The Story Begins ― An Erotic Story

The part that was the strangest to her was that she had not seen his eyes. That was uncharted territory for her…

The theme for the cocktail party was masquerade. Odile had one of her many little black dresses, topped with a decadent black mask that she got at a vintage shop. A man wearing a tuxedo without the bowtie, and a gorgeous mask that covered two thirds of his face appeared next to her.

What she saw made her want to see more of him.

erotic masquerade

They were standing near the bar, where she admired the way the tuxedo accentuated his body. She was surprised that she felt herself get wet, startled because she did not recognize it at first. Not until the first bit of gin filled her chest. His elbow brushed hers, and she felt their contact zing through her entire body. He looked at her briefly, and although her cocktail dress provided more décolletage than she would show during the day, it was not that provocative. But when the masked gentleman looked at her and she saw his eyes linger in the direction of the swell of her bust with her peripheral vision, she felt completely nude.

She carried her gin and tonic with lime to a corner where she planned to play the wallflower she usually was and sip her drink slowly. The masked gentleman cornered her and instead of feeling like prey, she felt herself grow wetter. He had gotten her wet when she did not even know what his eyes looked like. When she did not even know what his face looked like.

He smelled of cigarette smoke and gin. She smiled out of nervousness, but it sufficed for a greeting. His lips moved in what could be construed as a smile, as he took a sip of his drink.

“I want to tell you a story…” He said when he swallowed.

Odile looked at him with raised eyes, almost embarrassed with at how her chest heaved.

“Is it storytime? I thought this was an adult party.”

She stood up straight, took a sip of her drink and looked at him.

“I want to tell you a very…adult story…”

scentA soft chuckle escaped her, he amused her with his quick comeback. Thrusting her chin out, some of her drink spilled on his hand as she did. Her masked gentleman did not flinch.

He moved in close enough to her that the prominent noses of their masks touched quickly.

“A man in a mask walks into not a masquerade-themed cocktail party and sees the sexiest woman he has ever seen in his life. And he knows she is sexy even though he has only ever seen her in a mask. So he walks up to her, after a quick smoke and hopes the scent of gin and cigarettes will intoxicate her…”

Odile did not realize she was not breathing until he paused. She did like the scent of gin and cigarettes, on him in particular. She looked at him loving the shield of her mask, masking her emotional state.

“And then?”

“Do you like that story?” he asked.

“Yes, go on…”

“But I do not know the end…maybe you can tell me how it ends?”

“Well the lady was very intoxicated by the scent of the man, who she had noticed him from a distance but…”

“But what?” he interrupted her urgently. “But what?”

“She wasn’t sure she wanted to get carried away by him…”

He looked at her, and she saw his eyes muted by his mask.

“You’re very beautiful, I want to get closer to you.”

“You’re pretty close now aren’t you?” she smirked.

“Not nearly close enough,” he said, his finger touching the very corner of her smile.

“I don’t even know you,” she said, smiling fully.

“Maybe you do? Maybe we met at another party, in another life? We are wearing masks after all…”

arousalOdile nodded, maybe it was his suggestion, or maybe the fact that even in a big city like this she always ran into the same people.

“Maybe then, maybe we do. So in the story the masked man and woman know each other. Now what?”


He offered his hand to her, and she took it. Arousal hit her deeply from the sensation of her satin glove and the heat of his hand. There was a live band, and a few people moved intuitively to the music which was a heady world mix: chanson meets samba.

When he held her close and they moved more demonstratively than the others, Odile saw that another couple got inspired by them. Their intoxicated bodies moved together as well, parallel to them. Her arms about her masked gentleman, their masks caressed as he pressed her close to him.

“I do know you,” he said. “I know everything I need to know about you right now, right in this minute.”

His breath was warm and fluid against the hollow just under her ear, his lip caressing the soft tip of her earlobe.

Odile nodded looking down at the wooden parquet floor. She saw a pearl on the ground, and reached for her neck wondering if it was hers. It was not, but when she pulled at her neck, his hand followed hers. They clasped hands, as he held her even closer to him with his other hand.

The music never stopped, but they did. She grudgingly let his hand go, even as his held onto hers.

“Let’s go if you want, there is a lovely bar nearby. They make amazing old time cocktails, and they have really nice gin. You do like gin?” He said, his hand on the small of her back.

Odile laughed, and they walked out of the party. And barely down the street was the bar that she never noticed before, even though she knew this neighborhood. They walked in still wearing their masks, and a gorgeous shapely semi-androgynous woman walked them to a very private booth.

It was not until they were seated that Odile realized they were still wearing masks. And she did not think to take hers off.

A sage gin and tonic was place before her with fresh lime, he drank his straight.

“So you were telling me a story, we left off and the masked couple was dancing, started a trend and left the party now that everyone was dancing around them. Maybe a new trend?” She relayed.

He smiled at her, as he put down his gin next to his phone, tapping hers and revealing her screensaver. He placed his finger on her phone.

“It looks like Louise Bourgeoise? But no?” He looked at her.

“No, it is the catacombs in Paris.”

“So you like Paris…”

“Who doesn’t? Finish my story.”

lips“The masked man wants to take her deep,” he said letting his words sink in. “Like the catacombs, private places where only they can be. But they settle for a small atmospheric bar, and he discovers that she is even deeper than he imagined.”

“But you know me? I mean he knows her?”

He kissed her, his thumb caressed the hollow under her ear where he breathed that he knew her when they were dancing so soft and then his lips were on hers. Her hand rested on one of his lovely thighs which she had been admiring among other parts of his body. His hand covered hers, as it moved along his thigh. She looked at him, blinked a feather from her mask and her eye caught a bright glint from the gold of his. Her finger trailed between his lips, He sucked it in before he kissed her again leaving her finger suspended.

Odile slit her eyes as her masked gentleman kissed her neck, and she pressed her palm on his thigh. Through slit eyes, she saw the gorgeous hostess looking at them. Covertly, her eyes flicked on them like a flame bright and dark. The hostess’ finger rolled unconsciously along her hardened nipple that Odile could see through her stiff shirt.

“The masked woman is very wet,” he said softly, almost as if to himself. But Odile realized he was telling her the story again. “Or at least the masked gentleman thought so? He wanted to slip his hand under her little black dress and see. Do you think she lets him see? Do you think he lets her feel if she is wet?”

Odile nodded, her hand moving higher up on his thigh.

The hostess leaned against the doorjamb as if she was looking in to see how the patrons of the bar were, but she was really positioning herself to see better what was happening under their table. Odile looked away, her fingers digging in the crotch of his pants. His hand was was solidly under her dress caressing the wet crotch of her thong which barely covered her labia, there so he caressed her half-covered, half-naked clit.

She swooned as his long fingers swirled around her clit. His fingers were smooth, but a ragged nail scraped her. Odile was so aroused, the unexpected roughness pleasured her as much as his gentleness. Her legs opened more as he made it clear that he intended to make her come right there in the dark corner of the bar where he did not know, but the hostess watched every expression she made. It was almost as if the same thing was happening to both of them. Odile looked at and away from the other woman. Looking at her while she was being rubbed into such a fierce orgasm, turned Odile on. He inserted his thick finger into her, and she closed her eyes and gasped as he filled her. The hostess gasped as well, and Odile smiled softly.

The suggestion of wetness she had felt seeing him at the cocktail party first, was now a full out flood. She needed him rougher, and her hips moved under the table while she caressed the periphery of his crotch. Too distracted by what he was doing to her to give him any pleasure, but holding onto him for dear life.

comeShe closed her eyes involuntarily when she was about to come. Her eyes closed, she wondered if the hostess knew? Did she know she had come?

Falling back into the booth, misty with light sweat from being finger fucked, Odile’s hand moved back down his hard thigh.

“Your sweat tastes delicious. I can taste every bit of the exertion of our fuck,” he said licking her neck.

It was already late and they stayed even later. They talked about nothing, but it was the heaviest nothing she had ever spoken about. It was a long time before they got up to leave. Walking past the hostess who smiled at them knowingly.

“Come again.”

Odile hoped they would.

He pressed her to the glass building, where she approximated the hostess would be standing on the opposite side. He kissed her, her backside took in the heat of his hand and the coolness of the glass against it. He kissed her while he hailed a taxi for her.

“So you never finished the story…” she purred.

She felt his teeth against her cheek, as he laughed softly against it.

“To be continued…”

Blocks away heading toward her house in the back of the taxi, his masked face burned into her memory. She did not really even think about not seeing his eyes, until she put the key into her door…


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Hi, I’m Mara. My boyfriend Alonso and I love the
outdoors! We both work at pretty dull jobs in Los
Angeles and the thing that gets us through the grueling
and monotonous routine of our day to day existence is
going camping whenever possible. Ideally it’s great to
get away for a few days for a long weekend but that’s
not always an option so even an overnight trip to
someplace close by helps.

One of our favorite spots is a place in Apple Valley
known for its hot springs. It’s special to us because
it’s where we first went camping together when we
started dating and we’ve been there several times since.
It’s about two hours drive to get to a ranch where we
can park and camp and then hike two miles to these
beautiful natural pools of geothermal hot water.

The pools are right next to a stream of cold water from
the melting snow in the mountains. The spot is very
popular amongst nudists and while Alonso and I aren’t
really into that sort of thing, it never really bothered

This past President’s day weekend we were supposed to go
for a two night camping trip to Joshua Tree (another one
of our favorite places because we both love rock
climbing) but then my boss moved up a project deadline
which meant that I wouldn’t be done with work in time
for us to leave as we had planned.

We decided it was best to call the trip off but neither
of us was happy about it. I was especially disappointed
because I had been stressed about work for weeks and
could have really used the vacation.

When we first started dating, Alonso was the man in
charge and I liked relinquishing control to him. When
you work as hard as I do, at the end of the day you just
want someone to take charge and take care of you.
However, this gradually gave way to a lot of friction
between us because I can be a bit of a bitch when I
don’t get my way and slowly Alonso slumped into the role
of the supportive boyfriend. I really wish he would have
tried harder and wasn’t so laid back and appeasing.

Our weekend plans shot to hell; we lay in bed as I
juggled between three or four Word documents and some
spreadsheets on my laptop, typing furiously. Hardly a
way for a couple of twenty six year olds to be spending
Saturday night! Every forty or fifty keystrokes were
punctuated by a sigh or a curse. “Fucking BITCH! She had
to fucking drop this on me at the last minute. FUCK MY

Alonso stroked my thigh to calm me and kissed my cheek
and I resumed typing. This happened several times until
finally I finished around 2 am and sent an email to my
boss with the relevant attachments and lay down in bed
exhausted. We hadn’t had sex in over three months now
and this was yet another night of disappointment for
Alonso. I feel sorry for him but work stresses me out a
lot and that kills my sex drive. When he pushes me to
have sex it just leads to arguments and makes me feel
like such a frigid bitch.

It wasn’t just that I was tired all the time though.
Lately I had been finding it harder and harder to get
aroused. Sometimes I worried it was hormonal or maybe
there was something else wrong with me. I was just not
that into sex anymore. I tried to go to sleep but Alonso
was horny and I could feel him masturbating under the
covers. I hated it when he did that and finally
realizing how much it was bothering me he got up and
went into the living room with his laptop.

Alonso is a very sexual guy and watches a LOT of porn
(blondes, Asians, black girls even slightly fat
chicks… you name it). He can be kind of pervy at times
because he alternates between watching porn and looking
at pictures and videos of me. Porn just gets him horny
and leads him to clicking through naked pictures of me
from before we started living together.

The first few months after we started having sex,
sometimes I’d get really horny and we’d masturbate for
each other on the webcam or I’d send him pictures of
myself with close-ups of my pussy and my asshole. If I
have one amazing feature, it’s my ass. I am one of those
few white girls gifted with a big booty. I think I got
it from my mom. She’s Persian and my dad’s white

Alonso loves it when I wear bright lacy thongs because
of the way it outlines my ass but frankly, I can put on
my oldest, dullest pair of panties and it still drives
him wild. When we started living together, he’d use his
phone to record us having sex.

He’d always focus his attention on my nice round ass.
He’d write me emails describing how he liked the tan
lines from my bikini bottoms and the way the globes of
my ass jiggled every time he thrust against me when we
fucked. One time he even tried to lick my asshole but it
just disgusted me and totally killed the mood.

He came back to the bedroom a while later, incredibly
horny and still unsatisfied, and after taking off his
clothes, laid down next to me, carefully pulling the
covers over us. I always sleep in a t-shirt and panties
and he likes to spoon with me that way. He reached under
my shirt, feeling his way up my stomach and then cupping
my breasts.

He positioned his cock along the crack of my ass
enjoying the warmth of my body and the soft caress of my
butt cheeks. Then he started to grind his hard cock in
the warm crevice and I could feel the pre-cum oozing
from his uncircumcised dick and it made a damp spot on
my undies.

I groaned in protest, wanting to be left alone but he
wouldn’t stop. He moved his hands down to caress my ass
and peeled down my tight panties. Sometimes he’d
clumsily poke the tip into by ass or my pussy and I’d
wriggle my ass away. I wasn’t on birth control and it
had been over a week since my last period so I didn’t
want to risk getting pregnant.

Like a hungry animal, he began licking and panting
heavily on my neck, squeezing my ass and pulling the
cheeks further apart as he ground his hard erection
along the crack. He had been stroking his cock for a
long time before he got into bed and so thankfully, he
didn’t last long. In a few minutes his grinding got more
urgent and he shot his load onto the small of my back,
coating it in a sticky mess.

He grabbed some tissues from the nightstand and cleaned
my back and kissed me but I just barely acknowledged his
affection with a curt and cold, “goodnight.” I was tired
and all I wanted to do was sleep but every night it was
same thing. He was like a dog that just wouldn’t stop
humping my ass.

The next morning I woke up later than usual. Unbeknownst
to me, early in the morning, Alonso had packed and
loaded the car up for a camping trip. He had decided
that although we wouldn’t have enough time to go to
Joshua Tree like we had originally planned, there was
still enough time to make a quick, one night trip to
Deep Creek.

After he had loaded all the gear and our bags in the
car, he came and woke me up and explained the plan.
“Baby we can’t go. I love that you’re trying but I just
can’t. My fucking bitch of a boss still needs to reply
to the email and I’m sure she’ll have comments and
changes that I’ll need to take care of.”

His response came as a surprise. “NO! I love you honey
and I respect your job. I know it’s important but they
only pay you to work from Monday thru Friday. The
weekend belongs to us. That’s final! You’ll reply to her
email on Monday and that’s it. You can tell her there
was no phone reception at the campsite. You need to draw
a fucking line.”

I rarely saw him take charge like that anymore and was
relieved that the decision was out of my hands. We did
argue about it a little but after a little more of a pep
talk, I got over the guilt and fear of leaving and
perked up about the much-needed respite from the
pressure and anxiety of work. I got ready and packed
some clothes Alonso had forgotten while he packed food
and other rations.

Soon we were on our way and my whole demeanor had
changed. I feel I’m a different person when I’m
outdoors. I was talking non-stop like a giddy teenager
and smiling and positively brimming with excitement. We
felt like the couple we were when we first started

When we got to the campsite, he set up the tent while I
got the other gear set up. As the tent was going up I
moved the sleeping bags, ground pads and other stuff
inside the tent. Then we packed some food in the
backpacks and filled our water bottles and started
hiking for the hot springs.

It was a gorgeous day. The air was cool, clean and crisp
and the hike down to the hot springs took only about 40
minutes. When we reached the stream we could see some
people in and around the hot springs. A group of college
kids were taking turns jumping from a large, high
standing rock into the cold water. Then they’d swim back
and warm up in the hot springs before climbing onto the
rock to do it all again.

Some of the guys and even a few of the girls were
running around naked. Alonso and I looked at each other
and smiled. While it was certainly not unexpected to see
naked people there, usually they’re older men and not
younger boys and girls. “Hey! I saw you checking out
that girl,” I chided Alonso playfully. “Yeah right! Like
you weren’t looking at that guy’s cock,” he retorted
with a sly smile.

That comment made me blush and my eyes fluttered left
and right to check if anyone had overheard us. The guys
were completely oblivious of us. I saw one of them
climbing the steep rock. He was lean and tall and
clasped the edges of the flat rock face as he stretched
his thighs apart to get a good foothold. From behind, I
could see his long flaccid cock dangling between his
legs and I immediately looked away worried someone would

We changed into our swimsuits and I stole a few more
glances at the naked boys as we packed our clothes into
our backpacks and waded through the cold water to the
other side to get to the hot springs. That is always a
challenge. There is a longer path we could have taken to
avoid the cold water but we saw this as a sort of rite
of passage we had to endure to get to enjoy the hot

Once we made it to the other side, shivering and cold,
we quickly made our way to the hot water pools. There
are six natural pools of hot water pouring into one
another. They are all of different sizes and
temperatures ranging from warm to… well… almost
uncomfortably hot.

We joined a few people in the largest pool that was just
deep enough for the water to be about chin high when you
sat in it and in the center it was deep enough that you
could swim around. Around the edges it was shallow
enough that you could even sit and relax on a couple of
large rocks just under the surface of the water.

Alonso and I got in and were immediately grateful for
the warmth. I kissed him and thanked him for insisting
on making the trip and for doing all the packing and
driving and generally being a good boyfriend by taking
care of me. I sat on a rock and leaned back against the
edge of the pool and he stood in front of me, admiring
my moist skin and the small droplets of water as they
streamed down my skin and dripped into the pool.

There were two other couples in the water with us along
with an older man who kept mostly to himself. The
couples were chatting and affectionately kissing and
holding each other. Alonso moved closer to me and kissed
my neck and rubbed my thighs under the water. I knew
what he wanted but I just felt a little uncomfortable
with so many people around and so I gave him a look that
pleaded for him to back off. He did but he looked like a
wounded puppy and I felt really guilty about brushing
off his advances so I asked him to sit next to me.

After a while the other couples climbed out of the pool
to go check out the other pools. The old man and I
exchanged a few awkward nods and then went back to
ignoring each other.

Finally after about 20 minutes he left to go try one of
the other pools below. It was great having the pool all
to ourselves, but it was especially nice to be away from
the old guy. I had been feeling a little apprehensive
about him because of the way he looked at me. He barely
acknowledged Alonso.

It was made all the more creepy because as it turned
out, the guy was naked the entire time he was in the
pool. He looked like a decent enough guy. He was clean
shaven and you could tell he spent a great deal of time
outdoors probably running or biking. His face, neck and
shoulders were tan and the skin slightly wrinkled and
loose, but the rest of his thin and sinewy physique was

Alonso and I relaxed in the warm water and talking and
kissing. We both leaned over the edge of the pool to see
if we could see anyone else and saw one of the other
couples in the pool above us. The guy was leaning back
against the edge of the shallow pool, with his
girlfriend practically on top of him, kissing him. He
seemed to just lay there as she showered him with kisses
and then she submerged beneath the water and we saw him
close his eyes and stretch back against the smooth rock.

Alonso and I turned to each other and I stifled a
giggle. We looked around some more and couldn’t see
anyone else. Alonso took me into his arms and pulled me
close, kissing my neck. I ran my fingers through his wet
hair and whispered into his ear, “I bet she can’t get
enough of him. He probably has a big cock and can fuck
her for hours…”

Alonzo responded, whispering into my ear as he licked
and nibbled gently on my ear lobes, “She was probably
craving his cock on the drive here. She’s worshiping his
hard cock with her tongue. Getting it ready so he can
fuck her brains out.”

It was just harmless playful sex talk to get each other
aroused. I pushed him back against the rocks and had him
climb and sit atop it. As I stood between his legs, he
grabbed my wet hair in his fists and pulled my face to
his cock. I moaned and licked the underside of his shaft
and used my hands to steady myself on the rock. “Oh fuck
YES! Suck my cock you dirty little cunt!!”

The words stoked a lustful fire within me. I don’t know
why I liked to be debased like that but in that moment I
didn’t care. “I’ll do anything you want me to do. Just
promise you’ll fuck me hard. I need a cock so BAD!”

He closed his eyes as I started licking the sensitive
head of his penis. I pushed back the silky foreskin to
reveal the glistening and slippery head and took it into
my mouth. It had been over a year since I had given
Alonso a blowjob in my mind, I was fantasizing about
another man.

“Aaaah…” I licked his balls and even the hairy taint
under them while he stroked my hair. I rubbed my cheek
on his cock as it lay flat on his abdomen, feeling the
smoothness. I could smell the distinctive odor of his
pre-cum. I used to find it foul but now I breathed it in
and it filled my lungs and permeated thru me making me
light headed. I took him into my mouth, sucking him,
pleasing him.

Soon it became second nature, like I had been doing this
every day. Like I was born for it. I even became more
adventurous, attempting even dirtier, nastier things. I
took him into my throat, gagging at first but when I
coughed up a handful of thick viscous saliva I just
admired how it made his manhood glisten. I felt proud
and he smiled at me. Telling me he was in heaven. I took
every inch of him because I knew soon he would be
rewarding me for it by fucking me senseless.

I felt his hands forcing my head down. I liked the lack
of romance for some reason. The way he took charge and
was using me as he saw fit, like I was a prostitute with
only one purpose. I heard him moaning and then suddenly,
his breathing got faster and without warning, he came.
His sperm flooded the back of my throat.

I felt myself choking and fought to get free but he held
me down till he was finished. When he finally released
me, my eyes were flushed with tears and I coughed around
his cock drenching it in sperm and saliva overflowing
from the back of my throat.

As I took a moment to breathe, I began to remember where
we were and what we were doing. Well, I suppose I had
never forgotten that, but instead I forgot that we were
not alone. I looked over Alonso’s shoulder hoping no was
around and that somehow we had been quick and were
unobserved. I couldn’t see anyone there.

Then I looked over my shoulder and I was startled by
what I saw. Sitting on the opposite edge of the pool
were two of the young men we had seen skinny dipping
into the cold creek from the rocks. One of them I
recognized as the guy I saw naked climbing up the rock.
They sat there unashamedly stroking their erections and
blatantly leering at me.

Alonzo stepped down from the rock and back into the
water and hugged me in his arms. Clearly he knew they
had been watching us the entire time. Like we were
putting on a show. I felt so violated. I still had his
thick cum dripping from my lips and my chin onto my
breasts. He held me in his arms caressing my back,
comforting me and telling me it was all OK and with his
other hand he beckoned the two men to come over.

I felt them close in behind me, hovering and ogling me.
Even as Alonso held me they began to grope my ass. They
were both so tall and with such big hands I felt
enveloped by them. Alonzo started to untie the strings
holding together my bikini bottoms and I felt the men
undoing the strings of my top.

“Make me proud,” Alonzo said as he pushed me away and
into their arms as my swimsuit fell into the water in
two pieces. I could see him standing there stroking his
semi hard penis as the four long arms caressed and
molested every part of me. I turned to face them and
felt weak in their arms as I really looked at them for
the first time. No more stealing fleeting glances and
secretly admiring their cocks.

I drank in their beauty. They were both tall and lanky
with firm abdomens and chests. Their bodies were like
those of varsity swimmers: skinny but very well toned
and their chests were smooth and hairless. One was black
and the other one white. I had never been with a black
guy before.

I never even thought of dating a black kid in high
school or college because some small part of me felt
like he would get me pregnant and leave me. I know
that’s racist but those were the kind of stereotypes I
was raised to believe. And now, even though I knew
better, they stayed in the back of my mind. My parents
would have freaked out if I dated a black guy. I did a
lot to piss them off when I was young but truth be told,
even I couldn’t bring myself to do that.

Now I stood there spellbound as I let my hands roam his
firm chest and abs. Then I let my fingers fall to his
circumcised cock. I caressed his beautifully hard and
long penis in my fingers, encircling it in my thin
fingers and pushing the smooth, silky skin back and
forth over the hard muscle hidden beneath.

Still staring at his cock, I mumbled, “I’ve never been
with a bla…,” and I stopped myself but it was too
late. He knew what I was about to say. “I don’t even
know your name” was all I could muster as I looked up
into his brown eyes.

Despite his size, he looked so much younger up close. I
inched up on my tip toes and pulled him closer. He
leaned in to me and whispered, “call me RJ,” and I was
thrilled to be kissing this beautiful, young, black
Adonis before me. I traced my fingertips along the
muscles of his bare back and down to grab and squeeze
his firm buttocks.

He pulled me in closer and I felt his hard black cock
pressed up against my belly and he caressed my neck with
his long dark fingers. I remember thinking that his
hands were so big and his fingers so long that he could
easily wrap them around my throat and choke me. He
opened his mouth and let my tongue slip in.

I still had some of Alonzo’s cum in my mouth and my face
was sticky with spit and sperm, but RJ didn’t hesitate
at all. In fact it heightened the excitement I felt.
After about a minute of that I felt a pair of hands grab
my hips from behind. I broke our kiss and looked over my
shoulder to stare into the lust filled eyes of his
friend as he slid his hard cock along the crack of my

RJ leaned back against the edge of the pool and steadied
himself with his strong arms, confidently jutting forth
his hard black manhood. RJ’s friend looked equally young
and he was growing impatient watching me play with my
new black lover so he grabbed a fistful of my long wet
hair and pushed me down bending me over. He forced his
hard white cock into my wet pussy and as I gasped in
surprise and ecstasy, RJ guided my open mouth to his
awaiting cock.

My cheeks bulged around the swollen brown head. At first
I struggled to break free because his friend was
thrusting against me too eagerly, rocking me back and
forth, splashing water everywhere. I didn’t even get a
chance to get used to the thick cock invading my pussy.
However, RJ held me down, rubbing the base of the back
of my neck and told his friend, “Ryan! Man ease the fuck
up. We need to take our time with her man.”

I didn’t care that he was black and that I didn’t know
his real name. He looked like he was in high school but
he was so much more experienced and confident than his
buddy. Something about the way he was rubbing the
muscles at the base of my skull just turned my legs to

I was so turned on that all I wanted in that moment was
to be his bitch. I stroked his balls and sucked his cock
deep into the back of my throat till I could smell his
sweaty, musky male odor trapped in his pubic hair. Every
time I coughed up copious amounts of saliva onto this
cock and massaged it with my slippery fingers
deliberately making it sloppy and nasty for him.

This whole time Ryan was stroking his cock in and out of
my wet cunt. He held my hips firmly in his big strong
hands as if I might try and escape from him. There was a
contrast in their styles. Ryan was more eager and
impatient while RJ looked completely self-assured as he
just leaned back and let me do the work certain of his
power over me and that I’d do everything to please him.
RJ maintained eye contact with me the entire time, only
speaking occasionally to tell me how good it felt.

“Mmmm. Yeah baby. You sure know how to make your man
happy… yeah slobber all over my dick… worship that

I didn’t need any encouragement though. The way he
looked deeply into my eyes as I worked my mouth down the
length of his dick was enough. He owned me with that

Ryan was a lot more vocal. I loved how he grunted as he
fucked me. I felt him fill me up and stretch me out with
every thrust and every time he withdrew I ached for him
to fill me again. What he lacked in experience and
technique he MORE than made up in strength and stamina.

Sweat glistened on his chest and every single time he
thrust into me his abs tightened beautifully under his
skin. He loved to humiliate me with his words. He called
me a ‘nigger loving slut’. He called me a whore. He
called me a bitch. And I knew that in that moment I was
all those things!

In between sucking RJ’s cock and gasping for air I would
respond to Ryan but I would never take my gaze away from
RJ’s eyes. “YES. I’m a dirty little whore. Fuck my nasty
little cunt.”

RJ would simply nod his approval and Ryan would speed up
and fuck me like a jack rabbit, his sweat dripping onto
my back.

Ryan moved a hand over to my ass and I felt his thumb
creep down the small curve of my lower back and into my
butt crack. “Oh yeeeah BITCH!! I LOVE that fat ass. Take
my cock. I’m gonna FILL that hungry little cunt with my

For a moment I was shaken back to reality. I wasn’t
protected. I made Alonzo use a condom because I was too
embarrassed to ask my doctor for birth control. Suddenly
I felt his thumb circle my asshole and push its way in
as he moaned out loud and flooded my womb with his warm
cum. I arched my back letting go of RJ’s cock and Ryan
held me in his arms and kissed and licked my neck as I
shivered and shuddered through the most intense orgasm I
can remember.

Ryan and I were locked in a wet and passionate kiss as
our mutual climax subsided and we sank to our knees in
the water. We continued to kiss until I felt his cock
soften and he pulled out of me. RJ was still casually
leaning back over the edge of the pool with his legs
dangling in the warm water.

He leaned forward to help me to my feet. I was still
pretty wobbly from the whole experience and as I stood
up I looked over to the side of the pool. Alonso was
standing there watching us greedily as he stroked his
hard erection.

I crawled out of the water on all four limbs and
straddled RJ’s body. I felt a cool breeze brush over my
moist skin and my wet hair dangled over his chest. He
reached around to squeeze and caress my ass and I laid
my head on his shoulder and planted soft kisses on his
pecs. My arms and legs wrapped over him like a blanket.
“God damn baby… you got a fine black girl ass.” That
made me giggle and I moved my mouth lower and started to
lick and kiss his nipples.

I couldn’t get over how dark his skin was and how taught
every muscle underneath felt. Cradling me in his strong
arms, he rolled me over onto my back and kissed my neck
just under my right earlobe.

Then he parted my thighs with his knees, reached between
us, grabbed his cock and started to rub the head along
my labia. I desperately wanted him inside me but I liked
how he took the time to tease me. My hips twisted to
match his movements and I could feel his pre-cum
lubricating my crotch. I could also feel Ryan’s jizz
starting to drip out which added to the wetness that was
spreading between my thighs. “You ready to get fucked by
a dirty negro for the first time you white trash whore?”

I panted and shook my head in frantic approval and
begged him to fuck me.

“YES. Oh god yes! Please fuck me. I want you to do
whatever you want with me. I’m your dirty little white
trash whore.” Finally I felt the dull ache of RJ’s
swollen glans penetrating past my lips and into my
vagina. Considering its size, it slid in pretty easily,
lubricated by my own wetness and his friend’s load.

My back arched sharply and I closed my eyes to savor the
new, unfamiliar satisfaction of being completely filled
by a man. After a few seconds he started to thrust his
hips forward, grinding the base of his cock and the
course pubic hair surrounding it against my sensitive

I wrapped my arms around his muscular torso and bit his
shoulder as he began to withdraw his magnificent
hardness only to slam it back into me. “Oh yeah uh…
baby! Shove that motherfucking cock into ME! Make me
your slave bitch.”

I spread my feet wider and hooked my heels around the
backs of his thighs while he reached under my back with
both hands and grasped a fistful of my hair. I could
hear moans and voices around me but I buried my face in
his neck. I felt the pangs of my inevitable orgasm and
my eyes fluttered and then opened wide in ecstasy. My
mouth was stretched wide as if to scream but no voice
came out.

I looked around to see the lecherous old man standing
nearby stroking his erection in his fist. They were all
there… Alonzo and Ryan and the other couple surrounded
me. The men jerking off lasciviously while the women
just watched in amazement. I felt overcome with wanton
desire because I knew they were all watching me and all
of that cum was for me.

RJ’s thrusts became faster and his grip tightened and I
knew he was about to flood my fertile womb with his
sperm. “Oh yes baby… give it to me. Fill me with your
cum. I want to have your black babies… UH… MAKE ME

Suddenly I felt him shoot what felt like a massive load
inside me. Immediately I was overcome with my own orgasm
that made me shudder and convulse uncontrollably under

I think I passed out for about a minute or two and woke
to find my black lover standing at my feet and I was
surrounded by the other men kneeling around me,
ejaculating over my stomach and my tits. The old man
rubbed his softening cock on my lips after unleashing a
torrent of jizz on my neck and breasts.

Alonzo was there, telling the men not to cum on my face.
He was so sweet. He knew I hated getting cum in my eyes.
My hero.

I was a filthy mess and I’ve never been so satisfied in
my life.