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BEE-0315 Stepmother’s Lover by John C. Douglas

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Chapter 1

Dorothy Morgan glared at her stepson with angry green eyes as she
listened to the lawyer’s cracked voice destroy the hope she had nursed
for the past five years.

Damn it! It just wasn’t fair! Bruce Morgan had been ages older than her
twenty-four years, and his children were already into their teens when
she married him. He wasn’t a bad looking man, and he had been
proficient, if not inventive in the bedroom. But Dorothy was convinced
that she could have done a lot better with a minimum of effort. The
only reason she married Bruce Morgan was his clearly stated promise
that the three hundred acre farm would be hers when he died.

For five years, she had played mother to Ted and Linda, while dutifully
offering her young body to Bruce’s nightly assaults. Now, Ted was
eighteen and Linda was sixteen, and Bruce was dead.

Dorothy did not pretend a grief she could not discover among her
emotions. Even the youngsters received the news of the auto accident
with suppressed sighs of relief. Bruce had never been close to either
of them, and his authoritarian attitude would be missed but little.

“So,” the lawyer concluded, folding the document and removing his
glasses, “Mr. Morgan left the bulk of his estate to his sole male heir,
Ted Morgan. The others will receive sums up to ten thousand dollars.”

Ted’s dark eyes mocked her as Dorothy exclaimed, “He couldn’t do this
to me! I’ll contest the will!”

The attorney sighed. “That is your privilege, of course. But I assure
you, this will cannot be broken. Mr. Morgan was very specific in his
demands that it be made unbreakable.” He folded his bony hands on the
desk. “I’m sure you can work something out among yourselves without all
the expense and embarrassment of prolonged litigation.”

“Sure,” Ted’s deep baritone drew another glare from his stepmother. “We
can work something out. We’ll talk it over when we get home.”

“Your home,” the woman exclaimed angrily. “Not mine! Your father saw to

The lawyer stood up, his narrow shoulders supplying a shrug of
finality. Ted rose to his feet, tall and muscular, offering an arm to
Dorothy and receiving another furious frown of refusal.

Linda Morgan, Ted’s younger sister, followed her brother and stepmother
from the office, down the narrow hallway, and out the side door into
the parking area where they had left the Chrysler.

The contents of the will had failed to surprise the girl. It seemed
logical that Ted should assume control of the farm. He was, after all,
a man, and farming was no job for a woman, especially one like Dorothy.
Linda didn’t dislike her stepmother. It was just that she had never
been able to accept her as Bruce’s wife. Her father had been a stern
and cold man, while Dorothy, with her flaming red hair and generously
curved body, was–Linda found it difficult to shape the word, even in
the privacy of her mind–sexy.

“I’ll drive,” Ted announced when they reached the car. He held out his
hand for the keys, and Dorothy’s normally full lips became a tight red
slash above a quivering dainty chin. She placed them on his palm with
unnecessary force, then stalked to the rear door and climbed into the
back seat.

“You can ride up front with me, Linda.” Ted grinned, and the girl
trotted happily around the car, her skirt climbing over her slender
thighs as she settled herself in the comfortable seat, watching her
brother insert the key with an air of authority.

“Are things going to be different, Ted?” Linda asked as they pulled out
into the light afternoon traffic. “At home, I mean.”

Ted gave her a quick smile, his eyes dropping to caress the tanned
flesh above her dimpled knees. His right hand lifted from the wheel to
curve warm fingers about her thigh, gentle, yet bold, moving upward
just enough to suggest more than a casual touch.

Linda’s body tensed as she felt the warm tingling between her legs.
Then, just as suddenly, the muscles relaxed and she let her thighs roll
on the seat, widening the angle between them. She was mistaken about
Ted’s intention. She had to be. It was unthinkable that her own brother
would actually do the thing that flitted through her mind.

“Things will be better, Sis.” His voice was soft, conveying the same
thrilling warmth that radiated from his fingers, still sliding over the
smoothness of her skin, dangerously near the forbidden zone. Linda
wondered what she would do if he actually touched her there.

“What are you doing?” Dorothy’s voice came harshly from the back seat.
She was leaning forward, staring at Ted’s hand, her own gripping the
leather upholstery.

Ted’s eyes were insolent, meeting hers in the rectangular mirror. His
fingers tightened about the young flesh, possessively and boldly. His
voice bore a trace of harshness that made the woman sit back, her face
a lovely mask of confusion.

“I’m doing what I want to do,” he said tensely. “She’s my sister. Or
have you forgotten that?”

Linda wondered why Dorothy had objected to her brother’s touch. He
wasn’t hurting her. On the contrary, the most pleasant sensations were
pulsating through her lower belly, concentrating their tingling thrills
in the plump mound beneath her thin panties.

A faint pink glow spread upward from her small breasts to paint her
cheeks. She desperately hoped that Ted would not notice the dampness
that was beginning to seep through her panties.

Linda hated it when his hand returned to the wheel, and she hated
herself for thinking that it had been anything more than a gesture of
affection. Ted would never dream of doing those awful things that were
pictured hazily on the rim of her consciousness.

All three were silent as the powerful car swallowed the miles with its
throaty purr. At the farm, Dorothy was first out, stalking into the
multi-columned house with an exaggerated twisting of her lush bottom.

She climbed the stairs to her second-story bedroom, closing the door
behind her before dropping the mask of haughty defiance and yielding to
the gut-wrenching sobs of disappointment. Before the mirror of the
heavy oak dresser, she stared at the convulsive heaving of her
prominent breasts, the big mounds shoving their outlined tips against
the black dress.

“Mourn, bitch,” she whispered in a fierce tone. “Pretend you’re sorry!
The only thing you’re sorry about is getting cut out of his will.”

The lips snarled, quivered, then curved in a strained smile. Her head
went back, the red hair swirling and reflecting the lift from the tall
windows of the bedroom. She laughed, beginning with a sobbing chuckle,
and climbing dangerously toward hysteria.

“He fucked you, Dot!” she hissed at her swaying reflection. “The son of
a bitch fucked you after he was dead and buried!”

Her fingers tore at the neckline of the dress, ripping it down the
front and tugging the split until it hung like a ragged black smock,
gaping to expose her nakedness. Her tits poked meaty nipples at the
mirror, and her pubic thatch flamed its redness.

“He got the prime years,” she whispered, the angry tone surrendering to
a wistful softness. “And what did you get? You got fucked! That’s what!
He promised you the whole damn pie, and you end up with the crumbs!”

Gracefully, even in anger, she shrugged the torn dress down over the
firm breasts, wiggling her voluptuous hips until the cloth puddled
about her feet, and she stood naked except for the sheer hose, garter
belt and slippers.

Unsnapping, feeling her thighs tensing and quivering, she removed the
last item to stand, long legs spread wide, devouring her mirrored
nakedness with half-closed eyes. The spongy nipples began a visible
engorgement, swelling and tightening in their pinkish brown circles.

She shot her pelvis forward, pushing the plump cuntal mound into
greater prominence, bending her knees and widening the angle of her
thighs until the lips of her pussy were tugged apart to reveal the
delicate slit of the vaginal entrance, pink, moist and shivering with
suppressed excitement.

“God!” she breathed. “If I’d only had a real man during those years!”

She bent her head forward, one hand cupping a pliant mound and
contorting its roundness to lift the succulent nipple to where her wet
tongue could caress its rounded tip. The other hand splayed slender
fingers over the red hairs of her bush, the middle digit disappearing
into her red corridor. Her neck arched, and her red lips fastened about
the swollen nipple, sucking avidly. Her finger probed and wiggled, and
her luscious ass bucked excitedly.

Pleasure welled in her grinding belly, becoming a hot slippery flow
that coated the dancing finger and spread to the other digits, enabling
her thumb to slide delightfully over the throbbing bud of her expanding

It was never necessary for Dorothy to fantasize during her masturbatory
sessions. Her own body was the only image required to create a swirling
desire in her easily aroused loins and she could quench that surging
lust with skillful fingers and a knowing mouth.

Her hand and wrist were wet from the flood of vaginal nectar, and it
trickled sluggishly down the inner curves of her quivering thighs as
her finger plunged and retreated, frictioning the labial lips and the
pulsating walls of her convulsing pussy.

The saliva-covered tit slipped from her mouth as the ecstatic shivers
of climax tightened her muscles, pulling her grinding hips forward, and
arching her torso backward. The tendons in her slender neck rose to
become writhing blue worms beneath the flawless skin, throbbing to the
accelerated rhythm of her pulse and the repeated stabs of orgasmic

For a few fleeting moments, Dorothy was able to forget the injustice of
her late husband’s will. As her vagina contracted with a force that
made her whole body jerk and tremble, she gave herself over to the
familiar, yet always incredible pleasure. It was one thing that Bruce
had been unable to take away from her.

Her legs were still weak when, showered and dressed in a white blouse
and skirt that accentuated her breasts and hips, she went downstairs to
talk with her stepson.

Ted was in the study, seated behind the massive desk talking on the
phone. He had pulled one of the lower drawers open and propped a foot
on it, leaning back and swinging his elevated knee from side to side in
a way that drew the fabric of his tan slacks tightly against the
obviously large contents of the crotch.

He murmured something into the phone as Dorothy entered, then replaced
it, keeping his knees spread, and sliding farther down in the swivel
chair. The position shoved his bulging crotch forward. He watched her
cross the floor, his eyes sliding up and down her body, insolent and

“Well,” he drawled, matching voice to expression. “If it isn’t my
darling stepmother. Have you decided to be more reasonable?”

Dorothy sank onto a straight-backed chair, the skirt baring dimpled
knees and the beginning of perfectly rounded thighs. She took a deep
breath, forcing back the anger and bitterness.

“I acted childishly, Ted,” she murmured. “I was blaming you for
something your father did. It isn’t your fault.”

The handsome face showed no expression, merely watched her, the eyes
flicking down, now and then, to caress the curve of her thighs. She
found his stare disconcerting.

“You haven’t said what you want me to do,” she continued. “I have
nowhere else to go, and the money won’t be available for several
weeks.” Her voice trembled, then steadied. “Even then, I’ll have just
enough to see me through the year.”

Ted’s voice was gentle as he said, “What makes you think I want you to
leave? Linda would be lost without you.”

She watched his eyes trying to read them. Failing, she said, “I’ve
always felt you didn’t approve of my marriage to your father.”

The eyes hardened, hatred flickering in their depths. “My father is
dead.” The voice was flat. “Whatever I may have felt about him no
longer matters.” He was silent for a moment, still moving his knee in
that metronomic cadence. “Do you want to stay here?”

“I have nowhere else,” she repeated, unable to keep her eyes from his
bulging crotch. It seemed larger than before. It suddenly dawned on her
that she had never seen Ted naked. He had been almost thirteen when she
married Bruce, and already showing signs of maturity.

“That wasn’t the question,” he reminded her, his lips curving. “Do you
want to stay?”

Wordless, defeated by the prospect of near-poverty after the five years
of luxury, she exclaimed, “Yes! You know I do!”

His broad shoulders rose and fell. “Why don’t we discuss it tonight?”
he suggested, the lashes masking his eyes. “After Linda has gone to

“What is there to discuss?” she countered, failing to read anything
unusual in the remark.

“There are several changes I plan to make,” Ted said, lowering his foot
from the drawer. “I just called Aunt Joyce, and invited her to bring
the kids for an extended visit.”

Dorothy tried to hide the sudden frown as she said, “She never liked
me. There’ll be trouble between us.”

The handsome face hardened perceptibly. “You still remember that they
are my relatives,” he said in a flat voice. “Aunt Joyce was my mother’s

“That’s why she hates me,” Dorothy ventured. “She felt that I was
trying to take your mother’s place with Bruce.”

The slight frown faded, replaced by a curious tilting of the wide
mouth. “Would it make you feel better if I called you Mother?”

It was her turn to frown, with a confused knitting of her brow. “I …
I don’t know. Both of you have always called me Dorothy.”

“Yes.” The grin broadened. “But, like I told you, there are going to be
some changes made.”

Linda’s entrance halted their conversation, and Dorothy retreated to
the kitchen, checking with the cook on the preparation of dinner. She
had no chance to be alone with Ted until after ten o’clock, when Linda
yawned and excused herself for the night.

Slumped in his late father’s chair, watching the news without any real
interest, Ted reminded her of his previous remark. “We’ll talk in your
room, Mother.” The last word was emphasized, Dorothy was unable to
determine its meaning.

“Why can’t we talk down here?” she asked.

His eyes flickered from the TV to her face, then back again. “We’re
going to talk,” he replied coldly. “Not argue. I don’t like arguments.”

Dorothy felt a surge of anger, but forced it aside, keeping her voice
even as she said, “Are you ready to go up?”

“You go ahead,” he answered, not looking at her. “Just leave your door

Dorothy’s mind sought for some explanation of the lad’s conduct as she
ascended the stairs, entering her room and closing the door. She had
known Ted for five years. But, she realized, she didn’t really know him
at all.

A creature of habit, she found herself selecting a gown from the
closet, carrying it into the adjoining bath and changing into it before
considering the implications of Ted’s presence in her bedroom. Quickly,
she tugged a robe from the closet and shrugged it on over the thin

She had hardly drawn the fabric about her narrow waist when Ted opened
the door without knocking, stepped inside, and closed it behind him.

“You could have knocked!” she said forcefully. “I might have been

He leaned casually against the door, his eyes lazy and humorous as they
drifted up and down her body, its lush curves challenging the robe with
their prominence.

“You seem to forget, Mother, dear,” he drawled. “This is now my house.
I can go anywhere in it, at any time.”

“You can show a little common courtesy!” she exclaimed.

His lips curved. “Oh, I’ll show more than that!”

Dorothy stared in disbelief as he reached for the zipper of his slacks,
drawing it downward with a gesture of boldness. His hand dipped into
the gaping fly to emerge with his cock, huge, even in flaccidity. His
fingers tugged the loose skin back from the meaty glans.

“I plan to show you everything, Mother,” he said softly.

She had expected some childish display of authority. But his deliberate
exposure caught her by surprise. For several seconds, as the cock began
a rapid swelling under the manipulation of his encircling fingers, she
was unable to speak, merely staring at the meaty cylinder that jutted
from his fly, arrogant and lustful. The purple head was shiny, its
membranous surface tight under the pressure of his fist.

“What do you think of it?” the boy asked before she was able to speak.
The prick was already larger than Dorothy imagined it would be, and it
was still growing. As if aware of her thoughts, he added, “It’s a lot
bigger than the old man’s.”

“You should be ashamed of yourself!” The words sounded trite and
foolish. The lad was correct in his comparison. Bruce’s tool was a
trifle when measured against the engorged column of arching hardness
that sprouted from the base of Ted’s belly.

His eyes became glittering slits, chilling her with their icy stare.
“Take your robe off, Mother,” he said in a tight voice.

She shook her head, the red hair brushing her cheeks with the violence
of her refusal. She continued to gaze at the huge organ, hypnotized by
its size and virility. Her hands flew to clutch the robe more tightly
about her big breasts, feeling the fabric slide against the thin gown,
teasing her sensitive nipples.

“You have a choice,” Ted reminded her. “You can do as I tell you or get
out.” His voice softened just enough to compel her attention. “Wouldn’t
it be a lot simpler to cooperate? I can make things very pleasant for

“What … what do you want me to do?” she asked weakly.

“Eventually,” he answered in that same soft tone, “everything. But,
I’ll settle for a little head right now. I have the feeling you really
know how to suck a big, juicy dick.”

Her breath was audible in its swift intake. “You’re awful!”

He moved toward her, his free hand darting out to clamp her shoulder,
the fingers tightening until her face twisted with pain and she gasped,
a whimpering sound of protest.

“Down, Mother!” he growled, forcing her downward toward the rearing
column of throbbing cock flesh. “It’s time to pay the rent for a

Dorothy’s face poised over the slitted head of his prick, so close that
she could smell the musk of the engorged phallus. Her knees trembled
and bent, and she sank to a kneeling position before him, her hands
flying out to push against his hard thighs as she sought to evade the
scarlet knob that aimed its tiny slit at her mouth.

“Don’t, Ted!” she whispered. “Please! Please, let me up!”

She knew the plea was futile just as she knew that the boy was
perfectly capable of forcing her to submit. His eighteen-year-old body
was rock-hard, and the grip on her shoulder sent waves of pain through
her torso.

“Don’t be coy!” he exclaimed, shoving his hips forward and rubbing the
satin knob against her chin. “Don’t try to pretend that you’ve never
chewed on a cock.”

The pain in her shoulder was unbearable. She shuddered convulsively,
her voice breaking. “All right! For God’s sake! I’ll do it!”

She offered no resistance when his hand tugged the robe from her
shoulder, pushing the gown aside to bare the pink-tipped mound of one
breast. He didn’t touch it, but Dorothy could feel his eyes on the
nipple, and a strange tingling spread through the sensitive aureole.
The spongy bud stiffened and expanded, in spite of her mental commands
to the disobedient flesh. She heard Ted’s soft chuckle.

“You see, Mother?” He rubbed the head of his prick against her cheek,
his free hand caressing her red hair. “You get all excited just looking
at my cock. Imagine how it will feel when you start sucking on it.”

Dorothy tried to fight back the sob that racked her shoulders and
jiggled her naked breast. Her hands, still clutching his hard thighs,
gripped the muscles through the thin fabric of his slacks.

“Let’s stop fucking around,” he said huskily. “Pull my balls out, and
let’s have a little action.”

There was nothing else she could do, Dorothy told herself. She had to
obey him. Her fingers dipped into his fly, beneath the root of his
thick cock, lifting out the huge sac with its twin nuts rolling in her
gentle grip. Her other hand curved about the shaft of his prick,
finding that she couldn’t make her fingers meet.

God! He was big! Much larger than anyone she had ever handled before
marrying Bruce, and a third larger than Bruce’s. No matter how much she
resented what the lad was making her do, she couldn’t help wondering
how it would feel to have his monster cock inside her, stretching her
vagina and pounding up against her womb with its huge head.

“That’s it!” Ted exclaimed, his buttocks clenching as he shoved his
hips forward, sliding the huge prick through her warm fingers. “Now
wrap your tonsils around that dick!”

Dorothy jerked her head back as the prick shot forward, the scarlet
helmet glistening as its tiny slit parted under the sudden strain. A
glob of clear pre-come oozed from the reddened eye, then began moving
sluggishly down the inverted V of his glans.

“Lick it off, Mother!” he demanded, the hand on her head urging her
closer. “You may as well get used to the taste of come. I’m going to
see to it that you have all you can handle.”

She could not twist aside. The musky scent of his organ filled her
nostrils, and she grunted as the head was jammed roughly against her
closed lips. She felt the hot wetness slide toward her left cheek,
gnashing her lips back against her clenched teeth.

“Open your mouth!” There was a fierceness in his voice that demanded
obedience. She strained her jaw to accommodate the large knob, feeling
it brush her lips and drive between her widely parted teeth. The taste
of his cock filled her mouth, slightly salty and completely masculine.
It touched her tongue, and she tried to block its deeper penetration by
stiffening that oral member.

“Take it, damn you!” he hissed, fingers tugging at her hair until tears
sprang into her tightly closed eyes. Her protest was a nasal whine, for
her mouth was filled with the meaty tip of his prick, and he was
forcing still more of it inside.

Until that moment, Dorothy had believed that she could find some way of
avoiding the complete surrender demanded by her handsome stepson. If
nothing else, she was prepared to give him a few kisses, and use her
hand to relieve that throbbing hardness.

But the lad was not interested in the usual foreplay. He had acted so
quickly and forcefully that she could do nothing but obey his barked

Her tongue dipped beneath the advancing head of his cock and she felt
it press the soft arch behind her palate. Her fingers tightened about
the base of the shaft, and she gagged as the knob drove farther back,
threatening her throat with its huge bulk. She felt her lips press the
circle of thumb and forefinger.

“Move your hand!”

Dorothy’s brain whirled. It couldn’t be happening to her. It wasn’t
possible that the boy she had accepted as a son just five years ago
could be doing this terrible thing to her. But the meaty shaft was all
too real, and as her fingers relinquished their grip his cock was
driving deeper, filling her throat and blocking her breath.

The boy’s hips shuddered as the head reached the soft embrace of her
tonsils and the involuntary convulsions of her throat tightened the hot
wetness about it. His hands, like talons on her red hair, held her
securely in place for a long moment, ignoring her frantic efforts to

Air whistled through her nostrils as he drew the prick outward to the
roomier area between tongue and palate. She whimpered, swallowing
quickly, and tasting the tart jism left by the deep plunge of his cock.

“Suck it real good for me,” he said in a thick voice, “and I won’t make
you take it all. Understand?”

She heard her whine of assent, and felt the prick slide over her tongue
as she bobbed her head in agreement. She was willing to do anything to
avoid another choking invasion by that huge shaft. Squeezing her eyes
closed, she went to work.

Before her marriage to Bruce, Dorothy had permitted a few select
partners to slide just the heads of their cocks into her mouth and she
had teased their glans with rapid movements of her tongue. She had even
sucked a little if she was in the proper mood. But she had stopped long
before they could shoot their wad, no matter how much they pleaded with
her to go all the way.

This time, she realized, there would be no stopping. She would have to
take his load in her mouth. Then, if she was careful, she could spit it
out after he withdrew his cock.

As if reading her thoughts, Ted said, “You’re gonna drink it!” His
fingers in her hair reminded her of her helplessness. “You’re gonna
make me come, and you’re gonna swallow every goddamn drop of it!”

She was already sucking him, and sliding her mouth back and forth on
the throbbing shaft. Now as his words registered in her confused mind,
she accepted them without argument. He had already reduced her to an
animal-like submission. She could hardly be forced any lower.

His prick, now that she could analyze her reaction, had a pleasant
taste, and her jaw had finally become accustomed to the strain of
acceptance. Even as she pondered that discovery, the cock gave a little
lurch, and she felt a fresh glob of jism on her tongue.

The delicate taste of the slippery liquid sent a strange sensation
throughout her body. Her breasts, quivering with the bobbing motion of
her head, tingled, and the nipples swelled to an even greater

Without realizing what she was doing, Dorothy began taking more of the
prick inside her mouth with each slide of her encircling lips. When
awareness finally came, it was too late for retreat. Desire had claimed
her more effectively than Ted’s demands and threats, and she was
nursing his cock with an avidity completely foreign to her nature.

Another glob of jism surged through the thick staff, and her tongue
gathered it in, happily swirling over the slippery knob. She swallowed,
feeding the strange hunger that was building in her throat, yet finding
the seminal sample insufficient to quell that ever-mounting demand.

No longer conscious of his hands, Dorothy altered her rhythm, shoving
her head forward to drive her wet lips down the engorged shaft until
the knob filled her throat with its meaty goodness. Then, fingers
rolling his heavy balls, she swallowed, whimpering at the delightful
feeling of her convulsing muscles about that throbbing cockhead.

As her mouth retreated, she sucked with hot, fierce vacuuming, her
tongue dancing beneath the corded belly of his prick, then polishing
and massaging the glans where it lay poised like a huge, slick plum
just behind her lightly gripping teeth.

“Damn! Ted’s exclamation was hurled through contorted lips. “You’re a
natural cocksucker! Take it all, bitch! Swallow it!”

This time, she didn’t pause to think about it. With a whimper of greed,
Dorothy screwed her mouth down on the shuddering length of his prick
until the head was again lodged in her throat. Her body jerked and her
head leaped forward, her nose burying itself in his thick pubic hair.
Her chin touched his leathery scrotal sac, and her fingers rolled the
big nuts against the delicate cleft as she caressed the hilted knob
with repeated swallows, thrilling to the presence of that throbbing
flesh that seemed to reach all the way down to her stomach.

With a snarl of lust, Ted’s hips began hunching his cock in and out,
plunging it past her flashing tongue to probe that gulping corridor of
hot tissue, then dragging it back until only the gentle clamping of her
teeth behind the flared glans prevented its escape.

Dorothy welcomed the assault. Saliva dribbled from the corners of her
straining lips, and she heard the wet sounds of the prick’s sliding.
She heard her own throaty gurglings as she sucked the delicious meat,
eager for each thrust and each drop of that tasty liquid that oozed
from its slippery tip.

“NOW, BITCH!” she heard him cry, and felt the powerful shuddering of
his hips become a jerking swell of the prick that filled her jaws with
its expanding bulk. “DRINK MY COME!”

Hot, thick and wet, the semen spurted into her throat with such force
that she could not swallow in time. The ropey cream was forced back
about its originator to spill from her lips and coat her trembling

Like a savage animal, Dorothy impaled her face on the exploding cock,
gulping the come with such force that the youth cried out in surprised
protest as he felt the clenching of her greedy throat.

Unable to breathe as she ingested his repeated volleys of semen,
Dorothy’s senses reeled under the onslaught of an orgasm that seemed to
begin in her throat and spread downward to her almost forgotten cunt.

Each spurt of the ropey sperm triggered another and more powerful
convulsion of her vagina, as if the movement of her throat muscles were
actually the involuntary spasms of a new and impossible form of climax.

Her lips still stretched to encompass his spent cock; her nose and chin
were coated with the spilled sperm, wet and sticky as she held him with
one last feverish milking. She moaned her protest when he forced her
head back, pulling the prick from her lips and letting the knob flip up
against her nose, then waving it teasingly before her glazed eyes.

He grinned triumphantly as her tongue reached out to lick a broad
circle about her bruised mouth, gathering the spilled come. The grin
widened when the tongue reached for her fingers, still holding his
scrotum, and claimed their sticky coating with savage twistings.

“The old man missed a good thing,” Ted grunted huskily, releasing her
tousled hair and stepping back. He forced his dwindling cock inside his
fly and drew the zipper up. “I’ll bet he never let you blow him.” He
smiled as her head wagged from side to side. “Don’t worry about it.
I’ll see that you get all you want.”

Dorothy remained on the floor when the youth left the room, closing the
door behind him. Her robe gaped about her generous breasts, and she
looked down to discover a fleck of semen on her right nipple.

Slowly, hand lifted, her forefinger sponged the creamy drop and carried
it upward to her parted lips. She sucked it into her mouth, holding the
tip of her finger in place as she relived the past few minutes, her
tongue licking slowly and greedily.

She stared at the closed door as she sucked her finger like a bashful
child, wishing fervently that Ted would come back.

Chapter 2

Linda Morgan hated pajamas. On the few occasions when one of her
schoolmates had spent the night with her, she wore a sheer gown that
barely covered the chestnut triangle which her father had repeatedly
warned her was the gateway to hell.

She found it difficult to believe that the sensitive little opening
between her thighs was really evil, no matter what others might say
about it. Nothing that felt so good when she stroked her finger between
its soft lips could be really bad.

Still trying to grasp the meaning of all that had happened during the
eventful day, she finished her bath, toweled her nubile body dry, and
slipped into bed completely naked, enjoying the feel of the cool sheets
against her bare skin.

She was happy that the farm now belonged to Ted. In her mind, which had
never managed to keep pace with the development of her body, her older
brother represented a tangible security against all the bad things that
might happen to her were it not for his presence.

At school, until he graduated, Ted had stood between her and the harsh
teasing of those who recognized her backwardness. When some older boy
tried to take advantage of her quite real innocence, it was Ted who
convinced the youth to desist by pounding the warning into his head
with a hammer-like fist.

He had even stood up for her to their late father, and Linda had found
her affection becoming almost painful when Ted gave her an occasional
hug or a less frequent kiss.

Lying in the soft bed, she recalled the ride back from the attorney’s
office, when Ted had rested his hand on her thigh. If she tried very
hard, she could still feel those strong fingers, and recreate the
delicious tingling sensation that had spread upward to the furry
juncture of her slender legs.

Just before she had come upstairs, Ted had told her that he would drop
in and kiss her goodnight, a habit they had both enjoyed until their
mother’s death. After that, their father had sternly forbidden either
of them to enter the other’s bedroom.

Linda stretched luxuriously, the sheet sliding against the points of
her small breasts, making them stiffen. It was different now, she
reminded herself happily. Ted was the boss. He could do anything he

She heard her brother ascend the stairway and enter Dorothy’s room, but
she thought nothing of it. They would have things to discuss concerning
the big farm. When they were finished, Ted would come in to deliver
that promised kiss, and she could go to sleep.

Drowsiness pulled her eyelids down, and she had no idea how much time
had elapsed when the opening of her door made her sit straight up in
the bed, the sheet sliding down to her waist, baring the pert-nippled
cones of her firm young breasts.

There was a long instant during which she felt Ted’s hot eyes on her
naked torso. Then, with a little gasp, she tugged the sheet up to cover
herself, clutching it with both hands.

“I’m sorry,” she apologized blinking at her brother’s faint smile. She
had never before seen that particular expression. “I got so sleepy, I
guess I just dozed off.”

He closed the door, one hand extending to the wall switch beside it.
“You look uncomfortable,” he murmured, “holding that silly sheet. I’ll
cut the light, and you won’t have to worry about it.”

With the sound of a soft click, darkness enveloped the room, leaving
only the faint light from the window to outline his figure as he moved
toward the bed. Linda’s fingers released the sheet, her arms reaching
out to welcome him.

He sat down on the side of the bed, turning slightly to slip his arms
about her naked waist. Gently, his fingers caressing the soft warmth of
her skin, he pulled her against his chest. Her arms tightened about his
neck, and she lifted her lips for his kiss. Eyes closed, she waited.

There was something deliciously wicked about the way Ted was holding
her. The darkness cloaked her nakedness, but she could feel the heat of
his chest against her sensitive nipples, and she shivered at the
realization that she wished he were naked, too. His voice made her eyes
open, straining to make out his features in the dim light.

“Tell me, Sis,” he whispered. She could feel his breath on her upturned
face. “Did you ever kiss a guy with your mouth open?”

She kept her own voice low as she answered, “I’ve never kissed anyone
else but you and Daddy. He’d have blistered me if I did that.”

“Do you think you’d like it?”

The fingers were playing up and down her back, and she felt her nipples
swelling against his shirt front. Her arms squeezed him.

“I’d like it with you Ted.” There was an innocent eagerness in her
tone. “I’d like anything with you.”

She heard his soft chuckle. Then, “It’s hot in here. “Mind if I take my
shirt off?”

His arms released her, and she missed the feel of those powerful
muscles against her tits. “It is a little warm,” she agreed. While he
wrestled with his shirt, she raised one leg, hooked the sheet, and
pushed it down to the foot of the bed. The air bathed her nakedness,
but she welcomed its caress of her excited body.

“Remember when we were just little kids, Ted?” she said. “Mom used to
let us sleep together in the same bed.”

“Yeah,” he answered from the darkness. “We’d be as naked as a pair of
jay birds.”

“Why can’t we do that now, Ted?” The question was plaintive.

For a moment, he was motionless. “We’re not kids anymore, Sis.”

“I don’t care. I remember how good it felt when we cuddled up.”

She heard and felt his movements as he began removing the rest of his
clothing, and she shivered with anticipation. He slipped his trousers
down, lifting his hips to remove them, and she asked, “When are Aunt
Joyce and Uncle Ralph coming?”

“Sometime this week,” he grunted, leaning over to slide his socks off.
“Are you glad?”

“Oh, yes. Susan and Beth are wonderful company, and Clyde’s a nice

He was naked, but he seemed hesitant about touching her. She could feel
his eyes in the darkness, staring at her body.

“What’s wrong, Ted?”

There was a curious hoarseness in his voice as he answered, “I don’t
want to scare you, Sis.”

“How could you do that? We’ve been together like this before.”

He was leaning over her, arms braced on either side of her body, yet
not touching her. “You’re a beautiful girl, Linda,” he said in that
strange, husky voice. “Just being near you does things to me.”

She knew what he meant, and she laughed, easily and softly. This was
Ted, her brother. How could he possibly have thought that he would
frighten her with a silly old hard-on. She knew boys got that way when
they were excited, just as girls got all wet and soft. Just, she
reminded herself, like she was at this moment.

“I know about things like that,” she assured him. “I won’t be scared.”

He leaned closer, his chest touching the bare nipples, wiry hair
teasing the tender nubs. His breath fanned her face as he said, “Open
your mouth, Sis. Let’s make this a real kiss.”

Linda’s lips parted, and she ran her tongue about them to make them
moist. Then, before her tongue could retreat, his mouth claimed hers,
clamping over her lips as his chest descended against her tingling

She had heard of “tongue kissing” and had found the idea exciting. Now,
with Ted’s tongue dipping into her mouth, she realized why it was so
popular. When he scooped her tongue back into his oral chamber, she
wiggled it in surrender, and she welcomed his tasty muscle with a hot
suction that made the youth grip her shoulders with trembling fingers.

Sensing that he enjoyed her tongue, she waited until his lips released
her. Then, with artless eagerness, she began licking his face, the
writhing tip of her wet tongue sliding across his closed eyelids, and
even teasing his nostrils with its flashing caress.

“I could lick you all over!” she gasped, returning to his open mouth
and tracing his lips with her tongue. Her body arched, rubbing her tits
against his hairy chest. “Let me do it, Ted! Please!”

He kissed her again, blocking her pleas by shoving his tongue into her
greedy mouth. Holding her, he rubbed his lips against hers.

“Why don’t we do it the other way?” he asked softly. “Why don’t you let
me lick you all over?”

She stared at him, although the darkness made his face an
indistinguishable blur. “Do you really want to?”

He nipped her chin with his strong teeth. “Baby,” he grunted. “From now
on, Ted Morgan doesn’t do anything he doesn’t want to do.” He kissed
her throat. “He wants to eat you up!”

Linda’s arms pulled him down, and his face was buried for a moment
against the warm softness of her arched throat, his mouth open, and his
wet tongue caressing the tender flesh.

“Oh, yes, Ted!” she cried, her body trembling with anticipation. “Eat
me up!”

She felt his lips travel downward toward one of her small tits,
deliberately pausing as they reached the beginning of that gentle
slope. Her hands ran excited fingers through his thick hair, urging him
to kiss his way up the mound until his wet tongue flicked at the base
of her sensitive nipple.

A soft sigh escaped her lips as Ted licked his way around the spongy
finger, not touching it again, but leaving a trail of saliva about the
delicate aureole. She pushed her chest upward, anticipating the first
caress of that engorged bud.

When it came, her whole body convulsed, knees flashing up, and her
torso writhing in reaction to the shattering thrills evoked by his hot
suction and flaying tongue. His mouth covered almost half of the firm
mound, sucking the tip between his strong teeth, then nibbling gently
while his tongue sped back and forth across the swollen nipple.

“Like it, Sis?” he whispered, releasing his oral grip, but keeping his
lips pressed against the succulent spear. His hands, still sustaining
his weight, moved closer to her sides, wrists rubbing her flesh as he
transferred his attention to the other breast

“Yes!” she hissed, twisting to aid his efforts, feeding the nipple into
his mouth and pulling his face against her. “It makes me feel all
shivery and good when you do that.”

His mouth was clamping the other breast, lips straining wide as the
resilient mound was pulled into the hot wetness to be flayed by his
flashing tongue. Then, with a suddenness that made her gasp, he was
nibbling at the distended nipple, and sucking with a force that was
almost painful.

“Do the other one again, Ted!” she cried when his lips released the
tingling flesh. Her fingers clutched at his thick hair, tugging and

Using both hands, Ted pushed the two yielding, mounds closer together,
shaping a tight crevice between their resilient slopes. His tongue
dragged its wet, wriggling tip upward through that warm valley, leaving
it slick with his saliva as he licked out to either side, caressing the
taut nipples until Linda whimpered with the sensations induced in the
quivering tits.

Her whimper became a sensual giggle when Ted mouthed his way down to
her rib cage, flaying the smooth skin below her armpit, and tracing the
soft sweep of her waist until it flared gently to shape her young hips.

He had moved lower in the bed, touching her only with wet lips and hot
tongue, tasting the clean, tangy essence of her naked body, and fanning
the instinctive fires of virginal passion within her trembling flesh.

His voice reached her through the darkness, breathed against one
slender thigh that nuzzled against its mate with a tremorous clenching.
“Spread your legs out, Linda. I’m going to make you feel something
you’ve never felt before.”

His hands touched her, fingers urging the limbs apart, pressing just
above her knees. It was almost the same spot he had caressed that
afternoon. But, now, it was excitingly different. Her legs were
yielding, sliding across the sheet and there were no panties to shield
the tingling nexus of her thighs. They were both delightfully and
deliciously naked.

Linda felt her brother’s lips on her belly and the tingle in her moist
crotch became a demanding throbbing that seemed to reach far back
inside that silk-ringed gateway her father had denounced so vehemently.

Had it been any other man, she would have fought the strange hunger in
that pulsating slit, for their position and Ted’s obvious intent
constituted perversion of the worst sort.

But Ted would never encourage her to do anything that was not proper.
Anyway, they had cuddled together as children. Why should it be
different, now that they were a little older?

Even as Linda examined those thoughts, she admitted that it was
different. And the difference was swirling in her belly like a giant
whirlpool, drowning her will and her faint apprehension beneath wave
after wave of ever-mounting desire.

She felt her legs being lifted, and she shifted her weight onto her
torso as Ted fitted her delicately curved calves over his broad
shoulders, sliding his body forward until her thighs embraced his head,
their sensitive skin frictioned by the slight trace of beard on his

“It’s like I was hugging you with my legs,” she murmured, tightening
the softness against his face. “It feels nice, Ted.”

Her brother did not answer. He was inhaling the delicate musk of her
parted labia, and she could hear the soft intake of breath.
Intuitively, she knew that he found the scent pleasing, and a fresh
rivulet of vaginal juice surged from its mysterious spring to trickle
from the quivering tissues that shaped the lips of her pussy.

Her body jerked in response to the hot tongue that licked upward
through the tender valley, its tip just touching the forbidden gateway,
then sliding higher to flick wetly against the protruding nub of her

“Oh, Ted!” she whimpered, thighs tensing on his shoulders to wiggle her
excited hips. Her buttocks clenched repeatedly as his tongue slid
through the splayed labia again, pressing more firmly than before. “Oh!

Her ass bucked wildly when the writhing muscle thrust its warm,
wriggling tip into her pussy. Her thighs clamped his head and she
shoved her crotch violently against his mouth. Thrills, more wonderful
than she had ever imagined, coursed through the palpitating corridor of
her cunt, and she realized that it was no longer a children’s game they
were playing.

Again, her hands sought his head, urgent and demanding, and her pelvis
rocked the slippery lips of her pussy over that oral probe. Then, as
his mouth shaped a vacuuming oval, she moaned in ecstasy at the hot
suction on her spasming cunt.

Her finger had never been able to produce that delicious sensation, and
she knew that only a few more strokes of his plunging tongue would make
her come. She had to pull her pussy away from Ted’s mouth before that
happened. He would never forgive her if she spilled that warm, slippery
juice while he was nursing those quivering pussy lips.

She tried to reverse the direction of her scrabbling fingers, but they
only pulled his face closer, and her ass wriggled the spasming cunt
against his lips until she could feel the teeth behind them. Her head
rolled back and forth on the pillow, her soft, blonde hair whipping
across her tortured features, their ecstatic contortion cloaked in the
room’s darkness.

The orgasmic shudders rippled outward from some hidden spring in her
dancing pussy, convulsing her vaginal walls and clenching her labial
ring about the tongue that reached farther into the undulating sheath.

Linda emitted a choked sob as the hot wetness spewed outward, meeting
the tongue and flowing past it. Even as the pleasure surged through her
cunt, Linda braced herself for his angry exclamation.

Then, to her happy surprise, she felt his tongue begin spooning the
thick honey from her slit, and the delicious suction as his lips drew
more and more of the tart juice from its hidden source.

He was swallowing it, ingesting the slippery exudation with swift gulps
that were interspersed with little grunts of undeniable enjoyment. The
sounds catapulted Linda beyond ecstasy to a mind-bending plateau of
sensation that was almost frightening in intensity.

Gasping and moaning, she felt her legs being lowered to the bed, her
pussy still shivering with the echoes of that incredible come. Her
hands slipped from his retreating head and cupped the pointed mounds of
her tingling breasts, fingers squeezing and rolling the distended
nipples. Her heart was thumping so loudly that she hardly heard her
brother’s husky chuckle.

“You’re a big girl, now, Linda,” he said in a gentle tone. “Almost big
enough for this.”

She gasped at the sudden pressure between her thighs, surprised at the
dimensions of the thing she recognized without feeling anything but the
huge head that rubbed its throbbing bulk up and down through the
slippery furrow of her pussy.

Fear caused her hips to retreat, jamming her ass down against the bed,
but desire created a responsive writhing that increased the pleasure of
that slow massaging movement.

Ted forced the head of his cock upward, grinding it against her swollen
clitoris, and her pelvis bucked and jiggled at the delightful
sensations in that sensitive bud. A fresh rivulet of vaginal lubricant
emerged from her pussy, bathing the big knob as it slid downward
through the plump furrow, caressing the fluttering labia, but resisting
its torrid invitation.

She hardly recognized her own voice. Breathless and containing an
excited quality she could never have attained before that moment, it
reached him through the sex-charged darkness.

“I wish I could see it, Ted!” Surprised at her own boldness, she
hurried on. “I remember when we were little, we used to look at each
other. It was fun to turn on the light and pretend we were grown up and

The hot pressure became more intense, and Linda felt the distinct
throbbing as he answered, “We don’t have to pretend anymore, Sis.” The
prick centered on the delicate membrane where his tongue had intruded
with such wonderful results. He added just enough pressure to the stiff
shaft to effect a yielding of the soft lips. “We can do anything we
want to do.”

Linda’s brain reeled in confusion at the threatened invasion of her
young pussy. Her mind screamed a silent warning, while her body
trembled in hopeful anticipation, actually pushing the juicy slit
against the giant cockhead, and feeling it spread the pliant tissues
into a straining circle.

“Easy, Sis!” Ted murmured, his body tensing. “If you keep that up, I
won’t be able to control myself.”

“I don’t care!” she hissed. “It feels good when you do that.”

Maintaining the shallow insertion of his glans in the yielding mouth of
her tight pussy, Ted wiggled the cock shaft, teasing the nerve-laced
membranes, and causing her to whimper with pleasure.

For a moment, she was certain he was going to push the big thing
inside, and her heels braced against the bed to receive him. She knew
it would hurt. The few times she had forced two fingers into that
delicate place, the pressure had been almost unbearable. But pain would
be a small price to pay for making Ted happy. She would do anything to
please him. Anything!

The moment passed, and she felt the cockhead withdraw as her brother’s
hands gently drew her slender legs together, lifting his own knees
until he was kneeling astride her thighs.

“How about playing with it for me?” he asked, passion blurring the
words as he reached for her hands, pulling them to the convergence of
his muscular thighs.

Linda felt his hairy scrotal sac brush her fingers, the soft covering
yielding to betray the presence of the twin balls that marked the base
of that thing that had just kissed her eager cunt. Then, as he curved
her palm about his cock, she uttered a cry of delighted excitement.

He did not hurry her, removing his own hands as she traced the rearing
shaft with trembling fingers, examining the heart-shaped head by
running her fingertips about the flared rim, then teasing the tiny slit
at its tip.

She tried encompassing the thick column, but her fingers and thumb
could not meet. She placed one hand above the other, and found the knob
beyond her top fist.

“What do I do?” she queried, her voice anxious and determined. “I want
to make it feel good.”

“Squeeze it,” he murmured, his hips trembling,
“and slide your hands up and down on it.”

Obediently, the girl’s hands tightened their grip, moving back and
forth along the swollen shaft, feeling the soft envelope slide against
the core of throbbing hardness. She tugged with eagerness at the giant

“Hey!” he grunted in protest, his hands covering hers to slow the
pumping. “Not so fast!”

“I like it!” she exclaimed, resuming the motion, but with diminished
speed. “It’s so big and hard! Does it feel good to you, Ted?”

“Wonderful, Sis,” he whispered. “Why don’t we turn the light on, so we
can see what we’re doing? Do you mind?”

Linda felt the big cock slip from her grasp as Ted climbed off the bed
to flick the wall switch, flooding the room with a brilliance that made
them both blink. Her eyes focused on the rearing prick, and her lips
shaped an oval of wonderment at its size. It was even larger than her
fingering had led her to believe.

She sat up in the bed, staring boldly at his nakedness, her mind busily
comparing the tall, muscular youth with the child who had pressed his
body against her in their earlier years.

Ted was a man, she realized, and he had already assured her that she
was a woman. That meant they were capable of doing all the things they
had whispered about during those delightful nights when their mother
had permitted them to cuddle together in that same bed.

Of course, Linda reminded herself, they would never actually do it. She
could not bring herself to shape the word that sprang to the forefront
of her imagination. But she welcomed the images that shaped themselves
in her blonde head, dwelling on the rhythmic movement of Ted’s hips
above her eager crotch.

She felt her brother’s eyes on her face, and heard him ask, “What’s
wrong, Sis?”

“I was thinking something terrible,” she whispered, feeling the heat of
a deep blush suffuse her naked breasts and throat. Her gaze returned to
that stiff cock, and her body trembled with a sudden shiver of desire.

“You thought,” Ted said, resting one knee on the bed, the prick wagging
its engorged head only inches from her wet lips, “that I was going to
screw you.”

Her tousled hair swirled in a vigorous denial. “You wouldn’t do that!”
she exclaimed. Her eyes narrowed questioningly, the red lips pursing.
“Would you?”

He grinned at her confusion, lowering his hips to the bed, but keeping
one foot on the floor. The other leg folded, leaving his thighs parted
to accentuate the heavy balls between them.

“What would you do little Sister,” he asked gently, “if I were to do
just that?”

Again, she looked at that big column, trying to visualize its thick
shaft in her tight slit. A mixture of excitement and fear twisted her
mouth as she answered, “I’d do anything for you, Ted.” Her voice was
weak, but sincere.

His hands gripped her wrists, pulling her fingers back to their embrace
of the swollen prick. She saw a shiny drop of clear liquid seep from
the little eyelet of the purple crown, and her fists slid upward on the
shaft milking still more of the lubricant from the throbbing hardness.

“What is that?” she asked, bending closer to inspect the glistening
exudation. The male scent of his cock filled her nostrils and she felt
a sudden surge of increased desire for the handsome lad. Her nipples,
already strutted into tingling fingers, ached with a strange sensation.

“That’s fuck juice, Sis,” he said in a soft voice, smiling at her
renewed blush at his use of the forbidden word. A new note crept into
his tone as he added, “Taste it!”

Her eyes flicked up to his face, then back to the oozing jizm. Without
questioning the command, one slender hand freed itself from the bulging
shaft, dabbling a soft fingertip in the pearly liquid and spreading it
over the delicate V of the glans.

The hand withdrew, carrying its slippery coating to her parted lips,
and hovering there as a dainty tongue licked out to sample the musky
lubricant. Her eyes closed as her tongue retreated with its erotic
prize. Her lips met and tightened.

Linda’s taste buds tingled at the salty tartness of her brother’s cock
juice, and she savored its effect on her salivary glands before letting
the mixture slide down her throat. She had often wondered how his prick
would taste, and she could see nothing wrong with his request or her
eager compliance. After all, Ted had swallowed the overflow from her
pussy, and he wouldn’t have done it if there had been anything improper
about it.

The touch of his hand on her head made her open her eyes, and she felt
herself being pulled forward, gently, but firmly. Her free hand left
her mouth to return to that stiff prong, joining her other hand in
trembling encirclement. Closer, its tip almost touching her nose, his
prick delivered another glob of jizm from its tiny eye, and she watched
it roll sluggishly down the swollen ventral ridge.

“Lick it for me, Sis!”

There was a new note of urgency in his voice, and the big cock quivered
in her fingers as his hand drew her still nearer, not really forcing,
but urging with unmistakable pressure.

She knew that Ted would enjoy the caress of her hot tongue on his
prick, and she was equally certain that she would find pleasure in
complying with his request. Not only would she be pleasing him, but she
would be satisfying a dark hunger that was building in her mouth and
throat, a hunger to taste more of that slippery juice that seeped from
his hard cock.

At school, Linda had heard some of the girls talk about “giving head”
or “going down” on their dates, but she had never considered the act as
something she would be so eager to try.

She was uncertain as to just what she should do, aside from obeying
Ted’s thinly disguised command. The prick was much too large to fit
between her teeth, unless she strained her jaw uncomfortably. But, she
mused, moistening her lips and yielding to the slight pressure of his
hand, it would be wonderful to feel that smooth, slick head inside her

Her tongue snaked out to slide upward from just beneath the V to lick
the little accumulation of liquid from the pulsating hardness,
lingering to tease the tiny slit, when she felt his body tremble in
immediate response.

“Does it feel good?” she whispered, moving her lips against the
slippery membrane.

“Wonderful!” he breathed, stroking her hair. “Take it in your mouth,
Linda, and suck it!”

“I don’t know how,” she complained, licking that small area of
sensitive flesh again, and wiggling her tongue to massage the already
tingling glans. “I’d do it all wrong!”

“Just do it the way you want to!” he encouraged. “Don’t worry about
anything else.” He tilted her head so that he could see her worried
eyes. “You do want to suck my cock, don’t you?”

“Oh, yes!” was her quick and excited rejoinder. “I want to make you
feel good!”

His hand held her head in place, the tip of his cock bumping her chin
when she tried to reach it with her extended tongue.

“Never mind about me,” he insisted. “Do you want it?”

“More than anything else in the world!” She struggled against his hand.
“Please, Please, Ted! Let me have it!”

She opened her mouth wide, feeling the strain in the muscles of her
jaw, and slid her wet lips about the huge knob. It touched her teeth,
and she managed to separate her jaws still more, enabling the flaring
corona to slip past, caught between her tongue and the roof of her

She held him there, wriggling her tongue beneath the plump head,
tightening her lips about the thick shaft, and applying a gentle
suction that wrested a groan of pleasure from her brother’s throat.

“Goddamn!” he rasped, his voice thick with lust. “This is what I’ve
been dreaming of for years! My baby sister chewing on my dick like a
stick of candy! Pretend it’s got a creamy center, Linda, and you’re
trying to suck it out! Just keep sucking on it and licking the head
with that crazy tongue till you make it come!”

Linda no longer felt the ache in her straining jaw. The taste and feel
of that delicious prick blotted out all other sensations and she sucked
it with little whines of lust, bathing it in saliva, then drawing the
mixture back and into her throat while her tongue lashed it with
furious swirling.

“Play with my balls!” he hissed, forcing her hands from his cock and
replacing them with a swift curling of his own strong fingers. He
pumped the thick shaft, keeping the head firmly inserted in Linda’s
nursing mouth, but nudging her lips with each stroke, his forefinger
and thumb touching the strained circle of wet redness.

Her hands eased between his thighs, fondling the heavy orbs in their
pliant sac, hefting them and rolling them inside the oily pocket with
instinctive gentleness. Her tongue flogged the throbbing head,
extracting repeated globs of that delicious juice from its slitted
vent, and she whimpered with pleasure as the slippery tartness bathed
her throat.

She felt the prick begin a voluptuous sliding between her lips, the
slick knob pushing over her writhing tongue, then pulling back to where
the corona was trapped by her teeth. Ted’s fist shaped a corridor for
the shaft, and he hunched the cock through it, working the head in her
mouth with short strokes that jabbed it against her palate.

“Are you going to drink my come, Sis?” he panted, the circle of his
fingers jamming against her lips with a steady drumming. “Are you gonna
swallow it for me?”

Linda managed a nod that bobbled the cockhead inside her oral grip, and
her fingers fluttered hotly about his dangling balls as she sucked with
more powerful tugs. Through passion-flared nostrils, she gave a soft
whine of greed that made him fuck her wet lips with more rapid strokes,
feeding more of the big prick into her mouth, driving past her palate
to bump the soft arch that shivered convulsively at the erotic touch.

She strained her jaw to make more room for the meaty shaft, executing a
little chewing motion that opened the path for his prick, then
tightened around its withdrawal in delicious suction.

Over her own soft whimpers and liquid slurpings, she could hear Ted’s
quick gasps of pleasure as he worked the prick back and forth, his hips
jerking and quivering, and his balls tightening in her fondling

“Now, Sis!” he exclaimed. “Suck it hard! Oh, damn! Suck it!”

Linda was unprepared for the gush of creamy semen that spurted over her
tongue and into her throat. She had expected more of that same juice
she had drawn from the cock, but not the flood of warm sperm that
bathed her tonsils and made her gag before she could swallow it down.

There was more. Jet after jet of the ropey come filled her mouth,
forcing its way back between her lips and the shaft to trickle down her
chin and her rapidly gulping throat. She tried swallowing faster but
the volume of male juice was too much.

Her tongue, cradling the massive head of his prick, wriggled in happy
undulations that drew the last creamy drops from his pulsating glans,
and she claimed them with a soft moan of joy.

No longer concerned with the possible wrongness of what she had done,
Linda was satisfied that she had made her brother feel good. Of that,
she was quite certain. His husky cries as she drained his cock were
sufficient evidence of his pleasure.

Releasing his prick, she ran her tongue about her lips with a hungry
licking motion, gathering the spillage of sticky sperm, and drawing it
inside her aching mouth, savoring the bland flavor of his semen.

“Did I do it right, Ted?” she asked, her lips, slightly puffed from
their labor, curving in a sensuous smile. “Did I make it feel good?”

He curled his forefinger, sliding it upward beneath her chin and
gathering the come that had trickled beyond the reach of her tongue.
Slowly, grinning at her surprised expression, he poked the cream-
smeared knuckle into her mouth, feeling her hot lapping as she sucked
the residue of his ejaculation.

“It was good, Sis,” he murmured, removing his finger and pushing the
head of his spent cock forward to rub against her parted lips. “But you
could do a lot better with a little practice.”

Linda’s eyes brightened perceptibly. “Are we going to do it again?”

He chuckled, pushing her back on the bed and covering her warm breasts
with his hairy chest. His mouth sought hers, tasting his own sperm in a
tongue-driving kiss, waiting until it was over before he answered.

“Not tonight, little Sister.” He shifted his weight to lick one
strutted nipple, coating it with saliva and rubbing his cheek against
its sensitive tip. She squirmed at the slight rasping of his beard

Gathering his clothing, he walked to the door, giving her a slow wink
as he said, “Dream about all the things you’ve wanted us to do. If
you’re a good girl, we’ll do them.”

Linda was smiling happily when the door closed behind him, her fingers
already dipping between her wet thighs.

Chapter 3

Joyce Porter shifted her voluptuous hips on the seat of the station
wagon, adjusting the vent glass and leaning closer to the flow of
sultry air. Perspiration coated her face, lending an earthy sensuality
to the natural beauty of her features.

“I wish we could have the air conditioner fixed,” she sighed to the
brown-haired man behind the wheel. “It would have been a nice trip if
it hadn’t been so hot.”

Ralph Porter gave an amused snort without taking his eyes from the
road. “We were lucky this old crate made it at all. If Ted hadn’t
called when he did, I don’t know what we would have done.”

From the seat behind them, a blonde youth said, “I can’t imagine Ted
Morgan owning all that property.”

The two girls who shared the seat with him exchanged knowing smiles,
and the other one exclaimed, “You’re just jealous, Clyde. Ted’s a year
younger than you, and he’s rich.”

“And cute!” her sister added with a giggle. “Rich and cute.”

“Susan! Beth!” their mother said wearily. “Your brother was just
expressing himself. I’ll admit that I expected Bruce to leave
everything to Dorothy.”

“If he had,” her husband murmured, “we wouldn’t be making this trip.”

Joyce reached across to pat his hand, the fingers lingering
caressingly. “It all turned out for the best,” she said softly. “In
fact, it’s almost like a miracle. You drew the last unemployment check
last week. Having Ted invite us to live on the farm was the best thing
that could have happened to us.”

Susan pushed a curl of brown hair back from her amused eyes. “I can
just see my darling brother trying to milk a cow.”

“They have machines for that, stupid!” Clyde retorted.

The blonde-haired Beth giggled again, crossing her arms over the
promising mounds of her young breasts, their interesting tips revealed
by the dampness of the blouse that clung to the thrusting curves.

“I’ll bet Ted can milk a cow!”

“Children!” Joyce admonished. “Stop bickering! You’re making your
father nervous.”

Ralph chuckled at the remark. “Even they couldn’t do that, now,” he
said good-naturedly. “I feel like a condemned man who has just been
granted a pardon.”

“Now, darling,” Joyce remonstrated, smoothing the skirt over the swell
of her lower thighs. “You tried to find work. Lots of people are in the
same fix we are.”

He flicked a quick glance at the clinging skirt and the lush thrust of
the twin mounds that poked prominent tips against her sweat-soaked

She saw the direction of his look, and her cheeks flamed, but she gave
him an appreciative smile. It was good to know that the years of
marriage and the arrival of three children, all now in their teens, had
not diminished her husband’s desire.

“I wish they could all have their problems solved so easily,” Ralph
said. “Your nephew becomes rich overnight, and we get a new lease on

“It was sweet of Ted to invite us,” Joyce agreed. “I just hope we can
find some way to repay him.”

“He’ll probably have us working our butts off!” Clyde interjected.

“Clyde Porter!” Joyce exclaimed, twisting about to face her son. “You
watch that language! Just because you’re almost nineteen doesn’t mean
that you can talk any way you please.”

“Your mother’s right, Son,” Ralph added in a softer tone. “But, if we
do have to do that, it will be a small price to pay for the security
Ted can give us.”

Joyce sighed, her big breasts sliding their nipples beneath her damp
blouse. “Can you imagine what that boy is worth? My goodness! Some of
that land was worth two thousand dollars an acre before Rachel died.
There’s no telling what it would bring today.”

Ralph glanced at the rear-view mirror, seeing the closely packed boxes
that filled the area behind the two seats. He gave a little frown as he
said, “And all we have is a stack of dishes and a few clothes.”

“Don’t worry, darling,” Joyce said consolingly. “We still have each
other and the children.”

The station wagon, dust-covered and knocking worse than when they began
the trip, pulled off the highway and onto the long drive that led to
the Morgan farmhouse. The five visitors were greeted at the door by a
smiling Ted and a beaming Linda, while Dorothy, more reserved in her
welcome, waited inside the doorway.

“I’m glad you could come on such short notice,” Ted said to Ralph,
answering the man’s hearty handshake with a grip that made the other
wince in surprise. “Now that Dad is gone, it seems proper to get all of
us together again.”

Linda showed the three youngsters upstairs to their separate rooms,
blushing furiously when Clyde insisted on giving her a quick squeeze
before ducking inside his room and closing the door.

Ted assured Ralph that he would have the wagon unloaded by some of the
hired help, and asked him to wait in the study while he showed Joyce
their room. Then, urging his aunt up the stairs before him, he followed
the undulating hips down the hallway, reaching past her to turn the
knob and wave her inside.

Closing the door behind him, Ted waited for her to look about the room
and turn back to where he stood, a half-smile playing across his
handsome mouth. Innocently, Joyce stepped forward, halting with her
pointed tits almost touching his shirt front.

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am, Ted,” she exclaimed, “that you
called and invited us here. Ralph will tell you the same thing.”

Ted placed his hands on her shoulders, gently, closing the distance
between them. Joyce stiffened as the tips of her breasts collided with
his broad chest, but she made no attempt to pull away. Her head came
up, and her blue eyes examined his with a mixture of surprise and
curiosity. He smiled down into her lovely face.

“You’ve always been one of my favorite people, Aunt Joyce,” Ted
murmured. He arched one brow. “You know, it’s amazing how much you and
Mother resembled each other.”

The woman’s lips softened, and her arms went about the hard young body
in a gesture of understanding. Suddenly, she was pressed against him
from knees to nipples, her slightly rounded belly jammed hard against
his flat middle, and his pelvis, with its masculine firmness, was
lodged tightly against her yielding hips.

“Would you kiss me, Aunt Joyce?” he asked softly. “I could almost
pretend Mother was here again.”

“Oh, you poor lad!” Joyce exclaimed, pursing her lips and aiming them
at the sensual lips that offered their parted moistness. “Of course, I

She realized her mistake the moment their mouths met, but it was too
late for the protest that sprang to her throat. His arms slipped from
her shoulders to her slender waist, hard and demanding, and his lips
crushed hers with a pressure that bordered on pain. His tongue, hot and
wet, drove between her teeth, colliding with hers in a savage writhing.

Joyce tried to still the wild surge of lust that rocketed through her
body as she felt his cock harden into a throbbing cylinder between
their hips, the heat of the thing burning through her dress and thin
panties, and tingling her bushy cunt.

His hands, strong and determined, crawled down the outward sweep of her
firm buttocks to cup her ass and pull her more firmly against his
swelling prick. His chest moved suggestively over the outlined nipples
of her heaving breasts, and he scooped her tongue from her mouth,
sucking it back into his own.

Helpless in the thundering of desire, Joyce found her arms straining
him still closer, and she discovered that her hips were moving,
grinding her fevered cuntal mound against that delightful hardness.

It was sheer madness–she screamed at her responsive body. This was her
own nephew! Her sister’s son! And she was kissing him like some sex-
starved school girl. Never, since her marriage to Ralph, had she
permitted another man to hold her the way Ted was embracing her,
rolling the shaft of his prick against the plump mound of her cunt, and
teasing her already strutted nipples with his chest.

My God! He was huge! Through their clothing, Joyce could estimate the
size of that engorged prong, and she shivered at the thought of its
long, thick hardness stretching and filling her pussy. Just as quickly,
she pushed the dreadful thought aside, summoning up some lingering
shred of sanity, and wrestled free of the lad’s arms.

Panting, visibly shaken by the kiss and the bodily contact, she stepped
back, staring helplessly at the ominous bulge in Ted’s slacks. She
dragged her eyes up to his face at the sound of his voice.

“I’m sorry, Aunt Joyce!” he apologized. “It’s just that you’re so
beautiful. I didn’t intend for this to happen.”

Joyce ran her fingers through her hair, lips working soundlessly as she
groped for words. The boy sounded sincere, and she couldn’t forget that
she had responded to that kiss with an eagerness that had shocked and
frightened her.

“It’s all right, Ted,” she managed. “We were both to blame.”

“I’d better get downstairs to Uncle Ralph,” the youth said. He paused
with his hand on the door, his eyes demanding an answer as he asked,
“Just then, when we were kissing, did you want it the way I did?”

Her lips quivered, and she gave a soft sob as she nodded, unable to
bring herself to voice the admission. When he had gone, she sank down
on the edge of the big bed, her shoulders shaking as the tears finally
spilled out.

In the hallway a laughing Linda tugged Susan and Beth past him, and
down the stairs, all three of them flashing smiles at Ted as they raced
off to explore some area Linda had suggested.

Ted checked the front of his slacks, assuring himself that the
throbbing bulge was now only a promising lump. Grinning, he entered the
study where Ralph waited.

* * *

An hour later, Ralph Porter, flushed with excitement, burst into the
room he was to share with Joyce, picking her up and whirling her about
in an excited dance.

“I can’t believe it!” he exclaimed to the protesting Joyce. “That boy
is wonderful! Absolutely wonderful! He’s going to put me in charge of
the farm’s operation, and he’s setting up a scholarship for all three
of the kids.”

Joyce tried to match her husband’s mood. But she could not block the
worried look that crept over her face as she reminded him, “But, you
don’t know anything about farming.”

“I told him that,” Ralph replied. “He said that the workers know their
jobs so well, I wouldn’t have to do anything but keep tabs on them.
Just think, honey! A few days ago, we were practically on our way to
the poor-house. Now, I have a good job, we live in a beautiful house,
and the kids are home free! I couldn’t be happier.”

She let him kiss her. But, as his mouth worked against hers, Joyce
could think only of Ted’s searching tongue, and the torrid pressure of
his big prick against her cunt. It was all she could do to keep from
crying out at the confusion in her lush body.

Showered and lovely in a modestly cut print dress, Joyce went
downstairs again to find Dorothy just leaving the study. Giving the
red-haired woman a smile, she touched her arm.

“Why don’t you and I have a talk Dot?” she asked gently. “I think it’s
long overdue.”

Dorothy Morgan nodded, not answering the smile, but waving Joyce into
the room she had just left, following her and closing the door of the
study before speaking.

“I don’t think there’s very much we can talk about,” Dorothy said
quietly, walking across to the desk and extracting a cigarette from a
carved box. When Joyce shook her head at the offer of one, Dorothy
lighted her own and leaned one hip against the desk.

“As you probably know,” she said, exhaling smoke with the words, “I’m
merely a guest here, thanks to Bruce’s will.”

Joyce avoided the woman’s angry eyes. “Yes,” she murmured. “I know
about that. I don’t think it was at all fair.”

Some of the anger disappeared, and the red hair shimmered in a quick
toss of Dorothy’s head as she said, “I’m surprised to hear you say
that. I always felt that you disapproved of me.”

“Heavens, no!” Joyce exclaimed. “I like you very much. It was Bruce who
made it impossible for us to get better acquainted.”

She stood up from the chair, walking across to where Dorothy leaned
against the desk. Holding out one hand, she said, “Let’s be friends,
Dot. Will you?”

Dorothy responded by straightening her body, touching the warm fingers
with her own as she leaned forward to offer her lips in a gesture of

Neither of them could stem the rush of desire that accompanied the
meeting of their mouths. Lips pressed together, and tongue tips barely
touching, they gazed into each other’s eyes with surprise and wonder,
their arms sliding and embracing until the two bodies fused in a
writhing meeting of breasts and hips.

It was Joyce who pushed the younger woman back against the desk,
fitting her knee between the trembling legs and forcing them apart so
she could jam her plump cuntal mound against its inviting counterpart.
Her hand forced itself between their bodies to cup and squeeze a warm
resilient tit, massaging the nipple that sprang erect beneath the thin

Panting with excitement, Dorothy worked her lips free of the demanding
mouth. “My God, Joyce!” she whispered in a fierce tone. “Do yon know
what you’re doing?”

Joyce Porter tried to answer, but all that emerged from her wet lips
was a hoarse moan of lust. Her fingers tugged at the dress, working it
upward over the sleek thighs, baring the white panties that cupped the
furrowed mound of Dorothy’s pussy. She backed away far enough to see
the tendrils of red hair that poked teasingly from either side of the
embracing crotch.

Helpless, her brain whirling with a hunger too powerful to resist,
Joyce slid to her knees between the redhead’s parted legs, wrapping her
arms about the lush hips and plunging her contorted face against the
outlined beauty of that delicate cunt.

“Yes!” Dorothy hissed, pushing her hips forward and feeling the heat of
the woman’s breath against her sensitive pussy. “Oh, yes! Let me push
these panties down, Joyce!”

Whimpering, Joyce drew back to watch the white material descend,
revealing the mass of red curls that framed the deep valley between the
sloping outer lips of the inviting cunt. Her eyes almost closed in a
desperate bid at self-control, and she wagged her head from side to
side in one last effort to halt the thing she knew was about to happen.

Then, with a sharp gasp of surrender, she plunged her open mouth
against Dorothy’s pussy, and forced her wriggling tongue between the
pliant folds of the vaginal entrance.

“Son of a bitch!”

Ted Morgan’s exclamation made both women jerk with surprise, and Joyce
pulled her juice-smeared face from Dorothy’s red-haired crotch to blink
in horror at her nephew’s grinning observation. He stood just inside
the doorway, staring at his stepmother’s exposed cunt with a look far
older than his eighteen years.

Dorothy’s voice was surprisingly calm as she said, “I forgot that the
door was unlocked.”

“Oh, my God!” was Joyce’s weak cry. She started to get to her feet, but
Ted’s uplifted hand made her freeze in position.

“Now,” he said mockingly, “I understand why you were so upset when I
kissed you, Aunt Joyce. You wanted a different kind of lips.”

Joyce wagged a protesting denial, her blonde hair brushing the spread
thighs. “I’ve never done anything like this before!” she exclaimed.
“You’ve got to believe me, Ted! This is the first time!”

The youth’s lips curled. “Of course, I believe you,” he said, moving
farther into the room. “And I wouldn’t think of stopping you. Go right
ahead! Give my darling stepmother a real thrill!”

Again, the savage shaking of her head. “I couldn’t! Please, Ted! I
couldn’t do that now!”

The mocking smile faded, replaced by a tightening of his handsome
mouth. “You don’t have any choice, Aunt Joyce,” he murmured. “You know
how much is at stake for your family. Anyway, you were about to do it
before I came in.”

He sank down onto one of the nearby chairs, sliding down until his
knees were spread to disclose the outlined shaft of his big cock,
swollen beneath his slacks, tenting them with its furious throbbing.

“Eat her pussy, Aunt Joyce,” he said in a soft voice. “I’ve never
watched two women make it. It should be very interesting.”

Dorothy reached down and used both hands to turn the woman’s face
toward her waiting snatch, pulling her closer as she said, “Do it,
Joyce. He means what he says. We don’t have any choice.”

Joyce’s shoulders trembled, but she buried her mouth in the damp
crevice, and Dorothy gave a little sigh as she felt the tongue re-enter
her pussy. She moved her hips to increase the thrilling frictioning,
and her fingers urged the blonde head even closer.

“Pretend he isn’t here!” she murmured. “Oh, God! You’re making it feel

From his chair, Ted gave a soft chuckle, curving one hand about his
erection, cupping his big balls as he watched his aunt’s head execute a
little screwing motion that wormed her lips into the wet cunt, and
heard the liquid sound of her avid feasting.

He lifted his eyes to meet his stepmother’s slightly glazed stare.
Slowly, deliberately, he winked at her, seeing the woman’s mouth tilt
in a faint smile.

Then, the smile faded, and her mouth twisted in a grimace of ecstasy.
Dorothy body trembled and she worked her hips in short, quick circles
that ground her pussy against Joyce’s sucking mouth and flashing
tongue. She groaned, her ass cheeks tensing with each powerful tremor
of the climax that roared through her cunt.

Joyce’s rapid swallowing matched the jerks of the redhead’s voluptuous
hips. The tart vaginal juice filled her mouth, seeping out to bathe her
chin and throat before she could gulp it down, and she moaned her
pleasure as she claimed the liquid honey with hungry suction, the
slurping audible to the grinning boy who sat clutching his swollen
crotch until Dorothy’s quivering body relaxed.

Joyce climbed to her feet, her legs trembling, and Ted rose to hand her
his pocket handkerchief to wipe her mouth and chin. He watched with
interest as Dorothy wiggled her hips to pull her panties up about them,
tugging the dress down and smoothing it into place.

Ted moved behind his aunt, pressing his engorged shaft against her
delightfully curved buttocks, and wrapping his arms about her waist to
heighten the pleasure of the contact. She made no attempt to move away,
and he adjusted his hips to fit the hardness between her ass cheeks,
moving his hands up to fondle the pliant globes of her breasts.

“You see how simple it is, Aunt Joyce?” he said gently, using his chin
to push her blonde hair aside, and nibbling wetly at her right ear.
“Just do as you’re told, and we’ll be one big, happy family.”

Still dabbing at her mouth with the handkerchief, Joyce shook her head.
“What will I do if Ralph finds out? It will kill him.”

The hot stiffness jammed harder against her ass as Ted said, “That’s
really why I came in here. I want you to tell him that you’re sleeping
in my room tonight.”

She stiffened in his arms, and Dorothy drew in a sharp breath of
surprise. Ted’s arms tightened, holding his prick in that warm crevice
of trembling flesh.

“Before you tell me what he’ll say,” Ted warned, “let me remind you
that he has just as much to lose as you do. He can throw away the
chance of a lifetime by playing the jealous husband. Or he can make
things easier for you and the kids by playing along.”

Joyce’s shoulders rose and fell. “How do you think he’d feel, Ted?” she
demanded. “He’d be just down the hall from us, and he’d know exactly
what we were doing. I’ve never been unfaithful to him. Not once.”

Ted chuckled, pinching her nipples and making her ass jerk against the
shaft of his cock. “How about what you were doing to Dorothy?”

“That was the first time!” she insisted. “Please, Ted. Think about how
it will make him feel, lying there thinking about it.”

“He won’t have to do that,” the youth explained in a deceptively soft
voice. “He’ll be right there in the bedroom with us.”

“You devil!” It was Dorothy’s hoarse exclamation, and it masked Joyce’s
gasp. “You wouldn’t dare!”

Ted released his aunt, and stepped back, adjusting his slacks about the
huge bulge of his prick. His eyes went from one to the other, insolent
and assured.

“Let’s all remember who owns this place,” he said firmly. His gaze
caught Joyce’s frightened eyes and held them. “I don’t give a damn what
you tell him. Just bring him with you when you come to my bedroom at
one o’clock.”

He strode to the door, turning to watch the two women fall into a
weeping embrace. His lip curled. “Don’t forget, Aunt Joyce,” he said
quietly. “One o’clock.” The closing of the door blocked out the sound
of the women’s sobbing.

Chapter 4

Bathed, shaved, and completely naked, Ted lay on the big bed, his
muscular body covered to the waist by a thin sheet, scanning the pages
of a catalogue and casting occasional glances at the bedside clock.

Dinner had been a pleasant affair, with the three girls teasing Clyde
about his inability to stay on the gentlest of the several horses the
youngsters had tried.

Ralph had made several suggestions concerning the big farm, and Ted
could tell from Joyce’s worried look that she had not yet told her
husband of her nephew’s demands.

Dorothy, trying to make up for Joyce’s silence, engaged Ralph in a
heated discussion ranging from politics to religion, and Ted saw the
man’s eyes drift more than once to the revealing neckline that barely
covered the tips of the redhead’s lush tits.

Ted made no secret of his visual examination of his female cousins, and
his cock became a throbbing bar of hot hardness beneath the table as he
mentally stripped their nubile bodies and revealed the tasty breasts
and the obviously virginal pussies.

Now, in the luxury of his bed, he waited for the soft knock he was
certain would come. Joyce’s weeping protest had convinced him that she
would carry through with his plan. If she had ever intended to refuse,
she would have done so immediately. Her indecision indicated her

“It isn’t locked!” he called when the rapping finally came. He placed
the catalogue on the table and leaned on one elbow, watching the
doorknob turn and the door swing open.

Joyce entered the room, her movements quick and nervous beneath the
sheer robe she had failed to close completely, its gaping folds giving
Ted a glimpse of shadowed curves and warm flesh. She half-turned,
urging the reluctant Ralph through the door, and closing it with an
audible sigh.

Ralph’s face was an angry mask, his eyes darting about the room, but
refusing to meet Ted’s amused grin. A well-worn dressing gown covered
his body, knotted about his waist. His hands were buried in the
pockets, moving restlessly.

“I do believe Uncle Ralph is angry,” Ted said, his grin widening.

“What the devil did you expect?” Ralph exclaimed. “Joyce is my wife,
not some common whore!”

“Of course she’s no whore,” Ted agreed. “She’s a beautiful woman who
happens to be my aunt.”

“That makes it even worse!” Ralph argued, his big shoulders shaking win
emotion. “It would be incest! I couldn’t believe it when Joyce told

The boy’s face hardened. “You’d better believe it, Uncle Ralph!” he
said flatly. “Cooperate, and we’ll all have a wonderful time.” He
halted the other’s words with a warning finger. “You do want your
family to have the best things of life?”

His shoulders slumped and Ralph shook his head. “It’s not right! Joyce
and I love each other.”

“Excellent!” Ted smiled. “Then, you’ll enjoy seeing her have a good

“Why don’t you let him go back to the room, Ted?” Joyce’s voice
pleaded. “Don’t make him suffer any more.”

“No way,” the youth said bluntly. “He stays right here.” He pointed to
a big chair that faced the bed. “Pull your robe off, Uncle Ralph, and
sit down. That’s all you have to do. Just sit there and watch.”

The man’s body tensed, his lips quivering. His eyes darted to Joyce’s
face, and she gave him an encouraging nod.

“Do as he says, darling,” she murmured. “Please!”

His look became a glare as he rasped, “You seem awfully anxious to do

His wife’s eyes showed the hurt, but her voice remained calm. “I’m
doing it for all of us, Ralph,” she reminded him. “Let’s think about
the children instead of ourselves.”

“What are they going to think when they find out that their mother is

“Don’t say it, Ralph!” she warned. “Just do as he says, and it will all
be over in a few minutes.”

The man’s fingers fumbled with the sash of his robe, and the garment
was shrugged off, falling to the floor as he sank down onto the chair,
his face red with embarrassment as Ted’s eyes examined the flaccid cock
that dangled against his left thigh.

“Not bad Uncle Ralph,” the boy murmured. “I’ll bet Aunt Joyce really
goes after that thing when it’s hard.”

The man shifted his hips in the chair, bringing his knees together and
covering his crotch with both hands. His hairy chest and neck turned a
deep red, and his eyes stared at the floor near his wife’s bare feet.

“OK, Aunt Joyce,” Ted grinned. “We’ll pretend he isn’t there. Take your
robe off, and come here.”

He patted the bed suggestively and Ralph gave a low groan of suppressed
anger and jealousy as his wife shrugged the garment from her lush body.
Ted gave a soft whistle of admiration, his gaze roaming up and down her
inviting curves.

Joyce felt her nipples stiffen as the lad’s hot stare drifted over the
firm mounds of her big breasts, and a thrilling tingle jarred her cunt
when he shifted his eyes to that mass of blonde curls.

She had always been proud of her body, managing to avoid the sagging
and stretching which usually accompanied the years of marriage and the
birth of three children. Her buttocks were still tight and her thighs
firm and perfectly rounded, while her calves possessed that youthful
curve men found so attractive.

Now as Ted beckoned to her from the bed, she felt desire shudder
through her belly, dampening the lips of her pussy and glazing her eyes
with its irresistible lust. She moved toward the half-covered body of
her sister’s only son, her legs trembling and her tits swaying,
engorged tips that hungered for his hot kisses.

“Pull the sheet back,” the youth said in a tight voice.

Joyce leaned over the bed, her big breasts rolling against her rib
cage. Her fingers plucked at the sheet, tugging it down to the foot of
the bed, her eyes widening and her mouth opening in surprise.

“Good God!” It was Ralph’s exclamation. The man stared at Ted’s rearing
prick with a mixture of envy and disbelief. Thick and long, the cock
reached up from his hairy crotch like a gnarled limb, the blue veins
pulsating along its strutted length.

Joyce licked her lips, fear and desire battling for supremacy in her
anxious eyes. It was easily the largest cock she had ever seen, and at
least two inches longer than Ralph’s organ. The thought of its swollen
length sliding up into her pussy sent a hot shiver through that
delicate channel, and she felt a hot wetness as her juices lathered the
vaginal walls in anticipation.

She had realized that her nephew was well equipped from that pressing
hardness during their previous kiss. But she had not expected anything
like the nine-inch column that arched its purple head in quivering

Ted scooted his body to one side of the bed, patting the space beside
him. “Right here, Aunt Joyce,” he said quietly. “Just lie down and
spread those gorgeous legs.”

Another groan sounded from the chair as Joyce lowered her body to the
bed, stretching out on her back and angling the sleek beauty of her
thighs. The blonde silk parted to expose the wet slit of her cunt, the
labial folds glistening in the bedroom light.

Lazily, Ted pushed himself onto his knees, climbing between the woman’s
spread legs, bracing himself with one hand on her right breast, the
fingers kneading the resilient mound and tweaking the swollen nipple.
His prick hovered above the splayed lips of her inviting pussy. He
turned amused eyes to the angry man.

“One more thing, Uncle Ralph,” he said with a grin. “Tell me to do it.
You see, we both want to make sure you approve of this.”

The man’s hands gripped the arms of the chair, his hairy chest heaving
with emotion. “Haven’t you done enough?” he groaned. “Do you have to
drag us all the way down?”

Ted wrapped his free hand about the shaft of his cock, dropping his
hips enough to permit the huge knob to touch the wet jaws of Joyce’s
cunt. He rubbed it back and forth though the deep furrow, seeing the
woman’s eyes close and her lower lip fold back between her teeth at the

“Just two words, Uncle Ralph,” he urged. “That isn’t much to ask in
exchange for all I’m giving you.”

“Say it, Ralph!” Joyce groaned. Her hips trembled as the hot cockhead
massaged the distended bud of her clitoris, then slid teasingly against
the fluttering lips of her cunt. “For God’s sake! Say it!”

Ralph’s hand pushed upward along his quivering jaw to run his fingers
through his brown hair. He sucked in a deep breath and his teeth
clenched with effort.

“Fuck her!” he grated, saliva spraying with the violence of the
exclamation. His face twisted in agony.

Joyce tried to stifle her gasp as Ted centered the meaty glans and
began boring into her cunt, stretching her labia into a tight circle of
nerve-laced tissue and rubbing it with the thick shaft that followed
the head into her straining vagina.

The youth’s chest descended upon her tits, hairs grinding against the
sensitive nipples, and he forced his prick deeper into the slowly
yielding corridor of quivering femininity. His hands cupped her face,
making her look into his eyes as he entered her, reading the helpless
response that flickered behind the half-closed lids.

“Your wife has a tight cunt, Uncle Ralph,” Ted murmured. “You’re a very
lucky man.”

“Damn you!” was the almost inaudible retort. Ralph Porter wanted to
tear his gaze away from that slowly disappearing cock. But it held his
eyes like a magnet as he watched it vanish into Joyce’s hairy cunt.
“You’re hurting her!”

Deliberately, Ted fed another inch into the shuddering sheath before
asking, “Am I hurting you, Aunt Joyce?”

Her head tried to wag a denial, but his hands held it captive. Her
voice was strained as she gasped, “No!”

Grinning down into her contorted face, Ted demanded, “Tell him it feels
good! Tell him you love having your pussy full of hard meat! Tell him!”

Her tongue flicked wildly across the parted lips, and her ass began a
grinding response to the stretching and filling of her vaginal
corridor. She felt his balls bump gently against her anal cleft and her
legs drew up, thighs clamping his hips, then flashing higher to
encircle his arched waist. Her arms went around his torso, fingers
clutching at his broad back.

“Don’t make me talk, Ted!” she hissed at him. “Just fuck me!”

A savage thrust slammed the swollen head of his cock against her womb,
and his pelvic arch bumped her blonde triangle in complete hilting. She
cried out at the delightful sensation of having her pussy filled to
capacity for the first time in her life, and her ass wiggled excitedly
as he began a rhythmic stroking through the spasming channel of
slippery flesh.

Ralph Porter stared at the writhing body of his wife, seeing Ted’s big
cock slide in and out of the juicy opening between her thighs. He heard
her whimpers as the prick speared her, again and again, and he
recognized the sounds of pleasure he had heard so often.

There was no doubt about it, he realized. Joyce was enjoying what the
boy was doing to her. When she told him of Ted’s demands, she had
insisted that she would merely lie there and let him vent his lust on
her motionless body. But she was anything but motionless as the cock
slid in and out, its thick shaft glistening with her juices.

Suddenly, Joyce’s whimpers became little cries of ecstasy, and her ass
twisted violently beneath the hammering hips of her nephew. Her
scissoring legs flexed to hunch her crotch against the pounding
maleness, and Ralph knew she was coming.

Ted recognized the signals too. Hilting his prick in the churning
sheath, he worked his hips in a savage circling that rubbed her labia
and massaged her convulsing depths as Joyce gasped her way through a
climax that left her weak and trembling.

Relaxing atop the almost motionless body, Ted twisted his head about to
flash Ralph a sardonic grin. “I think I’ve just struck oil, Uncle
Ralph,” he chuckled. “It’s getting awfully greasy in there. I guess I’d
better pump it out.”

Still looking at his uncle’s florid face, the boy began hunching again,
stroking the juicy cunt until its slippery overflow bubbled out about
his sliding cock to coat his balls and trickle sluggishly down the
woman’s wiggling ass cleft.

Still fucking her with those powerful thrusts that slammed his belly
against hers with each hilting, Ted dropped his eyes to Ralph’s crotch.
His grin became a mocking sneer.

“Shame on you, Uncle Ralph!” His words were interspersed by little
grunts as he slammed his prick into the responsive cunt, feeling the
vaginal muscles squeeze and massage its throbbing length. “You’re
getting a hard-on from watching your wife get fucked!”

Ralph chewed his lower lip, digging his fingers into the chair arms in
a vain effort to halt the swelling of his own cock. It was true, he
admitted. His original anger had been replaced by a strange and
overwhelming sensation that he could not identify and which he could
not resist.

He glared back at the grinning boy, his hands releasing the chair and
falling to his hairy thighs. Slowly, one hand crept to the pulsating
column of his own prick, curling about it and squeezing until the
purple knob ached with pressure. He wet his lips and his shoulders
shuddered convulsively.

“Fuck her, damn you!” he cried in a choked voice. “Fuck her harder!”

Chuckling with sadistic amusement, Ted rode the panting women with
furious thrusts, making her cry out with the savagery of his deep
thrusts. The bed shook beneath them, and Joyce worked her ass in a
frantic effort to match his strokes with the delightful wiggling of her
elevated hips.

She felt the sudden change in tempo as Ted shortened his strokes and
jabbed the head of his cock against her womb with jarring plunges, his
body trembling with the nearness of his own orgasm.

“Yes!” Joyce panted, screwing her cunt about the swelling length of his
shaft. “Give it to me! Give me that come!”

The huge cock plunged into her belly and the heavy balls rolled against
her wriggling ass. Ecstasy blotted out all other sensations as her
pussy exploded in response to the spurting semen that washed against
her spasming womb in hot volleys that she could feel all the way to the
heels that hammered her nephew’s clenching buttocks.

Grunting, Ted tugged his spent cock from the foaming lips of the torrid
cunt. He rolled off and onto his side, looking across at the man who
had climbed to his feet, still pumping the engorged prick that poked
outward from his trembling crotch.

“Don’t be bashful, Uncle Ralph,” he called in a breathless voice.
“Hell! She’s your wife. Get it off in her snatch!”

The man shuffled forward, staring at the dripping jaws of the cream-
filled cunt, and Joyce widened the angle of her thighs in invitation.
Ralph placed one knee on the bed, and Joyce eased a shapely leg over to
draw him closer, pressing her calf against his thigh until he was
kneeling over her, his cock aimed for that juicy crevice in the semen-
flecked curls.

With a hoarse cry, he collapsed atop his wife’s body, fingers still
curled about the jutting prick that was trapped between their bellies
as it pumped its load of ropey sperm onto her heaving stomach, the
cream spreading as Joyce shook her hips beneath him to friction her
flesh against the exploding cock.

“You see,” came Ted’s sarcastic reminder. “All you needed was a little
push in the right direction. I think you’ll both learn to enjoy this.”

Ignoring the youth, Ralph pushed himself up to whisper, “I’m sorry,
darling! I couldn’t help it! Honest to God! I couldn’t help it!”

Joyce patted the man’s cheek. “Of course, you couldn’t. I understand.”

“Sure she does,” Ted added. “And she hopes you understand why she
popped her cookies when I stuck my dick in her.”

Ralph climbed to his feet, his cock still semi-erect and dripping. “Can
we go back to our room?” he asked weakly.

“Not yet,” was the soft answer. “Just make yourself comfortable over
there.” To Joyce, he said, “Pull your legs up and spread your knees.”

Frowning, the woman obeyed, gripping both legs with her hands to hold
them in the designated position. She stared in wonder as Ted moved down
to kneel below her elevated hips.

He reached down and rubbed two fingers through the puddle of semen
Ralph had spilled onto her belly. Joyce suppressed a sharp gasp when
Ted carried the spunk-coated digits down to the splayed cleft of her
ass, and began rubbing the slippery juice over her tiny anus.

Her elevated hips jerked when one of the fingers slipped inside the
tight circle, squirming in a grinding spiral that widened the brown
opening and massaged the delicate membranes beyond the sphincteral

She gave a choked cry when he forced the second finger into her
asshole, twisting the intruding stiffness to loosen the clenching anus.
Her husband leaned forward, his face anxious.

“You’re not going to put it in there!” It was a declaration, rather
than a question. “She would never let me do that. She’s too tight.”

Ted gave a chuckle, jamming the fingers deeper and wiggling them. “She
won’t be tight when I get through with her,” he exclaimed. He looked
down into Joyce’s contorted face. “Shame on you! Refusing to give your
husband a piece of that hot ass!”

Satisfied that the orifice was ready, he tugged his fingers from the
juicy circle, and leaned over her belly, sliding the head of his cock
through the creamy residue of Ralph’s come. Then, without haste, he
steered the big prick until the knob touched her tingling asshole.

“Noooooo!” she moaned, shaking her hips as the pressure increased.
“Please, Ted! Don’t make me take it like that!”

“Don’t fight it, Aunt Joyce,” he urged. “You know how to loosen that

Holding his prick centered in the quivering striation, he gave a
forceful lunge of his powerful hips, shoving the woman’s body upward in
the bed before the meaty knob of his cock snapped past the sphincter
and into her previously lubricated colon.


The tortured scream blasted from behind tightly clenched teeth as Joyce
felt the hot hardness fill her intestinal sleeve, expanding the anal
ring to its capacity, and frictioning through it to stretch the tender
corridor about its throbbing bulk.

“Oh, God!” she wailed, twisting her hips in a vain effort to lessen the
intolerable filling. “You’re killing me!”

“Ted!” Ralph pleaded, unable to tear his eyes away from the sight of
that big cock sliding up into his wife’s straining tail. “You’re
hurting her!”

His tool halfway toward its goal of complete hilting, Ted paused to
glance back over his shoulder at the excited man whose own cock was
beginning to swell again.

“All she has to do,” he panted, “is relax her muscles. Just keep
watching, Uncle Ralph. Once I get it all in, she’ll be begging for

He had halted his invasion, but his hips continued a slow grinding
motion that worked his prick about inside the clenching sleeve of
slippery tissue, loosening the hot grip until Joyce stopped whimpering
and began wiggling her ass in response.

Gripping her quivering thighs for leverage, Ted pulled his cock back,
tugging her sphincter muscles outward with the reversed pressure of his
flared glans. Then, just as slowly, he slid the joint back into her
intestine, feeling the muscles rippling and squeezing the pulsating

“Still want me to stop, Aunt Joyce?” he grunted, fucking her with
increasing speed, each thrust driving the head of his prick farther up
into the hot sheath of wriggling wetness.

Her eyes glared at him, and her sensual lips drew back in a savage
snarl that bared her teeth. Perspiration beaded on her furrowed brow as
she rolled her head from side to side on the sweat-dampened pillow.

“I’ll be damned!” came Ralph’s unbelieving cry. “She likes it! You’re
practically splitting her wide open, and she likes it!” His fingers
raced up and down the engorged shaft of his cock, and the other hand
cupped and squeezed his hairy balls. “And all these years, she wouldn’t
let me even try to get it in there!”

Ted ignored the man’s exclamation as he rammed still deeper into the
churning slickness, wrenching another gasp from the woman whose asshole
was being frictioned into a spasming circle of tingling nerves that
threatened to explode at any moment. The huge cock was racing in and
out, massaging and filling, pumping and sucking in a blend of
sensations she had never before dreamed possible.

“Harder!” she hissed, working her hips to increase the almost
intolerable ecstasy of that pistoning hardness. “Please, Ted! Do it

His hairy pubic arch slapped her gaping cunt with each savage thrust,
creating a wet, obscene sound that blended with the softer squish of
his prick as it bored through her froth-ringed anus. The bed trembled
beneath his assault, the thick mattress yielding to the powerful
hammering of his hips as he fucked her.

She came, her body arching and trembling with the tremors that raced
through her empty vagina, and her cunt juice gurgled out to trickle
down onto the thick cock, oiling the cylinder of pounding lust until
the squishing became a loud slurping as it drove through the hot

Again, ecstasy ripped through her pussy, the pleasure-fire fanned by
the prick that ripped in and out of her spasming ass, seeming to fill
her belly to the bursting point as it roared up into her ass, then
leaving a hungry ache as it retreated for another thrilling plunge.

A third climax thundered from deep inside her vagina, and she felt the
big cock ram its thick column to a depth she tried to increase by the
frantic writhing of her ass. The prick jerked, thrilling her intestinal
walls with its hot lunges, and Ted’s sperm laved the tender tissues as
it spurted into her colon with a force that made her whole body
convulse in ecstatic response.

Her muscles stripped the jetting hardness, sucking the ropey come from
him with instinctive undulations, and she whimpered in lust as the
prick slid back to pop out of her still-hungry ass.

Joyce felt her body being turned, and she knelt on the bed, face buried
in her folded arms, her rounded ass poking upward and outward, dripping
Ted’s semen from its well-stretched entrance. She didn’t recognize
Ralph’s prick until he had buried it to the balls in her intestinal

It didn’t matter. She was being fucked again, and her body was
answering the savage ravishment with yet another bucking orgasm. Ralph
had never brought such violent and delightful quivers to her cunt
during all their years of marriage as he was now producing in her
spasming rectum.

She rolled her head to one side and found herself staring at her
nephew’s still-rigid cock as the youth positioned himself beside her
and aimed the plum-like head at her wet lips. Behind her, Ralph’s hips
hammered her wiggling buttocks with increasing speed, and she knew he
was watching Ted’s approach.

She opened her mouth wide, tasting the tart masculinity of the big
prick that strained her jaws with its size, and punished her throat
with its determined shove. Greedily, she began sucking, flaying the
cock with her lashing tongue.

It was only later, when she could think about it without feeling the
ecstasy of two male organs invading her flesh, that Joyce realized
Ralph had fucked her even harder after Ted eased his prick into her

Chapter 5

“Don’t you see, darling?” Joyce explained to her frowning husband. “I
have to do it.”

Ralph Porter began an angry protest, but halted it with a long sigh.
His broad shoulders slumped and he sat down heavily on the bed,
watching his wife check her reflection in the dresser mirror.

“I’m beginning to wonder,” he said dejectedly, “if we shouldn’t have
stayed at home.”

Joyce turned, giving him a wet-lipped smile, happy at what she had just
seen in the glass. Whatever else Ted’s erotic demands had accomplished,
they had stripped years from her appearance.

“Let’s not start arguing again,” she urged. “You’ll have to admit that
you enjoyed yourself last night.”

He nodded dully, lacing his fingers about one knee. “That was last
night,” he reminded her. “Today, I have an emotional hangover.” His
mouth twisted. “We were like animals!”

She leaned over and kissed his forehead, twisting away as he reached
for her magnificent breasts, their resilient mounds bouncing behind the
almost-transparent dress.

“Silly!” she smiled. “We are animals! Now, you stop fretting. Go for a
walk or something.”

“Sure!” he grunted. “Walk and think about what he’s doing to you. My
God! After last night, I don’t see how he can even think about sex!”

She walked to the door, buttocks undulating with more freedom that he
had ever witnessed in those firm cheeks. Turning, she said, “Just think
about the security we have here, darling. Ted’s already told you we can
buy anything within reason and simply charge it to him.”

He waited until the door closed behind her before murmuring, “Just how
much is a guy supposed to charge for letting another man screw his

Down the hallway, in his own bedroom, Ted Morgan faced a bewildered
Clyde Porter, smiling at the lad’s confused expression from the comfort
of a deep chair.

“I’ll say it again, Clyde,” Ted said with exaggerated patience. “How
would you like to screw Aunt Joyce?”

Clyde’s fingers ran nervously through his blond hair. “You’ve gotta be
putting me on!” he exclaimed, shifting his feet on the expensive
carpet. “She’s my mother!”

Ted’s wide shoulders shrugged expressively. “Lots of guys poke their
old ladies. Hell! What’s wrong with it?”

“Christ!” his companion said forcefully. “I couldn’t do a thing like

His head snapped about as a gentle knock sounded, and Ted called, “Come
in, Aunt Joyce.”

Joyce Porter entered the room, her eyes widening as she saw her son.
Then, the long lashes swept down to hide her expression. She looked at
the grinning Ted.

“I can come back,” she said hesitatingly. “I didn’t know …”

Ted waved a hand to halt her words, and told her, “Just lock the door.”
Then, as she turned to twist the latch, Ted added, “I think you’d
better explain to Clyde about the house rules.”

Joyce looked back and forth at the two boys, chewing gently on her full
lower lip. She took a step toward her son, then halted.

“Darling,” she said in a soft voice. “I’m sure you remember how happy
your father was when Ted offered us a home here.”

Clyde nodded, one brow lifting questioningly. “Sure,” he answered. “We
were getting pretty tight.”

“Then,” his mother continued, “you know how important it is that we do
whatever is required to make our situation permanent.”

The boy looked at Ted, then back at Joyce. “Sure,” he grunted. “We
talked about that.”

Joyce nodded. “Then you’ll understand why I’m asking you to do whatever
Ted tells you. Is that clear?”

Again the quick glance at Ted. “Yeah,” he murmured. “If you say so.”

Joyce drew in a deep breath. “Is that what you wanted, Ted?”

The lad inclined his head, running his eyes up and down Clyde’s slender
body. His voice was almost inaudible as he said, “Take your clothes
off, Clyde. All of them.”

The boy’s mouth opened, and his brows shaped a frown of disbelief.
Still looking at Ted, he said to Joyce, “Is this some kind of joke?”

He anticipated the slow shaking of her head. Ever since their arrival,
he had sensed the alteration in his mother’s personality, and he had
noticed the bold stares of his cousin. At first, he refused to
entertain the possibility that she was actually putting out for Ted.
Then, he became aware of a certain confidence in her attitude.

“What does Dad think about all this?” was his whispered question.

“Your father has agreed to do whatever is necessary.”

Clyde’s hands rose to his shirt front, hovering over the buttons, his
stare examining Ted’s eyes. “Suppose I get undressed,” he demanded.
“What happens then?”

Ted’s lips curved expressively. “What difference does it make? Don’t
tell me you’ve never made it with another guy!”

The youth’s face flamed. “I’m not a damned queer!”

“Relax, stud!” Ted chuckled. “Nobody’s trying to whack your balls off.
Just get out of those fucking rags!”

Again, Clyde’s eyes swept his mother’s features, gauging her reaction
to the four-letter words. She showed no emotion other than a little
throbbing of her throat, just below her graceful jawline.

“OK,” he murmured resignedly. “But I feel like a damned idiot.” He
unbuttoned the shirt and shrugged it off, baring a powerful chest with
just a sprinkling of blond hair.

Kicking off the loose-fitting sandals, he forced his slacks down to
expose the curls of his pubic hair, and the flaccid rope of his cock,
its meaty knob drooping over his promising young testicles. Stepping
out of the slacks, he straightened, blushing as he found Joyce’s stare
focused on his prick.

“My God!” she whispered. “It’s bigger than Ralph’s!”

Ted stood up, shedding his clothes with a careless ease that held both
Joyce and Clyde almost motionless in attention. When he was naked, Ted
sat down again, grinning at his cousin’s bashful glances of comparison.

“There’s a portable phonograph on the dresser, Aunt Joyce,” he told the
woman. “Go over and start it. Then, I want you to strip to the music.”

“Jesus!” Clyde exclaimed. “Are you really gonna do that Mom?”

When Joyce did not answer, Ted said, “Your mother will do anything I
say, Clyde. So will you, if you know what’s good for you.”

His shoulders rose and fell. “OK, so you’ve got us on a string, big
man. What am I supposed to do?”

“Lie down on the rug,” Ted grinned, “and watch. Aunt Joyce will be
moving all around you, so I want you to masturbate while she does her

“You’re full of shit!” Clyde exploded. “It’s bad enough that I have to
watch you put my mother through all this crap! I’ll be damned if I’ll
jerk off for you.”

Joyce was at the phonograph, her back to the two boys. “Just do as Ted
says, Clyde!” she exclaimed without turning. “Pretend I’m someone

His face livid, the boy lowered himself to the thick carpet, leaning
back on his elbows and glaring at Ted. His cousin pointed emphatically.

“Let’s see a little action, Clyde! Get that thing hard!”

Blushing again, the youth’s hand crawled down over his flat belly to
cup his genitals, his fingers finally curling about the limp roll of
his cock just as the music swelled from the record player.

“The object of your striptease, Aunt Joyce,” Ted reminded the woman,
“is Clyde. Tease him, and get him really hot!”

The music was a sensual rhythm, slow and accentuated by a throbbing
bass that Joyce accompanied by a savage jerk of her lush hips, each one
transmitting its force upward and jiggling her prominent breasts.
Slowly, adding a grinding motion to her pelvic gyrations, she moved
toward her wide-eyed son, staring down at his penis and licking her
lips in a parody of lust.

“Christ!” Clyde whispered fiercely. His prick was stiffening in his
grip, and his gaze flicked down at the swelling column as if surprised
by his reaction. When his mother shrugged her dress down over one
shoulder to free the quivering mound of her left tit, his fist began
moving up and down the turgid length of his tool, and his shoulders
shivered with mounting excitement.

Joyce’s movements were awkward, but the undulation of her magnificent
body made grace unnecessary. By the time she rolled the dress down to
expose both tits, Clyde was pounding his meat with a steady pumping
that tugged his balls upward with each pull on the engorged shaft. He
stared hungrily at the lush mounds with their distended nipples
thrusting out from the brown aureoles like pointing fingers.

Joyce worked her hips in a savage grinding as she slid the dress
downward over her rounded belly, baring the blonde curls of her thick
bush and the beauty of her exquisitely curved thighs. Clyde gave a
little groan at his first sight of her inviting cunt, and his prick
emitted a glob of jizm when she stepped out of the dress, the motion
parting her thighs and revealing the deep red slash of her pussy.

“Straddle him, Aunt Joyce!” Ted exclaimed. “Give him a good view of
that gash!”

Still working her hips in rhythm with the beat of the record, Joyce
stepped one foot across Clyde’s thighs, spreading her legs far apart
and continuing that pelvic thrusting with each throb of the bass beat.
The lips of her exposed pussy slid back and forth, one against the
other, as she twisted her hips fluidly, her breasts rolling and
quivering with the erotic hunches.

Clyde’s body was jerking between his mother’s feet, his heels digging
into the rug, and his ass pushing up to augment the pleasure of his
pounding fist. More of the clear pre-come had oozed from the slitted
knob of his prick, and the head was wet and slippery as he capped and
uncapped its purple swelling with his steady frigging.

“Christ, Mom!” the boy panted, his face working with the increasing
pleasure of his masturbatory caress. “I’m about to come!”

Joyce bent her knees, to permit a more savage writhing of her busy
hips. Her thighs spread farther apart, and the lips of her cunt opened
to reveal the juicy vaginal entrance, the soft folds glistening and
quivering with her pelvic thrusts. She splayed her fingers over the
swaying mounds of her big tits, letting the erect nipples poke spongy
tips between them.

“It’s all right, baby!” she crooned, staring down at her son’s rearing
cockhead, and the furious action of his encircling fist. “Just pretend
you’re shooting it right in here!” She slammed her hips forward to
shove her wet pussy into greater prominence.

Ted had risen from his chair, his own cock fully hard with excitement,
and he moved to a position just behind the woman’s gyrating ass.
Stepping astride the boy’s legs, he bent to fit his huge prick between
Joyce’s thighs.

“Watch this, Clyde!” he exclaimed, pressing the head of his cock into
her labial groove, nuzzling the shivering lips with the purple glans.
“Like your mother says, pretend this is your dick!”

Effortlessly, his hips eased forward, and the cock slid up into Joyce’s
pussy, stretching the slippery entrance into a taut circle with its
girth. The woman’s body jerked at the sudden entrance, but her ass
continued its delightful grinding, screwing her eager cunt onto the
thick shaft of Ted’s prick.

Clyde stared in helpless fascination as his cousin’s phallic spear
slowly disappeared inside the straining circle, only to reappear with
its sides coated and slick with the woman’s vaginal juices. He found
that his hand, fingers wrapped tightly about his own throbbing pole,
was matching the strokes of that other cock.

As Ted drove his prick into Joyce’s slit, Clyde’s fist tugged the loose
overcoat of skin down his strutted member, exposing the engorged knob.
Then, as the other tool drew its thick bulk out of the slippery sheath,
Clyde’s hand moved upward to cap the head of his fuckpole.

His prick securely lodged in Joyce’s responsive quim, Ted wrapped both
arms about her and cupped her tits with his big hands, kneading them as
he stroked in and out, his belly slapping rhythmically against her
writhing ass. Over her shoulder, he grinned at the youth.

“You ought to try this pussy, Clyde!” he said jerkily. “She really
knows how to use it!”

“Son of a bitch!” was the panted reply. Clyde’s fist moved faster, and
his hips leaped upward, trembling and heaving. His come spurted high in
the air, splashing Ted’s balls and the well-stretched lips of his
mother’s snatch. The second volley splattered against her trembling
thigh, trickling sluggishly downward as Ted continued his deep thrusts,
making her legs shake with the repeated fillings of her eager cunt.

The weaker spurts arced above the boy’s cock and fell back onto his
heaving belly, puddling in his deep-set navel and clinging to the light
growth of hair that extended upward from his spitting prick. With a
groan, Clyde lay back on the carpet, his arms falling to either side of
his naked body, his tool still dribbling a trace of his violent orgasm
from its lust-widened slit.

“Now, look what you’ve done, Aunt Joyce!” Ted murmured in the woman’s
ear. “You’ll have to clean it up, you know.”

“How?” was the hesitant response. Joyce was on the verge of orgasm, and
her ass bucked lustily to aid the powerful thrusts of Ted’s cock. She
gasped a startled protest when the huge prong tugged itself from the
eager jaws of her slavering cunt.

“Mop it up with your muff,” Ted chuckled. “Just don’t let him stick
that poker in you. You can rub him off, if you want to. But don’t let
him put it in.”

Clyde groaned as his mother lowered that juicy cleft over his still-
erect prick, dropping to her knees astride his hips, and resting her
hands, palms-down, on his chest. She looked directly into his widened
eyes as she dragged her dripping cunt lips upward from the base of his
cock to the slippery knob. He gave a convulsive shudder, and his hands
flashed to her waist, trying to guide her hips backward and effect an
entry with his swollen joint.

Deftly, Joyce evaded him, and his cock snapped upward through her anal
cleft as she dropped her hairy snatch to his belly, working her hips to
scrub the blonde curls through his puddled semen.

Still holding his eyes with hers, she whispered, “Would you really like
to put it in me, Clyde?”

“Oh God, yes!” was the panted reply. “I can’t help it, Mom!”

“It’s all right, baby!” she soothed him. “I understand!”

Kneeling astride Clyde’s legs, Ted observed the caress of her juicy
labia as it rubbed a wet circle on the youth’s belly. He grinned at the
tortured expression on his cousin’s face.

“Fit your pussy against his prick, Aunt Joyce,” he demanded. “Don’t let
it slip in! Just press down on it.”

Her hips lifted again, and her ass cheeks pushed back against Ted’s
stiff prick as she dropped them down to force Clyde’s prong upward,
then down again tight against his belly, its engorged shaft caught
between her flexing cuntal lips.

“Oh, damn!” was the boy’s wail. Not only was his mother’s hot pussy
massaging his pick, but her fingers were teasing the sensitive nipples
of his firm pectorals. As her hips moved back and forth, her wet pubic
hair caressed the head of his cock with a feathery touch that made his
ass buck wildly on the thick rug.

“Now,” Ted exclaimed. “Let’s give old Clyde a real thrill!”

Carefully, he gripped his prick and steered it into the small space
between Joyce’s ass and Clyde’s balls, feeling the woman ease her
downward pressure as she realized his intention. Slowly, savoring the
strange sensations aroused by the unusual contact, he forced the
bulging knob between her perineum and the throbbing bulk of the boy’s

“Jesus!” Clyde gurgled. “What are you doing?”

“Relax, cousin,” Ted answered humorously. “You popped off just watching
your mother get screwed. Now I’m gonna let you feel her taking this

With a little upward pressure of his fingers on his cock, Ted guided
the head into the greedy jaws of Joyce’s snatch, driving up through the
spasming sheath until his belly was jammed against her bottom, and his
balls rolled over Clyde’s elevated scrotum.

He encircled her waist with both arms, trapping Clyde’s fingers with
his embrace, and began a rhythmic stroking, sliding his prick almost
out of the clutching folds of her cunt, then forcing it in again to be
squeezed and caressed by her churning vagina.

Joyce came almost immediately, her ass twisting and jerking with the
force of her orgasmic spasms, and cuntal juice dribbled out about the
prick that continued its delightful plumbing of her clenching pussy.
The overflow of slippery cream bathed the cock that throbbed beneath
the two organs, creating an oily pathway for the huge cylinder that
slid back and forth with gathering speed.

For Clyde, the pleasure was becoming more intense. The cunt juice made
his joint shift from side to side as Ted’s prick raced over it, and his
sensitive glans rolled in Joyce’s thick muff, massaged by her pelvic
gyrations. By lifting his head, he could see that slick column driving
in and out, and witness that fierce pistoning of his own cock. It was
incredibly good, and getting better. He could add to the pleasure by
shoving his hips upward each time Ted hunched into the straining circle
of dripping pink pussy, and he could almost imagine it was his prick,
rather than his cousin’s, filling and stretching the grinding cunt.

Ted’s voice was hoarse with lust as he demanded, “Tell Clyde how much
you like my dick, Aunt Joyce!”

The woman’s eyes were glazed, and a dribble of saliva escaped her
distorted lips as she groaned, “I love it, damn you! It’s terrible! But
I love it!”

“Lean over a little more,” was his panted order. “Let Clyde lick your

Whimpering, she obeyed, arching her torso until the distended nipples
hung just above her son’s parted lips. With a little cry of excitement,
the lad fastened his mouth around one of the succulent fingers, and
Joyce gasped at the furious suction as his tongue flayed the spongy

Ted worked harder, slamming his prick up into her belly with savage
thrusts that rocked her body, and he felt Clyde’s cock jerk with
empathy against the base of his almost-hilted shaft each time the head
bored deep into the torrid embrace of writhing tissue.

Faster, pressing his forehead against her arched back, and surrendering
to the ecstasy of his throbbing prick, he hammered the column of
passion-swollen hardness into her belly, trying to wait for the thing
he knew would happen.

Between his knees, he felt Clyde’s legs stiffen and tremble, and
beneath his sliding cock, the boy’s phallic spear seemed to swell with
rhythmic pulsations.

With a harsh cry, he shoved his cock up into the churning depths and
yielded to the almost painful spasms of ecstasy that accompanied each
spurt of his semen against his aunt’s convulsing womb. To his own
ejaculatory pleasure was added the external thrill of Clyde’s jetting
prong against his own, and Joyce’s frantic manipulation of her vaginal
muscles as she tried to reach another climax.

Before she could make it, Ted pulled his prick out of her clenching
pussy, spilling the last feeble spurt of his come onto Clyde’s balls.
He rolled aside, stretching himself on the rug and staring at the two
naked bodies, Joyce still feeding her big breast into the boy’s mouth,
and grinding her fevered snatch against his expended cock.

“You can finish up on his dick, Aunt Joyce,” he murmured. “That’s not
an order, by the way. You can get up and leave, if you want to.”

Joyce lifted her torso, tugging her breast from Clyde’s greedy lips.
Her face was a mask of emotion, the mouth drawn tightly against
clenched teeth, and the eyes half-closed with the violence of her own
need. She stared at Ted, her brows working as if in indecision.

“Damn you!” she whispered.

Her body lifted, and her hand sought the cream-smeared hardness of her
son’s prick, holding it in position as she fitted the dripping jaws of
her cunt over its still-engorged head. With a luxurious sigh, she
impaled herself on the rearing shaft, groaning with delight as the
meaty knob slid up onto that hungry maw to supply the frictioning she
needed for her aborted climax.

Beneath her, his hands urging her hips to begin their promising play,
Clyde welcomed the incestuous coupling by shoving his pelvis up to
impale her more firmly on his joint.

“I’m getting hard again, Mom!” the youth panted. “My God! I’ve never
come three times in a row!”

Joyce began a slow grinding of her lush hips, working her cunt in a
delightful massage of his throbbing prick. Slowly, she added a slight
lifting and lowering that increased in length and frequency as the cock
regained its full stiffness. She licked her lips and began fucking him
with a determined hunching that made the boy cry out with ecstasy.

“You’re going to come again, Clyde,” she hissed. “For mother!”

Ted’s coarse laughter blended with their throaty moans as Joyce’s cunt
exploded in the climax she had been seeking, and Clyde slammed his hips
up to hilt his prick in her convulsing depths, unable to reach his own
orgasm, but pistoning his mother’s pussy into a second come almost
before the first had subsided.

Clyde turned a perspiring face toward Ted, his eyes pleading as he
panted, “Can I get on top?”

“Be my guest,” his cousin grunted. “Give her a real workout.”

With a flurry of arms and legs, the two bodies managed a reversal of
position without disengaging the stiff cock, and Joyce drew the boy
down between her thighs with a cry of joy. Her mouth opened under his
kiss, and she wrapped her legs high about his waist as he began
hammering his prick in and out of the snug sheath that nibbled and
chewed the sliding hardness that plumbed its juicy corridor.

“My! My!” Ted exclaimed teasingly. “I wonder what Uncle Ralph will say
about this!” His prick was stiffening again, aroused by the sight and
sound of the incestuous union.

Clyde was a handsome lad, his body well-muscled and tanned, and his
cock was almost as large as Ted’s. His ass, perfectly proportioned,
rose and fell with a savage rhythm, levering the thick spear in and out
of her fluttering labia, stretching and stroking the delicate vaginal
walls that yielded repeated surges of slippery juice to bathe his meaty

Joyce had her eyes closed, and both arms about her son’s body. Her ass,
lifted by her scissoring legs, shook and bucked in response to the deep
probing of her hungry snatch.

Beneath Clyde’s swaying balls, her anus winked convulsively, the brown
circlet pushing in and out with the flexing of her happy cunt. A slimy
mixture of her juices and the semen Ted had pumped into her belly had
been forced from her pussy lips to coat her perineum and the cleft of
her magnificent ass.

Without hesitation, Ted rose to his knees and positioned himself behind
the hunching youth, making him jerk violently when he laid one hand on
the pounding hips.

“Relax, cousin,” Ted murmured. “Just spread your knees a little. I’m
gonna pack her asshole while you take care of that snatch.”

His buttocks clenching, Clyde shifted his legs, and Ted moved in
between them, shoving the head of his prick beneath the lad’s heavy
scrotum to press it firmly against Joyce’s winking anus.

“NOOOOOOO!” she wailed, trying to unhook her legs from Clyde’s hips,
but finding them blocked by Ted’s powerful hands. She felt the pressure
increase, and twisted her hips in one last effort to evade the
determined hardness that was stretching her anal opening into a circle
of quivering tissue about its invading knob.

Once again, Clyde felt his cousin’s throbbing cock move against his
tightening balls, and he buried his own prick more deeply in the
churning sheath of his mother’s cunt, making her grunt as his pubic
arch slammed against her clitoral notch.

Ted found her asshole slick, but much tighter than on the previous
evening. Now, Clyde’s tool filled the adjacent channel, compressing the
slippery corridor into which the second cock was slowly forcing its
heart-shaped head. Joyce was helpless to prevent the invasion, for her
body was trapped beneath her son’s weight, and his prick held her ass
captive for Ted’s powerful thrust.

She screamed as the big cock popped through the resistance of her anal
muscles, and bored up into her flexing colon, filling her asshole with
its throbbing heat. She felt her vagina clamp more firmly about Clyde’s
joint, tightened by the pulsating invader that drove deeper and deeper
into her intestines.

Once the head cleared her sphincter, the discomfort vanished, and Joyce
was aware of only the pleasurable friction of the two pricks in her
belly, providing a sense of completeness she had never before
experienced, and sending her hips into a wildly hunching climax that
blended ecstasy with the knowledge that she was providing pleasure for
two lusty males, each one bent on emptying his seminal reservoir into
her churning flesh.

Ted experienced a rush of hot juices about his well-planted cock, and
the muscles of that receptive canal rippled their convulsive embrace
about the throbbing hardness. Eagerly, he began pumping the juicy hole,
slamming his taut belly against Clyde’s buttocks with each delightful

Clyde, caught between the two bodies, could manage only a short
pistoning of his buried prong. But he could feel each movement of Ted’s
prick against his swollen ventral vein, and the delicious spasming of
that juicy vagina as it raced from climax to climax with the continued
probing of its companion channel.

“You’re making me come myself to death!” Joyce wailed, her eyes rolling
and her speech slurred by the exquisite shudders that roared through
her grinding pelvis to spread throughout her straining body. She
reached past her son’s shoulders, groping for Ted, but discovering her
arms could not find him. Her hands moved lower, clasping Clyde’s waist
and examining the undulating muscles that levered his prick in and out
of her cunt.

She touched the tensing buttocks, and felt Ted’s belly slam against her
fingers. Forcing her tits up against Clyde’s chest, she captured the
hips that pounded her straining ass, pulling them closer, and urging
the prick into a fierce jabbing that made her gasp with its violence
and the gut-wrenching pleasure.

Three bodies were caught up in the whirlwind of lust generated by the
rhythmic frictioning of passion-engorged flesh and thirsty female
tissue. Grunts and throaty moans accompanied the squishing sound of the
two cocks as they slid in and out, faster and harder.

Clyde came with a groan of ecstasy, shooting his hot sperm into the
convulsing cunt with little jabs of his spurting prick, and the
orgasmic shudders were felt by Ted’s ramrod as it bored deep into
Joyce’s ass to spill its fiery tribute in the sucking channel of her

Joyce’s scream was blocked by her son’s tongue in a demanding kiss, and
she could only work her hips as the two boys drenched her belly with
their semen. Her pussy squeezed and churned in retaliatory orgasm, and
her anal canal became a vacuuming sheath of hot, juicy muscles that
stripped Ted’s cock of the last drop of that soothing ball-juice she
needed so desperately.

Chapter 6

Ralph Porter listened to his wife’s account of the afternoon with an
expression that began with disbelief, then altered to angry bitterness
as she described her repeated climaxes while both Ted and Clyde fucked

“You don’t have to be so goddamned graphic!” he exploded, springing
from the chair and striding to the window, turning his back on Joyce as
she lay naked on their bed, one finger teasing the distended nipple of
her left breast.

The woman regarded his back with an amused smile, moving her other hand
to the furry juncture of her thighs. One digit slipped inside the moist
crevice, and the others teased the plump lips.

“Do you want to go back?” she demanded in a soft voice. “We can always
go on welfare, you know. Of course, Clyde won’t be able to forget that
he’s actually screwed his mother. Since you seem opposed to that, he’ll
probably climb into bed with Susan and Beth.”

Ralph whirled about, his face twisted, to glare at her. “I suppose
that’s the next thing your darling nephew will demand. I’ll see him in
hell before I let him touch either one of those girls!”

Joyce’s reply was delivered in a mocking tone. “Unless, of course, he
lets you have seconds.” Her finger slid deeper into the crack of her
cunt, and her laughter made him wince. “You couldn’t wait to get your
pecker in my tail! My God! You never screwed me like that before.”

“Damn it!” he exclaimed defensively. “You wouldn’t let me put it in
your ass! You had to wait for that bastard!”

Joyce’s eyes softened, but her finger continued its pleasurable
exploration of her slit as she replied, “Someday Ralph, you’ll learn
that women like to be forced to do things.”

With a muttered curse, Ralph slammed out of the room, banging the door
behind him, and heading for the stairs. He hesitated when he saw
Dorothy just closing the door of her bedroom, and his gaze flickered
over the soft red hair and haughty breasts battling under the tight
dress that hugged her luscious hips and thighs with revealing clarity.

The woman looked at his face and her lips curved in an understanding
smile. Her hips moved seductively as she approached him. In spite of
his anger, Ralph felt a quickening in his crotch.

“Don’t tell me,” Dorothy murmured when she was near enough to be heard
without raising her voice. She stopped with the points of her big tits
almost touching his arm. “My darling stepson has gone too far.”

He blinked at her. “How did you know?” His cock was stiffening, and he
shifted his stance to conceal the swelling. “Did he tell you?”

She laid warm fingers on his arm, leading him back down the hallway
toward the bedroom she had just vacated. Ralph found himself moving
with her like an obedient child. He waited until she opened the door,
and followed her inside. Dorothy locked the door and leaned against it.

“Let me guess,” she said, keeping her hands behind her and poking her
breasts against the thin dress. “He talked you into letting him ball
Joyce, and you found yourself unable to resist the scene. You made a
complete fool of yourself with both of them.”

She held up one hand, palm-out, when he started to interrupt. “That was
just the beginning. He got Joyce to give in to your son. That’s the
part you can’t stomach.”

His voice heavy, Ralph demanded, “If he didn’t tell you about it, how
do you know all this?”

She smiled. “Feminine observation, my dear brother-in-law. He was hot
for me until you showed up with all those delicacies. If he hadn’t been
getting his rocks off with somebody he’d have been bouncing my bed.
Then, I saw Clyde after he had spent a couple of hours with them. Need
I say more?”

Ralph wagged his head. “You’ve just about covered it all. The boy is a

She nodded amiably. “Agreed. But, he’s a rich monster. That makes a big

“Why?” he asked in a grating voice. “Why did he get us here for this?
He could have bought a dozen women if that’s all he wanted.”

Dorothy pushed herself erect, moving toward him as he stood in the
center of the big room. “Don’t you understand, Ralph?” she whispered.
“He wants slaves.”

“Slaves?” he repeated dully. She didn’t stop when those big tits were
so close he could feel their heat. Instead she pushed their firm points
against his shirt front deliberately and with unmistakable intent. His
prick shoved its engorged head against his trouser leg, and was
immediately trapped by the warmth of her thigh.

His arms went about her instinctively. He didn’t intend for it to
happen. One moment, they were at his sides, and the next, they were
pulling her pliant curves closer. His hips jammed the throbbing bulk of
his cock between her legs, and he felt it nuzzle the plump mound of her

“Slaves,” she whispered, wetting her lips with a pointed tongue and
sliding her arms about his neck. “Slaves to our own lusts, really.” She
moved her hips, massaging the hardness of his prick. “Admit it, Ralph.
Didn’t you get a kick out of watching him screw Joyce?”

He answered the erotic caress with increased pressure, finding himself
staring at those inviting lips. Helplessly he nodded.

“Don’t be ashamed of it,” she said soothingly. “It’s natural. Just like
what you’re feeling at this moment.” She rammed her cuntal mound
against his erection for emphasis. Her long lashes flickered. “Do you
want to deny that you’re just itching to stick that thing in me?”

His arms tightened and his mouth covered her parted lips, tasting the
sweetness of her tongue as it writhed against his in quick and eager
response. Dorothy’s hand forced its way between their bodies to curl
warm fingers about his outlined prick.

He was unable to resist fumbling at his zipper, and he groaned when her
hand managed to effect an entrance and pull his cock out of its hiding
place, squeezing and stroking until he was past caring what happened

Ralph’s fingers found the fabulous tits he had admired so many times,
and kneaded the resilient flesh with an inexpert fondling. Aside from
Joyce’s, they were the first breasts he had touched since his marriage,
a fact which he considered and discarded as trivial in view of the
pleasure he derived from tweaking the distended nipples.

“Sit down on the bed,” he heard Dorothy say, and he permitted himself
to be maneuvered into the suggested position, his cock sticking out
like an obscene drawing in its engorgement.

Before he realized what the woman had in mind, she had pushed her dress
down over her shoulders to bare the magnificent orbs of succulent
flesh, and was leaning over him, feeding one of the tips between his
eager lips.

Ralph nursed the delicious nipple with a hunger he had not realized
existed within his trembling body. Opening his month wider, he drew a
portion of the creamy mound between his lips, nibbling on the pulsating
spear and lashing it with his wet tongue as his hands fondled Dorothy’s
firm buttocks.

He groaned again when she dropped to her knees between his thighs to
fit the engorged cock between her tits, squeezing them together about
its throbbing length while her mouth bathed his chest with wet kisses,
and she deliberately clamped her mouth about one of his diminutive tits
and sucked it with a savage vacuuming.

She had unbuttoned his shirt so skillfully that Ralph was surprised by
the contact of her lips on his bare skin. His body trembled as her wet
tongue licked an exciting circle, then moved to the other male tit to
provide an equally pleasant caress.

Nervously, he groped for his belt buckle, loosing his slacks and baring
his belly and crotch as the trousers slid down about his hairy legs.
His hands ran clutching fingers through the red hair, pulling the warm,
soft lips against his navel. He gasped when her hot tongue bored into
the indentation, twisting voluptuously, her breasts massaging his
engorged cock with a sensuous sliding.

His prick nudged her throat, the head pressing beneath the delicate
curve of her chin, and Ralph’s buttocks contracted with eagerness as
Dorothy’s lips slid lower, her tongue flicking across the upper edge of
his public hair.

“Does Joyce give good head?” he heard her murmur. Until that moment, he
had assumed that her actions were a prelude to an old-fashioned screw.
Now, he realized that the beautiful creature was about to go down on
his throbbing cock with that full-lipped and obviously talented mouth.

“When she’s in the right mood,” he gasped. “Usually, she just does it
to please me.”

Dorothy drew the tip of her tongue across the head of his prick,
pressing it back against his belly, then letting it spring outward to
brush her cheek. Her tits jabbed firm nipples against his thighs, and
her hands slid up and down the hairy legs before moving in on the
rearing joint and the twin spheres that loomed immediately beneath the
strutted cock.

“I’ll bet,” she whispered softly, “that she loves sucking Ted’s dick.”

Ralph did not answer, except for a slight clenching of his teeth and a
tightening of the fingers entwined in her long hair. Dorothy planted a
wet kiss just beneath the glans, then trailed her tongue downward to
probe the scrotal sac. He moved his knees farther apart to accommodate
her torso, and she responded by dipping her head and running her tongue
beneath the heavy balls.

“Tell me,” Dorothy demanded, bathing his nuts with her warm breath.
“Does Joyce really enjoy what Ted is making her do?”

“Yes, damn it!” he groaned, easing his hips forward and pressing his
sac against her parted lips. All he could see was her red hair, and the
head of his cock thrusting up in front of her face. As he stared down
at it, the prick exuded a glob of clear lubricant from its swollen tip.
“She’s gone crazy about that son of a bitch!”

Dorothy’s head lifted, her green eyes mocking him. “Would you rather be
with her than with me?”

He licked his lips, frowning at the question, yet unable to reject the
lust that thundered in his body. “No!” he gasped. “If you’ll just do
what you started to do, I don’t give a damn if he balls her brains

Her mouth curved appreciatively. “You’re sweet,” she said huskily.
“Will you promise to sit still, and not try to make me do it your way?”

He nodded emphatically, his face working. “Any way you want it.”

Her mouth curved even more, wet and promising. Her pointed tongue
protruded, just flicking the head of his cock. She exhaled, baking the
glans with her warm breath, and Ralph groaned at the feathery caress.

Again, Dorothy’s head went down, lips parting to slide their wet oval
about one of his leathery pouches, drawing the pliant half of the sac
into her mouth and laving it with saliva, her tongue rolling the oyster
about inside its fluid-filled pocket.

Just when he was about to tug at her red hair with trembling fingers,
she released the delicacy and sucked the other nut between her gently
nibbling teeth. As she tongue-fondled the nugget, her fingers began a
fluttering dance up and down the strutted length of his prick, causing
it to jerk back against his hairy belly in eager response.

His scrotum was wet from her mouthing, and she trailed a continuation
of the wetness upward along the pulsating underbelly of his cock,
pausing at the taut V of his glans. There, her tongue stiffened and
flashed back and forth over the sensitive area just below the tiny
slit. Her fingers, having moved aside for her climbing tongue, claimed
the throbbing column again, performing a slow milking of its stiffened

“I want to taste that fuck-juice!” she whispered fiercely, her fist
rising until the prepuce trapped the tip of her tongue between its
loose fold and the head of the rearing cock.

As if in obedience to her wishes, his prick spilled a slippery glob of
pre-come from its single eye, and her tongue sponged it up with a
delightful wiggle.

“Ummmmmm!” she sighed, swallowing audibly. “You taste good!”

Dorothy fitted her lips over the swollen knob and began massaging it
with her hot tongue, cheeks hollowing as she nursed the prick with
hungry suction. Her head dipped, forcing her mouth onto the cock until
the glans was beyond her palate, and her lips touched the curled
fingers of her pumping fist.

Her nasal whimper was authentic enjoyment. True, she had begun her
seduction as a way of getting back at her stepson. Since Ted was
determined that their enjoyment should be nothing more than a by-
product of his own lust, Dorothy found a peculiar thrill in disrupting
the lad’s schedule. But, once she had tasted the salty masculinity of
Ralph’s prick, she was no longer concerned with her original purpose.

Jealousy had been a part of that plan, she admitted, bobbing her head
to slide her greedy mouth up and down Ralph’s delicious joint. Ted had
forced her to go down on him, then had turned his attentions elsewhere,
fully aware that he had awakened a facet of her sensuality held dormant
since her marriage to Bruce.

She was younger than Joyce, she consoled herself, swallowing another
glob of Ralph’s tasty jizm. Yet, Ted was spending all his time with the
older woman. The thought produced a picture of Joyce’s blonde snatch,
and Dorothy sucked harder on the throbbing meat of the tumescent prick.

Ralph’s ass was bouncing on the edge of the bed, shoving his cock into
her mouth as her head flashed down, ignoring his promise to let her set
the pace she desired. His fingers twined the red hair about them, and
he dared to force her mouth farther onto his prick, sensing that she
was too excited to protest the violation.

His fingers slid lower on the shaft, still pumping in time with her
slippery lips and writhing tongue. Then, as the prick delivered another
surge of that delicious nectar, she released his cock and cupped both
hands beneath his balls, sucking the quivering knob back into her
throat and tightening the muscles about it with quick gulps.

Ralph tried to hold back, for he wanted more than anything else to
prolong the exquisite pleasure of the redhead’s mouth on his engorged
cock. Now that she had taken the shaft deep in her throat, he could
fuck his cock through those wet, sucking lips and heighten the pleasure
even more. His ass bounced on the bed, and his nuts, held captive by
her gentle fingers, slapped repeatedly against her dainty chin. He felt
her tongue squeeze his prick, then lash the knob when he pulled it back
to the barrier of her teeth.

Resistance was futile when Dorothy began swallowing more rapidly, and
her throat muscles danced and shuddered about the glans with each
thrust. In addition, she twisted her head as it bobbed up and down,
giving her suction a screwing effect that tugged Ralph up and over the
mountain of ecstasy.

Legs jerking and hips bucking, he pushed the woman’s head down onto his
prick and surrendered to the waves of pleasure that washed up through
the column and spurted against the back of her greedily gulping throat,
feeling her fingers squeeze his balls as if seeking even more of the
ropey sperm she swallowed with little whimpers of delight. She made no
attempt to pull back, but buried her nose in his public hair as she
drained his cock.

Chapter 7

Susan Porter was aware that something unusual was happening, for the
transformation in her parents and her brother was too apparent. But she
had no idea that her mother had succumbed so completely to Ted’s huge
organ, nor did she imagine that Clyde had already committed incest with
the blonde lovely.

When Joyce told her what was expected of her, she stared at her mother
and discovered she was speechless with astonishment. At seventeen, she
was not unaware that such arrangements were often made. But, she had
never expected that she would become a part of one.

“Try to understand, darling,” Joyce pleaded anxiously. “It’s for all of
us. Ted’s really a nice boy. If you’ll just cooperate, it can be fun.”

Susan squeezed her thighs together, glaring at her mother. “You’re
saying that I’m supposed to let Ted do anything he wants to?” Her frown
deepened. “What if he wants to do something really kinky?”

Joyce shrugged her shoulders impatiently. “You’re a big girl, Susan.
Just think of what it means to your father and me.”

The girl listened, open-mouthed, to her mother’s recital of her own
sacrifices, ending with, “How do you think I felt when my own son had
to make love to me?”

Susan’s generous lip curled disdainfully. “Clyde didn’t make love to
you. He fucked you!” Her voice climbed the scale toward hysteria. “My
God! What’s happening to us? Daddy lets you act like a common whore,
and you spread for your own son!”

Joyce’s face hardened. Angrily she walked to the door of the bedroom,
turning to exclaim, “You’ll do as you’re told, young lady! It’s not
going to hurt you to do your part in this.”

The girl managed to hold back her tears until the door closed. Then,
her skirt sliding high about her exquisitely rounded thighs, she threw
herself face-down across the bed, sobbing until anger replaced the fear
and hurt.

When she stood up, she was smiling grimly. She looked at the wall
mirror and tossed her head, shaking the brown waves of hair.

As if it were Ted in the glass, rather than her own reflection, she
whispered, “You may screw me, cousin Ted, but you’ll be sticking it in
a block of ice! I’ll be damned if you’ll enjoy it!”

Methodically, she prepared herself, luxuriating in a scented bath,
then, after toweling her tanned body, she applied a subtle perfume
behind her ears, beneath her firm breasts, and along the inner curves
of her perfectly formed thighs. Then, with a mocking look at the brown
curls that shaped her plump pussy mound, she added the elusive scent to
that verdant jungle.

For dinner she wore only a nearly transparent negligee, smiling at the
stern look her father gave when she marched to the big table and stared
directly into Ted’s appraising eyes.

“You should have worn something more than that,” Ralph murmured to her.
“You’re making a spectacle of yourself.”

Maintaining the exaggerated smile, Susan answered from the corner of
her curved lips, “You’re a fine one to talk! After what mother told me,
I’m surprised you haven’t already tried to rape Beth and me.”

She turned her face toward the surprised man, fluttering her lashes and
giving a little shake of her shoulders to set the outlined tits to
quivering beneath the thin fabric.

“Do I seem ready?” she demanded in a sultry voice. “Don’t you want to
check me over before sending me off to be raped?”

Choking back a retort that blended anger and shame, Ralph pushed his
chair back, rose and stalked from the room, followed by Susan’s mocking

“What’s wrong with your father?” Joyce asked from her seat down the
table. “He seemed very upset!”

“I think he’s angry,” Susan retorted, “because he wasn’t invited to the

Joyce’s face colored, and she returned to her plate without a
rejoinder, pretending not to hear Ted’s knowing chuckle. Moments later
she excused herself, followed by Dorothy and Clyde. Beth and Linda
demanded a second dessert, and Ted signaled the hovering maid.

To Susan, he said, “Did Aunt Joyce explain everything to you?”

Susan felt a tingle of apprehension between her tightly clenched
thighs. But her face was expressionless as she nodded.

Linda looked up from her plate, giving her brother a worshipful smile.
“When are you going to do what you promised?” she asked innocently. Her
eyes held a hopeful gleam.

Ted reached across and patted the girl’s arm, his fingers lingering to
trail up and down the smooth skin. “Soon, Linda,” he answered softly,
his dark eyes caressing the points of her small breasts as they
strained against the tight blouse.

Beth leaned closer to the girl, speaking so softly that only she could
hear her whispered question. “What did he promise?”

Linda turned a glowing face to her cousin, answering her in the same
hushed voice. “Ted’s going to fuck me,” she said quite simply.

Beth Porter’s mouth opened, and her blue eyes widened with shock.
Quickly, she darted a glance about to see if either Ted or Susan had
heard the girl. Still speaking quietly, but with a shocked urgency, she
said, “Let’s go up to your room, Beth. I think we’d better have a long

The two youngsters rose, their young bottoms twitching with suggestive
innocence as they excused themselves and left Ted staring at Susan with
that irritating appraisal.

She glared back with a contemptuous droop of her generous mouth. “How
does it feel to have everyone so willing to play whore for you?” she
asked in a deceptively mild voice. “Isn’t it too much for such a child
as yourself?”

Ted refused to rise to the bait. Placing his elbows on the table, he
leaned forward, amusement glittering in his eyes as he dropped his gaze
to her breasts. He ignored her question.

“I wonder if you’re as passionate as your mother,” he said in a soft
drawl. “Did you know that she never let your father stick it in her
asshole until I loosened it up?”

The girl gave a sharp gasp. “You’re filthy!” she hissed. “And you’re
making all of us do filthy things!”

Ted stood up, flexing his muscles and drawing his slacks tight over his
bulging crotch. He saw the girl’s quick glance and he chuckled.

“Let’s go upstairs, Cousin,” he ordered in that same soft voice. “I’m
going to show you just how filthy I can be when I try.”

Susan found that her legs were trembling when she followed the youth
from the dining room, and up the broad stairway, and she had difficulty
recapturing the determination she had summoned earlier. Then, she had
assumed that Ted would simply screw her and let it go at that. Now, she
was less certain that he would be satisfied with such an orthodox act.

Although not a virgin, Susan was inexperienced, having found the clumsy
penetration of her pussy by fewer than a half-dozen assorted cocks to
be little more than an irritating tickling. Her partners had been too
young, too small, and too fast, spilling their sticky come inside her
belly before she could even begin to appreciate the rhythmic massaging
of her vagina.

She knew that some girls permitted their dates to invade that second,
smaller hole, but she had never considered that she might find herself
submitting to such an indignity. Nor had she ever dreamed that she
might be called upon to touch a cock with her lips, another method that
some of her friends insisted was more enjoyable than straight screwing.

By the time Ted wrenched open the bedroom door, Susan had regained her
self-control, marching past her cousin with a deliberate twisting of
her hips that brushed the ominous bulge of his crotch. She walked over
to the bed and turned, tossing her head to push a stray tendril of
brown hair from her forehead.

“What do I do first?” she demanded in a flat voice.

Ted was already unbuttoning his shirt as he answered, “You take that
damned negligee off, and let me look at you.”

Obediently, Susan loosened the narrow sash and let the garment slide
downward, exposing the creamy breasts with their coral tips poking
arrogantly from their pink aureoles. Lower, the negligee slid, past the
lithe waist and flat belly to the brown curls of her pubic thatch.

She saw Ted’s eyes stare at the narrow band of white flesh that marked
the protective zone of halter and bikini during her almost daily
sunbathes, contrasting sharply with the deep tan of the rest of her
delightfully curved body. Then, as the garment dropped past the
exquisitely molded thighs, she felt a tingling warmth between them. His
stare was focused on the dainty vertical cleft of her pussy, and he was
unfastening his belt.

It was Susan’s turn to stare, for her limited experience did not
include the sight she was about to witness. The few times she had
surrendered to her male companions, she had deliberately averted her
eyes from the stiff member that they seemed so eager to fit into her
snug little cunt. As a result, she could not completely style the gasp
of amazement as Ted exposed the flaccid thickness of his dangling cock.
Instinctively, her hands flew to protect the delicate gateway through
which the ominous cylinder was designed to pass.

“What’s wrong?” the lad demanded with a grin. “Is it too childlike for
you?” He slipped his fingers beneath the hairy balls, lifting them
together with the limp prick and pointing its slitted tip at the wide-
eyed girl. “It will get larger.” The fingers squeezed caressingly. “In
fact, you’ll be wishing it wasn’t so damned big before the night’s

Susan tried to keep the fright from her voice as she answered, “I was
surprised because it’s so little. From what mother said, I thought you
were a real man.” She patted the curls of her cunt. “You’ll need more
than that to satisfy me.”

Stepping out of his slacks and standing naked, he reached for her,
gripping her slender waist and jerking her forward until her tits dug
firm nipples into his chest. Her belly yielded to the harsh shove of
his pelvis, and she felt the hot meatiness of his cock roll between
their flesh. She offered no resistance, but let her arms fall limply at
either side, forcing Ted to sustain her weight as he sought her lips
with an open mouth.

She felt the warm wetness of his kiss, and his tongue slithered between
her teeth, seeking hers. Deliberately, she dug its tip down against its
own root, while his tongue danced about in solitary passion, bathed in
her salvia, but finding no response to his savage tonguing of her teeth
and gums.

Grunting with disgust, he pushed her away, toward the bed. The back of
her knees touched the edge, and she fell backward, keeping her knees
together as her hips struck the soft mattress.

Immediately, Ted was on top of her, straddling her clenched thighs and
palming her pliant breasts as he pushed her onto her back. He held her
there while his hands fondled the twin mounds, tweaking the two nipples
and rolling them between thumbs and forefinger. He watched her eyes as
he tugged the tips upward, stretching their spongy fingers, then
forcing them back into their own aureoles.

Susan looked back at him without expression, acutely aware of the
manipulation of her sensitive nipples, but willing them to continued
flaccidity. She felt his heavy balls drag over her thighs, and a wave
of heat washed through her pussy. Deep inside, she was conscious of a
hot wetness spreading through her vagina.

Ted shifted his powerful body upward until he was astride her breasts,
his balls and limp prick sliding between the lush mounds while his
thighs pushed them inward to shape a warm nest of yielding flesh.
Tilting his head to stare down at her, he rocked his hips to force his
scrotum back and forth through the velvet valley.

“Having fun?” Susan hissed at him. “I thought you were supposed to be a
real stud! You can’t even get it up!”

Ted’s face contorted in sudden anger, and he lifted his hips, pushing
them upward until Susan was staring up at his crotch. His fingers
clutched her hair, holding her head in position, and he shoved the
scrotal sac down against her mouth, twisting his hips to work the
pliant pouch over her tightly closed lips.

Susan closed her eyes and tried to hold her breath, blocking the
masculine scent of his testicles and the prick that dangled its plum-
like head over her dainty nose.

“Goddamn you!” he grated in a savage whisper. “I was gonna be easy on
you. Now, I’m gonna cram it so far up your snatch you can taste it!”
His hips twisted more fiercely. “Open your fucking mouth and lick my

Susan managed to turn her face aside, taking the weight of his sac on
her cheek. “If you make me do that,” she hissed angrily, “I’ll bite the
damned things off!”

The pressure eased, and the youth rocked back to glare at her. “Didn’t
Aunt Joyce tell you what would happen if you didn’t cooperate?”

The girl’s voice was steady as she replied, “I agreed to let you screw
me. Anything else is out. I don’t care what anyone says.”

His eyes narrowed thoughtfully, and he swung his leg over her body,
rolling off and arranging himself on the bed, flat on his back. He
pulled his hairy thighs together and pointed at his limp cock.

“OK” he drawled. “I’ll go you one better. You fuck me!”

Susan pushed herself up onto one elbow, sneering at his dangling prong.
“Even if I agreed,” she said mockingly, “you’re still soft.”

“That’s your problem,” he reminded her. “Try rubbing that cunt over it.
It’ll get hard.”

The girl sat up, turning gracefully to crouch on hands and knees beside
him, her breasts swaying but little in their young firmness. For the
first time since they entered the bedroom, she felt a surge of

Gracefully she swung one slender leg across his thighs, inching upward
until she straddled his hips, her pussy gaping its narrow slit directly
above his thick tool. She placed her hands on his chest, the fingers
curling slightly as they touched the hard pads of muscle, lightly
haired and each tipped with a tiny replica of her own lush tits.

Slowly, she lowered her crotch until she felt the heat and meatiness of
his prick against her parted labia, inducing a sensation of pleasure in
the dampening corridor of her pussy. She increased the pressure and
began working her crotch back and forth against the curved member.

“Now, you’re doing it!” Ted grunted, moving his hips in response to the
moist caress of his cock. He curled his fingers about her arms and slid
them up to her shoulders, then to her thrusting breasts, cupping both
mounds with kneading grip as she continued her pelvic massage. “Get it
good and stiff,” he murmured, “and then slide that hot cunt right onto

Susan felt the prick throbbing against her cunt, swelling and hardening
as it filled with blood, and it was impossible to restrain the slippery
liquid that seeped from her labia to bathe the stiffening shaft and
prepare her own tingling pussy for its entry. Deliberately, she
concentrated on the slowly enlarging knob, sliding the quivering lips
of her snatch over its rounded tip with rapid jerks of her hips.

The prick forced its way upward between her thighs, and she raised her
crotch to permit it to spring back against his flat-muscled belly,
dropping down onto it again and sliding her wet labia up and down its
still-lengthening hardness.

“Christ!” Ted groaned, squeezing her breasts until she gasped with
mixed pain and pleasure. “Put it in!”

Maintaining her balance by leaving one hand on his chest, Susan reached
down to curl her fingers about the distended length of his prick,
moving the grip up and down in a quick estimate of its size. Her lower
lip folded back between her teeth and she stole a quick glance at the
rearing shaft, her eyes narrowing in speculation.

The cock was much bigger than she had expected, and fully two inches
longer than any of the few she had entertained inside her snug vagina.
It was thicker, too, for her fingers and thumb could not completely
encompass its throbbing girth.

No wonder, she thought, rubbing the slitted tip through her slippery
labial trough, that her mother had responded to the handsome youth. It
would be difficult to remain calm with a nine-inch prick jabbing deep
and hard inside an admittedly hungry snatch.

The mental image produced a fresh flood of vaginal juice that seeped
from her swollen pussy lips and spread over the head of Ted’s cock,
trickling down the thick column to bathe her fingers as they squeezed
and rubbed the big prong back and forth, setting her own belly to
trembling with desire for that engorged hardness.

She felt the prick lurch in her grasp, and the head seemed to swell for
a moment in the furrow of her aroused cunt. A glob of seminal fluid
erupted from the quivering slit to bathe her sensitive labia, sending a
thrill back into the slippery grotto that was beginning to pulsate with

Hoisting her hips higher, Susan guided the tip of his cock between the
lips of her cunt, holding her breath as she lowered herself just enough
to feel the expansion of the nerve-laced tissues that fitted themselves
about the sloping glans. Then, with a suppressed gasp, she forced her
pussy onto the throbbing knob, her hips trembling as the stretched
folds slipped past the rim of the huge helmet and tightened about the
circular hardness of his rearing shaft.

For a moment, she made no movement, simply savoring the delightful
sensation that radiated inward from that shallow insertion. Her cunt
had never been opened so widely, and it seemed that the expanded lips
were far more sensitive than ever before, sensing even the slight
tremors of the prick as Ted reacted to the hot clasp of her pussy about
its implanted head.

She felt his hands desert her tits to grip her waist, and only her own
hands, bracing against his chest, kept her from yielding to his
downward tugging. Her thighs tensed, and she managed to maintain her
position until Ted relaxed his efforts.

Slowly, feeling her vagina swelled by the increasing bulk of the big
cock, she began easing her cunt down onto the thick column, adding a
little circular movement to the descent that rubbed the tender walls of
her flexing corridor into a shivering dance.

“Goddamn!” Ted groaned, adding an inch to the two already inside her
shivering pussy by shoving his hips upward. “You’ve got a hot snatch!”

Susan did not answer. Instead, she screwed her churning vagina farther
onto the shaft, and increased the speed of her circular gyrations. She
deliberately tightened the powerful muscles of her cunt, squeezing his
throbbing prick and spreading her warm lubricating nectar over its
quivering bulk.

She had never been so juicy before. It seemed that the sheer girth of
the cock had loosened some internal fountain that sent the slippery
liquid gurgling from deep in her belly to welcome the blunt-nosed

There was no longer any doubt in her mind that she could accept his
lengthy prong. Instead, there was an increasing determination to prove
herself the sensual superior of the handsome youth whose prick was
inching deeper and deeper into her belly.

No more than two-thirds of the way down the column, she reversed
direction and began dragging her pussy upward, feeling the internal
tugging as the thick cock massaged the vaginal walls in its enforced
retreat. Pleasure radiated from the frictioning pressure, spiraling
back into her vagina and making her gasp with its intensity.

Reaching the top of her ride, with just the swollen head inside her
labia, she slid downward again, more rapidly, and farther, feeling the
velvet tip press lightly against her womb mouth as her hips halted
their descent and rose upward again. Beneath her, the boy groaned his
delight and tightened his fingers on her waist.

Her agile hips climbed again, the slippery cuntal folds sliding upward
over the pulsating column of engorged flesh, then plunged downward to
find the boy’s pelvis leaping to meet them.


Susan found it impossible to block the unintelligible cry as she felt
herself impaled on the throbbing shaft of Ted’s huge prick. Her labial
lips were jammed tightly about the thick base and the quivering head of
the cock was shoved hard against her yielding cervix. Her vagina was
stretched to its capacity by the hot bulk of the organ, and the
pressure was such that her mind could not identify it as either
pleasure or pain. It was somewhere in between those two sensations, but
producing a gut-wrenching desire that demanded still more of the
exquisite frictioning she had just experienced.

Back arched, and waist undulating under Ted’s urging fingers, Susan
steered her spasming cunt up and down on the rearing prick, its length
liberally coated by her vaginal exudation until the hardness slid
through her labial grip with ease, each movement sending another wave
of incredible pleasure throughout her belly.

She found herself leaning forward, disengaging her tits from the lad’s
hands as she maneuvered them toward his heaving chest. His arms went
about her, and his fingers clutched at her rising and falling hips,
digging savagely into her flexing buttocks to pull her convulsing pussy
down onto his lurching prick.

Frantically, Susan forced her own hands beneath his shoulders, gripping
for leverage, pulling her body upward as his cock plumbed the churning
depths of her juicy cunt.

Long strokes were impossible in her new position, but she could work
her hips with greater speed. Keeping the cock sheathed in her torrid
snatch, she hunched her ass with vicious jabs, feeling the rounded knob
slam repeatedly against the mouth of her womb, threatening to force its
way inside that willing cave of virgin tissue.

This, her whirling brain screamed at her, was fucking! All the others
had been but childish imitations of the act she was performing with
sweating body and lust-crazed mind. Within her convulsing pussy, its
walls constantly massaged by that delightfully large prick, an orgasm
was building, already knotting the muscles of her belly with its
ecstatic tremors. When it came, she admitted, it would reduce all her
previous climaxes to insignificance.

Faster and faster, her ass pounded the writhing corridor about the
lad’s joint, forcing more of the secretion out of her clenching cunt to
mat their pubic hair as the two pads met and parted with wet squishings
that were obliterated in the gasps and grunts that marked the violence
of their union.

Susan’s clitoris was subjected to a constant mauling as she fucked the
thick prong. As her ass flashed backward, tugging her cunt upward, the
meaty spear was momentarily freed to spring outward, its cream-coated
bulk quivering with the caress of the cool bedroom air. Then, as she
hunched forward, the bud was forced inward by the sheer size of Ted’s
cock, and massaged by that throbbing hardness into a nerve-tingling
bundle of excruciating ecstasy.

Her breasts, nipples engorged beyond anything she had ever anticipated,
were plastered against his chest, rolling and sliding in the patina of
perspiration and the delicious irritation of his wiry hair. Her belly,
undulating with near-fluidic ripplings as she manipulated her hips
above his, slapped down against the muscular hardness of his abdomen
with noisy sounds of wet flesh pounding wetter flesh.

The pleasure was almost too much, yet such that she could do nothing
but increase it by fucking the stiff cock with faster and harder
hunches. She felt the shaft jerk, its heat suddenly increasing until
she could easily imagine it to be glowing inside her racing cunt, and
Ted’s hips bounced wildly beneath her continued assault.

A hot wetness blasted against her womb, followed by still another
savage spurt of the fiery liquid that raged through the nine-inch
shaft, into her belly. Ted’s body was writhing with the explosive
convulsions of his come. His furious pelvic gyrations seemed to screw
the exploding prick into her crotch, the jetting knob grinding against
her womb as the semen was forced back about its originator to trickle
sluggishly from the straining jaws of her cunt.

She lost control as her own orgasm ripped through her cock-packed
vagina, setting the slippery walls into a shuddering series of
undulating spasms that raced inward, squeezing the invading prong and
milking it with powerful tugs, sucking the creamy come from its bucking
hardness and rubbing it with greedy caresses as Susan’s ass twisted and
hunched to heighten the already unbearable ecstasy. She screamed, but
the sound was heard only in her lust-crazed brain, blending with the
rhythmic surges of her climax.

She had expected Ted’s cock to detumesce immediately after spilling its
copious load of semen, like the few others she had felt, jerking and
spitting inside her cunt. But the shaft seemed more firm than before as
she felt herself being toppled aside and onto her back, legs flailing
in adjustment and scissoring the powerful hips that forced her thighs
farther apart.

For the first time, she gave him her tongue in a saliva-drenched kiss,
wiggling it about inside his mouth as he sucked its meaty bulk with a
force that made her grunt in meaningless protest.

She grunted again when he drew his cock almost free of her cream-filled
snatch and drove it in again, slamming his heavy balls against her
writhing ass and smashing his pubic ridge down against the pad of her
soaked triangle.

Again and again, her pussy exploded in orgasmic joy, churning its
slippery grip about the pistoning joint and chewing that huge head that
hammered her womb with breathtaking force. Her fingers dug into his
flexing ass cheeks, and her hips lunged up to meet his savage thrusts,
working the dripping jaws of her cunt in a constant chewing of his
driving prick.

She lost count of her comes, and added still another when Ted’s cock
began spurting its second load of nut-juice into her snatch. Too weak
to move anything but her sweat-soaked breasts in an effort to recapture
her breath, she felt Ted climb off, leaving her body tingling and
weightless at the removal of the prolonged pressure, and her cunt still
hungry for a continuation of that delicious stroking.

Eyes closed, she heard him pad across the room and open the hall door,
but she was too enraptured with the lingering tremors in her belly to
care why Ted was taking time out from his sensual labors.

The door closed again, quietly, and she heard the soft click of the
lock. Lazily, she spread her legs wide, feeling the wetness seep from
her cunt to bathe her perineum and anus. She was slick down there,
slicker than she had ever been before. Slick and hungry for more of
that demanding cock.

A knee pressed the bed, and she welcomed the hips that fitted
themselves between her thighs. Her own hips swiveled upward to meet the
hot hardness that slid pulsating]y into her juicy crevice. She brought
her legs up to wrap them about the narrow waist. Her arms embraced and
pulled him down onto her sensitive tits as he began fucking her,
steadily and delightfully.

Her eyes opened and widened. Her lips shaped a surprised oval.

“Clyde!” she gasped, her ass still working cooperatively beneath his
pounding hips. “My own brother!”

It was not a protest. Even if she had wanted to object, her eager cunt
would not have permitted more than a token complaint. What he was doing
to her felt too good, and she was too near another string of
firecracker orgasms to make any attempt to halt his industrious probing
of her slippery pussy.

Her ass bouncing and twisting in the throes of ecstasy, Susan was too
busy coming to hear Ted Morgan’s husky chuckle of approval.

Chapter 8

Linda Morgan was upset with her young cousin. Had she been capable of
real anger, it would have been directed at Beth Porter for suggesting
that Ted was even considering the dreadful thing the girl had so
vividly described.

“Ted’s eighteen years old, Linda,” Beth had argued in their
conversation following the interrupted dessert. “You’re still a kid. If
he does anything to you, it’ll be both rape and incest.”

Linda had shaken her head firmly, her baby face determined. “I know
what rape is, Beth,” she reminded the girl. “Everyone thinks I’m
stupid, but I know a few things. Ted would never make me do something I
didn’t want to do. As for the part about incest, I don’t care. I’ve
wanted Ted to love me for ages.”

“We’re not talking about love, darn it!”, Beth exclaimed. “He wants to
screw you. Don’t you understand that?”

“And what’s wrong with that?” Linda rejoined. Her shoulders shook with
a little shiver of anticipation, making her small breasts tremble under
the thin blouse. “Don’t you ever want to let Clyde do it to you?”

Beth framed a shocked protest that became, instead, a mysterious smile
of possible admission. Her tongue made a sensuous circuit of the red
oval, finally curving its pointed tip upward as she studied her
cousin’s questioning face. The eyes, long-lashed and posing a question
of their own, moved down to study Linda’s thrusting tits, tracing the
outline of their tiny nipples through the clinging blouse.

“Do we really need our brother’s for what we’re both thinking about?”
she asked in a hush voice. “Couldn’t we have fun without them?”

Linda stared at the girl with a confused frown. “I don’t understand,”
she answered hesitantly. Seeing the direction of Beth’s stare, her own
eyes dropped to peer at the little tips that punched the thin fabric.
“Do you like my titties?”

“I’d like to see them without that blouse,” Beth responded. Her lashes
flickered their excitement. “Did you ever have another girl play with

Linda seemed unsurprised by the query, shaking her head as she
answered. “No. But it sounds interesting.” Her fingers toyed with the
top button. “Would you like to play with mine?”

Beth’s blonde hair bobbed an admission. “It’s more fun when we play
with each other’s,” she observed, taking a step toward the twin
beauties that were revealed by the slowly opening blouse. “Why don’t we
both get undressed?”

Agreeably, Linda shrugged off the blouse, the small breasts tightening
with her movements, and began unzipping her short skirt. Beth stared
with mounting excitement as the bikini panties were pushed down and she
saw the chestnut curls of her selected target.

In moments, both girls were naked, their clothes left in two careless
heaps as Beth drew the blonde nymphet against her own eager flesh.
Linda gasped as their breasts met, pressed and yielded to their firm
counterparts. Her hands explored the curve of a delightfully rounded
ass. She stared at her cousin with wide eyes.

“Are you going to do what Ted did?” she asked innocently.

Beth’s fingers tightened on a deliciously slender waist. “What did Ted
do?” she asked, anticipating the answer.

“He stuck his tongue in my pussy,” was the naive reply. “It felt so
good, I couldn’t stop coming.”

“Why don’t you pretend that I’m Ted?” Beth whispered, moving her torso
to rub her tingling tits against the swollen tips of the girl’s firm
breasts. Her own pussy was shivering with anticipation. If she could
persuade Linda to use that dainty tongue on it, she would give her
cousin a muff job she would never forget.

Linda’s response was one Beth had not expected. “I don’t like
pretending,” the girl murmured. She moved her furry crotch against
Beth’s plump labial mound. “Why can’t we just be ourselves?”

Beth answered the delicious pressure by working her agile hips,
increasing the pressure of the two young cunts. “Will you do what I ask
you to?” she demanded huskily.

The brown head bobbed an eager assent, and the fingers on her quivering
buttocks tugged aggressively. “It might be even better with you,” Linda
admitted. “I could do what you’re doing. That would be fun.” She
grinned at Beth’s hot gaze. “I’ve often wished I could reach my own
pussy and lick it.”

Beth began urging her back toward the bed, grinding her furry crotch
against the warm moistness of its counterpart. She moved her flat belly
in a delicate massage of Linda’s softer abdomen, desire hastening their
awkward progress toward the waiting mattress.

Linda fell backward, pulling Beth down with her, giggling as the girl’s
knees forced her legs apart and the warm naked body fitted itself
against hers, Beth’s face hovering with an expression Linda
instinctively recognized. Her giggling subsided as she felt the girl’s
pussy slide its yielding lips against hers, and she gave a soft gasp as
Beth’s clitoris, stiffened with lust, eased its throbbing erection
between her sensitive labia.

She knew what it was, although she had never dreamed that she would
encounter one large enough to do what Beth was making hers do. The
engorged cylinder was actually sliding in and out of her pussy as the
girl’s hips performed a rhythmic rise and fall, and the sensation was
devastatingly wonderful.

She wiggled her ass responsively, careful to keep the answering hunches
short so the miniature prick would not slip out of her tingling slit.
Her fingers clutched the slowly bouncing bottom, and she welcomed the
parted lips that descended upon her open mouth.

Tongues touched, tentatively and cautiously, then swirled eagerly and
boldly as the taste of their blended saliva heightened the desire that
pounded through their writhing bodies. The kiss seemed an extension of
that exquisite massage, and the two mouths worked greedily, as if
anticipating the moment when they would be glued to that other opening.

It was Linda who broke away to whisper, “Let me kiss your tittie, Beth.
I want to know how it feels and tastes.”

The small, thin sliver of hardened flesh slipped from its cozy nest as
Beth climbed from between Linda’s slender legs to crawl hurriedly to
the head of the big bed, turning about until she faced the foot. She
leaned over Linda’s face, brushing her lips across her cousin’s mouth
and exclaiming, “You do whatever I do!”

Linda bobbed her head in eager agreement, wetting her lips as Beth
inched her body downward until the pointed tips of her young breasts
offered themselves to her open mouth. Her lips closed about one
succulent nipple at the same instant Beth began sucking on her left

It was a new and exciting experience for Linda, for her pleasure was
doubled by the thrill of that resilient finger she held between gentle
teeth, flogging its pulsating tip with quick lashes of her hot tongue.
Beth was sucking greedily on her own target, and the two girls began a
delightful series of matching caresses, each taking her cue from the
other’s lips and tongue.

Beth transferred her attention to the other breast and Linda released
the swollen nipple to roll her head into position to claim its equally
tasty mate, licking the pliant bud before drawing it into her mouth and
nursing it with hungry suction.

The blonde girl’s body shifted again, her mouth trailing wetly downward
to where her tongue could twist its stiffened tip into the dainty
indentation of Linda’s navel, her own belly contracting as she felt her
cousin’s tongue provide a matching caress that sent a quiver of
anticipation through her aroused pussy.

Technically, Beth Porter was still a virgin, as was Linda. However,
while Linda had experienced only that one wonderful evening with Ted,
Beth had been enjoying the pleasures of oral sex since she was twelve
years old, persuading a select few of her girl friends to do the same
thing Linda was doing.

She had never tried it with a boy, although the thought of taking a
hard cock inside her mouth had crossed her mind more times than she
would admit. If only they would be satisfied with that, she would have
gone down on any one of a dozen males she had known. But, it was
obvious that their immediate goal was forcing their big prick into her
tight little snatch, and she was too afraid of the pain when her pussy
was stretched by that thick hardness.

Having a larger than normal clitoris was a decided asset, Beth had
learned, especially when she could talk her partner into letting her
slide it into the hot grip of a virgin asshole. She had already
determined that Linda would permit her that liberty, but she wanted to
wait until they had explored the other possibilities before fucking the
lovely creature whose chestnut-haired pussy now waited for her eager

She raised her head, examining the delicate trench with hungry eyes,
observing the distended clitoris, much smaller than her own, at the
peak of the moist slit.

“Let’s suck each other’s clit!” she exclaimed, lowering her hips above
Linda’s upturned face so the girl could reach her furry crotch.

Instead of using words, Linda answered by fastening her wet lips about
the meaty spear and working her tongue over its sensitive tip. Beth
provided an extra friction by sliding the engorged stem in and out of
the girl’s mouth, feeling the light touch of the teeth as Linda began
sucking, awkwardly, but avidly.

Slowly, Beth lowered her tits to the soft belly and extended her tongue
until it barely touched the moist membranes of the girl’s cunt,
avoiding the inviting lovebud until she had thoroughly explored the
yielding orifice that quivered at her tentative caress. She forced her
tongue into the pulsing slit, tasting its tangy nectar and probing the
shuddering corridor by twisting her oral muscle around inside its
slippery grip.

She pushed her open mouth against the soft lips of the pussy, exhaling
her warm breath into the delicate channel. Linda’s hips jerked, and her
thighs leapt upward to clamp about Beth’s head. Her own mouth, greedily
feasting on the oversized clit, released its hold so she could
duplicate the delicious contact on the blonde cunt that mashed its
pliant mound against her teeth.

Linda felt a flood of warm juice spill from the interior of the pussy,
filling her mouth faster than she could swallow. Its tartness sent
waves of pleasure through her gulping throat, and she worked her ass in
eager response to Beth’s flashing tongue.

Her fingers clutched at the pumping hips above her head, tugging at the
flexing buttocks as her tongue slithered in and out of the dripping
cunt. The juice, escaping her busy lips, trickled down her cheeks and
chin and she found herself welcoming the sensations it evoked.

She felt her orgasm building, spurred by Beth’s slashing tongue, and
she yielded to the smashing waves of ecstasy that washed through her
convulsing pussy, its spasming lips tightening about the thrusting oral
muscle that massaged the tingling nerve-ends in the pulsing labia.

Even as Beth loosed another flood of cuntal honey into her greedy
mouth, Linda found herself comparing her present pleasure to that
created by Ted’s powerful tongue and huge throbbing cock. The thought
of that rearing hardness made her seek Beth’s clitoris with her avid
lips, sucking its delicious spear until the girl’s orgasm made it
retreat into its fleshy hood.

Beth, half-crazed by the ecstasy of her come, worried her mouth against
Linda’s slippery crotch, rubbing her chin, nose and forehead in that
juicy trench, and coating her face with its tart exudation. She licked
her way over the taut plane of the girl’s perineum and flicked the tip
of her hot tongue against the tiny anal circlet, a caress that brought
Linda’s lithe hips writhing upward in eager welcome.

Her own body shook with excitement as she felt Linda’s tongue perform
the same delightful worship, culminating with its stiffened point
forcing its way into the elastic ring of sensitive muscles to slide,
wriggling and twisting, up her responsive asshole.

The two bodies curved, straining for a position where each could probe
deeper into the forbidden channel. The two tongues curled and
fluttered, massaging the nerve-laced rings of palpitating flesh. Two
chins dripped with vaginal juice as the prolonged thrusting evoked
another orgasmic outpouring from the empathizing cunts.

Panting with excitement, Beth dismounted, only to twist her body about
and cover Linda’s cream-smeared mouth with her own in a wild kiss that
ended with Linda licking her face to claim the juices gathered during
their frantic coupling.

Easily, expertly, Beth fitted her hips between the girl’s willing legs,
grinding her slippery cunt against its equally oily counterpart,
feeling her clitoris regain its stiffened stance and slide into the hot
grip of Linda’s pulsating pussy. Their tits, coated with sweat, slipped
and rolled, nipple caressing nipple as their bodies moved in

“Pull your legs up high, Linda,” Beth whispered, arching her neck to
permit the girl’s tongue to bathe the area below her dainty chin. “Let
me stick it in your ass!”

The slender legs climbed higher, scissoring the narrow waist and
lifting her parted buttocks for the invasion of that prick-like
clitoral spear, her body tensing as she felt the hardness slide up into
her tender anus.

Employing short savage strokes, Beth began fucking the whimpering
blonde, stroking her clit in and out of the clenching asshole while her
belly slammed against the splayed lips of the adjacent cunt.

“Relax when I slide it in,” she instructed the moaning girl. “Then,
tighten up as I pull it out.”

Eagerly, Linda worked her hot sphincter around the stroking clit,
gasping with heightened pleasure as the hardness massaged her flexing
circle. She stared up into her cousin’s flushed face with lust-glazed

“I wish,” she panted, “you had a real dick! It feels good!”

Beth’s pelvis pounded harder and faster, her clitoris stabbing the
juicy asshole with vicious thrusts. She grabbed the girl’s blonde hair,
holding her face in position as she moistened her lips for a kiss that
would carry her into and through the approaching come.

“Don’t talk!” she cried. “Just let me do it!”

Linda did not object. She welcomed the tongue that fluttered inside her
mouth and the hot stiffness that probed at her flexing bottom. Closing
her eyes, she pretended that the clit was Ted’s prick. That was all she
needed to loose her own orgasmic gusher, spilling the hot juice down
onto Beth’s love shaft as that throbbing organ retreated in its own
gut-wrenching climax.

Chapter 9

Ted Morgan studied the single sheet of paper atop the desk, his pen
poised above the three names he had written. His handsome mouth tilted
in amusement as he closed his eyes and let the point touch the paper.
His eyes opened to find a tiny dot between the names of his stepmother
and his sister. The grin broadened.

Why not, he mused. It would be fun humping the two together. So far, he
had confined his screwing to Joyce and Susan, but he had no intention
of passing up the obvious pleasure of those two pussies he had not as
yet sampled.

He glanced down at the third name on the sheet. It seemed appropriate
that he should save the blonde haired Beth until last. By the time he
was ready to initiate the youngest member of the Porter family, the
others would offer little opposition to his plans for her.

Yes, Dorothy and Linda would be quite able to supply all the activity
he would require for one night. He recalled the way his stepmother had
reacted after she got her first taste of his cock, and he felt that
meaty shaft begin swelling inside his slacks. It would be interesting
to have them both work on it.

Linda lacked experience. But she made up for that lack with her
youthful enthusiasm. Moreover, Ted was convinced that the girl would do
anything he might suggest, a trait Dorothy had not exhibited. That
possible hesitation would provide an extra thrill. All he had to do, he
concluded, was find out what the redhead didn’t like, and force her to
do it.

Climbing to his feet, he left the room to find his stepmother arranging
a centerpiece of freshly cut flowers in the dining room. Without
speaking, he walked up behind her and jammed his pelvis against her
lush ass, grinding the bulge of his swelling prick into the warm crease
of her buttocks.

Dorothy braced her hands on the table and flexed her ass cheeks
cooperatively, sucking in a sharp breath when his hands reached around
to cup her firm breasts and squeeze their resilient mounds.

“I wondered when you’d get around to finishing what you started,” she
murmured in a throaty purr. She moved her bottom against the stiffness
that throbbed insistently. “I can do more with that thing than Joyce.”

Ted chuckled. “You’ll have to really put out to beat her,” he murmured,
moving his hips to slide his erection through the deep cleft. Her dress
yielded to the pressure, permitting the outlined cock to slip
delightfully between the firm cheeks.

“Bring Linda to my room tonight,” he said quietly. “We’ll see if you’re
as good in the sack as you are on your knees.”

Dorothy stiffened slightly. “You’re going to let her watch?”

He pinched her nipple, making her grunt with the slight pain. “She’ll
be doing a hell of a lot more than watching,” he assured her. “It’s
time my baby sister learned how to use that pussy.”

Dorothy’s voice showed more excitement than surprise as she said, “Do
you think she’s ready, for that big thing?”

“If I tell her she’s ready,” Ted replied softly, squeezing the nipples
of both tits with each word, “she’s ready.”

Her breasts tingling, Dorothy watched her stepson walk from the room,
her brain whirling with conflicting emotions. She detested the boy’s
arrogance, yet she had to admit that it was the same demanding
harshness that made her willing to cooperate in any plan he might

That first night, she had surrendered to his lust in order to maintain
her personal security. But her willingness stemmed from her own hunger.
Not even Ralph’s eager assault had diminished the quivering need
between her voluptuous thighs, and her throat ached for yet another
baptism of bubbling hot sperm.

Still another desire swept through her body when she informed Linda of
Ted’s demand, for the lovely girl clapped her hands with happiness and
threw herself against Dorothy’s firm breasts with a little squeal of

“I’m glad you’re going to be there, Dorothy,” she told her stepmother.
“I love Ted so much that I’d do anything in the world for him. But I am
scared.” She moistened her lips nervously. “He’s so big!”

Dorothy found her hands fondling the girl’s ass cheeks and her hips
moving to rub her enflamed cuntal mound against the wiggling pelvis.
“Don’t worry sweetheart. It’ll stretch.”

At dinner, Ted added another item to the evening’s agenda when he
calmly informed Ralph that Clyde would be joining him and Joyce for the
night, while Susan would share Beth’s bedroom.

The two girls merely smiled their acceptance of the order and both
Joyce and Clyde found it difficult to disguise their willingness to
cooperate. But Ralph glared at Ted with angry eyes.

“You won’t be satisfied until you’ve turned us all into monsters!” he
exclaimed. “Haven’t you done enough?”

Ted arched one brow at the man, his voice betraying amusement at the
sudden outburst. “You don’t have to take part Uncle Ralph,” he reminded
him. “I’m sure Clyde will be able to handle things by himself. But I do
insist that you watch.”

From her place at the table, Linda asked, “Is Clyde going to do it to
Aunt Joyce?”

Dorothy stifled a laugh behind her napkin at the girl’s innocent
question and Beth favored her cousin with an understanding smile.

Clyde surprised everyone. “I don’t see why we have to make such a big
deal out of all this,” he stated firmly. “Mom likes it as much as I

Ralph’s face flamed as he half-shouted, “It’s just not right! Damn it!
Joyce is my wife!”

“But you got a real blast out of seeing me hump her,” Ted reminded the
angry man. His face hardened and a note of coldness entered his voice.
“We’ll do it my way no matter what any of you think. Is that clear?”

Slowly, his eyes went from face to face, holding until he received some
gesture of agreement. Finally, his slight frown faded and he flashed a
grin at their strained expressions.

“That’s better,” he observed, his voice softer. “I’m planning a little
surprise for all of you in a few days.” He chuckled at Ralph’s startled
look. “No, it isn’t what you’re thinking. This is something you will
all find very pleasant.”

Joyce and Susan made an attempt to draw him out, but he refused their
thinly veiled hints, merely shaking his head and grinning until Dorothy
caught his eye and indicated the upstairs with a little movement of her

Deliberately, Ted waited until the others had filed from the room.
Then, glancing down at the tented leg of his slacks, he stood up and
walked toward the stairs.

Linda had already undressed when he opened the bedroom door, and
Dorothy was just stepping out of her sheer panties. He paused to watch
the undulations of her plump pussy as she raised each leg, his cock
stiffening almost painfully behind the restraining trousers.

Without speaking, he began removing his clothes, feeling the hot eyes
of his stepmother and his sister caressing his muscular body. Then, as
he slid his shorts down and his huge prick reared upward against his
belly before settling into a throbbing angle, Linda gave a little
squeal of anticipation. Dorothy, seated on the edge of the bed, flicked
her tongue across her parted lips.

Brushing past the redhead’s inviting curves, Ted sprawled on the bed,
pushing a giggling Linda to one side as he settled his back against the
comfortable mattress and spread his hairy legs to expose the swollen
globes of his big balls.

His arms drew them both down against his broad chest, their warm tits
yielding slightly, and the taut nipples stiffening still more as they
moved in gentle massage. Linda’s lips teased his right cheek, while
Dorothy’s moist mouth neared his own, and the tip of her tongue flicked
out to trace the curve of his parted lips.

Ted’s arms urged the two closer, bringing both mouths into contact with
his and with each other in a three-way kiss that became a furious
thrusting and twisting of tongues. To his delight, he discovered that
Dorothy and Linda were exploring each other’s mouth as often as they
invaded his. Their saliva, sweet and warm, trickled down into his
mouth, and the two slithering tongues chased after it, probing between
his teeth and making his hips jerk with excited desire.

Freeing himself long enough to speak, Ted whispered instructions to the
two aroused females, his prick pulsating as he described exactly what
he wanted each of them to do.

To Linda, he said, “I’ll fuck Dorothy first, baby. If I do it to you
first, I’ll come too quickly. This way, you’ll be all hot and juicy
when I slide it in, and we can make it last a long time.”

“That’s all right,” Linda smiled happily. “I’ll get to watch Dorothy do
it to you.” Her eyes narrowed and she sucked in a little breath through
clenched teeth. “Anyway, I love to feel your tongue in me.”

Ted patted the girl’s flushed cheek. “You’ll love my prick a lot more.”
He looked at Dorothy. “Mount up, Mother. Let’s fuck!”

Dorothy climbed to her knees and swung one shapely leg across the
youth’s thighs, leaning forward until her breasts quivered with the
strain of their own weight. A strand of red hair fell teasingly over
her face, but she ignored it as her slender fingers curled eagerly
about the column of hard cock-flesh that jutted upward beneath her
crotch, its reddened slit seeming to peer at the moist crevice that
lowered itself toward the purple helmet.

Linda knelt facing her stepmother, shifting her weight as Ted steered
her into position astride his face, her young pussy lips parting to
reveal the wet tunnel that awaited his probing tongue. Gently, her
whole body trembling with desire, she yielded to her brother’s tugging
hands, whimpering with pleasure as his mouth claimed her delicious cunt
and his tongue bored up into her clenching vagina.

“Oh, Christ!” Dorothy moaned. She had fitted the swollen head of Ted’s
cock into her labial entrance, and the tender lips were stretched into
a circle of unprecedented size by its huge girth. She cried out when
the glans snapped through the tight cuntal grip and she felt the
massive shaft inside her vagina, hot and pulsating as it moved inward
with her slowly descending hips.

“Ummmm! That looks good!” Linda panted, staring at the juncture of
their joined organs. Her hips were moving, still guided by Ted’s hands,
but developing a rhythm of their own as his tongue caressed her
sensitive slit into a shuddering undulation of ever increasing
pleasure. “Does it feel good, Dorothy?”

The redhead was almost halfway down the nine-inch shaft, her ass
jerking with the ecstasy produced by the constant friction of the thick
hardness that was filling her cunt to an almost frightening degree. She
blinked at the girl, then dropped her eyes to watch Ted’s chin move in
the chestnut curls of Linda’s pussy.

“It’s heavenly!” she groaned. Her arms reached out to pull Linda toward
her, their mouths meeting in a wet, tongue-lashing kiss as Dorothy
screwed her slippery cunt farther down on the cylinder of throbbing
prick, giving a nasal grunt when its blunt knob pressed her womb mouth
before she had accepted the full length.

“Suck my tits, Linda!” she gasped, wrenching her lips from the girl’s
wild kiss and pulling the excited face down toward her distended
nipples. “Ahhhh! Yes! That’s it! Bite it! Don’t be afraid of hurting

Beneath the two bodies, Ted gave a silent chuckle of satisfaction,
sliding his tongue deep into his sister’s delicious cunt and drawing
the tart vaginal juice from its mysterious well. His hips, held
motionless during Dorothy’s initial descent, now began moving in
harmony with her slow posting.

He had been surprised at the tightness of his stepmother’s pussy, and
delighted at the heat of that shuddering embrace of wet, wriggling
tissue. Even more pleasant was that spasming cervix that came pressing
down against the head of his prick with each hunch of her agile hips.
Her womb had yielded a little. But Dorothy’s sliding cunt seemed unable
to accept the last two inches of the wrist-thick shaft. When Ted shoved
his hips upward to meet her downward thrust, she quickly reversed her
direction, avoiding the full force of the plunging knob.

It was unimportant at the moment. He would let Dorothy set her own pace
during this first session. Later, when he had finished with Linda, he
would force the gorgeous redhead to take it all, regardless of her

Linda was coming, he realized. Her cunt was shaking and smashing
against his sucking mouth, and he could feel the hot lips tighten about
his flashing tongue as it bored in and out of her pulsating slit. He
concentrated on the clitoral nub for a few moments, and her ass bucked
in avid response to the rapid licking of that sensitive organ. A fresh
gush of nectar bathed his tongue and he went back to vacuuming her
pussy, swallowing the juice with noisy gulps, and shoving his prick up
into that slippery cunt that slipped and nibbled about its engorged

Dorothy had pushed Linda’s mouth away from her tit, and was now arched
forward, sucking greedily on the girl’s left breast, while her ass
hammered away at Ted’s middle. Her cuntal juices, drawn from her by the
delightful massage of her pussy walls, trickled down into the thick
hair at the base of that rearing shaft, and the undulating pussy
spasmed repeatedly as its muscles contracted in orgasmic delight.

Ted counted seven climaxes before he urged Linda’s well-licked cunt
from his face and forced the girl to free his head from between her
warm thighs. Then he reached to grip Dorothy’s slender waist with both
hands, halting her rabbit-like hunches on his strutted prick.

She gasped in surprise, still flexing her vagina about his cock as she
poised above his hips, six inches of hardness still packing her excited
pussy with its delightful hot throbbing.

“Don’t you want to come?” she panted. Perspiration bathed her heaving
breasts, the nipples full and stiff, jutting from their coral circles
like pointing fingers.

“Hell, yes!” was Ted’s grunted response. “Right in your mouth! Come on,
Mother! Give Linda a lesson in cock-swallowing.”

Dorothy was too excited to react with anything other than obedience.
She had already come until her pussy was soggy with the overflow of
slippery juice from the massaged walls, and it would be a pleasure to
switch to the method she found almost as delightful as screwing.

Flexing her thighs, she pulled her cunt upward on the huge shaft,
grunting when the knob popped out of the tight lips with a noisy
slurping sound. Quickly, she slid down in the bed, bending over the
juice-coated prick to fasten her mouth around the purple glans. Her
tongue curled and fluttered, massaging the plum-like head until Ted’s
hips pushed upward, and she was forced to take the cock deeper into her
already sucking mouth.

“Take it all, bitch!” Ted groaned, using one hand to push her bowed
head down onto his prick. The other pulled Linda down onto his chest,
his lips opening for her eager kiss as he fucked his prong in and out
of Dorothy’s skilled jaw.

Dorothy found the taste of her own cunt juice delicious, and she
swallowed the mixture of saliva and tart cream before yielding to the
pressure of Ted’s hand. Then, with a little whimper of lust, she let
the strutted head slip pass her tongue to plunge down her gulping
throat, using lips, tongue and jaw to massage the nine-inch spear as it
moved in and out with furious strokes.

Linda watched in fascination as the redhead worked her mouth up and
down on the huge column, her own taste buds tingling as she recalled
the deliciousness of her brother’s cock-juice, and the throbbing
goodness that had stretched her lips until her jaw ached with the
strain. But it was her cunt that throbbed with anticipation. Within
minutes, she realized, Ted would force that big prick into her and make
her a woman.

As for Dorothy, her only concern was that thick, pulsating shaft of
male meat that filled her mouth and jabbed between her tonsils with
each eager bob of her red head. Her tongue swirled and flicked, pressed
and curled, caressing the throbbing goodness as it drove between her
teeth and into her hungry throat. She wanted only to make him come, and
to drink that sperm-laced semen from the spurting tip of his prick.

“Don’t swallow it!” she heard him gasp, and she slowed her furious
assault in surprise until his hand urged her to continue that fierce
bobbing motion. “Make me come!” he went on, “but don’t swallow it!”

She tightened her lips and squeezed his heavy balls in protest, shaking
her head and making the prick’s knob slide over the inner wall of each
bulging cheek. Her whole body jerked in pain as he tugged angrily at
her red hair for emphasis.

“Goddamn you!” he panted. “Save it! You’re gonna blow it into Linda’s
snatch for me!”

There was no time for further explanation. The cock was shuddering in
her mouth, and her tongue curled to catch the first powerful spurt of
his slippery come.

Her throat ached with hunger for the warm cream that spilled against
her palate and she could not resist the urge to let that first
delicious glob ease beyond her tongue as it flayed the slitted tip of
his jetting cock. She swallowed eagerly as the second surge of semen
washed over her lightly gripping teeth. Then, when Ted’s fingers
tightened their hold on her hair, Dorothy sucked obediently, holding
the ropey sperm in her mouth until the prick ceased its ejaculatory

“Don’t spill it!” Ted panted, loosing the savage grip on her red hair
and watching her straining lips slide upward. “Blow it into Linda’s

Linda, her eyes wide in excitement, scooted down beside him, spreading
her slender legs for Dorothy’s descending face. She gave a little cry
as the closed mouth fastened itself to her cunt, then opened to yield
the slippery load of come. She whimpered with joy when Dorothy’s tongue
slid into the tender slit, following its deposit of lubricating sperm.

“Ohhhh!” she moaned happily, her ass twisting to press her pussy more
tightly against the oral caress. “It feels all wet and juicy!”

Her brother pushed himself upward, turning to bend over her contorted
face and brush his mouth across hers. “That’s just the way I want it,
baby,” he whispered. “I don’t want to hurt my little sister with my big

She stared into his half-closed eyes, her hips working feverishly as
Dorothy’s tongue slithered in and out of her cunt, her hot breath
forcing the semen farther up into the throbbing passageway.

His mouth covered hers, roughly and possessively, drawing her tongue
out and into his oral grip, sucking it with fierce tugs. His body
moved, his hips pushing Dorothy’s busy head aside as he fitted them
between the girl’s thighs. Without help, the head of his prick found
its target, nuzzling the virginal crevice where Dorothy’s lips had
deposited the accumulated semen.

Linda felt the huge knob’s determined pressure, and she held her breath
as the labial circle yielded, stretching and expanding around the meaty
glans that slid into her cunt more easily than either of them had
anticipated. She released her breath in a little gasp of delight.

“It feels good, Ted! … Oh, wow! … It’s so big!”

Ted watched her lovely face contort in a mixture of strain and
pleasure. He forced his cock deeper inside the throbbing channel,
grunting with the ecstasy of the wriggling muscles that gripped his
shaft like a hundred greedy mouths. It was more than just another cunt.
This was his kid sister, the girl he had wanted to screw ever since the
first time he had made the exciting discovery that his prick was
designed to fit that delicate passageway at the base of her soft belly.

“Can you take it all, baby?” he whispered. He was having to really add
the pressure to drive his cock into that tight hole. Linda had fingered
her way through the hymen ages ago. But it was still tight in that hot
snatch. Tight and slippery.

Her arms drew him down onto her pointed tits and her ass worked
eagerly, screwing the jaws of her cunt upward about his lengthy joint.
“Make me take it, Ted!” she hissed. “Rape me with it!”

He added another inch to the four already stretching her shuddering
vagina and his chest moved against the strutted fingers of her breasts.
He curled his hands about her shoulders, buttocks tensing as still
another inch drove into the slippery orifice.

Linda’s tongue flickered wildly about the curve of her open mouth. Her
eyes, glazed with a mixture of lust and ecstasy stared up at her
brother’s perspiring face.

“Is my pussy good, Ted?” she panted, eagerness obvious in the
breathless question. “Does it feel good?”

“Goddamn, yes!” he groaned, lifting his ass to drag the swollen shaft
back through the undulating grip of her juicy cunt. The massaging of
her labial lips made the girl’s hips jerk and wiggle in helpless
response, the motion adding to the pleasure of his partial withdrawal.
Her nails dug into his broad back, demanding and urgent.

“UUUNNNHHH!” The cry blasted the momentary silence as Ted’s pelvis
hurtled forward and downward, plunging his prick back into the slippery
embrace and beyond his previous reach. To Linda, it felt as though the
cock was driving up into her throat, stretching and filling her pussy
until she was certain her belly would explode from the throbbing
pressure of that huge, wonderful prick.

Her eyes widened in strain and surprise and her mouth gaped soundlessly
after that single bleat of shock. No sooner had he forced the full nine
inches into her cunt than he was pulling the shaft out again, driving
it back with a violence that slapped his heavy balls against her
quivering anus with a noisy squish.

“Oh, shit, baby!” Ted grunted, his ass hammering fiercely between her
quivering thighs. “I can’t hold it!” His prick raced in and out of the
clutching jaws with increasing speed.

He had intended to drag the fuck out, making it last long enough to
give Linda several orgasms before spilling his load into her greedy
snatch. But he hadn’t reckoned on the unbelievable goodness of the
juicy cunt that nibbled and undulated around his cock with torrid
muscles. Nor had he anticipated the incredible gyrations of his
sister’s pelvis, a movement that screwed the slippery channel about his
prick with a friction too delightful to resist. He hunched the swollen
rod in and out with furious thrusts, feeling the bloated head ram
harshly against the nibbling mouth of Linda’s womb, pushing that organ
upward as the cock filled her vagina with it’s throbbing length.

Linda grunted each time the prick speared her belly, her ass pushing up
to insure the maximum depth of that agonizingly delicious penetration.
She felt the juice-smeared balls slide against her anus, and her
buttocks clenched as if seeking to trap those sperm-laden nuts. As the
prick slid outward, she tightened her vagina around its enormous girth,
flexing the muscles in an instinctive rippling that made her brother
groan with ecstasy and fuck her even harder.

His strokes shortened and became more savage, the prick slamming deep
inside her pussy and boring into the greedy mouth of her cervix. The
hairy pelvic ridge hammered her distended clitoris, and his scrotum
dragged and rolled in the cleft of her writhing ass. Above her
whimpering cries, Linda heard the slap of their bellies and the wet
sucking sound of his pistoning prick.

She knew that Ted was about to come. Within seconds, his cock would
spill its thick, warm semen inside her cunt. Linda accepted the
knowledge without question, welcoming the nearness of that moment with
a gladness of childlike simplicity. But the savage hunger in her belly
was far from infantile. Her ass worked with a rhythm and purpose far
older than her sixteen years, and her pussy became a wildly sucking
mouth on her brother’s deeply probing joint.

She fucked him back, eyes bulging with wonder at the increasingly
powerful sensations that washed through her spasming cunt. Her mouth
gaped, lips drawn back in a strained grimace of ecstasy, and her tongue
flitted about in the red oval as if directing the twisting hunching of
her quivering hips.

His mouth, wet and warm, claimed hers, and she sucked the writhing
tongue that drove between her teeth, bathing it in her own saliva, but
finding its taste utterly masculine. She heard him groan, nasally and
hoarsely, a helpless sound that signaled the release of his roiling
sperm. Linda’s body shuddered with expectancy, and she wiggled her ass
in a vicious circle as she felt his prick, stretching her cunt with its
suddenly increased girth, jerk savagely against the straining vaginal

Hot and wet, his come bolted against her womb, bathing the hungry
cervix and slithering through the greedy opening. Spurt after spurt
washed over the expanded tissues, forced back along the passageway
until it trickled sluggishly around the thick cock and down her taut
perineal plane. Each wave of semen sent a powerful tremor through her
well-packed pussy, a tremor of overwhelming pleasure that set her heels
to drumming against Ted’s tensed buttocks and her ass grinding
furiously to milk the maximum from his hilted prick. Every nerve in her
body seemed afire with the heat of that liquid explosion inside her
convulsing pussy, and Linda realized that all her previous orgasms had
been little more than pleasant interludes. Clutching Ted’s shuddering
body, she bucked her cunt up to siphon the last drop of milky sperm,
whimpering with the intensity of her climax.

Crouched beside the sweating pair, Dorothy Morgan watched the muscles
of Ted’s ass cheeks contract with the expulsion of the final spurt of
his come. Her breasts, slightly pendent as she knelt on the big bed,
pointed engorged nipples at the wrinkled sheet, and she felt her cunt
lips palpitate with empathy as she heard Linda’s throaty gurgle of

Dorothy was a little surprised at her reaction to the girl’s
defloration. Initially, she had accepted Ted’s plan as a thing to be
tolerated. Then, as she witnessed the huge prick boring into Linda’s
virginal slit, her attitude had altered to one of eagerness. Suddenly,
she had wanted the handsome boy to ravish his compliant sister, to fuck
her until she squealed for mercy.

Ted had come close to doing just that. But Linda’s cries had been pleas
for more of that deliciously hard cock, and Ted had supplied it with
admirable expertise. Dorothy had counted seven orgasms while the youth
fucked the responsive girl, and she had brought herself off twice with
two plunging fingers as she watched.

Now, if she could talk Ted into it, she could enjoy that deliciously
large prick again. And she didn’t care where.

Ted pulled his cock from Linda’s still-pulsating snatch, pushing
himself upward until he hovered over the girl on hands and knees. He
grinned down into his sister’s face.

“Baby,” he whispered breathlessly, “I should have popped that little
pussy a long time ago. You really know how to use that thing.”

Linda’s answer was muffled by the descent of his chest onto her open
mouth as he began working his body upward above hers, adjusting his
knees until he was straddling her narrow waist, his cock sliding
between her pointed breasts and his flat belly teasing her caressing

Eagerly, Linda licked the sweat-soaked skin, her arms embracing her
brother’s hips and urging him higher. She whimpered with desire when
the plum-like knob of his prick touched her chin, and her mouth opened
wide to claim the cream-smeared organ.

Feeding his cock into the greedy circle of wet lips, Ted tuned his head
to give Dorothy a low-lidded grin. “How about using that tongue on my
ass?” he drawled. “Do a good job and I’ll have Linda work on your

Dorothy ran her tongue around the oval of her sensuous lips, answering
his smile with a little arching of her neat brows. She tossed her red
hair back from the lovely face, her eyes flicking down to watch the
thick cock disappear into Linda’s straining mouth.

“You won’t mind if I suck on your balls,” she said in a husky voice.
“Will you?”

His eyes hardened. “I want to feel your tongue in my ass,” he said
flatly. “Let’s not forget who’s boss.”

Crouched over his sister’s face, his prick already plunged deep in the
girl’s willing throat, Ted felt his stepmother’s pliant breasts brush
the cheeks of his ass as she moved into position behind him, settling
herself between Linda’s legs and pressing her warm fingers on his
rearing buttocks.

Her fingers spread the fleshy pads farther apart, exposing the striated
brown circle of the lad’s anus. Without hesitation, Dorothy leaned
forward to cover his asshole with her wet mouth, stiffening her tongue
and pressing the pointed tip into the tight opening.

She felt his muscles tense at the attempted invasion, and she wiggled
her oral muscle insistently, moistening the entrance with her warm
saliva. Then, as Ted relaxed the sphincteral barrier, Dorothy drove her
tongue up into his rectum feeling the constricted channel clench and
vibrate around her deep intrusion.

“That’s it!” Ted gasped, his hips trembling with the pleasure of her
assault and the continued caress of Linda’s mouth on his throbbing
prick. “Suck my ass!”

The next few moments were more than Ted Morgan had bargained for. As he
tugged his cock from Linda’s throat, his anus was impaled on Dorothy’s
tongue, and he felt the incredible sensation of her salvia being forced
in, then sucked out again while her hot tongue wriggled and twisted
inside his asshole.

Linda’s tongue was busy too, lashing the head of his prick each time
that lengthy shaft withdrew to where she could lick the slitted tip,
and she sucked him with hungry tugs that made his whole body jerk with
the mounting ecstasy of the combined attack.

“Goddamn!” he roared when Dorothy began fucking her tongue in and out
of his tail, its passage made easy by the slick coating of her salvia.
His pelvis worked furiously, driving his prick in and out of Linda’s
mouth without regard for her helpless position beneath him. Each thrust
sent the head of his cock into her throat, and his balls slapped
harshly against her greedily working chin.

On the verge of orgasm, he wrenched his prick from Linda’s lips and
worked his hips higher, feeling Dorothy’s tongue follow him with
determined thrusts.

“Suck my balls!” he gasped to the started Linda. “I don’t want to come
so damn quick!”

It was pleasure such as he had never before experienced. His asshole
was being thoroughly eaten out by his beautiful stepmother, and his
scrotum was gently, but firmly enveloped by his sister’s warm, wet
lips, her tongue massaging the twin sacs and rolling their sensitive
cargo around inside her sucking mouth.

Cursing in his excitement, Ted jerked himself free and twisted around
to grab Dorothy by her flaming hair, shoving her backward and
scrambling between her quickly spread thighs to plunge his strutted
prick into the torrid grip of her dripping cunt. His hips ground
against hers, stirring the engorged cock inside her belly, and the
woman’s eyes bulged with the happy strain of acceptance.

“Work that ass!” he gurgled, hunching to stroke the prick through the
slippery grip of her convulsing vagina. “Make me come!”

Dorothy was too excited to answer in words, but her pelvis responded
with a savage circling that tugged at his stroking cock with juicy
undulations. Her arms clutched his waist, pulling his chest down onto
the resilient melons of her breasts. Voluptuous thighs tensed and
rippled as her ass rocked and hunched, driving the dripping jaws of her
cunt up onto the nine-inch spear that thrust repeatedly into her
vaginal depths, its throbbing head pounding her cervix with staccato

Without intention, she loosened the walls of her cunt to permit the
huge prick’s full length, and she gasped at the delicious filling as
Ted’s balls pressed their rolling bulk against her flexing anus. Then,
as the lad’s hips lifted, she squeezed the retreating shaft with
rippling contractions of her vaginal muscles, a movement which produced
a sucking vacuum that made Ted groan with delight.

Her legs climbed higher around his pounding body, elevating her hips as
he fucked her with a furious harshness, his prick forcing the
accumulated juices from her pussy to trickle down the crack of her ass,
the slippery effluvium smeared by the repeated slapping of his heavy

Ted shifted into the short rows just as Dorothy’s cunt exploded in an
orgasm that sent convulsive tremors throughout her body, and she cried
out with the incredible pleasure of the deep jabs that massaged her
clitoris and hammered at her spasming womb. Unknowingly and wildly, she
clawed at his arched back as his prick leapt inside her grinding cunt,
its spurting come bathing the dancing nerve-endings in the deepest
recesses of that undulating corridor. Her own juices seemed to gush
from some pulsating spring, forcing their way past his hilted prick to
spill out over his balls where they rolled and shuddered in the crack
of her wildly thrashing ass.

Dorothy felt the cock suck its way out of her pussy, and she groaned
her welcome to the soft lips that claimed the gurgling crevice. Her
hands sought Linda’s head, pushing the girl’s mouth more firmly against
her cunt. A hot tongue slithered up into the cream-filled slit and
Dorothy sighed at the suction that began drawing Ted’s semen out of her

Opening her eyes, she saw her stepson fit his slippery cock between
Linda’s thighs. The girl’s reactive tremor told her that Ted was
forcing the still-hard shaft back into the newly opened channel of her
pussy, its lips and walls still wet with his initial assault.

As the prick began stroking, Ted’s rhythmic hunches pushed Linda’s face
against Dorothy’s sopping crotch, and the girl’s tongue bored deeper
into the sensitive crack of pliant flesh. She swallowed repeatedly as
the mixture of semen and vaginal juice filled her mouth, her eager
gulps interspersed with grunts of pleasure as her brother’s cock drove
in and out of her spasming pussy.

Their orgasms were noisy, and the bed shook with the prolonged
writhings of the three naked bodies as the waves of ecstasy peaked and
subsided, leaving them drained, but still hungry for a blending of
their passion-swollen organs. It was daylight before sleep replaced

Chapter 10

“I won’t do it!” Ralph Porter exclaimed angrily, springing to his feet
and pacing back and forth before the desk where Ted sat, watching his
reaction with an amused smile. From their chairs, Joyce, Susan and
Clyde maintained a waiting silence as Ralph placed his palms on the
desk and glared at his nephew with hate-filled eyes.

“You’ve turned us into animals!” he grated. “Now, you expect me to
stand by and watch you rape my youngest daughter! By God, I won’t do

Ted leaned forward without losing his faint smile. “Sit down, Uncle
Ralph,” he said quietly. “Before you blow the whole deal, there’s
something I think you should know.”

He opened a drawer of the desk and extracted a folded paper, tapping it
on the desk top as he continued. Ralph straightened and stepped
backward to slump heavily into a chair beside his wife. His eyes were
still angry, but he listened as the youth explained.

“You have a pretty good idea of what this farm is worth,” Ted said, his
gaze moving from face to face. “You also know how much you’ll have if
you call it quits and go home.” He shook his head. “None of you wants
to give all this up. Hell! You’ve got anything you want.”

“Everything but dignity!” Ralph grated, avoiding Ted’s eyes.

“OK,” the youth retorted. “So you’re still on that old-fashioned
morality kick. Is it worth a third-interest in this estate?”

Ralph’s head snapped up and his mouth opened, his lips working for a
moment before the words tumbled out. “What the hell are you talking

“I’ve been doing a little more than screwing Joyce and Susan,” Ted
grinned. “I had the attorney draw up this paper for me. It divides the
entire estate into three equal shares. Dorothy gets a share, all of you
get a share, and Linda and I get one.”

“My God!” Joyce exclaimed, reaching over to clutch Ralph’s arm in her
excitement. “Do you realize how much money that is?”

Ralph’s face was flushed as he demanded, “What do we have to do for all

“Just stop making waves, Uncle Ralph,” Ted replied. “I’ll be leaving
for college in a couple of months, and I want to have fun between now
and then. His eyes flashed back and forth between Joyce and Susan,
lingering on their prominent breasts and full lips. “I plan on studying
like hell, so I won’t have time for balling for the next few years.
But, I have the time now.”

Ralph’s shoulders slumped in resignation. “In other words,” he said
slowly, “you plan to tear up that paper if I don’t let you rape Beth.”

“I don’t want permission,” Ted answered in a soft voice. “I want
cooperation from all of you.”

“Agree, Ralph,” Joyce urged. “Beth’s not a child anymore!”

“I’d love to see her take it!” exclaimed Susan.

Clyde shifted his legs, exposing a huge bulge at his crotch. “I’d love
to give it to her!” he murmured, closing his fingers about the
swelling. “Jesus!”

Susan turned an accusing face at her father. “I’ve seen you watching
Beth and me,” she announced dramatically. “I’ll bet you’d do it to
either one of us if you had the chance.”

Ralph opened his mouth to deny the accusation, then closed it without
speaking. He turned to Ted.

“All right,” he sighed. “I don’t see how we can get any worse. We’ll do
whatever you say, Ted.”

“Good,” the boy answered, his smile broadening. “Now, listen closely.”

Fifteen minutes later, Ted and Clyde were busy in the latter’s bedroom,
shoving the furniture back against the walls, then dragging the
mattresses from the bed and placing them on the floor. From another
bedroom, they carried a second set of mattresses, fitting them
alongside the others to shape a makeshift bed that covered almost the
entire floor.

“Christ!” Clyde hissed surveying the result of their labor. “Just
thinking about all of us on there is enough to make me come!”

“Save it, old buddy,” Ted laughed. “We’ve got five horny females and
there are just three of us.”

“Yeah,” Clyde grinned, jabbing a finger at Ted’s crotch. “But I’ll bet
you end up sticking that damned pole in every one of them.”

“You’ll get your share of pussy,” Ted assured his cousin. “Tonight we
don’t stop for anything.”

He stretched his arms above his head with an exaggerated yawn, the
motion tightening his slacks across the pronounced outline of his huge
cock. Clyde’s eyes flickered down at the lengthy bulge and his lashes
lowered, a faint blush spreading over his handsome face.

Ted saw the lad’s glance and his own lips curled in a slight smile of
understanding. Deliberately, he dropped his arms and framed his crotch
with curled fingers, pushing the bulk of his prick and balls into
greater prominence.

“Don’t be ashamed, Clyde,” he said gently. “Just remember what I said
about tonight. Anything goes.”

Clyde’s tongue slid across his full lips, questioning and uncertain.

“Jesus!” he whispered. “Oh, sweet Jesus!”

Dorothy and Linda were instructed as to their roles, and both agreed
with anticipatory smiles. Only Beth remained ignorant of Ted’s plans
until Joyce, leaning across the dinner table, read her lines with
amazing sincerity.

“Beth, darling,” she said with an apologetic smile, “I know you don’t
approve of some of the things that have been going on. However, tonight
is a very special night. We’re all going to watch something I’m sure
you’ll enjoy.”

Beth’s brows tilted questioningly. “Such as?” she asked.

“It’s something like what we did, Beth,” Linda added from down the
table. “Susan and Dorothy are going to put on a show for us.”

Beth’s eyes lifted with interest, then narrowed in suspicion. “Will
everyone be there?”

“Of course, darling,” Joyce assured her. “After all, we are just one
big family.”

To Susan, Beth said, “Why didn’t you tell me you were making it with

Susan tossed her head, giving her sister a little curl of her red lips.
“Did you think you had a monopoly on that trick?” Wait till you see a
couple of experts in action.”

Ralph cleared his throat and stared at his daughters in silence. Clyde
stared boldly at Dorothy’s full breasts as he commented, “I’ll be glad
to fill in for Susan in case she chickens out.”

Dorothy gave the boy a sultry smile. “See me after the show,” she
purred. “I might be interested.”

“You’re all mad!” Beth exclaimed. “My God! Before we came here, we
weren’t allowed to watch some of the movies on television. Now, we’re
going to see the real things.”

“We have to adjust to reality,” Ralph stated hollowly. “Perhaps we were
much too strict.”

“Hooray for liberation!” Susan grinned. She stared pointedly at her
father. “Of course, we still have a long way to go.”

Ralph’s face colored, but the others could read the desire that gleamed
in his eyes as he dropped his gaze to Susan’s outlined breasts and
mumbled, “We’ll get there.”

With Ted leading the way, they trooped up the stairs to the mattress-
lined room and Beth paused at the door to give her cousin a suspicious

“I suppose you expect us to take all our clothes off when we get
inside,” she grated.

“Would you like to be the only one still dressed?” Ted demanded. His
eyes wandered down over the thrusting tits and narrow waist. “Frankly,
I’m curious as to how you look without those clothes.”

Her eyes blazed with anger. “Just don’t get any ideas about what you
see! I know what’s been going on with Mother and Susan. But that
doesn’t mean you can do that to me.”

From inside the room, Joyce called, “Come on, darling! We’re holding up
the show!”

Beth’s face registered astonishment and excitement as she turned to
survey the others, her gaze flitting from body to body in quick
appraisal. Helplessly, she found her stare lingering on the semi-erect
organs of her father and brother, and discovered that both of them were
watching her with curious smiles.

Stepping past her, Ted began undressing, tossing his clothes onto the
others and giving Beth a quick grin when he slid his trousers down to
reveal the enormous prick that dangled from the base of his well-
muscled belly. Deliberately, he cupped the heavy balls and lifted his
cock in a mocking salute.

“Like your mother said,” he drawled softly, “you’re holding up the
show. Now, be a good girl and get out of those fucking clothes. Let’s
see if you’re really a blonde.”

Startled and angry, Beth whirled toward the door, finding it blocked by
the naked form of her brother, his prick already erect and pointing its
slitted head at her in obvious lust.

“Clyde Porter!” she gasped, unable to tear her eyes from his distended
cock. “You let me out of here!”

He wagged his head, answering her stare by watching the quick rise and
fall of her outlined tits. “Better do as the man says, Sis,” he

Beth turned to her mother, anger giving way to fear in her changing
features. “I didn’t agree to all this!” she protested. “You didn’t tell
me that we’d all be naked.”

Joyce took a single step toward the girl, her nipples taut and
quivering and her blonde bush damp with excitement. “Why don’t you take
your clothes off, darling? There’s nothing to be ashamed off.”

Beth’s face tightened, eyes seeking her father and falling to examine
the sizable organ thrusting outward from his crotch. In spite of her
apprehension, she felt a surge of desire at the sight of his cock, an
emotion she forced aside with determination.

“Daddy!” she pleaded. “Tell them to let me go.”

Ralph Porter’s prick stiffened as he watched his daughter’s reactions,
and he tried to make his smile reassuring. “Just try to cooperate,
Beth,” he said gently. “It will be better for all of us.”

“Damn!” was the girl’s angry retort. “I’ll undress. But nobody is going
to touch me! I think you’re all just awful!”

She was very conscious of her father’s hot stare as she began
unfastening her blouse, baring the strutted nipples of her nubile
breasts and feeling them tingle as she dropped the blouse onto the pile
of discarded clothing. She saw Clyde’s prick jerk upwards against his
flat belly, a glob of translucent liquid oozing from its tiny eye, and
she forced her eyes away as a burst of heat invaded her own moist
vagina, sending shudders down into her taut thighs.

Wiggling her slender hips, she slid her skirt downward, ignoring her
brother’s soft whistle of appreciation at the sight of her lightly
furred cunt. Completely naked, she turned to find Ted watching her with
an amused grin.

“Satisfied?” she demanded archly. “Now we’re all animals!”

Her cousin’s eyes mocked her as he ran his gaze up and down her body,
lingering on the pouting lips of her prominent pussy. His cock, thick,
even in its flaccidity, stirred with interest.

“I can understand why Linda enjoys licking that slit,” he murmured
softly. “But, it does have other uses.”

Before Beth could answer, Joyce’s exclamation drew their attention to
the two naked females at the far end of the makeshift bed. Dorothy and
Susan, oblivious to the staring eyes, were already locked in a frenzied
embrace, each one with their faces buried between the other’s flexing
thighs. The sounds of their avid feasting drew a gasp of excitement
from both Linda and Joyce, and Beth discovered a gathering wetness in
her cunt as she watched her sister’s head roll expertly, grinding her
open mouth against the redhead’s juicy snatch. Dorothy’s method was
more direct. Only her jaw moved, sucking fiercely on Susan’s cunt as
her tongue swirled inside the labial lips.

Beth’s attention was riveted to the two writhing figures, her own mouth
twisting with desire for that voluptuous creature whose pussy was
responding to Susan’s suction with noisy gurgling. She hardly felt the
hands on her wrists until they began tugging her downward toward the
soft mattresses.

Surprised, but not yet afraid, she jerked her head from side to side,
seeing Linda and Joyce, their faces glowing with anticipation, naked
bodies undulating as they strained with effort.

“What are you doing?” Beth demanded, resisting their pull and tugging
them forward.

Fingers encircled her ankles as Clyde and Ralph, kneeling on either
side, held her feet in place while Joyce and Linda toppled her
backward. Before she could voice another protest, Beth was on her back,
and her legs were being pulled far apart by her father and her brother.
She felt the cool air invade her cunt as its lips opened.

Helpless, for she had already tried to tug her arms and legs from the
clutching fingers, she stared up at Ted as the boy moved forward to
stand between her widespread legs. Her mouth opened in a soundless
scream at sight of the enormous prick that reared in throbbing erection
from his hairy crotch.

“No!” she grated, her hips writhing wildly at the thought of having
that huge cock bore up into her belly. Her eyes flickered from Ralph’s
face to that of her brother, searching for assurance and finding only
lust in their staring eyes.

“Oh, yes!” her cousin corrected with a savage grin. “You’re gonna be
fucked! Not only that, baby. You’re gonna be gang banged!”

Beth’s face contorted and she strained against the clutching fingers on
her wrists and ankles. Her pelvis leaped and twisted, the lips of her
plump pussy quivering as she watched Ted drop to his knees and wrap his
fist about the engorged shaft of his cock.

It was impossible, she reminded her whirling brain. Her pussy would
never admit such a formidable organ. She glanced at her father’s
swollen prick and compared it with Ted’s huge tool.

“Let Daddy do it first!” she cried, surprising herself with the sudden
plea. “Please! You’ll split me wide open with that big thing!”

Ralph Porter licked his lips with a quick flick of his red tongue, his
eyes staring at the dainty slit that winked hack at him from between
her slender thighs. His prick lurched upward in a savage jerk, its
strutted tip yielding a glob of slippery jizm that rolled sluggishly
down the taut cord that marked the beginning of the swollen ventral

“How about it, Uncle Ralph?” Ted asked quickly. “Do you want to be the
one to take her cherry?”

“Christ!” Clyde murmured, holding Beth’s ankle with one hand while the
other fondled the curve of her slender calf. “I’d like to volunteer for
that job!”

“Go on, Ralph!” Joyce urged her husband. “You know you’re going to do
it anyway.”

Ralph swallowed convulsively. “Are you sure, Beth?” he whispered in a
hoarse voice. “My God! I can’t help wanting to!”

The girl nodded her head fiercely, a trickle of saliva oozing from the
corner of her parted lips. Her breasts, drawn into two firm hemispheres
by her outstretched arms, quivered their dainty nipples in invitation.

“I’ve always wondered how it would be to have you screw me,” she
panted. “They won’t even have to hold me.”

Ted reached over to grip her ankle, shifting his body to one side and
watching Ralph take his place between Beth’s legs. “We’ll hang on,” he
told the girl, “just in case.” To Ralph, he said, “Let’s get on with
it, Uncle. Clyde follows you and I’ll take greasy thirds.”

“Jesus!” Clyde hissed. “I’m about to come, just watching her work that

“Save it!” Ted chuckled. “With five pussies just begging for it, it’d
be a shame to waste it.”

Ralph leaned forward over Beth’s nakedness, his prick jutting downward
toward the narrow cleft of her cuntal mound. He was sobbing with
anticipation as he shifted one hand to grip the engorged prong. He
stared down into his daughter’s wide eyes.

“Forgive me, baby!” he groaned, guiding his cock down and forward until
the rounded tip pressed itself into the furrow of her labial lips. “I
can’t help it!”

Beth’s lips worked for a moment before the words spilled out. “Don’t
talk, Daddy!” she hissed. “Just fuck me! That’s what they want to see!
They want to see your cock in my pussy!”

Ralph’s ass cheeks tensed and his fingers moved the head of his prick
in the moist crevice, sliding it up and down in the pliant crack and
loosening it for his initial assault.

The girl’s eyes closed tightly, her lips drawing back in a grimace of
anticipation as the cock massaged her sensitive labia, sending little
thrills back into the virginal sheath that was already quivering with


Her sharp cry escaped from behind clenched teeth as Ralph forced the
knob of his prick into the spasming oval of tender tissue, stretching
the pussy into a straining circle around the pulsating shaft of
throbbing hardness that bored inward, expanding the delicate walls and
massaging the nerve-lined passageway with its meaty bulk.

The girl’s body stiffened, her legs jerking against their restraint and
her ass twisting in an effort to evade the deeper invasion of her
protesting cunt. Ralph’s prick was already beyond the point where she
had welcomed the tingling caress of writhing tongues and exploring
fingers. It was breaking new ground, forcing its rounded tip into her
yielding depths with quivering urgency.

“Does it hurt, baby?” Ralph panted, still easing the cock into her
grinding pussy with a slow lowering of his arched hips.

Beth tried to answer, her mouth working soundlessly as the pressure in
her belly became almost intolerable. Then, as her father fed another
inch of prick into the torrid sheath, she gave another cry of anguished


“She’s just putting on a big act!” Joyce exclaimed. “She can take it,

Ted leaned over Ralph’s rearing ass, placing his big hand on the
rounded cheeks and shifting his full weight onto the unsuspecting
buttocks. Before the man could brace himself, his hips were forced
downward, driving the full length of his cock into the helpless cunt.

“GODDAMN!” Ralph cried, his balls jamming against Beth’s winking anus
as his prick buried its engorged bulk in her pussy, jerking and
throbbing in its reaction to the sudden engulfment.

“UNNGGHHH!” Beth yelped again, her ass bucking in a desperate bid for
freedom. “TAKE IT OUT!”

Ralph’s hips jerked upward, dragging his cock back through her
convulsing grip and tugging the membranous lips outward with the
retreating pressure. Both father and daughter gasped at the friction of
their flesh, and Ralph’s ass shivered as he felt his cockhead gripped
by Beth’s flexing labia.

Again, Ted’s palm forced Ralph’s hips downward, and the cock slid back
into the slippery nest with greater ease, bringing only a muted whimper
from the wriggling girl as the prick filled her pussy and nudged the
convulsing mouth of her previously untouched womb.

Ralph needed no further urging. With little grunts of lust, he began
driving the tool in and out, gathering speed with each stroke and
pressing his scrotal sac firmly against his daughter’s asshole as his
cock hilted its length in her torrid cunt.

Beth’s ass lifted and twisted, working her pussy around the sliding
hardness to increase the delicious friction of her aroused vagina. Her
tongue protruded from between her bared teeth, curling upward and
flicking with each thrust of his plunging cock.

“Oh, God, Daddy!” she gurgled, pushing her cunt up to insure the
maximum depth of each delicious thrust. “It’s good!”

Ralph’s answer was to cover her parted lips with his open mouth,
driving his tongue against hers in a savage kiss that made their
connected loins work more vigorously. His chest mashed her resilient
tits, rubbing the engorged nipples as he hunched his prick in and out
with gathering speed.

“Damn!” Clyde observed, using one hand to caress his own distended
tool. “I believe he’s struck oil! Look at the cream on that fuckpole!”

Ted grinned in agreement as he watched the prick’s rhythmic slide. It
was true, he mused. Beth’s pussy had responded to the defloration with
an overflow of slippery juices that coated her father’s prong and
seeped out to puddle in the crack of her writhing ass. The blonde hairs
about her gurgling snatch were drenched with the thick cream, and each
stroke of the cock was an audible sound of slurping flesh.

Clyde’s fingers curled about his cock, beginning a steady stroking that
matched the rhythmical hammering of his father’s hips. He saw Ted’s
amused glance at his avid masturbation and his own lips curled in a
savage smile of mounting pleasure.

His own cock throbbing, Ted commented, “Why don’t you let Aunt Joyce
suck it for you?”

Without waiting to be asked, Joyce inched her way toward the inviting
sight, still holding Beth’s wrist as she moistened her lips in
eagerness, staring hungrily at her son’s towering erection.

“Lick it for me, Mom!” the boy murmured, pulling the loose skin back
from the purple knob and shoving his hips forward to aim the prick at
his mother’s wet lips. “Christ! I love to feel a hot tongue on it!”

As Joyce extended her tongue to caress the swollen glans, Ralph gave a
grunt of ecstasy and buried his cock in Beth’s pussy, holding it there
as her pelvic contortions milked the semen from his bloated balls. Beth
whimpered with pleasure as the hot sperm splashed deep inside her
vagina, and her ass twisted and hunched in an effort to reach a climax
of her own before the last spurt of come showered her spasming cervix.

Dorothy and Susan, their faces flushed from their prolonged session of
oral play, joined the six figures just as Ralph, gasping for breath,
hauled his dripping prick from Beth’s overflowing cunt.

Dorothy slipped an arm about Linda’s waist and claimed her lips in a
tongue-driving kiss, while Susan, her eyes widening as she watched her
mother’s lapping caress of Clyde cock, pressed her moist crotch against
Joyce’s hip in grinding friction.

“You can turn Beth loose,” Ted suggested. “Aunt Joyce, why don’t you
and Susan imitate Dorothy and Linda? Clyde is gonna be using that prick
for the next few minutes.”

The four naked females tumbled aside, bodies shifting as their lips and
tongues began an avid exploration of their new partners. Beth, her eyes
glazed with desire, held up both arms to welcome her brother, pulling
him down onto her heaving tits and hunching her pussy up to receive the
stiff cock that slid easily into her hungry vagina, its passage
lubricated by the slippery come left there by their horny father.

Her legs free, Beth raised them to scissor Clyde’s waist as he began
fucking her, his prick driving deeper than Ralph’s had managed, and
making the girl grunt with each powerful thrust.

Ted moved around to the two blonde heads and dropped to his knees,
waiting until Clyde released his sister’s mouth and raised his face to
stare excitedly at his cousin’s huge prick arching forward over Beth’s
head as Ted eased his hips forward. Sliding his knees apart, Ted
lowered his crotch until his balls were within reach of the girl’s
flashing tongue, and he gasped with delight as she caressed their hairy
globes with a wet lapping.

Clyde’s ass rose and fell between Beth’s thighs, his cock ramming deep
into the mushy depths and throbbing as the pussy flexed its torrid
walls about the driving prong. Inches from his face, he watched his
sister’s tongue toy and tease the huge scrotal sac, and his eyes almost
crossed as he tried to focus his gaze on the plum-like knob that
reached out over her face. Ted’s suggestive whisper was like a voice
inside his whirling brain.

“Don’t be bashful, Clyde! Like I told you, anything goes!”

Ecstasy thundered through his stroking prick and rolled in his swaying
balls, and Clyde surrendered to the hunger that filled his body until
he could no longer resist.

“I’ll be damned!” was Ralph’s only reaction as he watched his son slip
his wet lips about the swollen head of Ted’s cock.

The brief contact was all Clyde required to trigger his come. His ass
hammered wildly, stirring his cock inside the girl’s convulsing snatch,
and his sperm bolted in savage spurts into the gulping mouth of his
sister’s womb.

Beth, lost in the ecstasy of yet another dazzling climax, worked her
hips to milk the hot sperm from that jerking prod, rubbing the walls of
her exploding cunt around its delightful invader. So lost in her
personal pleasure was the girl that she failed to see her brother’s
tongue give a lusty lick at Ted’s prick as it was tugged from his
noisily sucking lips.

Suddenly, she felt herself being lifted, doll-like, and placed on her
knees astride a pair of male hips, her cunt, its entrance juicy from
the two loads of sperm, poised over a cock much larger than its
predecessors. Still only half-conscious of exactly what was being done
to her, Beth felt two hands on her narrow waist, forcing her down until
the head of the enormous prick pressed hotly against her dripping

Her hands went out to balance herself, clutching the powerful chest
muscles of her grinning cousin as his prick slid up into her pussy,
filling it beyond her expectations and massaging new nerves in the
tender channel, its walls made more sensitive by the two previous

“Oh, sweet Jesus!” she whimpered. It was not a protest, for every nerve
in her pussy was tingling with ecstasy as the cock inched deeper into
her belly. “I don’t give a damn if you split me open with that dick! I
want it all!”

“Don’t worry, Cousin,” Ted murmured. “You’ll get it all!”

Beth Porter’s body arched forward, her breasts dipping strutted nipples
into the open mouth of the youth whose huge prick was sliding deeper
and deeper into her eager snatch. She gasped as his lips and teeth
nibbled at the succulent spears and his tongue worked back and forth
across the sensitive tips, releasing each one as its quivering mate
took its place.

The cock filled her pussy so completely that the accumulated semen was
forced out around its thick root, forming a slippery sheath of white
cream that gurgled noisily when Beth managed to screw her cunt to the
base of that enormous pole, marking her conquest with a grunt of

Only an hour ago, she had sworn that Ted Morgan would never touch her
with that fantastic cock which had so bedazzled her mother and sister.
Now, with its hot hardness stretching her vagina and slamming almost
painfully against her spasming womb mouth, Beth welcomed the probing
spear with cries of ecstasy, her ass twisting to grind her expanded
labia about its cream-smeared base.

“Ride it, baby!” Ted groaned, pushing his hips upward to encourage the
pelvic gyrations of the excited girl. Her lips had deserted his as she
began hunching her pussy up and down on the stiff column. She was no
longer interested in the feel of his tongue on her tits or darting
about in her mouth. It was that cock she wanted, deep and hard, until
it showered her churning depths with its delicious come.

“Christ!” came Clyde’s admiring observation. “Look at my little sister
go!” Recovered from his own enjoyable pounding of the girl’s receptive
cunt, he knelt behind her, watching the rise and fall of Beth’s
delightfully curved bottom, his stare drinking in the erotic sight of
her froth-rimmed pussy sliding up and down Ted’s rearing prick.

Lips pulled back in a snarl of ecstasy, Beth added a savage twist to
her bouncing hips as another orgasm spiraled through her spasming cunt.
Fresh juices spilled from deep inside her belly, laving the cock that
jolted her womb with its upward thrusts and adding to the circle of
wetness about its hairy base.

“My God!” she gasped, unable to slow her fierce hunching. “I’m gonna
come myself to death!” She grunted when Ted’s strong arms slowed her
movements, his body twisting to turn them over on the yielding
mattresses. She quickly adjusted her legs, clamping them about his
lithe waist as he settled his hips between her sweat-streaked thighs,
his prick stirring the clenching channel of her pussy.

Ted’s chest massaged her tingling breasts and his hard belly slapped
savagely against hers in a rhythm with which she was rapidly becoming
familiar. His cock, seeming to grow larger with each thrust, speared
her cunt with delicious force, stretching the vaginal walls and
frictioning her pulsing labia until she felt still another violent
climax shuddering inside her heaving belly.

Recognizing the sudden increase in her pelvic action and the powerful
clamping of the cunt muscles about his prong, Ted drove his tool in and
out more rapidly, shortening the strokes and pounding her womb with the
plunging head of his massive cock.

His timing was perfect. The first hot spurt of his thick semen was
swallowed by the orgasmic convulsion of her exploding cunt.

As though Beth’s panted cries of pleasure were some awaited signal, the
other two males launched their naked bodies at the red-haired Dorothy.
Clyde Porter jammed his distended prick between the woman’s parted
thighs and bent forward over her flawless back as he felt the throbbing
organ ease into her mushy cuntal passage, sliding up into the
undulating grip until his balls were jammed tightly against her
clitoris and his belly was pressed against the sweet curve of her
beautiful ass cheeks.

He licked her bare shoulder, tasting the slight salty tang and
thrusting his cock deeper into her flexing cunt. His arms went around
her and his fingers clutched the two firm melons of her glorious tits,
pinching the swollen nipples until her pussy squeezed his shaft in
unspoken protest.

Even as his son began dog-fucking the gorgeous redhead, Ralph Porter
dropped to his knees before the crouching beauty, his meaty prick aimed
at those full red lips he had enjoyed before. His hands grabbed the
flaming hair for leverage, pulling the wet mouth over his cock like a
hot glove, and he grunted with excitement and joy as the mouth claimed
him, lips nibbling their way down the shaft until they circled the
thick base of his prick.

Joyce took one look at the trio and quickly straddled Dorothy’s bobbing
head, insinuating her lush lips between her son’s face and her
husband’s panting lips. Without waiting for his reaction, she cupped
Ralph’s head and thrust her bushy cunt forward against his open mouth,
squealing with pleasure as his tongue slithered up into her pulsating
cunt. Then, as Clyde’s tongue began licking eagerly about the delicate
circle of her anus, she squealed again.

Ted Morgan, his cock still hard, dragged that lengthy member from
Beth’s dripping snatch, working his way upward over her writhing
nakedness and letting the wet knob of his prick caress her quivering
skin. A faint trail of semen marked the passage of his tool, upward
over her belly and between her small tits until he was crouched above
her flushed face.

Slowly, supporting his weight on outstretched arms so he could observe
his own actions, he lowered his hips until the head of his prick
touched the girl’s parted lips.

For an instant, her lips clamped together in automatic rejection. Then,
surrendering to a desire stronger than any aversion, her tongue reached
out to caress the hovering cock, tasting and exploring until the glans
pressed it back into her mouth, following with slow deliberation and
stretching her lips into a taut circle about the huge knob. Her whole
body jerked with the swift tremor of acceptance and she began sucking,
hungrily and deeply.

Ted Morgan, his hips moving to slide his prick in and out of Beth’s
greedy mouth, savored the thrill of the girl’s swirling tongue and
laving saliva, and he grinned happily when Linda’s brown pubic triangle
was thrust invitingly in front of his face.

Behind him, he heard Susan Porter’s soft gurgle of desire as she
plunged her open mouth between Beth’s thighs to claim the overflowing
cunt. He heard it but his vision was blocked by the brown curls and
pink lips of his sister’s delicate pussy. Eagerly, he slid his tongue
into the slippery hole and pressed his mouth about the pliant labia,
filling his mouth with the tart juices. His cock, throbbing and stiff,
probed deeper into Beth’s gulping throat, forcing the willing girl to
swallow repeatedly, the hot muscles tightening delightfully about the
head of his engorged pole.

The atmosphere of the room was heavy with the scent of their mingled
juices, and for several minutes, the only sounds were those of slurping
mouth, pounding flesh and soft whimpers of delight. Orgasms were
enjoyed in relative silence as the unvoiced cries were blocked by a
probing prick or a grinding cunt.

Ted pulled his own cock from Beth’s greedy mouth before she could draw
the threatening load of sperm from its saliva-slickened length.
Ignoring Linda’s whimpered protest, he gave her delicious cunt one
final swipe of his flattened tongue, then rolled aside just in time to
see Ralph’s buttocks flex and quiver as he spilled his semen into
Dorothy’s wildly gulping throat. The woman’s pleasure was doubled when
Clyde, crying out with each powerful explosive contraction, shot his
own hot come into her climaxing cunt.

Joyce, still reaching for her own climax, held her husband’s face
jammed against her writhing crotch, working her hips to accentuate the
thrust and twist of his tongue in her quivering cunt. She hardly
realized that Clyde had stopped teasing her anal cleft with his wet
lapping, and she made no effort to avoid Ted’s huge prick when he
stepped across Dorothy’s body and pressed the head of his cock against
Joyce’s saliva-drenched asshole.

She groaned as the knob snapped through her sphincter, but the groan
became a whimper of ecstasy as the hardness slid up into her undulating
colon to begin a rhythmic massage of that delicate corridor, increasing
the depth of its penetration with each slippery plunge. Her fingers
gripped Ralph’s head, pushing his mouth deeper into her dripping labia,
and she found herself noting the soft bounce of Ted’s balls against her
husband’s busy chin.

It was Ted’s initial pressure that tumbled the trio sideways, but only
lust could prevent the loss of contact during the brief descent. Tongue
still fluttering in pulsating cunt, and cock throbbingly hilted in
hotly flexing ass, they lay with bodies moving more freely on the
resilient mattresses.

Fucking the whimpering Joyce with satisfying thrusts, Ted employed his
hands on her big tits, squeezing and twisting the swollen nipples as
his cock rode in and out of her tight asshole, lingering just inside
the strained circle to enjoy the powerful clutch of her spasming
sphincter muscles. Then, with his cockhead buried deeply inside her
convulsing sheath, the lad hesitated again, grinding his hairy scrotum
against his uncle’s bobbing chin, half-hoping that Ralph would add a
wet tongue to that perverted contact.

He had intended a maximum release of inhibitions for that evening, and
he had not been disappointed. The nubile Beth had proven every bit as
responsive as her older sister, and Clyde had provided a surprise that
was not completely unwelcome.

Without words, he forced Joyce over onto her belly, pushing Ralph out
of the way and pulling the woman’s lush hips upward before resuming his
delightful hunching. He watched Ralph draw the back of one hand across
his cream-smeared mouth, his eyes drinking in the sight of the big cock
that stroked in and out of his wife’s anus with audible sounds of wet
suction. His lips curved in a lewd grin of appreciation and his fingers
began a bold caress of his own semi-erect organ.

Ted answered the grin with a soft chuckle that became louder when he
noted Susan’s approach. The girl crawled toward her father on hands and
knees, breasts swaying provocatively and cutely curved bottom wriggling
as she neared the object of her sudden interest.

Ralph looked down in surprise at his daughter’s head, his fist
stripping the loose skin back from the purple knob of his swelling
prick. A glob of jizm emerged from the tiny slit of the glans, and
Ralph gasped with the sensation of the girl’s wet tongue sliding across
the curved head to claim the salty juice.

“Yeah!” he groaned, fingers moving to slide the engorged tip back and
forth against the warm softness of Susan’s lips. He saw her mouth open,
shaping itself in sensual hunger.


The lips claimed him and her tongue began a worshipful dance around the
meaty knob. Saliva bathed the sensitive flesh and he felt the swift
tightening of his nuts as Susan began nursing his prick, her head
bobbing with gathering speed and distance.

Ted slowed his assault on Joyce’s wiggling rump, ignoring her
protesting grunt and flexing anal muscles. His head turned to see Clyde
laboring between Linda’s flailing thighs, his cock flashing in and out
of the girl’s slit with a steady and unimaginative rhythm. Just beyond
the pair, Beth had positioned her nubile body between Dorothy’s
voluptuous legs, sucking noisily on the semen-filled cunt that pressed
eagerly against her hungry mouth.

His barked command froze all of them in position, hips and heads
stilled, but maintaining their erotic contact with the willing targets.
Soft whimpers of desire filled the momentary silence.

Swiftly, graphically, he explained his wishes, his eyes challenging
them as he spoke, reminding them of his power by continuing to slide
his cock in and out of Joyce’s tail during the brief speech.

“Any objections?” Again, his expression dared them, and his lips mocked
them as seven heads wagged a denial, Ralph almost gasping when Susan’s
mouth moved from side to side on his strutted prick. His gasp became
audible when the wet lips slipped off him with a final flourish of the
girl’s tongue.

Joyce cursed when Ted’s huge cock tugged itself free from her juicy
anus, and the curse became a grunt of pleasure when he reinserted the
throbbing column in her dripping cunt, driving the full nine inches up
inside her undulating sheath of slippery heat. His balls jammed against
her swollen clitoris, massaging that delicate shaft with their slight
rolling motion. Inside, the cock filled and stretched her vagina into a
pulsating bundle of exploding tissue.

“Don’t stop!” she gurgled, her ass rearing and bucking against his
muscled belly. “I’m gonna come!”

Ted did not stroke the climaxing pussy. Instead he jammed his hips
harder against her gyrating ass and wrapped his powerful arms about the
woman’s arched waist, twisting his pelvis to stir his rod in the
steaming cauldron of her clenching pussy.

“That’s number one,” Ted said with a soft chuckle when Joyce’s body
sagged beneath him. Slipping his glistening prod from her still
convulsing grip, he lowered himself onto the naked body of Susan,
fitting his prick into her hot slit with one deft motion and driving it
in until he felt the palpitating resistance of her womb against his
probing cockhead.

The girl had crawled over to lie waiting, eyes wide in anticipation.
Now, shining with excitement, her eyes widened even more as the prick
filled her belly with its heat and hardness. Her legs scissored around
Ted’s waist and her ass began a savage circling beneath him, grinding
the walls of her cunt around the huge shaft. Her breasts, stiff-nippled
and firm, yielded to the weight and touch of his chest.

Again, grinning down into Susan’s contorted face, the youth did not
begin the familiar pumping she expected. Instead, he ground his pubic
arch against hers, and was rewarded with a husky cry as her pussy
convulsed in a nerve-shattering climax that drenched his cock with her
hot juices.

“Number two,” Ted drawled, drawing the pole from its torrid nest and
shifting his body over and onto Beth’s waiting nakedness. Deliberately,
he pulled the girl’s slender legs up on either side and spread them
wide, parting the reddened lips of her cunt before easing the head of
his cock between them.

Slowly, watching the lust build and explode in her staring eyes, he fed
his prick into the clenching channel, feeling it begin that familiar
undulation as his balls spread gently against her winking anus. He held
it hilted as Beth panted and came.

Linda was number four, her slender hips grinding wildly when Ted’s
thick cock invaded her hungry snatch and ground its way to the spasming
mouth of her womb.

Ralph and Clyde, their pricks jerking with excitement, knelt only
inches away, staring at the row of inviting cunts and heaving tits.
Both of them grunted with envy as they watched Linda’s ass work its way
through a frantic orgasm that spilled wetly around the juncture of
their mated flesh.

Dorothy received her stepson with a soft whimper of welcome, embracing
him with arms about his broad shoulders and lush thighs cradling his
narrow hips. Her lips parted for his descending mouth and her tongue
swirled happily about his. His prick, throbbing more powerfully,
slipped into the slickened folds of her pussy and spread the vaginal
walls into a caressing grip.

His own pleasure too intense for further control, Ted drove his cock
into the redhead’s cunt until she whimpered with the intense pleasure
of complete filling. Then, surrendering to the demand of his own
tightening balls, he fucked her with a savage hunching that slammed her
writhing ass down against the mattresses with each powerful thrust.

Sweat dripped from his chest, smearing the points of her big tits and
puddling on the soft belly that heaved and wriggled to his pounding

Dorothy tried to halt the explosive tremors of her climax, but Ted’s
continued massaging of her tender vagina and sensitive labia was more
than she could resist. Her ass twisted and lifted, screwing her
gurgling cunt around that delightful fuckpole.

She expected him to stop, just as he had with the others, and her arms
and legs tightened to hold him, hips working faster to extract the
utmost pleasure from her gut wrenching orgasm. With her lips plastered
wetly against his ear, she pleaded with him to continue.

Raising his head, but keeping his hips placed exactly between her
quivering thighs, Ted eased his hands beneath her head and laced the
red hair through his strong fingers. His ass cheeks flexed with the
rhythm of his fierce strokes, each thrust jolting her womb and sending
shivers of ecstasy through her writhing body.

His fingers gripped, holding her face in position as his eyes swept
over her glazed expression, ending on her parted lips, wet, red and
full, slightly tightened against white teeth. The tip of a dancing
tongue flickered between the white rows.

“Like it, bitch?” he panted. His ass rose and fell more rapidly, his
prick spearing her juicy cunt and his nut sac rapping wetly against her
wriggling anal cleft.

“Yes!” she whimpered, arms shifting and fingers clawing at his arched
back. “Oh, dear God! Yes! Don’t ever stop!”

His prick seemed to drive deeper, as though seeking to force its
swollen tip inside her cervix, and she pushed her hips higher in
eagerness. The fingers in her hair brought a pain that became pleasure
as another come began building in her steaming cunt.

“Beg for it!” he hissed, hearing the squish and gurgle as his cock
pistoned through her fluttering labia. “Beg for more of my dick!”

Beyond reason, Dorothy pleaded, gasping the words between sharp cries
of ecstasy, using every obscenity she could dredge from her whirling
brain. Her legs climbed higher on his arched back, scissoring and
urging. Her hips twisted and pumped, milking the plunging cock and
caressing it with juicy fingers of tingling cunt-flesh.

There was no longer any control in his womb-spearing jabs. Ted Morgan
was racing toward his own satisfaction, preparing to spill his roiling
sperm into that sucking, chewing nether-mouth that sent the pre-
orgasmic shudders of ecstasy back into his loaded balls.

He was happy that he had decided to share his legacy with the others,
but happier that he had first stripped them of their inhibitions. There
was nothing they would not do for him, and little that he had not
already planned for the nights ahead.

He settled himself for the short rows, fucking Dorothy with deep jabs
that brought an answering grunt. Then, as his prick forced its
throbbing head into the slavering mouth of her convulsing womb, he
surrendered to the hot suction and milking muscles of her hungry cunt.

“Fill me, baby!” came Dorothy’s tortured whimper of lust. “Shoot that
cream to me!”

Ecstasy swirled in his balls, liquefied and thundered through the
length of his hilted prick, spurting in thick globs into the mouth of
her churning womb. His buttocks flexed with the repeated shudders of
his come.

“I’m next,” he heard, but could not identify the voice.

It did not matter. They were all waiting for his cock.

The End

The Business End Of Her By Dick Slide

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“Bring that tight little cunt of yours around here,” he ordered Paulette.

Her breathing quickened at his command, and lightning flashes of passion ran through her clitoris as he brought her pulsating lower half up to his caressing hands.

“Get over me,” he directed hotly, gripping her hips in his large hands.

The order sent throbs of desire up her silken thighs as she felt her legs being spread apart … feeling him squeeze her fleshy ass in his hands … taking his tongue and licking her wet pussy … sucking and nibbling at her womanhood until she moaned with delight at his expert touches.

Paulette loved this part of her job-the part that brought in all the sales-and the part that set her on fire when she offered her body as incentive to buy her goods-which were more than any man could resist.

All characters and events depicted in this book are purely fictitious.


An overcast November sky ladled a chilling downpour, sending wave after dark green wave of white-capped water crashing against the jagged rocks of the deserted beach. And in a house high up on the bluff, looking out through a mist-shrouded window, Paulette Bodine allowed her mind to wander, thinking back to the first meeting with the naked and sleeping man on the wide rumpled bed behind her.

It had been mid-July in Malibu, she recalled, watching the timeless undulation of the sea far below her. Bobby Fender, the man sprawled in exhausted slumber, his features satisfied and innocent, had suggested they have a drink after work to celebrate his promotion to Divisional Sales Manager of the entire West Coast branch of Astro-Pile Incorporated, makers of the green artificial turf that carpeted most of the major football stadiums across the country.

She folded her arms across her ample chest, looking out into the velvet night as she remembered her surprise and ready agreement to his invitation, gushing with obvious delight, “Just let me put on fresh make-up and I’ll be right with you.”

A small smile tugged at her scarlet mouth as she again pictured his soft eyes on her as she got from behind her desk and crossed the spacious office to the hall leading to the ladies’ room, remembered the familiar warming along her thighs as she hurried the make-up onto her face and brushed out her flowing brown hair to splay regally across her slender shoulders.

“I’m ready,” she announced, coming back into the office and spinning prettily for his inspection.

“You look great,” he told her, letting his eyes travel over her smooth curves before taking her arm and guiding her out the door.

Paulette turned from the window and stood watching Bobby’s sleeping form. A tiny smile caressed the corners of her wide-set almond eyes as she studied the features of the man who had changed her entire life. From an eighteen-year-old girl from Nebraska, she thought, to an experienced woman of nineteen had been no easy transition. But thanks to Bobby and America’s growing support of football as the national pastime, she had been afforded the opportunity of womanhood, and she had taken it, gobbled it up, in fact.

She stepped lightly to the bed and sat gently beside him, careful not to wake him, and looked down into his sleeping face, seeing his slightly parted lips, his sharp cheekbones, so prominent when awake yet soft and gently rounded in repose. Using one delicate finger she pushed an errant wisp of hair back from his forehead, easing the lonely strand back into place among his wavy brown curls. She enjoyed touching him, caring for him, seeing him like this, so defenseless, so hers to fondle and hold and know every inch of his slender body.

The thin sheet that covered him was draped across his middle, no real protection from the cold, and certainly no protection from her probing eyes. Her mouth watered at the thick shape of his tool so clearly outlined against his thigh. Huge even in sleep, the shaft lay smooth under the thin sheath of material, the head a plum-sized lump in the sheer linen, sending shivering chills of anticipation coursing through her.

The tip of her coral tongue wet her lips as she stared at it, willing it to life with silent pleading, knowing the hard, rampant strength of it. And quietly, afraid to wake him, she slipped softly from the bed and slid her silver housecoat off her shoulders, letting it drop in a tangled heap at her feet before moving to the foot of the bed and slowly pulling the sheet from his body, exposing his blue-veined root to her greedy eyes.

She softly curled up near his legs, her pretty face etched with thoughtful hunger as she positioned herself, resting her head on an upraised arm only inches from his lolling tool She stared at it for long minutes, feasting on the details of the magnificent shaft, indelibly setting its flaccid size in her mind before bringing her hand to it with slow certainty, feeling the warmth of it as she hefted it into her small palm.

“You magnificent bastard,” she whispered lovingly, accenting each syllable with coarse desire as she brought her lips to the wide tip.

Bobby awoke and looked down just as the ruby oval of her mouth closed over the broad head of his already lengthening prick.

“Aww,” he sighed sleepily, blinking a few times to clear his fuzzy vision. “Now that my dear, is a nice way to wake up.” He turned full on his back and relaxed back against the pillows, watching her consume more of his thickening shaft with each stroke of her hot and hungry mouth.

Paulette felt the surging throb as it grew, pushing further into her throat as it unlimbered its mighty length. And never taking the smooth purple tip from her mouth, she slipped between his legs and knelt, feasting on his standing manhood.

Bobby smiled lazily and interlaced his fingers behind his head, letting her have her way with his body, thoroughly enjoying her ministrations. He saw the glistening wide rim of his cock peek out from between her pouting lips as she completed each loving stroke, then saw it disappear again as she brought her mouth quickly down, attempting to take it all, delighting him and giving him a sense of power that her best efforts met repeated failure on the huge rock-hard shaft.

Paulette fondled his balls, gently rolling the smooth sac in her fingers as the slippery-skinned prick slid in and out of her willing mouth. She wrapped her hand around the base of the shaft and tried to force more of the rampant tool into her throat. She moaned softly, thinking of the plum-sized knob that held her jaws wide, wishing he would stop her and throw her on her back, exposing her furry muff to his greedy eyes before plunging his eight-inch rod into her eager cunt.

Bobby raised himself on his elbows to watch more closely. He felt her soft tongue whisper along the underside of his standing tool, then a moment later it slowly curled itself demandingly around the tip as she altered the pace of her lovemaking, playfully nibbling at the glistening head for long teasing seconds before bringing her happy eyes up to meet his.

“You’re doing fine,” he informed her, adding with a contented smile, “You’re getting better every day.”

“That’s because,” she said in a little girl’s voice, kissing the heavy rod, “I like what I’m doing, and most importantly, I like who I’m doing it to.”

“Well quit talking so much and keep doing it,” he chided at her teasing. Then seeing the red-rimmed helmet lose itself once again between her moist lips, he added knowingly, “You weren’t so eager to suck a dick a couple of months ago.”

She took a deliberate deep stroke, feeling the silken smoothness of his manhood slide maddeningly over her tongue and into the back of her throat, thinking of what he had said. Then backing off it slowly, letting her lips drag poutingly along the shaft, she grinned impishly up at him. “I just had to be coaxed a little bit,” she said, talking into his throbbing organ as if it were a microphone. “Besides,” she objected gently, “I didn’t know a couple of months ago that I would enjoy selling Astro-Pile so very much.”

He smiled appreciatively down at her, showing an even row of white teeth, knowing the brown-haired girl gently caressing his dick had done a hell of a job lately at the “public relations” end of several of his deals, and that actual sales were coming quicker, with higher commissions too, he thought. He silently thanked her for the help she had been and said, “I’m glad you’re enjoying your work so much.”

“Who wouldn’t?” she asked in surprise. “I met you. I make good money. I meet a lot of athletes. I-”

“And you ball a few too. Don’t forget that,” he interrupted.

She was suddenly humble under his scrutinizing gaze, saying with mock servility, “I thank you, Lord and Master, for the opportunity of performing my meager tasks for you.”

She let her lips linger on his rigid tool in an exaggerated show of appreciation, knowing full well that everything she had she owed to him, and that she was very lucky indeed. Had I not met Bobby, she told herself seriously, I would still be an inexperienced girl from Nebraska, still at that same old typewriter at the front desk, still making coffee for the bosses, and having absolutely nothing to show for it.

A warm flood of gratitude singed her inner thighs as she fluttered little kisses along the length of his dick, extending his enjoyment and knowing her good looks and sexual talents were part of her job.

I’m here to please, she told herself for the hundredth time, knowing in her heart that if he tired of her there would be a flock of pretty girls jumping at the chance to have her job.

“Bring that tight little cunt of yours around here,” he told her in a rasping voice, smiling at her immediate response, reveling in the power he had over her.

Her breathing quickened at his wheezed command. Lightning flashes of passion seared her rigid clitoris as she crawled out from between his legs, carefully keeping the swollen knob and a good portion of his dick in her warm mouth as she brought her pulsating lower half up to his caressing hands.

“Get over me,” he directed hotly, gripping her hips in his large hands.

The order sent throbs of torrid desire coursing up her molded thighs. She felt her legs being spread apart as he helped her to straddle his wide chest, openly exposing the soft cleft of her very being to his greedy eyes.

He gripped the moons of her ass, kneading their yielding softness in his rough fingers. The painfully tiny pink ring of her asshole beckoned invitingly and the scarlet labia of her gaping hole smiled down at him. The horny little knob of her hooded clitoris peeked out at him through the glistening short hairs surrounding her luscious valley.

“Suck it!” he ordered, lifting his hips and forcing his rampant rod further into her throat. “Take more of it!” he commanded wildly, pressing his face against the sweet acrid crack of her cunt and driving the turgid length of his tongue into the soft folds of her well-lubricated slit.

She wiggled crazily, squatting openly wide on his tantalizing tongue, feeling his nose, his chin, the shallow padding of his smooth lips nibbling at her honey pot, prying at it, opening her velvet softness and attacking with a demonic frenzy her naked and swollen clit, rubbing it, teasing it, pushing it from side to side with Satan-like carnal delight, causing the tender nub to spasm and contract in the twilight regions of intoxicating pre-orgasm.

She screamed silently in monumental lust and forced more of his blue-veined rod into her wildly bobbing face, gripping it with clinging ruby lips and expert swirling tongue, feeling the majestic shaft throbbing in bulging response to her demanding mouth. Her face contorted with frantic purpose, bouncing her head furiously on the delicious meat, stroking it with an uncontrollable ancient animal rhythm, coaxing it with each frenzied caress to come, to meet her head on, to take her with him over that glorious edge of climax by filling her galloping mouth with a starburst gush of exotic spunk.

The corded muscles of his arms bulged in angry knots as he savagely encircled her feverishly squirming hips in a vise-like grip and gnashed his twisting face against her sodden gash. Then, like an onrushing locomotive, the burning white coal at the base of his spine grew in an unstoppable onslaught, pumping and thrashing in his straining body, forcing his hips still further upward, cramming inch after pulsating inch into her welcoming throat.

Paulette followed the dictates of her throbbing cunt, tossing her head from side to side and up and down as his tool bulged magnificently, giving herself up to the aching ecstasy circling through her fiery cleft. She greedily accepted his spurting cum, swallowing, stroking, demanding more of his jetting semen as her orgasm blazed in her quivering pussy, blossoming into a crescendo of blinding explosions and earth-shaking sensations.

* * *

After several long seconds of quiet fulfillment Paulette allowed his slack cock to loll gently from her mouth. She gave it a soft kiss on its blunt red head and wearily brought herself around and lay full length against Bobby, basking in the afterglow of sex under his big warm arm.

She snuggled close, tracing lazy circles around his hard nipples as she waited for her breathing to return to normal. Then summoning all her strength in one deep breath she let out an almost inaudible sigh of complete contentment.

“You’re fantastic,” she whispered softly, snuggling closer and resting her head on his broad chest.

“You’re the one that is fantastic,” he told her, letting a gentle finger follow the wavy route of an errant strand, of long brown hair, softly trailing the flowing tress along the smooth side of her neck and across the golden tan of her shoulder. He touched her lightly, as softly as a midnight breeze, thinking what a great team they had become.

“So soft,” he marveled, pressing his lips to her hair, “yet you make me feel so good.”

She looked up at him and smiled as would a Cheshire cat, her eyes dancing brightly and the full line of her mouth curving up mysteriously at the corners.

“A penny for your thoughts,” he said quietly, touching the tip of her nose with a playful finger.

“Oh,” she said slowly, kissing his shoulder. “I was just thinking how great it would be to stay right here in your arms and go to sleep.”

He shook his head sadly. “No rest for the weary,” he informed her, checking the clock on the night-stand. “You’re working day is just beginning. I told Elliot Beaumont you would be at his place at eight o’clock to explain the advantages of installing Astro-Pile on his team’s home field.”

“Is it that important?” she pouted.

“You’re damn right it is that important,” he scolded, rolling off the bed and getting to his feet. “Elliot is the Head Coach of the Tigers and he carries a lot of weight in the front office. And you”-he pointed a stern finger at her-“are going to convince him that he absolutely needs new carpeting on his field.” He stared hard at her for a full minute, letting what he had said sink in. “You got that?” he snapped. “You know what you have to do?”

“I understand, Bobby,” she appeased softly. “I’ll be good to him.”

“I don’t want you to be good to him,” he barked harshly. “I want you to be the best!” He let his cold eyes bore into hers, making it perfectly clear that he was the boss and that she would do what he wanted or she could get the hell out. Then seeing she understood, his manner changed.

“Now c’mon,” he said gently, holding out his hand to her and helping her from the bed. “Let’s shower. Then I’ll drop you off at Elliot’s apartment.”


The combination of the hot shower and the startling clarity of the night air served to refresh Paulette, and the expensive jasmine-scented soap and eau de perfume she was now able to afford whispered softly around her in an exotic bouquet as she slid onto the leather seat of Bobby’s sports car.

The engine roared to life at the first touch of the key, rumbling with a throaty masculinity as Bobby slipped it into gear and pulled out onto the narrow winding road that snaked its way through the rugged foothills of Malibu. Millions of lights twinkled in the sprawling city below, nestling like precious jewels against a backdrop of finest velvet, dazzling the viewer with their brilliance.

“I just can’t get enough of this view,” Paulette sighed, letting the majestic beauty of the moment, the heady aroma of jasmine, and the pulsating roar of the exhausts remind her she was only a guest in the world of the rich, a transient body passing through if she didn’t play the game according to Bobby’s rules. She looked around her, comparing the countryside and the magnificent houses with those of her poor background, feeling the fates were for once on her side, allowing her to mingle in and experience the richer side of life.

My pay is more than good, she told herself. And in a couple of years, maybe sooner, I’ll be in a position to dictate the lives of others. Maybe I’ll do it just like Bobby, she mused, smiling over to him; a beach house at Malibu, a flashy red sports car, the best clothes, and all the elegant trimmings money can buy. After all, she added silently, I’m developing contacts now, learning to meet the right people. I’ve been told I’m pretty. I’m intelligent. And, she told herself with total conviction, I have the one necessary thing Bobby never had, nor never will have, to effectively close a deal.

Yes, she assured herself, primly adjusting the hem of her skirt across her knees, I have the ONE commodity the male-oriented world of business doesn’t have-PUSSY!

She pushed in the dashboard lighter and rummaged through her pocket book for her cigarettes. Finding them, she extracted two, putting one in her mouth and lighting it from the cherry-red tip of the lighter, then passed it to Bobby. It’s the little things in life that endear you to people, she thought calculatingly, lighting her own cigarette and replacing the lighter.

“You’re a sweetheart,” he said, dragging the smoke deep into his lungs.

“You make it easy for me to do things for you,” she cooed lovingly, sitting closer to him and resting her hand on his thigh. “Tell me a little about Elliot Beaumont,” she said, trying to picture the man that would be between her legs in a matter of minutes.

Bobby thought a moment, deftly leading the car into a wide sweeping turn leading to the valley below. “He’s a big man,” he said, remembering their last meeting. “About six-foot-five with a shock of unruly gray hair. He looks more like a professor than a football coach.”

She smiled, picturing an absent-minded professor teaching the tactics of football to his students. Then with a grin, she thought: some students!

She remembered a purely personal date she had had with the quarterback for the Wildcats. Hell, she thought longingly, if they were all like him she would take a dozen!

“The players think he is a God,” Bobby added. “He’s brought the Tigers to five divisional playoffs in five years. He eats and sleeps football. He never even takes a vacation. The guy is so caught up in football that he even lives near the stadium!” He made a left turn onto the main drag, then continued. “He’s got a condominium apartment that overlooks the playing field. Really swanky. He’s got it fixed up real nice, and he’s even got a gigantic den filled with all his trophies.”

“He’s not married?” she asked out of curiosity, trying to imagine a woman tolerant enough to cope with an obvious obsession.

“Nope. Maybe he never got around to it? Maybe he loves football too much? I don’t know. Anyway, he’s not the kind of guy you can ask questions like that. Every time I talk to him I find myself calling him Sir.”

Paulette imagined him to be dictatorial: like her father. And through a series of childhood associations she recognized a familiar throbbing in her budding clitoris. She brought her knees together to increase the pressure on her aroused little nub, thinking a hard cock was what she needed to fill the empty space in her aching vagina.

Oral sex was great, she thought, and she loved it. But it couldn’t compare with having her stomach filled with a pounding dick, feeling her yielding pussy stretched to breaking and her deeply buried cervix yawning open to the repeated attacks of a charging prick.

“Just remind him,” Bobby interrupted her thoughts, “that having his players perform on Astro-Pile would help make his team Super Bowl champs.” He turned into a long horseshoe-shaped driveway and stopped at the wide glass entrance to Elliot Beaumont’s building.

He flicked at some imaginary lint on her short skirt, preening her for her debut. “Do you know what you are going in there for and what you have to do?” he asked her gruffly, his voice again showing concern about her ability to please Elliot Beaumont. But most of all his worry stemmed from the provincial attitudes she had displayed toward sex, refusing to go braless until just a few short months ago, having never sucked a dick until he had held her down and forced her.

“This guy’s important,” he said sternly, letting his eyes slip over her in final inspection. “Do whatever he asks,” he added. “And I don’t want any slip-ups!”

“He’ll be begging for more,” she promised, kissing him lightly on the cheek. She quickly got out of the car, closed the door, and bent to look in the window. She winked at him, then said in an imitation of Mae West, “I’ll turn him every way but loose!”

He had to smile at her confidence.

“Go on. Get to work,” he told her. “When you’re finished take a cab home and charge it to the office.”

She stood watching as the glare of his tail lights turned out onto the boulevard and merged into the onrushing traffic, leaving her staring blankly after him, nowhere near as sure of herself as she had pretended.

She stared this way for several seconds, then with a pert toss of her head she turned to the white stone building and stepped jauntily through the wide glass doors.

* * *

The door opened with a noiseless elegance at the thirty-first floor, revealing the subdued tan tones of the well-lit hallway leading both left and right.

“It’s to the right, Ma’m,” the elevator operator said, pointing along the carpeted hallway.

“Thank you,” she said sweetly, knowing he was watching her as she turned and walked with long swinging strides to the highly polished oaken door halfway along the corridor. There she stopped and made sure her blouse was evenly tucked in and made a minute adjustment to the leather belt at her waist, feeling a delicious tingling along her inner thighs as she pressed the bell with a timid finger, knowing she was taking the irreversible step into professional prostitution.

Her panties dampened at the thought of standing naked before a strange man, doing for him what she had been taught all through her growing years was reserved for one man and one man alone-her husband.

The door opened and Mr. Beaumont, dressed in a long red smoking jacket, filled the doorway.

“Hello, young lady,” he greeted smiling. “You must be Paulette. Come in-come in,” he added, stepping back. “I’ve heard so much about you.”

“Thank you,” she said smiling, stepping past him and into the spotless foyer. “I hope what you have heard has been good,” she added, shrugging out of her jacket.

“Excellent, I assure you,” he said easily. “I’ve heard only the best about you. Here, let me take your coat.” He eyed her full blouse with appreciation before hanging her jacket in the closet and escorting her into the vast living room.

“Oh, it’s beautiful!” she gushed, going straight to the huge glass windows overlooking the sleeping city. “I’ve never been up this high before.”

He smiled at her exuberance, enjoying her bouncy step and youthful body. He followed her to the windows, studying her slender legs and gently rounded bottom, mentally comparing her to the other women he had known, anticipating a long night of lovemaking.

“The dark area to the right is the empty stadium,” he said pointing, suddenly proud of his financial achievements and glad he could impress the young girl beside him. He waited as she absorbed the panorama before her. Like a child at a carnival, he thought, and seeing her pretty profile and excited shining eyes, he added, “There’s millions of people out there wishing they were up here. The masses, the little people who only dream of being at the top of the world.” He paused, looking down at her with knowing eyes and open curiosity. “Of course it is none of my business,” he assured her, “but I can’t help wondering how a pretty girl like you got involved in a business like this.”

She thought a moment, looking up at him with mild amusement, wondering what the right reply might be. Then, her mind made up, she answered absolute conviction, “I’m doing something about getting to the top of the world.”

“Very good, my dear,” he congratulated. “I had hoped you wouldn’t tell me a sad tale of wretchedness, or worse yet, that you’re doing it because your dear old mother needs an operation.”

“No,” she said. “This is a means to an end.” Then to soften her words, she added, “I just hope all my clients will be gentlemen like you.”

“You speak of the future,” he said alertly. “As if your tenure in this profession was one of two things: that you have been with no gentlemen before, or,” he said, holding up his finger to make his point, “that I am the first to be afforded your services.” He looked at her thoughtfully, trying to read her face.

“You are very perceptive, Mr. Beaumont,” she said with a smile. “I can see that I am going to have to stay on my toes around you.”

He smiled in return, draping a huge arm across her shoulders and leading her to the walnut bar near the fireplace. “Suppose we have a drink,” he suggested. “And then you can answer my question. Do you have a preference or will you drink what I’m having?”

“I’ll have what you’re having,” she told him, sitting on a stool and watching as he poured large dollops of whiskey into ice-filled glasses.

“Now,” he said, placing a drink before her and leaning his elbows on the bar to look directly into her eyes. “Which is it? Am I just one of a long line, or am I your first trick?”

Her eyes widened in surprise at his quick mind and updated choice of words. “Actually, Mr. Beau-”

“Call me Elliot.”

“O.K, Elliot,” she said, blushing for no good reason, and again for no good reason, she confessed, “Yes, you are my first trick.”

A large grin spread itself comfortable on his features and he nodded enthusiastically. “I think I am going to like you,” he prattled with obvious pleasure, and wetting his lips with his drink he invited, “Come. We are off to the bedroom. I’m really excited about this. I’ve never been with a virgin prostitute before.” He laughed to take the sting from his words and came around the bar to her. “Don’t worry about a thing,” he assured her. “I don’t bite, and I promise to be as gentle as possible.”

She let herself be led, not quite knowing how to thank him for his courtly manner. She smiled up at him, dimpling her cheeks sweetly. “Thank you for making it so easy for me,” she said in a small voice.

“I haven’t let you off the hook yet, young lady,” he kidded her, dropping his hand to her waist and pulling her close. “You are going to earn your money before this night is over, I can promise you that.”

“With you,” she answered brazenly, “it will be a labor of love.”

“Yes,” he bellowed, letting out a great howl of laughter. “I most certainly am going to enjoy you.”

She caught a last glimpse of the shimmering lights below, suddenly remembering what he had said: the dreamers are out there, the wishers. Well, I’m not a wisher, she told herself, pressing against him and wrapping her arm around his waist. I’m a doer!

He suppressed a smile of anticipation as he held the door for her, allowing her to enter the bedroom before him. “Do you like it?” he asked innocently.

She stared around her in awed wonder. It was the biggest, wildest bedroom she had ever seen. The carefully made bed seemed acres across. The vibrant red covers had been drawn back for immediate occupancy, revealing, to her amazement, the scarlet silk sheets that reflected nonstop from die mirrors lining the walls and ceiling.

“Do you like it?” he repeated, moving close behind her and closing the door. “I call it the red room.”

“I … I have never seen anything like it,” she chirped excitedly, turning in all directions.

He watched patiently as she played before the countless reflections, moving, twisting, seeing herself from all angles, even going to the huge bed and looking up at the mirrored ceiling, imagining the view, the completely visible bodies squirming in erotic frenzy. And her role of prostitute was forgotten.

All that remained important was to see herself naked with a man, any man, widely open to him as he pounded away between her legs.

“I can’t … I can’t believe this,” she stammered, turning back to him with a wide grin of merriment.

“Before this night is over,” he promised, opening the velvet sash of his robe, “you’ll know every dimple, every curve of your young body. You’ll watch yourself performing in many, many different positions, doing many, many things, my dear.”

“I can’t wait,” she gushed, anxiously kicking off her shoes.

“Stop!” he ordered in a tight voice. “We do this my way and my way alone.” He stared hard at her, his eyes intent and angry. But then his face softened and a small smile of apology replaced the cold stare. “I must apologize, my dear. But you see, I have been doing this for years and I know what I want and how I want it done. You understand, I’m sure.” He let his eyes linger on hers, making his meaning perfectly clear.

She was shocked by his sudden vehemence. “All right,” she said softly, remembering this was not her lover. He is a client, she reminded herself, and my only role is to service clients, service them with anything and everything they want.

“I’m sorry,” she apologized. “I only thought-”

“Don’t think,” he interrupted coldly, his face again demanding. “You’re here to serve me. Remember that!” He pointed at her shoes. “Put those back on.”

She quickly slipped into her high heels and stood doe-like, waiting for his next command, her intimidation stoking the coals of her mind, wanting to please him more than ever now.

“Come over here,” he said hoarsely, throwing off his robe and standing with his huge hands on his naked hips.

She moved quickly to him. “Yes Sir,” she said, completely cowed, her pussy quivering excitedly.

“Get on your knees,” he ordered.

She obeyed instantly, dropping quickly to the carpeted floor, her mouth watering at the closeness of his heavy tool.

“Put your hands behind your back!”

She did, willingly, obeying completely and totally, keeping her intense brown eyes on the swaying cock only inches from her mouth.

“So you’re a prostitute, huh?” he questioned, still angry that his routine had been interrupted. “Well, we’ll see about that. Make it hard, prostitute!”

The name thrilled her. Her courtesan role was delicious, she thought, looking steadily at the hanging meat, thinking of Bobby and his demand that she be the absolute best, do anything Elliot Beaumont wanted, and of her promise that she would have him begging for more. She wet her lips with the tip of her tongue, wanting to caress the dormant rod, build it with her knowing mouth into a raging stoker for her quivering furnace. Her clitoris throbbed violently as she brought her hands around from behind to lift the already growing shaft to her hot mouth.

“No hands!” he stopped her.

She quickly drew back, hurriedly placing her hands behind her back again, obeying his order instantly, but with her body only. Her mind was seeing his rigid organ piercing the trembling lips of her cunt and pushing far into her soft belly.

“Suck it!” came the waited-for order.

Eagerly, she brought her face forward, surrounding his wide dick head with her soft lips, nibbling and wiggling at it until it plopped silently into her warm mouth. She groaned happily, pressing forward, gently nudging her chin against his loose balls, loving the taste of hot dick filling her mouth, enjoying the heady musk of his man-scent.

“Use your tongue!” he commanded, feeling his shaft completely engulfed in her hot mouth as she increased the whipping action of her tongue.

She felt it lengthening, throbbing as it grew, the burly tip an aphrodisiac to her lust as it stretched her jaws wide to accept the thick tool behind it. She willed it to hardness with her swirling tongue, feeling his heavy arrow of love pressing tightly into her throat. Her hungry cunt ached painfully as the minutes wore on, wanting his mighty tool to fathom the depths of her passion, to pound into her very being with long delicious strokes, wanting him to skewer her with his white-hot lance as it filled her churning stomach with rocket after exploding rocket of scalding cum.

He watched her intently for long minutes, satisfying himself with her sexual talents, then ordered:


She stopped immediately, but didn’t removed her torrid mouth from his tool. She remained motionless, waiting obediently for his next command, thrillingly accepting her role of whore, cocksucker, prostitute, anything and everything he wanted her to be.

He moved slightly, saying, “Open your eyes and look at yourself.”

Slowly, forcing herself to release barely an inch of his tasty meat, she looked to her left and saw herself reflected in the mirror on the wall, her long hair splayed across her shoulders, almost hiding her passionate face.

“Do you see yourself?” he asked, enjoying her torment as he twisted further, leaving only half his glistening rod remaining between her scarlet lips. “Do you see the prostitute with my dick in her mouth?” he taunted.

She nodded eagerly, his prick bobbing wetly from her mouth. Her bright eyes danced happily as she studied her reflection, forever etching in her mind the picture of her kneeling in submission before him, her back rigidly straight, her firm young tits straining arrogantly against the thin fabric of her blouse, her hands held tightly behind her because of his order.

She moaned softly around the bulbous dick head, loving her position of servitude as she squirmed her soft ass against the tight confines of her thoroughly damp panties, wanting a giant cock slammed into her gaping hole, cramming her belly with rigid pumping dick. She wanted desperately to brush back the hair from her face and see her coral mouth enjoying his royal member, but remembering his strict order, she satisfied herself with burning the torrid image in her brain, indelibly recording the picture of his deeply veined shaft entering her mouth.

“How do you like being a prostitute so far?” he asked, smiling as he caught her eyes in the silver mirror.

She nodded again, trying to smile, wishing he would order her to tear off her clothes and spread her soft thighs for him, force her to accept his charging prick in her tight little pussy. Her trembling vagina gnawed at her, wanting to stretch itself around his pounding tool.

But instead of having the soft petals of her cunt wrap themselves feather-light around his glowing shaft he ordered her to use her hands to massage his balls and guide the rigid length of his manhood deeper into her eager mouth.

Gladly she stroked his bulging rod, moving her expert mouth from tip to base, lapping her hot tongue at the broad head in furious circles, then sliding down over the smooth shaft until the tip of her cutely turned-up nose brushed maddeningly in the short wiry hairs of his loins.

She caressed his balls with an easy skill, rolling them with her delicate fingers as her other hand found his smooth ass and urged him forward, forcing more of his stiff dick into her wildly churning mouth.

“Goddam!” he cried, nearly berserk with the expert way she was handling him. “You’re fantastic!”

He was breathing heavily through his open mouth. Then suddenly:

“Stop!” he yelled, yanking his throbbing rod from her mouth with a loud smack. “Get up!”

Trance-like, she got her feet under her and pushed herself erect, her anxious eyes fixed on his rigid manhood, barely daring to breath at the sight of it, afraid he might not allow her to have it, to fill the ravenous empty void deep inside her dripping cunt.

“Stand at the foot of the bed,” he ordered, turning away from her and walking lightly to the bank of buttons at the headboard of the bed, the purple knob of his prick bouncing with each step. Quickly, he flicked a series of switches that instantly bathed her in a plethora of streaming colors.

The intensity of the glaring lights came like a physical blow. She squinted, shading her eyes with her hands as she tried to follow the motions of her Master, her God, the wonderful man with the proud equipment to ease the raging desire in her crazed and flaming cunt.

Order me, she thought wantonly, yell at me, scream, do anything you want, but give me that glorious length of hard cock!

“Take off your blouse,” he croaked, his voice coarse.

She hurried her hands to the buttons at her throat, anxious to please.

“Slowly!” he ordered.

Her hands shaking, she forced herself to move slowly, nervously obeying his command, hoping she was doing what he expected as one after another the buttons yielded to her deft fingers, exposing a tan line of soft body from slender neck to her quivering navel.

“Open it! I want to see what you have in that blouse!”

She smiled, some inner sense telling her to tease him now, timidly show her body, slowly exhibit her marvelous tits to his hungry eyes, strip before him as a professional might.

Then it hit her!

She was a professional! This is what I’m selling, she told herself suddenly. This body, my tits, my ass, my cunt, doing what he wants when he wants it, giving him a loving hole to shoot his spunk into.

“Show me your tits!” he ordered again, interrupting her thoughts.

Yes, she thought, smiling as she slowly tugged her blouse from her skirt and shrugged it off her tanned shoulders. This is what I was made for, to service and obey, to bring pleasure, to glory in my womanhood, to make him feel wonderful and powerful, to satisfy his every desire with my eager body!

“These are for you, Master, and anything else you want,” she cooed, barely able to make him out past the bright lights until her eyes adjusted and she saw him sitting Buddha-fashion at the middle of the bed, his back ramrod straight, his huge hands on his knees, watching her every move.

“Your skirt-” he coughed, his voice catching at the sight of her soft melons jutting out proudly, their dark nipples stiff and inviting. “Take off your skirt!”

She trembled slightly, seeing him more clearly now in the reflected light, his rigid hard-on sprouting arrogantly from his widespread thighs capturing her attention as her fingers undid the zipper at her side, then the hook, separating the thin material in a graceful movement that let it whisper softly over her thighs to the floor.

And feeling a sudden mastery of her role, like an actress after learning her part well, she stooped, her pert tits swaying enticingly, and brought up the fallen skirt, holding it delicately in front of her for long moments before flipping it over her shoulder with a saucy grin.

“Your wish is my command, Master. Just name it and-”

“Step very slowly out of your panties,” he said, his breathing loud and rasping. “Then I’ll tell you what to do.”

Her movements were assured and easy, watching the glistening head of his cock, knowing it would soon be in her, buried all the way in her aching cunt in just a few minutes. She thought of its round thickness as she rolled her panties over her smooth hips and down to show the beginnings of her triangular patch of soft black fur.

“Hurry!” he ordered, his hand going to his prick.

She quickly slid the lace panties down her legs and stepped out of them, then stood straight and tall before him, her firm young tits rounded gently in the sharp lights, her glowing tummy curving warmly into her dark pelvis, her cunt watering as she waited for his next command.

“Quick!” he shouted, falling back on the bed, his rock-hard manhood waving above him. “Suck it!”

She scrambled onto the bed and raced between his outstretched legs, barely having time to bring her scarlet lips around the glowing head before he started pumping jet after jet of fiery cum into her waiting mouth.

“Oh, God!” he roared, raising his hips from the bed and driving his gushing tool far into her gobbling throat. “Suck it! Suck it dry!”

She lavished his heavy tool with every ounce of her skill, twisting and turning her frantically sucking mouth on the bulging rod, skewering herself into his short hairs to get every inch of his spurting manhood as she swallowed load after load of his sweet jism.


“God, that was good,” he sighed, still lying back on the bed, her soft mouth coaxing a last drop of cum from his shrinking cock. “You’re very good, my dear,” he added in utter satisfaction. “You just gave me-forgive me for saying so-but you just gave me what just might be the best blow-job I’ve ever had!”

She bobbed her head gently at his compliment as she looked up at him with laughing brown eyes. She slowly rolled her tongue around the soft morsel, milking it for a remaining drop of exotic cum from the noble instrument. Her fiery cunt ached savagely from disappointment, but nothing showed on her smiling face.

“You’re fantastic,” he continued, sighing with the effort. “I have never been drained so dry!”

She caressed his balls a moment longer, rolling them gently with her teasing fingers, then slid the gleaming prick from her mouth with a small smack of appreciation. She smiled up at him a moment, her face a loving mask, then carefully and very deliberately she lowered her head and kissed the limp head with exaggerated fondness, letting her lips linger on it for precious seconds before sitting back on her knees and folding her hands in her lap. She tilted her head slightly and smiled impishly up at him.

“Did Mr. Beaumont like what Paulette did?” she asked in a little girl’s voice.

“I loved it!” he sighed, his face a picture of sheer delight. “I’m going to have you up here at least once a week,” he told her, smiling at her nakedness. “I haven’t enjoyed anything like that since … since?” He paused, scratching his temple, then added with a small laugh. “Since I don’t know when!”

“I humbly thank you, kind Sir.” She bowed low in feigned embarrassment, kissing his listless prick again and ignoring the raging torrent in her cheated pussy. “You’re a very exciting man,” she added softly, meaning it and wishing his thick rod had been reaming her pouting cunt instead of shooting wad after wad into her hungry mouth.

“Yes,” he said with finality, his mind made up. “We are going to get together often. Now come up here and lie down beside me.”

She moved gracefully alongside him and cuddled warmly under his arm, resting her head on his chest and letting her fingers begin a lazy fluttering around his navel.

He pulled her close, basking in the soft woman feel of her, enjoying her firm breasts and silken muff pressed protectively against him.

“Just give me five or ten minutes,” he said, feeling a familiar stirring at the base of his shaft, “and I am going to fuck you to a fare-thee-well!”

“A fare-thee-well?!” she mimicked playfully, taking his soft prick in her hand. She kissed his shoulder lovingly, then added cutely, “I can’t wait!”

He laughed good naturedly at her charming youth. “You haven’t seen old Beau in action yet. I intend to make that little pussy of yours sore from one end to the other!”

“Oh!” she said in surprise. “Now for sure I can’t wait!”

“Oh, you’re going to earn your money tonight,” he promised her again. “And you’re so sweet,” he laughed, grabbing her and rolling on top of her. “I am going to eat you and fuck you until you cry!”

“Oh, God!” she teased, spreading herself wide under him, her ankles and arms thrown out. “Anything but that!”

“I can see,” he giggled into her neck, “that you heed to be taught a little respect for your elders.” He slid down her and nuzzled her hard nipples.

“Teach me respect! Please teach me respect!” Her tits buzzed frantically as he went back and forth, teasing each breast in turn, softly mouthing the nipples and drawing in cold air across the rosy aureoles, puckering them into sensitive little mounds before bringing his head back and admiring his work.

“Very nice, indeed,” he congratulated himself.

Her stomach churned wildly under the weight of him, her tortured cunt longed for his manly shaft to fill it, to end her shuddering anticipation with his thick pounding prick.

“Teach me more respect,” she dared him, closing her eyes as his kisses feathered their way down her smooth stomach to her beckoning muff, teasing her delightfully and causing her to squirm at his touch.

“You have a gorgeous mound, my dear,” he breathed hotly into her silken bush. “This beauty”-he kissed it lightly full on the lips-“truly deserves to be eaten.”

Sparks flew behind her closed eyes as his tongue travelled the length of her open slit and toyed at the entrance to her raging vagina. A cascade of tiny pulses shivered in her throbbing clitoris as his lips searched it out, pulling gently at the soft labia to uncover the hiding nub of her existence.

“Delicious, my dear,” he said, pausing for a brief moment before darting his hot tongue into her fevered folds.

“Oh, God!” she cried, squirming to get his mouth directly over her swollen clit.

He flicked at the rigid knob, missing it deliberately to tease her and bring her closer to thrashing climax, then capturing the blossoming bud between his lips, he lavished a series of lightning stabs to the hooded shaft, nudging it from side to side as he pressed harder into her soft womanhood.

She responded by pulling up her knees and holding them tightly against her breasts, opening herself fully to him, feeling him cup her ass in his massive hands and brutally squeeze the pouting lips of her pleading cunt with both his thumbs, sending strange spasms of delicious pain far into her trembling womb as he lashed at her hard little button with his velvet tongue.

“My God!” she gasped unbelievingly, pulling her knees tighter against her breasts and holding breathlessly still as a churning orgasm began with a startling quivering deep in her belly and spun outward, sending fireballs of shrieking desire vibrating through her.

“Harder!” she cried, straining to bring the fiery orgasm to fulfillment.

But then the ringing of the incessant phone cut into her building euphoria.

“Damn!” Elliot muttered, pulling himself reluctantly away from her open gash and lowering her knees. “Let me just take care of this and I’ll be right back,” he said, patting her impatiently on the thigh. “Keep it warm for me,” he ordered, climbing over her to the phone on the night stand and ripping it from its plastic cradle.

“Beaumont here,” he said angrily. “This better be important!”

Her cunt throbbed savagely as she pulled her legs closed and lay listening, trying to make out the words gushing shrilly into Elliot’s ear but finding they were a meaningless garble of high-pitched sounds, like someone talking excitedly and incoherently.

“Well where the hell is he now?” Elliot demanded, his knuckles white with strain as he continued to listen for another minute. “Jesus Christ Almighty!” he yelled, then easier, he added, “O.k. O.k. I’ll be right down. And don’t let the crazy son of a bitch talk to any reporters! Ya got that?” He stared up at the ceiling, getting control of himself. “I’ll be there in twenty minutes.” He went to hang up, then saw Paulette as if for the first time. “Wait!” he shouted in the phone. “Send someone over here to give my lady friend a ride home.”

“What is it?” she asked anxiously, watching him slam down the phone.

“My fullback. The dumb bastard,” he answered, throwing his feet off the bed. “He just got arrested for possession of marijuana. I have to go down to the station house and get him out before every reporter in this town finds out about it.” He hastily flicked the switches on the headboard, illuminating the room, then stamped angrily to the closet. “You still have time,” he said back over his shoulder. “Someone will pick you up and drive you home.”

“I could take a taxi,” she said, getting up from the bed and collecting her clothes.

“Nah,” he said, buttoning his shirt. “And don’t get dressed. I like to look at you like that. You can get dressed after I leave. The man won’t be here for a while yet.”

“All right,” she agreed, sitting on the edge of the bed and watching him pull on a dark pair of trousers. “Is there anything I can do to help?”

“No,” he smiled. “You’ve already helped me. I feel like a million dollars. You just sit there and look beautiful, that’s how you can help me.”

“Do you want me to wait for you?” she asked, suddenly thinking of having to go home to her empty apartment.

“This will probably take all night,” he said, coming to the bed and lifting her small chin with a delicate finger. “Besides, you probably have a hundred boyfriends just drooling for a date with you. Now c’mon,” he added, quickly slipping into a pair of socks and lacing up his shoes, “give me a kiss at the door.”

She followed him from the bedroom and across the wide living room to the front door where he hurriedly pulled on a jacket.

He stepped close, smiling at her, and held her by the shoulders, letting his eyes go from her pretty face to her toes and back again, taking in her nakedness and recording it deep in his brain before quickly kissing her cheek.

“I wish I could stay and finish what I started,” he said regretfully, “but duty calls. Don’t forget to leave your number on the table before you go.” He kissed her again quickly and stepped out the door, leaving her alone and very confused in the apartment.

The encouraging smile she had worn for him sank slowly from her full lips as the finality of his hurried departure came home to her. She turned slowly, looking around at the elegantly furnished room and the vast skyline of millions of glittering stars set richly in an inky blanket of velvet, trying not to think of the ill-timed phone call or her aching vagina, letting the lonesome stars flush her mind of what she wanted most, what she needed to satisfy the fiery longing deep within her womb.

But Elliot’s hard dick and swirling tongue leaped repeatedly into her thoughts, increasing the pulse in her empty cunt. She swallowed tightly as she pictured his rock-hard seven-inch prick trembling and spurting its sweet climax into her throat, then the masterful way he had brought her so close to climax …

But why think of that, she told herself, walking slowly across the room to the windows overlooking the dark city.

All those people out there, all those men, she thought, a rush of hot blood pounding along her thighs and into the fiery furnace of her cunt. Maybe I’ll go out to the singles’ bar around the corner from my apartment, she mused silently, thinking of the men she had met there. Or maybe I could call Bobby and he could sleep at my place, snuggle warmly into me …

Her mind drifted to the men she had known in her life, their hot hands grabbing at her when she was sixteen, and her flat refusals, then the more sophisticated but still boyish attempts to seduce her by the dates she had after high school, and her final submission to a psychology major at the college in her hometown in Nebraska.

Yes, I wish you were here now, she thought, remembering the way he had lead her, gently but insistently, going further and further until he had her panties off and her legs spread on his narrow bed, her tight young pussy yawing wide to accept his steadily advancing tool. She remembered the quick stab of pain as if it were yesterday, recalled how her hymen had stretched agonizingly before yielding to the bulbous purple tip as it forced its way into her, sliding unstoppable into the soft folds of her virgin cunt, her timid pussy spasming wildly at the stranger, the new and pulsating rod that pushed ever longer and ever harder into her, filling her totally and blissfully for the first time.

Where are you now, she wondered idly, moving her hand to her curly mound, teasing the short hairs with her fingertips as she stared out at the night. Her other hand went to her full breast, teasing it absently, letting her throbbing pussy dictate her thinking, mixing the men she had known with movie stars she had thrilled after and swooned over, tangling them in a curious web of blank faces and hard cocks, pricking her mind with fanciful ideas and positions, even ferreting out the possibility of servicing two men at once.

She let her fingers touch the soft lips of her pussy as she imagined herself kneeling between the widespread legs of Elliot Beaumont, his rod pistoning far into her mouth as Bobby banged away at her unprotected box, driving his eight-inch cock into her with powerful strokes, stoking the fires of her insatiable cunt.

“My but you’re a pretty little nymph,” a voice said, startling her.

She hadn’t heard the door open and now she spun around, finding a stranger standing close behind her with a knowing grin spread across his face.

“What-what are you doing here?!” she stammered, throwing her arms across her breasts timidly.

“I came to drive you home,” he said easily, obviously enjoying her discomfort. “I’ve been watching you for a few minutes now.”

She blushed profusely, remembering how she had been touching herself. “Why didn’t you-”

“Why didn’t I announce myself?”


“I’m sorry for that, but it’s not every day I get to look at someone as pretty as you.” He smiled at her, then stuck out his hand. “My name’s Tommy.”

She accepted it without thinking, and not knowing what else to say, she said, “I’m … I’m Paulette. I didn’t expect you so soon,” she added blushing, then realizing what she had said, she blurted, “I mean, I-”

“I know,” he laughed, easing the tension. “But if I had let you know I was here I would have never gotten to know you so well.” He smiled, showing even white teeth and an infectious grin.

“I don’t usually stand around naked,” she began to explain, letting go of his hand. “It’s just I … ” She shrugged, letting her explanation go.

“You should stand around naked all the time. It would do wonders for guys like me.”

“Oh,” she asked brazenly, liking their little game and feeling strangely comfortable with her nakedness. “What is it exactly I do for guys like you?” she asked sweetly. He straightened his shoulders, smiling back at her, then looked down at the front of his trousers.

She followed his teasing gaze, continuing their game. Then she swallowed tightly at the size of the bulge outlined against his thigh. “I did that to you?” she teased, standing openly now, her breasts tingling at his nearness.

“Yes, as a matter of fact you did.”

She heard the confidence come into his voice at her obvious interest in the fascinating bulge, and asked, “Should I apologize for doing that to you?”

“No,” he answered slowly, letting his eyes travel over her. “You should not apologize for doing it to me, but you should apologize if you don’t do something to rid me of it.”

Her brows shot up playfully. “And what is it, pray tell, that you would have me do to rid you of it?”

His smile broadened as he took her arm and led her toward the bedroom. “I’ll show you what you can do.”

Her feet padded softly on the deep pile carpeting as she rushed to keep up with him. Her pussy pouted angrily at its emptiness, sending wave after wave of gripping tension through her as the soft lips of her cunt rubbed tantalizingly together with each step.

“You are just what the doctor ordered,” he said huskily, closing the door behind them and tearing at the buttons of his shirt with his thick fingers.

“Here,” she offered helpfully, bringing her hands to the stubborn buttons, “let me help.”

He calmed slowly and dropped his hands, allowing her to continue at her pace, easing the burtons open one at a time. Her proud tits and sleek frame enchanted him, forcing a cruel smile to his dark features. He drew his tongue across his lips in lustful anticipation, seeing her soft breasts jiggle freely as the shirt opened and she tugged it from his pants.

“Shoes,” he said cryptically, flipping off his shirt and tossing it carelessly on the floor.

“Whatever the man wants,” she agreed teasingly, “the man shall get.” She lowered herself to her knees, feeling a small spasm rock her as she came on eye level with his bulging organ.

“Shoes,” he repeated, taking charge of the situation, dominating her with his size, his stern voice, and the animal desire that flushed everything else aside.

She kept her breathing shallow and controlled as she nervously undid the lacings, her poor cunt throbbing endlessly as she pictured his gnarled root spearing her and filling her stomach with glorious man-strength. She slipped off his shoes and continued without being told, rolling off his socks and laying them neatly on the floor, her actions obedient and sure. Then looking up at him, she asked quietly, keeping her voice steady, “Is there anything else you would like me to do while I’m down here?”

“As a matter of fact there is,” he said, opening his pants and letting them slide down around his ankles.

“I’ll do your underpants,” she said quickly, wanting to prolong the agony of anticipation as she saw the gleaming tip of his gigantic tool peeking out at her from below the leg of his shorts. She took the soft cloth in her fingers and eased his shorts steadily downward, sliding the waistband slowly over his slender hips until his golden pubic hairs showed. Her mouth watered. Her lips trembled as the cloth moved, creeping slowly at her insistent pressure, finally exposing the huge base of his prick.

“You’ll like it,” he assured her, seeing her wince at the measurements of his thick tool. “I’m going to see to it that you like it.”

She didn’t answer, keeping her eyes glued to his wide shaft as she continued to pull at his shorts, revealing more of the unbelievable organ, teasing herself with the slow movement, studying the tangled pattern of fat blue veins clearly highlighted against the white of his skin. She swallowed again, her cunt a raging inferno. The shorts slipped to mid-thigh, exposing the head of the monster.

“My God!” she found herself saying as ten inches of half-hard dick hung incredibly thick only inches from her face. “It’s beautiful,” she whispered breathlessly, fascinated by its sheer size. She remained motionless, in awe-struck wonder. It’s like looking at an undulating cobra, she thought, repelled and attracted at the same time. Her senses told her it wasn’t true. Her trembling cunt ached maddeningly with searing lust as she gently hefted it in her two hands, thrilling at the strength of it, yet appalled and shaking at the length of it.

“You like it, honey?” he asked, moving it closer to her shocked face.

“Oh, God yes!” she moaned, kissing the gigantic tip and lavishing small kisses along the length of it. “I want it in me,” she groaned passionately, dragging her tongue back and forth over it in a frenzy. “All of it! I want all of it in me!”

“Make it hard, baby,” he gloated openly. “And if you are good Daddy will give his little girl a reward.”

“I’ll be good,” she promised, hurrying to force the tip into her hot mouth.

“Make it real hard, Baby, ’cause Daddy has a special surprise for you,” he laughed, feeling her soft lips and open throat grasping for more of his swelling tool, tickling a sadistic fancy as he watched her wrestle frantically with the bulbous tip and an inch or so of shaft despite pushing herself onto it with all her strength.

It’s gonna kill me, she thought wildly, continuing to suck at the giant stem. It’s going to tear me apart! Split me right down the middle! Her aching cunt was racked with spasm after spasm of wrenching desire, wanting to be filled, crying out to be stretched and bruised with the throbbing battering ram.

“That’s the baby,” he cooed happily, his dick straight out now. “Make it good and hard.”

She cupped his balls with one hand and with the other she stroked the base of his shaft. She sucked and licked and swirled her tongue on the hard root, coaxing it with her churning mouth to even longer lengths, desperate to make him happy.

His smile was one of pure delight, watching her for long minutes in her frenzy to get more into her eager mouth, sliding on it, pulling it, pushing it, her jaws gaping, and still only the knob and a small portion of his rigid dick could she get into her mouth.

“You sure can suck a dick, honey,” he praised. “Now let’s see what else you can do.” He lifted her by the arm and led her to the night stand by the bed.

Magically and suddenly, she found herself on her feet and walking next to him, her eyes lovingly on his swaying manhood, still not believing it to be real, intimidated by it, openly afraid, hoping he would be gentle with her, open her slowly before easing the tip into her wide cunt. Then force it all the way in, she thought. Push it in until I cry enough! Then force more of it into me!

She didn’t notice him open the drawer of the night stand and take out a tube of lubricant. Her mind saw only his glorious phallus swaying ponderously as he moved.

Then just as suddenly as before, she found herself lying on the bed and having no idea of how she got there, just that she could still see his huge dick as he slowly milked it with his big hand, teasing her, taunting her with its bigness.

“So ya like em big, huh?” he asked, his voice hard.

“Oh, please!” she begged, her knees rocking open and closed in anticipation. “Please put it in me!”

“Oh, I’m going to,” he drawled slowly, squeezing out a handful of jelly onto his prick. “I’m going to put the whole thing into you. You can bet on that.”

“Please! Now!” she moaned.

He stared down at her, a thin smile on his face as he spread the lubricant evenly over his cock. Then his smile grew sadistic as he ordered, “Turn over!”

She obeyed quickly, thinking he was going to fuck her doggy-fashion, to drive that huge hunk of meat into her wide-open cunt from the rear. She hugged a pillow to her breast and raised her ass high in the air, her knees spread, feeling him move onto the bed and position himself behind her.

He gently fondled the moons of her ass as he brought his knees between hers, barely touching her raging slit with the tip of his tool as he kneaded the soft flesh of her buttocks.

“I’m going to enjoy this,” he said slowly, seeing her tightly stretched asshole so delicate and unprotected, so open and trusting before him. He ran a greasy finger across her tensely knotted starburst, feeling the muscle cringe beneath the unexpected touch.

“Hurry! Fuck me!” she cried, moving back to meet the head of his huge tool. But instead of the lips of her searching cunt finding the object of her desire, she felt the greased tip of his dick press lightly against her virgin asshole. Too late she knew his intentions.

His hands closed over her hips in a vise-like grip. “Don’t you move, bitch!” he snarled. “You wanted it and now you’re going to get it!”

“Not in my ass!” she cried, wiggling frantically to be free, her mind racing feverishly at the horrendous possibility of him forcing twelve inches of hard cock into her struggling ass. She panicked, thrashing wildly against him, kicking out her legs in desperate defense until his huge fist slammed into the side of her head, dazing her in a shower of exploding stars.

Her head hurt terribly from the vicious punch, then through a fog of pain she felt her knees being pried apart and his weight shifting the mattress as he crawled closer behind her. In blind seething panic, she tried to move, but her body refused to obey. Her arms and legs were putty, useless and limp. Even the steadily increasing pressure as his cock head fought to gain entrance into her ass held no real meaning for her. It was as if it were happening to someone else, as if she were watching safely from a distance.

But then the tight ring of her ass began to open, yielding to his unstoppable lance. Slowly at first, the feeling just new and strange, not painful, but very much similar to the pressure she had felt before her cherry had been broken.

And again she felt her tiny asshole stretching, opening still further, the pain like none she had ever experienced. And still he was not in her!

He felt the God-awful lust of domination, watching as her puckered asshole retreated, clamping tightly shut as the shining tip pressed against it. He stared ravenously at her soft crack, watching intently as he increased the pressure, seeing the wrinkled ring give ground grudgingly and finally accept the very tip, slipping tightly onto it and quivering like a virgin at his approach.

He moved slowly, thoroughly enjoying Paulette’s fruits as he let her poor asshole adjust before surging forward another half-inch, her starburst now smooth and taut as it bit down helplessly on the gleaming slope of his purple cockhead.

“Oh, God! Oh, God!” Paulette moaned into the pillow, her ass on fire, still unable to move.

Another heroic push and her asshole slipped tightly over the huge knob of his prick.

“Take it out!” she cried, wanting to escape this torture, deathly afraid he might ram it all the way home. “Please take it out!” she whined piteously.

“Sure, I’ll take it out,” he sneered, pushing another half-inch into her. “After you make me come!”

“Please! Please!” she begged, feeling a thousand darts of agony shooting through her. “I’ll do anything! Stop! Please!” The white-hot rod ripped at her, plowing its way into her. She was nearly faint. The agony was unbearable.

“Half!” he panted gleefully, seeing his shaft buried deeply in her hot hole. “You got half in you! You’re gonna get it all!” He pulled back slightly, then pushed it in to the halfway point again, thrilling at her whimpering and pleading.

“Please! No more! I’ll do anything!” she cried, feeling him tense to push further into her fiery ass.

His hands tightened savagely on her, cutting into her smooth flesh with his rough fingers. And with a groaning ecstasy he drove his sword to the hilt, burying every inch in her smoldering hole.

No sound came from her. She lay as if dead, holding her breath and biting down on the pillow to keep from fainting at the enormity of the pain.

He lay over her, unmoving, kissing her shoulders wildly, telling her with mad lust, “You have me! You have all of me!” He bit her neck and back and forced his hands under her, roughly squeezing her tits. “You fantastic bitch! You have all of me!”

Tears rolled from her tightly closed eyes. Her breathing was ragged. Sweat beaded on her forehead. What he was saying was incomprehensible. Her whole life, her very being was centered around her searing, overstretched asshole. Nothing made sense to her but to hold still and wait for the pain to subside, to keep from crying out or moving a muscle for fear of increasing the terrible agony in her ass.

“Talk to me!” he demanded, squeezing her tits viciously. “Tell me you love it! Tell me!”

“Please,” she whimpered. “Please take it out!”

“Talk to me! Talk to me, bitch!” he snarled. “Or I’ll stroke you to death!”

“Oh, please! Please take it-”

He withdrew six inches and slammed it back into her. “Talk to me!”

“I love it! Please! I love it!” she wailed crazily, willing to do anything to keep him from doing that again.

“Louder! You cunt!”

“I love it! Dear God! I love it!”

“Louder!” he screamed in her ear, slam-stroking her again.

“Please! I love it! I love it!” she screamed over and over.

He bit her shoulders with a vengeance and painfully rolled her sore nipples between his fingers and thumb, deliberately hurting her body in many places to get her mind off her quivering ass.

“Move!” he ordered. “Move your ass!”

“No more!” she croaked helplessly. “Please no more!”

He quickly full-stroked her, sliding his pounding rod out to the very tip and driving it back in with all his strength.

“Move!” he ordered again. “Move your ass, damn you!”

Scared, frightened, out of her wits with pain, she arched her back, wiggling her scalding ass against him, praying he would come. Her movements were frantic. Anything, she thought wildly, to get that horrible thing out of my ass!

“That’s it, baby,” he breathed in her ear. “Work it, you tight-assed bitch! Move on it!”

She tried desperately to please him, even beginning to slide an inch or so in and out of her burning ass as she squirmed in complete surrender.

“Slide more of it in and out!” he growled, biting her back and shoulders in lust-ridden rage.

She slid her ass forward, sliding on it, terrified he would full-stroke her again and again, impale her on his huge tool. First two inches, then three she slid in and out, taking more with each painful stroke, the flame in her ass now ebbing with the constant motion, her distraught asshole easing its violent protests as the soothing lubricant began to cool the way.

“What am I doing to you?” he yelled feverishly.

“You’re fucking my ass! Yes, you’re fucking my ass!”

“Take more of it!” he ordered, lifting her hips and guiding her back and forth on his deeply imbedded organ.

It hurts, she told herself, moving slowly, accepting six inches of sliding dick, but not like before. She arched her back further, opening herself to him, giving herself up to his strong hands and willing her trembling bum-hole to accept the probing intruder.

She was moving easily now, he thought, gripping her hips tighter and extending the stroke to eight full inches.

“You’re doing fine, honey,” he panted happily. “But you’re not talking to me!”

“I love it!” she gushed quickly. “I love it! I love it! I love having you in my ass!”

“Tell me about it!” he ordered, pulling her back and forth with his hands in a slow and easy motion, seeing the pink ring of her widespread ass sliding smoothly over his thick shaft.

“You’re fucking me,” she moaned softly, her words echoing warmly in her fevered brain. “You’re pushing that big thing in to me … and now you’re letting it slide out … and now in again … and God! It is soooo big!”

He released her hips. “You work it now,” he told her, holding his hands ready to grab her if she tried to get away.

But she didn’t. Instead, she continued the long stroke, taking more now than when he was holding her, easing it in and out of her open ass with grateful thoroughness, from base to tip in controlled acceptance of the inevitable.

He reached down and cupped a taut breast, kneading it gently in his powerful fingers before tenderly rolling the rigid nipple between finger and thumb.

“You fantastic animal!” he breathed passionately, feeling the blood begin to boil in his balls. “You’re making me feel real good, baby,” he told her hotly, running his hand down her stomach to her curly mound.

The pain was gone now. A rosy glow of euphoria enveloped her as the hard knob of his manhood parted her bowels, filling her as she had never been filled before. His rigid shaft slid easily now, keeping her hole wide with its slippery thickness as it continued its back-and-forth dominance of her entire body, spearing life and desire into her with its majesty.

Her tender tits hurt savagely, and she groaned as his hand enveloped her breast again. But this time he was gentle, teasing the nipple with delicate caresses as her soft ass and hot insides rode his lance faithfully, drawing it into her with slow determination, stroking it with the velvet walls of her rectum, gripping it and re-gripping it only to continue the smooth-sliding ride that would take them to the sky-high limits of orgasm.

She rocked happily, as if in a trance, her mind, her whole being wrapped around the throbbing shaft, suddenly loving his apple-sized cock head deep in her hot belly.

He shifted slightly, getting a better angle on her slow-stroking ass, allowing her to continue at her pace, wanting to prolong the sliding softness, wanting her to break into frenzied orgasm when he did. He drew his fingers along the moist slit of her cunt, finding the flowers of her labia sodden with slippery juices and the tiny shaft of her clitoris throbbing violently beneath his fingers.

“Tell me what it is like!” he commanded.

“Better-it’s better than anything I’ve ever felt!” she stammered. “It’s so big and it’s in so far! Don’t stop filling me! Don’t stop!” she begged. “Make me come! Make me come with you in my ass! All the way in my ass!”

She threw herself back on the thick rod, feeling his angry pulsating knob opening her, impaling her mightily, stretching her quivering asshole, filling her eager rectum, stoking the wild furnaces of her stomach.

“Stroke it, baby! Stroke it!” he yelled, her asshole clamped tightly around his prick, her stomach a hot knot caressing his entire length of throbbing cock as she smashed back on it, stroking it fully, skewering herself willingly on his hard twelve-inch rod, slamming back against him with ferocious intensity, trying to get more stiff shaft into her gobbling ass, tossing her head in building orgasm as she twisted and turned, arching her tanned back still further, greedily wanting more, more, and still more pipe in her soft ass!

“Do it! Do it, you wanton bitch!” he commanded crazily, his orgasm close. He grabbed her hips and stroked her, violently smashing his pelvis against her churning cheeks, giving her what she wanted in powerful, lunging strokes, showing her no mercy as he continued to drive his prick into her defenseless asshole.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she screamed wildly, grabbing the pillow in a violent death grip. “God, yes! Come in me! Shoot your spunk into me! Kill me with your magnificent rod!”

His jaws were clamped tightly shut and his muscles bulged frighteningly as he strained for release. He drove his pile-driving rod full-stroke deep into her ass, slamming repeatedly into her bowels with the force of a sledge hammer, his orgasm forcing him to greater lengths, grinding his raging prick into her and holding her there fully impaled and squirming as he jetted gob after fiery gob of scalding cum into her open stomach.

“Yes! God! I’m coming too!” she cried hysterically, his huge knob boiling her insides as it throbbed out its burning juices straight into her churning stomach, shattering her orgasm into a million swirling lightning bolts of erotic frenzy.


“Good God,” Tommy sighed incredulously. “You’re something else.” He let himself relax completely, lying over her, basking in the gentle glow of post-orgasm. Her still tight rectum held his shrinking tool in its firm grasp as he caught his breath.

She was still panting from the intensity of her orgasm, feeling his weight on her and his comfortable length of dick lolling in her ass, keeping her wide open and very aware of her accomplishment.

He kissed her lightly on the ear. “I’m sorry for hitting you before,” he apologized. “But I just couldn’t let you get away.”

“I glad I didn’t get away,” she sighed, pulling his hand to her mouth and kissing his thick fingers individually in gratitude. “I’ve, never felt anything like that before.”

“I’m glad you liked it,” he cooed meaningfully. “I thought you were going to pass out there for a while.”

“It just took me a little while to get used to it,” she said, forgetting the pain she had endured, remembering only the blinding orgasm that had flashed through her thoroughly fucked ass. Smiling at her initial terror, she asked, “Do all your girls take as long as me to get used to it?”

He laughed at her naivete. “You won’t believe this,” he told her, “but I have never been able to get a girl to do it for me. You are the first, baby.”

“I find that hard to believe,” she chided gently, thinking he was teasing her.

“I’m serious,” he maintained. “My dick is too big. I’ve been with a lot of girls, but none of them could ever open up enough for me to get it in.” He kissed her tanned shoulder. “And believe it not, I have never forced a girl to anything before. But when I saw you by the windows when I came in something came over me. Maybe it was the frustration at having been turned down so many times-I don’t know-but I knew when I saw you that I was finally going to slide my dick into a soft ass.”

Her pride was piqued, she did not like at all that he thought she would be easy to fuck. “What if I had just gotten dressed instead of-” She stopped, remembering how very easy it had been for him to lead her to the bedroom.

“I don’t think anything would have happened,” he answered. “But when I saw how eager you were to have sex with me I thought I would take advantage of the situation.”

She was no longer listening. She thought back to her ready agreement with the stranger now lodged comfortably in her ass, to her agreement with Bobby, to agreements with twenty other guys she had met since moving to California. Am I a whore, she asked herself, a round-heels that falls over for every guy that comes along? Her mind raced to find one man, just one, whom she had dated that she hadn’t-no, wait, she thought, and not just dates either. What about the others?

She felt him shift slightly, felt his thick cock stir in her bruised chute as he snuggled closer, more fully on her, obviously perfectly content to remain softly lodged in her ass as he relaxed for those precious few minutes after orgasm in silent contemplation. She heard his breathing return to normal and his soft sigh of satisfaction as he enjoyed her warmth and easy-there it was again, she thought. There was THAT word again-EASY!

She remained still, being his pillow, as she brought up memories from her past, remembering experiences that perplexed her confused mind, made her think and rethink her role in life, about the men she had been with prior to Bobby, prior to her forced inauguration into the sultry world of oral sex.

Before Bobby, she thought, I didn’t consider myself a “bad girl.” Oh, I had lovers, but I always managed to control my sex drive, accept the passive role in sex, never would think of yelling “Fuck me! Fuck me!” as I did just minutes ago. My sex then was always done missionary style, always done “properly,” without all those “bad acts” that would make me a bad girl.

She wanted to laugh at her unbelievable small town thinking, wishing her mother and father and all her up-tight neighbors from the town of Kensington, Nebraska could see her now!-lying under a complete stranger with my ass packed full of monstrous cock. Oh, that would shock them, she thought maliciously, startle the pants right off them, especially that holier-than-thou Peggy MacDonald, my trusted friend and confidante through high school, the prim girl who blanched visibly and quickly crossed her fingers over her heart when I told her of actually “doing it, going all the way” with my psychology-major boyfriend.

Yeah, she thought bitterly, I would shock all of you with my new desires and thirst for life and love that you up-tight assholes will never have and never experience. You just keep doing the right things at the right times, with your planned lives and scheduled sex, and leave me the hell alone!

Thank you, Bobby. Thank you, Bobby. Thank you, Bobby, she repeated over and over. I’m permanently indebted to you for opening me up to life and all its joys, even though you had to force me, like the man deep in my ass right this minute, a man I knew for only a few minutes before allowing him to fuck my ass to a fare-thee-well as Elliot would say, and showing me what sex can be and mean if you are willing to do anything and try anything, to give yourself up to the glorious and magnificent god of love.

I may be a round-heels and a whore, she thought, but what I do is my business and my business alone! I’m going to enjoy myself, and I’m going to experiment and try everything at least once! And by God, I’m going to be the best at it!

She thought of Bobby and his worried concern about whether she could please Elliot Beaumont. She remembered Elliot’s words about the dreamers and wishers outside in the dark city wanting to be at the top but doing nothing about it. Well, she told herself with total conviction, I am going to get to the top, and I am going to enjoy getting there! If I have to fuck and suck cock to get there then I will fuck and suck cock with the best of them, with a passion! No more self-recriminations and doubts as to what is right and proper! I know what is right and proper! Anything that helps Paulette Bodine is right and proper!

She felt the heavy tool in her ass recede further, shrinking down as he lay spent over her. You forced me, Tommy, to open myself to you, she thought, just as Bobby forced me to open myself to him, forced me to suck his hard cock that first time. Yes, that first time was glorious, even if I did protest then too, shaking my head and fighting it, gagging at the hot load of cum that filled my virgin mouth, struggling to get it down as he held my head and forced me to drink every drop. Thank you, Bobby, she thought again. Thank you for everything!

She tightened the muscles of her ass, experimenting with her newfound toy, enjoying his groaning response as she played with his thick tool, squeezing it and releasing it, milking it of every last drop of spunk.

He groaned loudly, feeling his dick responding with a surging throb between the undulating buttocks.

“Who would have thought you could get so good so quickly? Just thirty minutes ago you were a virgin, and now … and now you’re fantastic,” he breathed hotly. “But, unfortunately, I don’t think we have enough time for an encore, as much as I would like to ream your tight ass again.”

He pulled back slightly and glanced over at the clock. “Aww shit,” he said. “It’s after ten o’clock and I have to be at the players’ dormitory by eleven for bed check to make sure they are all tucked in early.” He slapped her playfully on the hip. “Hey, pretty lady, are you listening to me?”

“I’m listening,” she said sleepily, not wanting him to ever take his huge prick from her thankful ass. “I’m listening … ”

“C’mon, Babe,” he shook her. “We have to get up. We have just enough time for a shower before I drive you home.”

“Can’t you miss even one little bed check?” she asked.

“That’s my job, baby. You have your work and I have mine. Now c’mon,” he said, backing away slowly and beginning to slide his heavy tool from her protesting hole, watching as her pink ring gripped at him and finally quivered over his massive cockhead. “God, I hated to do that,” he said, moving to the side of the bed and getting to his feet.

She agreed slowly, feeling loose and empty inside as she brought her legs together and rolled from the bed to stand beside him.

“How’s your delectable ass feeling now?” he asked, throwing his huge arm across her shoulders and walking her to the bathroom in the hall.

“It feels very happy,” she said, grinning up at him. “And very loose!”

“Can I give you some advice?” he asked, adjusting the shower spray.


“If I’m not around you should get someone else to keep you loose, ream you out again either tomorrow or the next day. That way you won’t have any troubles the next time you meet someone like me. Believe me, there’s nothing that will make your man happier than to have a number of holes to choose from.”

She finished stuffing her hair into a shower cap before joining him under the refreshing spray, thinking of who she might ask to keep her loose. Then looking at him strangely as she built a lather on his cock and balls, she asked, “Do you really think I should keep it loose?”

“Sure do,” he told her. “Get your ass used to it because if you don’t it will tighten right back up on you. I’m a trainer out at the football camp and I see a lot of muscle pulls because the guys don’t exercise regularly or they start off cold. Keep a muscle in shape and it will accomplish unbelievable feats for you. Hell,” he added, “with your looks and talents there’s no telling what you might accomplish.” He kissed her softly and began soaping her body.

* * *

Paulette thought about what he had said as they drove along the coast highway toward, her apartment. She looked over at Tommy, seeing his strong profile, noticing the easy manner of his driving, thinking she was glad she had met him, had tasted his huge cock, and most of all she was glad he had introduced her to a whole new world of sex.

The dark sandy hills slid by quickly as Tommy accelerated. He checked his watch in the dim dashboard lights and said, “It’s going to be close. By the time I get you home I’ll just have time to get to the dorm if I speed all the way.”

“If you want,” she said, “I’ll go with you and you can drop me off later.”

“I don’t know,” he murmured, glancing over at her and seeing her soft hair flowing in the breeze from the window. “I guess it would be all right. Girls aren’t usually allowed in the dorm, but of course we make exceptions, like after we win an important game or Mr. Beaumont is feeling extra generous.” He looked at her eager face and said, “Yeah, what the hell. Besides, it will give those animals something to think about. Maybe it will make them work harder for a night off.”

“You mean I’ll be going around with you to their rooms? Actually seeing if they are in bed or not?” she asked incredulously.

“Sure,” he kidded. “They don’t embarrass easily. You’ll give them some nice dreams. And don’t worry, I’ll protect you.”

“Protect me?” she chirped. “I’ll need protection?!”

“Well,” he said, teasing her, “you know how boys will be.” Then being serious, he added, “They’ll only whistle and make cat calls, but they’ll only be funnin’ you.” He turned off the highway at Sepeda Boulevard and turned right into the traffic, enjoying the silence, waiting for her next question.

“What have I let myself in for?”

“It’ll only take a few minutes,” he assured her. “then, my dear, I am going to take you home and do you a second time.” He smiled cutely at her and pulled her close under his arm, letting his hand slide down to her breast. “You make me horny as hell.”

She snuggled warmly against him, resting her fingers lightly on his tool, caressing it softly over its entire length, still marveling at the huge colossal head of it, its shape clearly outlined along his thigh.

“You aren’t saying much,” he said, nudging her softly with his shoulder.

“You want me to talk to you again?” she teased, gently squeezing his dick. Her eyes danced brightly and the tip of her coral tongue brushed lightly along her lips. “I can’t wait for you to put this thing in me again,” she said, taking a deep breath and resting her head back against the seat. “Drive it burning into my aching ass, in my cunt, in my hot mouth.”

“Easy,” he warned. “I just might pull over and do you right here!”

“I dare you!” she challenged, rubbing her hand softly along the shaft that promised to ease the savage aching in her cunt, fill her churning ass until she cried with tearing ecstasy, the dick that she would kiss and lick and suck and fondle until it was hard and straight and throbbing wildly and eager to spear her, her asshole or her flaming cunt, exactly the way Tommy wanted her to be, had told her a woman should be, ready and willing to take her man’s tool into her, to lavish on him a choice of eager openings. “I dare you!” she repeated.

“Ah, but you are a perfect little nymph, my dear,” he said happily, clearly pleased with her as he pulled into the wide parking lot of the brick-and-glass Tiger’s dormitory.

“Now what the hell is this?” he asked suddenly, staring up at the lighted windows. He quickly checked his watch. “Damn it! They better have a good excuse for being up so late!”

She quickly sat on her side of the seat and watched as he angrily slid into a parking space near the entrance and killed the engine.

“Come on,” he said, throwing open his door and walking around the car to her. He helped her out of the car and took her arm, leading her along the sidewalk to the wide double doors.

“Now,” he said gently, “I don’t want you paying any attention to the way I talk to them. I have to see that they get their rest despite themselves. If it were up to them they would be out all night drinking beer and chasing women. I have to yell and holler and make believe I’m mad at them, so if the language gets a little bawdy just close your ears, o.k.?”

She nodded her understanding and stepped through the door ahead of him, entering what could have been a college dormitory. There was a front desk where a housemother might sit, but this desk was occupied by a very thin and bald man wearing a sweat suit.

“Hello Tommy,” he greeted. “I was just working on tomorrow’s schedule-”

“What’s going on?” Tommy interrupted. “How come all the lights are on?”

“Mr. Beaumont was here earlier,” he explained quickly. “He was in the strangest of moods. I’ve never seen him like that before. He was smiling and-”

“Smiling? Around players?” Tommy asked incredulously.

“Yes, he was as happy as a kid for some reason, like he was in love or something. I don’t know. But he gave everyone the night off.”

“You’re kidding?”

“Nope. He just left a few minutes ago. Most of the guys left right after him.”

Tommy shook his head unbelievingly, then turned to Paulette. “Oh well, this looks like a lucky break for us, huh?”

She smiled sweetly, knowing what he was thinking by his wide grin and shining brown eyes. “Maybe we can pull off to the side of the road now?” she teased.

“What was that?” the little bald man asked. “Pull off what road?”

“It’s just a private joke,” Tommy explained. Then asked, “What’s the workout schedule for tomorrow?” hoping he would have the morning free to be with Paulette.

“You won’t have to come in until one o’clock if you can check Rudy tonight,” he said. “He’s in the gym with Cassidy doing light weights.”

“How’s his knee look to you, Red?”

“It seems strong, and he’s been doing the exercises you ordered.”

“Any swelling today?”

“No. Not that I could see. You could check it now if you want. It would save you a trip all the way here tomorrow morning.”

“Yeah, I guess so.” He turned to Paulette and asked, “Would you be interested in seeing the inside of a trainer’s gym?”

“I’d love to if it wouldn’t take too long,” she said, then added softly, but loud enough for Red to hear, “I want to put something in my oven.”

“You bake at night?” Red asked curiously.

“It’s something I just started doing,” she answered lightly, looking at Tommy. “Everything comes out so fresh and looooose!”

Red scratched his head as he watched them walking toward the back of the building. She’s so pretty, he thought, and so crazy! Baking at night, indeed!

Tommy followed her up the stairs to the gym door, watching her soft ass swaying invitingly beneath her short skirt, thinking of her marvelous saucy manner and direct approach to life, knowing he was going to be in her tight bottom again before this night was over.

He caught up to her at the top of the stairs and opened the door for her, allowing her to enter the plush gymnasium.

“A lot of people think that football is just the playing on the field,” he told her, coming up beside her. “But football games are won through exercise and hard work, doing things as a team. All the parts have to fit, each man has to be in top form, that’s why we have so much specialized equipment here.”

She looked around to the gleaming stainless steel contraptions, beginning to understand the extremes professional athletes must go to stay in shape.

“Over here,” he said, leading her to a series of pulleys and weights, “is where the linemen build their neck and back muscles. And this,” he added, pointing to a complicated set of levers and adjustable pedals, “is a traction unit for leg development.” He looked at her strangely for a moment, then suggested, “How about it? Would you like to try it out?”

“You’re kidding!” she gushed, backing away a step. Then seeing he was perfectly serious, she added, “I couldn’t! I’m not dressed for it!”

“I’ll adjust it so it won’t be too strenuous. It’ll be fun. C’mon,” he said, patting the leather seat, coaxing her with a big confident grin.

“That’s silly,” she said, taking a step closer. “What if someone comes in?”

“With the exception of Mr. Beaumont, I’m the boss around here, Honey. You don’t have anything to worry about when you are with me.”

She looked uneasily at him, unsure whether she should or not. Then shrugging, she said, “O.K.,” taking a step toward him and sitting timidly in the seat.

“Here,” he said, kneeling before her and slipping her tiny feet into the metal gripping shoes that fastened securely over her ankles, “this is how it is done.” He patted her knee and smiled. “Sit back and lift your feet around me.”

She brought her legs straight out in front of her, one on either side of him, watching with amused eyes as she caught him looking up her dress.

“Now,” he said smoothly, placing his hands on the insides of her thighs, “the idea is to get your legs to spread as wide as possible.”

She watched him push her legs apart, seeing him swallow tightly as he rubbed his fingers along her soft thighs.

“What are you smiling at?” she asked playfully.

“I’m wishing you weren’t wearing panties, that’s all,” he said huskily, gently squeezing the soft meat above her widely parted knees.

“What would you do if I wasn’t wearing panties?” she teased.

He quickly unstrapped her foot and said, “Why don’t you slide them down and find out?”

“Why don’t you,” she challenged, “slide them down and show me?”

“O.K., young lady, I’ll do just that!” Without waiting, he slid his hands up her dress and grabbed her panties at her sides, pulling them down to her ass. “Uh-hem,” he said, tugging softly. “You are going to have to raise your sweet ass, my dear.”

“Yes dear,” she answered sweetly, hitching herself up and allowing him to slide the panties around the soft curve of her ass and down to her knees where he deftly lifted her foot through them, letting her panties dangle from her other leg as he strapped her foot back in the retaining metal shoe and brought his glistening eyes back to her exposed pussy.

“You have a beautiful cunt, my dear,” he sighed, kissing her on the thigh. “I am going to enjoy this,” he added breathlessly, bringing his mouth quickly to her wide gash and darting his tongue full length into her gaping hole.

“My God!” she gushed, startled at the intensity of his attack, then, feeling the clamoring of her clitoris, she wiggled further down in the seat to meet his probing tongue. Hot shivers caressed her tummy, sending rosy flashes of delight into her yawning cunt, instantly responding to his long fiery tongue reaming the tender lining of her soft cunt, his face pressing hard against her open slit, rubbing his face into her as he frantically dug for more of the sweet taste of her, the intoxicating woman scent of her.

“Damn!” he said suddenly, backing away, his nose and chin shiny. “I want more of that!” He got up quickly and made an adjustment on the levers behind her, then came around in front and raised her legs to his shoulders so her tender ass was just barely touching the seat.

“Tommy!” she gushed up at him, her legs held wide, her wet pussy wrenched open and unprotected. “Stop!”

“Shhh!” he hissed, bringing his finger to his lips and smiling at her predicament. “You are under my power now,” he leered at her jokingly.

“Tommy!” she whispered fiercely. “What if someone comes in?!”

“Then,” he shrugged helplessly. “I guess they are going to catch me eating you.” He laughed and dropped to his knees before her, quickly French kissing her squirming cunt full on the lips and darting his tongue along the length of her splendid crack, even tickling her puckered asshole with his feathery tongue before gently tugging at her scarlet labia with his soft lips, nibbling at her teasingly.

Her mind was afire with torrid images of his huge cock smashing into her, spearing her with its magnificent hard length. The delicious agony his flicking tongue caused her, firing her eager loins with smoldering passion, coupled mightily with the strange and exciting fear of being caught so open and helpless.

She trembled with dreaded anticipation, her small cunt responding hotly, her mind flashing brilliant pictures of herself being watched, of showing herself brazenly to a body of men, strangers, all wanting her, all with huge hard cocks, all pressing forward to fill her with miles of throbbing cock!

He brought his mouth to her hard clitoris, capturing it between his soft lips as he drove his stiff tongue at it, stabbing it with a rapid frenzy as he felt her squirming wildly for more, moving and twisting in erotic rapture, directing his lashing strokes onto her throbbing button, throwing open her trembling thighs to him, giving her all, her everything, in a lust-filled passion, wanting his fiery dagger to whip her poor little knob to an exploding frazzle.

He nuzzled hard against her quivering nub, knocking it from side to side, punishing her with his soft tongue as his wet chin pushed against her sweet hole, keeping it wide and churning, her drenched labia sliding silkenly, wanting to accept the impossible width of his jaw, wanting to engulf his lapping head, his whole body in her torrid cunt. She desperately wanted something in her hot pussy as the searing agony of orgasm closed in on her, covered her in a pink mist of creeping spasms, jerking the walls over her cunt convulsively as it searched for a hard shaft to grip wildly, to fill her, to stretch her quivering vagina with its hammering hugeness.

She moaned softly, clasping his head tightly in her hands and pulling him forward, her widespread thighs shaking uncontrollably at the unfamiliar head trying to force its way into her, spreading her tender cunt lips over his jaw, pressing on her agonized clitoris with his broad insistent tongue, bringing her cherry-red climax shooting up from her toes and down from the very pit of her stomach to the throbbing center of her being and colliding in a blazing shower of spinning rockets that churned her gushing cunt into a molten sliding gash of white hot meat.

“I’m coming!” she cried. “Eat me! Bite my clit. Make me COMMME!” she bellowed, her vagina jumping and pounding, her screaming clitoris blossoming into a fiery throes of orgasm, vibrating and searing her with a technicolor rainbow of sparkling shooting explosions, twisting her burning insides in frantic search for a hard cock head to clamp down on as the momentum of the feverishly racing pin-wheels drew together in a blinding flash of unending brilliance.


“My God,” she sighed breathlessly as he released her ankles and gently lowered her feet to the floor. “I thought I would never stop coming. You’re fantastic!”

“It’s nothing, my dear,” he said grandly, wiping at the corners of his mouth with a delicate finger. “You make it easy for a guy to do things for you.”

She was hardly listening. Her still racing mind was concentrating on her well-used clitoris and the soft rosy afterglow settling warmingly over her. The savage thrill of a moment ago was replaced by a creamy mellowness as she felt his gentle hands adjusting her skirt over her thighs and heard him say something that was lost in the foggy channels of her mind. “Huh?” she asked. “I didn’t hear you.”

“I said, I am going to keep your panties as a trophy.”

“Anything you want is fine by me,” she said sleepily.

“C’mon now,” he coaxed, sliding her panties into his pocket and taking her hand. “Up-sa-daisy, pretty Paulette.” He got her to her feet and suddenly gave her a brisk swat on the fanny. “Wake up!”

“Ow!” she cried, coming out of it and rubbing her bottom with both hands. “Brute!”

He laughed and took her arm, leading her across the gym. “We’ll see how Rudy is doing, then I am taking you home and getting in that tight ass of yours again.”

Hearing him talk so openly about fucking her ass she came fully awake. She moved closer to him, matching his long steps, appreciating his bigness and the protection he offered. And suddenly feeling a strange draft on her bare cunt, she stopped.

“You have my panties!” she whispered fiercely.

He smiled and tugged at her arm, making her walk. “You said I could have them as a trophy,” he reminded her.

She tried to stop him again but his insistent tugging brought her along.

“I can’t walk around like this!”

“You’re doing fine,” he assured her, opening the door to the Specialized Equipment Room where Rudy was working out.

“Hello Rudy,” he said, gently leading Paulette into the room.

“Hello boss,” Rudy greeted from his prone position on the wide leather exercise table.

“Hello boss,” Cassidy said, removing a weight from Rudy’s ankle.

“Rudy, Cassidy, this is Paulette, my girlfriend of the evening.”

“Hi,” she said smally, clearly intimidated by the close confines of the room and the two men’s near nakedness.

“Hello,” they quipped together, Rudy adjusting his shorts more politely at his crotch, and Cassidy setting his sweat pants more comfortably at his naked waist.

“I came to look at your knee,” Tommy said, leading Paulette to the table. “You might as well see this,” he told her. “This is what comes from not working out.”

Rudy winced at his boss’s barb. “Honest. I just started running. I thought-”

“You didn’t think,” Tommy said gruffly. “If you were thinking this wouldn’t have happened.” He let his eyes bore into Rudy’s, making sure he got the message, then said, “Lie back. I want to look at it.”

Rudy obeyed sheepishly, falling back on his elbows and letting his legs dangle off the edge of the table.

“These are his operation scars,” he told her, bringing her closer with a wave of his hand. He pointed to the angry red zipper-like scars on the inside and outside of Rudy’s knee. “Can you see?” he asked her.

She leaned across Rudy’s left leg, trying to keep her eyes from the prominent bulge so clearly outlined in his shorts. “Yes,” she managed to say, feeling Rudy’s eyes devouring her pendulous breasts as she leaned further.

“Come around here,” Tommy told her, positioning her before Rudy and reaching around her to take his ankle. “Put your hands on his knee,” he told her, “and you will feel the roughness as the joint moves.”

She gently put her hands on Rudy’s knee as Tommy moved the leg, seeing at the top of her vision the tip of Rudy’s growing tool, lengthening only inches from her hands.

Rudy’s pulse pounded under her warm hands. His dick throbbed and pushed downward in the tight confines of his shorts. It bulged obviously, the classic mound of male need. It bulged so obviously that Tommy noticed it.

“You see that?” Tommy said, pulling Paulette back and pointing at Rudy’s straining rod. “If he kept his mind on his business like he was supposed to he wouldn’t be in that condition. That goes for his knee too.”

He lead Paulette to the door and said back over his shoulder, “Sleep tight Rudy. I hope you learned something from this.”

He closed the door softly behind them.

* * *

Turning out of the parking lot and onto the main drag, Paulette said, “That was cruel what you did to Rudy.”

“I know, but sometimes I have to do hard things to make them play hard.”

She thought she understood, but she was still uneasy with his callous treatment of one of his players. She let it go, sitting back in her seat and pondering what her reaction would have been if Tommy had asked her to service Rudy.

She remembered the hard shape of Rudy’s struggling cock and asked herself if she would have protested loudly before she slid her loving mouth over the broad tip. Ah, she thought, there it is. I might have demurred at first, maybe even acted insulted that Tommy should even suggest such a thing, but in the end I would have serviced the rugged-looking Rudy, sucked him off right there on the table in front of everyone. Yes, she told herself, I would have given him anything he desired, including something I would not have even thought of just a couple of hours ago.

She snuggled closer to Tommy, resting her hand on his huge prick. I might even have suggested that Rudy push his hard prick into my ass, bend me right over the table and flip up my skirt and-Whoa! she thought, remembering Tommy had her panties. She suddenly felt the cool seat beneath her ass, pressing its chill reminder into her open cunt, making her very much aware of her femininity, her hot box and still empty vagina, that very special void that needed filling.

“Tommy,” she said softly, gently squeezing his prick to get his full attention.

“Yes?” he asked, sliding his hand up her side and cupping a soft breast. He tweaked her nipple in his tender fingers, pulling her closer.

“I want you in my pussy,” she whispered shyly, squeezing life into his growing tool.

“And I am going to get in your cute little pussy, my dear, never fear on that score. But first I want to get in that tight ass of yours again.”

She smiled in the dark interior of the car, feeling her vagina quivering with anticipation. Then looking around her, she said quickly, “Right at the corner. It’s the third house on the right.”

He slowed and eased the big car into the turn. “I can’t wait to get my dick in you,” he grinned, pulling into the driveway of the small house, and killing the engine.

She quickly slid across the seat and opened her door, scooting out with a broadly challenging look back over her shoulder. “I’ll race you to the bedroom!”

And she was off and running across the lawn.

He caught up with her as she fumbled with her keys in the dim lamplight at the front door.

“Oh damn,” she mumbled, hurrying to slide the key into the lock. “I’m all thumbs tonight!”

“You’re not all thumbs,” he assured her, bringing his hand to her ass and patting it fondly. “You’re not all thumbs at all if this is any proof.”

“You’re making me nervous,” she gushed, finally pushing into the house and closing the door after them. “Phew!” she sighed, leaning wearily back against the door. “I never thought we would get here!”

His smile was meaningful as he quickly shrugged out of his jacket and kicked off his shoes. “Where’s the bedroom?” he asked, letting his pants fall around his ankles and stepping out of them before slipping out of his socks and attacking his shirt.

“You’re fast,” she complimented, dropping her pocket book to the floor and concentrating on the incredible length of cock filling the leg of his shorts. But still she didn’t move as she prolonged the delicious inevitable.

He stepped slowly to her, keeping his eyes on hers until he was close, then dropped them slowly to her magnificent chest. “I love your tits,” he said, slowly undoing the top button of her blouse, then the next, teasing them open with his heavy fingers as he moved his hips closer, brushing the tip of his bulging cock against her.

“I love it slow,” she said huskily. “I love to be touched.”

He opened her blouse and cupped her breasts in his huge hands, feeling their superb weight and contoured softness, touching her proud nipples with his thumbs, lingering on her precious melons as her hands found his manhood beneath the thin, material of his shorts.

“Please do me slow,” she breathed, wanting to fall on her knees and fill her warm mouth with his mighty tool, make it hard and throbbing and hers to have in her, far in her tight ass, reaming and pounding her delicate bottom. “I want to come with you in me.”

“You will, baby,” he said, easing her blouse from her skirt and slipping it slowly back off her slender shoulders, exposing her golden fruit in the mellow moonlight which filtered into the room and colored her perfect orbs with burnished copper and the royal bronzes of the ancient goddess of love. “Magnificent,” he whispered, fumbling to open her skirt with his thick fingers, hungry to have her naked and totally his to fondle and caress as he finally freed the small button and worked the zipper at her side.

She felt the sheer fabric of her skirt whip over her thighs and fall gently to her feet, her cool tingling nakedness softly caressed by the magic fingers of night.

“I’m in heaven,” she sighed, squeezing his tool with both hands. “I couldn’t want anything more.” She looked up at his tightly set features so rosy in the moonlight and said slowly, her mouth wet with need, “I want to make you very hard and very mine. I want to suck your cock and lick your balls until you are ready for me. I want you hard and throbbing before you push it into me.”

“What the lady wants,” he mimicked her, slipping out of his shorts, “is exactly what the lady will get.”

Her eyes stayed on his huge hanging prick for a second, again weak at the sight of it, her tender pussy pulsating madly. It took all her strength to say, “Come,” and lead him into the parlor where she sat him in a wide easy chair before the small fireplace. She paused before kneeling between his legs, showing him the young body that was his to do with as he wanted. She cupped her breasts and offered them to his eager mouth for a brief second, then stepped back.

“You can have anything you want,” she told him, gently lowering herself between his widespread legs. “You can have anything you want because you have been so good to me. You opened me up to a whole new world tonight,” she added, hefting his tool in her hands. “You can have my mouth, or my cunt, or my ass-anything you want!” She bowed forward and brought her lips to his huge dick head.

“First,” he said, moving his ass down and letting his balls hang off the edge of the seat, “I want you to make me hard with your hot mouth right now.”

She didn’t hesitate. She pushed her mouth around the mighty tip and swirled her tongue on its sloping velvet head as she stroked the shaft with her hands, doing everything she could to be good to him, loving the warm cock in her wide mouth, knowing in just a few minutes it was going to be in her smashing at the walls of everything she owned, wonderfully bruising her soft cunt and tight ass.

“Next,” he said, watching her struggle with his growing manhood, “I am going to get into that great ass of yours.” He heard her moan softly on the tip, anticipating his pushing far into her eager bottom. “Then, little lady, I am going to ream out that perfectly delicious cunt of yours.”

She bobbed her head over his prick, gobbling at the huge knob for long minutes, caressing it with every ounce of her skill as the anxious walls of her cunt clamored wildly to be fucked and stroked into sweet submission. She attacked the gnarled root with a savage determination, speeding her frenzied tongue along the sensitive underside of his glistening shaft, loving its pulsating hardness and giant purple tip, knowing now she could handle it, could fuck the hard length of it with both her eager holes, wrap herself around it and stroke it to fiery climax.

She slid down and tongued his hairy balls, teasing them before gently mouthing the right nut, then the left, humming softly on them to increase his pleasure, then brought her mouth back to the shining tip and forced it into her wide mouth.

“God damn,” he sighed. “You give great head.”

She paused a moment, looking up at him, the tip still in her mouth as she winked playfully and continued her ministrations to his rock-hard cock.

He let her go on for soft pleasure-filled minutes, watching her feather her tongue along it for a moment before again capturing the glistening head between her feverish coral lips, making absolute love to his rigid rod. Then thinking of the soft moons of her warm ass and how they accepted his tool, rode it to blazing climax, he stopped her.

“I hope you have Vaseline,” he said, pulling himself from the chair and standing over her.

She held the huge dick in her hands and kissed the tip a last time before getting to her feet. “I sure do,” she said with a wide smile, “and I can’t wait for you to use it!”

He laughed and followed her undulating bottom to the bathroom where she quickly got a jar from the medicine chest above the sink and handed it to him.

“Wait,” he said, handing it back to her and motioning for her to sit on the edge of the tub. “You grease me up.”

“I would love to,” she agreed willingly, feeling the cold tub under her bare ass. She unscrewed the cap and scooped out a big handful, then dabbed the gleaming lubricant on the base of his massive shaft, spreading it delicately as she brought her mouth to the tip again. She oiled the hard rod as her tongue played soft games with his throbbing cock head, keeping him hard and rigid and wanting to be in her hot and tight and eager chute.

Then unable to wait any longer, she took her mouth from it and coated the purple cock head with a heavy layer of glistening grease.

“He looks so huge!” she said, setting the jar on the floor.

“Are you worried?” he asked, offering her a hand up.

“No. I know you can get it in,” she smiled impishly. Then she added with a bright look of love, “And please don’t ever allow me to say no to anything you want to do. Please?”

“Sure,” he grinned, kissing her quickly on the lips. “You have my promise on that.”

She took his hand and pressed it to her lips before leading him out of the bathroom and to the bedroom at the end of the hall, keeping her hungry eyes on his swaying manhood as she pushed open the door of the dark bedroom and guided him to the bed.

“God, I want you!” she said, crawling quickly onto the bed, and suddenly crying, “Bobby!” She jumped back, flashing on the bedside light.

Bobby awoke slowly, blinking away the sleep from his eyes. “Paulette? Is that you!” he asked, and seeing her, he added, “I thought I would wait here for you and-” He noticed Tommy standing behind her. “Tommy?” he gushed. “I’ll be damned! Tommy! How are ya?”

“Good, real good,” he grinned.

“You two know each other?” she asked, switching her confused stare from one to the other. Then looking at Bobby, she said, “I thought you were going home.”

“I was,” he explained, “but I thought I would come here and wait for you. You don’t mind do you?”

“No, never. I Just … I mean … ” She looked at Tommy then back to him, wondering if she should explain Tommy’s presence, anxious with two men in her bedroom.

“Ah,” Bobby said, seeing Tommy’s nakedness for the first time. He glanced meaningfully at Paulette. “I see we have a lot in common.” He smiled at her, then calmly stretched luxuriously on the wide bed, motioning for her to look at the tent over his middle.

She swallowed tightly before asking, “Do you always wake up with a hard-on?” All the thoughts she had had about servicing two men came flooding back to her.

“I must have been dreaming of something nice,” Bobby answered, eyeing her nakedness. “Oh, don’t feel embarrassed. Tommy and I used to share a few girls together, ain’t that right Tommy?”

“Quite a few,” Tommy said. “Bobby and I used to room together at college,” he told her easily.

Paulette stared in shock from one to the other. They were being so calm, she thought, about sharing a woman! Like it was something they did every day!

“Have you had her yet?” Bobby asked, enjoying her discomfort.

“We got acquainted at Elliot’s.”

“She gives fantastic head, doesn’t she?”

“The best,” he said.

Suddenly Bobby reached over and grabbed her arm, pulling her to him, saying, “Why don’t you remind me of what a good little cocksucker you are?” He threw the sheet from his body.

“I-Bobby! I couldn’t!” she wailed, looking back at Tommy for protection, but he was just smiling.

“Put your lips around it,” Bobby told her. “Give me some of that fantastic head!”

“Bobby!” she protested, watching petrified as he eased back against the pillows and pushed his hard cock at her face.

“Remember what you asked me in the bathroom?” Tommy asked, taking her ankles and pulling as Bobby forced his prick against her face.

“Bobby!” she cried. “Tommy!”

“You asked me to never let you say no to anything,” Tommy reminded her, coming onto the bed and lifting her hips into the doggy-position.

“I meant-”

Bobby forced his prick against her lips. “Shut up!” he ordered. “Put it in your mouth!”

Shocked by his tone of voice she quickly spread her lips around his tool as tears of embarrassment and shame filled her eyes and rolled freely down her soft cheeks. The hot prick kept her jaws wide as she felt Tommy position himself behind her, getting ready to plunge into her exposed ass.

“I see you are still interested in assholes,” Bobby said, forcing more of his prick into her mouth.

“I love em!” Bobby answered smiling. “She can take it too! Can’t ya, baby?”

Suddenly she remembered the promise she had made to herself in Tommy’s car; to do what she wanted, with whom she wanted, when she wanted to do it. Her embarrassment was gone, replaced by a wild desire to please and be pleased. She felt the tip of Tommy’s heroic rod touch against her asshole and tasted the sweetness of Bobby’s tool and she knew this was what she wanted to do, had always wanted to do: service two men at once!

“Can’t ya baby?” Tommy repeated, slapping her hip.

She nodded eagerly now, sucking Bobby’s cock with a passion as she arched her back, opening herself completely to Tommy.

“She loves dick,” Bobby said. “Don’t ya Baby?” Then speaking to Tommy, he said, “She just likes to be coaxed a little bit.”

“I had to coax her a little at Elliot’s,” he agreed.

“She’s a wild bitch when you get her started.”

“I know. She starts slow, but my God, when you get her going!”

“She’s sure got-”

“Will you two stop talking and fuck me?!” she cried, then speared Bobby’s rod back into her hot mouth.

“Whatever the lady wants,” Tommy said, pressing hard on her exposed asshole and watching as the pink ring resisted valiantly for a long moment before sliding tightly onto the broad head of his cock.

She held her breath and remained absolutely motionless as she accustomed her aching ass to the huge cock head once again, allowing her tight bottom to absorb the forced penetration.

“She loves it when I get it far into her ass,” Tommy said blissfully, holding himself back from driving his weapon into her, allowing her to get used to the strange object holding her quivering asshole wide.

“C’mon Paulette!” Bobby complained. “Get that mouth of yours working! Show me what a good girl you are.”

She pressed back on the huge rod in her ass, taking more of it as she sank her mouth down over Bobby’s glorious manhood. She sucked at it and gently rolled her tongue over the velvet tip as she forced herself to ease more of Tommy’s huge lance into her bottom, taking both slowly, knowing she could take it all, wanting it buried to the hilt in her widespread burning hole.

“Take more of it!” Bobby ordered harshly, impatient to have her expert mouth swirling over his rod. “More! Move your tongue!”

“Take more of it!” Tommy growled, grabbing her hips and forcing another three inches into her without warning.

She groaned at the sudden intrusion, feeling her bowels fill with hot cock. There was no pain, she thought thankfully, just a constant wariness, a fear of knowing that there was much more of the rigid cock to take before it was all hers, have it all firmly in her quaking ass. She took a deep breath and churned her face down on Bobby’s prick, feeling it push delightfully and hard into her throat as she arched her back further and pressed back with all her might, absorbing Tommy’s entire red-hot rod deep in her soft belly.

Tommy held her tightly, keeping her fully impaled on his throbbing tool, feeling a glorious satisfaction in her tight grip, being easy on her as the blood boiled in his nuts and challenged him to stroke her, slide the shaft through the soft burning lining of her rectum, to build an inescapable orgasm of terrifying magnitude in her clutching bowels.

She moaned wildly, lapping furiously at the glowing dick head, sucking it, licking it, coaxing it to fire its hot spunk into her waiting mouth, wanting his gushing cum on her flicking, swirling tongue, wanted gob after gob of his precious sperm to bathe her mouth and throat.

She full-stroked his throbbing prick, forcing all of it into her churning mouth as she repeatedly slammed her face down on it, feeling the hot tip lodge heavenly-deep in her eager throat. Her asshole cried out for attention, gripping the full shaft of Tommy’s thoroughly consumed prick.

“Stroke it!” Tommy ordered, beginning to move her hips back and forth, forcing her wide ass to accept again and again his priceless prick.

Gloriously, thinking of nothing but the two dicks in her, she squirmed and twisted to please both, wanting them to shoot their spunk into her at the same time, wanting the hot cum to sear her throat and bowels with scalding jism as the orgasm wrenching itself through her clamoring clitoris developed with cruel slowness, forcing her to chase it and make it happen, to follow the burning dictates of her screaming womanhood as she danced her ass again and again, and then again on his lunging tool, spearing herself with maddening full strokes that pounded into her frantic bowels with pile-driving regularity.

Bobby wrapped his fingers in her hair in preparation for the teasing orgasm throbbing close in his balls. “Make me come!” he shouted, raising his hips and cramming more of his cock into her churning mouth.

Tommy slammed his rock-hard cock into her open ass with punishing tip to base strokes, crashing his pelvis against her soft spread cheeks only to smash into her wildly again and again, wrenching himself to bring his chilling orgasm to completion far in the hot linings of her squirming ass.

“Make me come!” Bobby shouted again, his orgasm seizing him in flaming gloves of delight as he strained to shoot off in her soft sliding mouth.

“Make us both come!” Tommy yelled hoarsely, feeling the exploding arrows of exquisite orgasm engulf him as he raged in her creamy white ass.

Strange noises escaped her as she gave herself up to the rockets of orgasm. She grunted and groaned helplessly between them, being impaled royally from both ends as wave after wave of blinding spasms gripped her at the pinnacle of a tidal flood of shrieking passion, flaming her sodden cunt with fairy-tale bliss as she gulped down load after sweet load of exotic hot cum with her crazed sucking mouth and accepted wad after scalding wad in her tight belly from the mighty tool in her fevered ass. Bells rang incessantly in her ears as the swirling explosion of orgasm screamed through her body with infinite magnitude, sending showers of brilliant sparks cascading before her tightly shut eyes in a kaleidoscope of unending pin-wheels of orgasmic colors.


“Jesus,” she said, entering the bedroom with a warm washcloth and kneeling between Tommy’s knees. “You two are fantastic!”

“We know,” Bobby said smugly, watching as she thoroughly cleaned Tommy’s long tool. “All our girls say that.”

Tommy waited until she had finished, then moved to the head of the bed and relaxed back against the pillows next to Bobby. He felt good about their conquest of Paulette, glad they had revived their friendship by sharing her the way they had shared so many others. He smiled fondly and asked, “Do you remember Judy Connors?”

“Wow!” Bobby gushed. “I haven’t thought of her in years.”

“Who’s Judy Connors?” Paulette asked, sitting at the foot of the bed.

“Don’t sit way down there,” Bobby said, patting the covers. “Get up here.”

“Judy Who?” she asked again, snuggling warmly between them and leaning back against the pillows.

They smiled knowingly at each other before Bobby explained. “Judy was a girl very much like you, Paulette. She didn’t want to fuck until Tommy put his horse cock to her.”

“Yeah,” Tommy added, easing her small hand to his limp cock and wrapping her fingers around the thick shaft. “She was a good old girl after that.”

Not to be outdone, Bobby took her other hand and laid it on his cock, saying, “She gave the best head in school.”

“Will someone tell me the whole story?” she asked, beginning to stroke their cocks in unison, enjoying her free and easy feeling with the two men, matching their devil-may-care attitudes with one of her own, refusing to play the blushing bride when both of them knew her so well. “Did both of you ball her?” she asked curiously.

“Us and the whole fraternity house!”

“She couldn’t get enough!” Tommy added.

“Oh, now I have to know all about her!” Paulette gushed, looking expectantly back and forth between them. “Tell me all about it,” she coaxed, fondling their two huge cocks with her delicate fingers.

Bobby smiled slyly. “What will you give us if we tell you?” he asked slowly.

Her eyebrows shot up playfully, then, being cute, she pursed her lips and looked thoughtfully up at the ceiling, pretending she was thinking as she enjoyed the game they were playing. “Let me see … ” she said after a moment, glancing down at Bobby’s cock. “I could be talked into giving you some good head for that valuable story.”

“Nah,” Bobby refused. “I already had some of your, head and I am going to get some more for nothing.”

“Oh? Who said I was going to give you more head?” she teased.

“If you refused I would tie you up like Judy Connors.”

Her eyes went wide. “You tied her up!”

“I’m not going to tell you until you offer something better than head for this priceless information.”

“What about me?” Tommy asked. “I want something too!”

“Aw, what it is my baby wants?” she cooed.

He thought a moment. “I don’t know just yet,” he said slyly, lacing his fingers behind his head bringing his eyes to her firm tits. “But I’m thinking on it.”

“It would have to be something special,” Bobby insisted.

“Something that would turn on all three of us,” Tommy added. “And I want to drink some good whiskey because I don’t have to be to work until one o’clock tomorrow afternoon. I want to play all night!” He slipped his arm around her and said, “Ya know Bobby, we should have Paulette put on a little show for us.”

“Good idea!” Bobby gushed, slapping his knee with approval. “And since I am your boss, my dear,” he told her with a huge grin, “I am going to give you tomorrow off. How does that sound?”

“What kind of show?” she asked cautiously.

Tommy snapped his fingers. “I got it! Let’s have her do what we had Judy Connors do!”

“Great idea!” Bobby boomed. “Fantastic!”

Paulette pulled her hand from their rigid cocks and sat warily between them, staring wide-eyed from one to the other, scared and wondering what she would have to do.

“Don’t worry,” Bobby soothed. “We wouldn’t ask you to do anything you haven’t done a hundred times before. All you have to do is suck a dick. That’s all.”

Her small smile broadened and her eyes danced happily. “That, dear sir, I am more than willing to do!” she laughed. “Just tell me which one and I will give you the best blow-job you have ever had!” she promised, smiling eagerly at them. Then thinking of her hot mouth wrapped around a long cock for a brief second, she added hopefully, “Just tell me which one-or if you want I will blow both of you at once!”

“Just one,” Bobby grinned, then added slowly, “But not one of ours.”

“What?” she asked, suddenly serious. “What do you mean?”

“It would be fun to watch you do your thing with someone new,” Tommy said. “I’d like to see you blow a perfect stranger.”

“What?” she asked, thinking they were kidding. “Who?”

“What we do,” Bobby explained, “is to test you to see if you really do give good head.”

“How-I mean-what?” she stammered.

“Relax,” Bobby told her. “We would be watching so nothing funny happens. Besides, you would be doing something extra-special for us, not to mention the free bottle of booze.”

“What booze? What are you two talking about?”

“Judy took care of every delivery boy in Pasadena,” Tommy said easily.

“What booze? What delivery boy?!” she gushed in exasperation. “Will you two tell me what you are up to?!”

Bobby playfully ignored her question and asked Tommy, “What kind of booze should we get?”

“Scotch,” said seriously. “It’s always good to toast a conquest with scotch.”

“O.K.,” Bobby agreed, and turning to Paulette he added, “Your job is to get a bottle of scotch. You have to talk the delivery boy into giving it to you for free.”

“But we have scotch here. I have two bottles!”

“Not that scotch,” Bobby scolded. “We want free scotch!”

“Free?” She stared at him. “You mean-”

“Yes. But if you don’t think you could do it?” he challenged.

“I can do it! But that’s not the point!”

“You really think you could do it?” he asked quietly, his face a somber mask of doubt.

“Of course I could!”

“Have you ever done it before?”

“No! But-”

“Then how do you know you can do it?”

“I just know I could! But I don’t understand why I should!”

“Because we want you to, that’s why,” Bobby said sternly. “Besides, you haven’t heard the restrictions we are going to place on you.”

“What restrictions?” she asked quickly, feeling something obdurate in her very nature accepting his open challenge.

Bobby recognized the look. “Tommy,” he said, “call the liquor store while I tell her, huh?”

“Will do,” he said shortly, getting the phone from the night stand and setting it comfortably on his lap.

“What restrictions?” she asked again, dubiously watching Tommy dial information.

“Just that we set a time limit of say five or ten minutes. And you have to position him so Tommy and I can grade your work.”

“Grade my work!” she said incredulously. “I have to get a stranger to fuck me for a bottle of scotch in front of you two guys?!” She stared unbelievingly at them.

“No-no-no. You’re not allowed to fuck him. We will be watching from the bathroom to see that you only give him head for the bottle. That’s the last restriction, to see that you blow him even if he is willing to trust you for the bottle when you tell him you can’t find any money to pay him. Ya got that?”

She didn’t answer, wondering what she had gotten herself in to. She watched apprehensively as Tommy thanked the operator and dialed the liquor store at the corner, ordering a bottle of Johnnie Walker scotch to be delivered immediately. She couldn’t believe she had allowed this to have gotten so far out of hand. She was sitting bewilderedly when Bobby pulled her to him and slid her down so she was level with his hard cock.

“Suck that for awhile,” he ordered. “It will keep your mind off what is to come.”

“This is crazy!” she exclaimed, wondering desperately how to stop this thing before she found herself kneeling before some delivery boy and sucking his dick for an absurd bottle of liquor.

“I think she is scared,” Tommy said.

“I am not scared,” she said, but her heart wasn’t in it. The denial sounded flat, without conviction.

“It will be good experience for you,” Bobby assured her, pulling her head to his cock and watching as his long prick disappeared between her soft lips. “You just keep sucking that for the next five minutes or so while you think of how you are going to seduce the delivery boy into exchanging a bottle of scotch for a good old-fashioned blow-job.” He laughed loudly, watching her practiced mouth mold his hard manhood before saying, “Besides, after the way you handled Elliot Beaumont tonight I think you should be put in for a promotion. If you handle this delivery boy right I am going to move you into the Sales Department!”

She couldn’t believe her ears. This was it, she thought wildly, rolling her tongue on his hard prick with a delicious desire to please, to repay him in part for the sudden promotion. She slid the cock furiously in and out of her smooth throat, giving the best blow-joy she had ever given, swirling her tongue on the broad head, licking it, sucking it, wanting it to come magnificently for her boss, stroked it for wad after wad of glorious cum for the man making her dreams come true.

“You fantastic bitch!” Tommy muttered, pulling open her legs and plowing his tongue far into her gaping hole, lapping at her steamy cunt as he brought her hand to his hard shaft, forcing her to stroke him as her mouth bobbed beautifully on Bobby’s full cock.

She whined with ecstasy as her fiery clitoris clamored with a ferocious appetite for wonderful cock, hard, slamming cock that would pound at the walls of her open and tender vagina. Her velvety tongue rode the thick cock in her mouth with poetic precision, sucking the royal member with furious strokes and wedging the bulbous tip deeper and deeper into her clinging throat as she writhed her hot cunt against Tommy’s long tongue, opening her frantic slit to him with complete abandon, imagining the two rock-hard cocks forced into her, pressed full into aching pussy and tight ass at the same time. Her thrashing orgasm began like a lumbering locomotive, moving slowly along the tracks of her being until it picked up momentum and sped crashing wildly into her loins.

And just as the crescendo of her shattering climax wrenched its way through her in blinding throes of release it was interrupted by the insistent ringing of the doorbell.

“No!” she cried. “NO! Don’t stop! Please!”

But Bobby was already off the bed and saying, “C’mon. This is the big time for you, baby. You show me you can do this right and the sky is the limit for you.” He pulled her from the bed and walked her trance-like to the hall.

“Oh, God! I was so close!” she whined, staring longingly at Bobby’s rigid manhood. “Can’t we do the delivery boy tomorrow?!” she begged.

“Stop it!” he ordered. “You finish the delivery boy right and Tommy and I are going to fill you so full of hard cock that you’ll cry!” He grabbed a negligee from the back of the door and thrust it at her. “Here,” he said quickly. “Put this on and do a nice thing for the delivery boy. Show him what hot head you give. And remember,” he added sternly, “Tommy and I are going to be in the bathroom watching your performance. Now go on!”

She brought the thin material closed at her neck and stumbled blindly down the hall as the doorbell rang again. “I’m coming!” she called, hearing Bobby and Tommy step into the bathroom behind her and thinking frantically she would have to blow the kid at the entrance to the hall so they would be sure to have a good view of her in action.

The light, she thought suddenly, flicking on a small lamp and bathing the reception area in a soft glow before rushing to the door and pulling it open, willing to do anything to get back to the hard cocks waiting for her.

“Hi,” she said, smiling brightly at the sight of him.

“Hiii!” the boy stammered, seeing the almost naked girl looking him up and down. “I’m-I came to deliver … I-”

“I know,” she said softly. “Come in while I get you your money,” she added, stepping back and allowing him to enter, seeing his eager eyes on her furry cleft as he came into the foyer. “Put it on the table in the hall,” she directed, picking up her pocket book and following him to the table, enjoying his open mouthed stare and boyish shyness, letting him look at her soft body and firm tits through the almost nothingness of her sheer negligee.

She fumbled through her pocket book, knowing he was seeing her full breasts shiver excitedly and her dark triangle shift provocatively with her every move as she rummaged through the contents of her wallet for long teasing seconds, savoring his youthful innocence and stunned silence.

“Oh dear,” she said impatiently. “I can’t seem to find any money.” She looked through her things again, then chanced a look at him, bringing her eyes to his crotch and seeing for a brief second his budding manhood pressed hard against the coarse fabric of his Levis.

“If-if you don’t have the money,” he said, confidence and hope coming into his voice, “I can’t leave the scotch. I’d have to make it up out of my own pocket or my boss would kill me,” he added, wetting his lips and breathing heavily at her nearness, her soft tits and warm bushy cunt echoing vividly in his fevered brain.

“Oh dear, oh dear,” she repeated. “This is terrible. I wanted to give you something for your trouble too.” She looked around helplessly, as if letting her big eyes search for a solution to her problem.

“You have no money at all?” the boy asked uneasily.

“I can’t find any at all,” she answered pathetically, then holding her arms out to her sides so that her short negligee fully revealed her luscious melons, she added pleadingly, “You could search me if you want to.”

“Ah-no. I mean-I trust you.”

“Oh no,” she said quickly. “I wouldn’t want you to trust me without seeing for yourself.” She turned slowly on her toes, letting him see her total nakedness, enjoying her role of seductress as she saw him swallow tightly and his large eyes bulge hornily.

“It’s a lot of money for me to shell out,” was all he could think of to say.

“I’m sure it is,” she soothed. “And since you are such a nice young man for offering your help to me I am going to reward you for your services to a damsel in distress.”

His eyes bugged wide as she smiled before lowering herself gently to her knees in front of him. It was exactly what he always thought when he masturbated-a pretty girl eagerly on her knees wanting to suck his young cock.

“I’m going to treat you real nice,” she breathed, undoing his belt and the top button of his Levis, feeling her raging clitoris hammering uncontrollably in her belly as she remembered Tommy and Bobby were watching her every move. Her mouth watered with tingling anticipation and her thighs burned incessantly, thinking of the two hard cocks just waiting for her in the bathroom. Hadn’t they promised that they would fill her so full of long cock that she would cry? Weren’t the two enormous shafts enough to satisfy her every desire, she asked herself hungrily as she tugged open the boy’s zipper and lowered his Levis to his knees.

“This is my first time,” he stammered nervously.

“Just relax,” she cooed, keeping her shining eyes on the bulge in his jockey shorts. “I will make you feel real good in a minute,” she promised, pulling the waistband of his shorts down over the already hard morsel of male meat.

“It’s so big!” she cried, comforting him with a practiced ease as she brought his shorts down to meet his Levis in a tangled heap around his thin ankles. “Just relax. I will do everything for you,” she cooed lovingly, reaching behind him and placing a hand on his slender ass, turning him slightly so Bobby and Tommy could see her mouth so close to the hard shaft of his young manhood.

He watched, his stomach trembling, as she brought her soft hand to his tool and stroked it slowly as she whispered sweet words of adoration to the shiny tip in a husky voice of passion before sliding her coral lips over the tip and half of the gleaming shaft, easing it into her warm mouth.

“My God!” he gushed excitedly, feeling her soft tongue caress his rock-hard tool as her gentle fingers toyed sensuously with his hot balls.

I love this, she thought, taking his young cock far into her mouth with each stroke. This is what I was meant to do, what I do best, she told herself hotly, wanting the smooth tool to spew its scalding seed into her churning mouth, wanting to be extra good to the boy because it was his first time. She took it all, expertly, from tip to base, her tongue laving the length of him wildly, coaxing his sweet young cum up from his balls to shoot wonderfully into her waiting mouth.

“Geez! Wow!” he moaned excitedly, feeling her soft lips and hot tongue working over his throbbing tool. His hands clenched and unclenched at his sides in frustrating ignorance of what to do with them as his flaming balls sent the rocketing message to his brain that his orgasm was trembling violently at the unstoppable threshold behind his hard cock, building up there like a high-powered pool of red-hot lava about to explode straight forward into her hungry mouth.

He stared incredulously at her, his round eyes small pinpoints of concentration as his full hard cock sank again and again into her eager mouth. He felt her softly sliding, milking his handsome tool as it had never been milked before, drawing on it with pouting wet lips that tantalized his rigid meat, sparking the flame, cracking the dam of white-hot cum pent-up deep in his belly.

“I’m going to cum!” he gasped loudly. “Yes! You are going to make me cum!”

-She quickly pressed her face against his fevered loins, grasping the whole rod in her mouth and throat as she whipped her lightning tongue around it with frantic desperation, demanding cum, hot cum from his cornucopia of rigid delight. Then as his ass clenched and his thighs trembled in quivering pleasure she backed off quickly and came forward hard, impaling her mouth completely full of throbbing cock, and again she did it, beginning to taste his creamy spunk on her swirling tongue, racing against his shaking climax to heighten it, build it to a screaming crescendo of flooding perfect cum.

“I’m coming!” he shouted. “I’m coming!” He grabbed her bouncing head and wedged his spewing tool completely in her, forcing his entire rod into her hot mouth and jetting his scalding cum directly into her clutching throat.

“Suck it! he yelled. “Suck it! Suck it! Suck it!” he demanded crazily, beyond himself with bliss.

She licked and swallowed load after young and powerful load of gushing hot cream, getting every drop of his magnificent cum into her as he pumped his balls dry in blissful agony.

She moaned excitedly as she swallowed the burning liquid, skewering herself hard against him, taking every inch of his young rod and demanding more, more hard cock, more splashing jism from his tender loins until the exploding gush slowed to a trickle, then to nothing in her rapidly swallowing mouth, until his hard hands slowly released her and she was able to gently stroke his glowing shaft for a few glorious seconds of thrilling accomplishment that echoed brilliantly in her empty cunt, the cunt that ached with frantic longing for a long hard cock to plumb its tender depths.

“Jesus! God! Wow! I’ve never-Wow!” he groaned ecstatically. “My God! I’ve never felt anything like that!” he gushed, barely able to stand on his shaking legs as she continued to suck his tingling cock, milking it for the last precious drop of sweet cum.

Her quivering cunt ached savagely in need of a hard prick as she let the soft shaft slide gently from her lips. She kissed the tip softly, lingering on his limp manhood for eternal seconds, paying homage to the young and sprouting god, before whispering just loud enough for him to hear, “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

“I should be thanking you,” he managed to pant, still staring down at her with huge unbelieving eyes.

“You’re very sweet,” she told him earnestly, tugging up his tangled shorts and adjusting them at his slender hips. “And it was so thoughtful of you to agree to leave the bottle. I don’t know what I would have done if you weren’t a gentleman,” she added smiling up at him as she lifted his Levis. “If it were someone else he might have tried to take advantage of me.”

“Oh, I would never do that,” he assured her naively. “I’m glad I could do it. Anytime!”

She helped him zip his pants then got to her feet and without appearing to do so she lead him to the door. “I want to thank you again,” she said softly. “I really appreciate what you did.”

“Forget it,” he said magnanimously, not wanting to leave but not knowing how to stay. “Like I said, anytime at all, if you get stuck like this. Anytime. And listen,” he added hastily, prolonging his departure as he stared longingly at her proud tits, “I only work at the liquor store at night so I’m free during the day to do lawn work and the heavier things you have to have done around the house. I’m strong and I could-”

“We’ll see,” she said softly, patting his arm and easing the door closed in his eager face.

“Sure, anytime! Just call the store and ask for Franky. My name’s Franky! Just ask for Franky!”

“O.K., Franky. Good night now,” she said finally, closing the door all the way and leaning back against it with a cute smile, waiting for Bobby’s and Tommy’s opinion on her ability, wanting their enthused cocks banging into her now as her reward.

“That was fantastic!” Bobby gushed, stepping quickly into the room naked and hard ahead of Tommy. “You handled that just great,” he congratulated, ripping the bag from the bottle and holding it over his head in salute. “This calls for a celebration!”

“Beautiful! Just beautiful!” Tommy cried, rushing to Paulette and lifting her in a giant bear hug and spinning her around the room as he shouted, “We got the best little head-giver in the whole world right here! Beautiful! You did fantastic!”

She smiled and laughed with them, enjoying their attention and boyish charm, letting Tommy carry her into the small kitchen and sit her on the table.

“Toast! Toast!” Bobby shouted, quickly getting three glasses from the cabinet over the sink.

Tommy quickly kissed her cheek. “Great show!” he lauded happily, accepting a drink from Bobby and holding it out before him, clinking jubilantly with Paulette, then with Bobby. “To the greatest little cocksucker in the world!”

“Right!” Bobby shouted drunkenly, clinking glasses with them. “To the best and hardest-working little cocksucker in the world!”

She blushed profusely, clearly embarrassed by their compliments, but loving it, eager to have them say it again, call her a cocksucker, a whore, a drinker of cum, anything at all, she thought, seeing their rigid cocks and knowing they would be in her in just minutes. Then, the aching in her hot loins too much to bear alone, she shouted suddenly, “Yes! I am the best! Bring on the biggest and the best and I’ll make ’em come like they never came before!”

“Bravo! Bravo!” Bobby yelled, throwing back his drink.

“That’s the spirit! Only the best is good enough for us!” Tommy cried ecstatically, downing the dark liquid in the bottom of his glass in one swallow.

“More! More!” Bobby shouted, bringing the bottle to the table and hurriedly filling their glasses.

“Anything at all for the two men in my life!”

“More! More!” they chimed, quickly finishing off their drinks with Paulette. “Tell us more!”

“I am the best! The greatest blow-job in the entire world!” And getting into her role, she jumped to her feet on the table and imitated the Statue of Liberty, pretending she was holding a torch and standing very solemnly and proud as she said, “Bring me your weak, your poor, your unending masses and I will blow them all!” She giggled wildly before throwing back her drink and lowering it for a refill. “Just bring ’em! I can handle ’em!”

“Great! Great!” they shouted, beginning to clap their hands in approval.

She bowed low in smug response to their clapping, thanking them for their tribute.

“Turn around and bow!” Tommy yelled, still clapping his hands and laughing at her theatrics.

She turned quickly and bowed full over, proudly showing her two precious holes to them in voluntary response to any order that would bring her closer to their two hard cocks.

“Lower! More!” they shouted.

“Grab your ankles!” Bobby roared drunkenly, and taking a fiery pull from his drink he swallowed and stepped close, pressing his face against her open cunt.

“Good show, Bobby!” Tommy laughed, playfully slapping him on the shoulder and urging him on. “More! Eat it all! Lick it!”

The alcohol dizzied her as she held her widespread ankles and Bobby’s searching tongue ignited her sodden pussy in a burst of feminine desire that swept through her like a forest fire, setting off a clamoring of mighty bells that echoed and vibrated in her throbbing vagina as his strong tongue licked and probed into the soft folds of her wildly shaking cunt.

“Bravo! Bravo!” Tommy was shouting as he quickly filled the glasses all around, watching as Bobby sank his eager face into her silken muff as if he were starving. And feeling the blood boiling in his loose balls, he threw back his drink and quickly left the room, returning in a moment with a blanket under his arm and the familiar jar of Vaseline in his huge hand. He watched eagerly, his huge cock pounding deliciously, yet not wanting to disturb them, caught in the throes of his passion by his friendship for Bobby and his friend’s obvious enjoyment of Paulette’s hot snatch. Then friendship aside, still watching Bobby eating her wide hole, he rapidly greased his long hard cock and roared, “Enough, you hungry maniac! Have a drink! Then we’ll ball this little girl until she cries!”

Bobby reluctantly pulled his face from her glistening gash, and with Tommy’s help spread the blanket on the table under Paulette’s feet.

“Give me cock!” she cried, staring down at their waving phalluses. “Oh God! Give me all of it!” she begged. “I need to be filled with hard cock! For God’s sake, hurry!”

Bobby nodded eagerly to Tommy. “Let’s give her a double dose!”

“Right! I want some more of that tender ass of hers!”

“Dear God! Don’t talk about it! Fuck me!” she wailed crazily, grabbing her own tits in silent rage at their slowness. She rolled her nipples and squeezed the soft flesh, nearly berserk with lust, her hot cunt screaming its horny message to her fevered brain. “Make me cry with those huge cocks! For the love of God put those cocks into me!”

Bobby quickly spread himself on the table beneath her, his rigid tool swaying monstrously above him as she roughly and unstoppably placed her feet on either side of him.

She couldn’t wait! “I need that cock of yours in me!” she gushed excitedly, squatting down so the lips of her open cunt barely touched his broad cock head. “I want all of it!” she wailed, sliding down on his throbbing manhood and forcing all of it into her with one hard push, engulfing his entire tool from tip to base in the velvety glove of her fiery cunt.

She gasped and sputtered with wide-eyed gratitude as the length of his mighty tool pierced her completely, stretching and filling her with incomparable ecstasy, stuffing her desperate vagina with a lovely, hard, pulsating, eight-inch cock, making her gasp at the sudden length of it in her quivering thankful box.

“God, she’s hot!” Bobby cried, feeling her steaming sheath surround and hold his glorious cock, clutching it softly in her gripping cunt. Then wildly, feeling the silken lining of her fiery hole clinging lovingly to the entire length of him, he frantically grabbed her proud tits and pulled her down on top of him, bending her with his hard tool wedged into her soft belly and exposing her open and tight asshole for Tommy to cram-fill with hot cock as he reamed her furry muff.

Tommy quickly straddled Bobby’s legs, approaching her glistening pink ring with mad lust, pressing the huge knob of his manhood against the inviting target of her asshole. He saw Bobby’s cock buried to the hilt in her gaping hole, stretching her shaking pussy lips around the base of his noble shaft.

“Jesus! I need this! Fill me!” she begged shamelessly. “Put it in so far I taste it! Fuck me Bobby! Stuff my ass full, Tommy! Cram that cock of yours into me! Kill me with it! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she wailed, arching her back and feeling Bobby’s hard prick ripping open her hot cervix far in her belly. “Do me! Fuck me! Fuck me now!”

Tommy grabbed her shaking hips and pressed the apple-sized knob hard against her widespread asshole.

“Press harder! Ram it into me! Shove it nonstop up my ass!”

The tight pink ring fought the wide tip for a long second, pulsating maddeningly until it yielded and swallowed the huge stranger, and continued to accept and swallow the unending shaft, gobbling it to the broad base, taking it all and wanting more of the twelve inches of hard cock.

“Yes! Yes!” she cried, gripping Bobby tightly as Tommy’s raging prick entered her and entered her, pushing into her until the two huge cock heads lodged together in a gigantic ball of fiery delight far in her eager belly, filling her completely and clouding her smooth insides with a creamy mist of sweet euphoria. “I have them both! You’re both fucking me! Both of you! Oh God! I’m taking every inch of both of you!” She thrashed wildly. “Fuck me! Stroke me! Shoot your hot burning spunk into me! Pound those cocks into me!”

Tommy pistoned his massive cock in and out of her churning ass from tip to base, smashing it into her as she bounced down hard on Bobby’s hard cock again and again, loving every inch of them both with her caressing hot holes.

“Give it to me! Give me miles of hard cock!” she gasped and cried, wonderfully berserk and bouncing crazily, frantically taking everything they could give, her gripping holes squeezing life into their rock-hard poles of love.

She was drunk with lust, her squirming cunt finally satisfied around Bobby’s punishing prick, clinging and clutching and grabbing it in her hot folds. Her tight bowels wrung deliciously as Tommy’s huge rod fucked her crazed ass and pounded with screaming regularity into her fiery insides, churning her everything with wild total strokes that ignited her smoldering clitoris to a frightful pitch of complete abandon. “Fuck me more! Harder!” she shouted, tossing her head from side to side hysterically as they stroked the fires of her blazing passion with red-hot irons of hard throbbing cock.

“God! Jesus! Keep fucking me! Come in me! Come all over me! Bathe me in hot sweet cum! Drown me! Shoot far into me! Fuck me more!” She wailed nonstop, screaming crazily on their two cocks, bouncing on them, twisting on them, wildly pursuing the glowing ball of violent orgasm that blossomed through her with infinite delicate fingers, chased the elusive climax by bouncing harder, impaling herself desperately again and again as she winced through tightly clenched teeth against the torrid stroking of her open ass and clinging cunt, meeting the celestial challenge to her quivering clitoris and spearing fireballs of impending climax into her tender belly with slamming shaft of hard cock.

“Bounce! You bitch!” Bobby choked out, fighting to kindle the fires of orgasm so close in his aching balls, so near and building with each hot, full stroke of her smacking wet cunt on his throbbing rod. “Stroke me! Move! I’m going to come! Do you hear me!? I’m going to come!”

“Come! Come! Come!” she beseeched him frantically. “Please come in me! Far in my belly, Bobby! Please come in me!” She smashed her furry mound down on his eager pelvis with savage thoroughness, full-stroking him into the fiery furnace of her quaking cunt.

“You got me!” Tommy cried, slamming his cock into her tight anus, pounding his grand tool hard against the wide, soft cheeks of her thrashing ass, filling her hot rectum with merciless full strokes of his stiff cock. “I’m COMING! OPEN IT FOR ME! I’M COMING! NOW!”

The exploding wheels of spinning orgasm gripped her as she threw her hands to her ass and pulled her creamy cheeks further apart, opening herself completely to him, taking it and taking it again, all of it, feeling the gnarled knob of Tommy’s manhood gushing hot cum into her torrid bowels, pumping boiling jism into her with each great stroke of his mighty organ.

“I’M COMING YOU FANTASTIC BITCH!” Bobby gasped wildly, rearing himself cruelly and forcing more of his spunk-laden cock into her, making her take it all as gush after gush of cum flooded her trembling cervix far deep in her greedy belly.

“FUCK ME! GOD! YES! ALL OF IT!” she wailed in a high cracked voice, feeling her insides scalded with glorious waves of hot cum as they pumped and pistoned into her quaking holes. “I’M COMING! I’M COMING WITH BOTH OF YOU! FUCK ME MORE!” Tears of ecstatic bliss rolled from her shining unseeing eyes as rocket after rocket burst in showering orgasm around the two cocks creaming inside her, blasting her with white-hot spunk as she fought out the shattering climaxes deep in her demanding belly, bringing them with her on the roller coaster ride of burning explosions rocketing through her.



“That was the best booze I ever had,” Bobby said, propping the pillows more comfortably behind him on the wide double bed.

“Great booze,” Tommy agreed, taking a long sip from his drink and setting the glass on the night-stand. “How does that sweet cunt of yours feel now?” he asked Paulette. “And that superb asshole of yours too?”

She took her mouth from Tommy’s huge prick and said, “They have never felt better! I want both of you to do me again! I love it!”

“Well, don’t you worry your pretty little head about that,” he assured her. “You just keep right on sucking that big prick of mine and I know for a fact that you are going to be poked by me again! What about you, Bobby?”

“You can bet on that! But she better bring that hot head of hers over here and work on this!” He took his dick in his hand and waved it at her. “Make this hard for me, honey!”

“That’s what I do best,” she gushed, crawling out from between Tommy’s widespread legs.

“Oh, no you don’t!” Tommy ordered, grabbing her arm. “You aren’t going to leave me for him!”

She looked back and forth between them, her face a picture of worry. “How can I do both at the same time?” she asked, perplexed.

“You ought to call a girlfriend and have her come over and take care of one of them,” Tommy told her. “I could use some strange head,” he teased.

“Oh no,” she pouted. “No one else is getting these two magnificent cocks so long as I’m around!”

They grinned at her outright love of sex, Tommy taking another long pull at his drink, keeping his eyes on her nakedness, enjoying her ripe tits and trim body, watching her stare confusedly from his dick to Bobby’s, wondering which hard tool to suck first. Bobby glanced over at Tommy’s twelve-inch cock and said with open challenge, “I wonder if her tight pussy could handle that horse cock of yours?”

“Sure she could, couldn’t you, Paulette?”

Paulette’s eyes went wide as she imagined his huge tool plumbing her fiery box, probing her very depths with his three-inch wide cockhead.

“Do you think,” Bobby asked slowly, “she could sit on it and take it all with one stroke like she did with my mere eight inches? Just slide right down on it all at once?”

“Sure she could,” Tommy teased.

She stared at his cock for a moment longer, then swallowed tightly and said warily, “If you let me get the head in I could probably do it, I think.”

“Well, we’ll see!” Bobby said quickly, pushing her over so her face was on Tommy’s rigid cock and pulling up her legs so her open gash stared invitingly at him. “I’ll just eat her a little bit to get her warmed up, then we’ll see if she can do it!”

“Goddamn,” Tommy said, watching as Bobby pressed his eager mouth to her furry cunt lips and drove his tongue into her. “You sure do like to eat pussy, huh?”

“I love it!” he mumbled, slashing his ruby tongue back and forth over her scarlet labia.

“Oh God! I love it too!” Paulette moaned, opening her legs further to expose her hard little clitoris to his soft probings. “Do my clit! Bite it! Chew on it! Make me crazy with desire!” She groaned against Tommy’s hard cock, kissing it frantically and lapping at its broad head, then doing the length of it with her hot tongue, sliding on it, caressing it lovingly with her knowing mouth, wanting it at its biggest and best before taking it into her welcoming cunt.

“That’s the baby,” Tommy cooed. “Suck the tip. Yes! Make it real hard so I can get far into that tight little pussy of yours!”

“Yes! Yes! Anything you want!” She sped her cherry lips along it, loving it every way she knew how, even licking his precious balls as she made wild erotic love to his gargantuan shaft, feeling the life of it throbbing in her hands and against her fiery mouth, knowing it was hers to have, to fuck, to take in one huge unending stroke. Her smoldering cunt screamed its needy message to her brain as Bobby whipped her rigid little button with long hard strokes of his burning tongue, lashing desire far into her open pussy and up into her churning belly, mixing her desire with savage need as her vagina trembled with raging urgency for a long hard cock, all the long hard cock she could get!

“Get it good and wet,” Tommy told her, squeezing her luscious melons in his huge hands.

“Oh God!” she breathed. “I’m ready! I want it! I want all of it in me!”

Bobby gave a few last long licks at her quivering nub and gave it a lingering kiss, nudging it back and forth between his lips before pulling his mouth from her delicious hole and saying with pride, “She’s ready as she’ll ever be!”

“Give it to me! I want it now!” she wailed, quickly straddling herself wide and open over Tommy’s waist, her delicate pussy pulled taut between her eagerly spread thighs, frantically wanting the huge cock head in her. “Let me fuck it!” she begged. “Let me take it all! Please! I’ll do it all by myself! I need that big cock of yours in me!”

“Put the tip in you!” he hollered hornily, bringing his massive cock head to her tender pussy. “Put it in you!”

She moved back eagerly, meeting the broad tip with her moist cunt lips, feeling it nudge hugely against her like a mighty fist, confusing her scalding slit with its bigness.

“Get the tip in you!” Bobby ordered, getting to his feet beside her. “Take the head in your tight cunt! “We’ll see if you can do it!” He stepped across Tommy’s body and forced her head up, keeping her back straight as he pressed his long throbbing cock into her face. “Suck it!” he ordered.

Gladly, eagerly, loving her position, she forced his hard shining rod into her hot mouth, sucking it crazily as she pressed down hard on Tommy’s bulbous cock head, feeling it wonderfully parting her trembling cunt, stretching her scarlet hole to the limit, and then stretching it more as her quivering lips finally slipped over the hard knob of manhood. She groaned with ecstatic satisfaction, laving Bobby’s tool with her wild mouth, swirling her tongue over the powerful tip in glorious accomplishment, forgetting her agonized cunt and what was to plunge into her as she worked and milked Bobby’s pulsating prick further into her hot mouth, forcing it into her needy throat with the same frenzy with which she was going to force Tommy’s cock into her widely stretched furry box, all the way into her, deep into her soft hot belly, to the heart of her being.

“God! She can suck a dick!” Bobby exclaimed, taking her churning head in his hands and cramming more of his throbbing cock into her waiting mouth. “Suck on it! Suck it hard!” he ordered passionately, feeling his prick lodged in her silken throat.

Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! she thought wildly, fondling Bobby’s balls and caressing his smooth ass with her hand, pulling him forward, further into her wet mouth. I love it! I love it! I love it! she cried silently, wanting to taste his cum, wanting his fiery jism to shoot over her soft tongue and into her hot throat.

“Get it! Take it now! Take it all!” Tommy shouted hornily.

“Take it now!” Bobby hollered, holding her sucking mouth flush against his loins, making her take it all.

She bobbed her head, nodding, taking a deep breath, building herself up through a series of lightning flashes that seared her cringing cunt to impale herself completely on the giant stake. She gobbled furiously at the dick in her mouth as she arched her back and raised her frightened hole, shaking with agonizing fear over the broad tip of Tommy’s monumental manhood, psyching herself to fever pitch, sucking, cringing, lapping at the long cock in her mouth as her empty vagina hammered at her soul, demanding to be crammed full, to be speared with burning hard cock.

“Now! Goddamnit! All of it!” Bobby ordered, feeling his balls vibrating heavily with their full load of hot cum. “Now!”

“Now!” Tommy repeated in a roar, his tight stomach a queasy gathering of rosy desire. “Do it! Make me COME!”

She drew in a deep breath, hesitating for only a moment, then came down with all her might, cramming inch after wide hard inch into her, spearing her stomach completely full and taking more and still more of the unending cock, taking it all until the furious furry lips of her cunt tightened reflexively around the very base of his magnificent stem.

“She’s got it all!” Tommy cried, raising his hips and forcing another inch into her hot belly. “She’s beautiful! She’s got it all in that tight cunt of hers!”

Her cunt ached savagely and her stomach burned at the sudden hot intrusion of his enormous cock head, protesting around it like a grabbing velvet glove trying to force it out, to rid herself of the branding iron deep inside her. But she stayed on it, keeping it all in her, keeping her protesting cunt lips around the base, holding it all in her as she dominated her body with the violent throes of unlimited passion.

“Stroke it, you amazing bitch!” Tommy roared. “Stroke it! Stroke it all!”

“Suck my dick!” Bobby cried. “Suck it like you have never sucked a dick before!”

Her tongue floated over Bobby’s hard knob with fevered softness, teasing from him the fiery spunk she wanted desperately as she forced herself rapidly up and down on the broad shaft opening her belly with each blazing stroke.

Her clitoris hammered incessantly as she thought of the two horrendous cocks tearing into her. She gave her all to each of them, sliding her scalding pussy on Tommy’s rock-hard foot of cock, pounding the echoing drums of her throbbing clitoris as the first spasms of blissful delight darted through her tiny nub like a thousand hot fingers squeezing and pulling at her frenzied cunt, racking the pulsating button of her very existence with the merciless ecstasy of orgasm.

“I’M GOING TO COME IN YOUR THROAT!” Bobby roared. “SUCK IT FOR ALL YOU’RE WORTH! MAKE ME COME!!!” He grabbed her hair and pulled her onto him savagely, pushing into her throat with mad glee as he felt the dam bursting behind his balls.

“MOVE! YOU SCUM-SUCKING! BITCH! WHORE!” Tommy shouted uncontrollably, his fingers digging into her soft hips and bouncing her cruelly on his huge cock, making her take it all, from tip to base, with each scorching stroke.

Her clinging pussy was screaming its release around the bulbous knob of gushing manhood for deep in her creamy insides, accepting the terrible stranger with lust-crazed greed. Her churning belly rebelled gloriously, sending wrenching spasms of rocketing pleasure through her with each mighty stroke into her frantic furnace. Her mouth worked the jetting tip of Bobby’s cock, drinking his charging cum with a wild milking of her coral lips, demanding more, always more spurting jism onto her swirling tongue as the flaming arrows of climax ravished her in a brilliant starburst of unequalled orgasm. Her body rocked uncontrollably on the two cocks pumping white-hot cum into her, searing her insides with a fiery bath of boiling cum and shooting flood after flood of maddening sweetness into her trembling mouth, drowning her and scalding her with an infinite rushing of hammering drums as she gave herself up to the final rasping of blinding climax, coming and coming on the two cocks stoking the coals of her being into an inferno of spinning unconsciousness.


“I think she is coming around now,” Tommy said, patting her cheek. “It was just a faint.”

“She had me scared there for a minute,” Bobby chimed.

“What-what happened,” Paulette asked groggily, finding herself lying back against the pillows and Bobby and Tommy hovering protectively above her. “What happened?” she repeated nervously.

“Just take it easy,” Tommy soothed. “You just fainted, that’s all.”

“Yeah, you were thrashing wildly while you were coming, and then you just passed out,” Bobby explained.

“Ah … I remember now.” She smiled sheepishly at the both of them, her eyes soft with embarrassment. “I didn’t mean to-”

“Don’t apologize,” Bobby said quickly. “We loved it. We never had a girl faint on us before. You were wild and fantastic!”

“You were great,” Tommy agreed.

“Oh no,” she argued. “You two are the great ones! My poor pussy and my mouth were in heaven! And my insides are still rosy and warm!”

They acknowledged her fiery tribute with broad grins, letting their eyes feast on her soft lovely nakedness.

“How are you feeling now?” Bobby asked, taking in her gentle contours from her shapely ankles, up her sculptured white thighs to her silken triangle, then up to her firm rosy-tipped breasts, feeling a familiar throb at the base of his prick.

She caught him staring hornily at her and smiled her response. “Don’t worry about me. I can take whatever you dish out.” She smiled impishly up at him, then stretched like a cat, sensuous and lithe as she pressed her delicate thin arms far over her head, exposing herself to him in direct challenge. “But if you can’t take the pressure, I’ll understand.”

“Oh-ho-ho,” Bobby said, grinning. “That sounds like a challenge if I ever heard one.”

“I think that little lady needs to be taught a little respect,” Tommy said, gently squeezing one of her ripe breasts before continuing. “I don’t know about you, Bobby, but my weapon is all set to fire another round!”

“Never let it be said,” Bobby quipped, “that I couldn’t pull my end of the wagon.” He took his cock in hand and aimed it at Paulette. “Anytime you feel up to it I have something for you!”

“I feel up to it! I feel up to it!” she gushed, spreading herself wide on the bed.

“Ya know what she needs?” Tommy said with a knowing nod, cupping her elegant cunt in one huge hand and looking around the room. “She needs the old desk treatment.”

“Right!” Bobby agreed immediately, letting go of his hard cock eyeing the small dresser. “We could use the dresser!” he said excitedly.

“What about the dresser? What desk treatment?” she asked nervously.

“You just never mind about that for a while,” Tommy said, slowly straddling her chest with his knees and hanging his huge cock in her face. “You take care of this while Bobby prepares the equipment!”

“Oh Lordy! What have I let myself in for?” she squealed happily, knowing they were going to slide their big cocks into her again. Her cunt began its ritual pounding as she concentrated on the huge purple knob only inches from her moist lips, studying it, knowing the joy it provided her tight cunt and sweet ass. She brought her warm hands to it and stroked it slowly before bringing the royal cockhead to her lips, mouthing it with open delight for long delicious seconds before forcing it between her coral lips and into her warm mouth.

“That’s the baby. Do what you do best,” Tommy cooed, feeling his massive tool throbbing to exquisite hardness in her sucking mouth, seeing her closed eyes and pretty face in the throes of rhapsodic bliss as his cock wedged further along her swirling tongue.

Bobby cleared off the dresser and moved it away from the wall, feeling his prick bulge excitedly at the prospect of having Paulette, so soft and sweet, laid across it, her young cunt and hot mouth open and waiting for two hard cocks. He quickly spread a blanket over the dresser and stepped back, admiring his work, masochistically teasing his frenzied prick for eternal seconds as he imagined her squirming and wiggling, skewering herself on their lust-filled pricks.

He stepped over to the bed and looked down at her furiously sucking face, seeing her working over Tommy’s huge shaft with both small hands and swirling her ruby tongue over the broad cock head, making erotic and needy love to his big glorious prick. Bobby’s balls echoed their tingling desire as he watched, his dick straight out and throbbing with passion. Then, jealous that his hard cock wasn’t receiving the same treatment, he said, “Hey. What about me?” Paulette opened her eyes and tried to smile around the gigantic knob of male flesh in her wide mouth, telling Bobby she wanted to help him take care of his rigid pole, do for him anything and everything he wanted. She snaked a hand out from beneath Tommy and found his hard manhood, stroking it lovingly and keeping her shining eyes on him as she bobbed and sucked the dick in her mouth, feeling their combined hardnesses and a fiery yearning deep in her cunt.

“C’mon Tommy,” Bobby complained. “I have the dresser ready.”

“O.K. Just let me watch for a few more seconds. She is the greatest little cocksucker I have ever had!”

She bobbed and wrestled with his big veined prick, sucking it, licking it, laving it with her curling tongue, proving over and over she loved to suck dick, any dick, and that she was the best at it!

“C’mon!” Bobby said impatiently. “I want some of that hot head!”

“O.K. O.K.,” Tommy grumbled, pulling his dick from her mouth with a loud smack and helping her from the bed. “I want some of that tight pussy anyway!”

She stood unsteadily on her feet, a bit woozy from the sudden movement, but she held on to their two hard cocks as she assembled her burning senses and saw the blanket draped over the dresser. “I don’t know what you want me to do,” she said excitedly, “but whatever it is I’m a willing volunteer so long as I get your two huge cocks in me again!”

Bobby led her to the dresser, cupping her ass along the way and letting his fingers travel the length of her smooth crack. “Just lie down, baby,” he directed, “and Tommy and I will take care of the rest.”

She was unsure; her cunt ached savagely and her mouth watered with anticipation, but she didn’t know exactly what they wanted her to do. “On my stomach?” she asked in a little girl’s voice, hoping Tommy would ream her fevered ass again, would shove his hard huge cock deep into her bowels while she sucked off Bobby, brought him to burning climax deep in her mouth.

“No, baby,” Tommy told her, patting the blanket. “Just lie right down here on your back,” he directed easily, helping her up on the dresser and into a sitting position before lowering her gently into Bobby’s waiting hands. “We’re going to get some wide-open pussy and some wide-open throat!”

Bobby eased her down so her shoulders were on the table and her head was hanging freely off the edge. “I’m going all the way down your throat!” he told her, leaving no room for doubt as to his intentions as he grabbed her thin wrists and held her hands over her head at his sides. “All the way!” he repeated hotly.

“And me,” Tommy joined in, taking an ankle in each hand, “I’m going to get into that tight little cunt of yours until Bobby and I meet in the middle!”

“Oh! Please be easy!” she cried, feeling her legs lifted and spread wide as Tommy stretched her ankles far apart.

“You wanted it and now you are going to get it!” Bobby roared sternly. “Put that head back and open that hot mouth of yours! You’re going to suck the whole thing!”

Her eyes bugged wildly and her cunt screamed silently as she felt Tommy’s huge cock head pressing against her gaping hole. She lowered her head and opened her mouth obediently, seeing Bobby’s full glowing manhood, and without hesitation she accepted his beautiful purple dick head into her waiting mouth, swooning at the taste of delicious cock meat.

Tommy pulled her tortured ankles even further apart, opening her scarlet slit completely, seeing her creamy white thighs quivering with anticipation as he pushed his huge cock head into her without warning, forcing her softly pouting cunt lips to accept the rampant intruder and close silkenly around the broad shaft with her woman’s heat.

She moaned loudly around Bobby’s dick and squirmed her milk-white ass, trying to get more of Tommy’s dick into her, wiggling, opening, clutching for more glorious cock to stroke the fiery furnace of her hot cunt.

“She’s a greedy little bitch!” Tommy said, easing another three inches into her and hearing her moan loudly again. Then wanting to share equally the young fruits of her body with Bobby, to come with him together in her captured holes, he asked breathlessly, “How’s that wonderful mouth of hers? You got it full yet?”

“The bitch has half of it. But she’s gonna get it all!” he promised with maddening conviction. “Every fucking inch!”

“Get your cock into her all the way and I’ll give her this one the way she likes it-hard and fast!”

“Take it!” Bobby ordered hoarsely. “My balls are boiling for a place to shoot my hot cum!”

She felt their grips tighten on her wrists and ankles and knew she was powerless to stop them from doing whatever they wanted to her young body. They could force their cocks into her any way they pleased, she told herself eagerly, and all I could do is accept it, accommodate their throbbing tools however they use me. Her clitoris clamored violently at her bondage, knowing she was going to be fucked from both ends, knowing they would shoot their scalding jism into her, deep into her throat and belly.

“Open wide!” Bobby ordered. “I want my rod in your throat! OPEN! Open that wonderful mouth of yours and take it all!”

Yes! Yes! Yes! she thought wildly, jacking her jaws wide and feeling Bobby’s bulbous cock head entering her hungry throat as he sent inch after hard inch sliding smoothly over her tongue until the knob of his rigid manhood lodged wildly in her neck.

“God! She’s got it all! She’s got it all in her hot mouth!” Bobby yelled triumphantly, beginning to stroke her, driving his throbbing rod in and out of her twisting throat, banging his balls into her face with each fiery stroke.

My God! she quivered uncontrollably, tossing her head from side to side as she repeatedly accepted the arrow of his passion into her as she had never accepted anything in her life before. It thrilled her. It chilled her. Her mind whirled with carnal vivid images as her trapped body squirmed and wiggled and shook as her love of cock kindled the simmering flames of her sex, igniting the fiery beginnings of orgasm deep in her wide-open cunt.

Tommy didn’t wait. His balls ached with longing. Her perfect pink cunt grabbed insatiably at his shaft, pulling him far into the furry glove. He pushed her ankles apart as far as his hands could reach and crammed his throbbing cock into her completely defenseless belly, feeling his glowing cock head slam into the soft folds of her gripping stomach. He stayed this way for long seconds, grinding his hairy pelvis against the soft lips of her cunt, making certain she had it all in her, feeling her stomach clutch violently at it, and twist on his hard manhood with uncontrollable lust, loving every inch of him before he pulled back and crammed her desperately cringing cunt full again.

She threw her head back and forth, taking it all from both ends, loving her arms and legs being held wide in their powerful grips, burning her mind with angry red flashes of orgasm as the cocks slid into her without stop again and again. Come! Come! Come! she wanted to cry, needing their hot juices to feed the fires of her lust, wanting to swallow it and have it scald the delicate lining of her heaving belly.

“I’M GOING TO COME IN YOU!” Bobby yelled, throwing his arms wide and jamming his cock into her eager hot mouth. “I’M GOING TO COME IN YOUR THROAT!” He slammed wildly at her unprotected face, driving his gushing cock in and out of her wet mouth. “TAKE IT ALL! I’M COMMMMMMING!”

Tommy’s dam of sizzling sperm broke and he pounded his terrible hard cock into her defenseless cunt. “I’M COMING TOO! COMING IN YOUR SWEET BELLY! FUCK! YOU BITCH!” he groaned and hollered, straining every muscle in his body as he penetrated her juicy pussy with his creaming lance.

Her orgasm flowered like a brilliant flame. Her nipples burned beautifully and her full tummy glowed gorgeously red as the irresistible flight took her higher and higher, burning and singeing and scalding her insides with a free soaring blade of magical colors and pounding reverberations. She milked Bobby’s cock for heavenly hot cum, lubricating the sides of her sexuality for Tommy to travel her velvety road through the thrashing throes of complete and shattering orgasm deep deep deep in her rolling belly.


The moon streamed its orange brilliance into the little house, brightening it and showing up its well-kept cuteness. Outside a car passed. An owl whooed a happy greeting to the first gray fingers of dawn, and in the bathroom Paulette was on her knees between Bobby and Tommy, the silver shower spray dancing lightly across their naked bodies.

She worked with a loving thoroughness, soaping Tommy’s long cock and balls to a frothy lather, thrilling at the huge slippery prick as she ran her hands over the smooth length of it, letting the thick rod slide through her fingers many times before turning her face back to Bobby and closing her soft lips over the hard shining head of his cock.

“I want some more of that pretty little asshole of yours,” Tommy said, watching as she stroked his cock with both hands, her head turned away from him and bobbing slowly on Bobby’s rigid tool. And seeing no response from her, he said, “Do you hear me, you tight little cunt?”

She nodded Yes, not wanting to take Bobby’s hot rod from her mouth for even a second to answer. She squeezed Tommy’s hard prick with both hands, telling him with her fingers that she wanted him, was eager to have him far in her tender rectum.

“This is a great way to shower, huh Tommy?” Bobby said, relaxing against the shower wall and letting her have her way with his manhood, feeling her tongue softly laving the knob of his being. “We should do this more often.” He laughed as he saw Paulette bobbing her head furiously in response to his suggestion. Then, being serious, he said fondly, “Yeah, baby, you’ve come a long way. I think my little whore is terrific!” He let his hand drop to her churning head and patted her affectionately. “And do you know what would really turn me on?” He waited until she brought her eager brown eyes up to his, then continued. “I’d like to see you play with yourself. Take one of your hands from Tommy’s prick and finger yourself as you blow me.”

Her cunt quickly buzzed with excitement, but her hand refused to move. She wanted desperately to touch her swollen button, rub it fiercely as she sucked his hot cock, stir the cauldron of her passion, but doing it in front of someone-two men!

“I think she’s getting shy again,” Tommy said, turning so the water ran on his cock, rinsing away the soap. “What do you think, Bobby? I think we should bring this shy little girl into the bedroom.”

She heard him loud and clear. A sweet serenade coursed through her body at the words. She bobbed her head excitedly, telling them she would like nothing better than for them to take this shy little girl into the bedroom. Then feeling the tingling spray stop as Tommy turned off the shower, she released Bobby’s wonderful cock from her mouth and got quickly to her feet. “Last one to the bed and in me is a rotten egg!” she challenged, stepping out of the tub and rushing soaking wet to the bedroom.

They were right behind her, seeing her glistening ass leading the way, luring them on with her playfulness and ready acceptance of more sexual games. She flung herself onto the bed and lay herself out wantonly spread-eagled, her hands and ankles wide.

“Come and get whatever you want,” she giggled.

“Wait a minute,” Bobby stopped them at the foot of the bed so they could feast on her lovely nakedness. “I want to know why she didn’t finger herself in the tub when I told her to.”

“Ah … ” Tommy agreed. “You’re right. I think she should show us how she gets along when there are no men around.”

“But I have two men around,” she protested. “Two hard handsome men in fact!” She smiled impishly and spread her legs wider, exposing her gleaming pink labia through the soft furry screen of her wide cunt, brazenly showing them everything she owned as she slowly raised her knees, challenging them with her eagerness, watching their stiff cocks and wondering which one would be the first into her raging quim, hoping they would forget about wanting her to finger herself. And seeing neither of them was making a move toward her, she pulled herself up and crawled down the foot of the bed, resting on her knees before them, holding their steaming cocks in her hands. “Now who is it going to be?” she asked cutely, gently stroking them. “Which one of these hard cocks do I get first?”

Bobby smiled broadly and quickly winked at Tommy. “I’m suddenly hungry,” he said.

“I’ll cook for you in a little while,” she said quickly, looking up at them with pleading brown eyes. “I’ll cook anything your little heart’s desire. But let me take care of these two beautiful pricks first.” She bent hurriedly and kissed Bobby’s royal knob, then Tommy’s, feeling the soft red yearning deep in her belly as her clitoris pulsated wildly between the ruby lips of her cunt. “Fill me with hard cock just one more time,” she pleaded. “Then I’ll prepare you each a big steak to get your strength back. Please?”

“I don’t want a steak,” Bobby said stiffly, continuing the game he and Tommy were playing. “How about you, Tommy? Do you want a steak?”

“Nah. I could go for some hog back, or squirrel chittlins.” He looked up at the ceiling with sheer delight, thinking for a long moment, then licked his lips and said, “Or how ’bout a huge Mazola sandwich?”

“Good idea!” Bobby exclaimed, smiling as if the thought were Tommy’s alone. “I haven’t had a Mazola sandwich since Judy Connors made one for us!”

“A Mazola sandwich?”

They acted shocked that she didn’t know what a Mazola sandwich was. Then Tommy asked, “Do you want to make a Mazola sandwich for us?”

“Well-sure-but … How can you eat something like that? Yeeck!”

“Taste is in the mouth of the beholder,” Bobby grinned, taking her hand from his hard rigid tool and helping her from the bed.

“I bet she’s gonna make a good sandwich,” Tommy said, stepping beside her and cupping a warm cheek of her ass.

“I agree completely,” Bobby smiled, cupping the other cheek of her ass and leading the trio out of the bedroom.

Paulette felt herself being led down the dim hall as they walked close beside her, one on each side, holding her hands and kneading the rich flesh of her shifting ass.

“She’s got a great bottom on her!” Tommy said with feeling, letting his fingers travel the length of her superb crack, feeling the soft hair of her cunt on his fingers for a long moment before slipping his fingers into the soft cleavage of her undulating behind.

“Best little broad we ever had,” Bobby agreed, squeezing a handful of her fanny in his strong fingers. “Now if she can only cook!”

“What’s there to making a sandwich?” she asked naively, watching their hard cocks bobbing with each step and feeling a newfound excitement in the hot regions of her rectum, wanting a spearing cock in her bottom to drown the fires of her smoldering passion with pumping cum. “Anybody can make a sandwich!”

“We’ll just see about that,” Bobby said guardedly, liking her anxious desire to please them.

Tommy teased her like a no-account whore and she loved it. “We know you like to fuck and really love to have a hard dick in your sweet mouth, but can you do the other things that are so important to a relationship? Can you fuck and suck all day and still have the strength to prepare a nutritious meal for your men? That’s the question!” He patted her playfully on the fanny when she didn’t answer right away.

Bobby patted her other cheek, letting her enter the kitchen ahead of them.

She wasn’t sure. She looked at them expectantly. “Just a Mazola sandwich?” she asked confusedly, thinking the idea for the terrible-sounding sandwich must have come from their college days when that girl, Judy Connors, made it for them. And for some unaccountable reason she was jealous of the girl she had never seen, never even heard of before tonight! “I’ll make it for you,” she promised. “But I don’t see how anyone can eat something like that!”

They hid their smiles as she got a loaf of bread from the bread box and set it on the counter by the sink.

“I have other things,” she said in a last ditch attempt to get them to eat something better than a Mazola sandwich. “I have lettuce, tomatoes, sliced ham, baloney. I even have peanut butter and jelly if you want.” She let her helpless eyes go to their faces and saw their stark-set features and firm determination. “Right,” she said defeatedly. “Two Mazola sandwiches coming up.”

“You might try it yourself,” Tommy suggested, watching her tight bottom as she stretched to a high cupboard shelf. “It would do wonders for that perfect ass of yours.”

She didn’t understand his remark, but when she looked back over her shoulder she found they were watching her every move, studying her soft sleek figure as she pushed herself up on tiptoes, accenting the gentle contours of her firm ass and teasing them with her womanhood before stretching even further and taking the bottle of Mazola from the back of the shelf and bringing it to the table, her ruby nipples and burning cunt tingling at the closeness of their erect phalluses.

“Let me read that label,” Tommy said. “I just want to make sure they haven’t added anything to the formula since the last time we used it.”

She brought it over and handed it to him, standing closer than was necessary, needing to be close to their two hard pricks, seeing them standing at rigid attention and aimed at her blushing belly, the place she wanted them deeply buried.

“I’m a slow reader,” Tommy said, holding the bottle out before him as he pretended to read it. “And since I am doing this for all out health’s sake, I kinda figure I should be rewarded for my thoroughness and concern. Right?”

“Right!” she said quickly, lowering herself to her knees before him and taking his huge tool in her hands.

“Hold it!” Bobby grumbled. “I want some loving too!”

“Awww,” she teased. “Does Bobby feel left out?” She took his tool in her hand and brought him closer so he and Tommy were standing side by side, their stiff cocks aimed at her face. “Paulette will make you feel all better,” she promised, bringing her lips to Bobby’s glowing red cock head and stuffing it hotly in her mouth.

“Me too!” Tommy whined, watching her bobbing head and swaying tits, seeing the firm fullness of her breasts so hard and taut and delicious.

She backed off Bobby’s swollen prick and switched quickly to Tommy’s, sliding her mouth over his bulbous tip with practiced ease, comparing the tastes on her curling tongue for a few brief seconds before switching back to Bobby, then back to Tommy. She teased them both, sucking their hard cocks one after the other, enjoying their manhood’s with a savage glee; suck one, suck the other, pleasing them both with her mouth and hands for ecstatic minutes in her wonderful kneeling position of servitude, stroking their strong cocks as she gloried in her role of slave, servant, her back straight, her nipples tingling, and her fiery cunt clamoring to be crammed full of raging prick, being used and using them, feeling her sex pounding furiously in her fevered bottom.

“Wow!” Tommy said, stopping her delightful mouth, waiting for her to sit back on her ankles and look up at him. “You’re making my dick feel too good! We better have a Mazola sandwich before I shoot my wad in that hungry mouth of yours.”

“You can come in my mouth,” she said sweetly, stroking his cock with her soft hand. “Then I could fix your sandwich.”

“She’s beautiful, ain’t she, Bobby?” Tommy laughed. “She loves to have a dick shoot off in her!” He smiled down at her, very much pleased he had found her, glad he had stumbled across her naked in Elliot Beaumont’s apartment. “She really loves to suck a dick!” he repeated in grateful astonishment.

“You two,” she smiled prettily, quickly kissing the gleaming heads of their pricks, “have made me a woman. And I love it when I have both your cocks in me. Does that make me a bad girl?” she asked shyly.

“Hell no! Not at all!” Bobby gushed, pulling her to her feet. “We love it!” he added excitedly before turning her and swatting her affectionately on the fanny. “You’re just terrific!” he said happily, then told Tommy, “Why don’t you take this little nymph into the bedroom while I bring the sandwich makings.”

Tommy threw his arm around her shoulders and dangled his hand over her soft breast. “You heard what the man said, baby. Grab a hold of my prick and stroke it as we take that long slow stroll to the bedroom.” He smiled as she complied, delicately wrapping her fingers around the thick shaft, but her eyes watched Bobby. “Oh-ho-ho!” he laughed. “She’s worried I’m going to ball her all by myself!”

“She’s spoiled,” Bobby laughed. “She wants us both in her tight little holes, huh baby?” He playfully grabbed her cunt and slid a fast finger through the pouting lips.

“Oh, you two!” she giggled. “A girl can’t have any secrets with you two!”

“Her cunt’s all wet already!” Bobby grinned, teasing her and liking the maidenly blush tingling her cheeks. He flicked a gentle finger across her rigid clitoris to bring her to the peak of desire, then went abruptly to the table and rolled up the flowery print tablecloth and tucked it securely under his arm before returning to them. “We’ll have the sandwich in bed!” he said easily, cupping her soft behind as before and cutting off any questions she might have had by slipping his fingers into her velvety crack and gently massaging her tight bum-hole, forcing her to prance wildly between them to escape the tickling fingers.

She tittered and giggled, holding their two pricks as she teetered on tiptoes between them, completely forgetting any questions she might have had as her threatened asshole clamped itself tightly shut against any intrusion into her smooth rectum. Her erratic thoughts shifted lightning fast from her eager cunt to her gently fondled asshole to the two hard pricks in her hands, mixing and tumbling the wild, hot, vivid mental pictures into a delicious meal of sexual fantasy. “Bobby!” she squealed delightedly. “Stop!” But she didn’t want him to stop. She wanted something hot in her squirming bottomless ass, something that would ram deep into her soft belly and scald its screaming message in a glorious burst of gushing jism far in her willing fanny.

They entered the bedroom and Bobby said with a wink to Tommy, “You hold her here while I spread the tablecloth on the table. I would hate to get crumbs around!”

Tommy laughed, pulling her to him so she was flush up against him, her pretty tits pressed flat against his hairy chest.

Paulette held Tommy’s prick with both hands now, watching over her shoulder as Bobby spread the tablecloth on the bed. “What are you doing?” she asked excitedly, her large brown eyes dancing with expectation.

“Just fixing a place where we can enjoy our sandwich,” he said innocently, winking at her as he smoothed the corners flat, then came up behind her and took the bottle of Mazola from Tommy’s hand, smiling craftily as she strained to see what he was going to do. “Hold onto that wild little filly, Tommy!”

“What-what are you going to do?” she gushed as Tommy’s big arms closed around her and held her powerless.

“Make sure you get that divine ass of hers,” Tommy insisted.

“I’m going to do everything she owns!” Bobby assured with a small laugh, pouring out a big handful of oil into his hand. “Everything!”

“Ahhhh!” she cried as the cold oil was smeared onto her back and down to her squirming white buttocks. “That’s COOOLLLDDD!” she shivered.

They laughed at her desperate struggles, especially Bobby as he ran his hand across her gently rounded hips, making her golden tan glisten iridescently in the full moonlight, then down to her knees and coming back up slowly and working the slick oil into her smooth skin, concentrating his kneading fingers on her splendid ass as he parted it lovingly and slipped his slick fingers between her magnificent cakes, lubricating her with the now warm oil.

“Oh yes!” she hummed delighted, beginning to space small little kisses across Tommy’s chest in appreciation of the warm hands sliding so easily and sexily over her silken derriere. “I get the idea now,” she murmured in total agreement. “Yes! Make me slippery and I’ll snake all over you two!” She pushed out her ass, wanting more of the superb message on her hot ass. “Do me good! Make me real slippery so it slides right in!”

He quickly poured out another large dollop of oil into his hand and pressed it right against her crack, bathing her asshole with the sensuous lubricant and letting his gentle fingers probe further between her now spread legs, rubbing the oil into her soft cunt. “You beautiful animal!” he breathed hotly, feeling her quivering pussy at his fingers, throbbing at his touch. Then impatient to get his hard cock into her heavenly box, he said, “C’mon Tommy! Help me do this!”

Tommy let go of her and she stood eagerly erect between them, her proud tits and tingling pussy pouting angrily at the delay.

“Put your hands above your head,” Bobby ordered, spreading the oil over her in copious amounts. “Higher!”

“God! You are built like a brick shit house!” Tommy complimented, pouring oil into his hands.

She stood on her tiptoes, her hands locked together as high as they could reach, completely open to their searching hands, loving the fact that she was the object of their sensuous attentions, knowing they were preparing her for a royal bedding.

Tommy stood beside her, letting his oily hands slide over her soft, slightly protruding stomach, spreading the impossibly superb film over her with lazy sure strokes, seeing her stretched perfect before him, his breath catching in his throat at her willing beauty before he cupped her left breast, oiling it with a maddening slowness as his other hand found the treasure trove of her high firm ass. He continued to caress her in absolute awe, treating her magnificent body with the respect he would show a priceless work of art.

“Dear God,” she whispered softly, allowing them to continue, loving the slowness, the sure feel of their hands on her, thrilling at their possession of her.

Bobby’s slick hand went to her sparsely furred mound, holding her entire cunt in his hand, feeling her wild and trembling before slowly spreading the oil evenly on her soft fine thighs, running his hand up from her knees to the aching juncture between the molded white columns.

I’m in heaven!” she breathed wondrously, stretching taller as the four hands travelled smoothly over her entire body, making her aware of her every curve, mellowing her mind with their desirous gentle handling and at the same time awakening fires in her, coaxing the fine filaments of her being until she felt herself glowing. “I want to go on like this forever,” she sighed ecstatically, feeling Tommy’s thick fingers sliding easily between the slick cheeks of her ass and feathering her quivering asshole while Bobby smoothly oiled her sensitive thighs, going higher and higher with his tender hands until he cupped her hot honey pot and slid his fingers easily and exotically along the silken surface of her pussy lips, teasing her with a new smoothness, a new unheard-of delight, tantalizing her fevered mind with elegantly soft brushstrokes along the length of her enflamed clitoris.

They stayed this way for several long minutes, touching her from ankles to shoulders, missing nothing, softening her with the delicate oil as they paid homage to her priceless womanhood, causing her to glisten and shine erotically in the golden shafts of moonlight. Her proud hard nipples shivered incessantly, invitingly erect, craving attention, wanting a loving mouth to caress and suck them while the fires grew in her heaving figure, lending life and desire and love to her unblemished and smoldering beauty.

“Please do me slow,” she begged, holding her hands together behind her head and jutting out her tormented tits, wanting them fondled in their gentle sliding fingers. “Please do ALL of me slowly. Please Bobby? Please Tommy? Please?”

“She’s beautiful,” Bobby sighed, stepping back to admire her statuesque beauty. “God! I’m going to enjoy putting my dick in you!”

“Do me now, Bobby,” she pleaded, bringing her hands down and stroking Tommy’s huge cock with desperate need. “Put your hard cock in me, and then Tommy can push this big thing into my, ass. Please!”

“Sure, honey,” Bobby said gently, getting onto the bed and lying on his back so his stiff tool quivered high above him in loving need. “Get over me, baby,” he urged in a hoarse voice, seeing her crawl slowly onto the bed. “Straddle me, honey. Make me feel good.”

Her eyes were wide with pleading need as she slipped her knee over him. “Make love to me slowly, Bobby. Please do me gentle and easy,” she begged, feeling the tip of his magnificent cock touch the lips of her open, shivering pussy. “Make me your woman, your whore, make me anything you want. But make love to me patiently. I need to be loved by you tonight.”

The enormity of her emotion overcame him. He eased her down on top of him and kissed her full on the mouth, communicating his feeling for her with his hungry lips, caressing her hard at first, needily, driving his tongue into her mouth, then slowly, just moving the tip of his tongue searchingly across her fevered lips, feeding lovingly and softly on her delicate mouth, deriving joy and love and power from the frail slip of a girl as he recognized her generous trust in him, her open love for him.

Paulette kissed him wonderingly, marveling at his tenderness, feeling her body meeting his with silken smoothness, sliding with a whispered softness over her lover, tingling and touching her senses with shattering slowness as he had never done before. She accepted readily and easily the hot tip of his existence between the quivering lips of her cunt, forcing it into her excited sheath with deliberate slowness, feeling every fiery nerve ending in her welcoming cunt brighten and flame at the silky intrusion, demanding more of the divine shaft as she continued her agonizingly slow slide down onto him. She felt the bulbous knob push into the soft folds of her belly, taking more and more of him into her hot cunt, feeling him cup her face in his huge hands and trail delicious little kisses across her eyes, over her cheeks, along her softly molded chin, and again to her ruby mouth, teasing her lips with his knowing tongue until she had consumed him totally, felt his hard manhood deep in her belly and her soft cunt lips clinging gratefully around the very base of his proudly erect and deeply buried rod.

Tommy was awed with their tender lovemaking. His breathing was rapid as he took the pulsating length of his shaft in his hand and stroked it slowly, captivated completely by her softly spread white ass highlighted in a golden aurora of gentle moonbeams, seeing her heavenly openness in the soft amber light accept Bobby’s rigid length into her lush valley. He drew in great drafts of air through thinly parted lips as he concentrated on her small bronze asshole nestled invitingly between the sculptured pillows of her perfect derriere, almost mesmerized by its delicate slow circling as she moved on Bobby’s fully embedded prick, silently calling out a blissful welcome to his long hard lance.

“Jesus! You two are doing it beautifully,” he whispered in a choked voice. He stood absolutely still, watching, afraid to break their euphoric trance, feeling his prick throbbing wildly in his warm hand as she gently stroked the shaft in her open pretty cunt.

“Get on me, Tommy,” she said softly, knowing he was needing her, needing a hot heavenly place to shoot his loving spunk. She shivered and moved against Bobby as she felt the bed shift slightly, knowing Tommy was positioning himself behind her, aiming his huge cock at her tender asshole, knowing her was going to push the big thing into her waiting ass. “Put it in slowly, Tommy,” she pleaded, not wanting to break the steep climb of euphoria she was travelling with Bobby. “Ride me sweetly. Ride me nice, Tommy. Ride me easy and I’ll take you both anywhere you want to go.”

“You’re beautiful,” was all he could think of to say as he gently led his huge engorged cockhead to her tight pink asshole and pressed easily against her. “I’ll be easy,” he promised, increasing the pressure slightly as his blood roiled maddeningly through him to feel the depths of her softly tanned ass. But for her sake, for the love she was feeling for his friend Bobby, he forced him to move slowly, gradually increasing the pressure on her hard tight ring instead of burying himself to the hilt as his balls and his whole being screamed for him to do.

She felt it at her trembling asshole, knew she could accept it, and was loving the two of them more than anyone or anything in her entire life. Bobby’s mouth was on hers, his tongue exploring the deep crevices of her willing mouth with a controlled passion, holding her tightly and shaking like a volcano ready to explode as he fanned the coals of her desire with his steady insistence, torturing her with his thoroughness, keeping his cock all the way in her, then pistoning it with a regal slowness in and out of her loving sheath, branding her insides with his ownership of her, making her totally his with his slowly loving sword.

Breathlessly, she squirmed down on Bobby, slippery and oily smooth on him, brushing his chest with her excited breasts as she felt the familiar pressure of Tommy’s huge cock head on the hard fighting knot of her asshole. She swooned in a rush of searing passion as he pressed harder, loving them both for the celestial worlds they had opened to her and readying herself to accommodate to Tommy’s phenomenal shaft in her hot ass, preparing to take all of it inside her, to fill herself completely with both wonderful cocks.

Slowly, gently, lovingly sucking Bobby’s tongue, she took in a deep breath and eased back against Tommy’s broad cock head, feeling herself opening and accepting, then opening more as the quivering ring of her ass closed gloriously over the apple sized-knob, filling her poor asshole with hard cock head and igniting the fires of her passionate need to please both her lovers.

“Fill me, Tommy,” she sighed with epic need. “Fill me slowly. Put it all in me, Tommy. Join Bobby and me on a fantastic trip. Push it into me, Tommy … that’s it, darling,” she moaned, accepting the slow inches. “More, Tommy. I want all of you in my tight ass. Slide it in … that’s it … more. Paulette will make you feel good … keep pushing it in … keep push-” She closed her mouth greedily over Bobby’s as she felt Tommy press his pelvis flat against her open ass. “God! I love you two guys!” she groaned in passionate bliss. “Keep fucking me slow,” she begged. “Slide your cocks in and out of me slowly. Take me all the way on your two wonderful cocks. Yes, just like that … ummm. Do me slow just like that … ”

Her mouth found Bobby’s again and they kissed long and grandly, tasting each other, loving each other, eager to please each other as their breathing increased and she squirmed and moved smoothly between her two lovers, feeling Bobby under her and Tommy riding the perfect roundness of her ass, sliding hotly between them and giving everything, her all, taking their slowly stroking cocks with commanding acceptance as the pressure built with flaming magnificence behind the dam of her passions.

“Jesus! You’re wonderful!” Tommy ground out between tightly clenched teeth, feeling her taking his entire rod into her softly moving ass, letting her set the pace for their lovemaking as he moved easily into her, filling her completely with each long wonderful stroke.

Bobby tossed his head from side to side, feeling his balls boiling insistently as he worked his hips up and down, entering her, sliding it in and out of her hot pussy to match the strokes of Tommy pushing steadily and slowly in and out of her soft ass.

Paulette moaned again and again as her orgasm began to blossom, suffusing her soft thighs, her open ass and her tight cunt with a pleasant rush of warm featherings, and knowing a glorious, sky-rockety orgasm was approaching, she arched her back with all her strength and brought her hands to the cheeks of her ass and pulled them wide apart, opening herself completely, exposing her defenseless asshole to Tommy as she rocked her sensuous pussy on Bobby’s deeply buried cock.

“Oh God! Do me!” she wailed suddenly. “Fuck me! Stroke me, you bastards! Fill me! Break me wide open with your cocks!” she cried urgently, berserkly, out of her mind with frenzy, wanting one thing and one thing only: to pursue, to build, to make this the most powerful orgasm she had ever had. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Give it to me! GIVE ME ALL THE COCK YOU HAVE!”

Bobby rocked crazily, driving his rod into her tender pussy from tip to base again and again, the boiling in his nuts forcing him to push into her harder, longer, faster to release the pent-up orgasm deep in his balls.

Tommy banged his long prick into her proud ass, pounding at her with all his strength, making her take it all in her fiery golden-tanned bottom again and again, and never once did he see her cringe in the slightest; she was challenging him to cram into her harder, to plumb the depths of her smooth ass with even greater frenzy as she deliberately pulled her asscheeks even further apart and repeatedly accepted his hard inches into her unprotected behind, taking every pulsating inch of his huge shaft he could slam into her with demonic abandon, breaking the dam of his passion and bringing release from deep in his wildly swinging balls.

“You fantastic bitch!” Tommy hollered hoarsely, holding her hips and slam-stroking all twelve inches of his desperate cock into her soft bottom. “I’M COMING IN YOU, WOMAN! I’M COMMMMING!”

Bobby’s dam burst with a sleigh ride of twisting flashes as he began to shoot his hot jism through the long stem of his deeply buried cock. “YOU HAVE ME COMING TOO! YOU’RE MAKING ME GOME! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!” he wailed, spurting his scalding cum into her trembling tight vagina. “I’M COMMMMING!”

Her mind whirled violently against the blinding swirling patterns of exploding sex. Two wonderful hard cocks; one bullying the soft lining of her cunt and gushing its creamy fire as it entered her again and again with hard full strokes, spearing her fluttering tight cunt to a shuddering orgasm as Tommy’s huge cock head hammered into her wonderfully full belly.

“OH GOD! YES! YES! I’M COMMMMING!” she cried in complete frenzy, yanking apart her asscheeks with all her might, desperate to have every inch of Tommy’s white hot shooting rod in her aching crack as she moaned uncontrollably and withered her eager slippery cunt down on Bobby’s spurting stem, forcing it deep into the velvet glove of her sex, taking them both in shattering climax.

“MY GOD! YES! PUMP YOUR HOT CUM INTO ME!” she wailed deliriously, her hot insides milking their huge love lances of every delicious drop of scalding cum as wave after wave of gripping spasms of perfect delight ripped through her, rocking and searing the cream depths of her pummelled cunt with violently shaking throes of all-consuming orgasm directly around the wide pistoning cock heads deep in her belly.

“RIDE ME! I’M EXPLODING!” she cried hysterically, spreading her knees even wider. “FUCK ME! RAM ALL YOUR HARD COCK INTO ME! YES! MORE! HARDER! EVERYTHING!” she shouted and screamed, giving herself up to the raging buzz saw chewing wonderfully and ecstatically and un-stoppably through her two wildly climaxing holes.



They slept the sleep of the exhausted. Tommy had let himself collapse full length on the soft contours of Paulette’s back after shooting his gigantic wad into her bowels, then slowly allowed his weight to ease her off Bobby and onto her side. And that is the way sleep overtook them; Bobby, Paulette, then Tommy, side by side, with Tommy’s shrinking weapon lodged comfortably and securely in the gorgeous passage of her ass, all three satisfied and content, basking in the mellow afterglow of extremely gratifying sex, their eyelids heavy and closing, allowing their breathing to return to normal before giving themselves up to the welcome abyss of oblivion.

A brilliant sun rose and hung high in an azure sky, warming the day. A gentle breeze wafted the aromas of azaleas and American Beauty roses from nearby gardens, and the raucous chatter of backyard squirrels announced to the world that it was another bright sunny day. Cars passed on the road outside. Somewhere a horn blew. Morning had begun and was well underway, edging close to eleven o’clock.

Tommy stirred slightly, taking a few fuzzy seconds to orient himself to the strange bed. He didn’t open his eyes as he chased the fanciful dreams he had had, those recurring vivid pictures of Paulette’s fabulous ass and her insatiable sexual hunger. His senses cleared with a slow fondness and he found her warmly next to him, her soft scent of delicate jasmine flooding his mind and shooing away the cobwebs of sleep. He basked in her tantalizing scent, not wanting to disturb her, yet feeling a hot desire at the base of his huge prick.

And then he felt it! He was still in her divine ass!

His mind whirled a delicious passion as he felt the soft cheeks of her ass along the base of his shaft, then the tight ring of her fantastic asshole an inch below the heavy helmet, then her regal passage gripping the knob of his being with a velvet softness.

A new and exciting heat pumped into his prick. He remained absolutely motionless, feeling the welcome blood surge with great throbs in his growing manhood, unlimbering the beast, feeling it nestle deeper in her satin-smooth chute, thrilling him with its tightness. And slowly, very carefully, he pressed his face into the flowing brown curls at the back of her neck, his early-morning senses reeling and climbing through his body as he breathed her heady aroma; cleanliness, jasmine, and woman, all combining in a dizziness of constantly changing sensuality that tugged at his every fiber and drummed out its purely sexual meaning in his aching and growing tool.

Her excited asshole nudged her sleeping mind to wakefulness as Tommy’s thick manhood throbbed itself along the sensitive lining of her rectum, waking her with an instant and well-defined need in her warm bottom.

“Ummm,” she sighed deliciously, wanting to stretch and back fully onto the pleasant surprise in her ass, but Tommy’s hand clamped tightly on her hip, not allowing her to move.

“Shhhh … ” he whispered softly, filling his head with her erotic scent as he breathed silently in the gentle curve of her neck. “Don’t wake Bobby. Don’t move. Don’t do a thing. This time it is for me alone.” He pressed his lips to her ear, kissing the warm morsel and nipping at the lobe until the pain brought her fully awake.

“Don’t move a muscle,” he warned quietly before slowly bringing his mouth to her neck and biting her hot flesh until she tensed at his sharp teeth. “Just lie there and take it,” he breathed, bringing his pelvis to her naked ass with infinite patience, sliding his dick all the way into her fiery bottom and feeling his massive cock head spearing into her tight bowels. “Don’t move. I want this all for myself. I want to come in your tight ass without you doing a thing. You understand?”

She felt his strong fingers digging painfully into the flesh at her hip and she nodded willingly, telling him she understood and would obey his command, then felt his hurtful grip ease and become almost a caress as he pulled back very slowly until just his broad cock head remained in her unprotesting behind.

“Use your ass muscles,” he whispered. “Make it tight and nice for me, Paulette. Make me come real good in your hot ass.” Again he slowly pushed his hard cock into her, feeling her breath quicken as the hard knob of his man-strength slid into her belly. “That’s the baby. Nice and tight. Yes, squeeze me …”

She continued to nod as a strange wild thrill seized her insides. Her mind raced excitedly, knowing he was using her, forcing her with his hard, needy dominance to act as a mere receptacle for his spunk, treating her like a whore, demanding sex his way, giving nothing but his hard cock and expecting her to perform on his royal rod exactly the way he told her to. Her tongue darted across her full lips as she began working the muscles of her ass, squeezing and milking his huge silken shaft, doing precisely what he ordered with a total needy obedience of her own.

Slowly, moving a fraction of an inch at a time, she managed to arch her back and push out her smooth pliant ass, accepting more of his heated rod into the needy regions of her alive and churning bowels, allowing him to creep his prick fully into her before he inched with incredible slowness back to the fevered ring of her ass.

The slowness, the unreal quality of his teasing tempo, and her velvety muscles massaging his throbbing tool, flamed his mind and brought an agonizing desire to roughly flip her onto her stomach and pound his hardness into her, drive it full length into her perfect ass. His breathing was ragged as he controlled his slow stroking against all his natural instincts. He fought himself with a savage intensity, keeping the pace slow and deliberate even though the first delicate featherings of orgasm danced through his tense balls.

She fought the overriding desire to throw herself back on Tommy’s engorged penis each time it found its way into her with delightful slowness. Never before had she experienced an orgasm blossoming so sweetly and gently. Tiny fingers of erotic heaven dabbled teasingly at the core of her being, shooting tiny sparks through her for eternal seconds, gleefully dancing against her tightly shut eyes as if forcing itself to flaming birth despite her unmoving body. A shattering climax was building inside her with an unstoppable determination, frantically stoking the fires of her passion with its demand for fiery life.

“I’m going to come in your hot ass,” he whispered.

“Yes,” she nodded, concentrating on the blinding throes wrenching through her tightly held stomach, afraid to move, to give herself up to the hammering orgasm and heave wildly against him, to impale herself fully on the divinely torturing tool sliding with delicious slowness along the clutching length of her frenzied anal passage, driving her crazy with exploding desire with his deliberate disregard for her thundering sex, his refusal to slam-stroke her to the pinnacle of trembling orgasm.

His fingers pinched her hip cruelly as he strained the smoky climax up from his scalding balls. “I’m going to come in your sweet ass right now,” he choked out between tightly clenched teeth before sinking his teeth into her soft tanned shoulder to keep from crying out as the dam burst and his hot cum raced through his rigid penis with shuddering intensity. And still he slow-stroked her, barely moving, straining and fighting and damning the clamoring dictates of his sex to slam and rip and tear with his mighty organ, maximizing and prolonging the crashing cymbals of Herculean orgasm searing his brain and body with gripping, twisting, hurting climax.

She refused to make a sound, balling her tiny fists and digging her fingernails into her palms, stifling a terrible yell of ecstasy in her breast as she felt the first white-hot burst from his gushing weapon. Her orgasm crept silently through her, exploding and twisting her insides as she milked the gargantuan prick in her ass, squeezing it, loving it, torturing herself and him with wonderful, powerful, conquering slowness, desperately fighting the quivering summons from her tiny clitoris to scream her ultimate joy, her unending gratitude as the roller coaster of her climax peaked and flew unstoppably through a series a vicious hairpin turns, heightening the magnificent physical experience around the throbbing, spurting, hard cock head firing salvo after white-hot salvo far deep into her thankful bowels.

Minutes later, still recovering from the mighty forces of his violent orgasm and limp in her precious ass, he tenderly kissed the angry red teeth marks on her softly tanned shoulder and whispered, “You’re great, honey, and I want some more of your fantastic loving, but I have to get to the training camp by one o’clock.” He trailed a series of soft kisses along her warm neck. “I’ll call you soon.”

She nodded in blissful agreement, turning her head back over her shoulder. “O.K.,” she said softly, offering her lips to him for a quick kiss.

He let his mouth linger on hers for a brief second before sighing at the demands of his job and slowly pulling his thoroughly fucked cock from her tight ass, feeling her rubbery ring clamp in protest at the exit of his smooth cock head. He winked adoringly at her, gave her shoulder a last kiss and whispered, “I love your sweet ass. I’ll call you tonight and we’ll set a time for me to fill your hot bottom again.” He cupped a silken breast for a moment, smiling his promise to return. “I’m going to take a shower before I go,” he added, rolling quietly from the bed and tiptoeing from the bedroom.

Moments later she heard the shower running and let her mind go to imagine his sleek trim body under the spray, picturing his thinly muscular frame, his manly chest, his wonderful strong thighs, and the lovable dangling length of him wet and glistening. Her smile broadened and she sighed with feline contentment as she rested her head on the pillow next to Bobby.

I have it good. I am in earth’s heaven, she thought fondly. And it still promises to get better! I have everything I have ever wanted, she mused with silent appreciation, shifting her arm slightly and nestling Bobby’s sleeping head more comfortably against her bosom. I have Tommy’s huge, unbelievable cock for the precious new hole I discovered last night, the hole he opened so forcefully and thoroughly against my will-bless him-and I have my Bobby, the man who made all this possible, not only gave me a sense of pride in my body, but a confidence I have never had before, a feeling that I can do anything and everything, succeed at whatever I choose.

She smiled with pleasant nostalgia as she remembered her shy bravado before taking the irreversible step into prostitution with Elliot Beaumont, telling Bobby, “I’ll turn him every way but loose,” and, “he’ll be begging for more,” when she knew in her young heart that she was scared silly and her knees were shaking and barely able to support her. Her smile crinkled at the corners of her eyes and tugged sensuously at her full lips as a cute smugness, a happiness with life and pride in her ability to please, settled itself prettily on her sharp flawless features.

She suddenly wanted to be among people, to show the world she was alive and blissfully happy, to bounce wonderfully carefree on Bobby’s elegant arm; maybe being seated at a fancy restaurant, dining regally under candlelight, fitting into the impeccable mold of the higher class, somewhere people could see her with THE man in her life, THE man who gave her a life of meaning and purpose.

Tommy ducked his head in the door and pointed to his watch. He made a disappointed face before touching his fingers to his lips and blowing her a kiss filled with many unspoken promises.

She smiled with a Mona-Lisa-like contentment, mysterious and offering, then winked her perpetual impishness at him before waving an equally disappointed set of fingertips in his direction.

He returned her smile for a moment, feasting on her lovely sprawled nakedness, etching her soft willing form deep in his mind before shrugging helplessly in frustrated desire and tiptoeing down the hall. Moments later she heard the door close quietly behind him.

Yes, I am a very lucky girl, she thought, snuggling close against Bobby’s warm body and letting her teasing fingers trail lazy circles over the smooth tanned skin at his side for slow seconds, finally reaching his slender hip and frolicking there for a timeless moment as she deliberated whether to wake him from his sound sleep or to remain cuddled warmly next to him.

She brought her lips forward and lightly kissed his smooth brow, loving the wonderful successful man next to her. The fires of her sex told her she would be good to him, do anything he wanted her to do, anywhere at any time. She was thoroughly his, she told herself, snuggling closer. I will be more than his mistress for his immediate desires. My everything is his to do with as he wishes.

She brushed an errant strand of hair back from his forehead with a delicate finger, marveling at the emotions he evoked in her, especially the blossoming love she bad kept pent-up in her bosom for years as she looked for the person worthy of her total devotion, telling herself she was completely in love with Bobby Fender, wanting to serve him, to cater to his every whim.

Her breasts tingled with hedonistic expectation as he stirred, burrowing his head further into her soft bosom. She suddenly felt his breathing on her sensitive aureoles, warming them with tantalizing regularity as he breathed, puckering them erect with trembling anticipation. He sighed sleepily and moved into the welcome of her breasts, like a puppy moving in sleep toward the warmest puppy in the litter, searching out something soft and cuddly to curl up next to.

Her breathing increased rapidly, despite her mind’s telling her to remain calm next to him, to let him rest after his hectic pace of the night before. But it was a futile effort as he pressed his face full onto her stormy breasts. Her fully awake and yearning cunt throbbed out a primitive message to her brain, clamoring incessantly at the closeness of a naked man, demanding to be fed, to be stoked and reamed into submission with animal frenzy. Her steaming cunt knew nothing of civilized society and wanted to know even less. It was in need and it wanted a hard cock to stretch it and pound away in it. Nothing else would do. It would settle for nothing less than a rampant dick plumbing the depths of her passion.

She was breathing heavily through her open mouth, following the summons from her fiery cunt, as she let her gentle fingers travel to the silken short hairs surrounding the wide base of his shaft; then finally to the delightful hanging member itself, hefting the smooth length in her small palm with almost ceremonial rite, attaching godlike and blessed powers to his growing manhood, weighing it and fondling it with absolute respect and awe in response to the echoing drums of ancient necessity far deep in the lust-filled cortex of her fevered brain.

So smooth, so long, so very mine, she thought wonderingly, passionately, beginning to milk the one-eyed beast in her fingers, willing it to life with the silent pleading of ages past, praying with all her heart that his root would stir, would wake and ravage her simmering cauldron of fiery desires, awake and drill the flaming rebellious sheath of her existence.

Bobby came awake slowly, adjusting his fuzzy mind to the pleasurable warmth of her body next to his and the slow sensual stroking of his prick. He breathed in the heady scent of jasmine as he moved further into the soft, yielding flesh of her bosom.

“Ummmm … Good morning,” he murmured, bringing a hand to a weighty breast and directing the hard little nipple into his mouth.

“Good morning, Mr. Fender,” she said brightly, glad he was awake and feeling life surge into his powerful rod. “I trust you slept well.”

“Never better.” He moved his hand to her thigh then back up to her hip and over her smooth, taut belly. “Yes. You’re still nice and slippery from last night,” he noted happily, letting his fingers dally in the furry pelt at the apex of her womanhood, feeling her pouting softness warm to his gentle touch.

His hard cock burned her hand and her cunt buzzed excitedly beneath his teasing fingers, arousing her desire to fever pitch as he suckled at her breast with tender loving lips, delighting her with myriad sensations that raced and tingled along the open and eager passages of her aroused body.

“Dear Mr. Fender, what are you going to do with this big thing?” she asked cutely, trying to keep her voice steady as she squeezed his big hard prick back and forth.

“I’ll show you what I’m going to do with it!” he growled playfully, rolling her onto her back and lying between her wide welcoming thighs.

“Show me! Show me!” she giggled, bringing her heels up to her ass and opening herself fully for him. “I love to be shown things in the morning!”

“God,” he marveled slowly, holding himself on his elbows over her and looking down at her softly contoured breasts so proud and inviting. “You’re fantastic, baby,” he told her, plucking a ripe nipple into his mouth and laving the erect nub with his tongue for a brief moment, then doing the other in the same fashion; mouthing it softly between his lips as he whipped it to a growing hotness. “Goddamn! I enjoy you more each time I have you!”

“Put that big thing in me, Bobby,” she breathed, placing her hands at his sides and urging him forward. “I want to feel your hard cock in me! Fill me with your manhood, Bobby,” she pleaded. “Let me show you how good I can be to you. Please.”

“I’m going to get into that tight little cunt of yours,” he promised her. “But not until I have kissed you good morning!”

She darted her tongue urgently across her lips and prepared to meet his mouth with a eager passion. “Yes. Kiss me, Bobby. Treat me nice as you love me with your long prick.”

He smiled at her, not moving, looking into her expectant eyes for long seconds, feeling her squirming her smooth ass under him in search of his cock, wanting it in her now!

But instead of meeting her mouth in lustful union he suddenly pulled up her knees and held them firmly against her breasts, opening her delicious crack to his greedy hungry eyes, seeing where her wide pussy lips started in the light brown curls at the top of her tantalizing triangle.

“Oh!” she gushed in surprise. “Bobby!”

“Shhhh,” he soothed, studying her glistening pink labia with solemn authority, seeing both her exciting holes in the soft expanse of trembling white flesh, eager open holes and his for the taking.

She gasped incredulously, her suddenly exposed clitoris throbbing wildly in the soft folds of her cunt as he pushed her knees further apart against her still tingling tits, forcing her to open herself completely and fully, made her show every wrinkle, every loving inch of her gaping holes.

“Please fuck me, Bobby,” she whined desperately, beginning to roll her bottom in passionate frenzy, frantically mindless of all concerns but the long hard cock she saw standing rigidly erect only inches from her wildly clamoring cunt.

Then suddenly he was full on her open cunt in a frightful, unexpected rush, pressing his face hard against her flaming crack!

“Oh my God!” she gasped, holding absolutely still under his assault, fearful at his savage attack of her defenseless pussy. “Bobby! God!” she wailed a moment later as his searching mouth opened wide on her exposed cunt, feeling her whole screaming pussy covered with his twisting lips. “JESUS! MOTHER OF GOD! BOBBY! SHOVE YOUR TONGUE INTO MY ACHING SLIT!”

Bobby mouthed her for a few moments longer, then reared back on his knees and made an elaborate show of dragging his forearm across his mouth. “Now that, my dear,” he boasted lovingly, “is my idea of a morning kiss!”

“Oh, God!” she smiled wonderingly, keeping her knees tightly against her chest. “You can kiss me like that every morning!? She waved her fingertips at him in open invitation. “Now come to mommy and she will make you feel very good.”

He moved eagerly to her wide cunt and nudged his broad cockhead against the pouting lips, sliding the tip up and down along the heavenly slit.

“Put that big cock in my pussy. Please Bobby,” she sighed hornily, staring at his rigid manhood. “Push it all the way into me!”

“You fantastic little bitch,” he said tightly, holding his throbbing prick poised at the entrance to her honey pot. “I am going to slow-stroke your pretty little pussy! I’m going to just fuck you nice and easy until I come deep in your sweet belly!”

“Anything, Bobby! You can fuck me any way you want! I want you to come deeply in my belly! Put your cock in my pussy and come in me, Bobby! Shoot your hot cum far deep in my belly! I love when you fill my cunt with your cum!”

He slid his cockhead into the soft entrance, marveling at the heat in her right box. “You’re hot, Baby! Your pussy is scalding my hard cock!”

“Yes! Let me scald you! I want it all in my hot box! Shove all your cock in my burning pussy!”

He slowly moved over her, keeping just the knob of his manhood in her fiery quim, teasing her and making her plead for it, beg for the eight inches of his tool as he cupped her face in his hands, forcing her to look directly up into his eyes, torturing her divinely.

“Please, Bobby!” she begged piteously, squirming her ass and pulling at his hips, trying to get his hard prick into her frenzied pussy. “I’LL DO ANYTHING YOU WANT! BUT GIVE ME YOUR HARD COCK! I’LL FUCK AND SUCK ANYWAY YOU WANT! ANYONE YOU WANT! I’LL CLOSE DEALS FOR YOU! I’LL WHORE! I’LL PROSTITUTE!” she shrilled helplessly, totally consumed with her lust. “ANYTHING! BOBBY!”

He smiled with dominating power as her sex crazed eyes rolled and gleamed, beseeching him shamelessly for his proud cock.


He silenced her with his mouth, covering hers and darting his tongue between her moist lips as he slid his cock all the way into her quivering furnace with one long unending stroke.

“Ummm! God! Yes!” she groaned beautifully, grinding her thankful pussy around the broad base of his cock. “UMMMMMMMMMM! MINE! ALL OF IT! EVERY INCH! I HAVE IT ALL IN ME! GOD! I FEEL IT! ITS HARD! SOOO NICE! ALL! EVERY LOVELY HARD INCH IN MY TIGHT CUNT!” she continued to groan in frenzied gratitude as fireworks exploded violently around the hard knob deep in her belly.

“Put your legs down!” he told her shrilly, and when she had lowered her feet to the bed he quickly straddled her and pressed her warm thighs together with his legs, squeezing her hot pussy around his fully embedded prick. “Lie there!” he ordered. “LIE THERE AND GET FUCKED BY ME!”

“YES, BOBBY! ANYTHING! ANYTHING YOU SAY, DARLING!” she wailed unstoppably, needing his big cock in her pounding cunt. “I’LL DO ANYTHING!” she promised hysterically as she writhed and squirmed under him, feeling his hard cock head filling her trembling vagina.

“Shut up!” he ordered sternly. “JUST LIE THERE! DON’T SAY A WORD!” He squeezed her legs tightly between his. “PUT YOUR HANDS AT YOUR SIDES! NOW! … THAT’S IT,” he breathed hotly. “LAY THERE AT ATTENTION! DON’T MOVE A MUSCLE! I WANT THIS ALL FOR MYSELF!”

She nodded her obedience frantically, laying stiffly under him and not uttering a sound, doing exactly what he wanted as she clamped her eyes tightly shut and gave herself up to him completely, feeling his broad cock head begin to piston in and out of her trembling pussy, filling her beautifully with hard cock. Her mind raced as she remained absolutely motionless, tightening her quivering thighs as the smooth shaft of his prick slid ecstatically over her clitoris on its way into her, burning the nub of her sex with unbelievable silken pressure as he slowly full-stroked her again and again, forcefully rubbing the pulsating shaft along her clit with agonizing slowness, fanning the flames of her passion and readying the rockets of spinning orgasm deep in her heaving belly.

“You’re a beautiful piece of ass!” Bobby ground but between tightly clenched teeth, still pistoning his hard prick in and out of the very still Paulette. He liked her like this. He loved her like this! Stiff and rigid and obedient under him, trembling visibly with expectation of gushing orgasm.

“You’re a marvelous-GREAT!-piece of ass!” His raging cock throbbed at her strict obedience, her all-consuming desire to please him, do anything for him. And with his climax boiling steadily higher in his balls he flaunted his power over her, slow-stroking her with deliberate relish as he looked down into her blissful face, seeing her full lips pressed tightly together in complete concentration on the fiery dagger piercing her perfect pussy.

“Talk to me!” he ordered, increasing the tempo of his stroking. “Tell me you love my cock!”

“GOD! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE YOUR COCK! YOUR BALLS! I LOVE HAVING YOU IN ME! OH GOD!” she wailed, tossing her head from side to side in frustration, knowing a few quick fiery strokes of his punishing cock would burst the dam of her cramped orgasm. “OH PLEASE! BOBBY! I’LL BE GOOD! I’LL DO ANYTHING YOU WANT! PLEASE! MAKE ME COME WITH YOU! MAKE ME COME ALL OVER YOUR BIG BEAUTIFUL COCK!”

Just the sincerity of her frenzied pleading as she obediently kept her legs tightly closed and her arms clamped to her sides as a frustrated orgasm etched itself in her straining pretty features, coloring her cheeks and flaring her tiny nostrils, made him a king, a dictator of her passion. It flogged at the building climax boiling in his balls as he stroked her, torturing her and himself with wonderful painful delay, dangling their orgasms before them and keeping them at the edge of climax for long delicious minutes.


At her frenzied words his orgasm ripped through his prick.

Her words! Her frantic pleading! Her tight hot cunt gripping his torrid cock slashed away his last reserves and he plowed wildly into her.


“GOD, YES! YES!” she cried, taking him in her arms and speeding little kisses of oblivious passion across his chest. “MY GOD, YES! FUCK ME! HURT ME! KILL ME! TEAR MY POOR CUNT APART! BOBBBYYY! BOBBBBBBEEEEE! I’M COMMMMMMMING! I’M COMMMMMING ON YOUUUUUUUUU!”

“TAKE IT!” he roared, straining to smash every inch into her shaking cunt as his gushing jism launched itself through his hard prick and fired orgasmic rocket after orgasmic rocket into her churning cleft. “I’M COMMMMING IN YOUUUU! IN YOUR BELLLLLYYYY!” he screamed beserkly, slam-stroking her cringing pussy.

“JESUS! MOTHER OF GOD! BOBBY!” she wailed wildly in the throes of multiple orgasm. Her mind, her body, her creaming cunt, exploding and re-exploding with each burst of white hot cum Bobby pumped into her soaring cunt.


* * *

“Goddamn, I hate to go,” Bobby said through the window of his sports car. “But one of the bosses has to be at the office, huh?” He smiled his meaning at her. “And who knows, maybe now with my new assistant”-he winked at her-“I can take life a little easier.”

“Thank you, Bobby,” she gushed excitedly, seeing the stormy world of her youth come together storybook-fashion. “Thank you again.”

“You deserve it, babe,” he told her, pulling the car into first gear. He revved the engine and smiled at her. “Be on time for work tomorrow because I just might have a hard problem for you to handle.”

“Oh, you,” she laughed, slapping his arm playfully. “You’re always teasing me.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow, MISS EXECUTIVE!”



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“She plays the virgin in the light,
but needs no urgin’ in the night.”
Les Miserables

1. Set Theory


I look up to see a girl standing in the doorway of my
office. She is a first year student who is taking my set
theory class. I think her name is Melissa. She is smiling and
I smile back.

“Hello, how can I help you?” I’m in a particularly good mood,
I’ve just heard that I’ve had a paper accepted in a reasonably
prestigious journal, so smiling is coming naturally at
present. Of course, it is hard not to smile when a pretty
girl smiles at you. It seems that their smiles release
happy-particles into a male’s blood stream. When you are
younger it can leave you grinning like an idiot; of course,
as a mature lecturer of twenty-eight, I am thankfully past
that stage.

“Can I come in Dr Edwards?” she asks tentatively, her
expression revealing nothing of her reasons.


As she enters I idly note her clothes: she is dressed in
figure hugging blue jeans and a plain white t-shirt. The
t-shirt is a little bit too taut. That is, too taut for my
peace of mind, for it is stretched tightly over her breasts
making them beacons for my eyes. I can certainly testify that
there is nothing strange about these attractors. Normally,
whatever the provocation, I’m very careful about ensuring
that my appreciation of female students isn’t detectable,
there are enough pit-falls for a male lecturer as it is, but
I could tell that this time was going to be extra taxing on
my nerves.

“It’s Melissa isn’t it?”

“Yes.” And I’m rewarded with another smile. Smiles like
that could become addictive.

Melissa takes a seat and launches into her problem, “I’m
having trouble with your last couple of lectures. I don’t
really understand this `ZFC’ set theory.”

There nothing like a chance to lead another soul to see the
light of axiomatic set theory to take this mathematician’s
mind off more earthly matters. Thus engaged, my enthusiasm
quickly leads me into explaining the necessity of putting
naive set theory on a sound footing, and I start to describe
the role of formal axiomatisation in this. I then proceed to
enumerate the axioms of ZFC and explain where they come from.
However, I’m not so blinded by my enthusiasm to fail to
monitor the glassy-eyed-ness of my audience. I’ve bored far
too many people to make that mistake.

After a while I become aware that Melissa is licking her
lips and looking at me strangely. It puts me off my stride
and I lose my concentration. Unaccountably, I find myself
blushing. Melissa just looks up at me innocently. I suddenly
notice that her nipples are visible now, little mole-hills
which have sprung up on her over-wise smooth t-shirt. Why
would they have done that? I master myself, and bring my eyes
back to my scribble of the white-board. Now where was I?

Melissa supplied the answer, “You were just about to start
explaining what the axiom of choice means,” almost as though
she could read my thoughts.

I look up, and nearly lose myself in her twinkling eyes. Is
she laughing at me? No, but she seems aware of the spark
which has passed between us.

“What I’m having trouble with is …,” she breathed, as she
rose from her chair to stand next to me and point at the

I confess, “I sorry I missed that.” Her delicate perfume
assaulted my nostrils as she stood beside me and suddenly
parsing her sentence was the last thing on my mind. She
repeats her sentence while stretching and pointing to a
formula at the top of the board. I’m mesmerised by the
resulting lifting and straining of her breasts. It is
suddenly very hot and stuffy in my office. Now, what did she
say again? Rather than reveal my inattention, I talk
generally about the axiom in question.

“Yes, but how do you know that sets have that property?
It’s a little bit arbitrary isn’t it?” Melissa brushes
against me as she points to part of the axiom, her breast
squashing slightly against my arm.

I retreat behind the safety of my desk before replying. It
was getting much too difficult to think with sweet Melissa so
close. Unbidden, I’m suddenly reminded of the lyrics of a
song by The Police,

“Young teacher, the subject, of school-girl fantasy,
She wants him, so badly, that’s where she wants to
be …
Don’t stand so,
Don’t stand so,
Don’t stand so close to me”.

They suddenly seem all too relevant, and I develop a new
sympathy for the hapless teacher of the song. Of course, the
real situation is that Melissa has been behaving above
reproach, and there is no evidence that I’m the subject of
one of her fantasies, it is only me who is having trouble
with my baser instincts. In particular, my desire to pull her
into my arms, crush her ruby lips under mine, caress her
tantalising breasts, suck on her pert nipples, and fuck her.
Another reason for my retreat was to hide a growing bulge.

Did I catch her looking at my crotch before she raised her
big innocent eyes and fixed them on my face? I can’t tell.
And is that sensual, surreptitious licking of her lips with
her tongue a come on, or an unconscious action? Her eyes
reveal nothing, they are simply questioning, awaiting my
answer, but they sparkle.

At that moment, a colleague, Andy, barges in, and reminds
me that we have a faculty meeting this morning. Apologising
to Melissa, I suggest that she comes back another time. Andy
and I both watch as she leaves my office. Was that hip swing
deliberately provocative?

“She’s a fire-cracker! What a cute ass!”, Andy exclaims.

I give a non-committal grunt, inwardly deploring his
outspoken lechering and crudeness, although honest enough to
admit that similar thoughts had occurred to me.

We head off to the faculty meeting.

2. Confession

“How was your day, babe?” I ask Liz, when she picks me up
after work.

“Not too bad, but I did have a sad case of a fifteen
year-old with a probable ectopic.”

Liz’s work as a doctor is so much more dramatic than mine.
My day consists of giving lectures, attending meetings, and,
if I’m lucky, some time to think about my research. Her day
consists of breaking the news to someone that they have
cancer, or fighting to ensure a baby is born safely. There is
no comparison. Not that I’d swap for any money.

“Will she be all right?”

“Probably. We should be able to save her ovary and tube.
How was your day, love?”

“Fine. Pretty normal, only I did have a boring faculty
meeting this morning.” I consider briefly whether or not to
mention Melissa. Knowing Lizzy, I decide to tell her. “One
high-light was this cute student who came to my office this

“Oh yes?” This is a playful hint of suspicion in Liz’s

“Yes. She was wearing the tightest t-shirt over her full
breasts you’ve ever seen,” I exaggerate slightly. “She kept
on giving me these seductive smiles, and she made sure she
brushed her breasts across my arm.”

Liz’s was wearing a mock frown. “Where her breasts as nice
as mine?”, she asks, taking a hand from the wheel to cup one
of her beautiful breasts through her blouse.

“Mmm let me see … you know, I can’t remember what yours
look like. Perhaps I ought to remind myself.” I lean over to
start to undo her buttons, but Liz slaps my hand away.

“Not while I’m driving you maniac!”

I laugh. We’ve done some mad things while driving, but not
on the short drive home from work in broad daylight.

“So,” Liz continues her cross-examination, “did she make
you hard?”

“Yes. I had to hide it on the way to the Faculty Office”

“Ahh, poor baby,” Liz laughs.

Our easy going attitude is built, not on a promiscuous
philosophy or life-style, but on trust. There is no way
either of us would be unfaithful to the other.

3. Revelation

This morning I gave my First Years another lecture on set
theory. I was acutely conscious of Melissa’s piercing blue
eyes upon me the whole time. However, I succeeded in ignoring
her and not letting it interfere with the usual theatrical
entertainment which I provide for them in a vain attempt to
keep their interest for an hour. I couldn’t help noticing
however, how beautiful she looked, her face framed in her
delightful blonde locks. Melissa came up to me afterwards and
contrived to press against me again as she reached over to
pick up on a copy of the question sheet I’d prepared for
them. She was the only one who was this clumsy. I felt my
cock harden slightly, but I couldn’t prevent a pang of guilt
at such a response when she looked up innocently at me and
apologised for her clumsiness. Did she know my eyes were on
her as she crossed the room? Was that roll of her hips
natural, or was it put on for my benefit? If she
was still a few years younger, she’d definitely be what they
call “jail-bait”. As it was, she was still dangerous enough.
Liaisons between students and staff are so frowned on that it
is dangerous to even think about forming one. Certain
feminists on campus seem to have ESP for such thoughts.

Not, of course, that I was seriously considering anything.
Liz is more than enough woman for me. But Melissa provokes
certain fantasies, however much they are obviously going to
have to remain as fantasies.

I successfully dismissed Melissa from my thoughts for the
rest of the day, until, that is, she turned up in my office
at six o’clock. I was still there as Liz was working late
tonight. The hours that junior doctors work is criminal,
especially given that one day it will be my life that a
dead-tired doctor is looking after. Melissa knocked and

I immediately noticed that she was dressed differently; she
had swapped her t-shirt for a blouse and her jeans for a
skirt. The blouse was not as taut as her t-shirt had been,
but it was more shear, promising, but not delivering,
glimpses of paradise. Perhaps more importantly, its first few
buttons were undone. Melissa wasn’t indecent, but my
imagination quickly made her so.

Remembering my position, I quickly brought the subject of
set theory up, hoping that it would detract me from her
sensual lips, the sweetness of which called out to be tasted.
It soon transpired that she had been doing some background
reading, and that her questions were more sophisticated
today. I mentally harangued myself for ever thinking her
motives were other than professional. Surely this industry
put the matter beyond question?

Delighting in the attention of a interested and intelligent
student, I soon found myself going beyond my lecture material
and touching upon the Borel Hierarchy. Or was it that I kept
talking so that I could remain in the presence of those blue

After a while I noticed that Melissa was idly fiddling with
a gold necklace, and that her toying had caused another
button to slide undone. Unconsciously, while I continued
talking, I stared at the start of the gentle swell of flesh
that could now be seen. When I noticed what I was doing, I
searched her face for an indication that she was toying with
me as well, but found only innocent concentration. Liz must
be right, my mind must be one track.

However, Melissa’s next actions caused me to question her
motives all over again. She tucked one of her legs under her,
in the process giving me a glimpse of her white thighs.
Fidgeting, she managed to repeat this torture. Now, once
could be an accident, but three times? Again her eyes twinkle
with her natural vivacity, making it impossible to sure if
her innocence is true or only assumed, a cruel facade. A
facade I’d love to tear down and expose, along with her
breasts, which I have come to believe are braless under her

Of course, uncertainty prevents me from doing or saying
anything. A wrong move could have her running screaming from
my office, my career in ruins. My lusts are indeed “sickled
over with the pale cast of thought” to a degree which even
rivals Hamlet’s tragic dithering. The ambiguity in the nature
of his father’s ghost was as nothing compared to the
ambiguity of the nymph in my office. Is she the purist of
angels, or the wickedest tease this side of hell? Scholar or

Any action in such circumstances is, of course, perilous.
Moreover, I never trust my reasoning when my erection is
throbbing like this. Hence, I continue talking about sets,
while sex is all I can think about. I manage to keep going for
a few minutes, until Melissa decides to stretch. The
shifting, thrusting, and straining of her gentle breasts
within, makes her blouse a magnet for my eyes, and my
thoughts dissolve like the mist.

“Sorry, I’m getting a little tired,” Melissa apologises
into my pause. “I still have a few questions however. Do you
mind if I come back and ask you some more questions another

It would take a stronger man that me to turn down such a
request. “Of course not.” I say, managing to keep all signs
of arousal out of my voice. I hope.

As Melissa walks out the door, the apt phrase “She’s a
seven sector call-out” from a favourite childhood
science-fiction book springs to my mind. A beauty she
certainly is, but is she also a saint or a witch?

My answer comes as she turns in the door way, revealing her
completely unbuttoned blouse and magical breasts. For a
second we are both frozen, and then she is gone. I rush to
door in time to see her hurrying down the corridor.

The wicked tease!

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