Video Games by Carole Wilson

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Chapter 1

“For some reason,” began Frank Edwards tilting his beer glass to his
lips and thinking of Stephan’s voluptuous blonde wife, “I don’t think
your wife likes me.”

“Aw, come on, Frank,” assuaged Stephan, slapping his brother on the
shoulder. “It’s not that she doesn’t like you, it’s just that she’s,
shall I say, ‘awed’ by you.”

“Awed?” asked Frank quizzically.

“Yeah, that’s it. There’s a mystique about movie people, you know,
especially film directors, and I guess she just feels uncomfortable
because of …”

“Because I make films of naked women’s tits and asses, you mean,” added
Frank with a note of finality.

Resting his elbows on the patio table, Stephan nodded his head and then
drained his glass.

Frank flashed a glance in the direction of Bunny, the white-haired
actress who now sat on the edge of the swimming pool, dangling her
lithe tanned legs in the blue sparkle of water, her huge tits straining
at the thin covering of her bikini top. With a look of confidentiality,
Frank leaned forward. “You know what you ought to do, Stephan?”

Stephan leaned closer with a subtle movement, barely detected; there
was something about taking advice from a younger brother that bordered
on humility. “What?”

“You oughta use my new Polaroid instant movie camera and take some good
films of Gillian …”

“What do you mean? We’ve got a lot of family pictures!”

“No, no.” Frank shook his head smiling. “I don’t mean family movies, I
mean fun movies. You know …” Frank narrowed his eyes, a wicked little
glint sparkling in them.

Stephen leaned back in his patio chair, trying to assume the attitude
of a calm, relaxed, and satisfied husband, but a shudder of excitement
shot through him and he felt his cock jerk as he fixed his eyes on the
figure of the bikini-clad actress at the edge of the pool, stretching
out her ripe young body to catch the first rays of sunshine. He tried
to imagine how she would look naked, posing lewdly for his brother.
Would she giggle and run her own finger lewdly around her huge titties
to get them all hard and puckery? Would she undress in front of him
with slow, cock-teasing movements, or would she prefer the privacy of a
dressing room to strip down for the fuck-film she was about to make?

“Cameras,” Stephan shook his head. “I don’t know beans about cameras.
Christ, I’m lucky if I can get both feet and the head in the picture.”
He chuckled to himself, but it was a chuckle of curiosity, reflected in
his probing gaze fixed on the sunglass-rimmed orbs of his brother. Then
Stephan leaned forward again, his body language speaking for him.

“Listen, Bunny and I just came back from doing a fuck-film for some
dude in Manhattan. Got all my camera equipment with me in the trunk of
the car. Be back in a flash.”

Stephan watched the erect figure of his brother disappear around the
corner of the house and heard the creaking of a car trunk opening. With
his back resting against the chair and his hands folded in his lap, the
successful young executive drifted off into reveries of what it would
be like to be a movie director. Secretly, he’d always envied his
younger brother for his artistic flair and his ability to direct
action. On rare occasions he’d seen him at work in the studio and was
amazed at how the young man could stimulate actresses into expression,
often by getting into the poses himself, and, through encouragement and
lewd, obscene comments, put the actresses completely at ease to bring
out the sensuality of their body movements. How a married man gets away
with it, I’ll never know, he sighed. Stephan heard the thud of the car
trunk closing and in seconds his brother returned, a camera and monitor
in his arms.

The metal chair legs of the wrought-iron lawn furniture scraped against
the cement as Frank set the film equipment on the table and pulled his
chair up.

“This is the newest Polaroid camera. It’s the simplest thing in the
world to use, like using regular super 8 film. All you have to do is
put the cartridge in, aim and take the film! In sixty seconds your film
has developed in the cartridge, then you just drop it in the viewer.”
He demonstrated with a quick pass of the yard and his brother finishing
his beer. Sixty seconds later an awed Stephan sat grinning at the clear
moving images of the yard and himself drinking from his beer mug.

“Jesus! I’m going to have to get one. This is great!”

“And here’s the tripod and the timer,” explained Frank. “It allows you
to be in your own films.” He held it up and showed how it operated.
“See, you set this thing for up to fifteen seconds, then get in range
and the camera films your picture. Then, one minute later, you have
your movie automatically.”

Christ, thought the older brother, I wonder if Gillian would let me
take pictures of us fucking. Maybe if I ease her into it. I’d sure like
to ask Frank for pointers on how he gets all these women to strip for
him, but I’m the older brother. I’m supposed to be the one with all the

“I don’t use this movie camera for anything except fun–you know, in
the studio when I want some film for my own, you know some real hot
chick really getting a fucking. Keep it over the weekend and see if you
like it.” He jabbed his brother with a pointed elbow, “See what goodies
you can add to the family movies.”

Stephan’s eyes narrowed, not certain of what his brother was

“Use the movie camera in the bedroom!” the movie director said and then
started to laugh. “Get some real nice candid shots of the ol’ lady’s
tits and ass.”

“What?” Stephan feigned surprise.

“You mean you didn’t think of the possibilities?” was the reply.
“That’s the beauty of this instant movie camera. You don’t have to take
the film in to be processed if you want a shot of a few naked tits,
it’s all your own business.” He nudged Stephan with his elbow again and
winked. “See what I mean?”

Stephan could feel his face redden. Sure, he knew what his brother was
talking about; he wasn’t stupid! But he knew Gillian would never
consent to be photographed naked, like she was some centerfold in a
man’s magazine!

“I know what you’re thinking, Stephan and believe me, once Gillian gets
into it, she’ll be the one to get off the most. I’ve seen it happen a
million times! Christ, I ought to know! Women love having males stare
at their naked tits and cunts. God, once they get over the initial
embarrassment, nothing, and I mean nothing holds them back. Gillian’ll
get so hot she’ll be beggin’ for you to fuck her pussy … and film
movies at the same time.”

Frank’s lewd implications burned his brain and he was suddenly ashamed
of himself for ever thinking of asking his wife to pose nude for him.
He liked screwing, loved fucking his wife’s hot little pussy … but
there was a limit. Some things had to be kept private. Yet his emotions
were ambivalent. The high principled resolve not to hurt his wife’s
strict sense of modesty was suddenly enshrouded by an exciting little
curiosity. Maybe … just maybe, his brother was right.

Although the Edwards were a happily married couple whose respect for
each other had sometimes become almost stifling, a fact that he was
just beginning to admit to himself, their physical relationship did
need a shot in the arm. Maybe this camera would be the magic potion
that would accomplish it.

“Got to go now,” Frank interrupted his brother’s thoughts. “Taffy and I
are going to a party in the village tonight. Gonna be a real swingin’

Gillian came home a few hours later, thankful that Frank’s car was no
longer in the driveway. With her blonde hair washed, conditioned, and
curled, Gillian emerged from the car beaming, knowing her husband would
be well pleased with her appearance and the new dress she had bought
that boldly revealed her lusty billowing tits.

Stephan was standing at the bar, fixing himself another drink when his
wife walked proudly into the house, her loosely curled blonde hair
resting sensuously on the fullness of her scantily covered tits.

“Hey! What have we here?” he beamed, taking a sip of his scotch and
water and retreating to the bar to mix one for his sexy-looking wife
who stood anxiously awaiting his compliments.

“Like it?” she asked haughtily, turning in half-circles to let him
feast his eyes on the backless cotton dress that clung softly to the
full curves of her ass and titties.

“You’re a natural model, you know that?” He handed her a drink and
stepped back to admire his wife. Goddamn, but she looks sexy with that
deep tan and her blonde hair framing her face and falling down across
her titties. A strange tingling in his cock began again and a slight
jerk told him that he was getting excited.

God! I’d love to take a film of her taking off … stop it, he told
himself … but still his brother’s lewd seed of a suggestion whirled
in Stephan’s mind, gathered momentum, and when he looked at his wife
seated on the couch with her legs crossed delicately at the ankles, he
couldn’t help but mentally strip her of her clothes and see her as if
she were in a film.

“Did you have a good visit with that brother of yours?” asked Gillian
with an air of defiance.

“Hey, come on,” urged Stephan, well accustomed to his wife’s berating
regarding his younger sibling. “I wish you’d get to know Frank better
… give him a chance, you know?” He sat down in the nearest chair, his
open shirt revealing the dark curls covering his chest.

“I don’t know how Taffy puts up with him.” Gillian shook her finger in
mock accusation at her husband. “If you ever started taking pictures or
movies of, of naked women, I’d ask for a divorce in seconds. Running
around with actresses all day and all night. What kind of a marriage is
that, anyway?” Her ice cubes rattled in her empty glass, and politely,
Stephan rose to fill it and then padding across the wall-to-wall
carpeting to where his blonde wife sat, handed her a refill, saying,
“Now darling you know better than that.” Those words had become a
ritual in discussions about Frank.

“Look here, Gillian.” He strolled over to the living room table and
picked up the instant Polaroid movie camera. “Frank left this for me to
try out. Take pictures and you don’t have to have them developed …”

“I know, Stephan,” interrupted his wife, “I’ve seen the ad on

Stephan was beginning to feel the effects of the last two scotches he’d
downed and his head was spinning with lustful dreams of his wife nude
and voluptuous on the bed, standing on the bedroom rug, stretched out
on the couch with her full, whitely billowing titties taut in their
nakedness and the soft golden hair of her cunt glistening in the
lamplight. Quickly he finished his drink to try to steady his nerves,
and mentally berated himself for such lascivious thoughts.

Besides, he knew damned well that if he ever dared to suggest that he
take films of her naked tits and pussy, his wife would be righteously
angry. Still the images came back to goad him on. He groaned silently,
feeling his prick suddenly begin to ache with anticipatory excitement.

“Would you like me to take a movie of you, Stephan?” Gillian was on her
feet approaching her husband who stood with the movie camera preciously
cradled in his hands, a faraway look glazing his eyes.

With a wide smile, she took it from his hands and with the smiling
command: “Say cheese,” bent her knees slightly, just enough to zoom in
on his face without cutting off his wisps of curly hair and shot a few
frames. They took turns then, taking movies of each other’s face
between drinks of scotch and water until they’d exhausted their
imaginations and n’s were suspiciously deleted from words and s’s
sounded more like drawled-out z’s.

“Let’s fool around with the movie camera some more,” suggested the
husband, a pulsing hardness in his cock now. He grinned at her,
realizing that the liquor had gotten to him, too. “You know, just a
couple of feet to put in our collection of home movies.”

“All right,” she said, going to the window overlooking the tree-lined
street and pulling the off-white drapes closed, shutting out the
reddish glow of the setting sun that was gradually sliding towards the
misty-colored hills on the horizon. Gillian came back over and sat down
on the couch. She crossed her legs and then placed her hands on her

“Right!” Stephan quickly shot a few innocent frames, but his mind was
on the ones he really wanted to take, where she would be lewdly naked,
her tits and ass in the air.

“How about moving your skirt up a little now?” he suggested casually.
“Let’s try a little funny cheesecake.”

“You’re starting to sound like your brother now,” she giggled, throwing
back her head–a shot that Stephan didn’t miss. “My … you should have
been an actress, darling. Missed your calling.” The film whirled again.

With a merry glow in her eyes, the young blonde inched her skirt up her
thigh towards her pussy, just enough to reveal her smooth, round knees.
“Do you think that will look all right?”

Stephan waved his hand as if to shrug off the worry. “Nobody’s gonna
see these but us anyway, baby. Go on, pull it up a little higher.”

“All right, if you want,” his pretty young wife replied, and bunched
the material in the folds of her waist.

I can tell he’s been under the influence of that brother of his, she
thought silently. But I’d never have the courage to do this if it
wasn’t for the three scotches and water I’ve consumed in the past hour.
Although the beautiful young woman did not want to admit it, alcohol
did seem to loosen her strict moral code … perhaps dangerously? No,
there wasn’t anything to worry about. If her own husband wanted a
picture of her like this, skirt tucked lewdly around her waist exposing
her long white thighs and the dark shadow of her pussy beneath her
panties, then why not?

“Promise me you won’t show any of these to your brother. I don’t want
him getting any idea that we approve of what he does.”

“Never,” he promised. He held his breath and took a few more seconds of
film. Then one minute later he sat down with her and put the developed
cartridge in the viewer and showed her the film. He found himself
breathing a little more heavily as he admired the smooth, firm swell of
her naked thighs as she sat almost nude from the hips down. The aching
built steadily in his cock; he quickly rose from the couch, trying to
hide the rapidly growing bulge.

“Look, let’s take some more, these things are really great,” laughed
Stephan who suddenly had an idea. “Lie back and put your legs slowly up
on the couch. That’s it,” he encouraged as he started the movie camera.
“Now lean back and arch your back so that your titties stand out nice
and big …”

She obeyed and Stephan kept shooting as she assumed a sexy pose.
“There! That’s it! Yes!”

Stephan stopped shooting and emptied the last of his melting ice into
his dry throat, while he waited for the film to develop. Gillian was
doing much more than he expected. He couldn’t wait to see just how far
she would go. A minute later he flipped the film into the viewer. “Hot
damn!” he said, chokingly under his breath. “That’s fantastic! Maybe I
could sell it to one of those shops, you know the quarter-a-peek ones!”
He loved to tease Gillian; she blushed so easily.

“Let me see,” demanded Gillian, and he rewound the film and turned the
viewer towards her. She gasped, never before having seen herself so
provocatively posed, so, so … sexy! Crimson crept up from her huge
tits and neck and enflamed her cheeks. “Stephan!” she gasped, but her
eyes refused to leave the image of her lewd pose. She was stretched out
on the sofa, her firm, ripely quivering tits straining against the thin
fabric of her sundress, her nipples evident under the thin fabric …
her lips glistening wetly where she had moistened them with her tongue
seconds earlier … her suntanned legs and thighs were exposed in all
their dark silkiness and there, beneath her skirt, shadowed and
mysterious, the dark triangle of her pussy arched as if it was just
waiting to be fucked.

“Stephan, that’s … that’s almost obscene!”

“I’ve got another in mind. This time get down on the carpet.”

“What?” she interrupted.

“Down on the carpet,” Stephan commanded hoarsely. “This time lie down
and lean forward.” He made a quick trip to the bar to refill his glass,
allowing Gillian time to get into position. “I want to see your big tan
tits this time,” he blurted in his excitement.

“Stephan! What would your mother say?” Yet, in spite of her initial
resistance, she did as he bid. For some unexplainable reason she was
caught up in a strangely mounting fever. A small, irrational tingling
started growing in her loins and inner thighs, and she could tell her
little cunt was beginning to respond to these lewd poses too. Already
she could feel the excited hot wetness of her pussy juices.

No! she thought, this is a wrong thing to be doing! But when she looked
up at the excited face of her husband, and then dropped her eyes to the
huge bulge evident in his thin summer pants, her pussy grew hotter than
before. He’s enjoying this, she concluded. God, he’s just like his
brother, but if it’s getting him excited I guess it’s all right. Maybe
that’s what’s making me feel all fluttery inside, too. I know it’s not
these obscene films that’s making me feel so hot. But I’m happy that
Stephan wants to fuck me so badly. Usually he just drinks his scotch
and falls asleep watching television, but if this keeps him interested
in me, then it’s fine with me.

Moving so as not to muss her hair, Gillian lay down on the thick
carpeting of the living room, leaning forward so that the full expanse
of her hugely billowing tits was in full view. With the soft pile of
the thick carpeting brushing her naked calves and thighs–she seldom
wore stockings except on the most formal occasions–Gillian realized
that she was becoming even more excited and that her nipples were
rising into tantalizing hardness, pressing against the very edge of her
dress. Stop! her mind raged. This just isn’t right! she moaned to
herself. Hurry, Stephan, hurry up and get this over with!

Stephan was on his knees, focusing the movie camera on the prostrate
figure of his wife. “Wait a minute!” the aroused husband said. “Let’s
make it a little more interesting.” He put down the camera on the end
table and bent over his hotly trembling wife. He fingered the straps of
her sundress, the electric contact as he brushed against her skin
making her gasp. “Let’s see more of those beautiful titties!”

This was it! Gillian’s eyes clearly showed her anger. But she had to
make a choice: either go along with Stephan’s stupid obscene little
games or say “no” as her sense of decency was crying at her. It was so
rare that Stephan showed such intense interest in her body, that she
didn’t want to lose that moment. Who could predict when it would hit

Bending over her, he couldn’t help but run his tongue over the length
of her nakedly exposed neck to the tanned cleavage of her tits. Gillian
jumped with alarm.

“What’s the matter with you?” he charged. “You get angry when I don’t
pay any attention to you and when I do you get pissed!” The alcohol and
the cock-bursting fever of seeing the films all had now combined to
make him lose control in bitter, unweighed words.

“What do you mean?” she asked with a pout of her sultry red mouth. “I’m
not some cunt you can fuck around with when you feel like it.”

“Well it’s a damn good thing you’re not an actress because Frank would
never put up with this shit!”

That did it! Frank’s name was the magic word! “Okay, Stephan, I’ll show
you what kind of action I can do.” And to prove her point, she
unbuttoned the top buttons of her low-cut sundress, allowing her hugely
billowing tits to spill out, her already hardened nipples grazing the
soft pile of the carpet and adding to heated lust. She could hear
Stephan’s deep breathing as he gazed down with feasting eyes on the
tender, uncovered nipples of her tanned tits. He gulped hard and then
picked up the movie camera and began filming.

“That’s it,” she sighed, bracing her arms on the floor and rising to
her knees. She stuffed her hugely swaying tits back into the modest
confines of her sundress, and giving her hair one final primp of the
hand, rose to her feet, and smoothed out her dress.

“Just a little more, please? There’s only a few feet of film left.” His
deep blue eyes begging for her, how could she refuse?

“What do you want me to do this time? Stand on my head?” she laughed,

“Back on the sofa,” he said as he took a movie of her getting onto the
couch and spreading her legs lewdly. He angled the movie camera so that
most of the movie would be of her delicious tits and panties, making
sure that the soft curls of pussy hairs which managed to peek out from
under the legbands of her bikini panties were in focus.

“A drink for my lady,” he smiled, offering her another scotch and
water, then bending down to kiss her lovingly on the forehead. Sixty
seconds later, he was staring at the image of his wife, the flimsy
white bikini panties she wore a teasing cover to the sweet, tempting
cunthole, and the huge sensuous tits all but fully exposed, as if ready
to break loose from the sundress. “My God!” he whistled, and his mouth

Thank God this is over with, Gillian sighed to herself, taking a
greatly needed sip of her pungent scotch. Now he’s had his fun. He’ll
probably put those stupid films under his pillow to sleep on. She
glared up at him shuffling through his private collection of lewd
movies and watched as his bulge gave a final jerk of prurient
appreciation. Silently sipping her drink, the recognition of her own
lustful behavior flooded in on her and suddenly she felt cheap and
whorish, as cheap and whorish as Frank’s actresses who posed naked and
fucked for him for no price other than their own obscene pleasure. She
had let her husband do his will with her, and worse, she had become as
excited as he had. True, it wasn’t because of the pictures–that she
adamantly refused to admit–but only because seeing her husband wanting
to fuck her so much made her pussy hot.

“Stephan!” she called. Only the sound of the dripping kitchen faucet
answered her. Where had he gone?

She called again and this time the handsome figure of her dark-haired
husband dressed in the long bathrobe she’d given him for his birthday,
emerged from the hallway. Gillian could tell he’d combed his hair, and
he had shaved too; she could smell the sweet scent of the aftershave
lotion that he predictably wore when feeling particularly amorous.

“You’re going to miss your favorite television show,” she chided as he
sat cross-legged down on the sofa beside her. One look in his glazed
eyes and the young woman knew what was about to happen. She glanced
down to notice his bare, hairy legs. Secretly, she smiled to herself.
It was flattering having a husband who was still excited by his wife.

“Stephan, I love you,” she mewled, kissing him on the cheek
flirtatiously. “Even if you do like taking dirty movies of me.”

“Mmmmmmmm!” he answered as he unbuttoned the sundress, letting it fall
away from her chest. He roamed his hands over her, playing with her
tits, tweaking her nipples into vibrating firmness. He had never
stopped marveling at her beauty, the wide-eyed, almost shy way she came
to him, as though she was a virgin every time her screwed her, as
though he was the only man who could arouse her to where her passion
overcame her “first time” reluctance. And he was the only man!

She looked over to the viewer on the table. One of the filthy movies
they had taken was on the screen. She gasped, cringing down on the sofa
cushions as she watched it. “Put those movies away. I’m tired of
looking at myself.”

Stephan only grinned lewdly at her, his face a mask of desire. “Why?
They’re only of you, my sweet. Here, see this one?” He took the
cartridge out and put another one in the viewer. “This is my favorite.”
Again she saw the image of herself smiling provocatively, walking
towards the couch and lying down on it, her throbbing tits rich and
full, her skirt high and legs spread lewdly exposing her soft white
panties and a few strands of softly escaping pussy curls.

“Please! Stephan, please put them away. Better yet, throw them away!”
She looked down at her naked tits spilling from her sundress and
noticed that her nipples were hard with desire. Could it be that these
movies excited her? Was she so low as to allow these awful, disgusting
pictures to turn her on?

There was no denying it, she was excited! And strangely, by those
damnable pictures.

The force of the realization was crippling; a blow like a tornado,
filling her mind with a lurid feeling of degradation and shame. Her
eyes filled with hot tears of self-abasement, and in agony, she grabbed
the cartridge from the viewer and hurled it across the room! Better to
have done with it! She wouldn’t admit her arousal, not to herself, and
especially not to her husband. What would a man think of his sweet,
loving wife, then? Terrible things! She gripped Stephan’s heaving,
naked chest, afraid he would cast her aside as some whore, some defiled
harlot, sick of mind and body, if he knew what the film had done to the
racing fires in her pussy.

Her husband answered her silent pleas by slipping each of her arms out
of her sundress, leaving her tits and belly naked. His hand moved to
her left tit and then began to slide, slowly and deliberately, down
across her nakedly trembling belly. Squirming under his searing touch,
Gillian drew her legs up to impede his progress toward the soft,
sparsely curling hair of her cunt. But she couldn’t resist the sensual
salaciousness of his caress, despite her aching, tortured heart.
Another lewd thrill of desire surged through the aroused young wife,
and in her present state, under the influence of alcohol, it seemed
that eons of time passed during which she savored every variety of lewd
pleasure as his hand passed slowly over her naked body.

Maybe if I let him fuck my pussy he won’t think that I’m no better than
a shameless whore, she reasoned to herself. God, please don’t let him
know why I want his cock!

His hand snaked along the coffee table to finger the smooth plastic
edges of one of the film cartridges. His fingers felt the polished edge
and even though he couldn’t view it, he knew now from memory what it
contained, and his cock jerked painfully at the thought. As he had done
many times in the past when aroused to such a point, he dismissed what
he knew was her natural aversion to such an act, and groaned to his
wife: “Gillian, please, please, suck my cock.”

He crawled up on her body, straddling her with his knees, his huge
prick jutting out from under the heavy bathrobe. It was almost to her
ruby lips now; all she had to do was bend her face a few inches and her
mouth would be closing over the sensitive, throbbing cock.

A shudder passed through Gillian. Back to this game again, moaned
Stephan to himself. Maybe if I really get her going she’ll finally
consent to suck my prick. After three years you’d think she’d soften to
the idea.

He reached down, grasped the hem of her dress and pulled it up over her
hips, exposing her panty-covered cunt to his gaze. In one swift
movement the panties and the dress lay in a lewd puddle on the floor.
Swiftly then, he slid them both from the sofa to the floor, keeping a
firm hold of the smoothly curved asscheeks of his wife. He sat back on
his heels and brought his face close up to her soft, curl-rimmed cunt,
and then shot out his tongue to slide it into her pussy, pressuring the
hot tip inward to part the fleshy outer lips and find the tiny erect
nipple of her clit.

Wild flames of desire consumed her openly spread cunt as he fucked his
tongue into her pussy, and an involuntary gasp of pleasure escaped
Gillian’s lips. She stared downward to where his face was buried
eagerly in the soft blonde curls of her pussy and felt lewd searing
sensations race through her cunt, not understanding how it was that her
pussy had gotten so hot!

She was alive, suddenly, with sensation, her whole body suffused with
the tingling warmth of the promises of cumming overriding all other
rational thoughts. Her whole body was inflamed with desire, with a
wanton craving for fulfillment! Never had she known such intensity, as
the ravaging tongue of her husband brought her to a full, cunt-
splitting cum!

Oh, God, her mind screamed back at her writhing body, it’s all because
of those damned movies! She closed her eyes tightly, and the lewd image
of herself lying on the floor with her huge tits spilling out of her
dress came into agonizing focus.

She could feel the hotly wet flicking of his tongue and the grasping,
smoothing, and massaging of his strong hands as they caressed her
asscheeks, hips, and thighs. She was hot with desire! She wanted to be
fucked! She wanted him to drive his cock deep into her pussy; it no
longer mattered what had kindled that fire in her cunt. All she could
think of was quenching the fire.

Quiveringly, her hands moved up to cradle either side of his head,
pressing his face in close to her trembling loins, unconsciously giving
him her encouragement to continue the wild tongue-fucking. She relaxed
the tension in her leg muscles, allowing her thighs to spread open
submissively as she moved her feet farther apart, lifting one leg to
rest her foot up on the sofa, and tipped her pelvis with the flexing of
her hips to begin a tiny countering movement to her husband’s hungrily
fucking tongue. It was a new position for them, a couple who was
accustomed to screwing only in the bedroom, and she moaned softly, the
building ecstasy in her cunt almost too much to bear.

Abruptly, Stephan lifted them both to their feet and wrapped his arms
around her. The next moment, Gillian felt herself being crushed against
his hard chest, her naked tits mashed between their bodies, while the
thick length of his throbbing cock pressed into her belly. Gillian’s
arms encircled him, her hands moving up and down his back, her face
tilting up for his kiss. His lips sought hers, found them, and welded
themselves to her half-open mouth.

Suddenly, the half-drunk woman felt as though her legs could no longer
support her; they were giving away under her! A hand went out to the
edge of the sofa to keep her from falling as a wave of dizziness
overcame her.

Stephan eased her back on the couch, then began hastily to strip his
single article of clothing from his anxious body. As he stood tall
above her, he marveled at the perfection of her lush nakedness, his
eyes taking in every detail of her voluptuous beauty.

Gillian writhed on the couch in an agony of need as her husband
stripped naked before her, throwing his bathrobe on the floor beside
him to join her discarded panties and dress. She looked up at him,
lithe, lean, and muscular, his cock standing out in virile erection.
Oh, but it’s so huge! she marveled. I love it when his prick gets so
huge! A twinge of excitement burned in her cunt as she thought of how
it would feel when he finally fucked that big thing deep into her

He noted the intent direction of her gaze and smiled down at her.
“Don’t worry, baby, I’ll get you so hot you’ll rape me before I finally
fuck you!”

Gillian loved it when he said dirty things before he screwed her.

“Oh Stephan … oh, my Stephan …” she murmured mindlessly, flailing
her head back and forth on the couch, not caring about her freshly
coiffured hair.

He put her down on the carpet again where he lay beside her, his lips
on hers, their tongues intertwining, probing each other, as his free
hand caressed her tits, belly, thighs, and cunt. Finally, his hand went
down between her legs and covered the whole of her steaming pussy,
gently massaging the hot, wet flesh. Her pelvis moved in tiny churning
circles under his hand, and he knew that she was hot … would remain
so until she finally exploded into cum. Christ! He was so hot himself,
he wasn’t sure that he could hold off fucking her much longer! He had
to get his cock in her little cunt soon and screw her good!

Shifting his position, he moved to kneel between her legs, spreading
them obscenely as he gazed hungrily down at her tempting nakedness, the
coraline flesh of her cunt-split glistening wetly in the dim light of
the setting sun.

She felt his middle finger gracing the thin furrow of her exposed cunt,
and she squirmed involuntarily beneath the salacious probing. Moaning
aloud in an emotional agony of hot desire as the electric shock of his
teasing finger rippled along the flesh of her inner thighs, she
squirmed her ass down into the soft, fluffy carpet.

Then, oh, then–oh, God–he slowly inserted his finger, probing it deep
into her yearning cunthole, fucking it in and out for several slow,
maddening strokes before he began to churn it around and around just
inside the tiny pulsating mouth of her seeping pussy.

The intrusion was rapidly replaced by intense sensations of pleasure as
her husband finger-fucked her in and out, around and around. She lay
there moaning, writhing hotly on the floor, her husband gloating over
her nakedly, aroused body.

Jesus, I wish she’d give me head, he thought to himself. Three years
and she’s never done it yet. I thought maybe when I had my tongue in
her pussy she’d finally give it. Guess it takes longer for some.

“I don’t want you to stop, Stephan. It’s sooooo goooood!”

She was reacting with vigor now to counter the finger-fucking of her
wide-stretched cunt, her hips moving uncontrollably in wild gyrations
under him, moving, it seemed, of their own volition in an instinctive
dance around his deeply probing fingers. And this was only a preview of
what was to come, when her husband would finally put his throbbing cock
in her cunt and actually fuck her!

A wave of disappointment washed through Gillian a moment later when she
felt the cold rush of air as he took his hand from her hungrily
squirming pussy. But then she raised her head and looked down between
her ecstatically pulsing tits and saw her loving husband leaning
forward, his face between her open thighs. He was going to suck and
lick her cunt some more! God! She was becoming depraved and it was all
because of those damned movies! Three times now she had silently
shouted in her mind: Fuck! Cock! Cunt! Oh, God! What’s happening to me?
Letting my husband take dirty movies of me … I’m being coarse, crass,
and crude. Thinking thoughts I’d never thought myself capable of.

Between his hotly aroused wife’s legs, Stephan gazed hungrily at the
narrow pink oval, fringed so delicately with soft blonde pussy hairs,
where droplets of cunt juices glistened like dew on the gently
pulsating petals of her inner cuntlips. He was pleased to see how hot
she had become. Using his thumbs then, he slowly parted the fleshy
outer lips to reveal the coral depths of her pussy mouth, and he saw
that the soft, curl-rimmed edges of her cuntlips were swollen in desire
to be fucked more than ever before.

He drew her cuntlips a little farther apart, laying the wet, hair-
fringed flesh wide open to his lustful gaze. “Gillian you’ve got the
little sweetest cunt I’ve ever imagined! You’ve just got to suck my
cock while I lick it!”

Gillian froze. Oh God! her mind reeled. I can’t. And then she mouthed
those words, groaning them out. “I’m not ready for that yet, darling.
Please give me time …”

“Okay,” her understanding husband said from below. “Some other time
when you’re ready for it.”

“Do you hate me for it?” she said in a softly spoken voice.

“Of course not, honey,” He sounded convincing.

With a sigh of relief, Gillian gazed back at him through passion-glazed
eyes. She felt herself lift her pelvis up, offering her nakedly spread
cunt to him to do with as he would. And it was involuntary,
uncontrolled, instinctive. She was a woman on the brink of a mind-
blowing cum, a woman who needed to be filled and fulfilled, to be
fucked until she exploded into a wildly screaming cum!

She felt the soft wisps of his breath graze her secret, sensitive
flesh. She moaned aloud, still looking down between her tits and across
the flatness of her quivering belly to the softly curling mound of her
naked pussy. She saw her husband lower his head, his face disappearing
into the wetness of her cunt and nuzzling in against the wetly
quivering flesh, and she felt the full length of his tongue slither
deep up into her more-than-ready pussy.

Her body responded automatically, convulsively, to the thrilling
electric sensation, lurching up to him, then grinding back and down
into the softness of the deep-pile rug to escape the intense, galvanic
shock of desire that seemed momentarily more than her overloaded nerves
could bear. But the next instant, her hips were flexing to raise her
seething cunt to him once again. Unbidden, her throat gave voice to her
utter commitment, her total physical and mental surrender to the lewd
rapture that encompassed her and held her captive. There was no
reprieve, except through cumming!

Her stomach churned and she wailed now in submission as her husband’s
tongue slithered in and out, fucking her cunt with wild, animallike
fury. She herself was nothing but an animal, an animal in heat that had
to be fucked and fucked good.

She screamed as she felt her pussy flood with her warm love juices that
gushed into her husband’s hungrily laving mouth.

Blindly, she entangled her fingers in his hair and pulled his face
gently, yet firmly, close, slowly closer up into her wildly thrashing
loins. Her head flailed from side to side.

“Oh, baby,” Gillian finally managed to moan. “Darling, Stephan, I need
you inside of me, so bad.”

“Yes … yes,” he heard himself say. He drew her closer to him, moving
one hand down to encase the soft, smooth curves of her asscheeks. She
glued her mouth to his, fucking her pink tongue in and out and along
his teeth, and then brazenly moved her hand down to grasp his cock. Her
cool contact made Stephan quiver and he pressed his lips harder against
hers to show his appreciation. Gillian could taste her own cunt juice
on his breath and it added to her excitement. She strained the full
length of her body, grinding and pushing, and then she spread her legs
and thighs wide and poised his cock against the snug little mouth of
her hungrily gushing cunt, the thin, hairlined lips relaxing and
seeping with her love juices and his saliva, begging for him to fuck

There, Stephan, right now! Now!

He lunged his hips, thrusting heavily as he fucked into her waiting
pussy, feeling her fevered, pulsating cunt greedily clasp his cock and
absorb it. She wanted all of it fucking deep up inside her tonight, and
Stephan was amazed that in spite of her rejection of the lewd movie-
taking, she seemed almost wanton, almost completely lost in the world
of sexual abandonment … he couldn’t understand her, but didn’t try
to, not with her pussy pushed forward until the head of his cock was
pressed hard up into the depths of her. She held him tightly, not only
with her clasping, smoothly sliding cunt, but with her widespread legs,
kicking them out to the side and locking her slender ankles tight
around his heavily driving hips. He increased his own tempo, fucking
into his wife with almost maniacal fury. Oh, God! He wasn’t going to be
able to last long tonight! Sometimes he would softly and slowly fuck
her for hours on end, but not now, not at this rampaging, furious
pitch! He was going to cum soon! “Ooooooooh, Stephan! Your cock feels
so good! So good!” his now voracious wife whimpered, kissing and biting
wildly at his neck and shoulders. “Yes! Yes! That feels so
Gooooooddddddd!” Then she began to babble incoherently and he knew that
she was fast approaching her own cum, and that spurred him on to new,
more powerful strokes. Her knees drew up and her toes curled under as
she raised her ass up higher off the floor, her moistly splayed cunt
bucking wildly back up against his slipperily fucking cock.

“Ooooohhbbh … oooooohhbbbh Goddddd!” she cried out, as if tortured.
“I’m … I’m there! I’m theeeerrrreeee!” With a sudden deep-throated
groan, Gillian erupted beneath her husband, and in doing so released
his own painfully dammed-up explosion. His cum burned hotly through his
swollen balls and through his cock, bursting through the unseeing eye
to flood far up into his wife’s hungrily milking pussy. Again and again
white spurts of scalding hot cum spurted from him until at last he
collapsed, his sigh of contentment mingling with her own soft mewlings
of gratification.

As sanity returned to him, Stephan edged his body off his wife and
rolled over.

“Come on, baby,” he said at last, shaking his wife gently awake. “We
have to get to bed. Can’t sleep on the floor all night.”

He gathered her limp body into his arms and carried her to their kind-
sized bed. He drew the covers gently over her naked body, stopping a
moment to look at her beautiful tits and cunt before lying down beside
her and covering them both with the light material of the sheet. Jesus
Christ, he thought jubilantly. She really spread her legs for that
camera tonight. I’m gonna get some red-hot fuck-films of my cock in her
hot little cunt yet!!!

Chapter 2

The brilliant sun threw a wide shaft of light on the thick carpet as it
streamed through the opened curtains and flooded over the bed where the
Edwards were still deep in slumber.

Stephan woke slowly as a gentle early morning breeze blew in through
the half-open window and ruffled the sheet against his body. He
squinted his eyes and raised his arm over his forehead as a shield
against the daylight, then turned on his side on the bed in an attempt
to escape the glittering yellow light. His arm curled around his wife’s
naked waist, his fingers trailing through the wispy pussy hairs that
graced the juncture of her limply spread thighs.

She sure is sound asleep, he thought with a broad smile brightening his
face. Taking those movies must have really turned her on–God! The way
she was fucking me last night!

His eyes opened to confront a smooth tanned patch of his wife’s
shoulders. He opened his eyes completely, rolling over on his back, and
glanced at the lovely, sweet-smelling body sleeping next to him. Her
face was buried between uplifted lithe arms, leaving visible only a
strand of long blonde hair, glistening golden in the early morning
Sunday sunshine.

“Honey,” he whispered, wanting to awaken her gently. A deep moan
answered him. He repeated it, this time to be answered by a low, “Wanna
sleep some more.” The bedclothes rustled as she lay flat on her

Stephan silently lifted the covers and slid out of bed, heading for the
kitchen where he filled the tea kettle with water. Instant coffee would
do this morning. A mewing at the patio screen door alerted him to
Gillian’s cat’s mournful face as he pressed his face to the mesh
screen; he mewed again with greater insistence.

“Damn cat,” growled the young husband, realizing that his morning
ritual of drinking his first cup of coffee for the day in the nude
would have to be altered by the demands of the cat. Christ, thought the
irritated man, last time I let that cat in and fed it when I was naked
as a jaybird, old Miss Prichett called the police. He padded over the
thick living room carpet and, spying his bathrobe, picked it up and
slid one arm through each sleeve. His sleep-puffy eyes fell on the film
cassettes of his sexy young wife, and a broad salacious grin showed off
his even white teeth. He went back into the kitchen.

With film cassettes in hand, he gave the cat a good morning greeting
with a scratch behind each ear. He put the film in the viewer and
watched them as he had watched them last night. Goddamn but she’s sexy
in these movies. Frank was right! They really do turn you on–and if
I’m not mistaken, that means Gillian, too. Got to thank that brother of
mine; that little son of a bitch is always right!

The tea kettle whistled its completion and, with a smile still jeweling
his face, Stephan heaped a teaspoon of instant into a coffee mug and
poured the steaming water into it, thinking: that’s what I’ll do! I
won’t go golfing with my pigheaded partner. Christ, if it wasn’t for
the investment I’ve been trying to pressure him into I wouldn’t give
him the time. Instead I’ll go over to Frank’s private studio to ask for
some pointers. Besides, if I’m in luck maybe he’ll be doing some
shooting today.

Minutes later, after having checked in on his wife who lay cuddled in
the middle of the bed, the covers pulled over her head to ward off the
imminent morning sunlight and double-protected by Stephan’s pillow
hiding her blonde tresses, he slipped into the dressing room and pulled
a shirt from its hanger.

Having written his wife a short note telling her he would be gone for a
few hours, he slipped out of the house and into their Mercedes, a
whistle on his lips and a song in his heart.

Frank was sitting having coffee with a friend of his, the owner of a
film processing lab in the Big Apple, when Stephan rang the buzzer to
Frank’s private studio situated in a high rent district of New York

“Morning, Stephan,” his younger brother greeted him, following his
words with a cordial slap on the back. “Just having some coffee here
with a friend of mine. Come in and meet Basil.”

Stephan noticed the deep wrinkles lining his brother’s eyes and the
puffiness of the eyelids–a sure giveaway for a hangover. Secretly,
Stephan wondered if Frank had taken one of his instant movie cameras
along to the party. It was supposed to be a real swingin’ affair;
wasn’t that what he said? Must be great having a social life like that.
The older brother envied him.

A slender blond-haired man offered his hand to Stephan: “Pleased to
meet ya. I’m Basil.”

“Basil and I are trying to get our heads back on our shoulders after
that party last night, isn’t that so, Basil.”

“That’s no lie,” chuckled Basil, reaching for a half-emptied bottle of
brandy sitting on the end table by the sofa.

“I guess we did overindulge a little,” admitted Frank ruefully. Frank
indicated a director’s chair with his name written in bold letters
across the back, a gift from his wife, and seated himself on the sofa
next to Basil. He cleared his throat, meeting Stephan’s eyes; his own
were twinkling. “Did you and Gillian, ah, try out the camera last

Stephan felt heat inadvertently rise on his neck and cheeks as the
remembrance of the previous evening’s activities with his wife sprang
full blown into his mind once more. “Well, we …” His eyes darted over
to the sofa where Basil grinned knowingly at him. Damn, he thought. I
wish Frank wouldn’t be so open about these things. “We did take a few
feet of film if that’s what you mean.”

Basil chuckled softly between sips of his brandy-coffee. “Ah, ha, the
old movie-camera-on-the-wife trick,” he rambled sagely.

Stephan searched for words, but none of an appropriate nature came to
mind. It was as if his entire thinking process had stopped. He finally
managed, “It’s a great invention.”

“Yep, did you take some naked movies of your wife?” asked his younger
brother with embarrassing insistence.

Stephan’s face grew even darker red, even beneath his bronze tan. “Yes,
we took some of Gillian in the living room on the sofa.”

Jesus, thought Stephan, I wish Frank would leave these questions for a
more private meeting. How the hell do I know this idiot Basil won’t
call up Gillian and spill everything. She’d be on the phone to her
lawyer in a second if she knew I was telling anybody about those

“Did you take any in the bedroom?” the owner of the film laboratory
asked. “That’s the beauty of the timer.”

“The timer?” Stephan assumed the innocent pose.

“The fifteen-second timer, the one I left for you to try out,
remember?” His brother sat forward on the white sofa, waiting patiently
for an answer. Then he leaned forward even further, dropping his voice
conspiratorially. “How far would she let you go? Just a little
cheesecake, or did she give you the whole pie?” He laughed heartily at
his own humor.

“I … I’m not sure what you’re talking about, Frank.”

“Listen,” started Basil, now on his feet, his empty coffee cup in hand
en route to the kitchenette in the corner of the room. He rested his
hand on Stephan’s shoulder and, leaning down, said, “There’s nothing to
be ashamed of, you know. Almost everybody who tries out those instant
Polaroids with the timers has the same ideas and does the same things.
They’re great little intimacy arousers. Gets you hornier than hell,
especially if you use the timer so that you get shots of you and your
cunt fucking away.”

Immediately Stephan noted the use of the word cunt instead of wife.

“… Christ, you should have seen the girls get off on it at that party
last night.” He gave Stephan an extra pat on the shoulder before
sauntering off for a refill. “Sorry, I didn’t ask, but anybody else for
a coffee and brandy? Sure does set you straight after a hangover, kinda
like a good fuck when you’re all uptight and strung out.” He laughed
and poured himself a cup.

Stephan stared at Basil. From the moment he set eyes on him he hadn’t
liked him. Well, my intuition served me right again. That man is sleazy
as hell. Don’t understand what Frank is doing with friends like that.
He knew that Frank was often open about his sex life, but he was never
coarse like Basil. Why, he was practically suggesting that he, Stephan,
engage in lewd practices like well, like voyeurism, for God’s sake!
Self voyeurism was no better than jerking yourself off!

Basil settled himself back on the sofa, once more pouring a healthy
shot of brandy into his steamy coffee and wincing with the scorching of
the first sip. “When I first got into the film business, I owned a
processing lab on the other side of town. I was really amazed at the
number of fun-loving people who shared my interest. Christ! You should
see some of the photographs people come in with to have blown up to
life size and hang on their bedroom walls. And the movies, absolutely
wild. Hell, I figured, why should they be having all the kicks?”

“You mean you take pictures of your wife? Naked?”

“Sure as hell do, Stephan.” Basil crossed his long legs and set down
his coffee cup, leaning forward on the sofa as if giving a sales pitch.
“We take movies of each other fucking almost every night. Christ! You
oughta see our collection. Why, thousands of people do the same thing
all over the country these days. It’s the in-thing to do.” It was out
of self-protection that Basil referred to ‘his wife.’

Frank allowed his smile to widen. “That’s why I suggested the movie
camera, Stephan. Give you and Gillian’s fucking a little lift. What’s
it been? Three years now? Sex getting a little too predictable for your
tastes, huh?”

Stephan moistened his parched lips uncertainly. His brother had put him
in an awkward position: what he and his wife did in the privacy of
their own home was nobody’s business but their own. But then again,
this whole business of taking movies was getting out of hand, Frank
putting it on a masculine-pride level and, assuming the role of the
elder knowledgeable brother. Stephan refused to admit his naivete.

It wouldn’t hurt, really, he reasoned to himself, to tell Frank about
the movies he’d taken of Gillian last night. It was all innocent
anyway. Gillian would never have to know: her communication with Frank
was on the level of pure cordiality, with terse hellos and goodbyes.

Stephan placed his elbows on the arms of the chair and said in a low
voice, “Well, we did get some good footage last night. Some … some
cheesecake as you say.”

“Good,” said Frank with a broad grin. “Did you get a kick out of
playing movie director?”

“Sure did, Frank.”

Basil laughed. “Nude shots?”

Stephan felt himself flushing again. “Well, not really. More like old
Coca-Cola calendar ads. Cheesecake, as you call them.”

“Got a surprise for you, Stephan.” Basil leaned forward on the sofa
again. “Now I wouldn’t show these to anybody but Frank, but since
you’re his brother and all, and because I like you, I’m gonna give you
a Sunday morning lift.” He reached down to his brief case at the edge
of the sofa and clicking it open, removed a bulky white envelope.

Stephan’s nervous grin gave way to a frown. This was getting out of
hand. With trembling fingers he tore open the envelope and looked up to
see Basil staring fixedly at his expression.

“Let me explain: these are some film cartridges taken from a different
movie film. A couple people sent the film in for me to develop. I take
out the good parts and take them with the Polaroid movie camera. I get
all these cartridges and they get their film. Pretty, good racket, you
know?” He laughed and settled back comfortably on the sofa.

Frank rose to his feet, his hand stroking his forehead nervously.
Jesus, he thought, I wish Basil wouldn’t explain his operation to
everybody who steps foot in this studio. One of these days he’s gonna
get busted and I don’t want to have my name and address on a warrant.
“Hey, guys, ‘scuse me, but I gotta set up for a shooting session

Stephan watched his brother disappear through the doorway into the
studio. There was no way out of it, he was stuck with Basil and his
lewd ideas of fucking.

Basil went over to a closet by the couch and came back with a viewer.
He set it up and in a few seconds was showing the first cartridge.
Stephan sucked in his breath sharply as his eyes watched the first
frame on the screen. “My God!” he managed to whisper.

The first cassette was of a lithe, buxom blonde with an angelic face.
From her innocent face, Stephan guessed her to be no more than eighteen
years old. She was lying completely naked on her back in a lounge
chair; her slender legs raised and widespread, hanging over the sides
of the soft blue cushions so that the whole of her naked loins were
displayed to the eye of the movie camera. Her hands were cupped
teasingly around her blonde-furred pussy, framing the wide-splayed
splendor of her cunt. She was smiling coyly between her ruby-nippled
alabaster tits. Stephan blinked and looked as the movie went on.
Another sharp intake of breath, and a small gasp. The same young
blonde, looking just as innocent and angelic as before, but a dark-
haired handsome male had joined her in the chair. The blonde was
straddling the man’s loins, her widespread pussy lowered down on the
man’s hardened cock, so that fully half of his huge, wetly glistening
cock was sunk into her open cunt. She was holding its base between her
thumb and forefinger, her small pink tongue held tightly between her
full red lips and her eyes squeezed tightly shut in ecstasy. Her other
hand squeezed her huge tit, very hard, so that the jutting nipple
seemed to point directly at the camera lens.

“That’s one of my favorites,” smiled Basil.

“But this girl can’t be over nineteen and the guy looks twice her age,”
protested Stephan.

“That’s her father.”

Jesus Christ, thought Stephan, beads of sweat lacing his forehead and a
rising hardness in his loins. He watched as the film finished with the
young blonde sucking the man’s cock to cumming in her mouth and then
the viewer’s screen went blank and Basil put on another cassette until
all of them had been seen. One showed a different balding man kneeling
between the opened thighs of a brunette, with huge pear-shaped breasts,
his long tongue snaking out to touch the hotly swollen nipple of her
clit nestled between soft, fleecy brown pussy curls. Another depicted a
voluptuous blonde girl barely out of her teens with her coral-colored
lips voraciously sucking the throbbing prick of a muscular man while he
fucked the middle finger of one hand into the wetly glistening hole of
her soft pink cunt. Her leg was raised so that the full extent of her
cunthole was presented to Stephan’s view while she sucked the man’s
cock and toyed with his cum-laden balls. Still another cassette showed
two couples, both in their mid-thirties, engaged in an orgiastic group
session which Stephan could not believe upon first sight, since one
woman was being fucked by one man while that same man was sucking the
cunt of another woman who in turn was licking the balls of another man.
It was a mass of flesh, raw naked flesh, and Stephan couldn’t imagine
anything being that obscene until that cassette ended and another was
placed in the viewer. This one was of two girls–obviously sisters–and
a double dildo. The girls took the huge fake cock and inserted it
simultaneously into their cunts. Moaning loudly, they began to writhe
on the dildo, their tits heaving as they came loudly!

Stephan was sweating profusely, his breath coming in short gasps as his
own cock tingled with arousal, by the time the obscene film ended.
“Good God, Basil,” he managed limply. “I’ve never seen anything like

“And these are just a sampling, Stephan,” said Basil. “I’ve got files
of movies back there in the lab in case you ever …”

Stephan wiped his forehead with the back of his hand. His throat felt
raspy and he wished he had a cold glass of water to soothe his nerves.
“Isn’t this against the law?”

“Naw, they’re just average Americans like you and me, Stephan–average
people looking for a few kicks out of life, that’s all. You’d be
surprised at some of the people who bring in their films to me.
Doctors, lawyers–God, even a grammar school principal’s wife, Joan.”

“What?” Stephan looked incredulous. The image of the movies lingered in
his mind. They really made him hot, they made him hotter than anything
he’d seen since he was a kid living in Texas. Just thinking about them
made his prick tremble and begin to rise.

“Some people even exchange movies. Not a damned thing wrong with it, as
far as I can see. All they do is get themselves and their wives turned
on watching some other people fucking away, and they’re doing the same
thing watching us. And it does get your cock riled, believe me.”

I believe you, all right, thought Stephan. I can remember how excited I
got last night, taking pictures of Gillian–and they weren’t anything
more than some harmless cheesecake. I wonder if I dare take some of us
fucking, or even of just Gillian naked with her beautiful tits
trembling and her cunt sparkling.

He shook his head as if to clear it. No, there was no use even thinking
about trying to carry his thoughts past the pure daydream stage.
Gillian would never allow him to take movies of her stripped completely
naked, even though she had agreed to let him take movies of her with
her titties swaying nakedly last night, and she would most definitely
never allow anything as lascivious as movies of him fucking her. For
God’s sake, even if she did agree to go that far, she would certainly
not agree to let anyone else, much less strangers, see the movies.

And he couldn’t expect her to, damn it; what was the matter with him?
Gillian was a sweet, moral girl, faithful and passionate and able to
satisfy his every need up until now–so why was he thinking about
asking her to pose naked and fuck on film, something which fairly
shouted of perversity and lack of respect for privacy and personal
intimacy? Why should he be so excited at the possibility of seeing more
of the lewd films which Basil had just shown him? Why should the
thought of watching other people fucking and performing perversion on a
regular basis bring the sweat out on his forehead, and bring a
tightness to his chest and loins? Well, he couldn’t explain it; it was
beyond his comprehension. He knew only that the idea of seeing his
sweet, innocent young wife, with her tits hanging nakedly in front of
the camera lens, as he had for the first time last night, had turned
him on like he had never been turned on before. And the sight of these
movies of strangers fucking and sucking wildly together today had had
the same physical effect on him.

“Any time you want to come over to my lab and see more, just give me a
buzz or stop by. I try to reserve special hours for my special
customers,” he said, smiling, reaching into his brief case and pulling
out a business card. “Here, this is how you can get in touch with me.”

Stephan reached for the card and stuffed it in his shirt pocket. He put
the films back into the envelope and then held out the envelope for its
owner to claim.

“Oh, no! That’s a gift. Take it home to your wife and show them to her,
it’ll turn her on, I guarantee. One peek at that reel and she’ll be
begging for you to fuck her.”

Stephan wished this stranger wouldn’t make such presumptuous remarks
about Gillian.

“No, I couldn’t show this to her,” Stephan said, shaking his head.
“Gillian would never talk to me again!”

“I think you’re underestimating your wife and all women in general. Why
not give it a try? You’re interested, I can tell from the way you were
droolin’ over the footage. Take it from me, all you’ve got to do is put
the bug in the wife’s ear and get her on the right track. Once they see
the kicks involved, they’re only too happy to go along. I know, by
golly; Taffy, Frank’s wife, she was the same as your wife. What’s her
name? Gillian … shy and retiring. Now she’s open and much warmer–and
one hell of a hot fuck, so Frank tells me.”

Stephan felt uncomfortable in the face of all this candidness, the
unexpected admissions and ideas and concepts which he had been
subjected to. He got up from the chair, a twinge of embarrassment
warming his cheeks when he felt the pressure of his hardened cock
pulling tightly against his pants. Nervously, he let the envelope swing
from his hands, covering the telltale bulge.

“Ah, thanks a lot … Basil. I gotta go now. Just want to say goodbye
to my brother before I leave and thank him for the use of the movie

But, overhearing their conversation, Frank came bounding through the
doorway, “Hey, Stephan. Just want to tell ya that we’re gonna have a
little fun here later tonight. Tell Gillian that if she’d care to come
along, she’s more than welcome. Taffy should be here and one of the
actresses, too.” He shrugged his shoulders, “You know, a little drink
and a few instant cameras. Nothing special, just a little fun.”

“Thanks a lot, Frank, but Gillian and I were planning to …”

“Aw, come on. Maybe I can give you a few pointers.”

“We’ll see.” Stephan was halfway to the door when he suddenly
remembered the camera. “I’ve got the camera in the car, you know the
one you lent me yesterday and I forgot to bring it in.”

“That’s okay, brother. Save it. I have a feeling it’s gonna come in
handy for you and Gillian in the near future.”

When he unlocked his car door, Stephan knew that there was no use
kidding himself any longer; he was going to take Basil’s suggestion
about leaving the film in a place where Gillian would be sure to find
it, he would have to leave the viewer out in plain sight. Feeling a
strange coupling of guilt and mounting excitement at what he was about
to do, Stephan drove to a small neighborhood park three blocks away
from his home and turned off the motor.

Christ! he thought, am I really going to have the balls to show these
to my wife? With trembling fingers, he opened the white envelope and
glanced at the obscene black cassettes again. His prick seemed to jerk
spasmodically in his pants as he remembered the lewd, tremendously
stimulating acts being performed in the full color splendor of the
cassettes. The ones that had really turned him on the most were those
that had depicted oral fucking: soft feminine mouths closed eagerly,
hungrily, over the lust-hardened cocks of their husbands; masculine
lips and tongues paying devoted homage to the warm secret cuntlips of
their wives. These he would put on top, so that they would be the first
ones Gillian would see when she placed them on the viewer; maybe they
would convince her of the beauty, of the rightness, of sucking cock and

He started to put them back into the envelope when a sudden frown
creased his forehead and he stopped. Some of the other cassettes,
besides those depicting oral fucking, were pretty animal and raw for
the innocent eyes of his wife; instead of being turned on, being
interested and excited by the films as he intended, she would probably
become angry from viewing such blatantly carnal acts as ass-fucking and
three-ways and four-ways. He couldn’t include those films, not now, not
for a while yet–just the milder ones, the ones showing a man and his
wife screwing in all the possible ways.

Quickly, he sorted out the cassettes, putting those he deemed too
daring for Gillian’s mild taste in a separate pile; the rest he
shuffled back into the white envelope. Then he got out of the car and
with a wide grin on his face, threw the rejects in the garbage can.
With a smile of perversity, he jumped back in the car and headed home.

Gillian was in the back yard weeding the flower bed when he got home
that afternoon.

“Hi, honey!” he called from the living room where the plate glass door
was slid open, emitting the warmth of the July Sunday afternoon.

The kind of afternoon where everything seemed in slow motion, lazy and

“What have you been doing, Stephan?” Gillian tried to sound calm and
relaxed to disguise the anger in her voice. Sundays had always been a
day to be spent together and shared, but this morning Stephan had left
the house, not even bothering to awaken her, and left a note. “Be back
soon.” No explanation, no phone number where he could be reached. He
had to be up to something surreptitious.

“Oh, just went over to Frank’s studio …” He took a long swallow of
his cold beer, and that seemed to oil his throat muscles somewhat.

“Why don’t you come out here so I can hear you?” Gillian pulled at an
obdurate vine that would not loosen its hold around a bush. “Just a
second.” He waved his arm and then slipped off to his study where he
put the envelope on top of the bookshelf. Obviously this was not the
time to confront his wife with such matters. He could tell by her
metallic voice that she was disturbed by his abrupt departure that

“Any phone calls for me?” he asked boldly, offering her a cold beer
which she gratefully accepted with a gloved hand.

“Just one from your partner, says you stood him up for golf. Sounded a
little angry.” She went back to trimming the rose vine, her beer can
precariously perched on a fence post.

Stephan tilted his head back and took a healthy swallow of icy beer.
Christ! How am I going to tell her I’m leaving again tonight? I really
would like to go back over there to the studio and catch a little of
the action. I won’t get involved, just sit there and watch. Gillian
should be able to understand that I need to be around people in other
fields than business. Christ, it gets to be a bore sometimes, listening
to all that shop talk. It’s time I start broadening my interests before
I’m too old to enjoy such things as film-making.


She lifted her head, her large-brimmed straw hat framing her angelic
face, so innocent and trusting. With just a bit of flush in her cheeks
she looked like the young eighteen-year-old in the photos, now safely
tucked away in his office. For Gillian had the same rare, wide-eyed

“Gillian, I’ve decided to take some film-making classes,” he began.
“I’m getting tired of reading nothing but Fortune and U.S. News and
World Report, you know? Like you’ve got your garden,” he said
expansively, stretching his arms to encompass the small back yard
scarcely larger than the living room–except for the swimming pool.
“But all I see all day is fat, paunchy businessmen. Frank has agreed to
give me a few pointers and get me started.” He looked down at his wife,
waiting for her negative response, the same predictable response
whenever Frank’s name was mentioned.

But it didn’t come.

“I’m going over there tonight to start. I met this guy who’s got a film
laboratory, you know, processing and editing animation, and he says
he’ll give me a real deal on any work I give him. Film-making is
expensive, you know.”

She stood up, took another swallow of her beer, and bent down to resume
her weed pulling, her motions interrupted only once when she pulled off
her right-hand glove to yank back a strand of blonde hair that had
escaped her hair clip.

“Well …” he said expectantly.

“Well what? I think it’s great, Stephan. It’ll take your mind off dirty
cheap pictures for a change.”

She sat on her haunches, picking through the ground cover. Gillian felt
a small sense of foreboding, as if there was something Stephan was not
telling her, as if there was some other motive behind his sudden
interest in movie films. She thought back to the previous evening, and
to the films Stephan had taken of her–with her dress hiked up and her
panties showing; thought back to how excited he had been, how obviously
aroused by the sight of her posing so provocatively before the eye of
the movie camera and in its sixty-second lasting capture of it. A small
involuntary tremor coursed through her soft young body. She must never
let Stephan do that again, take movie pictures of her naked like that;
it was wrong and wicked and it had no place in a happy, fully
consummated marriage such as theirs.

“Honey,” he began, caution in his voice. “Let’s go out to eat and then
I’ll bring you home before I go over to Frank’s studio. There’s a movie
you can watch on T.V. tonight, supposed to be a real thriller.” he
added with a note of encouragement.

And judging from her response, it was a perfect idea.

They enjoyed a leisurely dinner at a well-known French restaurant not
far from their suburban home, and Stephan managed to steer the
conversation to many things of little consequence, so that Gillian
would forget about last night, this morning, and what he was about to
do that night. Her anger subsided with a full stomach and several
glasses of excellent French wine. By the time they left the restaurant
and went out to the car she was relaxed. The Mercedes swerved into the
driveway and he kissed her, promising he would not be late. She
whispered in return, “Come home early and fuck me tonight, Stephan
darling.” He promised he would, kissed her again, and said goodbye,
feeling once more that odd mixture of guilt and mounting excitement as
he backed the car out of the driveway.

All the way to his brother’s studio and all during the time he was with
his wife Stephan kept telling himself he wouldn’t ask her to pose for
any more of those films, concentrating instead on fantasies of what it
would be like to be a movie director. It wasn’t the actual movie, he
reassured himself, that turned me on; if was the creative process of
taking them. Or imagining a picture and watching it develop.

It was Basil who greeted him at the door of his brother’s private movie

“Hi, Stephan. Glad to see you could get away from the ol’ wifey long
enough to come play with us.”

The richness of Stephan’s dinner began a slow churning sensation as the
unctuous sound of Basil’s voice slurred on. It was obvious he’d been
drinking all day, judging from the slap-happy way he repeatedly pawed
at Stephan’s shoulder and the way his feet kept getting in each other’s

“Did you show them to her?” Basil’s thin arm encircled Stephan’s
shoulder and Stephan could smell alcohol mixed with cigarette smoke.

“Show them? Oh, oh, no. Didn’t have time.” Stephan felt his face color.

“What? You mean you didn’t show her any of them?”

Here we go again, back in the same embarrassed defensive position I was
in this morning. God, but this guy is getting to be a pain in the ass

“Naw. I don’t think she’d be interested.”

“She’ll get into it. Jes’ a matter of time. Seen a lot of women, shy as
can be at having their naked tits and cunt in a movie, at first and
after a little while, you can’t hold ’em back. Tell you what, how ’bout
I fix us each a drink and then we can go on with this man-to-man talk
and I’ll give you some more pointers.”

Frank, having heard his brother’s voice, came bounding through the
doorway, a tripod in hand.

“Hello, there,” he said, extending his hand, a big grin on his handsome
tanned face. “Glad you could make it, with or without Gillian.”

“What’s up?” Stephan tried to appear casual, relaxed, but he couldn’t
find a comfortable place for his hands that seemed to get in the way of
every gesture. Giving up, he finally plunged them into his pants

“Setting up for a couple of shots. If it turns out as usual, it’ll end
up in a party.” He chuckled lightly and motioned with his free hand for
Stephan to follow him, an invitation that he readily accepted. Anything
to get away from Basil. Stephan felt uncomfortable, acutely so, as
though again he was getting more than he’d bargained for, but there
wasn’t any way he could see of getting out of it. He had an inkling
that they were setting up for more nude scenes, but now that he was
here, what was he supposed to do? Leave? Have his brother think him a
hen-pecked conservative prude?

“Here you go, pal.” Basil handed him a double bourbon on the rocks.

He was about to refuse, but on second consideration, reasoned one drink
or two wouldn’t make any difference. Besides he could use it, he told
himself; he had a bad case of the jitters at the thought of those
filthy movies on his bookshelf at home. Christ! I should have put them
in my filing cabinet. Gillian keeps her magazines on that top shelf.
And if she found, them … he took a sip of his drink. Well, he didn’t
want to think about that right now.

It took only minutes for the ice cubes to rattle emptily in the bottom
of the glass and, not missing his cue, Basil was at hand, as always,
with another bottle that tilted and gurgled into Stephan’s empty glass.
Appreciatively, Stephan raised the cool rim to his lips, nodding at
Basil who stood close to him, glued to his body wherever he went, like
the right half of Siamese twins.

“Sure is nice to know that Frank has a brother who’s a real swinger.”
His eyes lifted to the director, Frank, now on the top rung of the
ladder where he was reaching overhead to replace one of the light bulbs
in the strobe fixture. Basil stared up at him, admiringly, “He sure is
one hell of a guy, that Frank …”

He was interrupted by the sight of a young girl, probably no more than
eighteen, emerging from the dressing room adjacent to the large empty
room cluttered with tripods, lights, and cameras, and now a large wood-
framed waterbed.

Stephan felt a sharp, bony elbow mash into his ribs. “How ya’ like the
looks of that stuff, eh, Stephan? Our fun for the night,” Basil said
with a wink.

The tall, lithe blonde, her luminous green eyes sparkling nodded. “Hi!
My name is Kitty.”

“And I’m Stephan.”

“Pleased to meet ya, Stephan.”

“Hello down there!” called Frank from the top rung of the ladder. “I’m
havin’ a few problems here with this circuit, so make yourself
comfortable. It may be a while.”

She looked up at him and nodded.

“Have a seat and a drink. Have you met my brother yet?”

“Sure have! He’s a real groovy cat, Frank,” she said, licking her lips
and sticking out one narrow hip to rest the palm of her hand on.

“Anybody got a joint?” Kitty’s green eyes surveyed the negatively
shaking heads of the three men.

“What a drag,” her mouth twitched with disappointment. “Tell you what,
if somebody’ll give me a lift to my folks’ house I’ll bring back a
couple of reefers. Just got some good shit from a friend of mine who
just came back from Columbia.”

With a double bourbon to bolster his courage and erase any tremor of
guilt, Stephan, anxious to get away from Basil, sat his empty glass on
a filing cabinet and said boldly, “I’d be happy to give you a ride,
Kitty. I don’t smoke the stuff myself though,” he admitted sheepishly.

So with Basil and brother Frank exchanging knowing looks and smirks of
suspicion, Stephan held the door open for the teenager to slip through.
Basil watched from the window overlooking the street as the Mercedes
revved to life.

“That brother of yours doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into.”
Basil climbed three rungs of the ladder, just high enough to hand a
bourbon and water to the movie director who smiled down at his comrade-

“Do him good,” he muttered, still looking upward toward the burned-out
light. “He hasn’t had any extracurricular cunt since he married that
little wife of his. She’s one hell of a looker, but she’s so uptight.
Needs a little loosening up.” He looked down at Basil who had climbed
down the ladder. “Maybe the old Steve needs a good piece of Kitty’s
cunt. She can show him how to set his old lady straight!”

Chapter 3

God, Kitty was a sexy broad, Stephan thought as he forced himself to
keep his eyes off her huge jiggling titties and curvaceous asscheeks.
He’d never seen such luscious tits on a girl her age before, and his
mouth watered at the thought of what it would be like to suck her
little nipples till they grew hot and throbbing in his mouth. Jesus
Christ, he caught himself, he would just have to keep his mind off of
it until he got her safely back to the studio.

But Stephan was all too aware of Kitty’s body next to him in the car to
ignore her, even though she sat next to the opposite door. She’d made
no effort to pull down her skirt when she got into the car. Her well-
shaped thighs were really something to look at, he thought, and the
hugely billowing young titties beneath her sweater gave ample evidence
that she had not bothered to wear a bra. From the looks of things, he’d
be willing to bet that she wasn’t wearing any panties either. Despite
his efforts these thoughts and images of the nude movie film of this
provocative high school girl brought stirring life to Stephan’s cock.
He knew he was tensing up, knew his cock was beginning to swell
painfully … but hell, she was only a kid, what the hell did she know?
God, that’s all he needed now–a hard-on! And with this young girl,
too. 18 years old!

It was he who broke the silence. “Is acting a summertime job for you,

“Oh, no. I’ve been an actress since I was four years old. My mother
started me doing commercials as soon as I could talk. After that I
started doing a few shots here and there in soap operas and then just
this year I started this other business.” She pulled her hairbrush out
of her leather handbag and dragged it through her wealth of straight
blonde hair, wincing as she struggled with a snarl.

“What do you mean by ‘this business?'” His curiosity overcame his
reasoning, as if foreknowledge already held the answer for him.

“Fuck films.”

“W-what?” Stephan couldn’t believe her brazen attitude.

“Yeah. My dad’s the one who got me involved in this business. He’s my
agent. Money’s good. The way my dad and me got it all figured out, I’ll
be able to retire when I’m twenty-one.” Her red polished nails scraped
the bottom of her handbag till she found a stick of gum which she tore
in half. Chewing with an open mouth, she carefully wrapped the other
half in its wrapper and tucked it back in purse. She crossed her arms
in her lap.

“Your father is your agent?” Stephan’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“Yeah. You square or somethin’?”

I’m beginning to wonder, thought the young husband to himself. I can’t
believe my brother is risking his business and career for such a wild
youngster as this! He must be crazy! Christ, I wish she’d pull her
skirt down, it’s nearly up to her waist now.

“You married?” He turned to her, just as she put on her heavy
sunglasses. She was beautiful.

“Yeah, I’m married.”

“Do you and your wife fuck alot?”

“Do we what?”

“Get it on. You know,” she said sarcastically, pronouncing each word
with articulation. “Fuck. F-U-C-K. Fuck!”

Stephan could feel his face redden, “Yes, we fuck.”

“Are you a swinger?” And then noticing his indecision at the traffic
light, she pointed a long tanned arm to the right. “Take the next exit
from there a right onto Blossomtree lane, first house on the left.”

Stephan glanced over his shoulder to check the evening traffic, which
for some miraculous reason, was all headed in the opposite direction.
Good thing, too, he thought. That was an illegal turn and all I need is
to get stopped with this young piece of ass in my car. She’d probably
proposition the policeman.

“You didn’t answer my question,” she insisted, snapping her gum.

“Depends on what you mean by swinger.”

“Come on, ol’ man. You know, like do you take naked movies of her? Do
you like to make it with other couples or what?”

“Well … we …”

“You ain’t had enough pussy to sink your cock into lately, I can tell.”
She smiled, resting her blonde head on the headrest, staring at the man
twice her age.

“How can you tell?” He felt himself blushing, and being all too
conscious of his condition that throbbed unforgivingly in his pants, he
twitched in the driver’s seat.

Now she shrugged and gave a knowing little smile. “You’re too uptight.
You’d be more relaxed … if you’d been fucking regularly.”

“What?” It had been a long time since Stephan had been around teenagers
and he hadn’t realized that their language could be as lewd as an

“You’ve got a hard-on. You had a hard-on ever since you set those big
brown eyes on my tits and my cunt. Didn’t you, now?”

Stephan was beside himself. He’d never met such a brazen female in his
life, and at the age of eighteen. Christ! What’s she going to be like
when she’s old enough to drink?

Without a warning, she reached over and touched the bulge of his cock
in his trousers. “Mmmmmmm.” The contact created the same result in his
loins as a match struck in a gasoline-vapored chamber. She left her
hand, not teasing him, not caressing, merely resting her finger on the
throbbing lump created by his desire. Kitty’s eyes were locked on his
face; the intensity of her glance was something he could feel. She
seemed to be asking something–and receiving silent answers. Stephan
was aware that he was driving very slowly now–the vehicle was barely
moving, crawling along the off ramp. His breath caught with the next
comment from the girl. “If you hadn’t seen me you wouldn’t be all
turned on, would you?”

Stephan had to force the words out of his suddenly dry throat. “I guess
not.” He kept his eyes on the road, watching out for any highway patrol
man who might find his driving unacceptable for freeways.

“Then … I’m responsible, huh?” She looked over her shoulder out the
rear window, then glanced ahead of them. “Keep driving,” she ordered.
She had some plan, obviously; her actions were unmistakable. Through a
haze of uncertainty and growing heat, Stephan felt her hand leave his
leg and begin fumbling with his belt. “Take a deep breath,” Kitty said.
He did as instructed, and she quickly unfastened his belt buckle. A
second later his zipper scraped, and her knowledgeable hand and fingers
released his heavily throbbing cock from the imprisoning confines of
his shorts. He groaned deep in his throat and she stroked it a couple
of times.

I didn’t ask for this, Gillian. Honest I didn’t! the young husband
implored his wife silently. I didn’t ask for her to start egging me on
like this. It just happened. Honest!

“My … your cock’s beautiful!” she said breathlessly. “So big! So
hard!” She lovingly pumped it for a few seconds, then rolled it like a
thick cigar between her fingers. The reflected light from the dashboard
showed her hand moving up and down on his long white prick. God, how he
had wanted a girl to do that! It was almost more than he could stand.
Already, even though only thirty or forty seconds had elapsed, he could
feel the gathering cum in his balls. The girl was an expert; she knew
what she was doing. He groaned, and his breath began coming faster and

He was so caught up in the delicious sensation that Kitty had to make
the request twice.

“What?” he muttered, not really sure he comprehended.

“Move the seat back further,” she repeated.

Stephan mentally knew what was coming next. Eagerly, he reached down on
his left for the seat release and pushed with his back. They slid all
the way back. He was forced to drive with his arms almost straight out
in front of him.

Kitty glanced out the rear window again–looked again to see where they
were. “Take the next turn to the right,” she ordered. “That street is
under construction. Just keep driving. Tell me if you see any cars
coming from behind.” She bent forward and her hot lips slipped wetly
down over the head of his heavily pulsing cock.

“Aaaaahhhhh!” It was a moan of delight wrenched from his soul. How long
he had waited for his cock to be sucked! He felt his prick give another
jerk as if it were alive and independent of him. He tried to will it
limp again, to banish the lewd thoughts swirling in his bourbon-filled
head, but it remained hugely swollen, growing with every flick of the
shameless eighteen-year-old girl’s hotly licking tongue.

This is wrong, his tortured mind screamed. I’m a married man … what
would Gillian say? I can’t go through with it! But he was unable to
stop. Nothing had felt so beautiful before. Her tongue flicked hotly at
the eyelike opening of his cock and then ran maddening circles around
the head. She had wrapped her lips around his cock so that her mouth
felt like a soft, hotly clamping cunt ring, wonderfully moistened. With
her free hand, she reached down into his shorts and began gently
squeezing his balls in rhythm to her teasing little sucking movements.
Up and down her mouth moved, gently bobbing like an oil pump pulling
precious liquid from the subterranean depths. Stephan was about to go
out of his mind from the sensation. The girl had said to keep driving,
but it was almost impossible to do that because of what he felt. He
couldn’t have been traveling more than three or four miles an hour when
Kitty, as if sensing his impending cum, began taking the cock deep into
her throat. Faster, faster, faster her head moved until Stephan could
stand it no longer. He arched his back and raised his ass off the seat
in an effort to fuck it further down her throat. She took it all, and
as the head of his prick began swelling to enormous size, Kitty started
sucking voraciously, interspersing the vacuum with occasional little
nibbles. He glanced down and could see her lips pulled out grotesquely
as they clung to his wildly fucking cock. He continued to fuck up to
meet her, and she continued to take him. His mouth was swollen shut and
long, hoarse pants of breath whistled through it. His prick felt as
though it weighed a ton–a ton of hot molten lava restlessly surging
below the surface of a volcano. He knew he was on the verge of cumming
and felt he should prepare her, but as her motions became more rapid
and the suction increased, he suddenly knew it didn’t matter. She
obviously had done this before–Christ, probably a thousand times in
those movies she acted in: she was an expert. The juice gathered,
seethed, and boiled. The eruption was imminent. Low guttural noises of
delight came rumbling out of his throat. He was cumming … cumming …
almost there. Almost. Now … now! Now! The first hot spurts of cum
boiled out of his balls and screamed along the duct leading to the head
of his cock. “Aaaaahhhh … hahhhhhh.” His cry was meant to give her
some warning, but the sound merely increased her hungrily sucking
frenzy. The hot cum soared out of his cock in great gushing quantities,
and she went on sucking furiously as he shot everything he had into her
wonderfully hot, greedy mouth. And still he came, as weeks, years, of
pent-up frustration of wanting, yearning for his wife to make him cum
with her mouth manifested themselves in almost half a cup of the elixir
of love.

She used her tongue to tease, her mouth and lips to suck, until his
prick slowly began to deflate. It was as though she felt it necessary
to suck every last drop of whitely scalding cum from his balls. She
continued to work until he was sure he was getting ready for another
erection, then she suddenly stopped.

Stephan gave a mumbled sigh of happy release, and abruptly became aware
that his car–light on, motor running–was standing motionless right in
the middle of the street. Kitty withdrew her cum-dripping lips from his
cock, then kissed its head which was inflamed from her nibbling and
smeared with her lipstick. She slithered up until she was enclosed in
his arms. Then she kissed him wetly; her tongue darted and licked
around his mouth. He could taste the alien taste of his own cum in her
mouth. Kitty’s face was slippery–glistening from the cum juices and
streaked with her lipstick. She scooted back over to her own side of
the car, opened her purse, and carefully began to wipe her mouth with a
kleenex as he began driving again.

“Just around the corner–to the right.”

He turned onto the street where she lived as she glanced over toward
him, “Do I look presentable? I mean you can’t tell that I’ve been
sucking you off?”

He inspected her face, and nodded.

She smiled as he stopped in front of her house and started to get out
of the car to open the door for her. “Don’t bother,” she said quickly
and slid out. “I’ll be back in a flash.” As her skirt flared up, he
realized he had been right; she wasn’t wearing panties, after all. The
crevice of her smooth young asscheeks was a dark inviting line at the
top of her white thighs.

Stephan saw her father part the curtains of their ranch-style home and
stare into the dusk.

“That’s my dad,” she called over her shoulder. “He’s a real groovy
dude–just like you.” She waved over her shoulder at him.

Stephan got back in the car. He could hear her laughter until the front
door closed behind her excessively wiggling little ass. He leaned
forward, resting his head on the steering wheel while his sweating
palms gripped it hard until his knuckles turned white.

He could only sigh in contentment. Stephan had never felt so relaxed
and peaceful in his life, except for those little twinges of guilt that
kept clouding his ecstasy. He knew that he should feel guilty now, but
the stirrings of remorse and shame were not forthcoming. He only felt
like a satisfied, virile male, one who had been satisfied by a woman.
He felt a certain power, a certain pride in the fact that there, now,
he had proven that his desire for oral fucking had been right, and not
something darkly evil as his wife seemed to think.

His wife. The thought of Gillian echoed in his mind, and a small part
of his brain tried to make the self-deprecation come; but he fought the
thoughts away and he simply sat there, taking in the musk smell and the
permeating odor of their consummated lust.

His head was still resting on the steering wheel when Kitty emerged
from the house, a grin on her youthful face.

“Look what I got!” she beamed, sliding into the car seat. “There’s
gonna be a party tonight!” She held up a baggie full of dark brown
organic matter. “There’s enough here for everybody to get loaded. It’s
the only way to film a fuck movie.”

She put the bag in her purse and sat back in the seat as if it were the
most natural thing in the world that she was on her way to be fucked
and sucked while a movie camera whirled away in the background.

* * *

Gillian Edwards, smiling happily and with a warm glow spreading through
her from the Martinis, sat back on the divan in the living room and
sipped the remaining liquid from her glass. She stretched languidly,
thinking, I feel so good tonight, so warm, loved and happy. I’m lucky,
a very lucky woman, to have a wonderful husband–good provider and a
very, very, very good cocksman.

She giggled softly, and a warm, pleasant ache began between her tender
young thighs. She sighed then, squeezing her legs tightly together,
wishing Stephan hadn’t gone over to his brother’s studio tonight. They
could have had another drink together, and then gone to bed, as they
did on Sunday nights, and fuck for hours and hours, slow and sweet and
good. That was the kind of mood she was in tonight, the mood to be
screwed very, very slowly for a long, long time.

Well, Stephan would be home at ten or so and they could fuck then. She
would have to content herself with a book–and, yes why not, having
another drink. She was feeling a little audacious tonight, and even
though she knew her absolute limit without getting drunk was three
drinks in one evening, she decided that, by golly, she was going to
make herself a third!

She mixed the drink in the kitchen; so as not to mess up the bar that
the cleaning lady had scrubbed that week, humming softly and a little

Well, I think I’ll see if there is any good reading material around
here for me to pass away the evening until Stephan gets home. Guess
I’ll check out that Book of the Month Club selection they sent me–the
one I wrote and told them to please not send. Just as well, she sighed,
if Stephan is going to take up photography. I don’t want to be the
stupid housewife stuck at home. It’ll do me good to read some best
sellers–give me something to talk to other people about.

She slipped into her slippers and padded her way down the hallway to
Stephan’s study–secluded at the end of the house. He often kept his
documents and research materials in that room, just in case weekend
decisions on a business deal had to be made. Let’s see, she put her
long finger to her lips, where did I put … oh, of course! Right where
I put all my mail–on top of the bookshelf. Standing on her tiptoes,
the petite housewife reached overhead to the top shelf, her fingers
touching a packet of something, too bulky to be a book. Four fingers
edged along the length of the shelf and then she drew them away, a
cloud of dust filming the air. “Oh God!” she said, aloud. “I’m going to
have to talk to the cleaning lady about this!” She reached up once more
for the thick brown envelope now visible at the end of the shelf. Her
fingers could touch it, her eyes could see it, but her legs wouldn’t
stretch that far, so she pulled her husband’s swivel chair over a few
feet and climbed atop it.

Ah! Finally. She removed an envelope from on top of the book packet and
set it aside, thoughtlessly. The staples flew as Gillian ripped open
the package, reassuring herself that reading would be a good time
passer till Stephan finally came home. “Oh, no!” she frowned. “I didn’t
want that!” She threw the book on the floor in disgust. Stupid people,
she thought, can’t even keep orders straight. Well, I’m sure there’s
something else of interest up here–this is where everything gets

Gillian’s eyes scanned the length of the shelf. Hmmmmm, wonder what
this is, she thought, staring at the envelope. Some mail I didn’t see?
Looks interesting. She flipped it over to see “Fragile” stamped in
official black ink. Must be business cassettes she reasoned. Probably
old letters he’d dictated to his secretary for the past six months.

It was tempting. Gillian always stayed clear of her husband’s work,
never wanting to involve herself to the degree where she had to take
many phone messages or get in that abominable rut of typing letters.
But with all this talk of film-making lately, so what? She stepped down
off the chair, envelope in hand, and brushed the footprints from the
royal blue weave.

She sipped again from her martini. The liquor was beginning to affect
her now, in several different ways. Giddy and careless, she sat down at
her husband’s desk and opened the unsealed envelope. It always gave her
a little thrill to see or hear about bits or evidence of his business
success–like a peek into his brain, a part she never witnessed
otherwise. Her ardor of a few minutes earlier, instead of waning,
seemed to have gained intensity, so that she felt a moistening down in
her pussy, flowing out to dampen her thighs; and she felt too, a
boldness that she had never expected before, an irrational desire to do
something she had never done before–involve herself in her husband’s

Impulsively, then, stifling another slightly tipsy giggle, Gillian
reached out and grasped the envelope. Her fingers fumbled at the sealed
flap, finally got it open; and then she was drawing out what appeared
to be cassettes out of an instant movie camera. It was a strange way to
dictate a business letter. Which made her even more curious about her
husband’s affairs. She held them in her lap, letting them lie there, on
the warm velvet mound of her lower belly, as she drained the last of
the martini. Then she drew the viewer, which Stephan had set on his
desk, towards her and flipped them into the slot, turning the machine
on and waiting for the blank screen to come on.

Her first reaction was one of shocked horror. She blinked rapidly
several times, her eyes held transfixed by the full color carnality
which she saw in the viewer’s screen. Her brain was spinning with the
combined forces of startlement and undiluted gin. Lord, they were
really fucking!

Gotta get another drink! She picked up the unseen film cassettes and
the viewer and headed for the kitchen, having first dropped off the
film and viewer on the bedroom dresser.

My God! she thought when she’d settled on the bed in their bedroom.
This is … it’s filthy! It’s pornography, that’s what it is, plain and
simple pornography!

She wanted to cast the offending cassettes from her, but a curious
perversity made her grip them more tightly between her fingers and kept
her eyes fastened to the viewing screen. The first cassette showed a
sweet-looking blonde straddling a dark-haired man; both of them were
nude, with their cocks and cunts fully exposed to the camera, and his
… his prick was pushed halfway up into her open pussy!

Gillian swallowed hard, watching the expression on the young woman’s
face. It was one of sheer, unadulterated ecstasy, lids drooping, mouth
parting and wet. With the tip of her wet pink tongue darting out
between her lips, she seemed to be oblivious to the camera, caught up
in the sexual frenzy of the moment, of the feeling of the man’s
hardened cock imbedded deep within her tightly gripping cunt walls. And
she was manipulating her own tits, squeezing them passionately in her

God! She can’t be more than nineteen years old! Gillian thought

Staring at the angelic young girl’s obvious enjoyment, Gillian felt a
quickening of her breath, a fluttering in her lower belly. The inside
of her mouth was dry, and she ran her pink tongue over her lips several
times, trying to dispel the arid, cottony taste.

Her now trembling fingers pulled the first cassette from the viewer and
pushed the second one into the machine. She gasped, and a little spiral
of unwanted heat wended its way upward through her hotly streaming
pussy into her belly and chest, hardening the firm, ruby crests of her
snowy tits. A man, distinguished and older, was crouched between the
widespread thighs of a small, well-proportioned blonde, his long wet,
seemingly hard tongue curled out to flick over the naked pussy and the
erect clitty of the passion-tensed girl!

A wave of puritan revulsion took hold of Gillian, and again she wanted
to throw the offending cassettes from her–break them up into little

Why, oh why did Stephan get these? Where did he get them? Isn’t he
satisfied with me? Am I such a bad fuck? All these questions, answered
only by her own shallow breathing, clouded her mind, mixing with the
gin into a miasma of self-doubt.

But she did not throw them away. Again, she stared at the viewer, at a
man, at his tongue licking hungrily at the widespread pussy of the
blonde girl. Lord, she moaned softly to herself at the lewd, cunt-
flooding sight. He’s going to suck her pussy and make her cum just like
Stephan did to me last night on the living room floor after he took
those dirty pictures of me with my legs spread on the couch! I … I
wonder if she’s going to suck his cock like Stephan wanted me to do?

A cascade of shame flowed through her, causing her to flush a violent
crimson. She was no better than the … the lascivious people in the
films! Thinking filthy thoughts, working herself into an impossible
sexual froth. Suddenly, she wished again that her husband were home.
Her pussy was so hot now, heated by the gin and the perversity of the
lewd instant films she held in her quaking hand.

“God, I shouldn’t torture myself like this!” she moaned aloud, but even
as the words left her lips she was pulling out the third cassette and
placing it on the viewer.

And there it was! Just as she had imagined! There was another young
woman, with her lips firmly ovalled around the lust-hardened cock of a
thin, muscular man! And she was enjoying it, this young girl was
enjoying, yes reveling in the taste of the man’s huge prick! She was
actually groveling in the very thing Stephan had for so long wanted her
to do to him.

A low cry of frustrated despair tore from Gillian’s throat, and she was
finally able to push the film away from her, the lewd cassettes in
disarray on the bed beside her. She lay there, trembling, opening and
closing her legs in a vain effort to dispel the tingling, flowing
excitement which the lewd film had built to a fanning inferno between
her soft, pulsating thighs.

Stephan, she thought confusedly, Stephan, I need you. I wish you were
here right now! I want you, I want you to fuck me, Stephan … oh,

Her hands went out on either side of her to clutch the spread. Her
belly was on fire now and her cunt ached for cock. It was as if the
pussy-arousing acts she was seeing here tonight had aroused her
passions to the desperation point. Tears flowed from her eyes, and her
body squirmed lewdly on the bed. She wiped away the wetness which was
obscuring her vision–and her gaze fell again on one of the cassettes,
the nearest one. She pushed the film into the viewer.

It showed a nakedly locked couple performing simultaneous oral fucking
in the classic sixty-nine position!

Her eyes grew glazed. Breath spewed raggedly from between her open,
tongue-moistened lips. She stared at the picture, at the woman in the
process of running her own wetly glistening tongue upward over the
man’s cum-swollen balls to the ridged underside of his hardened cock,
as the man’s lips pressed tightly to the gaping, pink-red softness of
the girl’s wide-split young pussy, his nose gently tickling the tiny
puckered ring of her asshole.

Oh, God, I’m sorry, Gillian’s mind cried, I’m sorry. But I don’t care.
I can’t stand it. I can’t!

And in one swift motion, the beautiful young wife rolled onto her back,
still watching the salacious, full-color movie with her eyes, and with
her free hand drew open the red velvet robe. Beneath it she wore only a
thin pair of flimsy panty briefs. As if a separate entity, ungoverned
by her will, the hand drew the panties down, slowly, slowly, as she
raised her quivering asscheeks high off the bed.

Her passion-fogged brain blotted out all the evils she had been led to
believe would come from finger-fucking herself. There was only her
urgency now, her need for release from the intense arousal of her body
by the lustful activities in the films.

She massaged the smooth, flat whiteness of her belly with the palm of
her hand, around and around, raising up to pass over her tits with
their swollen nipples, causing whirlpools of passion to seethe within
her. Then her hand, with a will of its own, moved lower and she arched
her back, raising her hips high off the bed, her fingers passing
through the downy-soft fleece of her golden pussy hair and intensifying
further the rising crescendo of desire.

A groan of total abandonment escaped her lips, and the young,
helplessly impassioned wife moved her hand downward between her now
widespread thighs, wet with the juices of her passion. She gently
insinuated her fingers into the moist flesh, and the feeling generated
by her own fevered fingers was so very, very good. She manipulated the
soft hairlined inner lips until she could feel them swelling with the
rush of blood, and her clit was rigid and tingling. Her index finger
came in contact with the trembling flesh, and she began to gasp with
delight as she felt release imminent. Her hips thrashed the bed and the
air, her eyes never once leaving the viewer and the lewd fucking
depicted there–lips on cock, lips on cunt, lips on cock, lips on cunt

Faster, faster, faster, her finger fucked across the sensitive little
clitty of her cunt, blanking her mind of all thoughts, all sanity;
nothing existed for her in that moment except the delirious coming of
her impending cum.

And then she was there!

Oh, God, her hotly arching little pussy was cumming like wild fire!

Her naked hips flailed frantically at the bed as wave after wave of
intensely bursting release seized her. It was pleasure so acute that it
approximated pure pain. Then, as her cum began to ebb, her naked
asscheeks sank back to the spread and her hand stilled but did not
leave her cunt. She lay there, not moving, her eyes squeezed tightly
shut now and her huge tits rising and falling spasmodically.

And then sanity returned to her brain. With it came abject
mortification, a feeling of self-loathing that was almost as great as
the delight of her ebbing cum. She moaned aloud in despair, sitting up,
knocking the films from the bed and flinging them to the floor around
it as if they were vermin of the foulest type. Then she threw herself
face down on the bed, crying out her torment, sick with the knowledge
of the act of finger-fucking that she had just performed on her own

Those damnable films! They were the cause of her rising excitement into
the throes of lust, her loss of self-control. Those filthy films! Oh,
damn you, Stephan! Where did you get them, anyway? But it wasn’t
Stephan’s fault, it was his brother’s fault for even suggesting this
stupid movie-taking in the first place. He was probably the one who
gave them to Stephan. Well, if this was Frank’s idea of art, let him
keep it to himself!

The questions spun and rotated in Gillian’s tormented, liquor-fogged
mind. She felt sick to her stomach, and … dirty. She needed the
cleansing release of sleep; she couldn’t be this upset when Stephan
came home. He must never know she’d finger-fucked herself tonight; no,
he must never know.

She took off her gown and lay back down on the bed, slipping between
the sheets, praying for the respite of sleep to ease her tortured mind.
As she sobbed into her pillow, all time stopped, the only measurement
being the thud of her heart punctuated by the soft sobs of her guilt.
The films lay scattered on the floor, unremembered.

Chapter 4

On the other side of the city in the back room of a private film studio
Stephan Edwards found himself in a situation that no fiction writer
could approximate. It was even better than any of his wildest sexual
fantasies. He was a star in a movie, but in no ordinary film: this was
what the movie crowd called sex films, or–as those who frequented
those movie houses referred to them–fuck films.

How it all happened, he wasn’t actually certain. His recollections ran
only as far back as stopping en route to the studio with Kitty for a
“taste of weed.” From there on, he could remember little, but from what
bits and pieces he could glue together in his confused drugged mind, he
had been chosen by the eighteen-year-old nymphomaniac to star with her.
She claimed she “really got off on the taste of his prick.”

Basil, standing by with a deeply furrowed frown on his face, glowered
at the scene. This was supposed to be his night to fuck young Kitty.
After all, wasn’t he the one who found her?

What’s going on here? Basil asked himself silently. This idiot prick
comes in and steals the whole show. Square too. Real square. Christ!
Can’t even get his ol’ lady to let him take films of her naked! How the
hell is he gonna make a fuck film? Probably scream for his mommy when
that little nymph gets her hot hands on him!

But Basil stood by and watched, watched as Frank’s brother read through
the lines of the poorly written script, as he mouthed lines to himself,
a look of stark agony on his handsome face.

Guess he’s perfect for the part, chuckled Basil to himself. A nervous
husband–boy he does fit the part. Taffy must have had her brother-in-
law in mind when she wrote it.

The script was an easy one for Stephan, because the emotions and fears
of this one Sunday in his life were reflected in every line and every
action. Even the cues fit perfectly. He was to portray a newly married
man whose wife was out of town. The husband, alone for the first time
since his marriage, when drunk, is propositioned by a teenage
streetwalker. The man had always craved oral fucking, but his new wife,
whom he loves dearly and had never cheated on in six months of
marriage, refused him. Once inside the teenager’s room, the young
husband recalls himself, and his head clears of the excess drink he’d
indulged in and he lets his guilt take over.

Just as it was, reasoned Stephan to himself as clearly as one can after
drinking double-bourbon on the rocks and smoking marijuana for the
first mind-bending time. I’m playing myself. Shouldn’t be too hard.
Besides, his mind went on, relaxing the tight grip it held on his taut
neck tendons, if it doesn’t work out, what the hell? Nothing lost,
nothing gained.

In the first scene Stephan was propelled inside the girl’s room and the
door was shut by Kitty. He was alone in a strange room with a young
whore. As he sat on the bed and the camera kept shooting, Stephan
stared weakly up at this beautiful young prostitute and had to take her
in his arms and kiss her, love her up a bit. He wouldn’t have to fuck
in this scene, Frank had assured him, knowing that sometimes people
can’t concentrate when they’re unused to public display–it’s hard to
get it up and keep it up. But Lord, thought Stephan, it would be nice
to kiss those cherry red lips, caress her huge titties to hardness
after that little blow job she’d treated him to earlier that evening.

He felt his cock jerk into instant rigidity as if it were alive and
independent of him. Stephan almost wished he wasn’t such a good actor.
He tried to will it limp again, to banish the lewd thoughts swirling in
his bourbon-filled head, but it remained throbbingly swollen.

Kitty chuckled as she stood by the side of the bed. “Stephan-baby’s got
a hard-on.” She was smiling at his bulging pants. “Stephan-baby’s got a
great big hard-on because he knows he’s going to fuck Kitty’s hot,
slick little pussy …”

Forgetting he was being filmed, Stephan came to life and proved himself
to be a natural actor.

He had never heard a woman talk in such lascivious language and in his
drug-induced consciousness, he snarled up at her. “Kitty … cut it
out, for Christ’s sake!”

“You’re going to fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me …” She came
toward him tauntingly, the camera zooming in for a close-up. Her breath
was like a white-hot firebrand on his cheek. She touched his knee
lightly, her fingers almost searing the cloth, and then she reached
higher, higher … and touched the thickly throbbing cock between his

“Ooooohhhhh God!” he managed to breathe, forgetting the written script.
He almost leaped off the bed in a convulsive reaction. He could feel
his cum-filled balls ache with sudden pressure, and will himself as he
might, he couldn’t pull away from her caresses. Her tongue trailed over
his cheek, searching for his mouth, and her hand continued to rub his
heavily pulsing cock.

Kitty faltered for a moment and then someone from the side whispered,
“It’s physical, fuck is physical.”‘

The young actress regained her composure and blurted out the line:
“It’s purely physical,” she droned on, mesmerically, hypnotically. “You
want to get your big cock into my wet pussy, and I want it too.”

That’s when Stephan’s guilt-ridden conscience rose to the fore with an
imperious: “I love my wife.” It was a protest.

“Sure you do, Stephan-baby. All of them do. But that doesn’t have
anything to do with us, with here and now, with fucking!”

This is wrong! Stephan’s mind screamed. I’m a married man. What am I
doing with an eighteen-year-old nympho making fuck films? This is the
most ridiculous thing I’ve ever done in my whole life!

He wrenched himself off the bed, his heart hammering, and he was aware
that his prick was still granite-hard and seeping hot droplets of
scalding cock juices. This was enough, he’d had it. He’d walk off the
set and it would be over with, film or no film … Kitty’s husky voice
whispered, “Stephan baby …”

He turned, gathering the courage to reject her, but then the words
froze in his throat. His mouth hinged open and his eyes bulged.

She stood before him, stripped completely naked!

The lovely young teenager had unhooked her one article of clothing, her
dress, and it lay puddled at her feet. Neither panties nor bra were
evident, and as he gazed transfixed at her beautiful, curvaceous body,
he could see that she didn’t need any artificial supports. She smiled
at him, the top of her wet, pink tongue showing. The camera zoomed in
for a close-up of that, too.

The hairlined lips of her cunt were displayed for him like a sacrifice,
the golden down glistening lusciously in the pale glow of the dimmed
lighting. Her huge, sensuous tits, startlingly alabaster white against
the tan of the rest of her naked body, jutted out like ruby-crested
mountains, and her long, slender legs seemingly trembled with the
desire to wrap around him.

“Well, lover?” Her hands had moved to her golden triangle, and when she
said “here,” her fingers blazed a trail down through the soft pink lips
of her cunt and spread them slowly, slowly apart, revealing the tiny
trembling bud of her erect clit. She began to stroke it back and forth,
round and round.

It was a lust-maddening sight to Stephan. The thought of kissing, of
licking her sweet young pussy set his prick into a wild dance. “Kitty
… please,” he moaned, his breath all but stopped as he heard Basil
and Frank murmuring just feet away.

“And I’ll lick your cock, Stephan-baby, I want to lick and suck your
big ol’ cock … I love to suck cock, did you know that?” On and on she
went, and the one sure way of building Stephan to a point where he
couldn’t say no was being used again, for the second time that day.
He’d been denied a cocksucking by his own wife–and that was the truth!
Not just part of this ridiculous script. He had wanted to feel the soft
down of a woman’s pussy as it opened to his mouth and lusting desire–
if only his wife understood that, wanted his cock in her mouth, oh,
God! He could feel his swollen cock palpitate wildly.

He had to fuck her! He absolutely didn’t care about the film they were
making, about Gillian, about his adultery with a whore, about anything!
The only important thing was the billowing heat in his cock, and the
desire to suck and be sucked! Yes, he had to have her! Yes! Yes!

As if somehow spirit-free from his body, he watched himself unfasten
his belt and remove his clothing, dumping them wherever they happened
to fall. He stood before her as she stood before him, his thickly
bursting cock standing out at right angles.

“Oh, your prick’s lovely,” Kitty crooned in ecstasy. “Just as I knew it
would be.” She walked over to the bed, the very essence of sensuality,
and lay down on the cover. “Come here, Stephan-baby,” the voluptuous
young whore purred, “let me suck you off!”

Stephan came to her, a robot of desire, and the next thing he knew he
was writhing beside her, feet-to-head, with Kitty’s fingers scratching
lightly over his cock, her expert lips kissing his legs, belly, and
inner thighs, building him to still higher a pitch.

“God! Hurry!” Stephan groaned, not sure he could keep the scalding cum
inside his bloated balls another moment. “Hurry!” As if in obedience,
Kitty plunged her head forward and Stephan felt the incredible hot
wetness of her lips close butterlike over the sensitive head of his
cock. Then he felt her searing tongue licking tiny circles of fire
around it. Sighing, completely enraptured in the lewd manipulations,
Stephan moved toward her, and buried his face in her cunt. There was a
sudden jerk of contracted muscles in the excited prostitute, and she
pressed closer to his mouth. The very abandonment, the complete
capitulation to sensuality by this whore overwhelmed him and blotted
out all thoughts except the delicious debauchery of which he was a
willing partner.

Kitty, practiced professional that she was, tested the piquancy of his
fevered cock juices hungrily, twirling her tongue faster and faster.
Then she began to suck him rhythmically, with the full expertise of a
woman in love with fucking. Stephan looked up once and watched her
convoluted, lipstick-rimmed lips ripple up and down his hardened prick,
and watched as the soft skin of her mouth puckered outward and then
back in as she fucked it up and down the full entirety of his cock.
Never had he envisioned such an erotic sight, and he was aroused still
more. His loins tensed and jerked upwards into her face, all the fleshy
expanse disappearing with each hard forward fuck so that only a small
stretch of his cock showed white and glistening with the saliva between
her lips. He returned to her soft, hair-fringed cunt and drew her
softly curved asscheeks down over his mouth so that his face was sunk
nose-deep in the wetness of her soft-rimmed cunt. He held her tightly
with both hands on her ass, fucking his tongue up teasingly between the
tender fleshy pussy folds. He heard her gasp and then renew her hungry
nibbling on his cock with frenzied motion. Her pussy contracted and
opened around his mouth, and then he moved his hands to curl and flick
his tongue on the smoothness of her pearl-white asscheeks. He sucked
and licked while she swayed above him, completely out of control, her
cunt flowering open wider and her pussy juices mingling with his saliva
and rivuleting down his cheeks.

He could feel her muscles contract with pleasure as he worked his
tongue mercilessly, and then he fucked to her clitoris, sucking and
biting it tenderly, his tongue reaming the sensuous little button while
she churned and writhed in a lewd dance of lust above him. Stephan
sensed she was straining to cum, her mouth and cheeks sucking wildly at
his cock as she bucked and arched both her back and head in an
uncontrollable quaking of her body. Her huge tits danced as she sucked
voraciously, her sucking mouth making the pressure spiral to a final,
huge release of his building cum juices.

And then–came the irrefutable cry of her cunt-bursting cum and the
warm, pungent milk of her softly pulsating pussy juices flowed hotly
across his face. She screamed out her cum, though her mouth was still
sucking hungrily at his deep-fucking cock, and she snaked her heels
against his shoulders, rubbing her fervently heaving cunt in an
uncontrolled, tormented surge.


All at once he, too, felt the eruption of fire leap along his cock. He
gasped as though in agony, and then his cock began a wild, convulsive
jerking that flooded without advance warning the vivacious eighteen-
year-old girl’s maddeningly bobbing head with rush after rush of hot
scalding juices, bloating her cheeks and forcing her to swallow wildly
to keep from choking. Then, as quickly as it all started, there was one
final hot gush and he lay back, half-conscious from the power of his

Still the girl sucked ravenously at his cock juices, milking every last
drop of the hot gushing cum, until at last his cock jerked softly and
slowly deflated in the warm cavern of her mouth. She slid her lips from
his cock with one last swallow, and cradled her face to his still
throbbing groin.

He felt Kitty stir then, and suddenly she was on all fours and beside
him, smiling down in his face. She said, “I’m going to teach you things
you never knew existed, Stephan-baby.” She leaned down and kissed him
tenderly, the taste of his cock juice still on her mouth. “Would you
like that?”

He ran his tongue across his lips. Already there were faint stirrings
in his limp cock, displacing any fears of not being able to get another
erection. “Yes … yes I’d like that!”

“Good.” She stretched out and snuggled in the protection of his arms.
“… because now you’re going to fuck me dog-style.”

* * *

How Stephan Edwards managed to drive home that evening was a mystery to
him. He felt like a limp dishrag after sweating under the hot strobes
and floodlights of the film studio, not to mention his exhaustion from
fucking a woman in every possible position since the history of man

What a cunt that Kitty was, his mind reminded him, while his body
screamed for a halt: it could take no more. And she was only eighteen
years old, too. Christ! It was like Christmas come early: twice in one
night his cock had been sucked and he felt as if he’d eaten the whole
pie instead of his one rightful piece.

Stephan slipped his house key into the lock and quietly pulled open the
sliding glass door separating their living room from the patio. The
bedroom was on the other side of the hallway and should Gillian still
be anxiously awaiting his return, he could always arm himself with the
excuse that he’d gone for a swim–had had too much to drink and sat out
under the stars for long enough to clear his head.

All the lights were out. He sighed with relief. With shoes in hand he
padded across the living room carpet and into the hall … no sound
came from the bedroom; good. He stopped, waiting in the still, black
silence of his home, but there was only the faint and regular pattern
of heavy breathing, and Stephan took this to mean his wife was asleep.

He didn’t know that she’d heard his car drive up, that she’d been
waiting all night for him to come home to her, that actually she was
very much awake, lost in a troubled state of indecision, hoping that
her husband would not want to fuck her tonight, but at the same time
desperately in need of his solace, his strong comforting arms around
her quaking shoulders. She didn’t know why she felt this way, except
that it had something to do with those damned films and that a new
undiscovered instinct and desire had been awakened in her. One that she
would not test just yet.

No, Stephan was unaware of his wife’s true condition, but in his own
way he was glad that she was asleep and hadn’t waited up for him,
perhaps to have him fuck her. Not now, after the hours of wild,
abandoned sexual games and stints that he’d just staged with that
nymphomaniac eighteen-year-old fuck-film star. He was satiated
completely, in a state of absolute contentment, and in no mood either
to argue heatedly with a distraught wife or to try and explain why he
couldn’t get another hard-on. Christ! After that Kitty, he’d be lucky
to raise another hard-on in a week.

He went into the bathroom to undress, closing the door so that the
light wouldn’t bother Gillian. Quickly he stripped his clothes off, not
as fast as he had done for Kitty, and this time hanging them on a hook.

He stepped into the shower and let the needle spray wash off the
fragrant, telltale perfume of his indiscretions, the odors of wild
screwing which would be readily identified by his wife. He thought
about Kitty, the beautiful young enticing whore, and although the
lightheaded joy of his repast with her didn’t fade, the act of
cleansing himself seemed also to add some regret.

Stephan stepped from the shower, with mixed emotions. No longer was he
the ignorant older brother, the square; no way! Now he was the older,
wiser brother, and he vowed that he would not let Gillian’s uptightness
get in the way of his newfound way of life. Yet, there but a few feet
from him was his loving, faithful wife, whom he loved very deeply. He
sighed. If only she was more open, more abandoned, like Kitty had been.
Well, there was only one thing to do about it. Make her understand too
that there was more to fucking than just climbing on and climbing off!

He toweled himself briskly, his mind made up. Yes, the passive Stephan
was in the past, and he was going to show her a more forceful, more
worldly husband from here on in. At first she might not like it, he had
to admit, but she would soon see that he was right. And Stephan knew
just now he was going to accomplish this education of his lovely,
innocent wife

He was going to go ahead with the films! He was going to use the
instant movie camera again. He could take wilder ones! Ones with him in
them, maybe even showing his cock fully fucking her! His cock trembled
anew and he moaned lightly as he dreamed of all the combinations he was
going to do with his wife. But he knew that in order to accomplish this
task, he would have to handle things gently, diplomatically.

Stephan headed for the bedroom and, leaving the dim night light on in
the doorway, opened the bedroom door and peeked in. The shower had
straightened out his twisted mind enough so that he could trust his
vision, and the debris on the bedroom carpet puzzled him. Why would
Gillian go to sleep leaving all this garbage scattered around? So
unlike her. With the dim wattage in his favor, he bent over and picked
up what looked like pieces of plastic and gasped.

My God! She found the films! And she had put them in the viewer and
watched them! He should wake her up now, and explain them to her, talk
to her about them, but when he touched her and she didn’t move he took
a long breath of relief and decided to wait until tomorrow. There would
be plenty of time for talking then. Plenty of time.

Chapter 5

Gillian had slept fitfully all night. The whole evening had been almost
too much. First she had seen those filthy movies, then she had gotten
so hot that she had had to fuck her fingers into her cunt in order to
stop the fires. She had been relieved when Stephan had decided not to
mention the cassettes last night. He could have pressed the point, by
waking her up, but he hadn’t, and she was glad. It gave her some extra
time to get her own feelings together.

Gillian stared at her husband across the breakfast table and it seemed
to her that he had changed somehow, in some almost imperceptible way,
almost overnight; there seemed to be a firmer set to his jaw, as if
with some hidden purpose, and his eyes held a new, oddly flashing light
that she had never seen in them before. He didn’t speak, only held his
paper up to his face with a shaking hand and sipped his coffee with
loud slurps.

She wanted to rid her soul of the deep burden weighing her down, but
why? What purpose would it serve at eight o’clock in the morning?
Instead she picked at her eggs and sipped her coffee daintily. It’s all
because of that damned instant movie camera! she repeated to herself.

Sitting there with her tormented thoughts, she had the odd sinking
feeling that her perfect, well-ordered little world was about to come
crashing down around her ears. Everything was too strange, too unreal–
as if it were the proverbial calm before the storm. She hoped that she
was wrong, that it was simply her guilt at her actions last night, her
finger-fucking herself while looking at those filthy movie films, that
was making her feel so morbid and depressed.

Behind his newspaper, Stephan Edwards smiled lewdly to himself. So she
did see those films after all, he thought with a clear head. That’s why
she’s acting so strange this morning. She’s feeling guilty because she
enjoyed them. Tonight we’ll take care of it all, we’ll clear the air.
He peeked over the top of his newspaper and studied his wife–his
beautiful, passionate, warm Gillian. He moistened his lips. She was
better than that young whore, Kitty, any day of the week. Or she would
be, once she learned the art of sucking and being sucked. And she would
learn–soon, soon. Tonight, maybe. Stephan’s cock gave an excited
little dance in his robe as he thought of what would happen when he got
Gillian warmed to the idea.

Could he talk her into more movie-taking? Well, not in the mood she was
in now. But if he could get her a little high–downright drunk would be
even better–he could convince her that it would be all right to take
more movie films. And that would surely get her pussy hot, for even
though she hadn’t been outwardly excited by the movies he had left in
his study, she had to have had enough curiosity to open that envelope
and see what was inside. That meant she had to possess, he reasoned,
curiosity about other things as well, like sucking his cock and letting
him suck her pussy. Hers was an untapped resource, just waiting for the
drilling to begin. She loved him and wanted to please him, hadn’t she
told him that often enough? Yes, tonight would be the night, after all!

He sipped at his coffee again and continued to think of what erotic
things he would talk his lovely wife into doing with him, how he would
show her that she was excited by the sight of naked men and women

Determined to affect a calm exterior, not to show the turmoiled nature
of her inner self, Gillian decided to break the silence. “More coffee,

“Huh?” He set down his paper, happy to see her regaining her shattered
self-confidence. And then: “What time is it?”

“Nearly eight-thirty!”

The newspaper fell to the floor. “Jesus Christ! I have to get going.
Have a meeting with Chuck today over that new client we’re trying to
get. Could be a damned good client, too.”

Three minutes intermission and he was running out the door, tie and
cuff links in hand.

Gillian’s day was spent puttering around the garden, pulling weeds and
clipping the hedges.

She didn’t feel calm with her own company, but she feigned a happy
mask. That way it was easier to pretend that everything was all right.
But the image of those lewd movies haunted her with a vengeance all
their own.

Why do I feel so guilty? she interrogated herself. Am I not pleasing
Stephan? Do I feel as if I’m holding something out on him? Why? Why?
Why? her mind screamed. She sat down at the kitchen table with a cup of
coffee and decided she would not move until this enigma was solved and
her happy marriage was once more off the rocks and onto the solid
ground. Is there something he wants of me that I feel I cannot give

I’m faithful to him; I let him fuck me whenever he wants; I please him
… but those words, “suck me, suck my cock,” echoed in her head and
something struck. Her mind refused to reason any further and she felt a
chill tingle up her spine like a worm squirming under her clothing.

She swallowed hard, grimacing. There are things that need to be worked
out, she reassured herself. From now on I’ll try, God knows, I’ll
really try to please him … in every way possible. I’ll even consent
to letting him take those nasty movies of me if he wants. Anything to
get things back on their normal keel.

She remembered the coolness with which Stephan had ignored her that
morning. Unusual. More than unusual, there was a reason for it, and if
her guess was worth a dime it was all because of something that had
happened the night before over at Frank’s studio. And if she knew Frank
at all, she knew what it was. Frank had been filming one of his dirty
movies, and Stephan had been there watching!

* * *

That evening Gillian met her husband at the front door, a drink in her
hand. She had taken special care today to appear extra-provocative,
having spent an hour hemming her blue silk dress with the slit up the
side, one of Stephan’s favorites that he allowed her to wear only in
the privacy of their house. “Jesus Christ!” he’d said when she’d put it
on for the first time for a party. “Every one of my friends is going to
be pawin’ at your ass!”

She felt especially sexy tonight, having spent some time manicuring her
nails and artfully applying her makeup.

Stephan whistled through his teeth the moment his eyes fell on her.
“Look at this!” he said, charmed. “What a lucky man I am!”

She lifted her bead to accept his kiss. “Special dinner tonight: Pate
de fois gras, Canard L’Orange, Potatoes Dauphine … and a special
dessert,” she said flirtatiously. “Come, let’s eat and get it over

This is too much, thought Stephan as he wiped his mouth clean with a
white linen napkin. She’s up to something and so am I, and I just hope
we meet somewhere in the middle.

“Stephan,” purred Gillian, licking her lips, “this wine is absolutely
superb. I’m glad you picked it up on your way home. I could drink it
all day and still love the taste.” She drained her fresh glass and
extended it to Stephan to be filled again, smiling, feeling already a
little tight and missing completely the dark intensity of his eyes, the
way he began to slur his own words. They drained the first bottle and
were well into the second.

As planned, Stephan had gotten Gillian drunk, and she had loosened up
considerably, even to the point of smiling and tacitly talking about
the movies he’d taken of her. She was warm and cuddly now, sitting next
to him on the couch, in an obvious loving and permissive mood; it
wouldn’t take much to convince her of the rightness of allowing him to
take more intimate movies of her with the instant movie camera he’d
borrowed from his brother.

“Mmmm, I think I drank too much.”


She sipped tentatively, smiled at him; she felt secure and warm inside,
confessing that she’d been upset and everything had seemed to be
drawing in on her at the same time, crushing her under its weight. Now,
the liquor removing that worry, she wasn’t sure as she had been that
things were going to go wrong in their perfect marriage. Again she
reminded herself that Stephan still loved her–there was no doubt of
that in her mind at all. What then, could be terrible enough to
override that abiding love?

Still, though, there was one thing she wanted to know. And with a
boldness that surprised both of them, she turned to her husband and
asked, “Stephan, did you leave those films in your study for me to

“All right, if you must know–yes, I did.”

She drank again, emptying her glass, and when she put it down on the
coffee table she felt a terrible rise of guilt once more. And with it
came the need to unburden herself, to tell Stephan she had looked at
those movies last night–but not that she had fingered her pussy until
she had made herself cum while looking at them, never that.

“Oh, Stephan,” she blurted out, unable to hold it back any longer. “I
opened that envelope in your study last night. That’s why I was so
upset this morning, because I opened it and put those terrible movies
in the viewer, and I … I was excited by them. Stephan, I actually got
turned on looking at those dirty films!”

She flung herself against his chest, and Stephan held her tightly to
him. He could scarcely conceal his elation. So she had seen them! Good.

“No reason to feel bad, baby,” he soothed, kissing her hair. “There’s
nothing wrong in wanting to be fucked after looking at other people
screwing; it’s a natural.”

“But the … the people in those photos were doing such … such awful
things to one another …”

“There’s nothing awful about giving pleasure to your husband or wife,”
said Stephan wisely, tenderly. “It’s the whole foundation of marriage,
honey. If it pleases the one you love, then it can’t be wrong. You
believe that, don’t you?”

“I … I guess so.”

“If, for example, I was pleased taking movies of you in the nude, you’d
want to do that for me, wouldn’t you? You’d want to take off your
clothes and let me film you, wouldn’t you?”

“But … but you wouldn’t ask me to take off my …” she stopped short.

“Come on, honey, I like to look at you when you’re naked. It pleases
me, it excites me. I like to look at you in photographs or film, look
at you there in full color, any man would.”

“You really think so?”

“It’s true,” Stephan said, feeling pressure building in his loins as he
spoke, knowing that he would win in the end. “I like to look at you in
the nude, and I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t like to look at other
women in the nude, too. Not to touch or anything,” he added quickly.
“Just to look at and get excited by, that’s all. And you’re not any
different than I am, not really; you’re just like other women in that
respect. You got excited looking at those films of other couples
screwing–and I did, too. When I saw them, I got so excited I thought I
was going to cum right on the spot. But it wasn’t them I was thinking
of fucking, Gillian. It was you, you, my own darling wife. Looking at
those pictures of other people doing it made me want you even more than
I ever did before!”

Gillian could hardly believe her ears, hearing her husband’s
confession. He had felt the same as she had last night, as hundreds of
other people did every day, if what he said was true. If he was right,
then she shouldn’t have any guilt at all with her own husband. If only
her brain wasn’t spinning and spinning.

“I’ll prove it to you, sweetheart,” Stephan was saying in his
mellifluous voice. “I have some more films that a friend of Frank’s
gave to me. I put them away somewhere. We’ll look at them together and
what will happen is that we’ll both become very excited. You’ll want me
more than you would otherwise, and I’ll want you the same way.”

“No, we can’t!”

“There’s nothing wrong with it, Gillian. I’ve told you that. You don’t
trust me, do you?”

“Of course I do.”

“Then prove it.”

“Stephan …”

But he was already headed for his study for the same movie films that
had excited his wife the night before plus a few more. He came back
into the room with an armful of film cassettes and the viewer. She
watched him as he set the whole thing up on the coffee table in front
of her. Then he sat down beside her. She laid her head on his shoulder,
half-afraid of what was going to happen. “Watch,” he said, holding them
and pulling her head away from his shoulder to snap the movie into the
viewer. “Here look at them with me.”

Gillian didn’t want to look. She was trembling and she didn’t want to
look, she kept telling herself that–and yet her head turned and her
eyes focused on the viewing screen and a small cry burst from her lips.

“My Gawd!” she cried.

“Look at it, Gillian darling. It’s exciting, look at it, look at it
…!” His voice droned on, mesmerically, and Gillian found herself
staring at the screen, staring at the young eighteen-year-oldish,
fresh-scrubbed-looking couple performing a sixty-nine–the girl’s
moistened lips locked tightly around the boy’s hardened lust-swollen
cock, the boy’s lips pressed firmly, tongue extended, to her glistening
pink cunt.

A low moan of commingled desire and perplexity burst from the young
wife’s throat, and she felt the soft, warm area between her tightly
pressed thighs flower wide with the building juices of her arousal.
Beneath the knit dress her nipples hardened into turgid buds, the way
they had hardened the night before. She couldn’t seem to take her eyes
away from the screen, and her breath began to become labored and

“You like to look at movies like these, don’t you, darling?” Stephan’s
voice droned. “You like to watch her sucking his cock?”

“Yes,” she heard herself reply in a half-whisper, unable to control the
mounting flood of passion which threatened to consume her in fiery
lust. “Yes, yes, yes!”

Quickly, Stephan placed another cartridge into the viewer. The same
couple, the same oral love, a somewhat different position. Gillian
could see all of the young man’s masculinity, his cum-laden balls, the
wide girth of his great cock half-buried in his beautiful young lover’s
ovalled mouth. She gasped, drawing close to her husband, her hand
sliding down involuntarily to rub almost spasmodically along his thigh.

Stephan played the cassettes over and over again. A different couple in
each, the positions becoming more bold, more provocative–seemingly
impossible; standing, with the girl turned completely upside down, her
legs locked around his neck; sitting, the man’s head buried far up
between wide-spread thighs of the girl, his legs locked around her neck
and she supporting him with her hands and arms.

Gillian was breathing heavily with intense arousal now, proof to her
panting husband that she was acutely excited by these films of others
enjoying sex as he was. “Darling,” she purred. “That’s enough, that’s
enough! I want you, Stephan. I want you to fuck me, please, please!”

But Stephan was oblivious to her pleas, for his mind was centered on
two main objectives; to get his wife to pose naked for him for more
movie films; and to get her to perform the selfsame acts of cocksucking
which were depicted in the cassettes he held in his hands.

He moistened his lips, thinking that his first step would be to get her
to undress and pose for him–yes, that was it, her pussy was hot to be
fucked now and she would be a slave to his every whim; he sensed this
beyond any doubt, knowing that, at last, she was going to be his on his

“Gillian,” he whispered, his right arm encircling her shoulder, his
fingers gently kneading her softly trembling tit, “Gillian, I want to
take some movies of you, darling, some movies like I took the other
night. It’ll excite both of us, and you want to please me, don’t you?”

“Yes … yes, I want to please you, Stephan, but I’m so excited. I want
you to fuck me, Stephan, please …”

“Yes, afterwards.” This is easier than I thought it would be, thought
Stephan. Just wait till next time when she’s more relaxed about it all,
I’ll borrow a movie camera again and hide it in the bedroom. But he was
trembling with his own arousal now, partly brought about by the films
he had just viewed with his wife, and partly because of what lay only
moments ahead now. His cock was pulsing thickly in his pants as Gillian
stroked his thigh, stroked it higher and higher. He began to unbutton
her dress, whispering the whole time, “I’m going to make you naked,
baby. We’ll take some film and then we’ll fuck, slow and easy, then
hard and fast. We’ll fuck like never before.”

“Yes! Oh, yes!”

His fingers worked feverishly, pulling the dress down to her waist,
baring her richly billowing tits with their ruby-capped nipples and
pulsatingly dark areolas. He squeezed them lightly, his prick jumping
now, and then he could stand it no more. He leapt to his feet, picked
up what was left of his drink, and pressed it into her hands. “Drink
this, honey,” he instructed. “Be right back.”

He ran to the linen closet, and, with urgency controlling every
movement now, he found the borrowed camera from under a pile of dirty
trousers and shirts in the closet and returned to the living room,
making sure Gillian was still on the couch, her naked tits reflecting
the pale light of the lamp, checked the camera for film, and then
peered through the viewfinder. Again, his cock leaped as he saw what
the completed copy of the picture he was about to take would look like.
He finished the rest of the roll of film as his wife sat there in her

Sixty seconds later, he was seated beside his young wife and putting
the self-processing color film into the viewer. His eyes gleamed as he
looked at it, at the sharp, defined perfection of the color, and
detail, and he was happy that Frank had let him keep the camera for a
longer time.

“Look honey,” he droned. “Look at yourself almost naked.”

And Gillian looked, staring at her half-nudity with moistened lips, her
pussy flowering yet wider with more hot juices. Her brain was a
seething miasma of alcohol and sexual need; she was nothing more than a
slave now, and Stephan was her master.

With excited hands he set up the tripod and prepared the fifteen-second
timer, watching Gillian strip the silk dress completely off, then, as
if in a hypnotic trance, slide her panties down so that she stood naked
and lovely before him, the soft, fleecy blondeness of her pussy hairs
wet with the seeping juices of her heated cunt.

In seconds he had the movie camera ready, and his eyes were blazing
with excitement, the front of his trousers bulging hugely with the
fully erect cock, the material stained with the beginning of droplets
of cum juices. “Sit down on the floor, Indian fashion, facing the
camera!” And his nude young wife obeyed. “That’s it. Now lean back a
little so that your tits are lifted up! Yes, yes! Open your thighs a
little more … oh, Jesus, beautiful.”

He began to undress hurriedly, his eyes never leaving his mesmerized
wife sitting there so provocatively on the carpet. At last he was nude,
his swollen prick jutting out like a quivering rod from his loins, the
head slickly red and pulsating.

He went over to the camera and took a few frames of his wife’s lewd
position. While he was shooting, his other hand dropped almost
reflectively to the trembling girth of his cock, and he began to stroke
it lightly in anticipation.

On the floor, Gillian murmured, “Stephan … don’t do that! Stephan,
that’s, that’s terrible! Come to me, baby!”

“Not yet!” he gurgled. “Not yet!” He took a few more feet. Beautiful!
Oh, Christ, what an erotic shot that’s going to be! I can see her cunt,
spread open and glistening wet … and her clit, too, throbbing there
… Oh, Jesus, Jesus!

“Stephan,” moaned Gillian pleadingly. “Stephan I don’t want to do this
anymore. Please, Stephan, I want you to fuck me so badly!”

“Goddamnit, not yet!” he shouted. He was busy at the camera again,
setting the timer, his cock shaking as if with some inner vibratory
power and his balls aching with the build-up of a tremendous load of
cum. “Get on your knees, Gillian, sideways to the camera. That’s it,
that’s it. Move your arm up so I can see your tits jutting down! Good!
Now raise your right knee up closer to your tits, honey! That’s it. I
can see your pussy now!”

“Stephannnnn …”

“Just hold it like that, just hold it!” He set the timer and then ran
over. He had to get in this film cassette, he had to! He knelt behind
her, oblivious to her cries of pleading, and he held his cock less than
an inch from the soft entrance to her warm, wet cunthole, turning his
face to the camera, holding himself back in spite of the oscillations
which coursed through his entire being.

The camera started, but before he could fuck into her cunt, the film
ran out in the cartridge. He jumped up and ran to it. This cassette was
going to be every bit as erotic to him as the previous one, more so
because he was in it now! He was going to kneel there with his great
prick almost touching his wife’s cunt!

Again the timer was set, and again he joined Gillian on the floor. She
was just kneeling there now, with her head hanging down, and she was
whimpering softly. He went to his own knees again behind her, his hands
on her waist. “This is going to be a good fuck, baby! I’m going to fuck
it up inside you on this one now!” He guided his swollen cock to the
warm, butter-soft opening of her cunt, inserted the head inside.
Gillian moaned, trying to drive her asscheeks back against his cock, to
impale herself and still the passion inside her, but Stephan restrained
her with his hands hard at her waist.

“No, no,” he told her, “We have to wait for the camera, goddamnit! Now
raise your leg a little so the full sight of my cock in your cunt will
be exposed to the camera. Goddamn you, Gillian, do what I tell you …
ah, that’s it! Oh Jesus, this is going to be something else! Now hold
it, hold it …”

Whirl … whirl … whirl …

Stephan inched his cock inside her hungry pussy. The camera kept
running, showing Gillian’s passion-contorted features and his own,
showing his cock fucking into her wide-spread cunthole. He felt his
cock leap as if with cumming. God, oh God, what a sight! He was ready
to blow his wad any moment. But first … yes, it was time to have her
do what he had long waited for and to do what he had wanted to her; it
was time for oral love. Time for his lips on her pussy and her lips on
his prick. Yes, yes! Jesus, what a film that’ll make, what a film!

He heard the film run out again and he set the timer, ran back to his
trembling wife. “Turn over,” he commanded. “Turn over and lie on your

There were tears on her cheeks as she obeyed. “Stephan …”

He moved quickly up along her body, holding his quivering cock in his
hand again, guiding it toward her head. “Suck me, Gillian. Suck my
cock, Gillian. Hurry! Hurry! I want to suck you, too! Suck your cunt,

She recoiled. Had she heard correctly? Yes, yes she had … and
realized it even through the fog of passion and liquor. He wanted her
to perform the same perversions they had seen in those films, to do
what the other people had been doing in those movies, but she couldn’t.
Yes, it turned her on to have Stephan lick and suck her cunt, although
it was something she let him do only when she’d had a few too many
drinks. But to suck his cock? That was unthinkable. She couldn’t, she
just couldn’t!

“Stephan, I can’t. Please don’t make me …”

“Hurry up, the camera’s going to go off!” he shouted, trying to push
his cum-wet prick against her lips. But she twisted away, moaning.

“I can’t! I told you I couldn’t!”

“Damnit! Don’t you want to please me? You said you loved me and wanted
to please me!”

“Not this way, Stephan.”

“Oh, Christ, you ruined the film! You ruined it!”

“Stephan … I can’t, oh please don’t make me do it! Please understand!
Anything else, but not that!”

He jumped to his feet, staring down at her. His cock was jerking as if
cumming again, and he knew it was only a matter of minutes before his
balls would erupt with his building load of cum. He had been so close,
so goddamned close. But there would be other nights, he would see to
that. He had to content himself with the fact that he had gotten her to
pose for the movie camera for him, in the nude and … yes, with his
cock inside her cunt, too! Tonight was a victory, in that sense, the
first victory! The second would come soon enough, he knew that. He just
had to be patient with her, patient.

“Stephan,” Gillian moaned, writhing on the floor in both passion and
love. “Please fuck me and make it all right. No more movies, I beg of
you! It was fun, but no more!”

“All right!” he shouted. But before he did, he ran to the movie camera
one more time, put some film in it and set the timer. Then he went back
to his vibrating young wife, knelt behind her, inserted his cock in her
pussy. She buffeted back against it immediately and he didn’t restrain
her this time; might as well get a good action shot.

He fucked his swollen, soon-to-be-bursting cock deep inside her,
feeling the head slam up against her belly inside, hearing her moan
loudly in pleasure-pain. His balls slammed resoundingly off the
moistened slit of her cunt below as he fucked into her, and he leaned
his upper body low over her back, teeth biting lightly into her
shoulder, hands finding and squeezing her swaying tits.

The sound of the camera coming on acted as a trigger for Stephan’s
boiling desires. He imagined in his mind what the finished film would
be like, the eroticism of it, and he could hardly wait until he could
pull the cassettes from the camera back. But then the hotly swirling
cum in his balls became overpowering, became the only thing that
mattered, and he heaved and fucked up into the soft, warm cunt of his
slavishly kneeling wife with insane vigor, striving to empty his balls
of the great load of cum juices seething there.

Gillian felt Stephan’s gigantic cock fucking into her cunt, filling it,
the head ramming hard off her cervix and she knew she was going to cum
any moment. She had never in her life been this excited, and the
knowledge that the excitement had come as a direct result of looking at
dirty movies, of partaking in them herself with the man she loved, was
like a hot knife of confusion in her brain. She wanted Stephan, wanted
to please him, and yet it was becoming increasingly apparent that she
didn’t know how; her cunt alone, so hot and wet now and so filled with
his throbbing cock, apparently wasn’t enough any longer to satisfy her
man. It would take more and more, she thought dazedly as her cum
spiraled higher and higher, more and more to please him … more films
… more eroticism … and, oh, God, even sucking his prick with her

And then all thoughts except for the crescendo building with a passion
vanished from her mind as she fucked like a rutting female animal back
against her husband’s cock, striving for the crest, almost there,
almost there, feeling him hard and deep within her, feeling his hand
curving down around her back kneading and manipulating her tits, almost
there, and then … and then …

“Oh God, Stephan, Stephan darling, I’m cummmming! Stephannnnnn! I’m

But Stephan only barely heard her wild cry of release, for his cock in
that moment had begun to jerk out of control, and torrent after torrent
of hotly boiling juice burst along the full length to spew out deep up
into her hungrily milking cunt, commingling with the juices of her own
cum to form a floodtide of passion that poured out around his spasming
cock and flowed in thin rivulets down her eagerly straining thighs. And
then his prick gave one last spurt of his scalding juice and began to
deflate almost immediately inside her wetly clasping cunt. They both
sank forward on the carpet, spent and in a state of near-

Oh Jesus, that was a beautiful screw! Stephan thought satiatedly. One
of the best ever, even if it was so quick. And it’s going to get better
and better, once Gillian starts to come around fully.

And Gillian, lying there with the full weight of her husband on top of
her, his warm cum flowing hotly inside her cunt and belly, was thinking
different thoughts now in the lulling aftermath of her tremendous cum.
She was thinking about the pattern of her life, and how it was
changing, how she could no longer deny that after what had happened to
her tonight. But changing for the better, or for the worse? She didn’t
know yet; she just didn’t know yet.

After a long while, Stephan raised himself up and lifted his wife in
his arms and carried her into the bedroom. They crawled between the
sheets of their bed, and Stephen went to sleep almost immediately; but
he did not cuddle up to her as he usually did, did not speak to her
except to say goodnight, and she had the inauspicious feeling that she
had failed to please him completely tonight in spite of the wildness of
both their cums–failed to please the way this new Stephan wanted to
fuck, the new Stephan who was sexually liberated.

She knew that if she wanted to keep him, she was going to have to do
what he wanted, and if that meant sucking his cock, then she would suck
it. She had a sneaking suspicion that deep inside, she really wanted to
take his cock into her mouth and swirl her tongue around it and suck it
until he came and the hot boiling cum filled her throat and belly.
Gillian felt her pussy tingle at the thought, but turned over and tried
to sleep before the fire in her cunt raged out of control again and
forced her to go into the bathroom and finger-fuck it to cumming like
she had last night …

Chapter 6

The next morning after Stephen had left for work, Gillian ran last
night’s events through her head. Something had changed her husband
drastically–something she had no control over. The young housewife
moaned involuntarily. Who was putting these lewd, obscene thoughts into
her husband’s head? There was but one finger to be pointed, and that
was at Frank Edwards, the hot-shot film director.

It seemed as if Frank was suddenly becoming the producer and director
of their lives. His influence seemed to seep more and more into what
she and Stephan were doing and enjoying, and it was an intolerable
intrusion. Before that horrible movie camera showed up at their house,
her husband had been so kind and gentle in his fucking, had seemed to
understand that she wasn’t some salacious glutton, but a sensitive,
moral wife. But not anymore! She felt incapable of keeping up with his
growing needs in the world where nothing mattered but debauched

Only the liquor she had drunk last night had loosened her to the point
where she too was aroused by lewd movie films, though, she now decided
with a shudder, nowhere as strongly excited by them as was her husband.
And it was the drinking that had made her able to participate willingly
with Stephan, to actually be naked and be screwed before the movie

Those damned films! Everything seemed to center around them. Stephan
had been more interested in them last night than he had been in fucking
his own wife! His constant running back and forth changing film, his
snappish answers to her pleas for understanding and patience at her
ignorance, of his still more angry response when she refused to take
his cock in her mouth …

Oh, God! It was all getting out of hand! What could she do? How could
she once more garner her husband’s attention? She dwelled on the
subject, brooding over the loss of his interest in her, over the way he
was turned on by the films, over the way her pussy tingled when she saw
them herself. She suddenly stood bolt upright.

“No! I’m not like that! I don’t like seeing others fuck. No, it’s my
husband who’s like that now, thanks to his brother … not me! Not me!

Yet the more her conscious mind rejected the idea that she was incited
by such films to almost overwhelming passion, the more her subconscious
mind admitted it. Deep, deep down, underneath all the excuses and
rationales she could muster, beat the emotional heart of a truly pagan
woman of lust.

Although she didn’t know it, all it would take to strip the layers away
and bare her soul was the right combination, a combination that her
husband and his newfound friends were busily working on, and one which
fate would soon take a hand in as well.

What could she do to please her husband? The movies–she had the
feeling that in them lay the answer.

With a distraught sigh, the young housewife poured herself a cup of
coffee and took it into the living room, and plumped up a billowy
cushion on the couch and comforted herself. Stephan had cautiously put
the movie camera away, but bits and pieces of evidence still lay
scattered about the living room.

Her eyes fell on a cassette that had been left in the viewer, forgotten
in the frenzy of last night’s debauchery, and a growing, almost gnawing
tingling started again in her cunt down between her legs as she cast
her thoughts momentarily from her own agony to the predicament of other
wives who suddenly found themselves thrust into this situation. What
would they do?

She turned on the viewer and sat back, tilting the rim of the coffee
cup to her lips, her eyes never leaving the image of herself,
completely naked, her tits thrust out in open invitation to lust. It
set her subconscious at work again, building the fires of prurient
desires faster than her consciousness could bank the flames. She
tightened her inner thigh muscles, wishing away the featherlike
proddings of her sensual nature, and she was unable to.

Something else had happened. Frank had started something with his
instant movies and there was no way to reverse the act. Why not become
a swinger? If her husband enjoyed looking at films of people fucking
each other, then why not give him the entree instead of the appetizer?

The thought made her gasp! What would that lead to? Would the next step
be joining movie camera clubs? But she had to have a solution, even if
it meant breaking down and talking to Frank; she needed to see him if
she was going to hang on to Stephan. Trembling, she downed the coffee.
It wasn’t going to do much to her pride to talk to Frank, but there was
no other way. This way she would be pleasing her husband, wouldn’t she?
Yes, and not only would the movies themselves make him respond, but it
would give her time to adjust to this new licentious life-style. Maybe,
just maybe, she’d be able to ease into these new values that permeated
their screwing these days.

She would have to see Frank first. He might be able to help her. He was
so worldly, and so used to swinging. He would know what to do. What if
he said the only way to help her was to screw her? What would she do
then? She would have to handle that if and when the matter came up.

Gillian rose quickly to her feet, grabbed her purse, and almost ran out
the door to the car. She had to see Frank now, before she changed her
mind. If she didn’t take advantage of the mood she was in right now,
she doubted that she would ever be able to muster enough courage to see
Frank and let him help her free herself for Stephan. Free herself so
that she would not be afraid to take her husband’s cock in her mouth
and suck it till he came and came, swallowing his cum as though it were
the very food on which she lived, which in a sense it was. She had to
do this now, because she was afraid of losing Stephan, and she couldn’t
bear to live without him. If keeping him meant that she would have to
go and see Frank and confide in him and accept his advice and help,
then she would. She had to.

Frank had never made any bones about the way he fucked around, and when
she and Stephan had first been married, Frank had even gone so far as
to make the lewd suggestion that they get together, both the brothers
and their wives, and have a little fun. She had been horrified, but
Stephan had been strangely silent, and there had been an intensity in
his eyes as he watched her and waited for her response that had
bothered her, almost as if he had wanted her to say yes. And now there
was his new behavior. He was so hung up on the movie films, and all of
the sudden he was spending a lot of time with his brother, and then
there was that mysterious evening the other night when he had gone over
to Frank’s studio and hadn’t come home until the wee hours of the
morning as drunk and tired as if he’d been at an orgy.

Stephan had wanted her to go with him, enjoy the films–take part in
them, but he’d seemed afraid to tell her so. Instead, it was almost as
if he wanted her to make the first move. Well, now she was. She would
go to her brother-in-law and take Frank’s advice, whatever it was, and
do it for the sake of her marriage to Stephan. If in the end it meant
that she had to fuck around a bit herself, then she would, she would do
anything she had to do to keep her husband.

Gillian ran these thoughts and many others through her head as she
drove along the road to her brother-in-law’s house, and as she pulled
into the driveway, she was relieved to see that Frank was home, and she
wouldn’t have to worry about seeing him another day.

Gillian took a deep breath and got out of her car. She walked slowly up
to the front door of the house. She knocked on the door and waited
nervously for someone to answer. She hoped that Taffy wasn’t there. She
rather liked her sister-in-law, but she didn’t want her to hear what
was bothering her. Taffy would find out about it sooner or later if
things worked out with Frank today, because then they would probably
all get together some night and have a wild party–or orgy, she should
say, ashamed that she felt her pussy tingle at the thought of such a
lewd happening. She shook her head as if it would stop her pussy from
getting so hot. Those lewd fuck films had really stirred up a pandora’s
box. Here she was, standing in front of her brother-in-law’s house with
her pussy hot as it could be, and ready and willing to do anything at
all that Frank told her to do. She had the feeling that that’s what she
was looking forward to, she wanted to break free of all the old sexual
taboos that had been planted in her head from the first day of her
life, and so here she was, a cunt on fire, hoping like hell that her
brother-in-law would fuck it senseless. And Stephan was no better than
she was, wanting her to pose for those lewd movies, and going off to
Frank’s studio till all hours of the night, probably participating in a
wild orgy or something equally obscene.

She was startled from her thoughts by Frank opening the door.

“Why, Gillian, what a pleasant surprise!” But he didn’t look surprised,
there was a look in his eyes that seemed to say that he had been
expecting her for some time and was finally rewarded for his patience.
It was almost as if he knew why she was here.

“Hello, Frank. I hope I’m not disturbing you.” She looked nervously
into the house hoping to see if anyone was with him, but she couldn’t
see past his shoulder. “I would like to talk to you for a moment if I

“Why sure, Gillian. Come on in.” He stood aside as she walked into the
living room.

She was startled to see that there was another man in the room seated
at the couch. He stood up as she came in and introduced himself.

“You must be Gillian,” he said extending his hand. “I’m Basil.”

She shook his hand; it was warm and loose in hers, like a limp cock.
Basil offered her a seat next to him on the couch. She took it
hesitantly, not quite sure of what else to do.

She had come here to spill her guts to Frank, not to Frank and some
total stranger. Besides, there was something strange going on between
the two men. They had been exchanging glances ever since she had come
in, and she didn’t like the lewdness in those looks. Both seemed to be
stripping her cunt naked.

“How’s Taffy?” she said trying to offset the strangeness of the two men
with normality.

“Oh, she’s out for the afternoon. Went shopping with some friends. Gone
for the afternoon.” He walked over to the bar and fixed them all a
drink and came over to Gillian and handed her a glass. “Here, this will
make you feel better.”

She took it from him gratefully, knowing that she was going to need it
if she was going to go through with the whole thing with Frank. She
took a deep swallow, and sat on the edge of the couch.

“Could I talk to you, Frank?” She looked over at Basil and then, back
to Frank. “Please, it’s very important.

“Oh don’t worry about Basil, he might be able to help you, too.” He
smiled and sat down next to Gillian so that she was hemmed in tightly
between the two men. “In fact. I think we all know what’s bothering
you. Basil and I, why we’ve been watching Stephan for days now, and
seen what was bothering him. So I think we know what the trouble is and
what you want to do about it. Don’t we?”

“Yes …” she whispered, suddenly realizing that that was the reason
for their glances.

“Hey, look folks,” Basil said rising from the couch. “I’ll be right
back, you all just try and settle this. I’ll be right back.”

Gillian sighed gratefully, not wanting Basil around when she talked to
Frank, but she didn’t see the lewdly cunning look that passed between
the men as Basil went out of the room. And she wasn’t aware of the
camera that was mounted behind the mirror over the fireplace and which
Basil was now going to set up for a filming of what was surely going to
be a great seller in his film business. She just knew that he was going
out of the room, and he wouldn’t be listening to what she was going to
say to Frank, or what might happen after everything had been said.

Gillian relaxed back against the cushions, happy that Basil was gone
and that Frank understood why she needed to see him. He would help her,
and everything would be all right.

Frank placed his hand upon Gillian’s knee. He was silent, but his
fingers seemed to be talking for him. His sharp blue eyes looked
intently into Gillian’s, and Gillian could not help but feel a
frightening tingle in her pussy at what he seemed to be suggesting even
though it was in a way what she wanted to hear. It was true that they
were alone in the living room and Gillian tried to speak about what was
bothering her, but the words just wouldn’t come out. It felt like there
were thousands of people listening, and at any moment Basil might come
walking in. Frank’s hand felt like a hot coal on her leg, and she felt
it moving upward, pushing her skirt back as it went and touching along
the stockinged length of her thighs.

“Oh Frank, I’ve been so unsure of what to do.” Though frightened of
another man’s touch, she made no move to stop him. The drink had made
her head hum dizzily and between the liquor and the movie, she was
filled with a strong desire that sent thrills running up and down her
spine. Between her legs, high up at the wet spot of her pussy, she was
already getting wetter and wetter as Frank’s fingers moved steadily up.

“Oh …” she sighed. She could not help parting her thighs ever so
slightly. She could feel the inner moistness of her golden hair-trimmed
pussy beginning to pulsate nervously. She wanted him to hurry and touch
her there, get it over with before she had any second thoughts!

Frank’s fingers advanced across the bare top of Gillian’s thighs. They
tickled and teased her until he was sure that she was too hot to stop
him. Then he slipped his index finger up under the elastic band of her
nylon panties and let the tip of it sink into the wetness of her hotly
trembling cunt.

“Ooooo!” Gillian cried, pushing her hips down onto the seat. The
thickness of his finger moved slowly within the heated hair-lined
confines of her slippery wet pussy, creating a friction that increased
with each split second the mounting desire that Gillian felt in her

“So my films finally heated your pussy?” Frank suddenly inquired, and
there was an urgency in his voice that made Gillian know that he was
excited too. Yes, they had made her so hot that she had finger-fucked
her own pussy until she had cum, and she needed to be screwed now so
badly that she didn’t know if she would be able to take his lewd
manipulating of her cunt anymore without screaming. She wondered with a
start if he planned to fuck her right now, in his living room!

“Yes, they made me so hot!” she moaned.

“Basil’s hot to fuck you,” her brother-in-law said, continuing his lazy
friction up between her creamlike white thighs. “I thought maybe you
and I might surprise him and put on a little show for him right now.
Might give you a hint how to take care of big brother Stephan.”

In spite of herself, Gillian bristled. She understood perfectly well
what the young movie director was saying, and she knew that he had
planned the whole thing, anyway. He wanted to fuck her and have Basil,
whom she didn’t even know, watching them while he took movie pictures
of them screwing. She didn’t know what to say to him, and she didn’t
seem to be able to answer him. Still, his finger churned wetly inside
her tingling pussy, and the waves of desire continued to course through
her cunt and the thought of not only being fucked by another man but
being filmed while doing it was suddenly less obscene and sent her
pussy tingling hotly.

She felt a rush of shame as she saw Basil come back into the room with
a smile on his face. There was no time to answer Frank’s question.

Frank whispered in her ear, “Just follow my advice … go along with
what I say. That’s the only way to keep Stephan.”

Gillian felt flushed and uncomfortable, for Frank had not yet removed
his finger from beneath her skirt, and Basil was right there at the
couch, sitting back down.

It’s horribly, horribly obscene, with Frank twisted toward me like that
with his hand under my skirt and Basil sitting there watching him, she
thought with alarm. It all seemed to be getting away from her, and she
wished she had not had quite so much to drink. She was relieved when
Frank finally removed his hand, but then she saw him get up and go to
the front door. She knew he was going to lock it to make sure that no
one came into the house for a certain amount of time. Enough time for
them to fuck her.

While Frank was temporarily away from her side, Gillian could feel the
other man leering at her, and she met his gaze with a frank stare of
her own. He was attractive, though somewhat weak-looking. He looked
like what he was, a man in the film business. When she had first met
him a little over an hour ago, she had not been terribly impressed with
what she had seen. Now she looked at him for the first time in a
different light. What was Frank going to make her do? She didn’t
possibly see how letting Basil touch her, fuck her, could have anything
to do with making herself a better wife to Stephan. Then she remembered
that Frank had mentioned putting on a show with Basil was included,
which could only mean one thing: Basil and Frank were both going to
fuck her and take movies of the whole thing!

Before she had a moment more to contemplate the situation, she saw
Frank coming back towards the couch. He didn’t say a word as he sat
down again beside Gillian, but she knew that he had planned it all
before she had even come over, and that within moments he would do what
he had wanted to do for a long time. A terrible sensation of anger
whipped through her once more as she felt Frank’s fingers rising
beneath her skirt again. He had returned with an additional drink, and
suggested that they all drink heartily. Both men’s eyes twinkled and
Basil’s laugh filled the room. Had Frank spoken about her to Basil? Had
they planned for something to happen if and when she came over?

Frank’s middle finger surged close to her already seeping pussy nestled
between her soft white thighs, and she felt him parting the blonde
pussy hairs and inserting his thick finger into the wetness of her
trembling cunt.

Was Frank using her? Or were they as a team setting out to really help
her keep her husband? She could not decide, and the indecision started
an odd kind of fatalism working in her brain. She drank more of the
mellow, smooth-tasting liquor and gave herself up bit by bit to the
rising flames in her cunt as Frank’s agile finger plied softly and
steadily, rubbing gently at the tingling slit of her aroused pussy. It
felt so terribly obscene to be sitting there as if nothing was
happening when a man other than her husband was worming his finger up
her pussy hole, and Basil was sitting right there next to them,
watching the whole thing.

“How does that finger feel up in your hot little pussy?” Frank asked.
Gillian flinched at the words, and at the knowledge that Basil was
flushing with arousal next to her.

“It … it feels …” she began. She must not break down now … since
she had started it all anyway, she must somehow see it through! His
finger churned with a new insistent touch, separating the slippery
folds of her wet pussy and worming upward toward the open spot of her
hidden cunt. “Yes?” he inquired, anxiously pushing and thrusting upward
so that his finger rose into the wet and sensitive pit of his sister-
in-law’s pussy hole.

“Good!” she blurted out.

Basil cleared his throat and stirred uneasily on his seat. He was
enjoying the whole thing immensely. Frank had promised him something
special if and when his sister-in-law came over. Something that would
look great in a movie. Now, Basil was more than pleased to see that the
fucking was going to be much more exciting than he would have imagined.
It was easy to get girls in the movies. Eager actresses were thick as
flies, and there was always some little willing actress around who
wanted to further her career. But Gillian Edwards … that was
something else entirely! To see the beautiful and intelligent housewife
beginning to sprawl down on the couch, right there next to him, her
eyes mere slits as she entered into a passionate state that was
obviously complete and intense–now that was going to be one hell of a
movie! Just watching Frank, who was at that moment fingering the wetly
sucking cunt of this beautiful housewife, was enough to drive him
crazy. He leaned forward on the couch watching Gillian’s expression
with a growing interest, and noting the motions of Frank’s arm as he
manipulated his hand beneath Gillian’s dress.

He could feel his cock jerking painfully between his legs as he thought
admiringly of the audacity the young film director had … to set such
a thing up with his own sister-in-law! He had to hand it to him though,
he really knew how to get the most of the cunts he wanted. He had heard
tales about Frank, about how the film director would stop at nothing to
get what he wanted for his movies. Maybe he should get in on the
shooting end of the movies more often, that way he got to participate
instead of just watching the final film. Life was a dull affair at
best, and he always liked to add as much spice to his own as possible.
Doing movies like this was the kind of spice he liked.

Frank was speaking calmly to the hotly aroused blonde now, and Basil
tried to catch all of his words, but he could only get a few here and
there, but they were enough for him to get the picture. He was exciting
Gillian not only through his intimate touching between her legs, but by
his lewd words.

“… know you like finger-fucking … my fingers are fucking your tight
little cunt … squirm it … wiggle it … ugh! ugh! Is that deep
enough for you … oh God, you feel good up in there! Don’t you wish it
were my cock instead of my fingers? You know you like fucking better
than anything … Basil knows it too. If you want me to I’ll fuck you

With each word, Gillian seemed to lose more and more control of
herself. Basil could see her spreading her legs wider and he leaned
over farther in hopes of seeing something. It was then that Frank threw
up Gillian’s skirt with a sudden motion and invited the other man to
watch what his fingers were doing. Gillian whimpered, then shrugged
briefly, but the idea that she was being lewdly exposed to this strange
man–and at the same time being finger-fucked by her brother-in-law–
created a surge of fire that increased her arousal to such an extent
that she groaned out loud.

The pinkly glistening folds of her exposed pussy were plainly visible
to Basil now as he stared intently at the golden hair-fringed vee up
between Gillian’s widely spread legs. Frank had flicked back the narrow
elastic legband of her panties so that the entire naked surface of his
blonde sister-in-law’s thoroughly aroused pussy was visible, and his
bunched-together fingers could be seen sluicing slickly up into the
hole of her wetly sucking pussy, appearing and disappearing as he
fucked them again and again up into her willingly open cunt.

“Christ, Man!” Basil exclaimed. “You’ve really got her going!” His
lust-aroused cock was aching for a taste of that elegant cunt, but he
didn’t want to say anything yet. Frank obviously had the whole thing
thought out; he would let him set the pace.

Frank would stop whenever he thought Gillian was about to cum. He did
not want that yet. He wanted to keep her teetering on the brink of a
cataclysmic cumming, to arouse her so much that she would mindlessly
obey him. He had done it to other women, and he knew that it worked. He
wanted the first time she ever fucked without her husband to be so good
that she would have to come back for more. This would be the first
performance before a real camera too, though she didn’t know that yet,
but he knew she would do well–she had talent in her cunt.

“Come on!” he said to her. “Hurry up and strip and I’ll fuck the shit
out of you!”

With only a second’s hesitation and with no thought of her husband,
Gillian stood up. She wavered as she looked over at Basil’s alert and
deeply reddened face, but she realized that she would be able to go
through with it now even if he was watching. It would be worth it to
feel Frank fucking her, to obey him so well that he fucked her into a
state of ecstatic delirium. She would do as he said! She had come over
to see Frank to see if he would help her save her marriage and he was;
he was liberating her sexual feelings by fucking her, and now she would
be able to do anything for her Stephan, even take his cock into her
mouth and suck it dry. It might be a strange way to do it, by cheating
on her husband, but somehow, that was making it better for her.

She stood in front of the couch, in front of the two watching men and
the hidden camera, and began to slip out of her clothes.

Basil watched with bulging eyes. He had only imagined what a gorgeous
body Gillian possessed, but now he saw. She was going to make one hell
of an addition to their film actresses, if she agreed. In fact she
might just be the cunt they had been looking for to increase their
sales. He couldn’t think of many men who could pass up a body like

Gillian’s blouse was gone now and she stood in her skirt and white lace
brassiere, her shapely curves encased in tight-fitting brown leather
boots. Her full, creamy thighs came enticingly into view as she stepped
out of her skirt and half-slip next. The beige tone of her long nylon
pantyhose clinging to her sensuously curved hips and thighs blended
subtly with the soft ivory of her naked loins.

Suddenly Frank felt as if he and Gillian were alone in the room. She
was playing strictly to him, while Basil faded even from his peripheral
vision. Before him, Gillian’s brassiere unclasped from the front and
fell to the floor with a flick of her fingers, and the full beauty of
her whitely billowing tits swung into freedom. His cock throbbed as he
took in their enchanting splendor! They rested high and proud in the
half-light of the living room, their quivering pink nipples stood out
on the creamy half-spheres, peaking higher as she raised her arms over
her head in a provocative motion that was meant to lure him.

Damn! What a talent the girl had! She was a natural. Frank had to admit
to himself that she was one sexy woman, a lot more sexy than he had
thought. He stared at her standing there in just her leather boots,
hose, and the thin wisp of sheer white panties. Then, to his amazement
and without another word of instruction from him, she turned back to
him, and, bending over, slowly drew her silky panties tantalizingly
down over her curved hips and lushly rounded asscheeks. She brushed
them sensuously against her smooth white thighs and calves and finally
discarded them at her feet beside her skirt.

Gillian stretched languidly, as though she had been stripping all her
life, and then with a deliberate teasing motion turned to face the two
men. Nearly all of her nakedness was now voluptuously exposed, from her
high, rounded tits to the soft blonde-furred mound of her quivering
young pussy.

Frank turned to look at Basil and saw Basil rubbing his hand across the
front of his pants. A swollen bulge betrayed the existence of his hotly
pulsing cock.

Gillian was dancing now, swaying sensuously back and forth before the
two men in lewd counter-time to the piped-in music. She pranced, hotly
trembling, her tits dancing and her asscheeks bouncing softly as she
turned to present their ripely swelling fullness to the watching pair.

“Come here, honey,” Frank said huskily. “Let us have a closer look at

Gillian approached, and stood before them. She was waiting for Frank’s
hands upon her burning hot body, for his promised quenching of the
desire that raged within her nakedly trembling pussy. But instead of
Frank, it was Basil who reached out for her while Frank sat motionless,

“You’re one gorgeous chick!” the blond man whispered, and his hands
were on her asscheeks pulling her in close to him. Suddenly she felt
his face worming into the narrow split of her hotly seeping pussy, his
nose and then his tongue parting the tender, hair-fringed lips and
probing lewdly up inside their wetness.

She jumped at the unexpected wet contact, and then felt him holding her
all the harder against him, his fingers harshly kneading the smooth
white flesh of her quivering asscheeks. She opened her eyes wide as she
felt him begin a fast-paced licking and sucking at her nakedly
presented cunt. She felt as though she had been doused with cold water,
and she looked toward Frank for some assistance. Instead, Frank gave
her a wink and a nod of approval.

“Try it …” he muttered. “You’ll like it!”

With a shudder, Gillian realized that there was little she could do
about the lewd, wet sucking that Basil was giving her cunt. She felt
horrified that she had let herself become trapped into such a cheap
scene. She had to learn to become more free with herself. And this was
the way to do it, but she hadn’t counted on a lewd cunt-licking or the
presence of another man.

Basil flicked out his tongue and wetly teased the slit of Gillian’s
nakedly exposed pussy furrow. His tongue ran over the tiny trembling
lips of smooth cunt flesh as well as the curly blonde hair that
protected them. Gillian jumped against his hands, but he wasn’t going
to let her go now. His thumbs spread the soft, hairlined lips up
between her thighs and the teasing tongue probed hotly, deep into her
wide-spread cant. Grunting, he moved toward her from his seat on the
couch and kneeled in between her legs, forcing them far apart as he
continued the lascivious stroking with his deftly worming tongue …
slowly up and down in the nervous young blonde’s pussy, pausing at the
most sensitive areas to rotate it about it in small titillating circles
against her lust-moistened pussy flesh.

He pushed forward and Gillian cried out, losing her balance and
beginning to fall backward.

But she felt Frank rush behind her to cushion her, and she lay softly
on the rug, her legs lewdly spread and Basil kneeling up between them.

Oh God! Gillian thought. I came here with the idea of letting Frank
fuck me, but not for some stranger to suck my cunt. This was more than
she thought she could stand. It was horrible and degrading to have him
kneeling and slurping like an animal down there between her legs.

Still Basil’s tongue teased between her wide-spread cuntlips, working
its way all the way up from her insanely tingling pussy through the
palpitating narrowness of her cunt to the throbbing clit. The lewd
flicking of his tongue was creating a maddening pulsing deep within her
jerking clit, and she could feel the tiny nib of sensation swelling to
full erection against her will!

She began to squirm her hips down into the fabric of the soft rug
beneath her in a futile effort to escape the punishing tongue, but it
did no good. The idea that her brother-in-law was somewhere behind her,
watching all this, brought low guttural moans of despair to her throat.
The naked white plane of her belly danced erotically before the two
men’s hungry eyes as Basil continued his greedy lapping and panting at
Gillian’s helplessly exposed pussy.

The blond man’s eyes peered up from his obscene task, and met those of
Frank, who was standing behind the writhing nakedness of his sister-in-
law. Frank nodded it was fine for him to continue.

“She’s just getting hot now!” he proclaimed.

Gillian’s moans of desperation slowly changed. Her thrashing body was
quieting down to a more steadily rhythmic writhing. Her humiliation was
turning into something else, as the soft, gentle stroking of her
lover’s tongue began to bring wicked tingles of pleasure to her
quivering pussy. Her very nakedness, right there in her own brother-in-
law’s living room, began to excite her and she could feel the fires
burning brighter and hotter in her cunt as the lewd tongue-fucking
continued. Control was slipping away, that delicious feeling that she
had with Stephan, where all thought was blotted out of her mind, and
she was nothing now but a shamelessly writhing cunt, created for
fucking and nothing else! That powerful desire to think and keep on
thinking was mercifully suspended, and a total relaxation followed that
enabled her to give of herself with complete abandon.

Her pussy began to throb hotly. Yes, she was actually enjoying this
obscene act … yes, she was …

“MMMmmmmm,” she moaned, beginning to squirm her hips upwards to meet
Basil’s madly licking tongue. “Mmmmmmmm!” she repeated as he attached
his mouth to the wide-open split of her cum-slick pussy and began to
suck upon the passion-drenched pinkness of her inner cunt.


Suddenly, behind her, she felt Frank’s hands upon her sensuously
throbbing tits. His fingers began to play with the pebble-hardness of
her fully erected nipples. With a little squeal, Gillian abandoned
herself to the sudden rush of pleasure as the unfamiliar fingers
twisted her hotly quivering tits; and down between her thighs her
desire-inflamed cunt felt like a hot glowing coal being kindled to
greater and greater heights of lust.

“Hurry!” Frank’s voice directed over her nakedly twisting body. “Put
your cock in her pussy now … NOW!”

Basil raised his glistening wet face, and his cheeks reflected the
excitement that he was feeling. Quickly, he opened his zippered fly and
withdrew his thickly pulsing cock. It felt like granite in his hands,
and he could hardly wait to fuck it deep into her cunt. Before him, he
spied the small pink opening of Gillian’s wetly seeping pussy, just
waiting and ready for his hard cock!

This stranger was really going to fuck her right there in front of her
own husband’s brother!

Gillian stirred impatiently and moaned at the sudden loss of contact
with her yearning pussy.

God! Basil thought. She really wants cock bad!

As if to echo his thoughts, Gillian suddenly cried out, “Please …
please … fuck me now … now, I tell you!”

Basil knelt up between the blonde housewife’s wide-spread thighs. He
looked down at the lewdly parted legs and bent down to ease them still
farther apart. He almost drooled over her nakedness as he looked down
at her wetly glistening pussy. Her cum-gushing cunt seemed looser and
wetter than before, and he’d never seen anything so exciting in his
life, even in all of the films he’d processed and seen in his career!
With a pained expression, he pushed his heavily throbbing cock forward
and began to worm the smooth, rubbery head in between the blonde pussy
curls and up into the velvety cunt spread wide before him.

“Ooooohhhhh!!” Gillian responded as the cunt-splitting cock fucked up
into her hotly gripping pussy. Her pleading whimpers filled the room as
Basil thrust the thick tip-end of his cock up into the spreading
entrance of Gillian’s willing cunt, pushing upward, until his cock was
finally buried completely up in her whitely quivering belly.

“Ooooooggggggghhhhh! Aaaaahhhh!” she cried, as Basil gritted his teeth
at the almost unbearably pleasurable sensation of Gillian’s hungrily
milking cunt muscles wrapping around his cock.

Basil inclined back from Gillian as his probing cock attempted to reach
the farthest depths of her totally filled pussy, not wanting to stop
until it was completely out of sight, till it was buried deep inside
the flailing blonde’s willing spread cunt, and his cum-filled balls
hung lewdly against her nakedly quivering asscheeks. Her long legs and
booted calves swung outward, quivering visibly as Gillian lay speared
by Basil’s deeply fucking cock.

Gillian was out of her mind with lust. Her lips opened and closed
sensually and sounds of ecstasy poured forth in a low but steady
stream. Gillian began to rotate her hips up to meet Basil as his prick
screwed hard up into her cunt. Again and again Basil plunged in toward
her pussy, forcing his hard cock deep into her hungrily contracting

Frank watched, his fingers still kneading at Gillian’s softly jiggling
tits. He was fascinated by the sight of his sister-in-law being lewdly
fucked by a total stranger.

Frank could feel his own excitement growing as he felt the trembling
flesh of Gillian’s huge tits beneath his fingers. Basil’s cock appeared
and disappeared like a well-oiled piston into the thrashing blonde’s
widely straining pussy. It was throbbing red and swollen, and each time
Basil rammed into her Gillian gave a guttural grunt and her tits pulsed
heavily in Frank’s lewdly manipulating fingers.

Basil could feel Gillian’s cuntlips clasping tighter and more hungrily
around the fleshy intrusion of his desire-hardened cock. It wouldn’t be
long now, he thought, and just in time too … he couldn’t last a
minute longer! Basil didn’t know how good Stephan was in the sack, but
he was certain that he was giving him a run for his money that day with

“Get it, baby … get it!” he began to spit out, obscenely. “Daddy’s
throwing it to you, come and get it!”

Gillian writhed around on the rug and let all the perversity of the
moment fill her mind and body. She could feel her tits being squeezed
harder and harder, each burning touch creating a conflagration within
her that only heightened the lust between her legs. The powerful fucks
into her cunt, filling and stretching it with a wildly fulfilling
pleasure, were wringing a joyful culmination from her tormented young
pussy. She tried to speak, but her throat felt dry and constricted. She
felt like she was floating; her eyes were tightly closed and there was
a breaking deep inside her. She was bursting, being pulled apart! She
walked a thin tightrope between sanity and insanity … then suddenly
jumped. From everywhere inside her there was a race of hurtling
sensations that started in her pulsing pussy and spread to the minutest
cells of her body. She was released!

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!” Gillian choked and sputtered and moaned
lasciviously, turning this way and that as the thickly embedded cock
began to spurt forth its juices.

“Oh shit!” Basil exclaimed. “Oh shit!” His head jerked backward, his
eyes rolling toward the ceiling. “Nnnnnnnghghghhhh!” he grunted,
lifting Gillian’s trembling hips upward with his tensing hands so that
he was able to empty his spending cock deep, deep into her climaxing

“Ooooooh … yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!” Gillian cried out, jiggling
upward with all her might, making herself a willing receptacle for the
burning-hot cum juices that filled her quivering cunt.

She did not feel completely human when, caught in the throes of her
tumultuous cum, she began to murmur a steady stream of words.

“Oh, give it to me, give it to me … oh! I want it … I need it …
give it to meeeee!”

Frank felt an undeniable twinge of jealousy at the thought that Basil
could make his sister-in-law cum like that. Logically, of course, he
knew what it was that was exciting Gillian. It was the time, the place,
and the completely untoward situation of being taken by a near
stranger. Nevertheless, as the moaning and groaning gradually decreased
and Frank could see that Basil had had it, he hurriedly released his
own throbbing cock, letting it bob lewdly into the warm air of the
living room. Only Gillian’s soft mewling mingled with Basil’s heavy
panting could be heard in the quiet house.

Basil pulled out slowly, his softly deflating cock glistening wet and
forlorn-looking. But Basil seemed more than pleased. He was exhausted,
yes, but what a way to go.

He clumsily got to his feet, and still panting, headed for the
bathroom. Frank moved around Gillian’s nakedly prone body. He knelt
between her parted legs and looked at the devastation that he himself
had caused. What a sight! he thought. What a gorgeous creature his
sister-in-law was. She lay, completely satiated, in a semi-trance
state, and Frank longed to bring her back to life with the rock-hard
cock that he now jerked almost absentmindedly in his hand. The pinkly
shining split of her pussy flesh was drenched and wide-spread for all
the world to see; and the blonde curling pussy hairs glistened with
combined juices. She was an obscenely presented treat, Frank thought,
as he stroked his foreskin all the way back. His wildly straining cock
stood out taut and tight and ready.

There was no time left to fuck her the way he really wanted. That would
have to wait for later, for some other time. The action of his hand on
his throbbing, lust-bloated prick felt warm and so good that he did not
stop it. His blue eyes glazed over and his expression was almost
meditative as his hand worked faster and faster until it was going at a
furious pace. Sweat stood out on his forehead and his black hair fell
forward in his eyes. He closed them with an expression of utter bliss.

Gillian stirred lazily on the rug. For a few brief moments, she had
been totally unaware of her surroundings, but now she heard the
peculiar lewd noise of Frank’s hand slapping up and down on his own
lustfully tingling dick, and opened her eyes wide in surprise.

Frank looked down at her with an expression akin to agony.

“I’m gonna cream on you, baby … I’m gonna cream all over you!” he
announced, and then uttering a strangled cry, he let his raging hot
cock jerk upward with a sharp jolt.


Suddenly Gillian felt a burning wetness all over her nakedly reclining
body. On her face, running down her hugely billowing tits, splattering
on her whitely exposed belly, inching down her still spread inner
thighs toward her already cum-inundated young pussy. Frank’s cock was
waving now, directly toward her face, spurting out like a bursting
fountain, releasing the hot, white juices of its ecstasy. She watched
stunned as Frank uttered several final grunts and jerkily manipulated
his fingers until the last drops of his cum fluids spurted down onto
Gillian’s startled features.

Yet, she was unable to feel the shame that she knew she ought to be
feeling. Instead, it seemed like the ending to a wonderful experience,
the topping on the cake, and the start of her new life with Stephan.

Chapter 7

The big clock in Frank and Taffy Edwards’ living room struck eleven. It
was late, and Stephan Edwards sat alone in his brother’s study thinking
about the events his brother had just described to him concerning what
had happened between Frank, Basil, and his wife, Gillian, that
afternoon in this house.

He had found it difficult to believe at first, but then Frank had shown
him the film of the whole thing and you couldn’t disbelieve proof like
that. It was like he was a witness, and his cock throbbed painfully at
the lewd sights he had seen.

At first he’d been angry. But, then Frank had talked him out of that,
after all he had done almost the same thing himself with the teenage
fuck-film actress, Kitty. Then he had thought back to dinner, the way
that Gillian had kept her eyes on him throughout, almost as if she were
willing him to throw her to the floor and fuck her. There was a
difference all right. There had been one in her from the minute she had
called him on the phone and said that Frank and Taffy had invited them
for dinner and to stay overnight. If there was such a difference in her
everyday actions, he could hardly wait to see what she was going to be
like in bed.

His mind turned to Gillian upstairs in the guest bedroom. He decided he
would go up and climb in bed with his beautiful blonde wife now.
Together they would celebrate the beginning of their sexual liberation
in a very special way he had not even thought of yet. Carrying a drink
of scotch and water with him, he slowly climbed the stairs to the guest
room where she had gone earlier.

Stephan continued past his brother’s bedroom door and on down the hall
towards the guest room. He paused for a moment outside of the door. He
knew that his brother and sister-in-law were sleeping further down the
hall; he hoped they weren’t light sleepers. He intended to have a good
time tonight and if that meant noise, then so be it. He smiled at the
lewd thoughts running through his head and went into the guest room.

All was darkness inside, but he sensed that Gillian was awake in the
big double bed that was at the end of the room. Without speaking, he
disrobed, feeling tension leave him as his lean, taut body was revealed
in its nakedness to the dark of the room. A tremor of anticipation
passed over him as he approached the bed. His eyes were rapidly
adjusting to the lack of light, and he could make out Gillian’s
voluptuous curved shape on the bed. As he reached the bed and stood
peering down, he heard a rustle on the bed and Gillian’s hands moved
out and her fingers clasped his prick. It jerked to life in her hands
as her other fingers began to slowly massage his softly dangling balls,
gently smoothing over the heavy weight of them while she touched his
now painfully jerking cock.

“Aaaah,” she said in the darkness. “I was waiting for you!”

“I’m here …” Stephan replied, his voice husky with desire as he stood
stark still and let his beautiful liberated wife continue her expert
manipulations. “As you can tell!”

* * *

Frank stepped out of the bathroom into the hallway and his bare feet
padded noiselessly towards his bedroom from the bathroom. He had been
listening, waiting for Stephan to come up the stairs, and now he was
sure that Stephan had just gone into Gillian’s room.

Shit! he thought. Wish I was getting some more of that tail! His
generally mischievous nature had changed little since he was a small
boy, and he thought it might be amusing to find out if he could hear
Stephan while he was going at it with Gillian, maybe even film the
whole thing. So, on his way down to his own room and his wife’s waiting
cunt, he made a stop outside Stephan’s door.

He heard nothing. The solid oak doors of the old house did not lend
themselves to eavesdropping. Even when he pressed his ear to the door,
he couldn’t hear a thing. It occurred to him that Stephan had possibly
gone fast asleep, but Frank remembered the hot looks that Gillian had
been giving Stephan at the dinner table earlier, and decided to
investigate further. He carefully pushed on the doorknob and, with
experience gained through years of childhood sneaking about, he
succeeded in turning it without making a sound. One of the light
switches for the hall light was nearby on the wall, and Frank flicked
it out before slowly pushing the door open just a fraction of an inch.

A wild cry met his ears and startled him so that he almost shut the
door again. Then he realized that he had not been discovered, but had
merely tuned in to his sister-in-law’s love cries. His face split into
a wide grin of satisfaction as he settled down to listen in the

Gillian’s nakedly writhing body was lost in the fire of the moment.
Every muscle she possessed was tensed as she strained her hips upward
toward the maddening probe in between her legs. Stephan was
magnificent! She had never dreamed that it could be like this, that
just being fucked so lewdly that afternoon by Frank and Basil could
bring more and more pleasure from her body when her husband tongue-
fucked her. Her love for him incited her further. Her updrawn legs
opened and closed around the tormenting head that was licking
gluttonously at her flame-seared pussy. The cords of her neck stood out
as she pulled with all her strength against the tangled hair of his
head below her.

“Oooooh! Ooooooohhhh! Aaaaaaghhh!” she wailed, splaying her legs wider
and wider to give him greater access. “Lick my cunt! Lick it!” she
screamed, pleading with him. “Oh God, don’t stop now … lick it! Lick
it!” And then there came a rushing in her ears as she choked and the
ceiling seemed to cave in on her with a great resounding and echoing
crash, and she moaned and cried out as the intolerable delight of her
cunt-splitting cum careened through her. She wanted it to go on forever
and ever, to never, never stop!

As Gillian lay gasping and slowly recovering, Stephan turned her over
onto her belly. Her willpower had been completely drained by her
cumming, and he kissed her smooth oval-shaped asscheeks and bit them
with sharp little nips of his teeth. He was vaguely unsatisfied.
Tonight was special, he thought. He felt ready to go on for a long
time, teasing her and bringing her to greater and greater heights of
delirious pleasure.

“Spread your legs!” he ordered her.

* * *

Frank was already on his way down the hall. His ears were humming and
his brain spinning. “Good old Stephan!” he said out loud to himself. “I
knew he could make it with his wife!”

He was in a hurry now, for he had an idea that he thought would be
extremely amusing, not to mention thoroughly exciting. He could feel
his cock throbbing hard and demandingly between his legs as he made his
way to his room.

Frank eagerly sought the doorknob. He turned the handle and stepped in.

Taffy had awakened when Frank had risen from the bed and gone out into
the hall. Now she lay trembling with anticipation as her good-looking
young husband walked through the darkened room towards the bed. His
steely blue eyes glinted and his expression was loving as he moved
swiftly to her.

“Hello there!” she whispered, holding her covers teasingly up against
her chin. Beneath, she was clad in a simple white gown that came to her
knees and had a white ruffle that closed beneath her chin.

“How would you like to fuck around a little?” he asked, sitting on the

“Sounds good to me,” she replied and moved her tongue sensuously across
her lips.

Frank’s laugh resounded through the bedroom, and Taffy was mortified at
the thought that their guests might hear and be awakened.

“Oh hush … please hush!” she cried out.

His head bent low and he kissed her with a hard, burning pressure,
until her head sank back into the softness of the pillow. Her eyes were
closed and the lids fluttered as the magic of his kisses did its work
within her hotly trembling body. His tongue boldly thrust between her
pinkly parted lips, touching her own tongue mercilessly and making her
want to die from the bliss it created inside her.

“Oh … yes … yes …” she murmured, moving her head from side to
side in a cascade of pleasure.

“Wait …” he said suddenly, pulling away from her. “We’ll fuck, but
you’re coming with me first … come on! Hurry!”

Impatiently, he pulled her up and spun her toward the door, not even
giving her time to put on a robe over her white nightgown.

“Your brother might see … I can’t go out like this …” she

“Oh hell, Taffy, he’s family, he doesn’t care, and neither do you.
Besides, he’ll probably be just a bit more undressed than you are
anyway.” Once more his laugh echoed out into the hall.

Frank was pulling her so fast that she could only stumble along behind
him, curious as to where her impetuous husband was taking her.

“Where are we going?”

“Shhh …” Frank cautioned her, and together they tiptoed down the hall
until they got to the door that Frank had listened at earlier.

I sure hope they’re still at it! he thought to himself. And then he
knew they were, for through the slight crack in the door, which he had
left ajar, the rising voices of his older brother and Gillian could be
clearly heard.

Taffy stood with her mouth gaping open as Frank pushed her closer so
that she, too, could hear everything.

Inside, Gillian winced forward, jumping slightly as she felt Stephan’s
finger prodding in between her wide-spread asscheeks. It was as if he
had never done that to her before. Though he hadn’t actually put his
finger in her asshole. But Gillian sensed that this time he would go
through with it, and she did not quite know how she would respond. She
felt obscenely naked and unprotected back there as she could feel the
strained skin around her tiny puckered asshole being pulled apart. He
had been kissing her and gently nibbling at her white asscheeks, and
Gillian was surprised to note that his finger in her ass did not hurt
as she had anticipated, but rather sent a sensation of muted pleasure
swelling through her.

Stephan moved his middle finger around in the tight expanding hole,
fucking in and out, widening the tiny hole more and more. Gillian found
herself wiggling her hips back against it, her nails digging into the
mattress around her. When the determined young husband forced a second
finger in, however, she winced aloud from the pain and tried to bounce
away from him on the big bed.

But Gillian had little time to relax, for Stephan had followed her,
kneeling up against her kneeling body, pinning her down with his other
big hand on the small of her back. Gillian could feel that he was
warming to his task, and a shiver of fear ran through her nakedly
trembling body when she realized that she was completely at his mercy.
Momentarily he was behind her, and then the fingers began to work
together inside her tightly clinging asshole. Her mouth fell open as
she began to groan excitedly, wriggling back onto the obscene invaders
of her hitherto untouched ass flesh. A strangely appealing subjugation
swept over her. She could feel him back there, deliberately stretching
her. His voice came to her ears, loud and ringing.

“I’ve never fucked anyone up the ass … now’s as good a time as any!”

“Yes … yes … fuck me there! Screw me up the ass, Stephan!” she
twisted her neck and cried back to him.

Outside the door Taffy gasped as she heard what her sister-in-law had
just said. She had acted looser at dinner tonight–something must have
happened to her to make her this way, so suddenly. She had spent the
afternoon with Frank and Basil, they must have really had a screw
session, because Gillian sure was wild now! Taffy felt her legs grow
weak, and she would have not been able to support herself had it not
been for Frank’s strong grip around her waist. He would not let her go
and it was if he too had to hang on to something to keep from

“Oh, now, please,” she whimpered. “Please!” But Frank was too delighted
with the sounds coming from the bedroom to listen to his wife. It was
much better than he had hoped. He hoped to kill several birds with one
stone before the wee hours of this morning were over!

His fingers began a rhythmic massage against the naked softness of his
wife’s huge tits beneath her white nightgown. They felt good to his
fingers and he pulled her closer and closer to him, forcing his heavily
pulsing cock against the soft protrusions of her whitely trembling
asscheeks. He knew that even beneath their clothing she could feel the
hardness of it, and that she would remember what it had felt like to
have his cock fucking deep into her willingly spread pussy!

The young director’s wife moaned and was silent, and Frank could feel
her trembling against him, her body beginning to respond to his forward
thrusts as he held her tightly to his loins. They stood just outside
the door in the hall, listening to the lewd sounds and words coming
from inside the bedroom, and Frank’s breath became heavier and heavier
to match the intensity of the lewd actions inside. He could sense
Taffy’s total nakedness beneath her nightgown, and their very position
there beside the open door began to excite him more and more.

Inside the bedroom, Stephan pulled his fingers out of Gillian’s
quivering asshole, the rubbery skin clinging to them and making a
sucking, hissing noise.

“Kneel up more!” he said thickly. “Get your ass up higher!”

Obediently, Gillian drew her knees up further under her, presenting him
with the fully stretched cheeks of her ass as she felt his hot, hard
body move in between her open thighs. A shiver of anticipation surged
through her limbs as suddenly she felt the smooth bulbous knob of his
hugely throbbing cock resting within her wide-split asshole.
Subserviently, she reached her hand back through the arch her legs made
and began to gently stroke and cup the heavy sac of his cum-filled

“Put my cock in your ass!” he hissed at her, and she took hold of the
hotly throbbing cock, feeling its width between her fingers and feeling
frightened once more. It seemed too big to go inside her ass! Yet she
wanted to do what Stephan wanted, and she held her breath as he
clutched at the top of her trim, widely separated thighs and she placed
the bluntness of his prick against the tight, hairless opening to her

Stephan began to fuck into her, straining into the tight virginal hole
of her ass. She was about to tell him that it was no use … his cock
would never go in, when the tiny muscle of her anus gave way and the
persistent head of his cock burst into the sanctity of her asshole.
Desperately, she tried to pull away from him, but he held her tight.

“Oh God! Stephan … it hurts … I’m too small back there!” she cried.

But he ignored her pleas, fucking into her mercilessly as he hugged her
shapely hips in his savage attack, and growling, “Push back! Come on!
Help me out! Push your ass back!”

Gillian could hardly think. Every way she turned there was pain and
more pain. The agony was unbelievable!

“Back … back!” he snarled, seemingly angered by her immobile stance,
but she was afraid to move for fear of the pain inside her.
Nevertheless, she tried to move her asscheeks backward, and with a
deliberate, mind-shattering effort born of love, she allowed his
slithering cock to surge into the spongy resistant flesh of her ass.

“Aaaannnnnggghhhhh!” Gillian groaned as his pelvis smacked loudly
against the softness of her upturned whitely curving asscheeks. She
heard him give a harsh whine of passion as he began to fuck deep into
the soft confines of her fully presented asshole.

Listening in the hall outside the bedroom door, Taffy had begun to
respond to the sounds of the lewd fucking by writhing backward against
Frank’s thrusting cock, and when his hands began to lift her nightgown
up, she could not protest.

Oooohhhh, I want him to touch me so! she thought, her flesh burning
with desire as her husband’s fingers revealed the creamy nakedness of
her soft white body. When her nightgown was way up around her hips and
her hotly quivering asscheeks were bared to him, she felt him pull her
in against him once more, and to her shocked surprise she felt the
naked hardness of his cock pressing fervently into the split of her

Oh no … she thought. He’s not going to do the same thing to me … he
can’t … not here … no! We’ve done a lot of screwing in all sorts of
ways, but he has never fucked me in the asshole before, nobody has! But
she did not know what to do as he began to push and slide the tip of
his thickly pulsing cock in between her trembling asscheeks, bending
her body this way and that as it pleased him so that he could get the
desired sensual effect. She was relieved that he did not try to fuck
her there, for she could hear the horrifying sounds of her sister-in-
law being sodomized by Stephan. She’d seen some of Frank’s films of
women being screwed in the ass, and they always liked it in the end,
but that didn’t mean that she felt like it now. She knew that she might
never ever recover from such an act and tried to convince herself that
Frank would never do such a thing to her! He forced her to bend over
forward, letting his hotly throbbing cock fit smoothly into the spread
entrance of her hairlined cunt, and Taffy shivered with mounting

Yes, she thought, oh yes … fuck me now … right now! She felt so
excited that she began to push her asscheeks back, and as she did so
the long, thick hardness of Frank’s thrusting cock slipped deep into
her hungrily gripping pussy.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” she moaned, twisting back onto his prick as she felt
herself being filled by the incredible mass of his heavily throbbing

Oh! It’s hard and wonderful and I love it! she thought, in spite of

His hands firmly planted on Taffy’s hips, the young movie director
began a slow skewering motion into his wife’s hotly seeping pussy,
feeling his cock fucking along the entire length of her cunt passage,
and listening to her soft moans of pleasure. But this was not all he
had wanted of her, and boldly, after once more assessing the sounds
coming from inside the guest room, he began to push forward into the
room, carrying Taffy along with him still firmly attached to him by the
lewd fucking of his cock inside her clinging pussy. Taffy realized what
was happening, but she was too aroused to try to get away. What could
she do anyway? He held her so hard against him that she could feel
sharp shooting pains where his fingers dug into the soft fleshy area of
her hips. Yet, as he moved, his hard cock jiggled and thrust within her
hot wet pussy in a most exciting way.

To her alarm, she could hear the noises of the fucking couple on the
bed very nearby. She and Frank were now almost right next to the bed,
she was certain of it.

But Gillian and Stephan were so preoccupied that they didn’t know that
they had company.

By degrees, the pain was lessening within the wide-stretched walls of
Gillian’s thickly filled asshole and a certain stimulation began to
blend with it. She bared her teeth and wagged her head from side to
side, her blonde hair a crazed entanglement hanging over her face as
Stephan rammed into her again and again and again.

“Unnnnnngh! Unnnngh! Unnnngh!” he grunted animallike behind her. “Move
your butt!” he commanded. “Can’t you do better than that?”

His words stung Gillian as she tried to comply. He was sodomizing her!
Her own dear Stephan was performing this completely debasing act upon
her! She tried to think, but each time his brutal thrust would drive
her forward and she would squirm back onto his deeply fucking cock
until soon she was filled with an all pervading masochistic joy. The
pain had become pleasurable! She began to shove backward with vigor, in
a tempo to meet her young husband’s brutal thrusts. It was getting
better and better … unlike anything she’d ever felt before! She
marveled at the power of her body to bring her new sensations when she
thought she had already known them all.

It was then that the piercing shriek stunned them both, with Stephan’s
surging cock was still plunged within the tightly clenched narrowness
of Gillian’s widely split asshole. Directly behind them, right there in
the room, a woman had screamed. And now immediately following the
scream, sharp sounds of sobbing and the lewd noises of flesh slapping
against naked flesh met their ears.

“What the hell!” Stephan cried out.

“Never mind!” Frank replied in a panting voice. “Go on with what you’re
doing. It’s just Taffy and me, and we’ll take our cues from you! Damn,
your ass is tight, Taffy!”

Taffy’s cries of pain lifted to the ceiling and Stephan could feel
Gillian trying to scramble away from him.

“Oh no!” she was saying. “Good God, Stephan … get them out of here!”

Stephan was on the verge of agreeing with her, at first outraged by his
younger brother’s rude intrusion. But then the humor of the situation
struck him, and he had to chuckle as he heard Taffy’s whimpering noises
and envisioned the two of them there at the foot of the bed. He turned
his head around, still without releasing Gillian from his strong grip
of her upper thighs, and in the darkness could make out the shape of
the other two gyrating bodies … the white of Taffy’s uplifted
nightgown … the darkness of Frank’s hair. He had to hand it to his
brother Frank, when he wanted something, he went after it and got what
he wanted.

As Gillian continued to protest, he suddenly yelled at her, “Shut up!
I’m not finished yet! Let them fuck all they want, they’re not
bothering us!”

Gillian was silent. She had always tried to get over the dislike for
Frank which she felt–even after what he had done for her that
afternoon, feeling herself above such things, but now she felt
distinctly used by him, and she knew that he was doing this primarily
to get even with her over the way she felt towards him. The fact that
Stephan was going along with it hurt her deeply, and she could not keep
tears of bitterness from springing to her eyes. She had thought herself
over feeling this way in such a situation. After Basil and Frank had
fucked her so completely she had considered herself ready and willing
for anything. Only this was different, because her husband whom she
loved was going along with his insensitive brother … joining in his
dirty, lewd scene like something out of his dirty movies.

She could hear Taffy’s whimpers changing to sounds of utter pleasure,
and she guessed that Frank was touching her body in such a way as to
alleviate the rising pain between the young girl’s cock-spread
asscheeks. Her own asscheeks were once more lewdly stretched and the
husband’s hugely throbbing cock deep within her arching asshole made
itself felt again as the painfully embedded prick recovered from its
temporarily softened state and grew harder by the second.

“Come on, you sweet bitch … give it to me …” he growled down at
her. “But first, turn on the lights!”

“No! No! No! No!” Gillian protested. She had been screwed in broad
daylight by a near stranger and Frank, but Stephan was her husband.
Stephan fucked his angrily stiffened cock so deep into her
defenselessly upthrust asscheeks that she wailed with pain and lifted
her hand up toward the low switch on the wall by her bed. In a second
the room was flooded with a soft yellow glow from the table, and
Stephan nearly knocked her flat on her face as he shoved up into her
cringing asshole again, this time turning his head so he could watch
the lewdly occupied couple behind him.

It was true … they were doing it too! Frank was fucking his wife
right up her ass, and from his position on the bed, Stephan could see
his brother’s lustfully penetrating cock sliding in and out between the
full, firmly rounded moons of white flesh that formed the lustfully
moaning woman’s asscheeks. He could even see the pink flesh of her
round little asshole draw back with Frank’s cock on the outstroke,
greedily clasping it as if to keep it from escaping. He stared in
sadistic delight as his younger brother’s cum-laden balls smacked
resoundingly against Taffy’s tight little cunt each time he screwed his
prick to the hilt in her wide-split crevice.

Stephan felt his own lust-bloated balls palpitating almost painfully
and his throbbing cock felt as if it were charged with electricity each
time he fucked into Gillian’s uplifted asscheeks. Now she was moaning
like a madwoman, her beautiful face flushed, her eyes rolling in her
head, and Stephan knew he couldn’t last much longer.

He had fucked for his younger brother before, when he was in the movie
with the little teenage nymph Kitty–the hottest cunt in town. But
Stephan couldn’t remember ever having done anything nearly as exciting
as this dual sodomizing with her! He had wanted something special for
that night and he was getting it! He could see Frank watching him too
even while he thoroughly impaled his sensuously writhing young wife in
front of him, and Stephan realized that they were in a kind of contest
together. Who would last longer … who would cum first??

Stephan’s hand came down on Gillian’s palely jiggling asscheek in lewd
imitation of a jockey with a thoroughbred horse coming down the home
stretch toward the finish line.

“Eeeeee!” Gillian wailed in painful protest, but the excitement had
begun to swell within her again and she reached back under her,
tickling Stephan’s lewdly swinging balls and turning her face sideways
so that he could see the effect he was having on her. Sweat poured down
Stephan’s face as he rode her wildly and impersonally. She felt herself
to be a mere vessel for his pleasure, and suddenly this contributed to
her own growing pleasure. What could be more important than receiving
his long hard cock … than giving him the utmost pleasure that she
could possibly manage???? She knew that the presence of his brother and
Taffy was making him reach new heights of excitement, and, swallowing
her own pride once more, she found at the depths of her debasement a
greater desire than she had ever known filling her nakedly gyrating

Frank watched fascinated as up on the bed his older brother Stephan’s
thickly throbbing cock disappeared all the way up into Gillian’s
wriggling asscheeks, with every cruel thrust. None of it was left
visible to his eyes as it submerged its full depth into the tightly
resilient passage, straining its head as if to burst asunder in her
tightly clasping asshole.

Taffy moaned and mewled as the thickly pulsing cock churned within her
straining ass. He had penetrated her there with one swift devastating
fuck, taking her by surprise after exiting from her desire-drenched
pussy. And now, she found herself filled with a sense of total abandon.

What did anything matter anymore? She had done more lewd things before,
and she was in effect enjoying the obscene, lewd fucking into her half-
naked body. She had allowed herself to be taken in the crudest, most
sinful manner known to man or woman, and in the same room with another
couple who were doing exactly the same thing!

“Oh yes! Frank, fuck it! Fuck it hard!” she gasped out, her lewd words
filling the room and spurring not only her own husband but the other
hotly writhing couple to a faster pace.

Frank felt he could cum now whenever he wanted to. He drew his cock out
to the tip, watching her virginally tight asshole pucker pinkly around
him, and then rammed in one long, smooth stroke all the way to his
loins. Taffy whined in ecstasy, and on the bed Gillian echoed the same
intense sounds. Frank fucked into her again, pulling Taffy back onto
his lust-throbbing cock like a smooth-fitting glove, causing her to
scream again.

Stephan did the same, and Gillian screamed with pleasure. His scalding
hot cum-juices began to churn in Stephan’s heavily pulsing cock. The
acute tingling that signaled his imminent release had started!

Stephan grunted loudly as he fucked his hugely throbbing length into
Gillian’s wide-spread asshole, his entire naked body beginning to jerk
convulsively against her asscheeks. His mouth hung open loosely as he
clawed at the silky skin of Gillian’s waist with harsh, clutching
fingers, pulling her cream-white ass even wider apart for his thickly
cumming cock to screw yet another fraction of an inch up into her.

“I’m cumming, Frank!” he shouted back to his younger brother. “Christ,
I’m cummmmiingg!”

“Mee too, you horny bastard!” Frank cried back. “Meeee toooooo!”

Frank grunted and began to pump thick jets of steamy cum from his
speeding cock, filling the swollen tightness of Taffy’s plundered young
asshole with the white juice of his cum.

Beneath Stephan’s battering attack, Gillian felt the first delicious
torrents of the hot white cream gush wildly into the aching depths of
her abused ass. It surged through her cock-split anus like a volcanic
eruption, warming her belly rapturously. The sensation and the lewd
knowledge that Stephan was actually paying more attention to Frank at
this intimate moment than he was to her, strangely touched off her
mind-blowing cum, and she screamed as the great rush of pleasure
rippled through her trembling loins.


The combined cries of cums swirled to the high-ceilinged bedroom. Taffy
screamed in lust-filled agony as Frank’s fingers touched the streaming
pit of her hair-fringed pussy and the thick white juices from his cock
trickled back out of her cum-filled ass and down the inner flesh of her
wide-spread thighs.

“Give me your cream, give me your cream! Oh Stephan, Stephan, I love
you! Love you!” Gillian sobbed piteously, her entire body wracked with
spasms as Stephan clung to her from behind. The pleasure within her
seemed to go on forever as she let herself get lost in the world of her
own carnal sensations. Distantly, the wetly obscene sounds of the other
couple mingled in her head, and she knew that they were all
experiencing some kind of lewd four-way cumming, where each cum hung on
the others and was continually spurred on in a dizzying, mind-blowing
chain reaction.

Gillian’s head swam as she felt her weakly quivering knees give way,
and Stephan pulled out of her cum-flooded asshole with a soft, lewd,
sucking sound. As he fell to the side of her, she collapsed, her well-
fucked body completely spent.

She had never felt so free about being fucked to cumming before, and
she shut her eyes with joy at the wonderful new universe that Frank and
his dirty fuck films had opened up for her. They had turned her on and
made her want to fuck and suck cock like she had never had wanted it
before. They were beautiful, and as she had watched them, she had found
herself coming up with a few wild ideas herself, ideas that she was
certain would add immeasurably to their erotic appeal. In fact, the
idea suddenly came to her, that was what she would do! She would
produce her own films, and she was certain that if she let Frank fuck
her now and then or sucked his cock for him periodically, he would let
her use all the equipment she needed to make the hottest fuck films
ever seen by man!!!

Chapter 8

Gillian Edwards had been absolutely right. Several afternoons later she
had gone to her brother-in-law’s downtown studio and let him fuck her
long and hard for several hours. She then hit him with her request to
use his camera and studio for the evening to make her own fuck film. He
had gladly acceded when she had promised to come back the next day and
let him and Basil double-fuck her, both at the same time. He had
carefully gone over the operation of the simple 16mm camera and then
left for a dinner engagement that he and Taffy had with some out-of-
town film buyers.

On the strength of her faith in her ability to fuck Frank into agreeing
to her making a film, Gillian had earlier set up a young girl she had
picked up down at the bus depot for the starring role. She had based
the plot on one of her own fantasies and one she was certain almost all
women had lying in the back of their subconscious minds. She was going
to film the girl being raped and humiliated after having walked in on
two sex-crazed burglars who had ostensibly broken into her apartment.

She licked her lips and smiled in anticipation as she slipped the first
reel of film in the camera. The girl was ideal for the part and it
would be a wild film that should turn both men and women on. The girl’s
name was Cindy, and even though she was eighteen, she looked only about
fifteen and had that fresh “off-the-farm” beauty that would raise a
man’s cock in seconds. And … she really was innocent. She had, of
course, been fucked before, but was still relatively innocent, and
Gillian had been careful to disclose all the girl would have to do to
earn her much needed twenty-five dollars. She had told her she would
have to fuck for it in front of a movie camera and pretend she was
being raped by two of the toughest guys in the city, and the young girl
had just smiled and agreed to it all. Plucky little thing, this Cindy.

The guys, named Buck and Charlie, had been no problem at all. She had
just entered a bar on 42nd Street and offered them ten bucks apiece for
their services to screw a young girl silly, and they had jumped at the
chance for a strange piece of ass and enough money to throw a good
drunk on with.

“All right, everyone, places,” Gillian commanded after she finished
loading the camera and setting the lighting to her liking. “And let’s
make it good. I want everyone to put their whole hearts into it and
turn out a real turn-on film.”

She aimed the camera at the door of the rundown tenement room she had
arranged as a set in Frank’s studio and flipped it on. “Lights, camera,
action!” she shouted and let the story she had laid out begin to unfold
before the camera’s eye.

There was the rattling of a key in the door, and the voluptuous blonde
Cindy opened it and started to enter her room. She suddenly saw the two
men inside, and with a look of horror on her face, started to turn and
run, but the ugliest of the two men, Buck, jumped out and grabbed hold
of her arm before she could get away. Cindy struggled furiously, trying
to escape the burglar’s powerful hold, but he dragged her convincingly,
screaming and kicking, into the room. With growing alarm, she realized
that she was now trapped in her own apartment and at the mercy of two
heartless criminals.

She fought down the rising panic inside her as the man deposited her in
the middle of the room. She would try to reason with him, she figured.
She would let them have her money and everything would be all right.
They would leave and not touch her. Her mouth opened and her eyes
looked up at him, but his face was covered with scars and she couldn’t
stand to look at him, so she quickly glanced away. For the first time
she saw the other one, as the camera panned to him. Just as ragged and
beat up as his friend, he was stretched out on her turned-down bed, a
bottle of whiskey at his side. He sat up, looking at the voluptuous
young teenager with great interest, his mouth gaping wide and a bit of
spittle forming in its corner.

“You can have all my money …” Cindy started. “For heaven’s sake …
please, you’ve got to let me go!” She held her hands at her throat and
tried backing toward the door.

“Who you tryin’ to kid? What’s this, some game? We don’t need no money,
kid … just some good fuckin’.” He grabbed at Cindy’s huge young tits,
taking one in each hand and squeezing hard. Cindy screamed as loud as
she could, pushing at the big paws that surrounded her twin mounds.

“Help!” she yelled. “Somebody help me!”

Buck stood back from her, surprised before the camera by her
determination to get away, then his ugly face twisted from a jovial
leer into a determined scowl.

“Aw no! Naw … you ain’t gonna holler like that … shut up!” Buck
jerked his hand forward and hit her across the face with a hard blow,
then before she could catch her breath to scream again, he clamped his
dirty hand across her mouth, turning her about rudely and twisting her
arm behind her back in a hammerlock.

“That’s it,” Gillian murmured softly, surprised by the intensity with
which the actors were entering into the spirit of the film. The young
actress’s eyes bulged above the huge hand that pressed down on her
lips. She shuddered as a shiver of well-acted revulsion started at her
toes and ran straight up to her scalp. It was too horrible to believe.
She made moaning and grunting noises, muffling her mouth against the
hard, rough skin of the burglar’s hand as inside her head the screams
she could not utter resounded with shattering strength. She struggled
wildly, but he moved her with him across the room, holding her body
close to his. She felt an enormous surge of hysteria rise from her
belly and her legs and arms began to tremble uncontrollably as she saw
that they were getting closer and closer to the other man on her bed
against the wall.

Cindy’s arm looked as though it was twisted almost to the breaking
point, and she looked as though she would faint from the pain, but she
soon had still another nightmare to consider as she gazed down at the
dreadful sight of the man on the bed grinning toothlessly up at her.
She could see him begin to drool hideously, and she tried even more
desperately to get away from the restraining hands.

The one called Charlie looked up at the voluptuous young blonde, his
fishy eyes popping as he took in the breathtaking sight of her as her
thin coat hung open revealing the diaphanous material of her summer
dress, a glint of bare skin showing through the light covering. He
reached up and with one gruff motion ripped at her coat, pulling
sharply downwards so that the sleeves remained hanging on her arms, and
her filmy dress exposed all her tantalizing young curves to his face.
His look took in the long voluptuous legs, draped by the folds of
Cindy’s dress, the tantalizing stretch of her thighs, the startling
cups of her huge white tits, jutting forth as she strained to get away.

“Oh, man oh man!” Charlie grinned. “Looky here!” He felt like someone
had dropped a million dollars in his lap; he’d never seen anything that
even approached the perfection of Cindy’s body. He began to laugh and
chortle, clapping his hands and bouncing up and down on the bed for the
benefit of the ceaselessly grinding camera.

“Can I touch her, Buck? Can I?” He looked pleadingly up at his
companion, who continued to apply enough pressure on Cindy’s arm to
keep her from bolting.

“Later, later!” Buck answered roughly according to the script. “Hand me
something … hand me those silk stockings!” He pointed to a pair of
Cindy’s long hosiery on the floor beside the bed. Charlie bent over and
picked them up, pausing to look at the teen-aged blonde’s ankles and
calves from the new angle before handing the socks up to Buck, then he
watched with something like admiration as Buck quickly fashioned a knot
and bound Cindy’s hands tightly together behind her back. He found a
handkerchief in his pocket and pushed it way to the back of Cindy’s
mouth to stop the screams she had resumed once his hands were occupied
with binding her.

“There … that’ll keep you for a while … noisy bitch!” He spun her
about to face him, smirking as she tottered unsteadily on her feet. She
was trussed up like a Thanksgiving goose, ready to be consumed by a
hungry mob. The silk stockings were so tight that they cut sharply into
her wrists, and the gag in her mouth made it difficult for her to
grunt, much less yell.

“Hold her steady,” she heard Buck’s voice command, and then she felt
her thin dress and underthings being ripped from her naked body.

She knew then that there was no doubt about what they were going to do
to her, and the thought of getting fucked by them both created a raging
turmoil inside her that caused a sickening dizziness to envelope her.
And then as Gillian, behind the camera, signaled, a giant fist slammed
into her head, causing her to groan and pretend to lose consciousness
so that the two men would spread her unprotected, limp body on the
crumpled sheet of the bed.

They laughed cruelly at the sight of her nude body lying face down on
the bed before them, her firm asscheeks bulging up from her hips. Then
Charlie abruptly stopped laughing.

“Ah Buck … you knocked her out. That ain’t no fun!”

“She’ll come round … don’t you worry … she’ll be sassy enough!” An
idea had come into his mind. For the first time in a long time he was
thinking, and it felt good. He stood staring, bleary eyed, down at the
soft creamy skin of Cindy’s naked young asscheeks glistening in the
lamplight of the film set. She was ready for whatever he might choose
to do to her. All the deep-seated anger that abided in his soul seemed
to rise now as he enjoyed this position of power. Power was the one
thing he had never had, and now this! It had slowly dawned on him that
Cindy was not one of the standard fuck-film actresses! But he had no
intention of just following the script after he caught a glimpse of
what she looked like underneath that dress. She was class, and he knew
it, even though he’d never been that close to it. Cindy symbolized all
the women who had scorned him on the streets, all those who had turned
away in disgust at the sight of him and refused to recognize him as a
human being like themselves. Well, he would show them … he would show

All the hurts he had ever endured appeared before him in the circles of
Cindy’s helpless white asscheeks, and Buck could feel his cock aching
like it had never ached before. Without ceremony, he pulled it out of
his pants, the zipper didn’t work anyway, and lunged across the bed
onto the full length of Cindy’s body, pressing his scarred face against
her soft downy cheek, where he was able to inhale the light odor of her
body perfume.

“Hey,” Gillian whispered from behind the camera. “You’re supposed to
play with her first!”

“Just begin shooting, cunt!” Buck growled. “I’ll show you a fuck scene
you won’t ever forget!”

The heavy impact had forced the wind from Cindy’s body, and the first
thing that affronted her was the heaving breath of the animallike man
on top of her. She winced and began to weakly struggle beneath him, but
his hands pushed on the back of her head until her face was stuffed
down into the mattress, making it almost impossible for her to breathe.
Buck’s knees relentlessly forced at her legs, parting them with rough
pressure that scraped at her thighs.

Cindy strained to keep her legs from being opened, but it was useless;
her head pounded from sudden fright, and she was too weak to resist.
She gave a low groan as her resistance was broken and her legs snapped
wide open behind her. Buck let himself slide down between her legs, and
the roughness of the material of his clothes burned her skin as he
moved over her. A moan came from deep in her throat as she felt his
rapidly hardening cock touching wetly at the smooth inner surfaces of
her thighs. He pushed it forward so that the long rod slithered along
the wide-split crevice of her naked asscheeks, as Gillian behind the
camera whirred away. She had been initially taken aback by the man’s
sudden deviation from the script, but decided he might really put out
on his own. She would pay the girl double to handle any objections she
might have to a little roughness. Anyway, they wouldn’t dare hurt her.

Cindy wriggled her bottom, the only part of her that she could move,
trying to get the lustfully throbbing cock out from between her nakedly
split asscheeks. But every move she made served to make Buck’s cock
still harder, and increased his determination to stay on top of her and
fuck her his way.

“Lift that ass up!” he ordered, pulling himself up and off of her
prostrate form, so that he stood between her spread legs at the edge of
the bed. Cindy started to press her legs together again, stiffening
each muscle in a useless effort to resist him, tears of real terror
springing to her eyes at the sudden turn of events.

A loud anguished cry echoed shrilly in her head, increasing in pitch at
each new indignity foisted upon her helpless body before the
ceaselessly grinding camera.

When Buck saw that she was not going to obey him, he lifted his hand
and let it fall heavily to her gelatinously quivering asscheeks with a
loud crack. Charlie stood to the side, watching gleefully.

“Let me have a go … come on, Buck, lemme at her too!” he pleaded.

“No!” his companion growled. “You’ll have your turn, don’t worry!”

Cindy’s naked ass was turning a deep pink from the slap it had just
received, and the pain was beginning to subside when the hand came down
again … crack!

“Move it!” he repeated, and this time Cindy tried to move the way she
thought he wanted her to, but it was not fast enough for Buck, and he
pushed his hand down on the back of her head again, holding her until
she relaxed the whole of her body so that he would allow her to
breathe. Then, having won his battle, he pulled at her fearfully
trembling asscheeks until they were lifted high off the bed. She hung
there, her behind lewdly suspended in the air.

Cindy knew that it was useless to struggle because even the lady who
had hired her could not stop them. Eventually they would obtain what
they wanted from her, no matter what she did to protest. No one else
could hear her muffled cries, and even if they did, they would assume
that it was all a part of the normal goings on in the film studio.
Cindy felt she had sunk lower than it was possible to sink. She had to
give in to the horrible humiliation of her tormentors’ every whim. They
would be able to manipulate her body in any way they saw fit, any way
that would satisfy their enormous hunger. Perhaps if she cooperated,
they would not beat her any more; they would be satisfied just to fuck
her, shoot their obscene cum inside her pussy, and be done with it.

Buck knelt on the bed behind her nakedly raised ass, staring as though
he might be struck blind the next moment. He had never seen anything
like it. All of Cindy’s blonde young cunt and huge tits were displayed
before him in all their fresh young splendor. He felt hot all over,
itching for the feel of his cock deep in the hidden recesses of her
cunt. He wanted to explode inside her and fuck her to pieces. His balls
were full and aching as he pulled on them and stroked his rock-hard
shaft, longing to shove it into the narrow opening of her teenager’s
cunt. But he had a perverse desire to make it last as long as possible.
Way in the back of his mind he knew that he would never get a chance
like this again, never. And he wanted to make the most of it while he
had it, camera or not!

“What’re you waitin’ for, Buck? Come on, give it to her … feed her a
little cock. That’s some hot little ass she got there, ain’t it?”
Charlie sat fondling his huge erection and gulped whiskey from his
bottle, slopping the liquid over himself and the bedcovers.

Buck didn’t bother to answer. He wasn’t going to let himself be rushed.
This was one piece of ass he was going to enjoy! With a rush of anger,
he remembered Cindy’s screams when she had first looked at him, and
then the way she had turned away, not looking him in the face. She
hadn’t been acting either. What did she think she was anyway? Some kind
of high and mighty saint? He’d fix it so that she’d be groveling under
him; he was going to feel her wiggle beneath him, wanting him to fuck
her harder, wanting him to fill her cunt fully!

He placed his hard, pulsating cock so that it was barely touching the
smooth, sleek crevice of her ass, tormenting the soft cheeks of flesh
with his kneading fingers by pulling them apart and then pressing them
together around the huge bulbous tip of his cock.

Cindy’s nakedly exposed young asscheeks contracted helplessly against
the pulling of Buck’s thumbs, but he kept on pressing outward with a
steady motion, not hard, but gently and firmly, determined to break the
youngster’s will by sheer cunning, if nothing else. Eventually, it
worked, and the moon-shaped orbs were lax, spread wide before him as he
dropped down so that he could peer into the soft brown circle of her
asshole with its small puckered opening and the tempting folds of her
blonde, curl-fringed cunt below. His lips were only inches away from
the soft blonde strands that wisped around the entrance to Cindy’s
cunt, and he inhaled deeply, breathing in the sweetness of her inner
young pussy flesh, pushing Charlie away as he craned over beside him in
an attempt to see too.

The young actress was calmer now … it didn’t seem as though he was
going to hit her again. She was surprised by his slow movements … she
had not been prepared for that, expecting a savage rape for which she
had steeled her mind. She didn’t know quite how to react to this soft
touch and it unsettled her. There was something strange about it,
something horrible, as her body seemed to respond with something akin
to relief, even gratitude for not being treated cruelly. She felt like
two separate beings … her mind and her body were not functioning

Cindy tried to suppress the lewd, cunt-moistening sensation that she
could feel rising inside her thumb-spread pussy as Buck steadily
breathed into her naked cunt and asshole, slowly inhaling and exhaling
her luxuriously sensual fragrance. She sighed and let her ass muscles
relax still another notch into a state of looseness brought on by the
freedom from anticipation of pain.

But her mind sensed that there was another danger, and it was not long
in appearing, for Cindy began to feel a strange wetness at the base of
her spine. It spread from a tiny point to about the size of a poker
chip, and then began to creep slowly up her spinal column.

Buck was licking his long, thick tongue up her back, inching along with
infinite slowness, causing an uncontrollable shiver to run up and down
her back. At first it was only a feeling of surprise, but then the
tingling sensations turned to pleasure. Alarmed, the youngster
attempted to move her arms from their cramped position tied behind her
back, but she could only pull them up a little way from her body, and
the wetness continued to move up and down until, inexplicably, it
stopped entirely.

Cindy found herself waiting for its next appearance. Why had it
stopped? Then she caught herself: she was actually thinking as if she
wanted the lewd licking to continue. The very thought that she was
enjoying being filmed like this was hideous … and her mind reeled
with confusion. She no longer felt like herself … it seemed as though
she must be someone else going through these horrid things … and
Cindy, the young country girl, no longer existed. She couldn’t … she
couldn’t be there on that dirty bed in an upstairs room of a fuck-film
studio … no … such things didn’t happen, and she fought the reality
of the unbelievable scene, bitterly tossing her head from side to side.

“Keep licking, that looks hot,” she heard Gillian direct from behind
the camera. “She’ll love it in a minute.”

Then suddenly the moisture was back as Buck ran his tongue all the way
up her inner thigh, slowly, delicately, until he reached the wetness of
Cindy’s nakedly spread cunt. She tried to squirm away, but he held onto
her whitely protruding ass so that it stayed just where he wanted it,
and before she could anticipate what he was going to do, he thrust his
tongue deep into her pussy with all the strength he had in him.

It felt warm and soft soft pressure inside her unprotected opening,
moving around and about tickling and pushing at the walls of her
sensitive little cunt.

Buck could feel the confusion in Cindy’s body as he continued tongue-
fucking into her, lapping at her sweet young cunt juices, sliding down
and toying with her clitoris, only to return to the tender little hole
above after a moment’s teasing below. He knew he was getting through to
her as the sounds she was making gradually changed to soft mmmmmms,
hums of pleasure.

Cindy had convinced herself by now … no, this couldn’t be real, the
pleasure she felt was a hallucination … the whole thing made no sense
at all. Every inch of her body reacting to the permeating vibrations of
pleasure coming from the male actor’s tongue, stuck in her like a tiny
prick. With a great moan, she released what small doubts she still had
and abandoned herself entirely to the joy of the rising feelings back
between her wide-spread asscheeks. Buck tongue-fucked in further, and
then began licking up the full crevice of her ass. He knew she was
liking it, and she was going to like it even better before he was
through. His face was glistening wet as he licked up and down in the
nakedly split confines of her hotly squirming asscheeks.

Charlie could hardly believe his eyes. His mouth hung slackly open as
he watched the gyrations of the young blonde’s sensuously moving ass.

“Eat that pussy! Yeah! Eat it!” he cried.

Buck lifted his head up and spit out a command to his partner. “Take
that gag out of her mouth … go on … take it out!”

Charlie did as he was told, removing the saliva-wet handkerchief from
Cindy’s mouth and throwing it on the floor. Just as he was removing it,
Buck fucked several fingers up into her cunt, twisting them around as
he teased the tightly clasping walls of the hotly streaming tunnel.

“Ooooooh oooooh!” Cindy cried out, completely out of control now as her
heated young cunt locked hungrily around the lewdly fucking fingers,
opening and closing around them as they explored deeper up inside with
bolder and bolder thrusts.

Gillian gasped and felt her own cunt throb momentarily at the sensuous
sight. Jesus Christ, she thought, the girl’s going to go out of her
mind and fuck them crazy in a minute!

Buck was working like a madman behind the young blonde’s upturned ass,
fucking crazily in and out of her, listening with something near
delirious delight to her muffled sounds of uncontrollable excitement.
She was his woman, now … the same one who couldn’t look him in the
face earlier, the same type he had wanted to fuck almost all his life.

“Shhhhhiiiiit!” he exclaimed. “Shhhhiiiiit!”

Cindy bucked beneath the ramming hand, moaning with an ecstasy born
from the complete oblivion in which she had placed her mind. She was
nowhere … she was no one. What happened to her was pure feeling, pure
sensation with no string of conscious thought attached. Her hotly
quivering cuntlips opened still wider to admit his hand, the hot,
slicky moistness inside increasing moment by moment.

Buck could tell she was just about to cum, and he didn’t want it to be
on his hand. He wanted to get his throbbing cock into that tight little
pussy and feel it cumming all around it! It was time to fuck up into
her with his rampant joystick, and he could almost taste the way it was
going to feel inside there when he let loose all his pent-up jism and
felt it pouring around his cock deep inside her cunt while she bucked
and screamed from her own wild, pussy-bursting cumming.

It was going to make up for all the years he had subsisted in a rigged
society, breaking his balls for the guys with the loot for pennies,
until he finally gave it up. It was better to be a bum and live from
hand to mouth than to go through life making somebody else rich. He
feasted his eyes on the lovely girl kneeling on the bed, and he knew he
would have to fuck her one way or another soon before he spilled his
cum out all over her nakedly churning asscheeks. For a moment he
considered fucking into the tight little asshole that pointed itself
temptingly toward him, the little rosebud opening almost beckoning to
him to fuck it. But he wanted the feel of her young, tight pussy
wrapped around his cock, he decided … that would be the best.

He slowly slipped his fingers from her cunt and moved up toward her
raised asscheeks, kneeling on the bed behind her, then he guided the
smooth length of his cock into the opening between the wide-stretched
thighs, his cum-filled balls aching painfully. He moved his fingers to
the pink-tinged lips of the girl’s wetly gushing pussy, parting them
with his thumb and forefinger, then pressing his lust-thickened cock
forward into the warm softness of the soft, curl-rimmed folds of soft,
slicky cunt flesh.

He gave a loud groan. He had never felt anything like it. It was every
bit as good as he had imagined. Cindy’s wetly clasping young cunt
slipped smoothly over his straining cock like a warm, tight glove, and
he gasped aloud as the soft fleshy walls gave way, making room for his
advancing hardness. The sound of his cries mingled with the high-
pitched wail that Cindy emitted, resounding lewdly around the shabby
room. “Aaaaaah!” Cindy cried out as she was pressed down by his weight
upon her. She trembled with emotion as she felt the enormous length of
his cock fuck further and further up into her helplessly squirming
belly. Then suddenly the reality of what was taking place returned to
her with startling clarity. The probing of Buck’s cock on the inside of
her lewdly upraised cunt, the touching of the delicate surface of her
cervix, brought her abruptly back to the fuck-film studio with the two
barroom derelicts in it. And one of them was now fucking his cock into
her, bearing down with all his might. Her humiliation returned full
force, and once more she could feel the pain of the bindings on her
hands and hear the whirring of the camera nearby.

She began to scream loudly and hysterically for him to stop fucking
her, tears flooding her eyes and streaming down her cheeks and into her
mouth, but he would not, could not stop. He was just at the point of
cumming as he had never cum before, deep into her tightly gripping
cunt, intruding into the passageway that he sought to widen and
lengthen with the force of his heavy, asscheek-flattening fucks into

“Oh fuck, shit, piss! Aaaaaagh! Fuck back, you bitch. Fuck back!”

Buck’s obscene cries echoed throughout the room and the young blonde
groaned pitifully underneath him, beginning to turn on again to the
insanely invading prick that impaled her mercilessly like a battering
ram. When she began fucking back, Buck only became more excited. He
didn’t even care about her screams now; he wanted to hear her cry out,
he wanted to tame her, and his cock expanded inside her to even larger
proportions as he rose and fell upon her defenselessly spread body
again and again.

Cindy felt as though her cunt would explode into a thousand pieces and
she uttered a silent prayer that she would get to cum too. That was all
that she could hope for now … every remnant of self-respect she had
ever had was being fucked out of her now before the lewdly grinding
lens of the all-seeing camera.

A guttural stream of lewd words spit out into the room behind her, and
with another savage thrust, Buck’s huge cock burst within her, spurting
loose great jets of cum deep into her ravaged pussy as he twitched and
moaned in the grasps of his overwhelming orgasm.

Then, just when she thought he had left her high and dry and it was all
over, Cindy looked up to see the sight of the other man’s lust-hardened
cock waving before her contorted face.

“I’m gonna make her suck it, Buck … okay? Okay?” he said, and without
waiting for an answer from his friend who remained mounted on Cindy’s
back, he fucked his huge erect hardness deep into the pliancy of her
mouth. There was no use in her straining to keep her lips closed; he
pushed and pushed until they gave way, admitting the heavily quivering
rod far back into her defenseless throat. The full thickness of
Charlie’s shaft crushed into the warm, wet cavern of Cindy’s mouth. He
had been patient up to now, very patient, but he could wait no longer,
the sight of Buck fucking into her cunt had been too much for anyone to
take. He groaned as the hugeness of his prick filled the young helpless
actress’s throat completely with its fleshy stickiness.

He rapidly fucked his cock in and out of her wide-stretched lips,
raping her mouth as if it were her cunt, and Cindy could feel the wild
sensation of the other man’s cum-drained cock still firmly implanted in
her pussy below, although not as hard now.

“Suck, suck, suck!” Charlie screamed. “Suck!” And unable to contain
himself any longer, he spewed out his cum deep down into her greedily
sucking throat, sending his lewd cum roaring like an unleashed torrent
of molten lava far back into the hidden recesses of her hungrily
gulping throat.

“Ooooooh Lord,” Gillian, still behind the camera, moaned softly to
herself as she watched the man step back and pull his cum-slickened
cock from between the girl’s still hungrily nibbling lips. “The
bastards didn’t fuck her to a cum. The movie’s ruined if she doesn’t
cum too!” Her mind worked a mile a minute as she watched the unsatiated
young blonde twisting tortuously about on the bed.

“Ooooh God, somebody fuck my pussy and make it cum,” she was pleading
through her cum-slickened lips. “God, someone’s got to fuck me!”

It was in that instant that Gillian made up her mind. If she was going
to make a good fuck-film director, she would have to learn to think on
her feet and ad lib scenes at a moment’s notice. And … this was one
of those moments. That girl just had to cum to complete the picture or
she wouldn’t have a chance in hell of ever selling it and getting back
the money that she had invested in it.

“Hang on, baby,” she suddenly crooned softly over to the young blonde.
“Mama’s going to come over and lick your little pussy for you.”

The voluptuous blonde older woman set the camera on automatic run, and
licking her lips in anticipation, walked slowly over to the bed and
crawled up between the young, desperately moaning youngster’s thighs.

“Oooooh, lick it, please lick it before I go out of my mind,” the girl
was pleading as Gillian reached down and spread her soft, curl-rimmed
cuntlips with her fingers and licked her tongue deep up inside the warm
pink pussy flesh before her eyes.

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned to herself as she felt the girl’s cunt walls lock
tightly around her slickly fucking tongue. “Besides the money, there
are other rewards in this business too!”

“Jesus Christ,” the man called Buck suddenly intoned. “Would you look
at that beautiful ass of hers! I’m gonna fuck the shit out of it while
she sucks off that little blonde chick.”

Gillian, her cunt throbbing at the lewd thought of being fucked in the
ass while tongue-fucking another girl’s cunt, could hardly believe her
luck. This was going to be the hottest fuck film ever made and she
could hardly wait to show it to Stephen and Frank. They would both fuck
her silly when they saw it. It would drive them out of their skulls.

The thoughts whirled their way through her passion-gripped mind, as she
felt her skirt being pulled up from behind, her panty cuntband being
pushed aside, and a long thick cock fucking deep up into her ready and
waiting cunt. She had finally found her niche in life and she was going
to love every mind-blowing moment of it from this minute on! She would
be the best and most dedicated fuck-film director the business had ever

The End

She Blows The Man Down

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Chapter 7

Kris Baldwin crept silently away from the master bedroom toward Matt’s
room. She knocked on the young boy’s door and, when there was no
response, she turned the knob and tiptoed into the darkened room. She
closed the door behind her and, breathing rapidly, she crept to his bed
and looked down at the sleeping boy.

Matt had kicked his covers off in his sleep and, since he always slept
in the nude, his naked body was fully exposed to his big sister’s
excited gaze.

Kris licked her lips unconsciously as her gaze fell on her brother’s
cock, which was pretty big for such a young boy, especially considering
the fact that it was in its softened state.

Suddenly, Matt shifted uneasily in his sleep and came fully awake,
feeling as if someone were watching him.

“Kris! What are you doing here?” he gasped, sitting up in bed.

“Shhhh,” Kris shushed with a smile as she motioned for her brother to
move over and make room for her on his bed.

When she was sitting next to him, she noticed the way the young boy’s
eyes were staring at her tits, which were only thinly clad by her sheer
nightgown, and she flushed with excitement.

“I just came from Mom and Dad’s bedroom. You’ll never guess what’s
going on in there!” Kris said with a grin.

“I don’t know,” Matt mumbled, sleepily rubbing his eyes. Then his hand
froze in the midst of the movement as he realized the implications of
his sister’s question. “Kris! Were you spying on Mom and Dad while they
were, uh, making love?”

“Well, I didn’t exactly spy. I just listened outside the door … and
it wasn’t Mom and Dad …”

“But you said you just came from Mom and Dad’s room!” Matt interrupted
with a puzzled frown.

“Sure, it was their room all right. But it was Mom and Bill in there,
not Mom and Dad!” Kris said smugly, enjoying the look of shock which
passed over her brother’s face.

“Jeeesus!” Matt exclaimed, whistling between his teeth. “Mom and Bill
were in there fucking?”

“I’ll say! From what I heard, they were fucking up a storm! And that’s
not all,” Kris said mysteriously.

“What more could there be?” Matt asked, feeling the stirrings of sexual
desire in his loins.

“I was sound asleep earlier. And then some really weird sounds woke me
up. They were coming from Jody’s room next to mine. I got up and went
out into the hallway and listened outside her door …”

“You little spy!” Matt laughed.

“And that’s when I heard Daddy’s voice begging Jody to keep sucking him

“Shit! Are you sure!” Matt cried, sitting bolt upright in bed.

“Oh, I’m sure all right. I listened long enough to be sure …”

“Yeah, I’m sure you did,” Matt said wryly.

“And sure enough, Jody gave Daddy a blow-job and he came in her mouth!
And then Daddy ate Jody’s pussy until she came, too!”

Matt’s cock was fully erect now and pounding with lust. He glanced at
his sister’s tits and saw her nipples straining against the flimsy
gown. He knew that Kris was just as turned on as he was by the fact
that the rest of the family were getting it on with each other.

“So, what do you think, Matt?” Kris asked, looking back at the young
boy again.

“What do you mean, what do I think?” Matt asked, hoping his big sister
would leave soon so he could jerk himself off and make himself come.

“Well, don’t you think it’s unfair that everyone else is making it
together? I feel left out, don’t you?” Kris asked with a little pout.

“Yeah, I guess so,” Matt replied, his mind only partly on their
conversation. All he could really think about was his aching hard-on
and his need to come.

“So … don’t you think we should do something about it?” Kris asked,
feeling her little pussy drooling.

“I’d love to do something about it – if you’d just leave me alone so I
can jack myself off,” Matt said, beginning to stroke his hard-on.

Kris glanced down at her brother’s crotch and her eyes widened
lustfully at the sight of his throbbing prick.

“Oh, silly,” she said, pushing his hands away from his cock. “That’s
not what I meant. I meant that you and I should get it on, too.”

Matt gasped. Somehow he had not thought about that possibility.

“But, uh, I’ve never, you know, I mean …”

“Are you telling me that you’re still a virgin, Matt?” Kris asked with
a grin.

“Well, yeah, after all, I am the youngest in the family,” Matt said

“Relax, Matt,” Kris soothed. “I’m not putting you down for that. I
think it’s kinda sweet. Besides, I like the idea of being the first one
you make it with.”

“Aw, Sis,” Matt said as his sister’s arms went around his neck and they
pressed their lips together. He fondled one of the girl’s large tits
through her gown.

Kris gasped and stretched out on top of her brother, both of them
toppling back against the bed. She ground her crotch against the
throbbing hardness of the boy’s virgin cock.

Matt used his other hand to grip Kris’ wriggling ass, his fingers
edging her short gown upward. The tips of his fingers caressed the
lower flare of her full asscheeks.

Kris trembled against her brother. She was thinking that for a virgin,
the young boy really knew how to kiss and touch her. She felt her pussy
moistening more and she moved one hand down between their bodies in
search of his cock. Her fingers curled about his virginal prick.

“Yuuuuh!” Matt gasped, wrenching his mouth away from hers.

“My pussy! Touch my pussy, Matt!” Kris begged tearfully.

The young boy groaned as he reached between Kris’ legs from behind and
stroked his fingers up and down her juicy pussy slit.

“Ummmm,” Kris moaned, still squeezing his jutting prickshaft.

The young girl rolled off of her brother and lay on her side next to
him. Matt turned onto his side to face her and he stared at her tits.
Kris’ long, stiff nipples drew the boy like a magnet, and he bent low
to fasten his mouth on a throbbing nip.

“Yessss,” Kris hissed between clenched teeth.

She felt her brother sucking on her nipple and she thrashed about
wildly on the bed. The young boy sucked hard for a few seconds and then
he closed his teeth tightly on the nip, flicking his wet tongue back
and forth across it.

“Yieeeee!” Kris shouted.

Matt moved his hungry mouth to his sister’s other tit, sucking and
nibbling on that horny nipple while Kris writhed. She raised both hands
and threaded her fingers through his thick dark hair as she pushed his
head down more firmly against her tit flesh.

After sucking his sister’s tits for several more minutes, Matt released
the tasty tit mounds and looked down at Kris.

“You know what I’ve always wanted to do?” he asked huskily.

“Tell me!” Kris cried hornily.

“I’ve always wanted to eat pussy … some of my friends have told me
that it’s the greatest treat and I want …”

“Do it!” Kris interrupted, super aroused by the thought of her own kid
brother licking her pussy. “Eat my pussy out!”

She spread her legs wider as her brother eagerly slid down between
them. Kris moaned as she felt his warm breath fanning through the dark,
glossy hairs which were sprinkled over her pussy mount.

“Ohhh, wow,” Matt groaned, hovering over the parted lips of his big
sister’s pussy.

“Hurry, Matt, do it! I can’t stand waiting like this! Kiss my pussy!
Lick it! Suck it! Make me come!”

Matt hungrily pressed his lips into her warm pussy slit. He felt Kris’
hands on his hair again as his tongue slid into the hot, juicy crack
between her swollen pussylips.

“Ungh,” Matt groaned as he tasted the sharp tang and sweetness of Kris’
fuck juice.

“Yes! Go for it!” Kris cried huskily. “Eat my pussy!”

Her legs gripped her brother’s shoulders, her knees moving inward to
hold him deliciously captive between her legs. Her little cunt quivered
violently against the boy’s mouth.

“Ungh,” Matt groaned as he shoved his tongue still farther into his
sister’s trembling fuck-hole, moving his tongue from side to side and
wriggling his tongue tip.

Matt was thrilled with his first taste of pussy. And the fact that it
was his own sister’s pussy he was eating just served to inflame his
incestuous desire, and he shuddered there between Kris’ outstretched

Kris’ hips began to thrust upwards in time with her brother’s deep
tongue-probing. She felt the tip of his tongue sinking into the very
depths of her cunt and she gave a guttural groan, writhing with

“My clit!” she gasped. “Lick my clit! Make me come, Matt!”

Matt growled with lust as he yanked his tongue free of his sister’s
clutching cunt hole, and he eagerly stabbed into her throbbing clit
with his juicy tongue.

“Yieeee! Lick it harder!” Kris begged.

Matt poked his tongue tip into his sister’s clit as hard as he possibly
could. He felt the little clit bud throbbing against his tongue and his
cock throbbed in response.

“Yessss! Now suck it!” Kris commanded hornily, thrashing about more
frenziedly as she bucked her hips upwards to capture her brother’s lips
on her clit.

Matt excitedly wrapped his lips about the base of his sister’s clit and
sucked hard.

“Aieeeee!” Kris wailed. And she felt every inch of her cunt flesh
pulsating violently.

Matt sucked still harder, feeling more blood rushing into the swelling

“Bite it! Bite my clit … haaaard!” Kris demanded, feeling the first
tremors of orgasm beginning to course through her loins.

Matt hesitated, surprised. He had never thought that a girl could enjoy
having her clit bitten. That was something the young virgin boy had
never heard about.

“Do it! Bite my clit! I need that to make me come!” Kris screamed

His sister’s exciting cry released Matt from all hesitation and he
immediately sank the sharp edges of his teeth into Kris’ clit,
delighted by the way the blood-engorged bud jerked so wildly between
his teeth.

“Yesss! Commmiiiiiiingggg!” Kris shouted as her first incestuous orgasm
swept through her.

“Oh, wow,” Matt breathed as he raised his face from between his
sister’s legs and watched her coming on the bed.

“Don’t stop, dummy! Kris yelled, pinching her nipples hard as she came.
“Keep licking and sucking my clit while I come!”

With a low groan, Matt dove back down into his sister’s crotch, his
tongue quickly finding her spasming clit. He licked and sucked on the
orgasming bud until the last tingles of Kris’ orgasm passed through

“Okay, you can come up now, Matt,” Kris giggled, her body still
slightly flushed from the great orgasm she had just experienced.

“How was it?” Matt grinned as he climbed up beside her and the brother
and sister embraced.

“Great! No wonder the rest of the family’s getting it on! Incest is
really exciting, Matt! I mean, I’ve had my pussy eaten out before by my
boyfriends but it’s never felt this good!”

“Really?” Matt asked excitedly. “Then maybe when you make me come,
it’ll feel even better than when I jerked myself off with my hand!”

“That I can guarantee,” Kris laughed. She looked down at her brother’s
hard cock and grew sober again. “I know you’ve never fucked Matt but
haven’t you ever had your prick touched or sucked by a girl?”

Matt blushed and shook his head, looking away from his big sister.

“Hey, it’s okay, Matt,” Kris said softly, reaching out and turning the
boy’s face back to hers. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of. And like I
said before, I think it’s really neat that I’ll be the first.”

“Do you really mean that?” Matt asked, a relieved smile lighting his

“Yes, really!” Kris said firmly. “Now … it’s time for me to make you
come. I can jerk you off or suck you until you come down my throat, or
we can fuck. The choice is yours. Which do you …”

“Let’s fuck!” Matt cried, his cock jerking between his legs.

“Great! I was really hoping you’d say that,” Kris laughed.

“But, what if I don’t do it right?” Matt asked, suddenly worried.

“Oh, don’t even think that way, Matt. One great thing about fucking is
that it’s so natural. It’s like breathing or eating. You don’t have to
have a lot of experience in order to do it right. You just have to try
to relax and let your feelings and needs guide you. Just shove your big
cock into my pussy and let your instincts do the rest.”

“Are you sure?” Matt asked, not wanting to make a fool of himself with
his more experienced sister.

“Of course, I’m sure. After all, you’d never licked pussy before, and
you sure did fine with mine!”

“Hey, yeah!” Matt cried.

“Now, come on, let’s not waste any more time. Let’s fuck!” Kris begged.

Matt knelt between his sister’s legs and steered his broad, pulsing
cockhead between her parted cuntlips.

“Aaarghhhh!” Kris cried as she felt his cock against her cunt.

Matt kept his cockhead firmly in position between Kris’ wet pussylips
as he sank down atop her. At once, Kris fastened her teeth on his neck.

“Ungh,” Matt gasped, feeling little shivers of desire racing through

The girl’s tongue flicked out at the boy’s chest. He pushed forward
more and his big prick expanded her pussy as it fucked deeper. He had
several inches of his cockmeat fucked into her slick cunt now.

“Awww, Sis, I’ve gotta fuck you hard!” Matt cried as he began to fuck
his hard prick into her.

Each stroke sent his cock fucking into her deeper. And each stroke
brought a greater wave of pleasure from the clinging, wet cunt folds
which churned about his pistoning prick. He pulled her closer to him,
fucking her still harder.

“Ahhh, Matt, I love it! Your cock feels sooo big and hard inside
meeeeeeee!” Kris wailed, thrilled to realize that hers was the very
first pussy to receive Matt’s deliciously hard cock.

Her brother’s prick felt different to Kris than any other cock she had
ever had inside her. She knew it was because he was her own brother,
and she clutched him with both hands, pulling his cock still deeper
inside her.

Her little ass rolled back and forth on the bed, humping feverishly, to
meet the young boy’s invading prick. She wriggled all over in joy and

Matt instinctively pulled his prick almost all the way out of his
sister’s pussy. Then he thrust forward again, groaning with pleasure as
he fucked into the very depths of her pussy.

Matt groaned, feeling his sister’s tight cunt muscles closing around
his fucker. He had not expected that lewd caress and he shuddered
violently, realizing he still had a lot to learn about fucking. But he
was more than willing to learn, especially if his own family would be
the ones to teach him.

Again and again, he fucked his entire prick in and out of Kris’ tight
pussy, savoring the heat and friction of her wriggling cunt flesh.

“Yes, Matt, you’re doing great! Keep fucking me till we both come!” the
girl panted.

She worked her hips up and down with wild bucking motions, sending hot
lust-filled thrills through both of their nakedly rutting bodies.

“God, I never knew … it’s sooo good!” Matt gasped, fucking in and out
of his sister’s pussy almost savagely.

At the same time, he dug his strong fingers painfully into her humping

“Oh, Matt, I can’t wait to feel your cum inside my pussy!” Kris

Matt hadn’t even thought about the fact that he would soon be shooting
his cum into his sister’s cunt. He had been so intent on fucking her
hard that he hadn’t really been able to think of anything else. But
now, his sister’s words made him realize that he was about to
experience the very ultimate pleasure in fucking. He could feel his cum
churning in his balls, and he knew that he would not be able to hold
back much longer.

Kris felt her tits aching with need and she slid her hands beneath
them, sandwiching them together. She felt her nips rubbing lewdly
against each other, and she moaned with excitement.

Matt looked down at her and saw her nipples throbbing hornily, and he
knew just what she needed. He lowered his face and opened his mouth

“Oh, God, yes, Matt!” Kris screeched when she felt her brother’s lips
encircling both of her nipples. She continued to squeeze her tit mounds
together, and her nipples pulsated violently between Matt’s lips.

Matt sucked hard on his sister’s nipples, closing his eyes with
pleasure. He was surprised by how long and stiff the two nips were, and
he felt his cock growing stiffer inside Kris’ cunt as he licked and
sucked on the twin buds.

“Bite them!” Kris gasped, just as she had begged her brother to bite
into her clit.

With a savage-sounding growl, Matt sank his teeth into Kris’ sensitive

“Yeeeeoowww!” Kris cried as darts of pain and pleasure tore through her
tits, intensifying the pleasure she felt in her cock-packed cunt.

“God, I can’t stand it much longer! You’re fucking me so good … so
hard … I want you to come now, Matt! Shoot! Shoot all your cum deep
inside meeeee!”

Her hips worked fast and furiously, grinding her pussy about the boy’s
fucking prick.

“Yeah, Sis!” Matt grunted.

He slammed into her, fucking the full length of his thick cock into her
twitching pussy. The swing of his loaded balls slapped wetly against
her upturned ass.

“God!” Kris groaned as her pussy accepted every single inch of her
brother’s pulsating prickmeat.

Her inner pussy muscles squeezed his cock with rapid convulsions. She
knew that the young boy was about to come now. And she also knew that
once she felt his thick cum gushing into her, she would come with him.

Matt was fucking his big sister violently now. His cock was drilling
deeply into her, fucking into the spongy depths of her cunt with a
retreat of only an inch or so, just enough to create that exciting
friction of cunt and prick.

“Urghhhh,” he grunted, his face going red and twisting into a lust-
filled grimace.

“Oh, wow, Matt, you’re gonna come! Do it! Shoot!” Kris begged as tears
sprang to her eyes. She gazed up at her brother with a rapt expression,
and her tear-filled eyes smoldered with passion as she waited to
receive his spurting cum.

Suddenly, every muscle in Matt’s body tensed as hot, heavy jets of cum
splattered out of his piss slit and shot into his sister’s quivering

The young girl’s pussy responded with a thunderous climax of its own.

“Ohhhh, yess, Matt, yes! I can feel your cum filling my pussy all up!
Keep shooting it into me, Matt!” Kris cried, clawing at his shoulders.
“I’m coming, too, Matt! We’re coming together!”

“Jesus!” Matt cried as he felt his sister’s cunt flesh spasming
violently against his orgasming prick. He had never felt anything like
it in his life, and he thrilled to the fact that he and his sister were
coming together.

Kris humped her little ass in wild, frantic circles, tightening her
pussy muscles harder. She cried out again and again with pleasure as
her own orgasm continued to burst through her cunt with explosive
spasms. After long moments, she was too weakened with lust and pleasure
to do much more than just wriggle her little ass in a slow circle.

“God, you’re coming so hard!” Matt cried, feeling the shudders of her
cuntmeat against his embedded prick. He was coming just as hard
himself, releasing wad after wad of thick gooey cum into his sister’s
twitching pussy.

Kris was amazed that her brother was shooting so much cum inside her,
just as she had been surprised that he could fuck her for so long
without coming sooner than he did.

Finally the last of Matt’s cum shot into Kris’ pussy and she felt the
last tremors of her orgasm course through her. She realized that her
brother had just given her the most delicious fuck of her life, and she
embraced him tightly in gratitude and love.

Matt pulled his softening prick out of Kris’ cum-drenched pussy with a
wet sucking sound.

“Did I do it okay?” he asked, still breathing hard.

“Okay? Yeah, you fucked me great!” Kris said. The young girl kissed her
brother on his cheek, hugging him still tighter against her.

“I just did what you said, Sis. I just did what came naturally, and it
was easy, just like you said it would be,” Matt said.

“Doing what comes, naturally … I guess that’s what fucking is all
about,” Kris said thoughtfully.

All In The Family

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(Author Unknown)


Chapter 1

Keri Simpson was mad, hurt, and felt betrayed by her father, whom she adored. He had told her earlier in the day that he was planning on getting married again, to Susan Adams, the woman he had been dating for the past four months. It wasn’t that Keri didn’t like Susan, she did, but she just never considered her as a mother, or as someone who would take her own place in the life of her father.

Since the death of her mother six years ago, twenty-year-old Keri had taken over all the household chores that had once been her mother’s, trying to take care of her father as best as she could. They had managed fine so far, so she just couldn’t understand why he felt he needed to add another woman to their lives at this point. And not just another woman. Susan had two sons, Mark and Steve, who were nineteen and twenty, respectively, and who would also be moving in with them.

She had met the two brothers, and while she admitted they were both very handsome, she didn’t like the way they looked at her with leering eyes every chance they got. She felt as if they were undressing her with their eyes the way they looked at her.

She was still a virgin, although she knew there were a lot of guys who would love to remedy that particular situation for her, but she just wasn’t interested in them. She knew she was considered beautiful, at five-feet-tall, a hundred and five pounds, with her large firm tits that didn’t need a bra, her wisp of a waist and her beautifully rounded ass, all topped off with her waist-length platinum blonde hair and incredibly green eyes. But the boys in the junior college she attended were just that: boys. To her, none of them could match the maturity, masculinity and sexuality of her forty-year old father, whom she was really in love with.

She knew it was wrong to feel towards her father the way she did, to think about crawling into his bed, his arms, and feeling his hard muscular body against her own as she opened her legs to receive him, giving him all the pleasure a woman could give to a man. It was a fantasy she lived with night after night, often using her fingers to bring herself off, because she was afraid to let him, or anyone for that matter, know about her true feelings for him.

Dave Simpson, her father, was the most handsome man she knew. He stood well over six feet tall, with wide, strong shoulders that tapered down to a trim waist. His arms were equally thick and powerful, and he carried an enormous bulge between them that protruded from his jeans all the time.

She had never actually seen her father’s cock, but she had a feeling it was huge! She had done some comparisons by eyeballing the guys she knew, and while some of them seemed to be impressive, none of them appeared to match what her father carried around. And she wanted it! She wanted that big cock to take her cherry, to fill her pussy like no other cock ever could.

Just the thought of her father’s cock started her cunt to twitching. She reached beneath the covers of her bed, slipping her slender fingers inside the waistband of her bikini panties and massaging the little button at the top of her slit, feeling the tiny sparks of electricity shoot through her.

She closed her eyes and imagined that it was her father’s fingers touching her, probing gently as her hips began to arch and squirm on the bed. She eased her middle finger into her cunt, feeling the walls clamp down on it and knew that her tiny pussy would be stretched to the limit by her father’s cock, and that she might even hurt a little from it, but she didn’t care about that. She would endure any discomfort to feel his cock stuffing her full.

With the image of her father behind the closed lids of her eyes, she worked another finger into her steamy cunt, shoving them in and out, pretending they were her dad’s cock, feeling her orgasm starting to build quickly.

She kicked the covers back and jerked her panties off. She spread her legs wide as her fingers worked faster and faster in and out of her cunt, which was becoming very wet and hot from the action.

She used her other hand to massage her tits, squeezing the large firm globes, pinching and pulling on her hard nipples as her hips began to bounce up and down on the bed. Faster and faster her fingers worked, driving her wild with desire as she imagined her father’s cock driving in and out of her burning cunt.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” she cried out in the empty room as her fingers came into contact with the barrier of skin that was her cherry. “Fuck me! Drive your big beautiful cock into me and make me cum! Ohhh, yess!” she cried as her body finally exploded into climax, flooding her fingers with her juices as her body tensed, every muscle going rigid for nearly a minute.

After a while, she began to relax, her body splayed out on the bed, the room reeking with the odor of her musk and pussy juices. She brought her fingers up to her lips and slowly licked them clean before finally getting out of bed, tiptoeing down the hallway to the bathroom.

Just as she reached the door of her father’s room, she heard the sounds of bed springs squeaking from inside, and heard the sounds of Susan Adams urging her father on. She crept to the door and turned the knob slowly, opening it just a crack.

Her father’s bed was situated so that she had a side view of both him and Susan. Susan’s legs were bent, the ankles locked behind his powerful thighs as his hips drove his cock in and out of her cunt.

“Oh, yes!” Susan was crying, her arms wrapped around Keri’s dad, her own slender hips slamming up to meet the thrusts of the cock being fucked into her.

“Oh, Dave, you have the biggest, most beautiful cock in the world!” she cried as Keri’s father slammed his hips down powerfully, his head bent to suck on Susan’s right tit, drawing the large extended nipple into his mouth and biting down on it gently, causing Susan to arch her back and cry out again.

Keri was mesmerized by the sight. She had to admit that Susan was a beautiful woman. She was nearly as tall as Keri’s dad, with big firm tits, a flat tummy and a nice rounded ass that a lot of younger women would love to have. Even her face looked much younger than her thirty-seven years.

“God, Susan, your pussy is so tight!” Keri heard her dad say as he raised his head to look into Susan’s eyes. “I’ve never had a pussy this tight before.”

“That’s because your cock is so big, darling,” Susan told him, arching her hips to take all of his cock. “When we get done, I’m going to lick your cock clean and then give you the best blowjob you’ve ever had in your life!”

“I’ll hold you to that,” her father said with a grin as he grabbed Susan’s legs, bending her almost double as he raised himself up and began slamming his cock into her even harder and faster than before. Keri felt her own cunt flooding again and reached down to finger it as she watched in wide-eyed wonder the giant cock of her father working in and out of the red-haired cunt of Susan. Even though she couldn’t see it clearly, what she could see sent shivers through her and made her heart pound. It also gave her second thoughts about fucking him. Even in the pale light of the moon coming through the window, his cock looked enormous. Yet, the more she watched, the more she wanted his cock and knew she wouldn’t be happy until she had it inside of her.

She felt herself cumming again as Susan began to cry out in orgasmic pleasure at the fucking she was receiving from Keri’s father. Keri had to bite down on her bottom lip to prevent herself from screaming as her own climax overtook her. She finally closed the door and made her way to the bathroom on legs that felt as if they were made out of rubber, vowing to herself that she would get her father to fuck her, that she would make him forget all about marrying Susan and bringing her into their house to live..

After cleaning herself up she left the bathroom, again stopping at the door of her father’s bedroom to peak in. She felt her breath catch in her throat as she saw Susan kneeling above her father, her mouth stretched to the limit as she slowly sucked in her father’s large cock.

She stood rooted to the spot as more and more of her father’s massive cock disappeared into Susan’s mouth. She couldn’t believe that anyone could do such a thing! But when Susan’s lips finally came to rest around the base of the cock, Keri had to leave. All the way back to her room she carried the image of Susan’s mouth swallowing the entire length of her father’s organ.

She had heard about sucking a man’s cock, but it wasn’t something she had given much thought to before, but now she did. If that was what it took to make her father, or to please him, and if it would keep him from marrying Susan, then she would learn to suck his cock and drain his balls dry, although she really didn’t have the faintest idea as to how to go about it. I’ll learn, she promised herself before she drifted off to sleep, I’ll learn.

Chapter 2 | Archive

All In The Family, (Author Unknown)

Chapter 2

Keri approached Chris Miller somewhat apprehensively in the junior college parking lot. She had known Chris most of her life, but it was only recently that the two of them had started dating one another. And, while she knew that Chris would love to fuck her, she had been able to thwart all his attempts so far. She had let him fondle her tits and pussy a few times, and she had even gone so far as to jack him off last weekend at the drive-in, but that was the extent of their sexual relations.

The one thing she really loved about him was that he was a gentleman about the whole thing, being patient with her and not pressuring her to do anything she didn’t want to do. And he didn’t go around, like so many other guys, bragging about what he had or had not done with her. Even now as he approached his car, she smiled as he leaned over and kissed her before opening the door for her, closing it securely once she was in the car.

“What would you like to do tonight?” he asked with a warm smile as they pulled out of the parking lot and headed for her house.

“Anything special in mind?” she asked, her eyes twinkling in amusement.

“Well, my parents are going to be gone most of the night, and there is a good movie coming on around nine on cable, so I thought you might want to come over and watch it instead of going to the drive-in.”

“What’s the movie about?” she asked, not really caring.

She almost laughed when he blushed and looked at her quickly, a sheepish look on his face. “I. . . I forget,” he replied at last.

“Okay, that sounds good to me,” she replied, laughing at last.

“I’ll pick you up about seven, if that’s all right with you,” he said as he pulled up in front of her house.

“Fine,” she told him, leaning over to kiss him quickly before getting out from the car and hurrying into the house.

No one was home and she hurried to start supper for her dad, knowing he would be through with work early that day, and he would be hungry. She loved fixing dinner for him. In fact, she admitted to herself, she loved doing everything for him. It had become such a normal and natural order of things that she really couldn’t understand why he would want to go and change it all now by marrying Susan and having her and her two sons move in with them.

She did everything for him that her mother had done, except for sex, and she vowed to remedy that before too long. In fact, she had agreed to go over to Chris’ house tonight to get started on her education in the ways of sex. She had something in mind for tonight, something which would definitely make Chris happy, and would teach her something as well.

She was just setting the table when her father came in. He came up behind her and slipped his arms around her, pulling her close as he kissed her cheek. “Hello, Snuggles,” he said as she relaxed back against him, feeling the bulge of his cock resting against the upper portion of the crack of her ass. `Snuggles’ was his nickname for her that he had given to her when she was just a baby, because of the way she liked to snuggle up in his arms and go to sleep.

“Hi, Daddy,” she replied contentedly. “Supper is almost ready, but you still have time to wash up first if you want.”

“What’s the matter?” he teased as he let go of her, making her feel suddenly lonely. “Is the smell of good hard labour too much for you?”

“Oh, Dad,” she replied, turning to face him, her lips forming a wide grin, “you know I love the way you smell. It wouldn’t matter to me at all if you wanted to sit down right now. I just thought it might make you feel better, that’s all.”

“You’re right, it will. Okay, give me five minutes.”

As her father left her standing in the kitchen she could still feel the gentle press of his cock against her in her mind, could still feel his strong arms around her, his hands just brushing the underside of her tits. She felt herself flush with embarrassment and desire as she turned back to finish setting the table.

He came back downstairs a few minutes later dressed in a clean pair of old jeans and a strap tee-shirt, which only emphasized his rugged, handsome, well-built body. When she looked at him it was hard for her to believe that he was forty years old, exactly twice her age. She knew that a couple of her girlfriends had told her they thought her father was the best-looking father of all the girls, and a few of them had even hinted that they wouldn’t mind letting him fuck them if the opportunity ever came up. When she heard that for the first time, she made sure none of them ever got that chance.

“So, what have you got on the agenda for tonight?” he asked her as they began eating.

“I’m going over to Chris’ house and watch a movie on cable, if that’s okay with you.”

“That’s fine with me. You like him, don’t you?”

She turned to look at her father from the cabinet where she was cutting him a piece of homemade bread. “Well, of course, I like him,” she replied as she handed it to him and sat down across from him. “I wouldn’t go out with any guy I didn’t like.”

“That’s not what I meant, Snuggles,” he said with a grin. “I mean that you like him a lot, and I think that’s great. Chris is one of the few nice young men around, and one of the few I trust with the one person I love most in the whole world.”

“Oh,” she replied softly, feeling a warm glow of love for him.

For the next few minutes they ate in silence, but as she got up to clear the table he reached out and gently pulled her towards him. She sat down on his lap, feeling his strong arms wrap themselves around her lovingly. She always felt so safe, so secure in his arms, and loved it when he held her. But lately he had held her less and less, and she just didn’t understand why. It seemed as if he was almost hesitant to do so.

She squirmed around on his lap to get comfortable so she could look up into his face and felt a slight twinge beneath her ass, realizing with a shock that his cock was stirring. That realization almost made her delirious with desire for him. If he had suddenly placed her on the table, ripped off her jeans and fucked her right there, she could die and go to heaven.

“You aren’t particularly happy about me and Susan getting married, are you?” he asked suddenly, softly.



“No, I’m not.”

“Don’t you like her?”

“It’s not that, exactly, Dad,” she replied, turning her face away from his to keep him from seeing the effect his cock was having on her. “I mean, she’s nice and all, and she is a beautiful woman, but I don’t see why we need her, that’s all.”

“I need her, Princess,” he replied after a moment. “After your mother died I didn’t think I could ever love again, and I didn’t have anything to do with a woman for a long time, but I’m still a young man, basically, and I still have needs and desires that have to be fulfilled, and Susan does that for me, and a lot more.”

“If it’s just a matter of… sex,” she began, surprised at her own bluntness.

“No, it’s not just that,” he replied with a short laugh. “If it were just sex, I could take care of that without getting married. No, it’s more than that. It’s companionship, the sharing of things, and love.”

“What… what if I said I didn’t want you to marry her, that I was totally against it? Would you still marry her?”

He was silent for a moment as he thought about this and she knew she was putting him on the spot, forcing him to possibly choose between his daughter and the woman he now loved.

“I don’t know, sweetheart,” he answered softly. “I would never do anything to intentionally make you unhappy, or to hurt you, and you know that. But I do have to look out for my own life as well.

“After all, you will be leaving home soon, either in your career, or starting a life of your own, a family of your own with a man you love, and that will leave me sitting here alone.”

“I would never leave you alone, Daddy,” she told him, looking up into his eyes. “I love you and I just want you to be happy. But…well, couldn’t you put off marrying Susan for a while? Like, until after I graduate from college? That’s only two more years, and if you two really love each other, it won’t be all that long.”

Before her father could answer, there was a knock on the front door, causing them both to jump slightly. She got up and hurried to open it, to find a smiling Chris standing on the stoop. “Hi, come on in!” she told him cheerfully, seeing that it was later than she realized. “Give me ten minutes and I’ll be ready.”

As she turned and headed for the stairs, her father came into the living room, calling out for Chris to come on in and have a seat, asking him if he would like a soft drink while he waited. She hurried to her room and stripped off her jeans and blouse, dashing to her closet to take out amid-thigh-length skirt and a clean blouse. She knew she should take a shower first, but she just dabbed on a little perfume and got dressed.

As she started to put on her blouse, she looked at her reflection in the mirror, and with an impish grin removed her bra and tossed it on the bed. She put the blouse on and smiled at the way her nipples gently poked out the material of it. She tucked it in as she slipped on her sandals and headed for the door.

Tonight she would be using Chris, she knew, but she had a feeling he wouldn’t mind it. She was going to use him to learn how to please her father, and if he enjoyed it while she was learning, then so much the better.

But once she got back downstairs she found her dad and Chris laughing about something and smiled as she went to her dad and kissed his cheek before taking Chris’ hand as the two of them headed for the door.

As she looked back at her father, she wasn’t sure if it was her imagination playing tricks on her, or if the look of desire and lust for her in his eyes was real. She was almost tempted to find some quick excuse to end the night early so she could return to find out for sure, but changed her mind. She had to go through with what she had planned. There was too much counting on it.

But she couldn’t get the look in her father’s eyes out of her mind as she and Chris drove back to his house. She had been there before, a number of times, but his parents were always home on those occasions, and this was the first time the two of them had ever been alone. She felt nervous, but knew that the evening would be a turning point in her life.

Chapter 3 | Archive
All In The Family, (Author Unknown)

Chapter 3

They were halfway through the first bottle of wine Chris had opened when the movie began, so the surprise that it was an X-rated movie didn’t hold the shock for her that it might have under different conditions. She found herself watching it with fascination, feeling herself becoming aroused at the action taking place on the big colour television screen.

She wasn’t sure just when Chris began kissing her and fondling her big firm tits, but she didn’t care. She opened her mouth to his kiss, sucking eagerly on his tongue as his hands caressed the hard nipples of her tits. She was arching her back slightly, pushing them into his hands, delighting in his touch, aware that he had completely removed her blouse somewhere along the line.

I’m doing this for Daddy, she thought to herself as she allowed Chris to put his arms around her and draw her closer, his lips trailing down to the hollow of her neck, and then on down to capture one of her hard nipples between his lips.

“Oh, that feels so good,” she moaned as Chris gently eased her over on the couch, his hands and lips continuing to work on her tits.

He lay on top of her and she spread her legs slightly to allow him to lay between them, feeling the hard press of his cock against her cunt. As he sucked on her tits, pushing them together with his hands to suck on both nipples at once, she could feel his cock rubbing back and forth against her cunt mound, driving her crazy with desire.

“You are so beautiful,” she heard him whisper as he lifted his head for a moment to look down at her, which pressed his cock even harder against her.

“You really think so?”

“God, yes! You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known, and have the most perfect tits I’ve ever seen. Even the women in those magazines don’t have tits as nice as you have,” he told her sincerely as he bent his head to kiss her, forcing her lips apart with his tongue.

She responded to his words and kiss by wrapping her legs around his thighs, grinding her pussy up against his hard cock inside his jeans. She felt his hands moving down to find their way beneath her skirt, and when his fingers touched the wet crotch of her panties she nearly swooned.

He rubbed the crotch of her panties for a while as he continued to kiss her, then slowly, as if afraid she would stop him, he eased one finger beneath the crotch and into her hot wet pussy, which was dripping with juices.

At the invasion of his finger, she arched her hips and cried out, partially in pain and partially in pleasure. He had fingers which were a lot thicker than hers, and longer, and when he touched the tightly stretched piece of skin that formed her cherry, she pulled her hips back a little.

“Oh, Keri, I want to make love to you so badly!” Chris moaned, grinding his jean clad cock down against her cunt. She found herself wanting him to fuck her, more than ever before, but she knew she had to save her cherry for her father. “I know, but we can’t,” she told him, realizing that her desire for him was probably as great as his for her, but her cherry was for her father. It was to be the ultimate gift from her to him.

She felt his fingers moving in and out of her cunt, making little circles as they did, gently stretching the walls, and she didn’t know if she wanted him to stop or not, it felt so good. She had never let him go this far with her before and she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to stop him if it lasted much longer. But more than that, she was afraid she would not be able to stop herself if she let it go on.

“Chris, wait!” she pleaded weakly, knowing she had to stop him now or it would be too late.”

He raised his head to look at her and she could see the glazed look of desire and passion in his eyes. “Look, we can’t fuck,” she told him, surprising him and herself by the use of the word, “but there’s something else I can do for you, something I want to do.”

He raised up even higher, looking down at her in surprise. She reached between their bodies and began squeezing his cock through the material of his jeans. “What…what did you have in mind?” he asked hesitantly.

“I…I could…we…give you a blowjob,” she said nervously, feeling herself blush.

“Are…are you sure?” he asked, and she could tell he thought he was dreaming.

In response to his question she gently pushed him to one side so that he was laying beside her on the seat. She moved to where she was kneeling on the floor beside the couch, and with trembling fingers she began to unfasten his belt and jeans, finally pulling down the zipper before looking up at his face again.

She smiled warmly, shyly at him as the two of them pushed his jeans down to his knees, followed quickly by his shorts, freeing his cock, which caused her to gasp, her breath catching in her throat.

His cock was a lot larger than she had imagined!

It was about eight or nine inches long and stood up proud and hard from his groin. Seeing it clearly for the first time nearly caused her to change her mind, but then she thought about the even larger cock of her father and knew that if she were going to be able to take her dad’s, she would have to start with one that was a bit smaller.

She reached out and wrapped the fingers of her right hand around it, feeling the silky texture of the skin, letting her hand move up and down the length of it from base to crown. The touch excited her and she could tell by the low moan of pleasure from Chris that it made him feel good as well.

Even though her small fingers wouldn’t go completely around the large shaft, she took it firmly by the base and raised herself up on her knees. Haltingly, she stuck out her tongue and tasted the little pearl of pre-cum that had oozed from the cock’s slit. To her surprise, she found she liked the taste of it.

With a little more boldness, she began to lick around the crown and then down the shaft, letting her tongue slide up and down the long length of it, feeling herself becoming more and more excited with each passing second. Her pussy was heating up and she could feel her juices starting to flow. Chris was moaning and moving his hips in a small circle as she continued to lick all around his cock.

But at last she made her way back up the large purple head of it. She took a deep breath as she opened her mouth as wide as she could and slowly lowered her head down on the cock, feeling the way it filled her mouth.

But now that she had Chris’ cock in her mouth she wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do next. He solved that problem for her by placing his hands on either side of her head and gently forcing it down on it. As his cockhead touched the back of her throat, she thought she was going to gag, but Chris gently eased her head back up before that happened. He gradually set a slow up and down motion with her head, which she soon was able to do on her own as she sucked powerfully on his cock, running her tongue around the shaft and head of it as she did.

But each time she lowered her head and the crown touched the back of her throat, she thought she was going to gag, which upset her, because she knew about deep throating and she wanted to be able to do that. She didn’t know how to get all of the cock into her mouth and throat and knew she was only taking about half of Chris’. She wanted to feel it stuff her mouth and throat completely full.

She raised her head and looked up at him, her eyes pleading. “Chris, I want to take all of you, but I don’t know how. This…this is the first time I’ve ever done it.”

“Get on top of me,” he told her, reaching for her to help pull her above him so that her face was directly over his cock, with her cunt above his face. His hands moved quickly to push her short skirt up around her hips and then literally ripped her panties away from her.

“This way you’ll have a better angle,” he told her as his hands caressed the firm cheeks of her ass, “but the main thing is just to let your throat relax, just let it slide in, but don’t force it. If you force it, it will only make you gag.”

“What…what are you doing?” she gasped as she felt his lips kiss the insides of her thighs, gently making their way towards her dripping snatch.

“Well, if you’re going to do this for me, if you’re gonna suck my cock, then I’m going to suck your pussy. Turn about is fair play,” he said as he pulled her hips down and planted a kiss directly on the swollen lips of her cunt.

“Ohh, good,” she moaned as his tongue shot out to work its way into her cunt, feeling like a slick snake was crawling up inside of her.

She opened her mouth wide again and lowered her head down on his cock, taking about half of him at once. She sucked on that much of it for all she was worth as his tongue worked in and out and around inside her cunt. Her own hips were starting to rotate in small circles, humping up and down on his mouth as he sucked the juices from her cunt, producing more pleasure in her than she had ever thought possible.

She had her hands on either side of his hips as he began to fuck his cock up into her mouth. She remembered what he had told her about relaxing the muscles of her small throat and concentrated on that. He suddenly shoved upwards with his hips, and to her surprise the head of his cock slipped past the muscles of her throat and she found her chin banging against his pelvic bone, her mouth and throat stuffed full of hard cock meat.

A thrill shot through her as she realized she had all of him, had his entire cock trapped within the confines of her hot, wet mouth and throat! She tried to swallow and could feel the muscles of her throat ripple along the length of his cock. She heard a moan of pleasure, but didn’t know if it was from her or from him as her own body was going through spasms of orgasmic pleasure that she had never known before in her life.

Chris began to fuck his cock faster and faster up into her mouth while his tongue matched the action of his organ, driving in and out of her cunt and driving her absolutely wild.

She could feel her climax building and knew it wouldn’t be long before it happened. In a nearly drunken stage of pleasure, she moved her head to match the thrusting of his cock, realizing she was taking all of him on each downward stroke of her bobbing head.

Suddenly, he shoved upwards with his hips, mashing her lips against his pelvic bone. She felt the head of his cock expand until it felt as if it had grown to twice its size. She wondered what was happening when his cock suddenly exploded with his first load of cum. It splashed against the walls of her throat, searing them with its heat.

Keri felt as if a fire hose had suddenly been shoved down her throat as load after load of hot cum filled her throat. She raised her head, trying to catch it in her mouth, trapping the cockhead between her lips as it continued to gush forth. She hadn’t believed it possible that a man could hold so much cum in his balls, but Chris’ cum was filling her mouth and starting to ooze out the corners of it, no matter how quickly she swallowed.

And then her own orgasm hit her like a thunderbolt from the sky! Her body went rigid and she felt his cock slip back down into her throat, blocking her airways. She raised her head and gasped in need of air, his final load of cum shooing out to splash hotly on her face and eyes. But she didn’t care and didn’t notice for the moment, so intense was the climax which was ripping through her body.

She could feel the muscles of her cunt flexing and contracting around his tongue, trying to trap it inside as she flooded his face with her juices. Her body jerked and twitched, and then seemed to collapse as her orgasm finally subsided. She closed her eyes and lay her head down, his cock brushing lightly against her lips.

When she opened them again, Chris was laying beside her, a smile on his face as he held her in his arms. “That was fantastic!” he whispered, kissing her lightly on the lips. “All the waiting you’ve put me through, all the nights I’ve come home with sore balls and a stiff dick were well worth the wait.”

She smiled and felt a sense of pleasure and pride at his compliment. “I wish I hadn’t waited so long to do this for you,” she told him softly, reaching up to gently stroke his face. “I really did like doing it, and having you suck my pussy at the same time was something I never dreamed of. I never felt anything so damn good before in my life!”

“You know, I’ve only done that to a couple of other girls before, but I want to tell you something. You have the sweetest tasting pussy I’ve ever had. Your juice is like honey, and anytime you want, I’ll be more than happy to let you sit on my face,” he told her with a grin.

“Is that a promise?” she teased as she reached down between their bodies to take his semi-hard cock in her hand, gently squeezing it and feeling it start to stir.

“Just watch,” he told her as he sat up, raising her to where she was sitting up on the couch.

He got down on the floor this time, lifting her legs to place them over his shoulders. He began to kiss the insides of her thighs lightly, running his tongue up and down them as his fingers came up to gently fondle her large tits, rubbing her erect nipples and causing them to harden.

Keri could feel the reaction of her body from his light kisses and caresses and let herself relax and enjoy it. Her heart began to beat faster and faster as his tongue slowly worked its way to the platinum blonde hairs that surrounded her virgin cunt, and when he jabbed his tongue inside of her, gently pinching her tits at the same time, she felt her body explode in a series of small climaxes and knew there was more to come.

Over and over his tongue drove into her pussy, scooping out her juices and sweeping the walls of her cunt, driving her crazy. Her small hips squirmed on the couch as she arched her cunt up, trying to capture even more of his tongue inside of her.

His hands came down to hold the firm cheeks of her ass, with one finger gently touching the puckered ring of muscles there. As she bucked her hips one of his fingers slid up inside and she nearly screamed as it triggered a massive climax.

Keri was going nuts as her body responded to his tongue in her cunt and the finger sliding in and out of her ass. Her body was jerking around on the couch and she wasn’t aware of what was happening until she realized that Chris’ mouth was no longer on her pussy, but was locked on her own, his tongue shoved down her throat. She sucked on it hungrily as her legs wrapped themselves around his hips.

It was then she felt the head of his cock starting to push gently against the lips of her virgin pussy. She reached between their bodies, grasping his cock tightly as she fought with herself. One part of her wanted to let him go ahead and fuck her, to ram his cock into her cunt and fuck her until she couldn’t stand it, but another part of her told her she had to deny him this.

In the struggle that ensued she found the head of his cock had been removed from her pussy and was now pressed against the tight ring of muscles of her ass. As her hand slipped from his cock, Chris lunged forward and his cock, which was coated with pussy juice, pushed its way into her ass.

She opened her mouth to cry out, but made nothing but a gargled, choking sound. She tried to grab his hips, but he shoved forward again and more of his fat cock slid into her tight ass.

Chris pulled his cock back to where just the head was trapped inside the tight ring of muscles, stretching her ass, and then, just when she thought he was going to take it out, he shoved forward with all his might and rammed his cock all the way up into her chute.

This time she did cry out as Chris’ cock began to saw in and out of her, stretching her rectal canal wider than she thought possible.

He grunted as he pistoned his hips even faster than before, driving his cock into her. Then he lowered his head and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth.

This couldn’t be happening, she thought. Not with Chris! Chris was always so sweet, always the gentleman, but now he was acting like an animal! But as she thought this, her body was telling her something completely different.

With a start she realized the muscles of her ass were gripping and clamping down on his cock each time he pulled it back, and that the lips of her pussy were swollen once again, with her juices starting to flow from between them. She also realized that her nipples were hard, straining to the point where they felt as if they were going to explode. They were more sensitive than she had ever known them to be, and the slightest touch of Chris’ tongue or lips sent electric sparks shooting throughout her entire body.

“Ohhh, yes!” she cried as she realized she was on the brink of an orgasm.

Only seconds ago she would have thought it was totally impossible to have an orgasm this way, but now she felt more alive, more vibrant than she ever had before in her life. His large cock seemed to fit her ass as if it were made just for that. She grabbed his face and brought it up to her own, mashing their lips together as she wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him to her.

“Yes, Chris, do it! Fuck my ass with your big beautiful cock! Oh, I never knew anything could feel so good! Fuck me!” she screamed as she felt her body starting to tense up for the onset of the most intense orgasm ever.

Chris drove his cock into her as hard as he could, his fingers gripping the cheeks of her ass tightly. “Here it comes!” he cried, slamming his cock into her so hard he nearly knocked the breath out of her.

She felt his cockhead expand and then her rear entry flooded with his hot cum. She could feel the burning, stringy ropes of it shoot out to fill her ass and that’s all it took to trigger her own climax.

Her body jerked and thrashed beneath his and she cried out as the two of them clung to one another tightly, riding out the storm of passion washing over them. As her body went rigid she felt the muscles of her ass clamp down tightly around the base of his cock, which was jerking spasmodically inside her as his cum continued to flood her.

But at last Chris expelled his held breath and slowly sagged against her. She squeezed her anal muscles and felt his cock slowly deflating as it slipped from her hole. She looked at him and smiled, knowing that this was just the beginning for the two of them. There would be more such pleasure in the future, but first there was her father.

Chapter 4 | Archive

All In The Family, (Author Unknown)

Chapter 4

Keri looked out of her bedroom window and saw her father stretched out on a lounge chair next to their pool. It was Saturday morning and they would have the whole day together before Susan, Steve and Mark came over later that night for supper. It was supposed to be one of those meetings where both families get together and talk about the marriage and sort of set up the `ground rules’ as to what was to be expected from all of them, but Keri wasn’t looking forward to it at all.

As she looked down at her father’s muscular body she remembered her vow to try and prevent this marriage if she could, to keep her father all to herself and not share him with anyone. She knew that people would say that her feelings for him were wrong, but she didn’t care, she loved him, and that’s all there was to it. No man could be as perfect to her as he was.

As she took a step towards her dresser, she felt a slight twinge in her ass and it brought back the fucking she had received last night from Chris. After that first time, they had fucked twice more, each time in her ass, because she wasn’t going to let him fuck her pussy.

But Chris hadn’t minded that at all. He had gone to the bathroom, returning with a wet cloth and cleaned his cock. She had then taken the limp member in her mouth and sucked on it until it was hard again, coating it with her saliva, feeling herself being turned on as he knelt in front of her and slowly fucked his mouth in and out of her mouth. He had then turned her around and knelt between her knees and eased his cock into her ass, fucking her in long slow strokes as his hands reached beneath her to cup and caress her big tits.

It hadn’t taken long before she was grinding her ass back against him, begging him to fuck her harder and faster, to which he gladly accommodated her. He had grabbed her slender hips in his hands and began fucking her for all he was worth, his cock feeling like a burning post as it reamed out her rectal chute.

She had cum twice before he did, screaming like a banshee when she felt his cock finally unload its hot cum into her bowels. An hour later they had fucked again, this time in his bed, with her on her back, her legs hiked upon his shoulders as his cock again went to work on her ass. She had lost count of the number of orgasms she had experienced before he finally released his last load into her, then collapsed on top of her with a sigh of pleasure.

They had reached a new understanding and stage in their relationship that night. They both now knew that they would suck and fuck each other all they wanted, that he could have her ass and mouth anytime he wanted them.

She opened her dresser and took out the brand new bikini she had purchased a couple of weeks ago. She and one of her girlfriends had been out shopping and she had bought it on a whim, doubting if she would ever wear it in public. She put it on and looked at herself in the mirror, smiling at what she saw there.

Her large tits stood out proud and full, the tiny material of the bikini top just barely covering the nipples, squeezing her tits together somewhat to emphasize her cleavage.

She ran her hands down her washboard flat stomach to her crotch, which was just barely covered by the tiny strip of material, seeing a few wisps of platinum hair escaping from it. She thought about shaving it off, but decided she would leave it to tease her father with.

She turned around and looked over her shoulder. The suit was no more than a G-string in the back, separating, but not covering a single inch of the high-riding, round, firm globes of her ass. She decided Chris was right; her body was as good as any in those men’s magazines. Snatching up her large beach towel and wrapping it around her, concealing her body completely, she headed out of her room, skipping down the stairs and out to the pool beside her father.

He looked up as she came to stand beside him, shading his eyes and smiling up at her. But that warm smile changed to one of utter astonishment as he tried to hide the look on his face as she casually whipped off the towel, revealing her lush young body. She pretended not to notice his stare as she spread her towel on the other lounge chair and lay down beside him.

For a long moment neither of them said anything and she wondered what he was thinking. She turned her head slightly and looked in his direction out of the corner of her eyes and saw the growing bulge in his tight trunks, which filled her with elation.

He’s excited by my body, she thought to herself with a sense of pride, taking a deep breath, causing her tits to arch up, and then letting her breath out slowly. She reached down between their chairs and picked up the bottle of suntan lotion, sitting up and placing her feet on the warm concrete as she turned to face him.

“Daddy,” she said innocently, feeling her heart racing at what she was about to do, “would you rub some oil on my back for me? You know how easily I burn.”

She quickly moved from her chair to his, sitting on the edge of it with her back to him, trying to hide the grin on her face at his obvious discomfort.

“I…uh, sure,” he mumbled, taking the bottle of oil from her with hands that shook.

“Wait a minute!” she said, standing up and turning to look down at him, seeing his embarrassment at the growing bulge in his trunks, which he was trying to both hide and pretend wasn’t there. “It would be easier if I were lying down.”

She lay down on her own chair again, looking over at him, seeing him lick his lips nervously as he took in the figure of his daughter. “Well, come on, Daddy, I don’t want to get burned.”

“Ah, sure,” he replied, moving from his chair to sit on the edge of hers.

He shook the bottle and then squeezed some of the oil onto her back and began to rub it in. At his touch, a spark seemed to shoot through her body from head to toe. She could feel her pussy lips starting to swell and knew the crotch of her suit was already becoming soaked with her juices. She squeezed her thighs together and felt a tingle radiate throughout her from her cunt.

Her father’s strong hands moved down her back as he rubbed the oil into her, but when he reached the firm swells of her ass he stopped, as if unsure as to whether to continue or not. She suddenly felt deliciously wicked as she turned her head and looked at him over her shoulder.

“You know, Daddy, you may as well continue. I mean, you are my father and you’ve seen every square inch of me before.”

Her father nodded nervously and let some oil spill from the bottle onto the rounded cheeks of her ass. As his hands touched her, starting to rub the lotion in, she had to turn her head away as her cunt spasmed and she fought to control her body as small climaxes erupted inside her pussy. As his strong fingers moved down from her ass to her shapely legs, she had to bite her bottom lip to keep from moaning and letting him know what effect his hands were having on her.

When he finally reached her ankles, she turned over and smiled at him, letting him get a good look at her firm young body in all its spellbinding splendour. The bulge in his trunks had now grown to epic proportions and she could feel her cunt twitching in desire.

“Gonna do my front, too?” she asked, aware of her own voice being not much more than a mere whisper.

She watched as her father nervously squirted some oil onto his hands and then began to run it on her right leg, slowly working his way up to just inches from her pussy. She knew he had to be able to see her soaked bikini bottoms, and if not that, he had to be able to smell the strong odour of her cunt juices which were now filling the air around them.

His hands were shaking as he started on her other leg, but when he reached the same spot on it that he had on the right one, he suddenly stood up and rushed into the house without a word, leaving her stunned and wondering what was wrong.

She knew he was aroused, as the gigantic bulge in the trunks of his suit attested to that, and all she wanted was for him to release his cock and cram it into her burning pussy. She wanted him so badly she couldn’t stand it, but he had run from her, dashing into the house without a word.

She thought about it for a moment before finally leaping to her feet and rushing into the house in search of him. He wasn’t downstairs, as a quick search proved, which meant he had to be up in his room. She took the stairs as fast as her short legs would allow, hurrying to his room, but then stopping outside his door.

“What if he doesn’t want me?” she suddenly asked herself.

But then she told herself that she would make him want her, that before she was through he would never want anyone else ever again, and that included Susan. With that thought in mind she opened the door and stepped into the room.

“Oh, my!” she gasped in a whisper.

Her father sat on the edge of his bed, his trunks down around his ankles, his fist wrapped around the shaft of his cock as he jacked himself off. But it wasn’t the act that caused her knees to go weak, but the size of his cock! She took a tentative step closer, her eyes glued to the monster that jutted up from between his legs, not believing what her eyes were telling her.

His cock had to be at least ten inches long, and was quite thick around. She vaguely thought about the trouble she had in getting all of Chris’s cock in her mouth and knew then and there she was in trouble, that she would never be able to get her father’s organ in her mouth.

She didn’t realize that she had crossed the room and was now kneeling down in front of him, until her right hand reached up to lightly touch his cock. She was mesmerized by the size of it, the beauty of it, the power which seemed to come from it. The head looked to be as big as a small apple, purple in colour.

Without saying a word, completely unable to speak, she stuck out her tongue and licked up the drop of cum that had formed at the head of the cock, tasting its saltiness and loving it. Her body was out of control and her mind was reeling as she began to run her tongue up and down the length of the shaft, licking the underside of it the way Chris had taught her. Maybe she couldn’t get it in her mouth, but she would do all she could to please her father in whatever way she could.

But then she remembered Susan’s words about giving her father the best blow job ever, and if Susan could do it, then so could she. She raised herself up on her knees, holding his gigantic cock in both hands as she looked down at the big head, wondering how she was going to make it fit.

She felt her father’s hands on either side of her head as she worked her jaws, trying to open them as wide as she possibly could, slowly lowering her head. Her lips came into contact with the fleshy head and felt it give way just a bit as it slowly entered her mouth.

With a plop, the cockhead slipped passed her lips and then filled her mouth completely. She had to breathe through her nose as her mouth was stuffed and she couldn’t get any air in that way. Her lips were stretched to the limit and her jaw ached, but she also realized that her cunt was going wild with spasms and that her juices were now running down her legs.

Suddenly her father jerked her head from his cock and bent to lift her, gripping her beneath her arms and tossing her on the bed, ripping off her bikini in the process. She whimpered in desire as she reached out for him through glazed eyes. She raised herself up on her hands and knees as his cock bobbed before her face, opening her mouth and trying to capture it as her father stood beside the bed.

He took hold of her head once again and gently pushed his cock forward into her open mouth, forcing her head up and making a straight line from her lips to her stomach. She sucked on him, drawing in, whimpering again when she realized she could only take the first few inches of him.

He pushed forward until the head of his cock met with the entrance of her throat, then stopped there, unable to go any further. He pulled his cock back and she let it flop out of her mouth and looked up at him with imploring eyes.

“Please, Daddy,” she whispered hoarsely, “I want it! I want all of it!”

Her father nodded his head slowly, his own eyes glazed with lust as he guided his cock back to her lips. As she opened her mouth, her father shoved his hips forward until he again encountered the entrance to her throat. Then, holding her head tightly in his hands, he pushed forward harder, jerking her head towards his groin at the same time.

Keri couldn’t believe it! She had all of his cock, every iron-hard inch of it, and even though she couldn’t move, she was happier than she could ever remember being.

Tears of joy streamed from her eyes as she felt her cunt start to spasm and flow with her juices from the climax sweeping through her body as her father began to slowly pull his cock back, allowing her to take in air. Her tongue was mashed flat and her lips were stretched almost unbearably, but she didn’t care.

She could feel every ridge and vein along the length of his gigantic fuck tool as it was pulled from her mouth, until just the giant head of it was trapped behind her lips. She swirled her tongue around it, hearing her father moan as he began to force it back into her mouth and throat.

Keri was helpless to do anything but kneel before him on her hands and knees and let her father fuck her mouth with his over-sized rod. She had lost count of the number of orgasms she had had, as her body seemed to be just one giant clit that was being stimulated beyond belief. It felt like each time the head of his cock entered into her throat, her cunt would contract and spasm. Her hips were moving up and down, as if she were fucking an invisible cock while her mouth was getting thoroughly fucked.

Each time he shoved it all the way into her, he mashed her lips flat back against her teeth, but she hardly noticed, so filled was she with the passion and desire. She knew he was about to cum from the sounds he was making and the way the pace of his fucking had increased.

And that was what she wanted. She wanted to drink all his cum, to have it fill her mouth. She wanted to drain him dry and then suck him hard again and have him fuck her with his big, strong, beautiful cock. She would make him forget all about Susan, or anyone else for that matter. She would be the woman in his life, and she would take care of him in every way.

Cum, Daddy, Cum! she cried silently in her mind, trying to will his cock to explode. She tried to suck on his cockhead each time he pulled back, trying to draw his cum by pure will power and the suction of her mouth.

“Oh, so good, so fucking good!” her father cried as he gripped her head tightly in his hands.

“Yes, suck my cock! Suck your daddy’s cock and make me cum!” he cried shoving his cock further.

She felt the head starting to expand and reached up and grabbed his hips and tried to force her head farther along, feeling her nose against his groin. The cockhead expanded to what seemed double its size and then his cum erupted out of it. She felt the first load shoot down her throat and hit her stomach, which triggered her own climax.

If her mouth and throat hadn’t been so crammed full of her father’s giant, iron-hard pole of fuck flesh, she would have screamed loud enough for the entire neighbourhood to hear. Her body began to flop around on the bed, the upper half being held up by his cock. It slipped out of her throat as load after load of his boiling cum filled her mouth to overflowing, seeping out to run down her chin, despite her efforts to swallow every last salty drop of it that she could.

She sucked on the head long after it had ceased to flood her mouth with cum, but at last her father pulled his cock from her mouth. Now that her mouth was empty, she felt as if a part of her were missing and she wanted it back. She reached for it with shaking hands as she flopped forward across the bed.

She was dimly aware of her father lifting her, turning her around on the bed, stretching her out on it lengthwise on her back. She wasn’t sure what was happening until she felt his tongue stab into her sopping cunt, causing her body to come to life instantly.

“Yes!” she cried, her back arching as her father’s tongue stabbed up inside of her cunt, forcing the lips of it apart. “Yes, Daddy, do it! Suck my pussy, suck it dry! I love it, and I love you so much!”

Her father’s hands lifted her ass and she spread her legs as wide apart as she could to allow him greater access to her cunt, which seemed to be on fire. His tongue stabbed into her again and she felt it hit the stretched skin of her cherry, which caused her to cry out in pleasure again.

“You’re a virgin!” her father said, somewhat in amazement as he lifted his head and looked up at her.

“Yes, Daddy. I’ve been saving it for you. I wouldn’t let anyone have it but you.”

“But, I thought you and Chris…”

“No, Daddy. He wanted to, and I wanted him to, in a way, but I wanted you first. I wanted you to be the one to get my cherry, I wanted you to be the first.”

“Well, just what have you done with Chris?” he asked, running his tongue lightly around the platinum hairs of her cunt, sending shivers up her spine.

She felt herself blush slightly and closed her eyes for a moment. “Well, I’ve sucked his cock and…last night I…I let him fuck me in the ass, but that was the first time,” she added quickly.

“I see,” he said, and for a second she thought she saw something, a look of hurt, cross his face, but it vanished before she could be sure.

Was her father jealous? That would be fantastic! If she could make him jealous enough, then he would forget all about Susan and the marriage, as she would be able to fulfil his every desire and need.

“Yes, he was first, in a way, but he didn’t get my cherry, Daddy. No man but you gets that.”

She sat up and lifted his face in her hands and kissed him deeply, her tongue searching inside his mouth, tasting her own juices on his lips. He returned her kiss as his large strong hands came up to cup and massage her big firm tits, his thumbs rubbing gently across her nipples, causing them to harden.

He lowered his head and began to work his way down her body with his lips and tongue, stopping to suck and lick her tits, driving her body wild as sparks of excitement and pleasure surged through her.

When he finally reached the valley between her legs, he lifted them and placed them on his broad shoulders while placing a pillow under her ass, lifting her cunt up like an offering to himself. He began to lick and suck her cunt in earnest then, pulling the lips of it apart with his thumbs so that he could get his tongue even further up inside her.

Each time his thick, rough tongue swiped the inner walls of her flooding pussy, Keri thought she would explode. Chris had been good at sucking her pussy, but her father was a master at it, causing her body to thrash and squirm beneath his mouth as climax after climax seemed to erupt from her cunt.

But at last he raised his head and began to work his way back up her body. She could feel his large cock touch her cunt and then slide along her clit, causing her to gasp from the electric shock of it.

“I should have been the first for everything,” he mumbled as he began to line his cock up with the tight tiny opening of her pussy. “I should have been the very first for it all, not some punk!”

Keri felt a moment of worry as the huge head of his cock began to enter into her pussy, shoving the outer lips wider apart. It almost seemed as if her father was mad at her for letting Chris have her ass and mouth.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” she whispered, feeling some pressure as the head of his cock pushed the walls of her pussy even farther and farther apart.

He grunted and shoved forward with his hips, driving more of his cock into the tightly constricted walls of her cunt, causing her to cry out. “Easy, Daddy, please,” she gasped, looking up into his eyes.

Her father drew his hips back and then shoved forward again, pushing through her cherry and causing her body to explode in wild sensations.

“Ahhhh!” she cried out, her hips trying to pull away from the pole of flesh that had suddenly invaded her body. She felt totally full and opened her eyes to see her father raised up above her, his weight braced on his hands, a look of passion in his eyes as his hips pulled his cock back once more and then moved forward once again.

To her utter amazement and total delight, she felt the juices of her cunt starting to flow once again, felt her nipples hardening in desire, and could feel the muscles of her cunt actually gripping her father’s shaft each time he pulled back.

“Oh,” she moaned, realizing that she was starting to enjoy her father’s fucking at last. “Yes,” she cried, her hands reaching down to grab the muscular cheeks of his ass to pull him into her.

She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist, realizing that it made the passage of his cock a little easier. “Do it, Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck me with your giant cock. Make me scream with joy!”

Her father looked down at her and his face softened. He lifted her legs until she was bent nearly double and then drove his cock into her powerfully. In this position his cock penetrated into her even deeper.

His cock felt magnificent in her pussy! She never wanted him to stop fucking her. The friction caused by his hot shaft on the lining of her cunt was fiery and each downward stroke brought a mild orgasm from her.

“So tight,” her father moaned, lowering his head to kiss and suck her nipples. “So fucking tight! Not even Susan’s pussy is this tight or this good!”

Keri’s heart soared! Her father compared her to Susan and said she was better! And she was bound and determined to keep it that way. She began to move her hips in small, tight circles to get as much contact with his cock as possible, while pulling his head down to her tits, not caring if he just sucked on them or if he nibbled the nipples. At this point, anything and everything he did was fine with her.

He began slamming his cock into her as hard as he could, knocking the breath out of her each time he did. She could feel her body getting ready to go over the edge, but wanted to wait, to hold off, until her father reached his own release.

It came almost unexpectedly. Her father smashed his hips down, driving his cock as deeply into her cunt as he possibly could, a moan escaping from between his clenched teeth as his cock began to twitch inside of her.

His first blast of cum felt like molten lava as it erupted from his cock and seared her cunt. Load after load of it flooded into her.

Chapter 5 | Archive

All In The Family, (Author Unknown)

Chapter 5

When Keri opened her eyes she found herself being held in her father’s arms as he gently stroked her face. “I hope I didn’t hurt you,” he told her softly. “I guess I got a little carried away at first.”

“That’s all right,” she told him with a smile of love. “I thought you were going to be too big at first, but once I got used to it I loved it!”

“You know this is wrong,” he said, a look of worry crossing his face.

“Says who? Society? To hell with them, Daddy. I love you in a way that no one else ever can, and I know that you love me, and if I can please you, then that’s all that really matters. I’ve wanted you to fuck me for so long that I can’t remember the first time I thought about it. I’ve dreamed of this every night for over a year.”

“Well, I’ve got a confession to make myself,” he told her, blushing slightly. “I’ve wanted to fuck you for a long time now myself, but I was afraid of what you would think.”

“Oh, Daddy,” she said, feeling a rush of love for him, “there is no way I would ever think badly of you. I just wish it hadn’t taken us so long to do it. Now that it’s happened, I’m not the least bit sorry about it. In fact, I can’t wait to do it again,” she told him with a grin.

“What about Chris?”

“What about him? I still like him, and I plan on having a very good time with him, but you will always come first with me. Now, what about Susan? With me to take care of you in bed, or on the floor, the table, or anywhere you want,” she added with a giggle, “you really don’t need her.”

“Do I detect a trace of jealousy here?” he teased, leaning over to kiss one of her nipples, causing little tingles in her tits.


“Look, Keri, Susan and I love each other and want to be together. Now, I know that you and I have been on our own for a while now, but I think if you give her a chance, you might really get to like her. She doesn’t want to try and replace your mother, because we all know she could never do that. No one could. But she does want to be my wife and a mother figure and a friend to you.”

Keri reached down and let her fingers curl around his flaccid cock, feeling it twitch in her hand. “Yeah, but if I change my attitude and agree to this marriage, that will be the end of this for us,” she told him, gently squeezing his cock, feeling it start to come to life again.

“Maybe, maybe not,” he replied, bending his head to kiss her gently.

As his tongue swept the insides of her mouth she could feel his cock harden, coming alive like a snake in her hand. She moaned low in her throat as it grew rapidly, finding its way between her legs. She began to move her hips back and forth along the length of it feeling it rub against her clit, turning her on even more than her father’s hands and lips were doing on her own mouth and tits.

Her father rolled over on his back, pulling her on top of himself. She leaned forward to let him suck on her tits as they swung above his face and she raised her hips and gently guided the head of his cock to the entrance of her pussy. As the head of it touched the lips of her cunt she straightened up, raising and gripping his cock with both hands.

She let herself down slowly on the massive pole of flesh, feeling the giant head separate the walls of her tight pussy. She felt an orgasm sweep through her even before she had taken all of his cock inside of her. In a sudden move, she let her body drop down on his cock. Her eyes bulged out and her mouth opened wide as his cock speared all the way up into her cunt.

She began to rock back and forth, trying to stretch her pussy somewhat. Her father’s hands came up to caress her tits, gently pinching and rolling the nipples in his fingers.

She began to raise and lower herself slowly on his cock as her body went wild, and it didn’t take long for her to start thrashing around as her pussy spasmed and clutched at his cock. She went through the throes of a massive climax that caused her to flop forward on his chest, his iron-hard cock still buried in her cunt.

In a somewhat dazed state, she realized her father was lifting her off his cock and placing her on the bed on her stomach. She felt his hands on her hips, lifting them and placing the pillow under them as he spread her legs wide.

Her face was laying on her crossed arms on the bed, with her shapely ass lifted into the air. She felt her father begin to run his cock along the lips of her pussy, stimulating her clit as the length of it rubbed across the protruding button.

“Daddy don’t tease me!” she cried. “Fuck me! Shove your big beautiful cock into me and fuck me!”

She felt his cockhead position itself at the tight entrance of her cunt. Then he began to fuck his incredibly long, thick cock into her.

“Hard, Daddy! Fuck me hard!” she cried as she tried to shove her hips backwards to capture more of his organ. “Cram your cock into me and make me cum!”

Her father grabbed her tightly by the hips and shoved forward, burying his cock to the hilt in her steamy cunt. Keri felt the breath explode from her lungs as his gigantic tool spread the walls of her cunt. She could feel the muscles of her pussy clamping down as he tried to pull back.

“Damn!” her father cried. “Your pussy is the tightest I’ve ever known! I have never known anyone with the control over her pussy like you’ve got. Even Susan’s isn’t this good! ” he exclaimed as she allowed her muscles to relax so he could pull back for another stroke.

“Don’t…talk…Daddy.. .just. . . fuck!” she panted as his cock slammed back and forth inside of her.

And fuck he did. He held her hips tightly as he drove his cock into her like a jack-hammer. She felt his weight on her back as his hands came around to grab her tits, squeezing them between his strong fingers, sending electricity shooting through her.

His cock was like something alive! It seemed to hit new places inside of her cunt each time he shoved it into her, filling her up, and she lost count of the number of climaxes she was having, because they were coming so fast. But just as she was feeling the onset of the biggest orgasm yet, her father suddenly jerked his cock out of her with a wet sucking sound.

“Put it back!” she screamed, reaching behind her to try to grab his cock and force it back into her frothing cunt.

“Your ass,” she heard him pant. “Gotta fuck your ass!”

Through the haze of sexual abandon that clouded her mind, Keri felt a moment of fleeting concern.

“Daddy, I don’t know…” she moaned as she felt him line up the cold wet head of his cock with the tiny puckered opening of her ass and spread the cheeks.

But her father either didn’t hear her, or wasn’t paying any attention, because he moved forward with his hips and nudged his cockhead into her ass.

Keri cried out as she felt the walls of her ass being stretched. Her head was spinning and her ass seemed to be one massive pleasure spot.

“So tight! So fucking tight!” she heard her father groan. “Never had an ass this tight! So good! I could fuck your ass forever!”

Through the blanket of sensations that covered her mind his words came to her and she found that they made her feel happy in a way she never expected.

Her father had already told her she had the tightest pussy he had ever fucked, including Susan’s, and now he was exclaiming the virtues of her ass as his cock pistoned in and out of it.

And she began to move her ass, slowly at first, and then more and more, until she was finally shoving her hips back at him, rotating it in circles as she tried to capture more of his cock up her chute.

Her father’s weight suddenly crashed down on her back, forcing her flat on the bed and knocking the air out of her lungs. His legs forced hers wide apart, and in this position his cock seemed to fill her ass even more than before.

His hands came under her body, one of them going to her tits to pinch and squeeze them, while the other one made its way down to her pussy. The moment he slithered one of his thick fingers into her cunt, her body reacted.

She arched her hips up off the bed, taking all of his cock into her. Her mouth opened wide in surprise as her body rocked in the most intensive climax so far.

“Yes!” she screamed as she tried to clamp the muscles of her ass and pussy down on his cock and finger at the same time.

She was going totally crazy! Her body bucked and jerked beneath his as his cock slammed into her ass and his finger plunged in and out of her cunt. She could feel his massive nuts smashing against her pussy lips each time he drove his cock into her. His hands were still busy on her tits and pussy and her body seemed to be one giant nerve ending that was sending a thousand different signals at once to her brain.

She began to babble, now knowing and not caring what she was saying. All that mattered was that her father was fucking her ass with his beautiful magnificent cock, making her experience feelings she had never thought possible.

Over and over his cock ploughed into her, driving her absolutely wild with desire for more. He pulled his hands out from under her and braced himself upon them and then began to drive his cock into her with a new energy and power. She reached up and grabbed the head board of the bed, holding on for the ride as his cock slammed into her ass.

“Cumming! Daddy’s cumming!” he cried.

She could feel it deep in her, and then her body erupted as she felt the cockhead growing larger, knowing what was coming next.

Both of them cried out as his hot cum gushed out, feeling as if it were searing her insides. She bucked up against him, her mouth opening and closing as load after load of his hot boiling jizz flooded her insides.

“Take it! Take all my cock, all my cum!” her father yelled as he ground his hips down against the cheeks of her ass, trying to push his cock even deeper into her ass.

As the last of his cum spurted, he collapsed on top of her, but she didn’t mind his weight in the least. It was comforting, making her feel safe and secure. He gradually wrapped his arms around her and rolled to one side, keeping his still hard cock buried in her.

“No matter what happens,” he told her after a moment, still panting from the exertion, “no one is going to take this away from us.

“You might be my daughter, and you might be young at twenty, but you are, without a doubt, the best piece of ass I’ve ever had in my life.”

“Am I as good as mom was?” she asked shyly.

“Yes, every bit, if not better.”

“What about Susan?”

“Well, Susan is good, and she does have a tight and talented cunt, but nowhere near as good as yours. And your ass is like nothing I’ve ever known,” he told her as he caused his cock to twitch slightly within her ass.

“What will you tell Susan?”

“Oh, I don’t think Susan will be a problem at all,” her father replied in such a way that she turned her head to look at him, seeing a sly grin on his face and knowing he was up to something.

Chapter 6 | Archive

All In The Family, (Author Unknown)

Chapter 6

Susan Flaherty stood looking at her reflection in the full-length mirror on the back of her bedroom door, inspecting her body. At forty she had the face and figure of a woman half her age, even after giving birth to two strapping boys when she was twenty and twenty-one. But even back then she had been one of those women years ahead of others in taking care of herself, her body, and the results of that work now stared back at her from the mirror.

She was tall, but beautifully proportioned. Her tits were full and firm and still didn’t need the use of a bra to hold their shape. She knew they were not the largest around, but they were big enough in their own right, and were perfectly formed. They were round, rode high on her chest, and had nipples that would drive a man wild with desire to get his lips on them.

Her stomach was flat as a board, without a single stretch mark, and her hips flared out nicely to long, beautifully tapered legs, She enjoyed wearing outfits which showed off her legs, as she knew men loved them.

She turned sideways and studied her reflection, noting with a sense of pride and self admiration the way her ass still rode high and firm without the slightest hint of sag to it. She worked hard to maintain her body, going to a health spa three times a week, and it had paid off for her over the years.

She knew that no matter what she was wearing, whether it was a tight pair of jeans and halter top, or a dress, men eyed her with appreciation when she walked by. Not only were they captivated by her tall, lush body, but by the pale skin and the flaming red hair that came to just past her shoulders, and her green eyes that resembled emeralds. Yes, she was a beautiful woman, and she was well aware of it.

She was also aware of the fact that she was getting ready to marry the most handsome, sexiest man she had ever known in her life. She had had affairs with a lot of men after her divorce ten years ago, but no man she had ever met or known could satisfy her, both in and out of bed, the way Dave could.

Outside of the bedroom he was funny, yet sensitive to her moods and needs. He had worked hard all his life and now had a comfortable position with his company, but that didn’t stop him from going out to a construction site and getting as dirty as any of his men. She knew his men respected and liked him. And in the bedroom he could do things to her that no other man had even come close to! He had the longest, thickest, hardest cock she had ever seen, and he definitely knew how to use it!

On their very first date, which had been a blind date set up by mutual friends, they had gone out to dinner. Later, as they were dancing she had felt his cock stirring in his pants and had nearly fainted from desire in his strong arms each time it brushed against her cunt.

By the time he had taken her home she was a seething mass of sexual desire. Her panties were completely soaked with cunt juice and once inside the house she had mashed her body against his as he had kissed her, his strong hands roaming freely over her.

He had carried her up to her bedroom and undressed her slowly, teasing her and driving her crazy before finally stepping back and undressing himself. At the sight of his cock she had nearly cum.

“Fuck me!” she had begged, wanting to feel that giant cock inside of her, but he had other ideas.

He had gotten onto the bed with her and gone to work on her with intensity, using his hands, lips and tongue, working his way down her body. When he had finally lifted her legs and placed them over his shoulders and stuck his tongue into her burning snatch she had climaxed, screaming out her passion.

He had brought her to two gripping orgasms before he finally climbed above her and shoved all of his cock into her in one thrust. Her body had exploded as his huge cock had sliced apart the walls of her pussy like never before, and he had proceeded to fuck her into blissville.

They had fucked and sucked all night finally halting as the morning sun began to rise and she knew then that no matter what else happened, she had found the man she wanted to marry and spend the rest of her life with.

But he had been slower in his emotional attachment than she had. She knew he didn’t want to rush into anything and could accept that, knowing the sense of loss he still felt over the death of his wife, and knowing that he was well aware that any change in his life would also have an effect on his daughter Keri, whom he loved more than anything else in the world.

She didn’t push him or rush him, and in time he had come around to loving her and the two of them had finally discussed marriage. But even though he had asked her, she had a feeling in the back of her mind that the marriage would not be as happy as she might hope for, for two reasons.

First, she knew that Keri, his stunningly beautiful daughter, was overly possessive and jealous of any woman who showed an interest in her father. Keri had taken over all the duties her mother had once handled since her mom’s death, and didn’t seem the least bit interested in giving up that position.

She had tried to make friends with the girl, and actually liked her, but she had not been able to get over that wall she felt would separate them forever. That was a shame, because she felt that she and Keri could become good friends. She knew she would never replace Keri’s mother to the girl, but she didn’t want to do that.

The second problem was a secret she had kept from Dave out of fear of his reaction. It was something which had been going on for about three years now, and even though she knew it was wrong, she also knew she couldn’t stop it, didn’t want to stop it, even if she married him. But she also knew that if she wanted her marriage to go well, to be a good one, she would have to force herself to end the relationship between herself and her sons.

She was thinking about this when she felt a pair of hands come around from behind her to cup her firm tits, feeling a stiff cock through the material of a pair of jeans against her ass. Her nipples stood up instantly, and with a sigh she leaned back against Steve, her oldest son, letting him caress her tits as his tongue licked around, and finally inside, her ear, causing little shivers of delight and excitement to run through her body.

“Thinking about the marriage?” he whispered as he turned her around.

“Yes,” she replied as his lips went down to one of her nipples, drawing it in and sucking on it gently.

“Then I guess we better get all of this we can before that happens, hadn’t we?” he said as he gently guided her to their large bed.

He placed her on the bed and then stood up and quickly removed his clothing, revealing his own large cock that she had come to love. It was over nine inches long, and very thick, although it still wasn’t as big as Dave’s.

Months ago she had come into her twenty-year old son’s room and caught him jacking himself off as he looked at a magazine, and although she had meant to scold him, the sight of his big cock had driven all thoughts of scolding completely out of her mind.

She wasn’t sure what had happened, but the sight of his cock had started her pussy to flowing and reminded her that it had been nearly two weeks since she had been fucked.

Somehow she had ended up on his bed, his cock in her hand, then in her mouth, sucking on it for all she was worth while he ate out her cunt. After he had shot his first load into her mouth and she had sucked him dry, she had gotten his cock hard again and he had fucked her like a wild animal for the next three hours.

Later that night, as she lay in her bed thinking about what they had done, feeling guilty and ashamed, he had crept into her room after his brother had gone to sleep and her resolve never to do it again had vanished the minute his hands touched her body. She had taken the time that night to teach him all she could about how to please a woman, and after that they started fucking and sucking on a regular basis.

Then, about a week later, his brother, who was nineteen, had surprised her one night by coming to her bed when Steve was out on a date. He had told her he knew all about her and his brother and decided to get in on the actions well. And when he had revealed his own nine-inch cock she forgot about her reservations.

Now Steve crawled between her legs, burying his face in the strawberry patch of hair, slowly licking the length of her pussy from top to bottom, causing a small whimper of delight to escape her lips. She loved having her cunt licked and sucked.

Steve and Mark had held a contest to see how long they could suck her pussy and how many times they could make her cum. They had taken turns, one of them going until his jaws and tongue ached, and then the other one would take over. Before they were through, she had screamed out in pleasure so much that her throat had been sore.

Each of her sons had his own particular delight. Steve loved to suck her pussy until she was ready to cum, then lift her legs up over his shoulders and drive his cock into her as hard as he could, until they both exploded in climaxes that left them shuddering. Then he would have her lick his cock clean and fuck her again, this time more slowly.

Mark loved having her suck his cock, often holding her head still while he fucked his cock in and out of her warm, wet and willing mouth until he exploded down her throat, keeping his cock buried to the hilt in her throat until his cum finally ceased.

He would then have her continue to suck on his cock until he was iron-hard again and then put her on her hands and knees and fuck her in her ass, sometimes slowly, with long gentle strokes, other times hard and determined, but she didn’t care which way, as both ways made her cum in buckets when his cock was buried in her ass.

Steve sucked her clit into his mouth and shoved his thumb into her cunt and one of his thick fingers into her ass. She beat her fists against the mattress as her orgasm swept over her. Just as it was starting to subsided, the bedroom door opened and Mark walked in.

“Hey, let’s not forget about me!” he called cheerfully as he quickly stripped off his clothes and got onto the bed.

He quickly straddled her chest, pushing her tits together as he moved his cock slowly back and forth between them, letting the cockhead touch her lips teasingly each time, knowing she wanted it, that she wanted to gobble his cock and cum while Steve sucked her pussy.

He finally lifted himself up on his knees and directed his cock down to her open waiting mouth, letting her full lips circle the head. As her lips locked themselves around the shaft just behind the head, she felt him push it deeper into her mouth. In this position she couldn’t get all of his cock, and she wanted it all!

She pushed him off her suddenly, then pulled herself away from Steve’s mouth, forcing him over on his back. She quickly straddled his face, lowering her dripping snatch down to his mouth and feeling his welcome tongue shoot up into her. She then leaned over and grabbed Mark’s cock and opened her mouth wide, lowering her head all the way down on it in a single plunge, her lips locking around the base, her throat muscles working on the head as she sucked with all her might.

Steve’s tongue in her cunt was driving her wild, causing a series of small orgasms, causing her to increase her efforts on Mark’s cock. She wanted him to cum in her mouth, wanted to suck him dry, and then she wanted the two of them to fuck her at the same time, one in her ass, one in her pussy.

She ground her hips down on Steve’s face as her head bobbed up and down rapidly on Mark’s cock.

“Mom,” Mark groaned, “no one can suck a cock the way you can! You’ve got to be the best cocksucker in the whole fucking world!”

Her son’s words of praise made her glow with pride, as she knew the two of them were fucking and getting sucked by just about every girl in the college they both attended. They were two of the best-looking boys around, top athletes, and near the tops of their classes academically. They were a mother’s dream come true, in more ways than one, and they were all hers!

But she knew that after she married Dave she would have little opportunity to enjoy their cocks and tongues. It wasn’t that Dave couldn’t satisfy her every need and desire, because he could definitely do that, but her sons were special to her and she knew she would always want them.

“Gonna cum, Mom!” Mark cried. “Gonna cum!”

He grabbed the back of her head and thrust his cock all the way down her throat. She felt it jerk and twitch, feeling the head of it expand, and the next second hot strands of the cum she loved so much were flooding her throat and shooting down into her stomach. She ground her cunt down on Steve’s sucking mouth, feeling her cunt juices flowing out to coat his lips, tongue and face. If her own mouth and throat hadn’t been so crammed full of hard cock meat she would have screamed out her delight.

Steve slid out from under her just as Mark pulled her head off his cock, her lips still dripping with his cum. Steve rolled her over on her back, and without any preliminaries, he slid his nine-inch pole all the way into her tight cunt. She arched her hips and cried out as his cock filled her, stretching the walls of her pussy as it always did.

“So good!” she cried as he fucked into her. “Mom loves your cocks! Fuck me Stevie, fuck me hard!”

Steve continued to slam into her, his hard cock driving in and out of her cunt as fast as he could fuck her. But just as she was about to cum, Steve wrapped his arms around her and rolled over on the bed, placing her on top of him.

She quickly got on her knees as Mark knelt behind her, grabbing the firm cheeks of her ass and spreading them apart, placing the head of his own cock against the tiny puckered opening of her rear.

“Now!” he yelled as he shoved his cock forward with all his might. At the same time, Steve pushed his cock upwards into her cunt.

Susan screamed as her orgasm ripped through her from the invasion of the two strong cocks in her ass and cunt. She was helpless to move, but it was a position she loved and one she knew she would always enjoy. Over and over the two hard cocks fucked into her, driving her absolutely wild.

Her body was being rocked back and forth between the two bodies of her sons, but she was beyond caring about anything other than the two large cocks filling her cunt and ass at the same time. Steve was sucking on her tits while Mark licked and gently bit the back of her neck, their every touch like sparks from a fire as her body reeled from the sensations. Over and over their rock-hard cocks slammed into her as hands and lips worked on other parts of her body as well, and all she could do was enjoy it.

Suddenly, from beneath her, she felt Steve drive his cock all the way into her, feeling his hips arch up just as his cum erupted, flooding and coating the insides of her pussy, triggering another climax in her as well.

“Yes! Fill mother’s pussy with your hot spunk!” she cried. “Shoot it all into me! Give me all of it! I love it,” she screamed as she felt his cock giving a final twitch.

But Mark’s cock was still hard and still slamming in and out of her ass. He pulled her over and off his brother’s cock, and then in a move that surprised her, jerked his cock out of her ass and rolled her over on her back.

He lifted her legs and placed them on his shoulders, bending her nearly in half and lifting both her cunt and her ass completely off the bed. He positioned the head of his cock against the opening of her ass, which was winking involuntarily at the contact, wanting to be filled with his cock once again.

“Tell me what you want,” he teased.

“Your cock!” she cried. “I want your cock in my ass! I need it!”


“Mark, please, fuck my ass with your cock. Shove your cock into my ass and fuck me! I want it! I need it!”

“Then you got it,” he told her, ramming his hips forward with all his might, driving his cock in to the hilt.

Susan screamed and nearly threw him off of her as his cock invaded her ass, so intense was the pleasure. She couldn’t move, bent double as she was, but she had no real desire to. Mark’s body was propped up on his hands and his hips slammed into her with all the strength he could put into it.

“Yes! Fuck me! Oh, fuck my ass!” she cried, nearly babbling as her hands tried to grab his hips and pull even more of him into her burning, churning ass.

Right then she wasn’t thinking of Dave, the marriage or of Keri. All her mind could handle was the cock drilling in and out of her ass and causing one climax after another to erupt in her cunt.

“Take it! Take it all!” Mark cried, shoving his cock into her and rotating his hips in circles, which caused his cock to do wild things inside her ass.

“Cum, Mark! Cum in my ass!” she yelled. “Fill mother with your hot cum!”

He bent his head and sucked one of her nipples just as his cock unleashed his load of cum, filling her with a load as hot and as large as the one he had shot down her throat earlier. Over and over she could feel his cock jerk and twitch in her ass as more gobs of his cum shot out of it.

Her own orgasm gripped her, ripping at her guts. She screamed and lifted her ass higher off the bed in an attempt to take more of his cock, wishing that it were twice as long and thick as it was.

Gradually, the two of them began to relax. Mark slowly pulled his cock from her ass, letting her legs fall weakly to either side of his body as he leaned down and kissed her gently. He then rolled off of her to lay on her right side, with Steven on her left.

“I’m going to miss this,” she said after a few minutes when her heart rate had returned to normal.

“You know, Mom,” Steve said, raising himself up on one elbow to lookdown at her, “we may not have to end.”


“Wait a minute. Have you ever taken a good look at Keri? That girl is a walking sexpot, and she knows it. She’s got half the guys in school walking around with hard-ons. I’ll lay odds of a thousand to one that Dave is fucking her, and if he isn’t, he should be!”

“You’d like to fuck her, wouldn’t you?” she asked with a smile.

“Hell yes! If I ever got a chance to, I’d try to wear that pussy out! But I don’t see much chance of that happening.”

“Why not?”

“She goes with Chris Marken,” Mark told her. “He is `Mister Wonderful’ around school. Head of his class, captain of the football and baseball teams, and, according to most of the girls, the best-looking guy in school.”

“So,” added Steve, “if she is fucking him, and her dad, which I happen to think she might be doing, she might be completely satisfied. Then again, who knows, we might just work something out which would be great for all of us.”

“What makes you think she’s fucking Dave?” Susan asked, as she had not seen anything, other than the sense of possessiveness that any daughter would have for her father.

“Haven’t you seen the way she looks at him? Every time she does, you can see the lust and hunger in her eyes for him. Not only that, I’ve seen the way he looks at her when she’s unaware of it, and if he isn’t fucking her, he sure wants to!”

“What about you, Mark? Feel the same way?”

“Well, Mom,” he said with a grin, “she isn’t you, but she definitely turns me on. She has the most beautiful ass I’ve ever seen, and I’ve had dreams about what it would be like to get her on her hands and knees and fuck that tight butt. And, let me ask you something,” he said with a wink at his brother.

“Sure, go ahead.”

“You’ve never said so, but I have a feeling you just might enjoy a shot at her yourself, wouldn’t you?”

Susan was caught off guard by his question and could feel herself blushing deeply as her two sons looked at her. “I. . . I don’t know what you mean,” she stammered.

“Sure, Mom,” Mark replied with a short laugh. “Look, I have seen you eyeing her tits before, and watching her tight ass when she walks out of the room.

“I think you would love to see if her cunt tastes as sweet as you imagine it might, and would love to see her platinum blonde hair spread out on a bed as you sucked her off, or had her do the same for you.

“Face it, you want to get it on with Keri, and that’s cool! In fact, it just might help the two of you to get to know one another better and reach abetter understanding with each other.”

Susan, despite her weak protests, realized that what her sons were saying was true. They had hit the nail right on the head with their comment, as she had wondered about how Keri’s pussy would taste and had imagined the blonde with her head buried between her own legs.

She had told her sons about her one encounter with another woman, which had happened while she was in college, letting them know that she had enjoyed it, but that she enjoyed cocks a hell of a lot more. She had not found another woman she had felt like being with, even for a one-night stand.

But the more she thought about petite Keri, with her large full tits, her wisp of a waist, and that cute rounded ass, the more the idea appealed to her. She looked at her sons and smiled. “You know, boys, you may be onto something here.

“We all know that Keri seems to be reluctant about the wedding between her father and me, and she hasn’t exactly been overly friendly towards the two of you, either. But what if we were to invite her over, just her, and go to work on her?”

“Nope!” said Steve, surprising her, as she figured he would jump at the chance to fuck Keri.

“Why not?”

“Just you and her. With me and Mark she would be too nervous, but with just you she wouldn’t be on guard so much. You just might be able to seduce her. Take her shopping, out for lunch or dinner, then bring her back and go to work on her yourself.

“As much as I would love to stay, as would Mark, we’ll take off for the day, go to a show or something, giving you all the time you need with her. You are the one who has to win her friendship and confidence.

“After all, after classes are out this year, I’ll be taking off for Europe, and that’s only a few months away. Mark will still be around, but with just him it may not be so bad.

“But you are the one she is really going to have to learn to like and trust, as you are the one who is taking her dad away from her, or so she feels. You’ll have to find out if she is fucking her dad, and if so, let her know that you don’t plan to kick her out of his bed, but are willing to share him with her, just as he will share you with us.”

“You’re right. I’ll call her tomorrow,” she said with a grin, fondling both their cocks, which were starting to grow stiff again. “But for tonight, I have a couple of other things in mind.”

“What about Dave?” asked Mark.

“We talked earlier and he said he needed to spend some time with Keri, talking to her about the marriage, and asked if I would mind if we didn’t see each other tonight.”

“You don’t mind not being with him?” teased Steve.

“What do you think?” she asked as she sat up and lowered her mouth over his cock, taking it all in one gulp.

Chapter 7 | Archive

All In The Family, (Author Unknown)

Chapter 7

Keri awoke slowly, stretching lazily as she opened her eyes. She was in her father’s bed and could feel his presence next to her. With a warm smile, she looked over at his sleeping face and thought about how much she loved him.

Last night they had spent the night talking about the marriage and she had, more or less, relented somewhat from her position, willing to give it a try and to be friends with Susan and her sons. It would not be easy for her at first.

Around seven o’clock they had gotten all dressed up and he had taken her out to dinner at the best restaurant in town, escorting her proudly on his arm. She had felt like she was walking on a cloud most of the night, as he had treated her like he would a date, paying attention to the things she had to say, dancing with her and holding her close.

She had brushed against his cock from time to time as they danced, and reached under the table with her stocking-clad foot to wriggle her toes in his crotch, looking at him mischievously as he tried to keep a straight face.

As soon as they got in the car for the drive home, she had unzipped his pants and struggled to free his cock and sucked on it all the way home. He filled her mouth, throat and stomach with his cum just after they pulled in the driveway.

Once in the house, they were sitting in the kitchen when he had picked her up and set her on the table, ripping off her pantyhose and bikini underwear, lifting her legs up to place them on his shoulders. He had gone onto fuck her right there, her pussy wet and willing. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he fucked her furiously, both of them reaching a gut wrenching climax before it was over.

He had then carried her upstairs in his arms to his bedroom and had made love to her slowly, licking and kissing every square inch of her body. She lay back and he sucked her cunt and made her cum before finally fucking her once more, this time with long slow strokes that left her gasping when another climax overtook her.

She had dozed off for a little while, but was awake again when she felt his cock stirring between her legs. This time he had climbed on top of her and fucked her hard, driving his cock into her. She had locked her legs around his waist, grinding her pussy up to take as much of the organ as she could.

This time, when his cock spewed his load of cum into her clutching cunt, she had thought it couldn’t get better. It took nearly five minutes for her heart and breathing to return to normal, and then she curled up in his strong arms and had gone to sleep.

Now, in the early morning sunlight that came through the window of the bedroom, she thought about something he had told her last night. He had promised her that his marriage to Susan would not change that much between the two of them, and that they would still be able to fuck pretty much when they wanted. He even suggested they tell Susan about them.

She had been dead set against that until he had told her of something that had momentarily shocked her. He had told her about taking half a day off a few weeks ago, going over to Susan’s to surprise her. It had been a Saturday and he figured the two of them might do something together, as her boys were supposed to be off doing something by themselves.

But when he had got there, letting himself in through the front door and tip-toeing through the house, he had found that Susan and her two sons were all home. He had heard the sounds of fucking coming from her bedroom and had been about ready to go crashing through the door when he heard her cry out to her sons.

He had opened the door just a crack to find her on the bed with Steve and Mark. She was sucking Steve’s cock for all she was worth, while Mark knelt behind her and fucked her ass. He had watched for a moment and then left, feeling guilty over what he had seen, but, surprisingly, not really angry at her, because he had been filled with thoughts of fucking his own daughter. He had decided he would keep quiet about it and let her bring it up.

Keri gently pulled the sheet back that covered her father and looked at his cock as it was about half-hard, reaching out gently to touch it, seeing it twitch at the touch of her fingers.

Well, she thought to herself as she eased down the bed closer to his cock, if I’m fucking my dad, and Susan is fucking her sons, and we all know about it, then maybe things won’t be so bad after all.

She took her father’s hardening member in her hands, noting how her fingers couldn’t go all the way around it. It was getting harder and longer, starting to stand straight up from his groin. She knew that if she let go it would fall over towards his stomach from its own ponderous size and weight.

She held it gently, slowly moving her hand up and down the silky smoothness of it and then lowered her head down to where she could reach his balls. She licked first one and then the other before slowly, gently sucking one of them into her mouth and rolling it around inside.

She finally released her balls and began licking her pointy little tongue up the shaft of his cock, amazed once again that something so huge could fit inside her pussy and ass. She was even becoming more adept at sucking his cock, finding it easier and easier to take all of him, which not only thrilled her because she knew he loved it but also because by taking all of his cock down her throat she could have incredible orgasms without ever touching her cunt.

She loved him, and this morning she wanted to do something special for him. She moved between his slightly spread legs and lay down, gently cupping his heavy, large nuts in her hands and pulled them slowly, gently towards her mouth. She opened wide and sucked one of them inside, and then the other, loving the way they stuffed her mouth and how her father moaned in his sleep.

As she rolled them around inside her mouth, gently sucking on them, it seemed as if her actions were making his cock grow even bigger and harder than before, and it was that hard, long, incredibly thick cock she now wanted inside her mouth.

She released his nuts and raised herself up, taking his cock in both hands as she licked the small pearl of pre-cum on the end of it, savouring the taste of it, knowing that his balls were full with another heavy load.

She licked up and down and around the length of his cock, gradually working her way around it until she came back to the gigantic head of it. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and lowered her head down on his cock, feeling the way the tip of his massive fuck pole seemed to stuff her mouth completely.

Her lips were locked just behind the ridge of the head and she looked down at the length of it, knowing that she was going to take all of it, no matter what. She started working her tongue around inside her mouth to workup some saliva to coat his cock and make it easier to take, slowly easing her head lower and lower.

When the head of his cock was pressed against the back of her throat she heard him moan, but couldn’t look at his face from her present position. She forced her head down a little more, feeling the cock’s crown gradually fitting its way past the muscles of her throat. She held her breath as her chin came to rest on his pubic bone, feeling immensely pleased with herself.

Slowly she began to raise her head, locking her lips tightly around his cock, never letting it completely out of her mouth as she sucked on him before lowering her head once again.

Her movements were slow at first, but she gradually increased her pace, feeling the friction of her lips on his cock despite the coating of saliva that smoothed the passage somewhat. She could feel her pussy heating up and knew that when her father unleashed his load of cum she would climax as well.

She became aware of his hips moving slightly, raising and lowering to match the movements of her head, and she knew he was completely awake when his hands reached down to cup her tits, gently squeezing the nipples between his fingers, rolling them and causing her cunt to flood with joy juice.

He tried to pull her around to where he could suck her cunt while she gobbled his cock, but she resisted, gently pushing his hands away, letting him know that she was perfectly content in what she was doing.

Faster and faster her head bobbed up and down on his massive cock. One hand reached down to hold his nuts, gently squeezing them, as if to urge his cum out of them. She closed her eyes and tried to picture in her mind what she looked like on this giant cock, taking all of it into her mouth and throat.

The image of that in her mind began to trigger her own orgasms and, just as she was about to cum, she felt her father’s nuts starting to draw up. Seconds later his cum shot out of his cock as she was on an upstroke. The first load splashed hotly against the roof of her mouth, catching her by surprise for a moment.

She quickly forced her head all the way down on his cock, taking it deeply into her throat, swallowing all the while, feeling the muscles of her throat work along the entire length of his organ, massaging his cum out. She knew he loved this, and so did she.

As his next spurts shot down her throat to her stomach, she felt her cunt lips opening and closing, feeling the gush of her own juice as it flooded out of her to run down the insides of her shapely thighs. She swallowed frantically, wanting to milk him completely dry, feeling his cock jump around inside the tight, silky confines of her throat and mouth.

She finally swallowed the last drop of his cum , but was still somewhat reluctant to release his tool from her mouth. It felt so good filling her the way it did, but then the phone beside the bed began to ring, shattering the mood for both of them.

Her father answered the phone as she reluctantly pulled her head from his cock. “Oh, hi, Susan,” he said with a grin. “Oh, nothing, just sitting around the house today. What? Sure.”

He looked at her and smiled, handing her the phone. She took it hesitantly, bringing it up to her ear as he raised his head and lightly kissed each of her nipples. She pushed him away with a giggle and turned her attention back to Susan and the phone.

“Listen, Keri, I know you and I haven’t had much of a chance to spend any time together and really get to know one another, so I thought you might like to spend the day with me.”

“I…well, doing what?” she asked, somewhat unsure of herself.

“Well, I thought we might start off with some shopping. There is a great new store out at the mall that has some of the cutest outfits in it that I’ve been dying to check out. Then perhaps some lunch, wherever you would like, and then who knows? Maybe more shopping or a movie. I just thought it would be a good idea for the two of us to get together and have some woman to woman talks about things and get to know one another better. What do you say?”

Keri could tell Susan was serious from the tone of her voice and decided that it might be a good time for the two of them to become better acquainted after all. “Sure, why not. I can be ready in about half an hour or so. I’ve got something here I have to take care of first,” she said, eyeing her father’s hardening cock. “Fine, I’ll pick you up then. See ya.”

Keri hung up the phone and looked at her dad and smiled. “She wants to take me shopping and out to eat, and get to know me better.”

“Great!” her father replied as he reached for her, pulling her back down into his arms.

“I need to take a shower. I smell like a bitch in heat,” she told him with a grin as she leaped out of bed and ran for the bathroom, her dad right behind her, his stiff cock bobbing in front of him.

She turned on the shower and quickly adjusted the water and got in. Her dad got in with her and took the bar of soap and began to lather her body, his touch stimulating her from head to toe. She was getting so hot that she couldn’t stand it and reached up and slipped her arms around his neck, pulling herself up and wrapping her legs around his waist.

“I can’t stand it any longer,” she moaned. “Fuck me! Please fuck me!”

Using the leverage of her legs and arms, Keri raised herself up as she felt her father reach beneath her and guide his huge cock upwards, positioning it against the lips of her cunt. Throwing back her head, she let the weight of her body drop down, taking all of his cock at once.

Her father moved around to where her back was resting against the wall, gripping her ass in both hands and began to fuck her fast and furious.

Keri reached an orgasm quickly, clinging to him tightly as his cock fucked her relentlessly through the climax, and then he lifted her and pulled his cock from her cunt.

“Put it back!” she screamed.

She felt him move it slightly and then felt the anticipation that always accompanied his cock going into her ass as he pulled her weight down And thrust upwards with his organ.

“Oh!” she screamed as his cock plunged all the way up her ass on the first stroke, the cheeks of her ass grinding down against the hairs of his crotch.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she screamed each time her father rammed his massive cock into her.

He bent his head and sucked one of her nipples into her mouth, rolling the hard little nub between his teeth as his cock continued to fuck her ass. Keri threw her head back and opened her mouth wide to take giant gulps of air as he continued to fuck her, her body feeling like a giant ball of seething, flaming passion.

Her father’s hands came up behind her and grabbed her shoulders, jerking her down on his cock as he arched his back and his hot jism boiled out of his cock and into her.

Her body jerked and spasmed as her arms and legs locked themselves around his body. Her cunt juices flooded out of her to run down over his legs and cock and it took almost a full minute for the two of them to stop shaking.

Weakly, her father lifted her from his cock and set her on her feet in the shower, grinning down at her as he again reached for the soap. “That should hold you and me for a while,” he said with a grin.

Chapter 8 | Archive

All In The Family, (Author Unknown)

Chapter 8

“Would you like something to drink?” Susan asked Keri as the two of them entered Susan’s living room and set their packages on the floor in front of the couch.

They had been shopping all day, stopping once to eat, and to Keri’s surprise, she found herself really liking the older woman immensely. Susan had a great sense of humour and could make jokes about herself, and Keri found herself laughing at most of the things she had said and done. Now they were back at Susan’s to relax and talk a bit more.

“Sure, what have you got?”

“Well, I always like a little chilled white wine on a day like this, but if you would prefer something else, just let me know.”

“No, the wine sounds great,” she said as she sat down on the couch.

“Good. Be right back.”

Keri leaned back against the cushions of the couch and looked around. The house was nicely furnished with good, sturdy, practical furniture. It wasn’t new, but it was in good condition. Everything was dust free and neat, and she had a feeling that Susan kept it that way, which fit her perfectly, as she, too, liked things neat and orderly and clean.

She looked up and smiled as Susan returned, carrying a bucket of ice with a bottle of wine and two glasses. She sat the bucket down on a large tray and handed Keri one of the glasses.

“White wine always tastes so good after a hot day of shopping, or working. It helps me to relax and unwind, but that’s only as long as I drink it in moderation. The last thing I want to do is to become a lush,” she said with a laugh.

“Dad doesn’t drink much,” she told Susan.

“I know, and I’m glad. He drinks socially, but never more than two drinks of hard stuff or wine, and I’ve never seen him have more than he could handle. I like that about him.”

“He’s a good man. He’s a good father.”

“I know,” Susan replied softly with a warm smile, handing her a glass of the wine, “and I happen to love him very much. I never thought I could love a man as much as I love him, and I wouldn’t trade his love for anything in the world.

“But,” she said with a smile, “I also know he loves you more than life itself, and that you feel the same way about him, and that when your father and I get married that it will affect more than just the lives of him and me.

“We have to consider the effects on you and my sons, although they really won’t be affected as much as you. Steve will be going off to Europe as soon as this semester is over, and Mark probably won’t be around that much with his summer job and all.”

“That just leaves me,” Keri said, sipping her wine and feeling the way it seemed to relax her.

“Uh huh, and that is what we need to talk about,” Susan replied, leaning back against the couch, turning her body slightly so that her bent right knee was touching Keri’s left leg slightly.

“You know, I really do hope that you and I can become friends, Keri. I’m not going to try and take the place of your mother for you, because we both know I couldn’t do that in a million years.

“I didn’t know your mother, but I know people who did, and I’ve never heard anything but the best about her from them. From what I’ve heard, I think I would have liked to know her. She sounded like a really great person.”

“She was,” Keri replied softly, feeling touched by the sincerity in Susan’s voice.

“You know, we, you and I, both love your father very much, and we will be living together under the same roof, and if you and I don’t get along, it will just make things hard for your dad, as it will force him to choose between us. I have a feeling I would lose were that to happen, but I don’t ever want it to come to that. Do you?”

“No,” Keri replied, feeling the effect of the cold wine on her hot system.

She drained the last of her wine and let Susan fill her glass again without objection. It was making her feel very relaxed and comfortable, but also a bit warm in her stomach at the same time. Without thinking about it, she reached up and unbuttoned the top button of her blouse, looking up to see Susan staring at her cleavage.

“You know,” Susan said, her voice sounding a bit husky to Keri’s ears, “you really are a beautiful girl. Correction, a beautiful woman.”

“You really think so?” Keri asked, feeling light headed and giddy, as well as flattered by the compliment.

“Oh, yes,” Susan replied, reaching up to touch her face softly, letting her fingers trail along Keri’s face to her neck, and then down to the beginning swell of Keri’s large tits.

Keri started to object, but Susan’s touch sent little shivers of excitement through her.

“Why, I know your tits are bigger than mine, and just as firm,” she heard Susan tell her as she let her head fall back on the cushions of the couch, aware of Susan’s fingers trailing lower and lower.

She raised her head for a moment and looked at Susan, who smiled back at her and drained her own glass of wine. Keri did the same thing and then Susan took both glasses and set them on the table before turning back to her.

“Yes,” Susan whispered, “you are a very beautiful woman. “Why, both of my sons say you are the most beautiful girl at college, and I would have to agree with them.”

Keri felt herself blush at the compliment, but was taken by surprise when she opened her eyes to find Susan’s face only inches from her own. She sat perfectly still as Susan slowly moved even closer and kissed her lightly.

Keri felt a sense of shock, but also one of excitement as Susan’s lips brushed her own lightly, her tongue darting across Keri’s full lips, tasting her lipstick.

“It’s all right,” Susan whispered before kissing her once more, this time taking her face between her hands.

Her lips were more demanding, more passionate, and her tongue slid between Keri’s lips and teeth before she knew what was happening.

Part of Keri’s mind was telling her this was all wrong, but she couldn’t deny the sense of excitement and the sparks of electricity that were coursing through her from Susan’s passionate kiss. When Susan’s hands came down to cup one of her full tits, gently squeezing the nipple through the material of her blouse, Keri moaned deep in her throat, feeling the nipple harden almost instantly.

She felt herself being gently pushed back on the couch until she was laying down on it, with Susan laying beside her. Her legs were spread slightly and she could feel the heat from her pussy radiating up through her stomach.

She lay there as Susan kissed her again, moving on top of her and grinding their cunt mounds together as her right hand began to caress and squeeze Keri’s tit.

Tentatively, she reached up and cupped one of Susan’s tits, feeling the heat from it in her hand. She gently pulled the nipple between her fingers and heard Susan moan as her body squirmed against her own, their cunt mounds creating hot friction.

Suddenly, Susan stood up and pulled her to her feet and led her through the house to the guest bedroom down the hall. She shut the door behind them and turned to Keri, taking her in her arms and kissing her deeply, her tongue sliding into Keri’s mouth as her hands roamed freely over Keri’s body.

Keri returned the kiss, letting her own hands roam over Susan’s body, feeling herself becoming hotly aroused. She didn’t put up any resistance as Susan began to undress her, slowly peeling off her blouse, then her jeans, followed quickly by her panties. And she let Susan guide her to the bed and lay her across it, with her hips on the edge, her legs hanging over it, watching with glazed eyes as Susan tore her own clothing off to reveal her body.

“You really are beautiful,” Susan told her huskily as she stood between Keri’s legs.

“So are you,” Keri replied, looking up at the attractive figure of the older woman.

Susan leaned over, placing her hands on either side of Keri, and bent her head to kiss her. Their tongues sparred with one another for a moment, and then Susan began kissing the side of her face, her ears and then her neck, trailing her tongue along the hollow of her neck and causing Keri to arch her body in passionate response.

Susan’s tongue and lips moved lower, finally capturing one of Keri’s nipples, but only after driving her wild by drawing slow wet circles all around it. As Susan sucked the hard nipple into her mouth, her other hand caressed Keri’s other tit, massaging it gently and rolling the nipple between her fingers.

As Susan sucked on one nipple and caressed the other one, Keri could feel her cunt starting to drip with passion and excitement from the older woman’s touch, finding it hard to believe that this reaction could be coming from her.

Susan began working her way lower and lower down Keri’s shapely body until she was finally kneeling on the floor between Keri’s legs. She lifted them and placed them over her shoulders, licking the insides of her thighs lightly, gradually working her way closer and closer to the pale-haired pussy that was now flooded with Keri’s juices.

Keri thought she would die from anticipation before Susan’s hot tongue finally reached the swollen lips of her cunt, licking it from top to bottom and then back up again.

As Susan’s tongue finally reached the top of her steamy pussy and brushed across the hard clit, Keri felt her first orgasm rip through her and arched her hips up against Susan’s mouth.

“You like this?” Susan whispered. “You like having your pussy sucked?”

“Yesss! Oh, yesss!” she hissed as Susan ran her tongue around the lips of her pussy once more. “It feels so good!”

“You know, Keri, some men are good cunt-lappers and your father is one of the very best, but no one can suck a woman’s pussy like another woman can. We know the special places and what it takes to bring a woman off.”

Keri had to believe her, for at that moment Susan was doing things to her with her lips and tongue that neither Chris nor her father had done. She could feel herself building towards another climax almost immediately.

Susan’s lips and tongue were working wonders on her pussy, and when she leaned forward to capture Keri’s clit between her teeth, biting down on it gently as she shoved a finger into Keri’s burning cunt, Keri thought she was going to faint from the pleasure.

“Yessss!” she screamed as her climax exploded throughout her cunt, the feelings quickly spreading out to wash over the rest of her body.

Keri was in heaven. She was being eaten out by a woman who knew what it took to please another woman, and her body was reacting in a way she hadn’t known possible.

Susan pushed her up on the bed and placed a large pillow beneath Keri’s hips and then bent her legs back and wide apart to better get to her cunt.

Susan’s tongue was incredibly long and felt like a small cock as it drove itself in and out of Keri’s cunt. She would do that for a few seconds, then stop and go to work on her clit with her lips, while bringing her fingers into play inside of her cunt.

“Yessss! Yessss!” she screamed as Susan covered her entire pussy with her open mouth and sucked powerfully, while driving her tongue deep into Keri’s pussy at the same time.

Keri bucked her hips as she squirmed around beneath Susan’s hungry mouth, her body exploding in a thousand different emotions. She wasn’t even aware of Susan pulling the pillow out from under her and moving around on the bed until she opened her eyes to see Susan’s red-haired cunt being lowered toward her face.

Without the least bit of hesitation, she opened her mouth and reached out for it with her tongue. She placed her hands on Susan’s hips and eagerly pulled the older woman down, letting her face be smothered in Susan’s sweet smelling pussy, tasting the honey flavoured nectar that flowed from her. She was only dimly aware of Susan’s mouth going back to work on her own cunt, until she felt that long tongue slither back inside her.

She no longer thought about what she was doing, or with who, and just reacted out of need and desire. And, even though she had already had a number of climaxes, she had a feeling she would reach a higher plateau before it was over with, and she was determined to take Susan with her.

The two of them sucked furiously on one another’s cunts, each of them striving to bring the other one off first, as if it were some kind of contest between them. Keri’s tongue shot in and out of Susan’s swollen pussy lips, licking up the juices flowing from them, realizing that she loved the taste of this woman.

She could feel Susan’s hips starting to undulate and knew the older woman was close to climaxing and she worked harder to bring her off. Just as Susan mashed her cunt down on Keri’s face, nearly smothering her, she clamped down gently on Keri’s clit while shoving two fingers into her pussy. The middle finger of her other hand entered Keri’s tightly puckered ass.

That was more than Keri could take. Her body bucked and thrashed as Susan’s fingers jerked in and out of her cunt and ass, while her mouth was being flooded with Susan’s juices. For nearly three minutes the two of them gasped and tried to control the spasms of their bodies.

Susan finally rolled off of her, turning around slowly on the bed to lay beside her, taking her in her arms and kissing her, letting their tongues mix and mingle the juices of one another.

“You know,” Susan said at last, smiling softly as Keri looked at her, “I have a feeling you and I are going to get along just fine.”

“Sure can’t call you ‘Mom’ after that, can I?” she asked with a grin, giggling as Susan began to laugh as well.

“Oh, I don’t know. I think Susan will be fine. But, I was wondering… what do you call your dad?”

Keri felt a flash of alarm shoot through her! Did Susan know about her fucking her own dad? “Oh, don’t worry about it, Keri,” Susan said softly, leaning over to kiss her lightly.

“Look, if I had a dad as handsome and sexy as you do, I probably would have fucked him as well.”

“You…you know? Did he tell you?”

“Your dad? Heaven’s no! It was just a hunch, that’s all. And I don’t mind in the least, believe me. A man should have variety in his sexual diet, although most women refuse to accept or believe that.

“But, I have a secret as well,” Susan said. “You are fucking your dad, which I think is fine, for both of you, so I hope you won’t be judgmental when I tell you this.”


“I fuck my sons.”

Keri felt shocked and stunned for a moment, but then she began to laugh, seeing Susan laugh as well. “Boy,” she said at last, “I have a feeling that this is going to be one fucking family,” which caused her and Susan both to starting laughing even harder.

“No. . . no doubt,” Susan replied at last. “Both of us will be fucking your dad, and getting it on with each other as well, and I’ll still continue to fuck and suck my sons, if your dad doesn’t object.”

“I don’t see how he could. I mean, if he’s fucking me, there isn’t a hell of a lot he can say about you fucking your sons.”

“True,” Susan replied with a gleam in her eyes, “but what about you?”

“What do you mean?”

“Wouldn’t you like to have my sons fuck you? They both have cocks nearly nine and a half inches long, very thick, and I’ve taught them every trick I know about how to please a woman.

“Believe me, they are both very good lovers, and if you really want something special, you should try fucking them both at the same time.”

“What?” Keri exclaimed.

“Sure, one in your cunt and one in your ass. I love it when they do that. Or one of them behind me, fucking me doggie-style, either in my pussy or my ass, while I suck the other one off. It’s great! I keep having this fantasy about having my sons and your dad all at the same time, plugging all of my holes at once.”

Keri tried to imagine what that would be like and felt a thrill of excitement shoot through her. “I don’t know,” she said at last. “Daddy’s cock is so big that I have a feeling if he stuck it in my pussy, I wouldn’t be able to take much more than a finger up my ass-although I guess I could suck another one if he were fucking me doggie-style.”

“Has he… ummm… fucked your ass yet?”

“Yeah, and it was great, too.”

“Yeah, I know. Now, if I could just take all of his cock down my throat I would really be happy, but it’s just too damn big! I’ve tried, believe me I’ve tried, but no matter how hard I try, I just can’t take all of him.”

“I can,” Keri told her shyly, but proudly.

“What? You’re kidding! You can take all of him down your throat?”

“Sure. It took some work, true, but I managed to do it at last.”

“Well, I’ll be damned. My sons are gonna love you, I know.”

“Speaking of them, where are they today?”

“Well,” Susan said, blushing slightly, “this little seduction for today was their idea and they made themselves scarce. But I know where they are and could always call them and tell them to come home, if you wanted me to,” she added, arching her eyebrow.

“I don’t know. I’m not sure if I’m ready for that just yet.”

“What would you like to do then?” Susan asked, cupping one of Keri’s tits and squeezing the nipple gently.

“I think I would like to make love to you again, and then have the two of us go home and fuck my father for the rest of the night. After that I should be ready to take on Steve and Mark.”

“Then let’s get started,” Susan told her as she moved closer and kissed her deeply.

Chapter 9 | Archive

All In The Family, (Author Unknown)

Chapter 9

Keri was feeling fantastic. Her body had come alive in a way totally unexpected earlier that day with Susan. She could still remember the feel of Susan’s tongue and lips on her, could still taste the sweetness of the other woman’s cunt juices.

She looked across the table at Susan, who was telling her father about their shopping trip, admitting how the two females had flirted shamelessly with all the male clerks in the stores, regardless of their ages, causing her dad to laugh.

“I would love to be a clerk with the two of you in my store,” he told them. “I think I would be too busy trying to figure out a way to ask you out than to see you buy something.”

“Oh? And which one of us would you ask out?” Susan asked, teasing him.

“Well, that would depend,” he said with a smile at Keri. “If I were after an older, more mature and experienced woman, I would go for you,” he said to Susan.

“But, if I were a young and horny stud, or a dirty old man who loved young women, then I would have to go after you,” he said, turning to smile at Keri.

“Why only one of us?” Keri asked him, winking at Susan as her father stared at her. “Aren’t you man enough to handle two women like us at the same time?”

She nearly laughed at the way her father blushed and tried to avoid here yes. “Well, answer her,” Susan teased. “Don’t you think you could handle two women like us?”

“I…well, oh, what the hell. Yes, I could!” He said at last, grinning at the two of them.

“What do you think, Keri?” Susan asked.

“I don’t think so. I think either one of us would wear him out before the night was through.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right” Susan replied as she stood up and began to clear the table.

Keri leaped up to help her and the two of them went into the kitchen, trying to suppress their giggles at the obvious embarrassment of her father. They had planned out their method of seduction of her father before coming home, and now it was time to put the plan into action. They both headed back to the dining room.

“Daddy, I’m going over to Sherry’s house for a few hours. I’m supposed to help her plan some term paper,” she lied cheerfully.

“Okay, sweetheart. How long will you be gone?”

“Oh, a couple of hours, at least.”

“All right.”

She went to stand beside him, leaning over to kiss him lightly on the lips, as she always did, but her left arm dropped down and her hand gently squeezed his cock. “Save some of that for me,” she whispered, watching him blush as she headed for the front door.

Once outside she went for a slow walk around the block to give Susan time to get him into the bedroom , which she knew wouldn’t take long. Her father’s cock had already been hard as a rock when she grabbed it moments ago, and she knew he was in a hurry to get it into Susan’s cunt.

It took her about ten minutes to return to the house. The lights were off throughout as she tiptoed back through the front door and up the stairs, going to her own room to strip off her clothes and toss them on the bed. She then made her way down the hallway to her father’s room, opening the door slightly.

It was dark, but there was more than enough moonlight through the window to allow her to see what was going on. Not only that, but Susan’s cries of pleasure told her all she needed to know.

“Oh, David, fuck me!” Susan screamed. “Fuck me with that big, hard, beautiful cock!”

Keri’s dad was kneeling on the bed behind her, driving his cock into her cunt doggie-style. As Keri stood and watched, her dad fucked Susan furiously. She could feel her own pussy starting to tingle in anticipation of having his monstrous cock shoved up inside of her.

She reached down between her legs and began to finger herself, feeling her hand become coated with her flowing juices. She could feel her nipples harden and used her other hand to rub pinch them, feeling herself building towards an orgasm.

Over and over her father fucked his cock in and out of Susan’s pussy, both of them moaning in pleasure as Keri stood in the door and watched, unseen. Her own legs were becoming sticky from her cunt juices running down them as she watched, wanting desperately to join in, but knowing she had to wait until just the right time.

“Gonna cum!” her father cried, his hips a blur as he fucked his cock into Susan.

Keri watched as he shoved his cock all the way into her, driving her forward on the bed. His hips began to jerk and twitch as his cum blasted out and into Susan’s waiting cunt. Susan arched her back, grinding her hips back against him as the two of them rode out their climaxes.

At last, Susan fell forward on the bed, collapsing in exhaustion. Keri’s dad rolled off of her and lay beside her, his still hard cock flopping against his stomach.

Keri couldn’t wait any longer. She crept into the room and eased herself onto the bed. Susan smiled at her as she grabbed her father’s cock and stuffed the head of it into her hot mouth.

“Wha…what?” her father said as she begun to work more and more of his cock into her mouth and throat.

“You said you could handle both of us,” Keri heard Susan tell him, “so we thought we would find out for ourselves. Besides, Keri told me she could take all of your cock down her throat and I wanted to see it for myself.”

Keri was aware of a lamp being turned on, but her mind was mainly on her father’s cock, which was stretching her lips as she worked more and more of it down her throat.

As she did, she could taste Susan’s fuck juices that coated her father’s cock, the head of it lodged deeply in her throat. She heard her father moan in pleasure.

“Well I’ll be damned, she can do it,” she heard Susan say.

She began to raise her head, letting the cock’s crown pop out from between her lips as she looked at Susan with a triumphant smile. “I told you,” she said with a grin.

“Quite a daughter I have,” her father said to Susan, beaming proudly.

“Yes,” Susan replied, leaning over and kissing Keri in front of her dad.

The two of them kissed passionately, their hands caressing one another’s bodies as Keri’s father looked on in amazement. But no matter how much Keri enjoyed Susan, it was her father’s cock she wanted. She broke the kiss and turned back to her dad, diving at his cock and gobbling it down like a starving woman presented with a feast.

Her head bobbed up and down on his cock as Susan got on her back and scooted around until her head was below Keri’s cunt. She pulled the younger woman down and began to tongue her cunt, causing Keri to moan in passion around the huge piece of cock meat in her mouth.

Finally, Keri couldn’t stand it any longer and had to have her father’s cock in her pussy. She pulled her head off of his cock and looked up at him through glazed eyes.

“Fuck me, Daddy! I want to feel your cock in my pussy, now!”

Her father grabbed her and pulled her off of Susan’s face, throwing her down on her back on the bed. He crawled between her legs as she lifted them and wrapped them around his waist. She reached between them and guided the giant head of his cock to the entrance of her cunt, arching her hips upwards as she tried to capture his organ.

Her father pushed forward, forcing about half his cock into her tight cunt and Keri arched her back, crying out, her fists beating on the bed as she felt his gigantic tool stretching the walls of her pussy. Her father pulled back a few inches and then drove forward once more, cramming his cock all the way in, burying it to the hilt in her hot hole.

“That’s it, Daddy, fuck me! Fuck me hard! Shove that monster inside of me and fuck!”

Her father began fucking her fast and hard, his hips slamming against her own on each stroke. She could feel his huge sack smack against her ass each time his cock filled her cunt and he bent to suck on her nipples.

His cock spread wide the walls of her burning hole on every stroke and it felt to Keri as if she were being fucked by a hot, silk-covered shaft. She felt as if she could never get enough of her father’s huge cock.

The muscles of her pussy clamped down on it, forcing it to create a friction that nearly set them both on fire as he slammed his big fuck stick in and out of her tight pussy. There was still a certain amount of ache, but the pleasure far outweighed any discomfort she felt.

She wrapped her legs around his waist tightly, screwing upwards with her hips to take as much of his cock as she could. Her hands gripped the firm, muscled cheeks of his ass to pull him to her.

She felt him raise his upper body and opened her eyes to see Susan’s red-haired pussy lowering itself down to her face. She reached for Susan’s hips, pulling her down and shoving her tongue as deeply as she could between the cunt lips of the other woman who was soon to become her stepmother.

Keri was going wild with lust and delight. She could feel Susan starting to squirm around on her face from the cunt-licking she was giving her, and her father’s cock was reaming out her pussy like crazy. She felt her body going through a series of small climaxes, but knew she was building towards a much bigger one.

Susan suddenly reached down and grabbed Keri’s head, forcing her crotch down on Keri’s face, nearly smothering her as the older woman screamed and came, her juices gushing out to coat Keri’s lips, tongue and face.

Almost immediately, Keri’s father slammed his cock all the way into her. She felt the giant head expanding to what felt like twice its size, and then it erupted, its load of boiling hot cum flooding her pussy.

Keri tried to scream as her own body exploded, but she couldn’t because of Susan’s pussy riding her face. Her body jerked and bucked as her pussy clamped down hard around her father’s cock, and she could feel her own hot juices rushing forth to mix with his.

Over and over her hips bucked up against her father and she thought she might even throw him off, so frantic were her actions, but her father gripped her firmly by her hips and rode it out.

At last, Susan collapsed, falling to one side of her with a sigh. Her father slowly pulled his cock from her cunt and lay down on the other side of her, the three of them unable to speak for several minutes.

Each of them was unable to move, their hearts beating rapidly, but gradually slowing down from a racing pace. Susan had rolled to her right side, her father to her left, but Keri merely lay where she was in the middle of the bed, her legs still splayed, feeling the cum oozing out of her to forma puddle beneath her ass.

“I think I have got to be the luckiest man in the whole world,” she heard her father say with a sigh of happiness.

“Oh?” said Susan, raising up slowly and resting her head on her hand, “and what makes you say that?”

“Because I have two of the most beautiful, sexiest women in the world ready to take care of my every sexual need twenty-four hours a day, in anyway I want.

“But the best part about it is that I love them both with all my heart, and they love me. And, from the looks of what I’ve seen so far, they won’t have any problems getting along with each other, either,” he told them, raising up on his elbow to look at the two of them.

“Oh, I think Keri and I are going to get along just fine together, “Susan told Keri’s father, leaning over to kiss Keri lightly on the lips, running her tongue over them to taste her own cunt juices that lingered on them.

“I would be inclined to assume that the two of you did more than just a little shopping, talking and eating today,” her dad said with a knowing grin.

“You guess right, Dad,” Keri told him with a grin of her own. “Actually,” she added with a giggle, “Susan got me drunk on white wine and then seduced me.”

“You weren’t that drunk,” Susan told her, poking her playfully in the ribs.

Her father looked at the two of them and smiled, a glint coming to his eyes. “Well,” he said at last, “that only leaves your sons to join in the fun, if Keri is willing, as I know,” he said, looking directly at Susan, “that they are both fucking you already.”

Keri saw Susan blush and lower her eyes for a moment. “How…how did you find out.”

Keri’s dad told Susan about the day he had gone to her house after getting off work early and had found them together in her room fucking.

“You weren’t mad?” she finally asked shyly.

“Susan, sweetheart, how could I be mad at you for doing with your sons what I’ve been wanting to do with my own daughter?

“Now that it’s out in the open, I think we will all be better off for it and we won’t have to sneak around to fuck one another behind each other’s back either.

“But there is still the question of how Keri feels I think she should have the option of whether she wants to fuck Steve and Mark. I don’t think she should be made to feel she has to, and if she decides not to, that is to be accepted by all concerned.”

“I don’t see any problem with that,” said Susan. “I mean, I know they would both love to fuck her, but they also know she is going with Chris and he is a friend of theirs and they wouldn’t do anything to upset that relationship. There won’t be any pressure from them, I can guarantee you.”

Keri thought about this for a moment and grinned at her father and Susan. “Well, they are both good looking, and from what you say,” she said to Susan, “their cocks are pretty good-sized, so I don’t see any reason why I should hold back, but only as long as it doesn’t affect my relationship with Chris.”

“Are you worried about what he might say or do if he finds out?” asked Susan.

“Yeah, but then again, maybe if a certain step-mother-to-be were to seduce him and fuck his brains out, then he might not get too uptight about me and her sons. But I don’t know how he would react to me fucking Dad. That might be too much for him.”

“Hey, wait a minute,” said Susan, her face suddenly lighting up with an idea. “Isn’t Chris’ mother that good-looking brunette who owns the small insurance company over on First Avenue?”

“Yes, why?” asked Keri.

“Well, didn’t she get divorced about a year or so ago?”


“Well, it’s just that I’ve heard Steve and Mark talking about her, saying how much they would love to get hold of her, so one day I stopped in and checked her out. I can see why they would want to fuck her. She’s beautiful.”

“So? What’s that got to do with Chris?” Keri asked.

“What if we figured out a way to have Chris fuck her?”

“Gee, I don’t know,” Keri said, her face forming a frown. “I don’t think Chris would go for that. He’s pretty straight.”

“Keri, dear, let me tell you something,” Susan said with a smirk. “Most guys have fantasies about fucking their mothers. And, contrary to what you may hear people say, a hell of a lot of mothers have dreams about fucking their sons, of being a son’s first fuck, especially if that mother is as beautiful as Chris’ mother is and who has been without a man for as long as she has.”

“Well, maybe so, but what if it backfired?” asked Keri’s dad.

“I don’t think it will, if we all work together and set it up right.”

“All right,” said David. “So how do we set it up?”

“Can we talk about this later,” Keri said, glancing down at her father’s cock, which was starting to get hard once again. “Right now I think I would rather find another way to occupy our time,” she told him as she reached down to fondle the rapidly growing cock.

“What did you have in mind?” her father asked as he started playing with her tits.

“My ass. I want you to fuck me in the ass.”

“What about me?” Susan asked with a smile.

“I’ll show you,” Keri replied as she quickly turned around on the bed and buried her face in Susan’s snatch, lowering her own down to Susan’s waiting mouth.

The two of them began to go to work on one another, driving their tongues in and out and around each other’s cunt, nibbling on clits, while her father moved around behind her and knelt between her legs. She could feel him ease his cock into her pussy, stroking it back and forth a few times to coat it, and then he pulled it out and positioned it against the crack of her ass.

She felt Susan’s tongue quickly replace her father’s cock in her pussy, while her hands reached up and pulled apart Keri’s ass cheeks for her father’s cock.

She felt him push forward gently but firmly, his huge cockhead stretching wide the opening of her ass. When it finally popped through the ring of muscle there, she gasped and clamped down on Susan’s clit, causing the older woman to cry out and arch her hips as she climaxed briefly.

Slowly, her father began to feed more and more of his massive cock into her ass. She thought it would never go all the way in, but at last she felt his hips grind against her buttocks and she knew she had all of him.

He began to fuck her slowly, taking his time and pulling his cock nearly all the way out before slowly going all the way back in. All the while Susan was sucking on her cunt for all she was worth, and she was doing the same for her in return.

Gradually the pace and tempo picked up for all three of them. She was sucking Susan’s pussy as if it were something her life depended on, sucking out the other woman’s sweet tasting fluids and swallowing them eagerly as her tongue swept the inner walls of the red-haired cunt.

Her father was moving his cock in and out of her ass faster and harder, his hands coming around to grab her tits and squeezing them. She ground her own hips down on Susan’s face, trying to capture more of her tongue as her father’s cock pistoned in and out of her ass.

Susan’s hips then began to buck and squirm beneath her lips and Keri knew that she was cumming. She covered Susan’s entire pussy with her mouth and sucked powerfully, driving her tongue in and out like a small cock, holding onto Susan’s hips as the older woman climaxed.

As soon as Susan’s orgasm was over, Keri’s father pulled Keri to a position where she was on her knees in front of him, her legs back alongside of his, with his cock buried to the hilt in her ass. Susan moved out of the way and her father began fucking his cock up into her ass, bouncing the two of them up and down on the bed as his hands came around her to grip her tits.

She screamed, throwing her head back on her father’s shoulder. “Fuck me with that big cock, Daddy! Cram my ass full of your hard cock meat!”

She started cumming then, slowly at first, and then harder and more intensely. She bounced up and down on her father’s cock, her mouth open in a silent scream as she gasped in air.

Her father fell forward, pushing her flat on the bed and shoving her legs as wide apart as they would go, his cock still embedded in her ass. In this position, the ass cheeks were pushed closer together, making for an even tighter fit for his cock. He was braced up on his hands, his hips moving back and forth, rapidly.

She bucked her hips up to meet his thrusts, trying to trap his cock in her ass. His cum shot out like water from a fire hose, flooding her insides, and that was all it took to trigger her own climax.

She did scream this time, her voice rebounding off the walls of the bedroom as her body went into convulsions of pleasure. Her father’s cock continued to fuck in and out of her ass as his hot spunk kept shooting from it.

She could feel it filling her and was amazed at the amount of cum he was able to unload into her after he had already fucked both her and Susan that night. But, with a final thrust, he shot the last of his load into her ass, collapsing on top of her as her own climax finally began to subside, leaving her with a warm glowing feeling of contentment and happiness.

She was only dimly aware of her father slowly pulling his cock from her ass, such was the state of blissfulness she was in. She felt a cover being pulled over her and then two warm and familiar bodies snuggling up on either side of her. Hands went around her and lips kissed her face on either side.

She closed her eyes, feeling loved and at peace with the world. Before finally drifting off to sleep, she knew that her life was going to be much happier from here on out. It was going to be happier and richer than she had ever thought possible.

Chapter 10 | Archive

All In The Family, (Author Unknown)

Chapter 10

Keri looked around the living room as Mary, Chris’ mother, entered the room carrying a tray of iced tea for the three of them. For the first time she studied, really studied Mary, realizing that she was a very attractive woman.

She had short brown hair and soft brown eyes. Her face was pretty, without being actually beautiful, in a way that Keri knew men found attractive. She had a slender figure, which she maintained with a lot of work, with small, but very prominent tits, a tiny waist, and nicely flaring hips, a round ass and a great pair of legs.

“It was nice of you to join us for dinner, Keri,” she said as she sat down across from her.

When she did, Keri was able to see up the short skirt Mary was wearing, spotting the pink panties she had on, a sight which actually caused Keri’s heart to beat faster. She knew that there was a seduction of the woman being planned, but she also thought of what it might be like to get her hands on Chris’ mother before the others did.

“Well,” she told Mary with a smile, “you will have to have dinner with us sometime. In fact, my father and Susan brought it up just last night, saying that you and Chris should come over sometime and join all of us for dinner and get to know them.”

“I. . . well, that sounds like a nice idea. What do you think, Chris?” his mother asked.

Keri turned her head to her right to see what Chris was going to say and happened to catch his glance, which was on his mother’s crotch. He jerked his eyes away quickly, but not before Keri caught it. She smiled to herself as he answered his mother.

“Oh, I think it would be a great idea,” he said, turning to smile at Keri. “Maybe we could do it this weekend?”

“Right,” Keri replied with a grin. “I’ll talk to Dad about it, see if Susan can make it, and we can all get to know one another better.

“In fact, why don’t we plan on Saturday. Come early and bring your swimsuits and we can have a pool party and a cookout. How’s that sound?”

“Great!” Chris replied, looking at his mother, who smiled and nodded her head in agreement.

Just then the phone rang and Chris got up to answer it” He spoke into it for a minute, hung up and then came back to join them, shaking his head ruefully. “What’s the matter, dear?” his mother asked. “Marty is over in Marin County and his car’s broke down.. He wants me to come get him.”

“Can’t he get someone else?” Keri asked.

“He said he’s already tried three others, including his parents, and no one is home.”

“But that’s an hour drive each way,” Mary said.

“Yeah, I know, but he’s come and bailed me out a time or two, so I really can’t turn my back on him, can I?”

“No, I guess not,” his mother replied.

“Chris, look,” Keri said, an idea suddenly popping up in her mind, “did Marty say who was with him?”

“Yeah, Tiff, Bret and Sandy, why?”

“Well, that would mean six people in your car if I went with you, and since your car only has bucket seats in front, it would be a bit uncomfortable for all of us for that length of time.

“Tell you what, why don’t I stay here with your mom and keep her company until you get back. Then, when you get back, the two of us can go out for a late coke or something.”

She said this last with an open invitation in her eyes he would have been blind not to see. Then she stood up and walked over to him, letting her nipples brush against his chest lightly.

“I. . . ah, sure,” he replied with a grin, knowing what that `something’ would be. “Would that be okay with you, Mom?”

“Why, I think that would be great. The two of us can talk women talk,” she told him, smiling sweetly at him.

“Yeah, right,” he replied, kissing Keri lightly and heading for the front door, grabbing his jacket on the way out.

As the door closed behind him, Keri turned to Mary on the couch, letting her own legs fall apart as she sat down, knowing that Mary would have a clear view of her crotch, which, unlike Mary’s, was not covered by any panties. Nor was she wearing a bra, and she knew that her nipples were starting to harden, making pointed little dots in her blouse.

“Mary,” she said with a smile of innocence, “iced tea is fine, but, well, would you happen to have some white wine, or even a beer?”

Mary looked at her for a moment and then started to laugh, setting her own glass of tea on the table. “As a matter of fact, I have both, plus some other stuff a lot stronger. What would you like?”

“Actually the wine would be fine. I’ve never gotten into the hard stuff and don’t care for the taste of most of it. I like wine, white wine, for sipping, but on Sunday afternoons when Dad and I get into the football games, we both break out the six-packs, pretzels and chips and cheer like crazy for the team we pick.

“We flip a coin to see who gets first choice at selecting the team we want, with the loser having to take the other team, and it can get pretty heavy during the games. We resort to pillow fights and wrestling matches when we think the other team is going to get ahead, or does something we don’t like, or we think the ref made a bad call. You wouldn’t recognize me, or my dad. We turn into animals.”

“Sounds like fun,” Mary told her with a laugh. “I like sports. In fact, I was the head cheerleader my senior year of college. Chris’ dad was captain of the football and baseball teams.”

She hesitated a moment, then grinned as she poured each of them a tall glass of wine. “I used to get so hot, if you know what I mean,” she said, blushing slightly, “that I couldn’t wait for the game to get over.”

“After doing all those splits and flips I thought I would go nuts waiting for Doug to take his shower so we could be alone.”

“Well,” Keri said with a grin of her own, “I never went out for the cheerleading squad, but I get that same feeling at times waiting for Chris after class.”

“Oh,” Mary said, blushing deeply, “I didn’t mean to imply…”

“Mary, Chris and I are both adults, or pretty much so, and we enjoy one another. Besides, I know Chris loves me, and I love him, so why shouldn’t we enjoy one another?”

“I… you’re right, you should.”

“Can I tell you a secret?”


“Chris is the first man I’ve ever been with,” she told Mary, which was only a small lie.

True, Chris was the first man she had sucked, and the first to fuck her ass, so she was technically telling the truth. Tonight he would get to fuck her cunt, which was something she was definitely looking forward to, but right now she had her mind and her eyes set on another body, and that body was sitting not five feet away from her.

“You were a virgin?” Mary asked, seeming somewhat surprised.

“Yes. Well,” she said, lowering her eyes and forcing herself to blush before telling her next little lie, “I guess you could call it that.”

“What do you mean?” Mary asked, sitting forward.

Keri could see the colour rising in the older woman’s cheeks, and had to fight to keep from grinning. She took a sip of her wine, noticing that Mary had nearly drained her own glass and was refilling it.

“A couple of months ago I was…well…seduced, I guess you could call it, by a woman.”

Mary gasped in shock, but Keri could see the excitement in her eyes at the thought of it. “What. . . what happened?”

“I had gone to a party with some friends and I guess I had too much to drink. The mother of one of my girlfriends offered to let me use her bedroom to lay down in, and I thought she was just being nice.

“The next thing I knew she had me undressed and was going down on me like crazy. I didn’t really know what was happening, but I wasn’t in any condition to fight it. Besides,” she said, lowering her lashes demurely in false embarrassment, “I guess I sort of enjoyed it as well.”

“You…you did?” Mary asked, her voice coming out in a low, harsh whisper.

“Well, yeah, sort of. I mean, once I got over the shock of what was happening and let myself relax, it got to be fun. And I had one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had in my life.”

She looked up, staring directly into Mary’s eyes. “I love Chris, and I love having him make love to me, but I sometimes wish I could find a woman who could make me feel the way my friend’s mother did.

“I mean, a woman seems to know all the secret little places to touch, to kiss, lick and suck that really turn on another woman, if you know what I mean?”

Mary couldn’t answer. She took two large gulps of her wine, her face blushing deeply, and Keri knew then and there she had her. She got up and stepped around the coffee table between them and sat on the arm of the chair so that she was facing Mary. She took the wine glass from her and set it on the table, then turned back to her.

She could see the desire in Mary’s eyes as she lowered her face towards the older woman and kissed her gently, letting her tongue flick out to lick Mary’s lips. Her right hand came up to cup one of Mary’s tits, feeling its firmness beneath her blouse, realizing the older woman wasn’t wearing a bra.

She pressed her lips harder against Mary’s, feeling the lips part slightly and hearing Mary moan deeply in her throat as their tongues began to spar with one another. Her hand squeezed harder and Mary pushed her tit into Keri’s hand, arching her back as her own arms went around the younger woman, pulling her down into her lap.

Keri wasn’t sure who pulled or pushed who to the floor, but the next thing she realized was that she and Mary were soon wrapped in one another’s arms, rolling around on the carpet as their tongues hungrily sought one another and hands reached for buttons and zippers.

Soon the two women were completely bare, with Keri on top of Mary, one of Mary’s hard stiff nipples between Keri’s lips. Their cunt mounds were rubbing against one another, gently at first, and then harder as Mary lifted her legs and wrapped them around Keri.

Keri tried to suck Mary’s entire tit into her mouth as her tongue flicked back and forth across the nipple, causing Mary to moan and arch her back. She eased her free hand down between their bodies and when her fingers came into contact with Mary’s cunt, she could feel the moistness there seeping out between the puffy lips.

She released Mary’s tit and began to lick and kiss her way lower down her body, taking her time to lick and kiss every square inch of skin, driving the older woman wild. By the time she reached the valley between Mary’s legs, Mary was moaning and writhing uncontrollably.

Keri sniffed the aroma of her cunt juices, filling her nose and head with the musky scent, but when she bent her head lower and kissed Mary’s pussy, flicking her pointy little tongue out over her clit, Mary cried out and began to climax.

Keri could feel her own pussy starting to drip as she lifted Mary’s legs and placed them over her shoulders and began to lick all around her cunt, taking her time and working her way slowly towards the swollen lips.

“Do it, please, Keri, do it!” Mary cried. “Suck my pussy and make me cum!”

Keri grinned to herself and shoved her tongue as far as she could into Mary’s cunt, loving the way Mary arched her hips, banging her cunt up against Keri’s mouth. She felt her mouth filling up with Mary’s juices and quickly swallowed, loving the taste.

She gripped Mary’s ass cheeks and lifted them, giving her better access to Mary’s cunt and began to work her tongue in and out of the cunt like a small slick cock, while gently easing one finger closer to Mary’s ass. When she reached it, she probed it gently, feeling it opening and closing around the tip of her finger.

She covered Mary’s cunt with her mouth and sucked as hard as she could, shoving her middle finger into Mary’s ass at the same time. The effect on Mary was electric! She bucked and jerked, nearly throwing Keri off of her as she opened her mouth and screamed, her climax exploding within her. Keri stuck with her, continuing to suck Mary’s cunt while driving her tongue in and out, all the while fucking her middle finger into Mary’s ass.

In the midst of Mary’s thrashing, she began to cry out, and at first Keri wasn’t sure if she heard right or not, but when Mary said it again, Keri knew then that what her father and Susan had told her was true. “Chris, oh, Chris!” Mary moaned, “suck my cunt, Chris! Make me cum!”

So, Mary did have fantasies about fucking her son, or was doing it, she wasn’t sure which, but she planned on finding out before the night was over. But, for now, her own cunt felt as if it were on fire and she needed some relief. She reversed her position above Mary and lowered her cunt down to her mouth, feeling Mary’s tongue quickly dart out to lick her.

The two women were then lost in the throes of sexual desire as they sucked and licked one another’s cunt, each of them trying to bring the other one to climax. It didn’t take long.

Keri could feel her climax building by the way her heart was beating and the way her cunt seemed to be opening and closing around Mary’s tongue, trying to capture the slick little organ inside of her, all the while driving her own tongue in and out of Mary’s cunt.

When Mary brought her hands up to Keri’s ass, gently separated the firm globes and shoved a finger into the tight little opening, Keri’s orgasm exploded. She ground her cunt down on Mary’s face, knowing her juices were flooding out to coat the woman, while she herself tried to suck up all the juices now gushing out of Mary’s cunt.

At last the two of them seemed to relax all at once and Keri rolled off of her, turning herself slowly until she was laying beside the older woman, raising herself up on her elbow and smiling down at Mary. Mary seemed ashamed.

“It’s all right, Mary,” she said softly, leaning over to kiss her lightly.

“I…I’ve never done that before,” Mary told her, her voice a mere whisper.


“No, never,” she replied, turning her eyes away from Keri. “I don’t know what happened, what got into me.”

“My tongue and fingers,” Keri told her with a grin, causing Chris’ mother to grin as well.

“It…it’s just been so long since I’ve had a man, and when you were talking about you and Chris, I felt myself becoming more and more turned on. And when you sat on the arm of the chair and kissed me, I just couldn’t help myself. It was as if someone else were in control of my body. Oh, I feel so ashamed.”

“Why? Didn’t you enjoy it?”

“You know I did,” she replied quickly, smiling and blushing deeply, “and that’s what scares me.”

“Why should it scare you?”

“You are the girlfriend of my son! I shouldn’t be engaging in sex with another woman, and especially not with someone in your position.”

“Oh, I don’t know. Myself, I think it’s great. I mean, isn’t it better that you do it with me, than with some stranger?”

“Well, you have a point, but what if Chris found out about what we just did?”

Keri laughed and got up, starting to put her clothing back on, which Mary quickly followed. “I don’t think we have to worry about Chris. I think that even if I told him, or you did, under the right circumstances, he wouldn’t be all that shocked. But that brings me to another question.”

“What’s that?” Mary asked as she buttoned her blouse.

“Have you ever fucked Chris?”

Mary’s eyes went wide and the colour drained from her face, but then returned in a flood as she blushed deeply. “No! What makes you think I would do something like that! That’s incest!”

“But you sure would like to, wouldn’t you?” she asked, grinning impishly. “And if you say you wouldn’t, then perhaps you can explain why you called out his name when I was sucking your pussy, imagining it was him doing it to you instead of me.”

Mary turned away, picking up her wine glass and draining it quickly. She finally sat down, flopping down in the chair and looking at Keri, confusion in her eyes.

“All right, I’ll admit I’ve had fantasies about fucking him, but that’s as far as it’s gone.”


“Why what?”

“Why is that as far as it’s gone? Why don’t you seduce him and let him fuck you. I know you want to, and I seriously doubt if he would object. In fact, I have a feeling that he would fuck you almost as eagerly as he would fuck me. I’ve seen the way he looks at you, and if that isn’t lust and desire in his eyes, then I need to see a doctor to get mine checked.”

“But…but it’s incest,” Mary replied, her voice a mere whisper.

“That’s only a word that society dreamed up. If you love Chris, and he loves you, why shouldn’t you be able to share that love in whatever way you want? And if fucking Chris is what you want to do, then I say go for it.”

“But, what about you?” Mary asked. “Wouldn’t you be upset if Chris fucked me?”

“Nope! I’m not worried about you taking him away from me, if that’s what you mean, because the love he has for you is completely different than what he has for me. And, besides, if it would make him happy, and I know it would, then I’m all for it.”

Mary looked at her for a moment, a slow smile starting to spread across her face. “Can I ask you something?”


“Have you fucked your dad?”

“Uh huh,” she replied with a grin. “Surprised?”

“An hour ago I would have been appalled, but right now I’m not the least bit shocked.”

“You should fuck my dad,” she said with a grin. “He’s got a cock you wouldn’t believe!”

“Keri!” Mary said, blushing and covering her mouth to suppress a grin.

“Hey, I’m serious. Chris has a nice cock, about eight inches long and thick, but Dad has a cock that is ten inches and very thick. Believe me, when he slides that monster into your cunt, or your ass, you know you are getting fucked! There is nothing like it in the world!”

“But, what about Chris?”

“What about him? I love him, and I love his cock, but I also love my dad and the salami he’s got swinging between his legs. If I can have both, great! Of course, I don’t know what Chris would say if he knew I was fucking my dad.

“Then again,” she added with a grin, “if Chris were to fuck his mother, there really isn’t a hell of a lot he could say about me fucking my dad, is there?”

“Noooo,” Mary answered slowly, quickly catching on to what Keri was thinking, “I don’t think he could.”

Both of them were laughing over this when the front door opened and the subject of conversation walked into the room, looking at his mother and his girlfriend, a puzzled expression on his face as they started laughing even harder.

He shook his head and sat down on the couch, looking from one to the other, wondering what was going on. Keri leaned over and kissed the side of his face, placing her right hand on his left thigh, letting her fingers trail down to the inside, the tips gently brushing his cock.

“Did you get everything taken care of?” Mary asked as she got her laughter under control.

“Uhh, sure.” he replied, still not sure as to what was going on.

“Good. Keri and I really got a chance to know one another better. We should have done this long ago.”

At that, Keri burst out laughing again, as did Mary, knowing that Chris didn’t have the slightest idea of what they were laughing about.

“Well,” Mary said at last, “I think I’m going to go to bed and leave the two of you alone. Keri, you are welcome to stay as long as you like, and you are welcome to come back at any time. As for next weekend, I think it’s a great idea. Good night all.”

With that, Mary walked out of the room humming to herself, a spring in her step, leaving Keri trying to keep from laughing again as Chris looked and tried to figure out what the hell was going on.

“What…?” he began, but was quickly silenced by Keri when she put her fingers on his lips.

“No talking,” she whispered. “All I want to do right now is to have you fuck my brains out. I want your cock in my cunt, my ass, my mouth, anywhere you want to shove it, as many times as you can get it hard.”

She grabbed for the belt in his pants, working quickly to unfasten it. He eased her hands away and stood up, with her following suit, and the two of them began to rip their clothing off. The minute they dismissed the last article of clothing, Keri threw herself back on the couch and spread her legs as wide as she could, reaching up for Chris, whose cock stood out hard and proud.

“Come here, stud,” she told him. “Put your cock into my cunt and fuck me until I can’t walk straight.”

Chris didn’t need a second invitation. He fell on her and jabbed forward with his hips, missing her cunt on the first try, but getting in on the second. As she wrapped her legs around his waist, he moved forward with all his might, driving his cock into her all the way in one thrust.

“Yes!” she cried as his cock filled her burning cunt, his hips slamming into her. “Fuck me, Chris!”

Chris thrust his hard cock into her cunt for all he was worth as his mouth came down to suck on first one nipple and then the other, nipping them gently, causing sparks of electricity to shoot all through Keri’s body.

Keri rotated her hips, making his cock touch new places inside her cunt as he fucked her, squeezing her legs tighter and tighter around his waist. Mary’s tongue in her cunt had felt fantastic, and Mary had made her cum, but there was still nothing like a good hard cock to really make her cum.

“Your pussy is so fucking tight!” Chris told her, raising up and bracing his weight on his hands as he continued to drive his big tool into her.

“So good, so fucking good!” Keri moaned as Chris fucked her. But when he suddenly pulled his cock out, she opened her eyes and wondered what was going on.

Chris grabbed her legs and bent them back, placing them over his shoulders. Then he leaned forward, bending her body nearly in half. He next lined his cock up with her cunt and she could feel the lips of her pussy trying to grab at the cock’s head. Chris shoved forward again, going even deeper into her cunt in this new position.

“Yes!” she screamed as his cock nudged the walls of her pussy apart and penetrated her totally.

Her body began to go into convulsions as her climax exploded. It started in her cunt and spread throughout the rest of her body like molten lava. She bucked and jerked as Chris continued to fuck her, driving her through the orgasm without cumming himself, which amazed her.

He again pulled his cock from her pussy, pulling her down to the floor, where he placed her on her hands and knees. Kneeling in front of her, he took her by the head and guided his cock to her mouth, which she opened eagerly, letting him slide his cunt juice coated cock into her mouth, pushing inch after inch of it between her lips until her nose was resting snugly in his pubic hairs. She loved the feeling of fullness his cock made in her mouth and she could feel her pussy twitching as he began to slowly fuck his cock in and out.

As Chris fucked her face she reached up and cupped his balls with one hand, feeling their fullness, wanting him to cum in her mouth. She wanted him to shoot his load down her throat and fill her with it, but Chris had other ideas.

After about two minutes of fucking her mouth he pulled his cock from her lips with a plopping sound, moving around behind her. He rubbed his cock along the lips of her cunt to coat it with her juices and then she felt his hands on the firm cheeks of her ass and felt this cock line up with her puckered anal opening.

As Chris eased the head of his cock against the small opening of her ass, Keri let out a small moan. As the muscles stretched and then snapped closed around the shaft, just behind the head, she let out a long low groan of pleasure.

“Fuck my ass, Chris,” she pleaded as he held his cock still. “Shove your cock up my ass and make me cum. I love your cock! I love it in my mouth, my cunt and especially in my ass. Do it!” she cried, shoving backwards.

As she shoved backwards, Chris shoved forward and his cock plunged into her. Keri let out a sigh as her head fell forward on her hands, leaving her bent nearly double with just her ass sticking up in the air. She felt Chris reach beneath her for her tits and was aware of his hands on them, but it seemed as if all her concentration and all her nerves were now centred in her ass around his driving cock.

Chris shoved forward so hard that they both ended up flat on the floor, with him on top of her. This caused the cheeks of her ass to be forced closer together, making his cock feel even that much bigger.

“Gonna cum!” Chris groaned, slamming his cock into her as far and as hard as he could.

As his hot load burst out, Keri began to cry out again, climaxing once more.

Chapter 11 | Archive

All In The Family, (Author Unknown)

Chapter 11

“Hi, Keri,” called a friendly voice.

Keri opened her eyes and then shaded them from the sun as she looked up from the lounge chair she was stretched out on by the pool. She had been there most of the morning.

“Oh, hi, Steve. Hi, Mark,” she said, smiling at the two brothers as they sat down beside one another on the chair next to her.

She could see their eyes travelling over her body, taking in her firm tits, her flat, nearly concave stomach, the mound of her cunt and her shapely legs. She blushed slightly at their bold looks, but couldn’t help but smile when she saw the bulges in their trunks starting to grow.

Her dad and Susan had taken off earlier that morning to go shopping for the stuff they would need for the cookout they were having later in the day. Chris and his mother would attend. She hadn’t known the brothers would becoming over so early, but that was okay.

“What time is it?” she asked.

“Only about ten-thirty,” Steve told her, looking at his watch. “What time will our parents be back? Or did they say?”

“Yeah, Dad said they would be back around eleven-thirty or twelve. Chris and his mom are supposed to get here about twelve-thirty or so.”

Keri was acutely aware of their eyes on her body, and the effect it was having on her. She could feel her nipples start to harden and could feel a small amount of fluid seeping from her pussy to soak the very thin material of her skimpy bikini bottom.

“Anyway,” Mark was saying, his eyes trying to avoid looking at her tits,” we thought we could come over and get in some swimming before the bash gets started, if that’s all right with you.”

“Sure, come on,” she said, glad for the opportunity to get up and dive into the pool.

The water seemed to cool her body somewhat, although it made her nipples stand out even more. As she surfaced and turned she saw the brothers dive in on either side of her and the three of them began to race to the far end of the pool. They were both good swimmers, but she swam every day, year round, and she beat them easily.

“I win!” she cried, laughing as the two brothers finally reached the end and popped up on either side of her.

“You had a head start,” Steve told her. “Let’s try it again, with all of us starting even.”

“Okay, Mister Smarty Pants,” she said, climbing out of the pool and standing on the edge. “All of us start from here and race down and back.”

The two brothers quickly climbed out and stood on either side of her, all of them getting into position. “Ready, set, go!” she yelled.

The three of them dove into the water and began to swim furiously towards the other end. Keri held back just a little and let both of them beat her to the far end, but then she put on a burst of speed which quickly carried her past the two brothers and she beat them back to the starting end. She laughed as they both surfaced, seeing the laughter on their own faces.

“Okay,” Mark said, grinning, “so you can beat the pants off us. Big deal.”

“Yeah,” Steve cried from behind her, “but I don’t like losing, especially to a girl!”

With that, he grabbed her by the waist, lifting her high into the air and tossing her into the water. She came up laughing as the two of them then engaged in a game of tag with her.

But tag soon developed into a game of touch, with them tagging on her tits or cunt, while she would grab their cocks, which were getting harder and harder by the minute. She found this was turning her on something fierce and wondered what would happen.

She didn’t have long to wonder. As the three of them all gathered near the shallow end of the pool , Mark surprised her by suddenly cornering her and kissing her, his tongue pushing its way between her lips and teeth as he brought his hips forward and ground his hard cock against her cunt.

She was surprised at first, but the feel of his hard cock rubbing against her cunt, and his hands on her tits, along with his tongue sweeping the insides of her mouth, made her groan in pleasure and desire. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist and returned his kiss, rubbing herself against him.

She started to wonder where Steve was when Mark turned their bodies slightly in the pool and she felt another hard cock pressing against the crack of her ass from behind. Then she felt Steve’s lips kissing the back of her neck.

She felt hands-but didn’t know who they belonged to-untie the sides of her bikini bottom, and then a thick finger was eased into her cunt, causing her to moan as she sucked on Mark’s tongue.

“I’m first,” she heard Mark telling Steve.

“Sure,” Steve said, moving away.

Mark directed her to the side of the pool, where she leaned back and stretched out her arms, allowing the lower half of her body to float while Mark quickly jerked down his trunks, revealing his thick nine-inch cock. He stepped between her legs, which she quickly wrapped around him again, and placed the head of his cock against her cunt, rubbing the length of it across her clit, sending little sparks through her.

She wanted him to fuck her, wanted to feel his cock stuffing her cunt, but Mark merely grinned and untied the top portion of her bikini, allowing her tits to float freely in the water.

“Beautiful!” he said in a whisper as his hands came up to caress her tits, his fingers gently squeezing the hard nipples and causing her to arch her back.

Keri squirmed her hips, trying to capture his elusive cock, finally succeeding in trapping the head of it with the lips of her cunt. She tried to screw her body down on it, but he kept pulling his hips back slightly, all the while continuing to play with her tits, which he was now sucking on. This as driving Keri crazy!

“Fuck me, damn you!” she screamed, not caring if the neighbours could hear her or not. “If you don’t shove that cock into me right now, I’ll go find someone who will!”

“Yes, ma’am,” Mark replied with a grin.

He placed his hands on her hips and eased the cockhead into her pussy, gently urging apart the walls of it. When he had the first three inches in, he stopped and withdrew until just the tip was in. Then he drove it all the way into her in a single thrust.

Keri moaned, arching her back and grinding her hips down against his. His cock felt so good! It wasn’t as big as her dad’s, and was about the same length as Chris’ cock, but it was a lot thicker and spread the walls of her cunt deliciously.

“Yes, yes, yes, fuck me! Fuck me hard!” she panted as Mark began to drive his cock in and out of her.

As he leaned forward to suck one of her nipples, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled herself up to where she was wrapped around him completely, letting her body slide down the length of his cock, where she rubbed her clit against the hard bone of his pelvis.

Mark stepped backwards a couple of steps, placing them in slightly deeper water, giving her body more buoyancy. Then he began to drive his cock into her relentlessly. His hands were cupping the cheeks of her ass and she could feel one of his fingers inching its way towards her rear hole.

“Stick a finger in my ass!” she whispered hoarsely as she rode his cock, grinding her hips against him each time she let her body drop down.

Mark shoved a finger into her ass just as he shot his first load of hot cum into her cunt, his hands reaching to pull her down as far as she would goon him. Keri threw back her head and screamed as she felt his cum filling her pussy. Her own climax thundered through her like a freight train. Their thrashing bodies were creating waves in the pool, but all she could think about was the boiling cum that was splashing the insides of her cunt.

After a while the two of them came to a halt with their thrashing. Mark walked with her to the side of the pool and eased her off his still hard cock. He set her on the edge of the pool with her legs dangling in the water.

“You’ve got the tightest pussy I’ve ever known!” he told her with a smile. “I thought my mom’s was tight, but it doesn’t compare with your’s.”

“You say the most flattering things,” she said with a laugh as he climbed out of the pool to sit next to her.

She heard another splash and turned to see Steve dive in from across the pool, swimming underwater until he surfaced between her legs. Without a word, and only a brief smile, he eased her legs apart and began to suck and lick her pussy.

This adept action caught her by surprise, but she felt her body respond to it almost instantly. Her nipples hardened once again and she could feel the flush of excitement coursing through her. But Steve didn’t continue this for long, just long enough to have her get hot and horny once again, then he stopped and pulled himself out of the pool.

He took her by the hand and helped her to her feet, leading her around the pool to the patio doors, which lead into the house. She followed him without a word, her eyes glued to his big hard cock, which was bobbing up and down in front of him with each step.

He took her into the guest bedroom downstairs and the two of them quickly got onto the bed and undressed, kissing deeply as their hands roamed over each other’s body. Keri felt herself getting turned on by his kisses and his touch and reached between them to grab his cock.

Steve pulled away from her and raised his body above hers, turning around to bury his face in her cunt and drive his tongue into it while lowering his hips and cock down to her face. She opened her mouth and eagerly sucked him in, feeling him slide his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. In this position it caused her to gag just a bit, but she swallowed and relaxed her throat muscles and soon was comfortable sucking him.

Steve began to work his hips up and down, literally fucking her mouth with his big cock, while he used his tongue to sweep her cunt, drawing out her fluids and driving her wild with passion and desire.

She heard him groan and then she felt his cockhead expanding. Her own climax erupted just as Steve’s cock loosed a torrent of jizz.

Her body seemed to be awash in heat as climax after climax ripped through her. She wished the moment would never end, but he pulled his organ from her mouth, rolling over to lay beside her on the bed as the last of her climax finally subsided.

“Brother,” he said weakly, “I have a feeling we might have met our match. Mom’s good. But our soon-to-be stepsister is even better.”

Keri felt herself blush at his compliments, although she wasn’t sure if she should or not. In a way, it sort of embarrassed her to be called a better cocksucker than Susan. On the other hand, the compliment made her feel good. Either way, she didn’t have time to think about it, as Mark was now kissing her while fingering her pussy, rubbing her clit and making her moan.

“Better make it quick, you two,” Steve said as she was reaching for Mark’s hard cock. “Our parents will be getting home soon.”

“Right,” said Mark, quickly turning Keri over and placing her on her hands and knees. “But I couldn’t live with myself if I don’t fuck her ass. I’ve watched it for so long and I’ve had dreams about it.”

As he knelt between her legs he slid his cock into her pussy, causing her to gasp. He then pulled out and lined his erection up with her ass.

Keri arched her back as Mark thrust his cock into her, sliding his entire length into her ass in a single thrust. His hands were holding her by her hips, jerking her backwards as he went forward with his hips.

She moaned as her body seemed to explode in a thousand little orgasms. “Fuck me! Fuck my ass!”

As Mark drove his cock into her at a frantic pace, she opened her eyes and saw that Steve’s cock was starting to get hard from watching them. With a moan of pure lust she reached for it, pulling him to her and covering his cockhead with her mouth, locking her lips around it just behind the crown. On the next thrust from Mark behind her, she allowed his force to drive her head all the way down on Steve’s cock.

Keri was in heaven! She had one cock fucking her ass like there was no tomorrow, and she was sucking another one. But Steve had other ideas. He raised her head from his cock and began to slide down the bed beneath her. Mark got the idea and ceased his rear fucking long enough for his brother to get into position. He pulled out completely to help her straddle Steve’s cock.

Keri was on her hands and knees above Steve, the head of his cock just touching her cunt lips, while Mark was behind her, the head of his cock just touching her ass.

“One, two, three! ” The brothers counted together. Then they drove their cocks into her at the same time, Steve thrusting upwards with his, Mark thrusting down with his.

Keri cried out in pleasure as the two cocks fucked into her at the same time. Her body collapsed, her legs spreading wide, as the two brothers fucked her in unison, the two large cocks setting up an alternate rhythm.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck! ” she moaned over and over. She felt as if every nerve in her body were centred around her two holes. She could feel every ridge and bump on the two cocks.

The brothers seemed to pick up the pace of their fucking, each of them trying to see which one could fuck her the fastest and the hardest, and th eeffect on Keri was mind-blowing. Her body began to shake and quiver. Her stomach began to heat up and she knew that she was in for one of the most intense climaxes ever. She began to work her hips up and down, matching their strokes, trying to take as much of the two cocks as she could.

“Now!” she heard Mark cry.

He drove his cock all the way into her and ground his hips against her ass frantically. Seconds later his hot cum shot out of his cock and began to flood her hole.

Just as her own body started to react to this, Steven fucked his cock into her cunt all the way and began to unload his jism. This was more than Keri could take and her own climax exploded.

The muscles of her pussy clamped down around Steve’s cock, while the muscles of her ass trapped Mark’s. Neither of the two could have pulled thei rcocks out of her at that moment if their lives had depended on it.

Keri bucked wildly between the two of them, moaning as wave after wave of orgasm swept over her with each spurt of their juice. She didn’t know how long it lasted, although it felt like a lifetime, but gradually her body began to relax. Mark eased his cock out of her ass and rolled off of her, collapsing on the bed next to her and Steve, panting heavily.

Keri gradually eased herself up on her hands, sitting up with Steve’s cock still in her cunt, even though it was rapidly going flaccid. She could feel cum running out of her ass and her cunt. “We better get dressed,” she said weakly.


Keri stood behind Chris on the patio watching the others around her. She had showered and changed into another bathing suit, another skimpy bikini, just moments before her dad and Susan got home. Her dad had looked at her and raised his eyebrows when the two of them were alone in the kitchen for a moment and she had smiled and nodded her head.

“They’re good, Daddy,” she whispered, coming up to him and kissing him, one hand going down to gently squeeze his massive cock. “But not as good as you.”

“Better than Chris?” he had asked with a smile.

She thought about it for a moment and shook her head. “No, not really. They both have big cocks, and they definitely know how to use them, but with Chris there is that something special-love, I guess-that makes it a hundred times better. With Steve and Mark it’s just sex, just fucking, but with Chris it’s more. A lot more.”

“Good,” her father said, kissing the top of her head. That’s the way it should be.”

“You really like Chris, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do. He’s the type of man I wouldn’t mind having for a son-in-law, should you be inclined to think along those lines.”

Now, as she stood next to Chris she looked at him out of the corner of her eyes and thought about what her father had said. Chris was very good-looking, as any chick at college would attest to. He was a top athlete with possibilities of playing professional football or baseball, and was carrying nearly a straight A average in all his classes. He was a business major and had already received some offers from top firms.

But more important than all of that, she knew he loved her with all his heart. She knew that she was the centre of his life. It wasn’t as if she could wrap him around her little finger, because he was not that type of man. He was gentle, but strong, would listen to her and discuss any problems they might have, willing to work for a compromise. He was, she told herself, about as close to her father and what she wanted in a man as she was every likely to find. In simple words, she loved him and she didn’t want to lose him.

She heard laughter and looked across the pool to where her father, Susan and Mary were all standing. They were laughing at something Susan had said and Keri took that opportunity to study the three of them.

Susan and Mary were both beautiful women, but in almost completely different ways. Susan was tall, with a figure that belonged in girlie magazines. Her red hair seemed to be a crown which capped off her beauty. In her bathing suit, a skimpy one-piece, she looked as if she were ready to pose for a photo spread.

Mary, on the other hand, was more petit. Her tits were not really small, but they were not as large as either Susan’s or Keri’s own, although they were beautifully formed and firm, as evidenced by the top of her bikini. She had a flat tummy and a nicely rounded ass, and beautiful legs. She had short dark hair which framed her face, and there seemed to be an air of naivete about her that Keri knew men found attractive.

“You know,” she said, turning towards Chris with a smile, “if my father had met your mom before he met Susan, I think he might have fallen for her. She really is a good-looking woman.”

“Yeah, she is,” Chris said, looking across the pool at his mother. “But that might have caused some problems for us,” he told her with a grin.

“Oh? How?”

“Well, I guess it would be a little hard for me to ask my step sister to marry me, now wouldn’t it?” he said softly, looking deeply into her eyes.

Keri nearly dropped her drink! Did she hear him right? “Wha…what did you say?” she asked in a whisper.

“I said,” he replied with a grin, “that it would be a little hard for me to ask my stepsister to marry me. But since you aren’t my stepsister, then I don’t have any problems with it. Will you marry me?”

Keri was stunned! But not so stunned that she couldn’t set her glass down quickly and throw her arms around his neck, tears springing from her eyes. She moulded herself to him and cried, “Yes!”, drawing the attention of all the others.

“Hey, what’s going on over there?” she heard her father call.

“Come on,” Chris told her, taking her hands and leading her around the pool to stand before David, Susan and Mary. Steve and Mark also quickly joined them from the pool.

“Sir,” Chris said, looking at Keri’s dad solemnly, his voice low but clear and strong. “I would like to marry Keri. I’ve asked her and she has said yes, but I would like to know that it is all right with you.”

Keri’s heart was beating wildly as her father looked at Chris and frowned. But she knew that frown, and it wasn’t one of disapproval, but rather one he used to tease her with at times. She watched him look at Susan and then at Mary, with the two women joining in the game.

“So, you would like to marry my daughter?” he said flatly.

“Yes sir.”

“And what makes you think you can be the man she needs?”

“I have a number of good job offers for when I graduate in a few months and will start at a salary of not less than fifty thousand a year. I have also been offered contracts in both professional football and baseball if I want to go that route, which I don’t.”

“Money isn’t the only thing in a marriage, although it has been the ruin of quite a few of them. What else do you have to offer I wouldn’t want my daughter marrying a man just for a meal ticket. If that were the case, I wouldn’t want her to marry at all, as I have plenty of money for her.”

“Yes, I know that. But money aside, I love Keri,” Chris replied, standing straight and tall as he slipped his right arm around her shoulders and pulled her close. “I’ve never loved anyone the way I love her, and I know that I never will.

“Keri makes me happier than anyone I’ve ever known, and I feel that I can do the same for her. I know that marriage is a partnership, something which has to be worked at, not just taken for granted, and I’m willing to be her partner and have her for mine. I think we both are willing and able to work hard together to make a good marriage.”

“I see,” her father said, turning his eyes to her. “And what about you, Princess? Is this what you want?”

“You know it is,” she replied happily.

Her father’s face split into a huge grin and he held out his arms. She ran to him and he picked her up, hugging her tightly. “Well then,” he told them all, “I guess we will have two weddings to celebrate!”

As he put her back on her feet, Mary turned towards her and hugged her. “I knew he would get around to it one of these days,” she said with a smile, tears in her eyes, “but I was starting to wonder about him.”

For the next few minutes everyone was busy congratulating the couple, but the two of them finally managed to get away from the others, with Keri taking Chris by the hand and leading him into the house where they could be alone for a moment.

They went upstairs to her bedroom, where she pulled him to the bed and wrapped her arms and legs around him, holding him tightly, feeling his cock starting to harden in his swimming trunks.

Without a word, she knelt above him and quickly stripped off her bikini, and then pulled his trunks down to reveal his cock. Tossing his trunks on the floor next to her suit, she bent over him and began to lick and gently suck on his cock, working her way up and down the length of it, feeling it twitch slightly.

She bent her head lower and licked his nut sac, gently drawing one of his hard nuts into her mouth and sucking on it, hearing him moan as she did. She gradually worked the other nut into her mouth, feeling stuffed, and sucked on both of them, watching his cock grow longer and harder.

She released his nuts and began to lick her way up the underside of his cock shaft until she reached the top. She used her tongue to lick all around the crown while holding the shaft by the base with one hand. Then she opened her mouth wide and began to gently suck him in, taking a little at a time, working her tongue all around as she did.

When she had about half of him in her mouth, she began to move her head up and down slowly, gradually taking more and more of him, until at last her lips were locked tightly around the base. As she raised her head she kept her lips sealed around his cock, and when she reached the top of it she flicked her tongue back and forth over the end of it, making him jerk his hips and groan.

She released his cock from her mouth and quickly straddled him. His hands came up to cup her tits, gently massaging them and squeezing the nipples lightly.

She eased the head of his cock into her cunt and let her body slide down slowly until she had about half of his length inside of her, loving the way it stretched the walls wide. She raised herself up to where just the cockhead was still inside of her, held it there for a moment and then slowly let her body slide down the entire length of his cock.

She could feel her clit mashing against his pelvic bone and moved her hips back and forth, causing her clit to be rubbed against him, sending little sparks of electricity all through her. She leaned backwards, resting her hands on either side of his outstretched legs. In this position his cock seemed to touch new places inside her cunt, and that thrilled her. She moved her hips back and forth, loving the feelings it was producing inside of her.

She bent forward again and Chris raised his head slightly so he could capture one of her tits, quickly sucking the hard nipple into his mouth as his hands cupped the firm cheeks of her ass. She began to move her hips up and down, fucking herself on his cock.

“I love you,” she whispered as she began to pick up the pace, moving her hips up and down faster and faster.

Chris was now fucking upwards with his cock, matching her movements perfectly, driving his cock in and out of her with a smooth, rapid motion. She felt one of his fingers gently probe the crack of her ass and when he eased it into her, she felt her first climax sweep over her.

“Uhh,” she moaned, leaning over him and kissing him deeply, shoving her tongue into his mouth.

Chris rolled over, placing her beneath him, never breaking the kiss and keeping his cock deeply within her cunt. She raised her legs and wrapped them around his waist, grinding her hips upward to meet his thrusts, loving the feel of his cock inside of her, loving Chris.

Their movements became faster, more passionate, both of them climbing higher and higher, knowing they would be reaching their peak in only moments. For Keri, who had already been fucked three times earlier that day, it didn’t take long, and she was glad of that, because she wanted to cum at the same time Chris did.

“Do it, Chris,” she urged, fucking upwards with her hips. “Do it! Fuck me, sweetheart! Shove your beautiful cock into me and fill me with your hot cum!”

Her words had the desired effect on Chris as he began to fuck her faster and harder. He slipped his hands under her back and grasped her shoulders and began driving his cock into her as fast and as hard as he could while he lowered his head to kiss her passionately, their tongues sparring with one another.

“So good!” Chris moaned as he broke the kiss, “So damn good!”

He drove his cock all the way into her as she felt her body start to explode in climax. The head of his cock seemed to touch the very bottom of her pussy, and then his hot cum exploded out to splash against her womb.

She wrapped her arms and legs around him as tightly as she could, grinding her hips up and trying to get even more of his cock inside of her. Tears of love and happiness flooded from her eyes as her cunt juices flowed around Chris’ cock, buried to the hilt in her.

Their bodies rocked back and forth for a moment longer and then the two of them gradually began to relax. She kept her arms and legs wrapped around him, as if she never wanted to let him go, thinking about being his wife.

The thought filled her with love and joy, but there was a brief moment of sadness. If she married Chris, would she have to give up fucking her father and his massive prick? She wasn’t so worried about not fucking Steve and Mark, as she could and would gladly give them up if it meant she might lose Chris. But her father? That would take some time, and she wasn’t sure if she could. There was only one solution, she thought to herself as Chris gently disengaged himself from her to lay beside her.

“Now that we are going to be married,” she said softly, kissing the side of his face, “can I ask you something?”

“Sweetheart,” he replied gently, “you can ask me anything, at any time, and you know it.”

“This might be kind of blunt,” she said, “and maybe a little shocking.”

He looked at her for a moment and she could tell he was trying to see what she was getting at, but couldn’t. “Go ahead,” he finally said with a shrug.

“Well, it’s about your mom.”

“What about her?”

“Have you ever… well… thought about fucking her?”

“Keri!” he said, his voice sounding shocked, but she could see the answer in his eyes.

“Hey, it’s okay. I mean, shrinks tell us that a lot of guys do.”

“Well, maybe so,” Chris replied, and Keri thought she detected a trace of nervousness in his voice, “but that does not mean they act on it.”

“Some do,” she told him.

“Well, yeah, I guess some do, but not me.”

“Oh?” she said, raising herself up on an elbow to look down at him. “You mean to tell me that you have never thought about fucking your mom, or what it would be like?”

“I…well, sure. But thinking and doing are two different things entirely.”

“Would you? Fuck her, I mean, if you had the chance and didn’t think you would be found out, or that no one would say anything?”


“Chris,” she said, grinning at him as his face blushed. “Come on, honey, this is me. Tell me the truth.”

He blushed and looked away from her for a moment before answering. “Okay, yeah,” he whispered. “I guess I would.”

“Now, what if I told you that your mom would love to have you fuck her?”

“Yeah, right!” he snorted.

“Oh, I think you might be surprised,” she told him with a grin. “I have a feeling that your mom would love to get a little of what I’ve been getting from you.

“You’re joking!”

“We’ll see,” she told him with a laugh, leaping up off the bed and putting her bikini back on. “Come on, we better get back to the party.”

He slipped his own trunks on and followed her out of the room, but she could see by the look in his eyes that he was thinking about what she had told him. In a way she was glad he had not asked her the same questions she had asked him, or she would have been forced to tell him that she was fucking her dad, and planned on continuing to fuck her dad whenever she could. It didn’t mean she loved Chris any less, she just happened to love her father and loved fucking him and his gigantic cock.

As they rejoined the others on the patio by the pool she smiled at her dad, who merely looked at her and grinned. Susan was sitting next to him at the picnic table and she also looked up and smiled at Keri and Chris.

Mary was seated between Steve and Mark, laughing at something one of the brothers had said to her, her voice sounding like chimes when she laughed. Keri and Chris sat down and the food was quickly passed around. During the meal all of them talked about various things, with Mary explaining how she had managed to make it on her own in the insurance business while raising Chris, and then extolling the virtues of her only child, telling everyone how much he had helped her as he was growing up. Keri could hear the pride and love in Mary’s voice for her son.

Once lunch was over, Keri and Susan cleared the table, carrying all the dirty dishes and leftover food into the kitchen, quickly loading the dishwasher as they talked.

“Well?” Susan asked after a while.

“I think he’s ready,” she said with a grin, “but what about his mother?”

“I think that between my sons and your dad, Mary is so horny that she’s ready to explode! I think if someone took out a cock right now and showed it to her, that lucky man would get his brains fucked out.”

“That may be about to happen,” Keri said, looking out the window and seeing Mary being gently guided towards the house by Steve.

The two of them were laughing and talking, but Keri and Susan didn’t miss the casual way Steve let his right hand come to rest on Mary’s ass without the least bit of avoidance from Mary. The two of them passed through the open sliding doors and walked past the entrance to the kitchen, laughing at something Steve had said.

Keri and Susan hurried to the door, only to see Mary step into the bathroom, with Steve leaning against the wall outside of it. He stood therefor about a minute, and then with a smile as they all heard the toilet flush, he opened the door and stepped in, his cock jutting out of the bottom of his trunks.

“Steve!” they heard Mary gasp. “What are you doing?”

Keri and Susan crept closer to the bathroom door, which was open just a crack, grinning at one another as they listened.

“Mary, I just can’t help it,” they heard Steve tell her. “You are so damn sexy that I’ve had a hard-on for over an hour just thinking about what it would bc like to make love to you.”

“Steve…I…we can’t do this,” Mary said, a hint of panic in her voice, but Keri thought she also heard a touch of desire as well. Susan had been right-Mary was ready to get fucked.

“Sure we can,” Steve said, his voice soft and low.

“I. . . ” Mary began, but then her voice was abruptly cut off.

Keri peeked around the edge of the door and saw that Steve had wrapped his strong arms around her and was kissing her passionately, his hands cupping the cheeks of her ass and squeezing them.

Mary wasn’t exactly passive during this. Her arms came up slowly to Wrap themselves around Steve and she started to grind her cunt against the Hard bulge of his cock. Her eyes were closed and she had opened her mouth To receive Steve’s tongue.

Keri and Susan watched as Steve quickly stripped Mary’s suit down her legs, lifting them one at a time to remove it from her completely. Mary stood there, a blush covering her entire body, her eyes glassy as Steve then did as low strip with his own suit.

Mary’s eyes were glued to his crotch and when his cock sprang into clear view, bobbing up and down in front of him, Mary let out a low moan and reached for it with a trembling hand.

Steve drew her to him and kissed her again, running his hands up and down her back as she moved her hand up and down the length of his cock. Steve broke the kiss and placed his hands on her shoulders.

Without a word, Mary dropped slowly to her knees in front of him, licking her lips in anticipation. She stuck out her tongue and licked at the drop of pre-cum which had oozed from the small hole, closing her eyes as if savouring the taste of it.

She held his large cock by the base with one hand, cupping his nuts with the other, and began to lick the entire length of his cock slowly, gradually working her way back to the crown. There she stopped, opening her eyes and staring at the hard pole of flesh before her. She licked her lips once more to coat them with saliva and then opened her mouth wide and began sucking on his cock.

She moved her head back and forth slowly and then around in circles, causing Steve to groan, gradually working more and more of his cock into her mouth. She had to stop when she had just about half of him, and even though Keri could tell she wanted to take all of him, Mary couldn’t.

But she went to work on what she could take, moving her head back and forth rapidly, making slurping sounds as she sucked on Steve’s cock. She had dropped one hand down to her pussy and was fingering herself madly in the process, and was doing some moaning of her own.

Keri felt a pair of hands come around to cup her tits and turned her head to smile at Susan. The two of them kissed passionately for a moment, their hands fingering one another’s cunt, but they turned back to the bathroom, wanting to see what was going to happen with Mary and Steve.

Steve was groaning and Keri knew by the sounds and by the way he was moving his hips back and forth, fucking Mary’s mouth, that if Mary kept it up much longer she was going to get a mouthful of cum.

Apparently Steve knew it as well, because he suddenly bent and grabbed Mary under her arms and lifted her to her feet. He backed her up to the large vanity and sat her on the edge of it. She leaned back slightly, causing her tits to jut up and Steve bent his head and began to lick and suck on them eagerly.

This action made Mary groan softly, but when Steve suddenly left her tits and dropped to his knees, burying his face in her dark-haired cunt, Mary had to bite her lip to keep from crying out. Steve lifted her legs and placed them on his shoulders to give him better access to her slit, and then set about to shove his tongue into her cunt, causing her to arch her back. Her hands came down and grabbed double fists of his hair as she tried to force more of his face into her steamy pussy.

Keri could feel her own cunt starting to flow and could smell the musky odour of sex that floated up from it. She was aware of Susan’s arms going around her to cup her tits, but she kept her eyes glued to Mary and Steve.

Steve, deciding that he couldn’t take it any longer, stood up, grabbing Mary’s ass and pulling her to the very edge of the vanity. She wrapped her legs around his waist and looked up at him through glazed eyes. She reached between their bodies with one hand and grabbed his cock, guiding it to her dripping pussy.

“Hurry!” she whispered hoarsely. “Please, hurry!”

Steve bent his head to kiss her and then drove his cock into her about halfway. Mary moaned as he pulled back for just a moment and then drove it all the way into her.

“Yesss!” she hissed, burying her face in his shoulder. “Oh, it’s been too long! Faster, oh please, faster!”

Steve grabbed her ass firmly in his hands and began to drive his cock into her, his hips moving as fast as he could make them. There were wet, sloshing sounds from his cock pistoning in and out of Mary’s cunt as he fucked her, and Mary was moaning in one long low wail as her own hips tried to move in tempo with him.

Over and over Steve fucked his hard cock into her and Keri knew what the woman was experiencing and enjoying. Her own cunt was on fire now and she felt that if she didn’t get some relief soon she’d scream. But she knew she had to wait, because the plan was working perfectly. If she took time now to satisfy her own cravings, things might never work out.

She heard Mary cry out as Steve drove his cock into her, burying it to the hilt.

She saw the muscular cheeks of his ass flexing and knew he was emptying his load of cum into Mary’s cunt. And as for Mary, she was biting her lip and raking her fingernails down Steve’s back, her hips arching and bucking up of fthe counter as her own climax swept through her.

Keri smiled to herself, because she knew the intensity of Mary’s orgasms. The woman went wild when she came, screaming loud enough to wake the dead. But here, in the bathroom, she was doing everything possible to keep from screaming and letting everyone know what was going on.

At last, Steve straightened up, kissing Mary lightly on the lips as he pulled his cock from her pussy, now covered with her juices and his own cum. As he stepped back and started to reach for a washcloth, Mary slid from the vanity and knelt in front of him.

She grabbed his cock and began to lick it clean from end to end, closing her eyes and moaning delightfully to herself as she sucked and licked the sticky fluids from his organ. When she was finally done, she gave his cock one last little kiss on the tip and stood up, her bathing suit in her hands. Steve took her in his arms and kissed her deeply for a moment, and at that point Keri and Susan tiptoed away from the door, heading back to the patio. Part two of the plan was about to go into action.

Susan sat down between Chris and Dave, with Keri sitting down on the other side of Chris. Susan arranged her body in such a way that Chris couldn’t help but get an eyeful of her luscious tits, her flat stomach and the bulge of her cunt.

“Ah, what took you so long?” Chris asked Keri, turning his eyes away from Susan.

“Well, we had to clean things up. Can’t leave it a mess in there, or I’ll have twice the work later on,” she told him easily.

“Have you seen my mom?”

“Sure, she and Steve were in there talking about something. I think she had to use the bathroom though, and that’s what’s taking them so long. Oh, here they come now,” she said as Mary and Steve rejoined them.

Mary’s face was flushed and there was a glow to her cheeks she hadn’t had earlier. She smiled at Chris as she sat down. Keri saw Chris look at her, a slight frown coming over his face at what he thought he saw in his mother’s eyes and face.

“Chris,” Susan said sweetly, “listen, could I get you to help me out with something?”

“Huh? Ah, sure. What?”

“Well, I’ve got a trunk of some old stuff that I need to bring up from the basement, and it’s too heavy for me to carry. Steve and Mark have to leave shortly and aren’t going home, and Dave said he needs to go check on a construction site his men are working on, and I need to have that trunk up tonight.

“I was wondering if you would be a sweetheart and give me a hand with it. You could ride over with me, or follow me in your car, and help me carry it upstairs. I wouldn’t ask, but there are some things I have to get out tonight, and there aren’t going to be any able bodied men around to help me.”

“Sure, no problem. What do you say, Keri?”

“Sure. We can both go. Hey, what about your mom? She could come, too.”

“Mom?” Chris asked.

“I…well, sure, why not.”

Beautiful! thought Keri, smiling at Susan. Everything is working out just right.

“Well then, why don’t we get going?” she said, jumping up from her seat next to Chris. “Give me a minute to throw something on and I’ll be right back.”

She hurried into the house and quickly slipped on a wrap around skirt that ended a good three inches above her knees, and a pair of sandals. She grabbed a blouse, but decided not to put it on. Her bikini top was good enough for now. The blouse would be for later, after the sun went down. She hurried back downstairs to see Steve and Mark leaving in Steve’s car, and her father was kissing Susan as he made ready to leave.

“Mary, why don’t you ride with Susan. Chris and I will follow you in your car, if that’s okay with you.”

“Sure,” Mary replied with a smile, heading for Susan’s car and getting in on the passenger side.

Keri and Chris got in their car and the two cars began the half-hour drive back to Susan’s. As soon as they turned off of the street Keri lived on, she slid across the seat and unzipped his pants, grinning at him as she pulled his flaccid cock out into the open.

“Why, Chris!” she cried laughingly, “it doesn’t act as if it’s glad to see me!”

“Believe me, it is,” he told her as his cock started to slowly stiffen.

“That’s better,” she told him, lowering her head to his lap and licking the crown of his cock, feeling it start to harden rapidly.

As Chris drove she gave him a slow, lingering blowjob, using her tongue and lips to bring him close to the point of climax, and then backing off, grinning at his obvious discomfort over her actions.

“Keri,” he groaned when she brought him to the brink once more, only to stop, “you’re gonna make me crash the fucking car if you keep that up.”

“Okay, then I quit,” she told him , sitting up and sticking her tongue out at him.

“What! Damn, woman, you can’t leave me like this!” he cried, his cock sticking up from his groin like a flag pole.

“Sure I can. Besides, I wouldn’t want you to wreck the car,” she told him.

As they pulled into the driveway of Susan’s house, Chris hurriedly stuffed his cock back in his pants, but Keri knew he was in quite a bit of discomfort with his cock sticking up, the top of it nearly sticking out from his pants. He pulled his shirt out to cover it, but he was walking with stiff legs as they all made their way into the house.

“How about a glass of wine before we get started?” Susan asked all of them, going to the refrigerator and getting out a bottle of champagne without waiting for a reply from any of them.

Keri quickly grabbed four tall fluted champagne glasses and brought them to the coffee table just as Susan returned with the champagne. She struggled with the cork for a moment and then it flew out with a pop, making all of them laugh.

“A toast to Keri and Chris,” Susan said as she picked up her glass, holding it over the table as the others did.

They all clinked their glasses together and drank the toast, smiling faces all around. “And to Susan and my dad,” Keri quickly added, to which all of them drank again.

“It’s so hot,” Susan said, sitting back in her chair. “Even with theair-conditioning, which doesn’t work the way it should most of the time, it’sjust too hot to move in the summertime.”

For the next few minutes, the four of them talked about how hot it was, and how much hotter it was probably going to get come August. “Well,” said Susan, “by then I’ll be living with Keri’s dad, and they have central air.”

“True,” Keri replied brightly. “But that’s what happens when your dad owns a construction company. By the way, what are you going to do with his house? Sell it?”

Susan looked at her thoughtfully for a moment, as if she hadn’t really thought about it. “Gee, I don’t know,” she said, and then her face lit up with a huge grin.

“You know,” she said slowly, turning and smiling at Mary for a moment, “when you and Chris get married you probably won’t want to live with me and your dad, or with Chris’ mom, and would probably like to have a place of your own.”

“That would be nice,” Keri told her, “but we couldn’t afford this place for a few years yet.”

“Do you like it?” Susan asked with a warm smile at the girl who was about to become her stepdaughter.

“What’s not to like? It’s not too big, and is just right for a couple starting off a new life, with room for a couple of kids, which I definitely plan on having in a few years. It’s got a nice-sized backyard, even though it doesn’t have a pool, but what the hell, I know someone in the construction business. But like I said, we couldn’t afford it right now.”

“What’s to afford? It’s yours. Consider it a wedding gift from me to the two of you.”

“What?” Keri and Chris both exclaimed at the same time.

“I said that I am giving it to you as a wedding present,” she told the two of them with a smile as she poured all of them more champagne.

“Look, Chris, Keri, I won’t be using it, and I really don’t want to see it end up in the hands of some strangers, which is what will happen if I sell it. By giving it to you and Chris I know it is going to someone who will appreciate it and take care of it the way I have, and it will help the two of you to get on your feet and not have to worry about trying to find a place to live, or be strapped with mortgage payments right off the bat.”

Keri couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She turned her head and looked at Chris, who was sitting there equally as stunned as she was.

“Mary, aren’t you a notary?” Susan asked.

“Yes, I am.”

“Good. I’ll draw up the papers tomorrow, you can notarize them, and then it will all be legal.”

“Susan,” said Mary, her own voice filled with awe at this gesture, “I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything. None of you do. I want to do this, and that’s the end of it as far as I’m concerned.”

“But,” said Keri, “what about Steve and Mark? Won’t they object? I mean, this is their home, too.”

“I seriously doubt it,” Susan replied with a grin. “You see, Steve is heading for Europe as soon as school is out, and plans to make his home in the south of France. And Mark is planning to make a career out of the military, so he won’t need it. And he can live with your dad and myself until he goes in. Now, that’s settled and I don’t want to hear any more about it.”

Susan smiled at Keri, who got up from her seat next to Chris and walked around the coffee table. She leaned over Susan and kissed her full on the lips briefly and then hugged her.

“Thank you,” she said, tears threatening to fall from her eyes. “That’s one of the nicest things anyone could ever do for someone. And you can rest assured that Chris and I will take good care of it.”

“I know you will. Now, Chris, how about helping me with that trunk,” she said as she stood up.

“Let’s go,” he said eagerly as he set his glass down and followed her to the door which led to the basement.

“This may take a while,” Susan called out over her shoulder to Keri and Mary. “We have to dig it out from under some other stuff.”

With that, she led Chris down the stairs, leaving Keri alone with his mother. Keri poured each of them some more of the champagne and sat on the edge of the couch with Mary as she touched glasses with her lightly.

“Some lady, huh?” she said as the two of them sipped their champagne.

“I’ll say! After a gift like that, I have no idea of what to get the two of you. I sure can’t top that!”

“Don’t worry about it,” Keri told her, moving closer to her on the couch. “Just having you as my mother-in-law is gift enough.”

Chapter 12 | Archive

All In The Family, (Author Unknown)

Chapter 12

Keri looked at Mary and saw that the champagne was having a strong effect on her. She reached for the other woman’s glass and set it on the coffee table next to her own and then turned to Mary and slipped one arm around her, drawing her closer. She kissed her lightly, letting her tongue dance along Mary’s lips as one hand came up to cup one of her tits.

“I saw you in the bathroom, with Steve,” she whispered, feeling Mary’s body stiffen momentarily.

“You…you saw?”

“Hey, relax,” she said softly, “it’s okay. Steve is a good-looking guy and has a nice cock. You are a beautiful woman and need a man once in awhile, so what’s the big deal?”

“Keri…have…have you…” Mary began.

“Fucked him? Steve? Yes, and Mark as well, but I don’t plan on it happening any more. After today, the only cocks I want in me belong to Chris and my father.

“But what about you, Mary, didn’t you enjoy it?”

Mary blushed deeply and lowered her eyes, looking down at Keri’s hand-massaging her tit through her swim suit. “I, yes, I did,” she said at last, looking up and grinning.

“I thought so,” Keri told her, and kissed the older woman passionately.

Their arms went around one another as their lips locked together, and Keri felt herself being gently pushed back on the couch. Mary’s hands came up to cup her pussy, and she groaned into Mary’s open mouth, arching her hips up hard against Mary’s hand.

She felt Mary slip a finger beneath the thin material of her bikini, sliding it into her cunt and Keri arched her hips rapidly, fucking herself on Mary’s finger. The two of them began to roll around a little bit and soon found themselves on the floor ripping at their clothing.

They embraced quickly, their tongues searching out the insides of their mouths as their fingers probed into hot, wet pussy juices. With a flash of mutual understanding and need, they reversed their positions. With Mary on top, they engaged in a furious sixty-nine, their tongues working like small, slick cocks as they sucked and licked cunt.

Keri reached her climax quickly. She was already plenty aroused from watching Mary getting fucked by Steve in the bathroom back at her house, and from sucking on Chris’ cock during the drive over to Susan’s. It didn’t take her long to begin bucking her hips and feel her fuck juices flooding out to be sucked up noisily by Mary.

Her own face was being smothered by Mary’s dark-haired cunt, with her tongue working in and out of it to bring the other woman off. She was so engrossed in what was happening and what she was doing that she didn’t see, at first, the legs that were standing a few feet away.

When she raised her eyes, she opened them wide to see Chris and Susan standing there looking down at them. Chris’ face was registering pure shock, but Susan was merely smiling.

There was no missing the growing bulge in Chris’ pants as his cock ballooned rapidly from the sight of his beautiful mother and his equally beautiful girlfriend engaged in a sexual act that most men only dream of watching.

Susan, also seeing the growing cock, turned Chris towards her and kissed him deeply, one hand going down to caress his hard-on through his pants. It was more than Chris could take and he began to rip his shirt and pants off, freeing his cock as Susan also undressed.

It was only when Chris’ belt buckle hit the floor with a chink that Mary raised her head. When she saw Chris and Susan locked in a tight embrace, she sat bolt upright, nearly smothering Keri in the process, a small moan escaping her lips.

Chris broke the kiss with Susan and looked at his mother, who was staring at his cock and licking her lips. She began to crawl off of Keri, her eyes never leaving her son’s cock. When she reached him, she raised up on her knees and sucked his cock into her mouth, forcing her head all the way down on it in one single thrust.

Keri’s eyes bulged wide at the sight of Mary taking all of her son’s cock at once, especially since she had been unable to take all of Steve’s. If anything, Chris’ cock was a little larger, but that didn’t deter Mary in the least.

Her head bobbed up and down on her son’s cock as he stood there in amazement, looking down at his mother, placing his hands lightly on either side of her head as she fucked her mouth on his cock.

But she suddenly pulled away, falling backwards on the floor and pulling him down on top of her. “Fuck me, Chris! Oh please fuck me! I’ve wanted you to fuck me for months, but haven’t had the courage to ask you to. But I do now, so please, fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before!”

Keri could tell that Chris could hardly believe what he was hearing. He wanted to fuck his mother, she knew, but the present situation was probably not what he had in mind. She motioned to Susan and the two of them quickly got down on the floor on either side of Chris and Mary.

“It’s all right,” she told him softly, leaning over to kiss him as he turned his face to her. “Go ahead. I don’t mind. In fact, I want you to. I want you to fuck her, you want to fuck her, and she’s begging you to fuck her-so go on and do it.”

As Keri was talking to him, Susan had reached in and grabbed his cock and lined it up with Mary’s cunt, rubbing the tip of it up and down slowly along her slit, causing Mary to arch her hips and moan. This was more than Chris could take, and with a yell he buried his cock in his mother’s cunt.

Mary screamed, arching her body up off the floor and nearly throwing Chris off as her body exploded in orgasm from the mere entry of her son’s cock.

Her legs came up to wrap themselves around his waist as she slammed her own hips upward to match the thrusts of her son. Chris bent his head and sucked one of her hard nipples into his mouth, which caused Mary to arch her back and cry out again.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Mary yelled as her body exploded into another series of climaxes, causing her to thrash and buck beneath her son.

Keri watched as Chris pumped his cock into his mother as hard and as fast as he could, the action of his cock slamming in and out causing her own pussy to start to heat up. Watching Chris and Mary fuck was an immense turn-on for her, and as she raised her eyes to Susan, she could see that her soon-to-be mother-in-law was feeling the same way.

At that moment the back door opened and Keri’s dad, along with Steve and Mark, entered the house, each of them smiling as they took in the sight of Chris and Mary fucking. The three men quickly stripped their own clothes off and got down on the floor with Keri and Susan, hard cocks jutting out in front of them.

Keri’s dad went to Susan and the two of them began to fuck immediately, with David on the bottom and Susan sitting above him, guiding his massive cock into her cunt and sliding down on it in a single plunge.

With a grin, Keri reached for Steve and Mark, pulling the two of the toward her. She turned around so that she was straddling Steve with her face towards his feet and eased his cock into her cunt a little at a time. She then directed Mark to sit down in front of her, his legs straddling those of Steve, which placed his cock right in front of her. She quickly lowered her head and sucked his cock into her mouth, taking all of him at once.

She began to raise and lower her hips, slowly fucking herself on Steve’s cock while sucking on Mark’s at the same time, but soon found that this position wasn’t as comfortable as she thought it would be. Without releasing Mark’s cock from her mouth, she raised herself completely off of Steve, using her hands to direct him to get on his knees behind her.

When Steve grabbed her hips and rammed his cock into her tight cunt, it shoved her forward and down on Mark’s and she felt it lodge deeply in her throat.

Forgotten was Chris and his mother, Mary still crying out for Chris to fuck her for all he was worth, and gone was her father and Susan. She had promised herself that today would be the last time she fucked the two brothers, and she wanted to make it a good one.

Over and over Steve fucked his cock into her pussy from behind while Mark, who had now gotten to his knees in front of her, held her head still while he fucked his cock in and out of her hot and willing mouth.

“Fuck!” she heard Steve yell as he rammed his cock all the way into her, grinding his hips against her ass as his cock began to unload its torrent of cum into her cunt, triggering her own climax.

She began to grind her hips back against him, begging him silently to fuck her more as his cum filled her pussy to overflowing. She could feel it seeping out to run down the insides of her thighs. Seconds later, Mark grabbed her head and urged his cock as far down her throat as it would go and let his own cum blast out.

Keri tried to moan as her body was wracked with one climax after another, but the mouthful of cock prevented her from doing so. She used the muscles of her cunt to clamp down on the shaft of Steve’s cock, trapping him inside her while she sucked on Mark’s cock, trying to drain the last drop of cum from his balls.

But Steve finally pulled his cock from her, as did Mark, leaving her collapsed on the floor with her shapely ass sticking up in the air.

“Yesss!” she heard Mary groan and looked over to see Chris braced up on his hands, his cock buried in his mother’s cunt as the two of them came.

Mary was bucking her hips, her fingers leaving long red marks down her son’s back as she opened her mouth and screamed out her climax, finally trailing off to a whimper as the feelings gradually subsided.

Chris collapsed and rolled off of her, his semi-flaccid cock flopping over against his stomach. Keri took one look at the fluid-smeared cock and crawled towards it. She began to lick it clean, loving the taste of Mary’s fuck juices and Chris’ cum which coated it. When she had it completely clean, she held it by the base and began to suck it slowly into her mouth. She wanted to make him hard again, as there was one more thing she had in mind for him and his mother. Her actions didn’t take long and before she knew it, his cock was rock-hard once again.

She released it from her mouth and turned to Mary, who was busy sucking Steve’s cock. She was on her hands and knees, her shapely ass sticking up in the air, her asshole seeming to wink at Keri. She directed Chris’ attention to it, gently pulling his cock to guide him to it.

Chris got the idea quickly and knelt behind his mother, easing his cock down along her cunt to coat it with the juices flowing copiously from it. He then raised it up and lined it up with his mother’s ass, spreading the cheeks with his thumbs and placing the head of his cock against the opening. At that point, Mary’s head jerked up off of Steve’s cock and she turned her head to look over her shoulder at her son.

“Chris, what are you doing?” she gasped as he started to ease his cock into her ass.

“I’m gonna fuck your ass, Mother,” he panted, holding her firmly by her hips.

His mother’s ass was so hot and tight that it felt to Chris like he was entering a silk-lined tunnel. He gritted his teeth, pulled his cock back a couple of inches and then rammed it forward with all his might.

Mary’s joy cry was abruptly cut off by Steven, who had grabbed her head and placed his cock into her mouth and down her throat just as her son fucked his cock all the way home in her ass, the two of them setting up a slow steady stroke at opposite ends of her body.

Keri could hear Mary’s moans, but as she listened she heard a definite change in them. No longer were they the moans of apprehension, but of a woman who has gone past the emotional barriers and was enjoying what was happening to her.

With a sudden idea, Keri rolled over on her back and slid beneath Mary’s body to where her head was directly under Mary’s dark-haired cunt. She raised her head and began to lick around Mary’s pussy for a moment before finally forcing her tongue between the swollen lips of her cunt. She sucked out the juices there, letting them coat her tongue, lips and face. When she found Mary’s clit and ran her tongue across it she saw and felt Mary’s body jerk and twitch in climax.

She was so engrossed in sucking Mary’s cunt that it took her a moment to realize that someone was now busy sucking hers. She let her head drop down for just a second to see Mark’s head buried between her legs and feel his tongue work its way up inside of her. The feeling was fantastic and she smiled as she went back to work on Mary’s cunt.

But Mark was an excellent cunt-licker and before long Keri had to release her hold on Mary to handle what Mark was doing to her. She let him pull her out from beneath Mary where he could throw her legs over his shoulders and really suck her pussy. It didn’t take long before she was in the throes of her own climax, bucking her hips up against Mark’s mouth and tongue as her hands grabbed his hair to hold his face in place.

But when it was over she realized that Mark’s cock was hard as a rock, and as much as she wanted to feel that cock inside of her, she had a better idea. She turned over and got on her hands and knees just as Steve shot his load into Mary’s throat. As Steve finally fell back exhausted, Keri put her hands on Chris’ shoulders and eased him over to his side, his cock still firmly buried in his mother’s ass.

Once the two of them were on their sides, she looked at Mark and grinned. “Go ahead,” she told him, grabbing his cock and pulling him towards Mary.

Mark quickly lay on his side in front of Mary and lifted her right leg and guided his cock to her cunt, easing it in a little at a time. Mary’s eyes flew open wide and she reached for Mark, pulling him towards her and kissing him passionately, her tongue sparring with his as his cock slid easily into her cunt. Once Keri was satisfied that Mary was getting thoroughly ass-fucked by Chris and Mark in her cunt, she turned her attention to her own pleasure-and her father.

She looked around and saw her dad busily sucking Susan’s cunt as she lay sprawled on the floor with a cushion from the couch beneath her ass to raise it up. Keri crawled over to them and quickly straddled Susan’s face, feeling Susan’s hands come up to wrap themselves around her waist as her tongue shot out to lick Keri’s cunt from end to end, rubbing across her hard clit and causing her to have an orgasm.

She rode Susan’s face, letting the older woman suck her cunt and loving it, but she was waiting for Susan to cum so she could get what she really wanted, and that was her dad and his monster cock all to herself. She didn’t have long to wait, as moments later Susan moaned into her pussy as Keri’s dad brought her to a shuddering climax with his tongue. As soon as it was over, Keri raised herself from Susan’s face, turning around and bending over to kiss the other woman for a moment before finally looking up at her father and the cock that was jutting out from between his legs.

She crawled towards him, her eyes glued to his massive cock, reaching up to grab hold of it with both hands. She rubbed her left cheek along one side of it and then her right cheek along the other side. She lifted it up and bent her head to lick the sensitive underside of it, letting her tongue travel the entire length of the massive shaft slowly.

When she reached the end of it, she stuck out her tongue and began to lick all around the huge head, moaning deeply in her throat, knowing that soon the organ would be buried inside of her.

She opened her mouth, stretching her jaws as wide as she could, and eased the head of his massive cock into her mouth, loving the way the spongy mass filled her mouth so completely. She forced herself to relax as much as she could and sucked on the head, using her tongue to coat it with her saliva.

With a moan of desire she slowly moved her head forward, taking his cock in slowly, inch by gradual inch. She stopped when she was about halfway down his cock, letting the muscles of her throat relax and taking a deep breath. She held it for a moment, letting it out slowly as she began to force her head further and further down.

Just this act, the taking of his entire cock, caused Keri to experience a small orgasm and she could feel the lips of her cunt opening and closing, as if searching for a cock to fill them. With a low moan she began to work her way back towards the head of his cock, using her tongue to lash the shaft of it as she did, hearing her father’s words of praise.

His comment filled her with pride, because she knew she could do something for him that not even Susan could do, and that pleased her to no end. She began to move her head faster and faster up and down the length of his cock, fucking her face with it as she raised one hand to cup his huge sac of nuts. She gently squeezed them, feeling for the sign that he was about to cum. When she finally did feel his nuts starting to draw up, signalling the onset of his climax, she reluctantly pulled her head back and let his cock slip from her mouth. She then threw herself backwards onto the thick carpet and raised her legs, spreading them wide, reaching for her father’s cock and pulling him to her.

“Fuck me, Daddy! Shove that big monster into my cunt and fill me up!”

Her father smiled and crawled above her as she wrapped her legs around his waist, using her hands to guide his massive cock to the opening of her cunt. She placed the head of it against the opening.

Wrapping her small legs around his waist tightly, she arched her hips up, trying to capture his cock with her pussy. Her father chose that moment to ram his cock forward, pushing about half of its length and width into her cunt.

She screamed as his giant cock oozed the walls of her pussy wider than any other cock could. Then her father pulled his cock back slightly and rammed it forward again, this time slamming it all the way into her. Keri arched her back and opened her mouth to groan, but all she could do was gasp for breath.

Keri felt a pair of lips on each of her tits and opened her eyes to see Steve and Mark on either side of her, each of them sucking on one of her large firm tits. She looked up and saw Chris standing just above her head and reached up for him, grabbing hold of his cock, which was only half-hard.

He knelt down above her head and smiled down at her, bending his head to kiss her gently. It was at that instant that her climax exploded in her and the world seemed to spin. She slammed her hips up to meet the rampant thrusts of her dad’s cock as her cunt gushed with her fluids, running out and down the crack of her ass.

She moaned over and over as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her. Just as the feeling was starting to subside, she felt her dad pull his cock out of her cunt. She looked down between her legs and saw that it was still iron-hard and wondered why he had stopped.

Her dad grinned and took hold of her and turned her over so that she was laying on her stomach. She quickly raised her ass up into the air and raised her upper body on her hands and knees in front of him. As he started to line his cock up with her ass she looked up and saw that Chris’ cock was now hard again.

“Daddy, wait!” she cried out huskily.

She pulled Chris down to the floor with her and quickly straddled him. She held his cock by the base and eased her pussy down on it. After just having her father’s massive cock in her pussy, Chris’ slid in easily. Th einner muscles of her pussy quickly adjusted to the size of Chris’ cock and clamped down.

She then leaned forward, reaching behind her to spread the cheeks of her own ass, looking back over her shoulder at her father, who merely grinned at her and eased the head of his cock against the tight opening of her ass.

She moaned, lowering her head to Chris’ chest as her father began to ease inch after massive inch of his cock into her ass. And she loved it! When she felt the hairs of her father’s groin rub against the soft cheeks of her ass she moaned again, feeling as if she were in heaven.

She raised her head and kissed Chris passionately, letting her tongue sweep the inside of his mouth as his hands came up to cup her tits, gently squeezing her nipples.

She began to raise and lower her hips on Chris’ cock as her father’s moved slowly in and out of her ass. She felt stuffed in a way she had never know before and loved the feelings it was producing inside of her. She could feel the two cocks rubbing against one another through the thin membranes which separated her ass and her pussy.

She braced her hand on either side of Chris’ shoulders and began to move her hips up and down faster, gritting her teeth at the exquisite pleasure she was receiving from the dual fucking, gradually picking up more and more speed.

Chris’ hands came up to grab her tits as his own hips began to fuck upwards, driving his cock into her pussy faster and harder. He raised his head as he pushed her tits together and sucked on both her nipples at the same time.

Behind her, her father was gripping her tightly by her tiny waist now starting to fuck into her ass with long hard strokes. She could feel the breath being knocked out of her by his long cock and she was panting as she ground her ass down and around on Chris’ cock, and then up and back on her father’s. She screamed at the top of her lungs as her body began to go into spasms of orgasmic delight from the two cocks.

She began to jerk her hips up and down, feeling as if she couldn’t get enough of their two cocks. Chris was slamming his cock up into her as hard as he could, and with a final groan he arched his hips, driving it all the way in. She felt the head of it expand and then her cunt was flooded with his hot cum.

Her father shoved forward so hard that she fell flat on top of Chris, with his cock still spurting inside of her. It forced the cheeks of her ass even closer together, but even that and the weight of her father on her back, his gigantic cock slamming into her ass, could not stop the explosive climax that suddenly gripped her body. Her head seemed to spin and a thousand rockets went off in her cunt and ass as her dad fucked her rear.

As his cockhead expanded and his cock began to jerk and twitch, Keri thought her insides were going to melt. And when his boiling load of cum shot out of his cock she screamed until her throat was raw, her body jerking spasmodically between the two of them.

Over and over her hips jerked up and down. The muscles of her cunt and her ass clamped down on the two cocks, holding them as they continued to fire load after hot load of cum into her pussy and ass.

She didn’t know how long it lasted, but then her head began to clear and she could feel her father slowly pulling his cock out of her ass. She whimpered and tried to hold him in, but to no avail. Once he was out, Chris rolled over gently, leaving his cock inside of her as he rested his own weight on his elbows as he looked down at her and smiled.

“After today, just you and me,” she told him, her voice a mere whisper, smiling up at him lovingly.

“Well,” he said softly, “how about you, me, my mom and your dad?”

“You know something, almost husband of mine,” she told him as she wrapped her arms around him and held him close, “I think I love you very much.”


The End