mistress, my parents
were going to force me to marry a man that I hated,
so when my master ask me if I would willingly be his
sex slave, I jumped at the chance to get away from my
family and the man I hated.

What would happen if your master was to set you free?
Mistress, my family would find me and force me to
marry that man. So you would be happier with your
master as a slave than to be married to that other
man? Yes mistress I would be.

Slave my advice to you is to let go of your pride and
independence, and full embrace the life style that
you seem to want. Yes it was embarrassing at times,
and sometimes seems cruel, but if you try hard to
please your master and remember that he has total
power over everything that you do and some over what
you think, it can be a rewarding life for you. I have
done that and my master is going to marry me in two
weeks. I will be his slave first and his wife second.

Mistress may I ask some questions? That is up to your
master and mine. Only they have the right to tell me
and you what we may discuss, and when.

Master Ken and my master, may I ask some questions of
the mistress?

Ken turned to Sam and said it is your call, yes or
no? To which Sam replied yes, you may ask some
questions of your mistress.
The slave ask mistress, how old are you? I am 23.

Did you volunteer to be a sex slave? Yes I did.

May I ask your reasons? I found a man that I truly
love. I knew that the only way I could be with him
always was to submit to his every desire. So I
volunteered to be his slave.

What kind of training have you had? I had my first
session with mistress Kara this morning. I was taught
to walk on all fours, and keep up at whatever pace
that she walked, and over any kind of surface.

Were you punished at all and if so how? At first I
could not keep up with Kara, and she would use a
leather whip on me. She hit my ass a few times and
then she switched to hitting my nipples and tits.
Also she taught me that I no longer have breasts, a
tush or a vagina, but I have tits, a pussy or cunt
and an ass.

Anything else? Yes after my training session, she
gave me a nice bath. Then she put salve on my knees,
where they got scraped on the ground. Then she put it
on the place that she had hit with her whip. She told
me to remember when a good master punishes you, it it
is severe, he will also comfort you later.

While I do not like to be whipped, I am looking
forward to our next session, so I can be a better sex
slave to my master. I hope you will be the same.

One more question please, why are you wearing nipple
clamps? They seem to be very tight. I answered after
we got here I had the audacity to ask a question, and
my master put the clamps on. Then I made the mistake
of telling him that they hurt, so he tightened them

Ken then said questioning is over. Slave Judy, you
will eat in silence, it is about to be served.

Sam said Slave you will also eat in silence. Slave
Judy, for the good advice that you gave my slave, I
will take off your nipple clamps, just remember your
master can put them back on at any time.

As Sam took off my nipple clamps, I kept my mouth
clenched, so that I would not make any sound. I did
not want the clamps back on for any reason.

Sam then spoke up and said; I don’t think that we
told the slaves the rules for the club. Ken do you
want to explain them?

Ken said Sure I will. Slaves the rules of the club go
like this: 1. Slaves may not talk for any reason
during the meal. 2. The slaves at each table will
change partners for the evening. 3. The new partners
can do anything to their temporary slaves that they
want, except anal or vaginal intercourse. This does
allow blow jobs, hand jobs. And anything else that
they want. Slaves must submit. And 4. during the show
slaves will only be allowed to talk if they are ask
to go on stage.

Do you two slaves understand this? Yes master we both
replied at almost the same time.

Ken then said you both just broke rule 1. therefor
both of you will remove all your clothing and give it
to me, and do it now without any other noise.

The meal was served and it was delicious, and
plentiful. I ate slowly and as quietly as I could. I
did not want to get into more trouble. As I was
taking a bite of desert, I felt Sam s hand start
playing with my clit. I almost said something as a
reflex action, but just in time I remembered that he
had the right to do what he wanted with my body for
the rest of the evening.

I tried not to think of what Ken was doing with the
slave, but now and then I would see him sucking her
nipples. Most of my attention was on Sam, who was now
using one hand in my pussy, and the other pulling on
my nipples. That hurt a lot as they were still sore
from the nipple clamps. Sometimes it was all I could
do to keep from screaming it hurt so bad, but I
somehow managed to keep quiet.

When I finished my desert, Sam grabbed my hand and
whispered in my ear to take his cock out of his
pants. I unzipped his pants, then I put my hand
inside of his pants, and pulled his short to the side
then took his cock and pulled it out into the open.
As I fished it out it started getting hard. Once it
was out, I then put my hand around it and slowly
started stroking it.

Once the tables had been cleared, by totally nude men
and women, someone stepped out on the stage and
plugged in his microphone. As that was happening, Sam
leaned across me and said to Ken; Where did you get
this woman? Ken ask why? Sam said you know it always
takes till the middle of the show for a the slaves to
get me to cum. Yes said Ken. Sam said well this slave
of yours has made me cum already and the show is just
about to start. She is fantastic, want to trade
permanently? Ken just laughed and said no, she is a
real keeper.

The MC said, Welcome to this month’s club dinner, we
hope you have had a good meal and a great time up to
now. A lot of clapping and stomping of feet expressed

Once the noise quieted down, the MC then said; Now
for tonight’s show. Tonight we have brought in Kara,
who will pick one of several NEW Slaves, and will
show us how she starts out training them. Several
members who were getting new slaves were picked. They
and their slaves have hoods on and they will come out
on stage.

Then Kara will pick one at random. The rest will go
back stage and take off their hoods and rejoin the
audience. While they are doing that, the picked
member will be questioned by Kara about the type of
training that is wanted for the picked slave. Once
she is through with the questioning, the master will
go back stage, still wearing his mask. The slave will
then be unmasked and his/her leach will be given to
Kara and she will start the training of this slave.
We hope you enjoy seeing how she trains subs.

Will the members bring out their subs, and Kara will
you join me on stage please.

Five people, 4 men and one woman came out with their
heads and the heads of their slaves were covered from
the neck up. Only the owners had holes so they could
see, but the slaves were not allowed to see at this
point, and they stumbled on all fours out onto the

Four women slaves came out with their tits hanging
down and one man with his dick swinging with each

Kara took the mic and said, the last and first show
that I did for you I was training a male slave,
therefore for this show, I should pick a woman. The
male slave and his owner can now leave the stage. I
want the rest of the slaves lined up side by side
with about 3 feet between them with their owners
behind them, but keep them on their leashes.

Once they were lined up, Kara then took the mic with
her, and went to the closest slave. She knelt down
beside the slave and laid the mic on the floor. She
then reached under the slave and felt and pulled the
slaves nipples. We could hear the slave squealing
some and we knew that she was trying not to speak out
in pain. Then Kara moved down a little and felt her
pussy area. Then put a few fingers inside her. She
shoved her fingers inside with a very hard thrust,
took her fingers and then closed her hand with the
fingers still in the ‘pussy. The slave could not stop
from screaming. Next she looked at the slave’s ass
and jammed 2 fingers inside with no warning. Again
the slave screamed with pain.

Kara then did the same process with the other 3
slaves. They all screamed when their pussy’s and
ass’s were violated.

Kara went back to the center of the stage and said I
have eliminated 2. Starting from my left as I face
the slaves, numbers 1 and 3 can leave the stage. At
this point the masters took lead their slaves off the
stage. I could see some splinters in one of them

Now Kara returned to the two still on stage. This
time she sat on the floor and reached under the slave
and took a nipple in each hand. Then she started
squeezing and pulling on them like she was milking a
cow. She did this for about 2 minutes. Then it looked
like she put something in that slaves pussy. Kara
then went to the last slave and did the same thing.
Then back to the first one again. This time she just
felt around the pussy for a minute, then she returned
to the center of the stage.

How do you like the show so far? She asked. Again
there was a lot of shouting and stomping. When it had
quieted down, Kara then said in the first round, I
was looking for the ones who made the most noise when
I played with them, also I was looking to see if they
had pubic hair, or were shaved. As it turned out the
two who were the quietest, also were shaved, so they
were eliminated.

This round, I was looking for the one who had the
most sensitive tits. Now will the slave with the
dildo in her pussy stand up. The other slave may now
back up to your master so that he can remove you from
the stage.

The master of the slave that is standing, will remove
the mask from her head, and take the vibrator out of
her pussy. Once that had been done, Kara moved over
to the master and said, tell me what type of training
you want this slave to have, and any special
instructions for her punishment. He told Kara that he
wanted the slave to learn her place with him, how do
address him and how to speak and how to keep quiet.
As for her punishment, her tits and pussy should feel
the lash of you whip.

Kara then told him, very well, however you are aware
that when I whip her tits they are libel to be cut
and bleed. If that happens then there will be scars.
As for her pussy, the whip is very likely to take
some pubic hair and yank it out making it extremely
likely she might need medical assistance. His answer
was do not concern yourself with that, I can take
care of it. Then you expect very harsh punishment?
Yes do not spare her, right from the first moment,
she is to have severe and extreme punishment.

Ladies and gentleman, you all heard what he said, I
will be giving extreme punishment even for small
infractions. I usually do not do that, but build the
punishment up as we go along. Apparently this master
wants his slave to learn very quickly.

Master, hand me the slaves leash, and you can go back
stage and watch from there. The master walked over to
the slave and said to her, if you thought that I was
hard on you, you will now feel the whip, that I
haven’t yet gotten. When you get punished, make me
proud and do not scream. He then handed the leash to

Kara stood beside the girl and said I am your
mistress for this evening, and you will always
address me as mistress Kara before you say anything.
Do you understand? Yes she replied. With that Kara
took her hand and smacked her across the face. The
blow was so hard that you could see the hand print on
her face, from where we were setting. Do you know
what you did wrong? Kara asked.

The girl was trying hard not to cry, but tears were
coming out of her eyes. The girl took a few seconds
to reflect on what had been said, and then said,
mistress Kara, I replied with yes without
acknowledging you first. Please forgive me.

Now, said Kara tell me how old are you? Mistress
Kara, I am 16. You are quite young to be a slave, do
your parents know? Mistress Kara, yes they know. Do
they approve of you being a sex slave and the
punishment that you will get tonight? Mistress Kara,
yes they approve. Is there anything about your health
that we should be worried about with harsh
punishment? Mistress Kara I have no known medical
problems. Kara said that’s good and you seem to learn
quickly. Now down on your hands and knees.

With that the slave dropped down onto her hands and
knees. Kara said we are going to walk around on the
stage, slave you will keep two of my steps behind me,
and one step to my left. Do you understand? Mistress
Kara yes I understand.

Kara started off at a slow pace, and checked to see
that the slave was doing as told. The slave was
trying to keep up, but she was not picking her legs
and feet up, but was sliding then across the floor,
which was painful because of the splinters on the
floor. Kara stopped and turned around and saw what
the slave was doing.

She said, Do you call that walking? You are sliding
on the floor and will get hurt a lot that way. Sit up
on your knees. Once the girl was on sitting on her
knees, Kara then flicked her whip and hit the girl on
her left nipple. I could almost feel it, and I saw a
little blood starting to come out. The slave screamed
in pain.

Kara then said get back on all fours and lift your
legs up and walk like you are supposed to do. This
time the girl moves slower, but was picking up her
legs. In a minute or two she seem to get the proper
rhythm, and was doing much better, but she was still
sobbing. Kara slowly picked up the pace and the girl
stayed with her, for a short while, then she stumbled
and fell.

Kara again turned around and said slave get onto your
knees with you torso in the air and hands at your
side. When the girl was in that position, Kara
flicked her wrist and the whip came down onto the
girl’s pussy, and returned with some pubic hair
caught on it. Again the girl was bleeding, this time
she was screaming at the top of her lungs. It took
several minutes before she could control her
screaming. Once the girl had settled down,

Kara brought her out to the front of the stage, and
had her stand and face the audience. Kara said I am
sorry to cut this show short, but I cannot in clear
mind, put this young girl in any more pain. At that
point the master came out and stood beside Kara and
said, I have tried everything I can think of, and I
cannot get this slave trained. The first person with
10 grand can have her. Ken immediately stood up and
said I will pay the 10 grand. No girl should be put
through this at her age. I will take her as my second
slave right now.

I will not take checks said the master. Ken opened
his wallet and took out 10 grand and gave it to Kara
and said, Kara please count it and give it to him.
Please bring the young slave to me once the amount
has been verified. Kara then brought the girl to us
and gave Ken the leash. Ken then handed her to me and
said you take care of her, now and we will find a
place for her at home.

It made me so proud that my master would take in that
young girl and pay ten thousand dollars to keep her
from being hurt any more. She snuggled onto my lap
and whispered in my ear thank you and our master for
helping me. I whispered to her hush we are not
allowed to speak.

Ken leaned over and told me you can speak to her and
help her just keep it very low. Yes master I replied.
Then to the girl I ask what is your name?

She said, I am called Cyndi.

Cyndi, I said, let me see the nipple that was hit
with the whip.

She took hold of her tit and moved it so I could see
the cut.

I told her it looks worse than it is. When we get
home I will see if I can stop any infection starting.
Now stand in front of me and show me where your pussy
was hit. Seeing very little pubic hair, I said I am
surprised that you were not eliminated in the first

She said, I think it looks that way because most of
it was cut off by the whip. The tip hit my clit and
that’s where the blood came from. But it did hurt
very badly. I am very sure it did, that is the most
sensitive place on a woman’s body. I will look at it
closer when we get home. For now just snuggle up on
my lap until we go.

A few minute’s later people started leaving, and we
waited until most of them had left before we started
out. Sam and his slave stayed and the 5 of us walked
out together. Several people told us how happy they
were that we got the girl away from that man, saying
he was to extreme for one so young. A couple said the
master did not give her enough punishment, but we
just kept walking to the lot.

I got in the back seat so that I could keep her
company. Once we were out of the parking lot Ken ask
Cyndi, if that master was her father. She said yes
how did you know? Then she said I am sorry master I
did not acknowledge you properly and Ken told her,
don’t worry about it for now it is not necessary. We
will sort that out later.

When the mask was taken off of your head, I knew that
I had seen you before, but I could not place where.
You were probably about 14, and I attended a party at
your dad’s home. You were nude and serving drinks. I
saw several men fondling you then and I could see you
did not like it, but knew that if you said something
that you would be in trouble. I should have known
then that it would come to this. Don’t you worry, he
will not try to get you back. Too many people will
testify that he sold you for $10,000. That would put
him in jail for a long time and he will not whisk it.

Once we got home, I took Cyndi in the kitchen and had
her lay on the table so I could see how much damage
was done to her clit. There was a small cut, but most
of the damage was absorbed by the pubic hair, but
instead of it pulling the hair out by the root, it
somehow just cut the hair like it was a razor.

The cut on her nipple, was not bad, but it would
leave a scar, I put iodine on both cuts, and I know
that it had to hurt her a lot, but Cyndi just gritted
her teeth and did not make a sound. She has a lot of
guts, I thought.

Cyndi did not want to sleep alone, so I ask Ken if I
could sleep with her. Ken said no, but she can sleep
with us. I do not want her to hate men because of
what her father did. She is my daughter now and we
will treat her with respect. However she will
eventually learn to be one of my slaves, but not
until she is healed, in both mind and body.

So we slept that night, with Cyndi between us. We
both put our arms around her and held her tight. She
smiled and said thank you both so much and went to

The next morning was Sunday. When he awoke, Ken
rolled over and stuck his hard dick into my pussy,
and that awoke me. We were having a nice easy fuck,
when Cyndi came in and said I thought you two were
going to sleep all day. We both shook our heads, as
we had forgotten that she had slept with us. Ken said
sorry Cyndi, you were not here and we forgot that you
were with us and had slept with us last night. Cyndi
then said master Ken, fuck slave Judy really good,
and then when you are done I will have breakfast
ready for the three of us. I hope that is all right
with you?

Cyndi, I said, Ken always fucks me till I cannot walk
for a while. Don’t worry about breakfast, I can fix
it after I get my shower. To late she said I already
have the bacon frying and the eggs and pancakes will
only take a few minutes after you get to the kitchen.
Ken laughed and said I like your efficiency you are
going to make a great addition to our family, as he
kept on pounding my pussy.

After Cyndi went out the door, Ken said did you stop
taking your birth control pills yet? Yes I said I
quit the day after the first time you fucked me, so I
have been off long enough that I could get pregnant
anytime my body wants. Is that all right with you?
Yes he answered I want you pregnant before the
wedding if we can, if not as soon after as possible.

I ask Ken, do you think we can find a way to include
both David and Cyndi into the ceremony? Ken said yes,
David can be my best man, and Cyndi can be the maid
of honor. What a wonderful idea I said. That will
thrill David so much, and I think that Cyndi will
also like it.

After Ken dumped the largest load inside me that he
had ever done, we showered and then went to the
kitchen, still nude. Are you always this casual here?
Cyndi asked.

Most of the time, Ken answered.

Cyndi had fixed a very good breakfast, and all three
of us ate more than we should have.

After we finished breakfast Cyndi was going to do the
dishes, but Ken stopped her and said we need to talk
to you first. Did I do something wrong she ask? No
Ken said but there are things going on that we need
to talk about.

First next week, Judy and I are getting married. My 9
year old son will be my best man, and Judy would like
for you to be the Maid of honor. Are you willing to
do this for us? She answered Ken, you do not have to
ask, just tell me to do it and I will. I am your
slave, you bought and payed for me last night. What
you said is true, but in this house many things are
at the individual’s discretion. For example I would
never rape you. If I ever fuck you, you will have to
have agreed for me to do it. There are other things
also, but you will learn them as we go. Do you
understand what I am telling you?

One thing my son David, is never to know anything
about your family or how you came to be here. If he
asks any questions in that area, you will tell him
that only I can talk about that, and for him to ask

Cyndi then said, that is not to far out. On reason he
(mom’s husband) was so hard on me is I think he knew
that I was not his. Mom told me that one day a long
time ago, and until I was 14, I had no problem with
him. That must have been when he found out that I was
a bastard and not his daughter. If what mom told me
that day is true, I am now living with my real

If I read you right, you are telling me that I will
have some freedom to do some things that I want to do
or not to do. That is exactly what I am saying. So it
is your choice if you want to be maid of honor. I nor
will Judy tell you that you have to do it, but we are
requesting you to do so.

I would be very ungrateful if I turned down your
request, yes I most defiantly will do it for you.
Whatever you want I will support. The problem is the
only clothing I have is what I took from Judy’s
closet this morning.

That’s no problem, this afternoon we will go get you
some clothing that will fit you, also we will go get
your dress for the wedding. I had mine made at a
special shop, and they can make you one just like it
except mine is white, and yours will be powder blue.
One thing, you are never to wear undergarments, of
any kind. Also you can wear a garter belt and nylons.
You will have only dresses, skirt and blouses. You
may have micro bikinis only. Your blouses will never
be longer than 1 inch below your pussy. Those are the
house rules and all women/girls in this house will
abide by them.

Cyndi said, for us slaves that seems to be a lot of
clothing. Ken then said, those are for outside wear,
in the house you will be nude all the time, even if
we have guests. Cyndi then said; yes master I will
try to remember that, as I want to please you, and
you have the right to fuck me anytime, anyplace, and
in any hole. I can see that you will be a great
master for me.

Ken then ask if Cyndi was on birth control pills, and
she answered yes but their at my dad’s house. He said
that’s all right, because you will not be needing
them here, one of your jobs here is to get pregnant,
just as it is also a duty for Judy. One other thing
you will not fuck anyone without my express

That weekend, David came to live with us, as his mom
felt that since he would be doing so after the
wedding, he might as well start a week early. He was
being home schooled, and his teacher was given the
address. Ken told Cyndi that she could finish her
high school education with this teacher also. Cyndi
said that her mother had home schooled her and that
she had finished high school last year, but that she
would be glad to sit in on David’s lessons, and help
him if he needed help. When the two of them met, even
though there was 7 years difference in ages, they got
along very well.

Of course, a lot of that was because David liked the
idea that he would be seeing her nude all the time,
and Ken told him that as a master in training, Cyndi
would be at his disposal most of the time. Cyndi,
felt that it was great having a younger brother to
talk to.

That Saturday, Ken and David were dressed in tux’s
which had the crotch area cut away, so that their
dick’s and balls open and on display. When the guests
had arrived (about 20), and the non-traditional
wedding official was ready, David lead Cyndi (who was
on a leash) on all fours down the hallway to the
alter. Her tits were swinging nicely and her pussy
and ass could be seen easily. Once they reached the
alter, Cyndi was allowed to stand. She was very
lovely standing there totally on display in her
powder blue “dress”.

Once they were in position, Ken led me on a leash and
all fours, to the alter again in my white gown, my
tits were swinging in wide circles as I “walked” down
the isle. My pussy and ass were also available for
anyone to see. At the alter I stood up next to Ken.

Ken and David then exchanged leashes. The minister
moved in front of Cyndi and said: Cyndi do you of
your own free will take Ken to be your master in all
things, and that you will obey him in everything?
Cyndi answered Yes, I acknowledge Ken as my master in
all things and I will serve him and his family as
their slave forever. With that, Ken took off the
collar and replaced it with one with rhinestones
studding it. He said, I am not going to lock this on
you, but you may never take it off. If you do, then I
will lock it on you and you will be punished, is that
clear? She answered Master I understand, I will never
willingly take it off.

Ken put the leash on the new collar and handed it
back to David. David gave my leash back to Ken. The
minister then stood in front of me and said to
everyone; Cyndi having voluntary put herself as a
slave to Ken, she will become your slave also. Do you
accept this position? I answered Yes.

The minister then said Judy, do you take Ken to be
your husband, and will you pledge your love to only
him and your family? Yes I replied. The minister then
said Do you give your husband total control over your
body and will you be subservient in all things to
him? Yes I replied.

The minister turned to Ken and said; Ken do you take
this woman for your lawful wife? Ken answered yes I
do. Do you take charge of her in all things, and all
ways? Ken answered I do.

The minister then said, you may collar your wife. Ken
then took off the collar I was wearing, and put on a
new one which was covered in diamond chips, and said
you are now my wife/slave. You will never take this
collar off. I will not lock it on, but if it is ever
taken off I will lock it back on. This collar is the
symbol of my love for you, and your devotion to
serving me and my family. Do you accept this collar?
My Master/husband, I replied I fully and gratefully
accept this collar as my symbol of my love and
devotion to you, from now to ever more.

The minister then said: I declare you husband and
wife/slave, you may fuck your bride, in this company
to show that devotion. Ken then laid me down and
without any foreplay, buried his dick in my cunt to
the root. My cervix was pushed open and his cock
entered into my womb. Since we were both so worked
up, it only took a couple of strokes until he was
pumping sperm straight into my womb. In deference to
our guests he pulled out just as the last of the cum
was coming out of his cock. That last little bit was
shot onto my tits. He told me that it must remain
there until he told me I could clean it off.

We stood back up and the minister shook Ken’s hand.
David put his hand in my pussy and took some of the
cum and put it in Cyndi’s pussy and said this is
until I have cum of my own to fill you with. Ken then
kissed Cyndi and said David is now your master in
training, then he kissed her and turned to me and
said; Judy, my wife/slave, David is also your master
in training. You will treat him accordingly.

Part II

My Marriage

After all the guests had left, Ken said now we start
life together, the four of us. Everyone will now take
off all clothing, and then we will have a meeting in
the living room.

When everyone was in the living room, Ken said; David
you are setting my chair, please move to another one.
This is my place for all meetings. Next, Judy your
place is on the floor between my knees, looking at my
face. You will also be on your knees, in a
subservient posture. David, you will sit in the chair
next to mine. Cyndi, you will be on your knees,
between David’s knees, looking at his face, also in a
subservient position. At any and all family
discussions, this is how it will be. David please
move to your position and Judy and Cyndi will move to

When everyone was in position, Ken said whenever a
meeting is called, you will immediately get into
these positions. During these discussions, slaves
will not have to say master, to get my attention,
instead, if you wish to say something, you will bend
forward and touch your forehead to the floor and keep
it there until I acknowledge that you can speak.
David you can speak at any time as long as you are
not interrupting any one.

Now with the rules established, David we have
something to discuss that is beyond your
comprehension at this time. Will you please go play
in the yard, and we will call you when you can come
back in.

When David was gone, Ken said; a few days ago, when
Cyndi first came here she said some things that I
ignored at that time. I really did not ignore them,
but have done some research since. Cyndi do you
remember saying that you were a bastard and was now
living with your real father? Yes she said, but I
thought that you were ignoring me and let it go.

When you unmask on stage that night I felt that I
knew had seen you before. As you moved around the
stage, I kept thinking and I was sure I knew you.
When you were offered for 10 thousand, I instantly
knew that I must do something, before you were hurt
more than you had been, so I bought you, mostly to
make you safe.

As I kept watching you an image of you serving drinks
at a party at the house that you were living in then.
That would have been 2 years ago. You were nude and
serving drinks, but your dad allowed you as a 14 year
old to be finger fucked and your tits sucked by
anyone who wanted to. Do you remember that?

Cyndi said, yes I remember that. It was the first
party that dad let me attend, but I was given strict
orders that anyone could do anything to me except
fuck me. He said that was reserved for him when I
turned 18.

Ken then said, after I saw that, I spotted your mom
and got her alone. I told her what was being done to
you and she said, yes but I was told not to
interfere, that she must learn her place as a sex
slave. She is a little young to start that, I said.
She looked around and then said I am glad of your
attitude. She then very quietly said, do you remember
a party here when you were invited to fuck me in
front of everyone as a punishment for me? That was a
long time ago, I said. Fourteen years ago, we were
all young then, however I never told anyone this
before, but she is your daughter from that time. Her
dad does not know. However please do not say
anything, for if you do I fear that he will take it
out on her.

I walked away and never came back to your house after
that. Somehow he must have gotten wind of our
conversation. It is apparent to me that he was
hurting you to get back at me for doing what he ask.
He should have known that your mom was fertile at
that time. I called and had your mom call me when she
was sure she could not be overheard. She confirmed
that you are indeed my daughter.

David must never know this. If his mom caught wind of
it, she could take him away from us. I love him and
could not bear to lose him, nor you now that I know
of you.

Since David can never know, you must be a slave to
him instead of his mistress, I am sorry for this, and
it in no way changes your relation to Judy. I hope
that you can understand. Yes master she replied. No
one will learn of it from me. I am just glad that you
found me before it was to late.

I will always call you a slave, but in my heart I
know that you are my daughter and I love you dearly.
Now will you go call David back, and remember not a
word to him about this. As she left, I said Master my
husband you are the best master and husband and
father anyone could wish for. Thank you for being so
kind and thoughtful.

Once David got settled and Cyndi was in her place,
Ken said now to the real business of this meeting.
Since Cyndi is the newest member of our slave troupe,
I will start sleeping with her so that she may have
the first baby in our new family. I immediately put
my forehead to the floor and waited for Ken to
acknowledge me.

Ken said, it looks like my slave/wife wants to say
something, what is on your mind? I raised my head and
said master your last statement cannot be true, she
cannot have the first baby of our family. Why not he
ask. Master, yesterday I saw the doctor, and I am
pregnant at this time. We will have our first baby in
8 months, my master.

Slave why did you not tell me this yesterday? My
master, I wanted it to be my wedding gift to you, as
I see it as your gift to me. Well said my wife/slave,
that makes things much better. Now you can sleep in
Cyndi’s room and she will share my room with me until
she is pregnant. Also, both she and David will be
yours to command on anything that might cause harm to
the baby. David you are forbidden to play with Judy’s
pussy until after the baby is born. Now does anyone
else have anything to bring up?

David said, since I cannot play with mom’s pussy for
a while, may I play with Cyndi’s since she is not yet
pregnant? Yes Ken answered. But why are you calling
Judy, mom? David answered my real mother told me that
after the wedding, Judy would be my mother, and I
should show her the respect that a mother deserves.
That is very good, and I applaud you for doing that.
From now on, she is to be called mom by you. I see
that Cyndi has something on her mind, so let’s hear
from her now.

Cyndi raised her head and said, I also would like to
call her mom, she has replaced a mother that I
probably will never see again, so it would please me
very much to call her mom. My slave, you may call her
slave mom, or slave mistress, at your choice.
Slave/wife what do you think about it?

I said master you can tell them what to call me and I
will endure, but I truly would like it to be called
mom by all of our children. So be it, said Ken. If
there is nothing else, meeting adjourned.

It was getting late so David was sent to bed. I ask
Ken if I could stay in our room long enough to see
him fuck our daughter. Why would you want to see that
he ask? I am curious to see how I looked when you
were putting your pile driver into so hard and deep.
Also Cyndi is still a virgin and she might need some
help. He said yes you can watch, but you cannot help.
Cyndi, he said, the first time most people take it
slow and easy, I am not like that I will take you
hard and fast and I know it will hurt you and you
will scream in pain.

I will be relentless and you will hurt, but the next
time I will be slow and easy and you will enjoy
yourself more than if I had taken you easy tonight.
Cyndi started to say something and Kent cut her off
saying no more talking. Go pee and get in my bed. I
will be there in 2 minutes and slave, you had better
be ready.

Exactly 2 minutes later Ken and I entered our
bedroom. Cyndi was laying on the center of the bed
with her legs spread as wide as she could get them.
Ken walked over next to the bed and started looking
at her like he was buying a slab of meat. He put his
hands all over her head and felt everything, then he
slowly moved down to her neck and then to her tits.
Here he paid a lot of attention and looked at the
small scar that Kara had put there with her whip.

He wet a finger and put it on the scar and you could
see the anger raising in him. From her tits he kept
feeling her body until he reached her pussy. Now he
slowly put a finger inside of her and felt around for
her Hymen. When he touched it she flinched, but did
not say anything. After fingering her for a few
seconds, he said, it appears that it is not very
thick so the pain may not be too bad, but that is not
always true. Also, tomorrow you will start shaving
your pussy every day.

Ken then climbed on to the bed between her legs. He
told her to reach up and take hold of his cock, which
she did. Now guide it into your pussy until it will
not go any further. His cock head barely started to
enter her before it stopped. Ken then told Cyndi to
hold onto the head board, as he was about to
penetrate her.

At this point he shoved down with all his might and
weight. Cyndi let out a scream that must have been
heard for a mile. Ken in one movement broke her
hymen, and forced her canal open in one movement and
hit her cervix and pushed his way through into her

Once he was all the way in, he waited a second or two
and then slowly started pumping in and out of her.
She was sobbing and her eyes showed a lot of pain.
Ken kept pumping in and out and getting faster and
now I could see why it felt like a jackhammer when he
invaded my pussy. I felt sorry for Cyndi, but knowing
how good it would feel for her the next time I smiled
and told her I know it hurts now but the next time
you will be in heaven, our master is a real wizard
under the sheets.

Ken kept pumping her for about 15 minutes before her
body decided it was time for her first organism from
being fucked. Knowing Ken, I figure that he must have
dumped at least a full cup of cum inside her. At that
point I left and went to bed in Cyndi’s room.

The next morning I went into Ken’s room. They were
both still asleep. Cyndi had her arms around her dad
and her head on his chest. I left to start breakfast,
and found David already in the kitchen. He said mom
can I play with your tits while you fix breakfast? I
said master in training, you do not have to ask to
play with me it is your right to do so. Yes he said
but I don’t want to do anything that might hurt your

I said my tits won’t have much to do with the baby
until I start giving milk. He got a strange look on
his face and said how and why would you have milk? I
told him that that’s what tits were for, when a baby
is almost ready to be born, tits start making milk to
feed the child. A baby instinctively knows how to
suck the nipples to get the milk out. It is the best
food for a baby until the baby is big enough to start
eating real food.

David thought for a moment and said may I try to suck
your tits? I said yes until your dad and Cyndi come
down, but it is still way too early for them to start
making milk. It will be several months yet before
they start. Then you can get a taste of the milk
before the baby is born.

A few minutes later, Ken came into the kitchen
carrying Cyndi. He said that she was so sore that she
could not walk. He sat her in her chair and she
smiled, saying mom you were right, it did hurt a lot,
but then after you left, master and I talked for a
while and then he fucked me again. It still hurt
some, but then we did it again about midnight, and
this time there was no pain. Our master really is a
wizard under the sheets. She looked at Ken and said I
love you, and I want you to fuck me every night until
I get pregnant.

After breakfast, Ken told Cyndi and David to get
ready to go to the tutor, and he would drop them off
on his way to the office. While they were gone, he
looked at me and said, my love, you seem to be out of
sorts this morning. What is wrong? Nothing that I
have a right to complain about, I answered. You have
the right to talk to me about anything, so tell me.
Master I said slaves do not have a right to disagree
with a master. Kent then said; yes you’re my slave,
but you are still my wife and you have the right to
tell me when something is bothering you, so tell me.

If you say so my loving husband/master. I am not
complaining about you fucking Cyndi last night, but
where you did it. It seems to me that you should have
taken her in her own room, and not in mine ..er our
room. Ken laughed and said is that all? I said yes.
You are right, I should have taken her in her room
and from now on I will. It was completely thoughtless
of me to take her in your bedroom. I am sorry and it
will not happen again. However never again keep
something like this from me. As my wife/slave, you
have power over everyone except me and even some
power over me.

Thank you my master for those words, and I will try
to live up to your expectations of me. I do love you
truly, my husband/master.

Shortly after Ken and the kids left, Kara arrived to
give me more training. I said mistress Kara, before
we begin, may I ask a question? Yes slave you may
ask, she answered.

As a slave/wife, how much authority do I have in our
household? I ask. She answered that is some of the
training that you must have, so we will go over that

First a little history. Before your husband was born,
when his father was a young man, he and his wife and
6 of their friends decided that they would play a
game where the women were to be the slaves of their
husbands. After a month or so of the game, all of the
players, men and women, decided that they liked
living this way. Being very wealthy, they were able
to get some laws passed making it legal for a wife to
declare that she was to be a legal slave to her
husband in all matters. The group then started this
association, as a guiding entity for those who wanted
to join. Many rules were set up for this association.
Several other associations sprang up later, and there
are 5 in this city alone.

To join, you had to be married first, then the wife
had to declare that she was the slave of her husband.
Later it was changed to include people like you who
had the marriage and slave declaration in the same
ceremony. Somewhere along the way, we started to call
each unit a slave family. Some of the rules were: all
male children were to be masters in training. All
female children were to be slaves in training.

They were to be trained in how to act at home and in
public. After a short time, the association added
female masters, and slave husbands. (in these
family’s the children’s roles were reversed). Later
when some family’s had more girls than they had boys,
provisions were made to sell if you will the girls to
a family with more boys (legality this was gotten
around by the girls volunteering to live with the
other family.) The money that changed hands was
justified as the cost of raising the child.

A paid position was created in the association for
someone to train new slaves in the ways of the
association. That is where my authority comes from. I
am bound by the rules like anyone else. Your husband,
is the head of the association.

A question mistress; I said. Kara said ask it. I said
what about my husband’s ex-wife? How does that fit
into everything? She explained; when David was 4
years old, she objected to the start of his training.
Specify that he was allowed to play with her at any
time he wanted. She would not let him touch or even
see her tits, and her pussy was off limits to both
him and her husband.

She was counseled by both Ken and I about the
association rules, and she said that she no longer
wanted to be a member. She said she still loved Ken
but she would not continue to be a slave. In order to
obtain a divorce, she agreed that David would live
with her with no alimony or child support, until such
time the either she or Ken remarried. Upon
remarriage, the one who did so first would then take
final custody of David. If she remarried first Ken
would give up all rights to David, and if Ken
remarried first, she would give up all rights to
David. The minute that you and Ken got married, David
became your child.

Mistress thank you so much for that explanation. I
now feel better about teaching David.

So much for history, now to answer your original
question this is the way it works:

1. Master Has absolute authority over everyone in the

2. Wife/slave Has absolute authority over everyone
except Master

3. Master in Training has authority over all slaves
and Masters in training younger than himself.

4. Slaves have no authority at all.

Therefor in your slave/family, you have authority
over both David and Cyndi, and David has authority
over Cyndi. When your child is born, if it is a boy,
he will have authority over Cyndi, as he gets older,
and if it is a girl, she will have no authority at

I hope that this clears your mind. From what I have
seen of you, you will make a great slave/wife. Your
drive to do what has been required of you by Ken and
myself is very commendable, and should continue.

You should ask Ken to let you attend the next
association meeting and see if you would like to get
involved in its governing system. There are several
positions that you could qualify for. Such as I ask?
It is better that you attend and then figure it out
with Ken’s help.

Just before Kara left, the kids came home from the
tutors. I ask if they had any homework, and Cyndi
said yes a little, and David said no. Cyndi then said
David you lied to our mother, shame on you. I ask
David what Cyndi meant, and he grinned and said yes
but I do not have to tell you anything, as I am a
master in training and you are just a slave/wife.
Cyndi then spoke up and said you must do what our
mother tells you to do. David said why did you tell
on me? Cyndi then said I knew you were lying, and I
if I did not speak up, I would get the same
punishment that you will get when our master finds

I then said David do your homework, now, and I will
forget what you did, if not your master will hear of
your disobedience, and he will punish you. Currently
you have to do what our master and I say. Kara spoke
up and said David, do you know who I am? Yes you are
the trainer for new slaves. She said I also punish
those who do not follow the rules and your
slave/mother spoke the truth. She is giving you a
second chance, so do not blow it. With that she left
the house.

Later when Ken came home, he ask how things went
today. I told him about the discussion that Kara and
I had. Anything else happen? He ask. No just the
usual, master, I said. He smiled, winked at me and
said whats to eat? I joked well there might be some
micro baby juice you can lick up. He laughed and said
not enough nourishment in that, what else do you
have? I said well there is probable quite a bit of
slave/daughter cum available. I will save that for
later he said, so I said then you are going to have
to eat spaghetti and meat balls. Good enough he said.

I called the kids in for supper, and when they got
in, they looked like they had been buried under a ton
of dirt. I told David to go wash up and make sure you
clean your face, hands and your dick they look
atrocious. I looked at Cyndi and said have you been
pouring grass on your tits? They look like they have
been rubbing on the ground all afternoon, and you
still have not shaved your pussy hair as master told
you to do. You both must be clean before you can eat
and if it is not in 15 minutes then you will just
miss your supper tonight.

You are being a little hard on them are you not?
Master if you want to fuck your daughter with a dirty
pussy and grass stains on her tits, then countermand
my decision. He said I have no intentions of
countermanding your decision. He then came over to me
and kissed me, put his hand on my stomach and said
Little one your mom is great, and we love you very
much. Then he put two fingers in my pussy and said a
little playtime before supper, at least until the
kids get clean. A little while later we heard the
kids coming back and he pushed his fingers in as far
as they would go for a few seconds, and then sat at
the head of the table.

Once everyone was setting down, Ken said, We are
going to dispense with titles, while there is no one
here but us, but in public and when we any visitor’s
titles will be used. I will be called Dad, slave/wife
will be called Mom, Master in training will be called
David and slave will be called Cyndi. It will shorten
conversations, somewhat. Now David, or Cyndi, do
either of you have anything to tell me?

David said nothing that I know of. Cyndi lowered her
head and whispered to David something. Ken said
Cyndi, if you have something to say, say it for all
of us to hear. David said she is trying to keep me
out of trouble, and Mom you promised not to tell. Ken
then said, David your mother has not said anything to
me about you being in trouble. She has kept her
promise. Now what are you talking about?

David said, when I came home from school, mom ask if
I had any homework, and I said no. Then Cyndi told
her I did have homework, and that she was not going
to get into trouble because I lied. She just now
reminded me that she would have to tell if I did not.
Is that all Ken ask? No then I told mom that I was a
master in training and that she was just a slave and
I did not have to do what she told me to do.

She then told me that if I did not do what she told
me to do then I would get punished when you came
home. Mistress Kara was still here and she told me
that I was required to do anything that slave/mom
told me to do. Mom said that if I did the work now
without any more trouble that she would not tell you
about it.

Thank you son for telling the truth, even if you had
to be reminded by your sister to do so. You now are
only in trouble for trying to get by without telling
me. And by the way mom did not say anything to me, so
she did keep her promise. After supper, I will tell
you of your punishment.

After supper, Ken ask David, what do you think your
punishment should be? David thought for a while and
said, you have never punished me before so I am not
sure what would be appropriate. What is your favorite
thing to do, when you get home from school, Ken ask?
I like to play in the yard with Cyndi and I like to
play with mom’s tits, David answered. Ken then said
David, for the next two weeks, when you get home from
school, you will go to your room and stay there alone
until supper time, unless mom has something that she
wants you to do. But dad, that’s a long time David
said. Yes said Ken, but not telling the truth is a
very bad thing, and trying to hide it from me is even
worse. Be glad I am not going to whip you.

Time went on, and I had my first baby. It was a son
and we named it George, after my father. By the time
Cyndi had her baby girl, I was pregnant again.
Cyndi’s daughter was named Katherine, after Ken’s
mother. Two months later Cyndi was pregnant again.

By the time David was 12, I had 2 more children and
Cyndi had one more. Ken and I took David to the
association slave market. Here slaves could be
traded, but not sold. As we were checking out what
was available, David saw a girl who was tied to a
large wheel. She was tied with each leg sped so that
her pussy was open for all to see. Her hands were
also spread above her head and a small pad was behind
her shoulders, which caused her tits to be pushed
forward to display them. She was a light chocolate
brown in color, and quite pretty. He ask Ken why she
was displayed that way, and he said let’s find out.

We went over to where she was displayed, and talked
to her father. He told us that she was something of a
rebel, and he would like male child to replace her
with, as he had to many girls. Kerry (the girl) was
15, and would be 16 in a couple of months. Ken said
my son seems to like her, but I have no extra male
children. The girl’s father said maybe we can make
some kind of a deal? Like what Ken ask? How about I
trade her for her first male child, after he is

Ken ask David if he would be willing to give up his
first baby boy in order to have the girl? David
thought for a while and said; yes I can do that, as
long as it is before I get to much attached to the
Ken then told the girl’s father to draw up the papers
for the transfer, and we would take the girl off his
hands. Her dad then locked a leash onto her collar,
saying that she had tried to run away a few times,
and this would make her easier to find if she tried
it again.

Ken handed the leash to David and said, she is yours,
so take good care of her. David took the leash and
told Kerry, please follow me. I will treat you with
kindness, as long as you do not give me a lot of
trouble. Kerry ask, master David, how old are you?
David said younger than you, but that is not a
problem. Why do you ask? My dad told you I was a
rebel, but that is because he wanted me to go with
much older men than himself, and I did not like that.
He also blamed me for my mother’s death. She died
giving birth to me. If you treat me with the respect
that I see in you and your father, I will not give
you any trouble.

We spent another hour looking at the different slaves
to be traded, but Ken did not find any others that he
wished to trade for.

Back at our compound, Ken told David to bring Kerry
to the meeting room, and to get some cutters so I can
remove the collar that she is wearing. Once he had
cut off her collar, he put on a new one, and said to
her, this collar identifies you as my slave. It
cannot be removed without the special laser cut key
that I have. To take this collar off without my
special key, would cost you your life. It cannot be
cut without being taken off.

Kerry, you are now officially my slave. I will put
you in servitude to my son David. David your job is
to get Kerry pregnant. Kerry you will allow David
complete access to your body at any time he wishes.
Once you have had your first male child, and it is
delivered to your father, then I will father your
next child, and you will become available to any
other of my male children. Is this clear? Yes master
Ken she said. Ken then said if you try to get away
from here you will be severely disciplined. However
if you submit to our will, you will be treated with
respect and courteous. Master Ken, she replied, I
will try very hard to please everyone here. If I need
discipline, and it is reasonable and right, you will
have no problem with me.

Ken then ask David; have you started producing sperm?
David answered, yes but not much yet. At this stage
it should be really potent, so I want you to fuck
Kerry here and now in front of all of us. Kerry said
that would be very embarrassing to me. Ken said that
I know, but it is the practice of this compound that
all new slaves are to be fucked in front of the
adults that form this council.

After this time, it will be up to David as to the
time and place that he fucks you. You should also
know that he is encouraged to talk about what he and
you like when fucking and that is so that myself and
the others that may fuck you in the future will know.
For the first few weeks, the two of you are
encouraged to try as many different positions as
David wants. David, tell Kerry what you want to try
now in front of us, and then do it.

Eleven months later, Kerry gave birth to twin boys.
The first one out of her womb was named Adam, and the
second one was named Bill. Adam would be given to her
father in 4 months, to pay for Kerry, and Bill would
become one of the family. In the meantime, both Cyndi
and I had given birth again. Ken was keeping the two
of us pregnant. Now however since David was producing
sperm, and had fathered the twins, Ken began to fuck
Kerry and had her pregnant again. David now had
access to both Cyndi and me.

For the next 4 years the three of us gave birth to 3
babies each, with both Ken and David being the

Last year, Ken and David were killed in an accident
on the highway. At that time I became the head of the
family and by default, head of the association.

In accordance with the association rules, I had 5
years to find another husband. If I found one, and
married him, he would become the association leader,
and the family if he was a dominant male. If he was a
submissive male, I would retain leadership of the
association, and the family.

I now have 4 years left. I am still looking. Maybe
you reading this story might want to try to replace
Ken. I would prefer a submissive, however I will not
rule out a dominant male.

A Bitch Gets Bred (FFM, nc, beast, swingers, bd)

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This story is about me as well as my ‘now’ ex-wife
discovering a new sexual experience beyond what we had
ever planned for. My ex-wife Kandi and I had been
married for over 2 years. I was 21 when we met and Kandi
was 26. The sexual experience with the age difference
was a huge turn on for me. Kandi had two children from a
previous relationship, although you would have never
known by her figure or her hot super tight pussy –
thanks to C sections. She had smaller breast like a
small B cup, with a narrow waist that lead into her
amazing hips.

Like I said, we were together for over two years when
our relationship started to fall apart. Like a foolish
couple we thought marriage would solve the problems. We
were still having sex about every other day to daily
regardless of our feeling toward the other at that

We had a very close friend that we were very open with
and sought her advice. Stephanie and Kandi had known
each other since they were kids. Stephanie did help us
get some of our problems out in the open. She was so
open with her sexuality it was an experience just
talking about sex so comfortably that I had never had
with any of my own intimate relationships.

Over the next few weeks Kandi, Stephanie began having
threesomes. It might sound odd, but Steph really was
trying to help along our relationship.

Right around a month since we started allowing Stephanie
to guide us down a new sexual horizon. Stephanie later (
after the experience) told me that Kandi was going to
give up and was thinking of seeing one of her old ex-
boyfriends the following weekend. That I have been
having sex with Steph to was a fair trade.

Friday night came and the three of us went out to the
bars. Kandi was being terrible, getting drunk and
hitting on guys in front of me. She even was talking
down to her childhood friend. Steph said, “That’s it, if
you’re going to act like a bitch, you’re going to get
treated like one.”

So when we got her back to Stephanie’s house – Kandi was
still being rude and horny – Steph had us role play as
her slaves and after both of us performed oral-sex on
her at same time taking turns licking her ass, she made
me tie Kandi up, face down with a little slack in her
legs. Steph then said, “Get in front of her face and
make her suck your dick.” This bitch knew my cock well
and could deep throat my 7-inches balls deep.

Steph started to stick pillows under Kandi stomach
lifting her ass up then she started fucking her with
dildos Kandi loved it. Steph left the room and then came
back with Boo.. Boo was a big boy about 100lbs. Sheppard
X ? He was about 9 years old and not a handsome dog at
all. Just a loyal farm mutt she got in high school. He
was grey but still energetic for his age.

Steph didn’t hesitate to put Boo on Kandi I got out from
in front of Kandi pulling my cock right out her mouth, I
was too late. I said what the fuck, are you serious. No.
Once Kandi realized Boo was on top her she yelled, “Get
him off me! Steph get him off me!” in a higher shrill
tone. Then when she felt his prick jabbing at her pussy
slit she screamed and begged. “NO! NO! PLEASE! HELP ME!”
until it was too late.

Steph lined the dog’s prick up and gave him a little
push. Boo Wrecked her had never seen a dogs full erect
penis until after penetration.. I will NEVER forget the
sound. I didn’t know about a dog’s dick growing. I
thought she was getting fucked by this average sized
dick that was red. It was about 90 seconds of him
pounding her until he stopped for the tie. Kandi moans
were for about ten second or less kind of like it felt
good and she was giggling like the drunk slut bitch she

In less than 30 seconds she was moaning and actually
enjoying herself. 30-60 seconds she was screaming
hardcore, I was watching in amazement as the woman I
married getting hammered by Boo with no way he was
letting go of her. 60-90 seconds was her not being able
to scream cause she was shaking from the shattering
orgasms she had. You could just here her breath rapidly
like not in her control but like someone
hyperventilating. He stopped humping and just stayed
mounted for a few moments then pulled out. Kandi was
half passed out from the pounding she took.

Stephanie told me she had trained Boo and Brutis for
years. But she lost a lot of weight and is down to a
hundred pounds. Her hips shrunk and she can’t handle boo
anymore. So he has been neglected for a couple months.
She could and did still enjoy Brutis. She also then told
me of Kandi plans. I was hurt, angry and was watching
revenge. I almost demanded she take Brutis next. I
didn’t let Kandi know I was informed on her secret plan.

Boo got off her after only a minute or so and Steph said
damn he was too excited to push his knot in. I saw a
decent sized bulge at the base of his rather impressive
cock it was noticeably larger than my own cock (. Cum
was spurting out the end. I said make her suck it!
Stephanie immediately said she doesn’t believe in that!
That’s for movies! A dog’s cock is gentle and the whole
thing is as sensitive as the head of a man’s penis. If
they don’t knot and finish it is best to let them go
down and get their full release when they had a break.
Steph explained how a dog fucks a girl and ties with

Steph’s views are that people have sex because an orgasm
feels good well a dog enjoys breeding cause the orgasm
feels good. Dogs love sex if they can have it. Stephanie
told me she wasn’t planning on using Brutis. She just
thought boo would knot my slut birch of a wife. (In the
background you could hear Kandi say Oh My God that was
huge..) I said is he going to be that big? She replied
to me I used to be a real fat girl so yes! she then lets
Brutis in and on Kandi.

Honestly I don’t have a clue to this day what was going
through Kandi mind at that time. She wasn’t exactly
willing but she knows she liked it. Brutis was fucking
this Slut bitch at a way faster pace than Boo he was a
Boxer. Brutis rammed his cock in her for a short time
until he knotted. This was my first full knot that I got
to saw. Kandi reached under to rub her clit as I was
watching, she started to cum at the same time Brutis
pulled out his knot. About the size of a cuttie orange.
Kandi body was liking what was happening to her.

Before you relate this experience to the videos I am now
forced to watch and I am sure you do as well… Understand
that Boo is old and this isn’t a movie. We aren’t
strangers there is no camera and some weird room. This
is these dogs home and there isn’t any pressure on them,
Kandi looked tired and drunk about to pass out. I know
she thought she took both dogs and was done. When Boo
decided he wanted more.

Stephanie put his cock in Kandi hot wet and abused cunt.
She really got raped by dogs because remember she is
still tied up with her ass propped up by pillows
completely helpless. This time she got the full force
and size of Boos huge cock. I was turned on and very
interested in dog-sex by this point my then wife already
had been knotted that night, but this time Boo didn’t
play around.

It was pure selfishness he fucked her as hard as he
could buried his dick all the way in her just to get his
own orgasm and pump his sperm into a bitch, he didn’t
care that she was past the point of consciously having
an orgasm. She went limp and just started looking like
she had the shivers, uncontrollably, he fucked her like
a rag doll and I loved it. I had never seen or known a
woman could have like violent uncontrollable orgasms
over and over, or could possibly get pounded this hard
ever. I looked at the woman I grew to hate, fucked
stupid and had a softball sized knot buried in her.

I love and will always remember the smile and look on
Boos face while he was dominantly standing over Kandi
buried deep. He looked at me like this is my BITCH, I am
going to pump her full of my dog sperm. I asked how big
he was Steph said he will keep getting bigger for a few
minutes with full tie. I asked then how big she said u
might not want to know…? I replied oh yes I do. I wanted
to know if he is so big how she can take it. So I
learned that the vagina stretches a lot past the opening
that’s how the tie happens. But Kandi is stretched to
her limits she can’t move, every pulse of cum he shoots
and throb he makes is causing her to have multiple full
body orgasms.

Stephanie got Boo to turn around so that Kandi and he
could lay down after I untied her from the bed post.
While stuck together butt to butt. Kandi passed out
while boo was locked inside of her. Boo laid on the bed
with his ass to my wife’s with his cock buried in her.
Steph Spread my wife’s legs, it was wet and sticky with
cum between her ass and thigh. A good amount of time
passed when Kandi asked if there was a reason he wasn’t
pulled out.

Steph was sweet and said, “Relax and enjoy.” She started
rubbing Kandi’s clit and Kandi quickly went over the
edge. I saw her pussy convulse and tighten around the
knot from her pussy lips. As she tightened his knot got
larger and I saw her pussy lips get pushed out like a

I learned so much about dog-sex that night. I learned
that when a dog is starting to shrink and pull out if a
girl can cum and squeeze on his knot he will swell back
up and keep producing sperm. Steph said he should be a
while. Kandi passed out with a dog tied to her pussy.
Then Stephanie and I fucked hardcore.

Breakfast was awkward and very quiet. Nothing was said
again. I moved out two weeks later and that’s history.

Busted (FF, MF, wife, masturbation, voyeur, threesome)

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I thought that my wife would be shopping with her
friend Tammy for a few hours, so I decided to take
advantage of the empty house and jerk off. I closed the
blinds in our bedroom, slipped out of my clothes and
popped a porno into the VCR. It was an amateur
production that I bought about a month back, but hadn’t
had the chance to watch. I like the amateur flicks
because the people are real, and don’t feel the need to
“perform.” They just fuck. Plain and simple.

The movie was called “3 On A Match-ress,” and was about
the typical male fantasy of 2 women having sex with
each other, and then a man sharing them both.

The people were all in their 20’s and good looking, and
that’s why I bought the film. Hey, what guy hasn’t had
fantasies about having a threesome?

I was about 15 minutes into the movie, lying on our
waterbed, stroking my cock when I heard the key in the
lock. The front door opened and I tried to find the
remote so I could shut the VCR off, not wanting to be
caught with my pants down. I frantically fumbled for
it, but just couldn’t locate it!

“I can’t believe I forgot my wallet!” came my wife’s
voice from the livingroom. “It’s probably in the…”
Just then, Kim reached the door to our bedroom. I
thought I was going to die of embarrassment, but at the
same time, I was insanely aroused.

Kim’s jaw dropped when she saw me lying there,
masturbating to a porno film.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

I just put my finger to my lip, motioning for her to be

After a long moment of silence, my wife said, “Tammy,
come here!”

I pulled the blanket up over my naked body so Tammy
wouldn’t see, and I desperately hoped she wouldn’t
figure out what I was doing.

“Huh?” came Tammy’s reply from the living room.

“I said come here! I think we walked in on Dan while he
was beating his meat.”

Since I couldn’t find the TV remote, the porno was
still playing on the VCR when Tammy joined my wife at
the door.

I glanced at the two women in the doorway, and tried to
look as innocent was I could, and noticed that they
were both absorbing the action on the TV. At this point
in the movie, the 2 women had disrobed each other, and
were making out on a couch, letting their hands and
fingers explore each other’s body. I have to say that
the action was hot, and I had a raging erection that
was making the comforter tent at my midsection.

“Does this sort of stuff turn you on, Dan?” Tammy

“Um, yeah, I guess.” came my reply.

“You guess? I’d say you KNOW!” my wife said, pointing
to my hard-on.

She had me there.

Tammy and Kim went back to watching the movie as I grew
more comfortable with this very unusual situation. I
even had the courage to reach one hand under the
comforter and begin stroking my cock again.

On the TV, one woman was now sitting on the couch with
the other kneeling in front of her, eating her pussy.
Kim and Tammy seemed very interested in the action.

After a few minutes, Tammy excused herself, saying she
needed some fresh air. A minute or so later, Kim also
left the room. I went back to jerking off.

A minute or so later, my wife returned and sat down
next to me on the bed.

“I thought Tammy was pissed off, so I went after her to
calm her down, but it turns out she’s really turned on
by all this.” Kim said to me.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, it seems that she knows her husband masturbates,
but he always denies it. She isn’t mad at him for doing
it, but she is upset that he always lies about doing
it. She’s never seen a guy jerk off, and she just wants
to watch him.”

“Really?” I said, mischievously.

“Would you mind if she watched you?”

“Hell no! You know I like it when you watch, and you’ve
seen me do it dozens of times!”

“So she can come in?” Kim asked.

“Abso-fucking-lutely!” I said.

“There’s one more thing..” Kim said. “She also said
that watching those two women, well, it had an effect
on her. She said she’s always been a little curious…”


“And to tell the truth. So have I,” Kim said, looking
right in my eyes.

“Wait a minute.” I said, trying to grasp this unusual
turn of events. “Are you trying to say that, you and
Tammy? And me?”

“Well, not quite. You can’t touch her. She’s a married
woman, after all!”

My cock was huge and throbbing.

“It’ll just be me and her. If that’s okay. Is that

I just smiled.

“Okay, I think we need to clean up. You just get ready.
And why don’t you rewind the flick?” Kim asked.

Kim stood and left the room and gave me a wink over her

She went into the living room and chatted with Tammy
for a few minutes. I finally found the remote I had
been looking for earlier and rewound the tape. Just
then, Tammy and Kim appeared at the door and told me
she and Tammy were going to get clean. As they stood in
the hallway, Kim suggested they get undressed, and said
something about how I just loved to watch her undress.

Kim went first, and pulled her shirt over her head and
then undid her jean shorts, and slid them down over her
hips and kicked them off. My gorgeous wife then pulled
her canvas shoes off and took off her socks. She now
stood in the hallway in a sexy black bra and matching
black panties. My cock was growing even harder. Tammy
gave Kim an awkward look, and then pulled her tight
black shirt over her head and threw it on the floor.
She wasn’t wearing a bra, and I could see her nipples
were sticking straight up.

Tammy then pulled her shorts off, and was left standing
there almost naked.

Kim made a move to undo her bra, but Tammy stopped her,
saying, “Here. Let me get that for you.” as she
unsnapped my wife’s bra. Tammy mad sure to give Kim’s
breasts a little squeeze as she did so.

I was certainly enjoying this!

Tammy dropped to her knees and hooked her fingers in
the waistband of Kim’s panties, and pulled them down in
one swift movement. Her face was mere inches from my
wife’s snatch, but didn’t do anything but stand up.
Tammy them removed her own panties, and Kim grabbed her
hand and led her into out bathroom, making sure she
closed the door behind them. I heard the shower come to
life and could only imagine what was happening behind
those doors.

As the girls showered, I became more bold and threw the
comforter off the bed, and lay completely exposed. I
didn’t want to restart the movie until they could join
me, so I grabbed a dirty magazine from the nightstand
and thumbed through it as I waited. My prick was as
hard as granite as I stroked it, and in my self
gratification, I hadn’t noticed the shower shut off. I
glanced over the top of the magazine to see Kim and
Tammy standing there, both completely naked.

I suppose now would be a good time to describe Kim and
Tammy. My wife Kim is 5 foot 9 and has blonde hair and
the sexiest green eyes. Her long legs seem to reach to
her neck, and her breasts are full and firm, with the
most gorgeous pink nipples.

I had always been attracted to Tammy, and now she was
naked in front of me!

Tammy is shorter than my wife, about 5 foot 3, and has
very dark, short hair, matching eyebrows and big,
seductive brown eyes. Tammy’s body was slice of heaven
- a trim, narrow waist, small breasts and nice wide,

Kim and Tammy’s bodies were dripping wet, and their
hair was plastered to their heads.

I’ve always thought that a woman was at her most
beautiful after just having taken a shower. These two
women just proved that theory!

“Do any of those women in that mag look as good as we
do?” my wife asked me.

“Shit no,” I said as they struck cheesy fashion model

“Can I see it?” Tammy asked. “My husband reads these,
but never lets me see ‘em.”

I handed her the magazine, and continued stroking my

Tammy sat on the edge of the bed and paged through the
magazine as Kim wiggled up on the bed so she was lying
next to me.

She read through the magazine for a few minutes and
then asked me if I jerked off often.

“Oh, probably once every other day.” was my answer.

“Rob jerks off too, but won’t own up to it. I’d love to
watch him, but he’s too shy.”

Tammy explained. “Do you mind? I’d like to see.”

I just nodded and went to work.

“He loves it when I watch,” Kim told Tammy. “And he
loves dirty talk. If you talk dirty to him, he’ll blow
a HUGE load!”

“Come on, Dan. I want to see you cum.” Tammy took her
cue and began the nasty talk.

“Is it hard, Dan? I’d touch it, but I’m a married
woman. Rob would be pissed if he knew I was feeling
your cock. I would like to feel it though. It looks so
nice. I’d love to run my fingers down the shaft and
play with your balls.” Tammy and her dirty talk was
starting to get to me!

“Oohhhhh. You know what I’d really love to do?”

I grunted a “huh?”

“I’d love to lick your nuts while you stroke your
prick. You’d love the heat of my tongue on you balls!
Would you like that? I bet you would!”

Tammy crawled on the bed and kneeled between my legs,
her face just inches from my cock.

“I’d even suck your balls into my hot mouth, one at a
time, and when you came, I’d let you shoot all that hot
creamy cum on my tongue…mmmmm. I love the taste of

I love swallowing Rob’s hot cum.”

I’d had enough and began stroking harder and faster. I
reached the point of no return and my orgasm took
control of my body. I surprised even myself, and shot a
rope of cum about a foot high. It fell back down and
coated my chest.

“My, my, my. You sure do cum a lot! Look at all of it!”
Tammy marveled at the jizz puddling on my belly.

“That was so hot!” my wife said as I panted and
recovered from my masturbation session.

“I feel like such a voyeur!”

“That was pretty hot!” Tammy chimed in. “Thanks for
letting me watch!”

“My pleasure. Really.” I joked.

We all sat there for a few minutes until Tammy piped
up, “So, when does the matinee start?,” nodding towards
the TV.

I just handed her the remote.

She hit <<PLAY>>, and then asked if she could join us
on the bed. Kim just smiled and patted the bed next to
her as a silent invitation. Tammy crawled next to her,
so the arrangement was me on the left, my wife in the
middle, and Tammy on the right side of our waterbed.

The movie started and we all watched in silence. The
two attractive women in the movie shyly kissed one
another, then took each other clothes off, and felt
each other up. My prong was starting to get hard again,
and I decided to speak up.

“So, does this sort of thing turn you on?” I asked the

The both giggled and Tammy spoke first. “Every woman
fantasizes about it.
Right Kim?”

“Sure. Only a woman knows what a woman wants. I like
when you eat me, Dan, but I can only wonder what
another woman could do…”

The two women in the movie were now engaged in a 69,
hungrily slurping away at each other.

I felt bold and said to my wife, “How about a
comparison test?”

“Huh?” she said.

“Let me eat you out for a little bit, and then Tammy
can give it a go. That way you can see, and feel, the

“Tam, how does that sound to you?” said Kim.

One look at Tammy and we knew the answer. She was
rubbing her breasts with one hand, and massaging her
pussy with the other.

“I’d like that,” she said. “You first Danny boy.”

I got up from lying there, and crawled between my
wife’s legs. I slowly kissed my way up her thighs,
giving a lick here and there, and kissed her beautiful
pussy hair. Kim was looking down at me with loving and
lustful eyes, playing with my hair. I kissed around her
nether region and went for broke. I began licking her
clit with teasing strokes, and fingered her at the same
time. Kim was moaning and Tammy had crawled over and
was closely watching what I was doing. Her hand was on
my wife’s thigh, and was within inches of her pussy. I
continued my licking, and sped up the pace. I also
began nibbling at her clit and was wriggling my finger
around in her tight snatch. After about 10 minutes of
my pussy-eating, Kim was beginning to arch her back and
I could tell she was close as her breaths grew shorter.
After a few minutes, Kim cried out “Ohhhhh. Cumming.
Cumming. Mmmmm.” With that, she tensed up, and then
slowly relaxed. She continued stroking my hair and
said, “My, that was good!”

Tammy was still at my wife’s side, rubbing her hand up
and down her thigh.

“I guess it’s my turn. You ready?” Tammy asked Kim.

“Mmmm hmmm!” Kim replied.

“I’m a bit nervous.” said Tammy as she positioned
herself between my lovely wife’s legs.

“I’ve never done this. I feel so nasty! But I kind of
like this slutty feeling. I wish Rob could be here.”

Kim piped up, “Maybe he can be.”

“What?” Tammy said.

Kim just smiled her nasty smile and picked up the
phone. “Let’s just give him a call, shall we?” as she
dialed Rob and Tammy’s phone number. “I’ll do the
talking, you do the licking.”

With that, Tammy got in real close to my wife’s
treasure, and timidly began eating her pussy.

“Hi Rob. This is Kim. Good. You? No, there’s nothing
wrong, Tammy is right here. Uh huh. Nope. Never made it
shopping. I’d put her on the phone, but she’s between
my legs, licking my pussy. No. Seriously! She’s on our
bed, between my legs, eating me out! No, Rob, I’m not
kidding. Here, listen…” Kim said as she put the phone
down near Tammy’s wagging tongue. I could here Rob’s
faint voice saying, “…hello? Tammy?” from the

“See Rob? You want to talk with her? I’m sorry, she
can’t come to the phone now, she’s busy making me cum.
Bye Rob.” Kim hung the phone up.

Tammy was licking up a storm, and my wife was beginning
to really heat up. Her breaths were coming in shorter
gasps, and I could see her chest getting flushed. She
was inches away from having her second orgasm.

Meanwhile, my cock was rock hard again, watching my
wife’s friend performing cunnilingus on my beautiful
Kim. I absentmindedly went back to stroking my growing

Tammy stopped licking long enough to say to Kim, “You
know what drives me crazy, and sends ME over the top,
every time?”

Kim was in no shape to answer, so she just shook her

“This.” Tammy replied. She inserted her finger in Kim’s
snatch, lubed it up, and slowly snaked into her anus.

Kim was really panting now, and Tammy’s finger wiggling
in her ass drove her over the top. “Oh, god. Oh god oh
god oh god oh god oh god, mmmmph! Uh uh, uhhhhhh God!!

Yeah!” she screamed. What a noisy orgasm!

Kim’s breathing returned to normal, and she caressed
Tammy’s head, which was still between her legs,
gingerly kissing her pussy.

“So, how was it?” I asked Tammy.

“Mmmm. She was tasty! I wasn’t sure if I’d like the
taste, but I do! How was it baby?”

“Nice. It was different than Dan, but it was great! You
have different styles. Dan was more aggressive, and you
were more. I don’t know. Sensitive. Like you knew
exactly what I wanted.”

I had to interrupt. I’d come this far, so I figured I’d

“Kim, why don’t you pleasure Tammy? I mean, she made
you feel good, and since I can’t touch her…”

I expected to get slapped, but Kim agreed! My fantasy
would now become a reality!

Seeing my wife eating another woman out!

As Kim and Tammy changed places, the phone rang. I told
Tammy to answer it, since we all knew it was for her

“Hello Rob.” she said as she picked up the phone. “Yes,
I was. No, I’m not shitting you.

Yep! I was eating Kim out. It’s a long story. I’ll tell
you everything when I get home.

Well, now Kim is licking me. Yeah, he’s here. He let me
watch him while he jerked off.

Uh huh. Nice! Big! Listen honey, I gotta go. I’ll tell
you everything when I get there.

Yes. And Rob? I’m gonna fuck you silly ! Ok? Bye.”
I was certainly enjoying this scene. My gorgeous Kim,
on her knees, eating out Tammy.

“How is she?” I asked Kim.

She really was getting into her first foray into
girl/girl sex, and didn’t answer me, but I could tell
she was loving it!

After about 20 minutes of pussy eating, Tammy was
nearing the brink. She screamed when her orgasm washed
over her body, and she kept grinding her vagina into my
wife’s face. Kim just tried to hold on and to maintain
tongue-to-pussy contact as Tammy came.

When Tammy came back to reality, Kim crawled up her
body and began kissing her passionately. The two rolled
around for a few minutes in each others arms, when Kim
came up for air long enough to order me to fuck her.

“I want Tammy to watch us! Oh god, Dan. I’m soooo
fucking hot! Fuck me!
Now! Fuck me in front of Tammy!!”

Kim spread her legs and pulled me onto, and into her.
Her pussy was sopping wet, and I slid in easily.

“Fuck me Dan! Fuck me! Gimme your cock. Fuck me with
that great big, hard cock!”

I was pumping away for all I was worth, but knew I was
close to spewing my spunk.

Tammy was talking dirty and Kim and I were being
watched in this most intimate of acts, which added up
to my arousal level getting the best of me. I held onto
my wife’s hips and kept sliding my cock in and out of
her slick pussy, watching as it disappear and then
reappear over and over again.

“Cum on her tits, Dan!” Tammy said. “I want to see your
cum all over her nice tits and belly. And you know what
I’m gonna do Dan?”

I shook my head no.

“I’m gonna lick it all up! I’m gonna lick up all of
your hot cum! You already know how much I love the
taste of hot, salty cum.”

That was it. I pulled out of my wife and jerked my rod
until my white hot cum shot forth, coating Kim’s tits
and belly. I was grunting and groaning, and true to her
word, Tammy bent down and cleaned up all of my cum from
my wife’s body. She sucked as much up as she could, and
then started licking up the rest from Kim’s body. What
a nasty, sexy sight!

We all crashed on our bed for awhile, regaining our
strength. When Kim and I woke up, Tammy was gone. She
called us later that night and invited us over for
dinner and drinks with her and Rob the next night. We
can’t wait to see what happens then!