My Neighbor’s Daughter (MfF, ped, inc, 1st, bi)

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part one

i was sitting in my office, at the back of the house,
writing some memo for work and was interrupted by the
doorbell. this happens and sometimes i find other
people’s lack of consideration for my privacy somewhat
annoying. not this time, the memo was just dumb as dog
shit instructions for low level intellects, most of whom
were managers.

it’s why i liked to work at home, i didn’t have to
tolerate their bullshit. i loved the x486 computer i had
then, and the various design and drawing programs i
needed for work. it means i have a ready excuse for only
going into a stuffy office once or twice a week to deal
with these people.

i had a better computer setup than they had in the
office, then. don’t get me wrong, nice people, mostly,
just thick as bricks-which is why they have been
promoted to management. they swallow management crap by
the bucket loads, and regurgitate it word perfectly. no
originality, no processing to sort it… agghh enough!
let’s get back to my doorbell.

opening the door, i saw standing there, erin, my
neighbor’s daughter. she is about 5 foot 5 inches tall,
light hair, but between brown and blonde, a honey blonde
maybe, and a nice kid. i have known her all her life,
her parents, allie and george, moved into their house
just before her older brother, sean, was born.

“hi erin,” i said, “what’s the matter?”

“hi david. sorry to bother you, but the power has gone
out in the house, mom won’t be home for hours and sean
has gone for the day. can you help please?”

“sure,” i laughed, “be a pleasure.”

“hope i wasn’t interrupting anything important.” she
knew i worked from home, mostly, and i knew she wouldn’t
bother me if it wasn’t important.

“nah, just some dull work stuff. sounds like a fuse.
come in for a moment while i get my tools.” these are
the kinds of things i keep in the pantry, easy access. i
have fixed allie’s fuses before so knew what to expect.
“come on, won’t take long and you’ll have power back
before you know it.”

grabbing my torch and tools, i followed her out the door
and as she opened it and moved through it, i saw that
she really was shapely, and a nice butt. i noticed for
the first time she was filling out her tight shorts
really well, nothing jiggled there.

she turned into her drive and for a moment, i saw the
swell of her breasts under a tight t-shirt. 34-c likely,
walking straight through the front door, and then
holding it open for me, i had a chance to look at her
like i had never seen her before.

really nice tits, flat stomach, broad hips and a clearly
outlined v at the junction of her legs. the front
certainly looked even more promising than the rear. erin
is an attractive girl, not beautiful, but attractive.
square face, nice nose, full lips, and big blue eyes,
the kind of eyes my mother had.

only, i hoped that unlike my mother, erin would be
unable to look into my soul and tell me everything i was
getting wrong, that used to really creep me out about
mom, because she was always right. i must admit, erin
was quite fuckable.

i knew where the fuse box was and went down into the
basement, went straight to the fuse box and stopped.
there was no fuse box, there was a new circuit breaker
box instead. this was going to be even easier.

i opened the door and looked in, finding only the main
switch was in the off position, nothing else was, so i
didn’t know why it tripped. i flicked it to on, saw the
lights come back on and called to erin to come down.

“something went wrong,” i said when she stood alongside
me. “the main switch was off. see that switch,” pointing
to it. erin nodded so i said, “if you get a torch, come
down here and check these switches, any of them down in
the off position, just ease them back to the on position
and the power should work again.” erin nodded.

“can you tell me why they went off?” she asked, with a
slight tremor in her voice.

“no idea, but could be anything, even a surge from the
grid, outside.” i replied, “don’t worry about it, now
you got one of these, you can fix it easily.”

“um, okay, well… sorry to drag you out here for
something so easily fixed,” she apologized.

“not at all, needed a break anyway,” i laughed.

“well, the coffee is still hot, if you would like to
stay for a cup?”

i didn’t know erin well at all, and thought, maybe it is
about time i did, at least get to know her a bit better
anyway. “sure, love to. you go and pour the coffee, and
i will just finish up here.”

all i really had to do was to close the cover of the
circuit box, but it gave me a chance at considering a
bit of history here. what did i know of this family?

allie, erin’s mother, and my wife, mary, were friends
and after sean was born, she needed a lot of support.

allie’s now ex- was a serious dick, i didn’t like him
much as he really had no idea of what being a husband
and father really was. it requires commitment, and he
just wouldn’t do it. oh he provided for them, even after
he left. allie, sean and erin didn’t miss out, but he
was emotionally indifferent to both her and his kids.
allie was a first time mother, living far from her own
mother, she had little support network, so turned to
anyone who would help.

at first, she would call mary for help with sean, or
talk for hours to her. later, it became something would
go wrong, fuses, light globes, leaky taps and so on, and
she would need me. one day, i went in to fix a leaking
tap and we ended up in her bed. that started an affair
that is still going on.

i call it an affair because we have sex, in a bed, but
only occasionally. it is not a torrid thing, just
whenever she wants it. she is good, too. i love her
sucking my cock, she is good at it. when she cums, she
makes a little mewling sound which is really cute. she
is curvy, even after two kids, takes care of herself,
and tastes good. she loves 69’ers, and the way my cock
expands just before it cums.

she says i fill her up, and the swelling just stretches
her as i cum. she is relaxed about our affair, and will
usually wait until she is alone in the house and mary is
out before she invites me over. even before the dick
left, she was not going to embarrass him by throwing an
affair in his face.

we have never been caught, no one knows about us. the
gossips will talk anyway, but they are ignored. listen
to them and i am likely to be banging all the women in
the street, and maybe a husband or two as well. nah,
allie is the only one i am shagging, but not that often.
as far as i know, the dick still does not know, and that
is good.

my marriage is solidly based, mary is a lot more
understanding and adventurous, we often shared lovers.
we have never shared allie, and i once asked if mary
could join us, but allie declined and said she would be
terribly upset if mary knew, but that was a little late
by then.

erin was born about a year after allie and i started
fucking, and she never said anything to me except for
the fact she was pregnant. we continued our occasional
affair and we had sex when allie was six months gone,
then the next time was after erin was born, in fact the
first time we fucked after that event, erin was about a
month old, and i had my dick in allie while she had erin

i loved sucking allie’s tits, but she would not let me
while she was feeding erin. allie loved having her tits
sucked, while i was in her, so the only compromise was
to feed erin at the same time as i was fucking allie.
allie told me later that that experience was the single
most erotic thing we ever did, and whenever i sucked her
nipples, she would cum really quickly on that thought.

out of the basement and into the kitchen where erin was
waiting, “black, no sugar,” she said, “strong too.

“just how i like it,” and accepted the cup she was
holding out to me. we made small talk for a while and
every now and again, erin’s voice would tremble, like
she was scared of something. perhaps she was a little
nervous about having me in her kitchen, alone.

there might be something she wanted to say, and not sure
of how it would be received. i didn’t want to push the
point so finished the coffee and said, “well, this has
been a pleasant break, but i better get back to it and
you can get back to doing what you were doing. thanks
for the coffee.”

“t-thanks for coming over me… i mean for me,” she
stammered. i stopped at her comment, and was about to
laugh it off when she said, “please stay for a bit… i
was only reading some porn on the internet.”

i looked at her, “sorry? i didn’t quite catch that.”

“david, i-dont-want-to-be-a-virgin-anymore!” she blurted
out quickly.

i blinked.

“oh please, stay…” she seemed to get a grip.

“erin!” i started, “geez, what are you thinking?” there
was not going to be anyway was i not going to continue
this conversation.

“i have been reading porn on the internet, and i want to
get laid, have sex. i don’t want to read about it
anymore, i want to do it!”

here was this 15 year old kid offering me her virginity.
mom was not going to be home for hours, her brother was
out for the day, and she wants to fuck. what a day dream
this is. not that i had considered her a possible fuck
at any time before, but it was just too good an offer to
pass up.

so, i am a dirty old man, who cares? always thought with
my daughter, chloe, that she started when she started,
when she was 14 or so, maybe a bit younger, so who am i
to quibble about 15? (i found out years later i was way
off the mark here, as my story about chloe and i, also
in kristen’s archive, explains.)

“erin, think about it…” i started. “you…”

“i have,” she interrupted me, “and i was reading this
really horny story, it just turned me right on. i cannot
wait any longer, it has to be today that i lose my

that threw me, “maidenhead” sheesh, who talks like that
anymore? just some poor schmuck like dh lawrence or
similar, or maybe one of the older victorian writers.
she has been reading.

“ok, so what have you been reading that got you so hot
and bothered?”

“let me show you,” she said, and we went into a small
room set up with a computer. “mom won’t let us have one
in our rooms, says they will keep us up all night. i
restarted the computer while you were still in the

she smiled, and i noted that she has a nice smile, good
even teeth, and she smiles with her eyes, even in what
is a stressful situation like this. she had no idea
which way i was going to bounce, but i was certainly
wanting to bounce on her, that’s for sure.

she had already logged in to this site on the internet,
and had brought up the story she had been reading. about
losing virginity, but from the guy’s view. this was in
the early days of the internet, when it was just star
trek and porn that was driving it.

“i found a few stories from the girl’s view, but they
are written by guys. just nonsense, but they really do
turn me on.”

“oh? how?”

“well, i get a little wet… you know, down there. i can
feel the butterflies in my stomach. i can get a little
short of breath. and a really good story can make my
nipples get harder. not like the stories say, but just

“so what do you do about it?”

“depends. if i am alone here then i-i…” she stalled,
her face blushing a little.

“touch yourself?” i asked. she nodded. “that’s perfectly
normal, you feel excited and you want to do something
about it.” she nodded again. “erin,” i said, reaching
out and taking her hand, “then later you masturbate?
bring yourself off?” she nodded again. “but you really
want someone else to do that for you, don’t you?” she
froze a little and her face went a bright red, then
whispered, “yes, i do.”

“that is all natural, and normal, nothing to be
embarrassed about.” i said quietly, earnestly. “we all
react that way when we are aroused.”

i pulled her hand toward me and as she leaned forward, i
moved to kiss her. she will just love the romance of it,
i thought. i gently took hold of her shoulder and pulled
her closer, making sure her body would feel mine, her
breasts pushed against my chest, my lips on hers, and
she responded.

yes! i thought, this is going to happen now! i know,
cynical, cold-blooded bastard i am, taking advantage of
a kid, wanting to get into her pants. i continued to
kiss her, and she wrapped herself around me, hugging me
closer. she was offering me an honor, and i was going to
honor her offer, and then i was going to be on her and
off her, and i was going to get off on her.

erin came up for air, she was not an experienced kisser
yet, but made a credible attempt i thought. i had run my
hands down her back, feeling the bra strap. i cupped one
of the cheeks of her ass in my hand, squeezing it
gently, nice firm butt. kissing her again, i ran my
other hand to her waistline and put it up, under the t-
shirt, gently caressing the skin of her lower back.

slowly i guided my hand up the spine, and then, one
handed, undid the clasp of her bra. i perfected this
technique years ago with mary, and it is a nice trick,
saves time guys. you can’t do it with all bras, but the
narrow band ones, like erin was wearing, only have two
small clips, close together which makes it easier to get
open one handed.

still kissing her, i ran my hand around to her front and
began to rub the skin of her breast. if the bra is a
rigid type, a strong underwire, this can get a little
awkward, but the newer, softer bra allow for a better
grope. i just kept kissing her, only to break to lift
her t-shirt off and slide her bra down, out the way. as
i did she kept kissing me back, her breath getting
shorter, i rubbed her nipples, then bent to kiss them

mary told me that before she had children, her nipples
were not that sensitive, but after, they were almost as
sensitive as her clit. i didn’t spend that much time on
caressing or kissing those hardening nubbins, it was
only a distracter to my opening her shorts, to get the
zip down and to send them down to her ankles.

she felt the fabric open and she stiffened a little, i
think because of the unexpectedness of my movements. the
intense and passionate kissing, the bare skin caressing,
the clothes coming off were having an effect. i held her
to me, and all that stood between me and her sex was her

i stopped then and said, “want to take me to your room?”

erin nodded and led me by the hand to her room. i had
never been in it before, and it was a girls room. there
were frilly things about, and some cheap cosmetics on
the dresser with a big mirror that reflected onto the
bed. the bed itself was a standard single bed, which is
ok, but not real good for fucking on.

i saw a towel draped over the chair in front of the
dresser so i grabbed that and put it on the bed.

“what’s that for?” erin asked.

“it can get a little messy, the first time,” i replied.

“oh, i don’t think so, i broke my hymen about a year
ago, with a cucumber actually. hurt like hell at the
time, but i can use anything now, without any

“ah,” i thought, then asked the next question, “and you
have never had sex before then?”

“no, i said so,” she replied, “i decided i was going to
wait until i could have you as my first lover. today is
the first opportunity, and i want to take advantage of
that.” she gasped at the end of that sentence as i
gently rubbed her panty covered mons. even this
conversation wasn’t going to stop me fucking this girl.

i eased her panties down and laid her back on the bed,
her ass over the towel. “what made you think of me?” i
must admit my ego jumped about 20 notches if i was
purpose selected.

“i wanted a man, not a boy. a drunken party, a back
seat, no- no- no-” she stuttered as i began kissing the
inside of her thighs, running my fingers softly up and
down her legs, caressing the sensitive skin at the rear
of her knees. “not for me. oooohh that is nice. and you
have been… oohhh… my secret crush ahhh… for
years,” as her breathing became even more shallow.

my hands were getting higher on her legs and my kisses
deliberately avoided her mons, as i worked my way up her
torso. i began sucking a hardened nipple. my fingers
flicked over her labia and pushed the lips apart,
seeking the nubbin of her clit. finding it, i softly
rubbed it in a circular motion, easily spreading the
juices my fingers had picked up on their journey through
her cunt. i hadn’t penetrated her, but there was
moisture aplenty in that tender gully.

“oooohh, that feels nicer than when i do it,” erin
gasped. i smiled around her nipple as i massaged her
clit. “ooohh! ooohhh oooohhhh! aaarrrgggghhhhh!” i
plunged my fingers down and finger fucked her for the
first time as she reached a peak. she convulsed in an
orgasm that made her skin flush, her eyes flutter her
body arch. “what the fuck…!!!” she screamed. “awwhhh
fu-u-u-c-c-k-k!” she cried, “wow!!! i have never cum
like that before. that was really strong!” she said
between big gulps of breath.

“rest a moment, and get your breath back,” i said gently
as i moved up and kissed her. “that was good.” i brought
my hand up and licked my really wet, sticky fingers.
“here, taste this,” as i started to put my fingers in
her mouth. she licked for a moment and pulled her head

“ugghh! you had those inside me and want me to lick
them?” she asked.

“yes, i do.” i said calmly. “i know it is something that
you likely have never done before, but believe me, it is
really erotic.” she gave my fingers a tentative lick and
didn’t seem too enthusiastic about it though. “ok, it is
something of an acquired taste.” i didn’t want to push
the issue, that was something for later, maybe.

standing, i took my shirt off, then jeans quickly
followed by my shorts. my cock was standing out,
pointing straight at erin. her eyes widened as she saw
how big it is. “jeez! it looks big!”

“not much bigger than average actually,” i said, but at
a little less than seven inches long and a nice handful
thick, it did what i wanted it to do. “you can touch it
if you like.”

erin tentatively reached out and took it in her hand.
“not too tight,” i said, “that’s better, now just move
your hand along it, slide over the skin.” she started
pulling my dick in little movements. “make longer
strokes and on the up stroke, make sure your hand goes
over the edge of the knob.”

she started doing that, slowly at first but a little
faster as her confidence grew. she got a nice rhythm
going and for a first timer, she was showing some
promise. future boyfriends will like her, for sure.

“oh yeah, that’s good, just like that,” i said, “keep a
steady stroke, but be careful, unless you want it on
you, you just gotta watch it.”

“oh, you mean the semen, your cum?”

“yes, that is what i mean. from any guy you do this to.
you are a quick learner, that’s for sure.” i let her
carry on for a couple of minutes, but her arm got tired
and the stroke became somewhat ragged, still, she kept
at it. “ooohh that will do nicely, now, the next bit,” i

i gently pushed her down across the bed, with her legs
over the side and her virginal vagina close to the edge.
grabbing a pillow for my knees, (well, there is no sense
in being uncomfortable when eating is there), i started
working my way up her legs from her ankles. i would
usually start from her toes, but i could see she was
already in a highly aroused state. her pussy lips were
swollen, puckered in all the right ways. the glints of
light reflecting of the accumulated moisture there were
really sexy.

erin had not done much with her pubes, they looked like
they had never been trimmed, or shaved. this is just the
way i like ‘em, so i can pick the hair out of my teeth
later. they were a little darker than her hair, but were
springy and while not fine, not overly heavy either.

kissing her thighs again, i began to lick the inner
thigh and worked my way to her vagina. she jumped at the
first touch of my tongue, pushing me off her.

“ooohhh you can’t do that!” she said.

“why not?” i asked, “you would have read about someone
going down on a girl, or sucking a dick?”

“yeah,” she replied, “but-”

“but nothing,” i broke in. “all you do is lie back and
enjoy it. it is the most amazing pleasure. i love doing
it, and you will love getting it, believe me. it is a
very loving thing to do for your partner.”

“but it’s nasty! i always skipped over those bits in

“not at all. it’s fun, you’ll see. for the moment, just
relax and let me give you pleasure.” i really wasn’t
expecting her to resist, nor was i expecting her to suck
my dick. it takes a while for someone to get used to the
idea of oral sex, let alone trying it, no matter how
much they read about it.

i eased erin back down, onto the bed, her legs spread in
front of me. i went back to kissing her thighs, to
softly scraping my fingers over her skin, and when her
breathing became more shallow, i restarted my lip-trek
to her cunt.

ultimately, i placed my mouth over her mons and stabbed
at her clit with my tongue. i licked all over her pussy,
spreading the labia with my tongue, and plunging into
her love canal. i tasted the yummy juice of youth,
freely flowing in her arousal. i could smell her very
essences, filling my mouth with her soft skin and my
nose being teased by those wonderfully silken pubes.

while i concentrated on her clit, my fingers invaded
her. i pushed a finger inside her, feeling the slickness
of that tight canal as it wrapped itself around my
digit. poking it in and pulling it out, i finger fucked
her slowly, then with an increasing speed as i attacked
her clit with my tongue, trying to get the actions in

it wasn’t long before she started rocking her hips,
trying to get more of herself into my mouth. i pulled my
finger out as i concentrated on her clit then, wiping it
over and over again with my tongue. she surged at my
mouth, pushed her hips into me while gasping and moaning
and grunting all at the same time as she came for the
second time.

i left the clit and pushed my tongue into her vaginal
opening as deep as i could get it. in and out, now
tongue fucking her, forcing her to remain on the crest
of her orgasm for a little longer. i then went back to
her clit, again pushing her toward another climax.

all through his, my hands had not been idle. i was
caressing her slit, finger fucking her with one hand,
while my other hand was continuing to touch her legs,
her waist, as far as i could reach up to her breasts,
then back down again.

occasionally i would touch her in a place and she would
contract the muscles with a gasp, then relax as i ran my
hand over it. all this was achieving was sensitizing the
skin for more attention later. for me, it is important
that before intercourse occurs, i make sure i do run my
hands over those areas one more time.

it wasn’t long before she came to my tongue a second
time, louder and more strongly. she pushed herself into
my mouth hard and pulled my head at the same time,
squashing our lips together. i barely had enough room to
get my tongue into her canal to taste her wonderful cum.
i wanted to get that sticky, sweet tasting liquid
smeared on my face, my lips, the inside of my mouth as
quickly as i could. she son let go of my head and i was
able to get what i wanted.

using my hands on her now, i softly touched all those
areas she jumped at earlier as i moved up her body. i
suckled each nipple, making her gasp and coo, while
running the fingers of one hand over her flank and
holding myself up with the other. i then kissed her, and
wiped my tongue over her lips, and then inside her
mouth. she responded well here, and even sucked my
tongue a little.

i broke here and gently said, “now your turn.”

“what? to suck your dick?”

“only if you want to. but more importantly, are you on
the pill? or do you have a condom?”

“yes, a condom.” she reached over to her lamp stand,
opening the drawer and reached in, pulling out a silver
packet she held it up to me.

“ok,” i said, “you are going to have to do this.”

“why? can’t you do it?”

i could feel the moment slipping away, but i insisted.
“i know how to do it, but have you ever done it?” she
shook her head, and her tits just shimmied – what a
sight- my cock just jumped when that hit it.

“i’ll talk you through it. look, the modern condoms are
better but the still break if they are not put on
correctly, and do you really think some horny boy, all
excited and rushing, is going to put it on right? you
going to trust that to happen? every time?”

i could see she was thinking about it, and she saw the
sense in it, she relented. “so, what do i do?”

“first, you need a bit of moisture on the head of my
cock. makes it easier to get over the knob.” it doesn’t,
i just wanted to see if she would put my cock in her
mouth or if she would do the obvious and lick her
fingers to wipe over my cock. to my delight, she did
neither. reaching down, she scooped some of the cum from
her pussy and, taking my cock in her other hand, she
smeared her juice on the knob.

then she did something unexpected, she leaned forward
and took the knob into her mouth. it wasn’t there long,
and when she pulled away, a string of my juices
connected my dick and her mouth, and a brief moue of
distaste. oh well, too much to ask.

she savored the taste of the mixture of herself and me a
little then asked what she should do next. she followed
the instructions i gave her, opening the pack, finding
the cup, making sure there was no air in it, then eased
it over my dick, rolling it down.

actually, that was quite sensual, the way she did it,
even if there was no experience. her touch was like a
feather, and while i have always found condoms tight to
put on, and tight at the base, she did it without it
distracting me, which is what usually happens.

when she was done, i again gently pushed her back down,
lengthwise on the bed, and again slowly touched her,
masturbated her, sucked her nipples, kissed her and
plunged my fingers into her. when she gasped, and my
fingers slid into her easily, i moved over her,
spreading her legs opening her virginal slit to my now
rampaging cock.

i lay on her, my cock pressing against her, feeling the
heat of her stimulated cunt. i kissed her, long and
hard, then moved forward, a little, and at that moment,
the knob of my cock entered her and she gasped as it
filled her.

“aaaahhh!” she sighed, “yes, that’s it, that’s what i

i pushed in a little more, again she gasped, then i just
plunged into her as deep as i could. “oooohhh fuck me!
fuck me!” she cried. she drew her knees up allowing me
to get in as deep as i could, and i pressed into her.
her rhythm was not meeting mine, inexperience after all,
then out again, rocking into her, then out and plunging
in that endless dance of life since the dawn of time.

i was lost in the rhythm and the movement, helping her
improve her responses, and slowly the urgency of my
fucking her increased. closer and closer i got to
cumming, faster and faster i moved, pumping my cock in
and out, in and out.

i had already lost track of time, wasn’t listening for
anything else, just tied up in erin’s sex, displaced
myself a little. movement, movement, in, out, and her
responding, up and down, she wrapped her legs around me
but too tightly, so when i moved out, she lifted with
me, when i thrust in, her ass pounded the bed. i didn’t
care, i was just concentrating on lasting as long as i
could, fucking this wonderfully tight pussy. but all
good things must come to an end.

i could feel the swell of imminent ejaculation in my
balls, and as i grunted a last “aarrgghh!” it was
followed by a “cumming-cumming now!” as i shot into the
french letter wrapped around my cock. once, twice, three
time i spurted, then a forth, as i continued to pump
into the condom. while not my favorite thing to do with
my cum, it was still a pleasurable experience.

gasping for air, collapsed on top of her, and spent, i
took my time to get off and squeeze onto my side without
falling off the single bed. holding each other, i kissed
and caressed her, with that same gentle trailing of my
fingers over her skin. she loved that. i then talked her
through how to remove the condom without spilling a lot
of its contents. she tied it off, then just dropped it
at the side of her bed. we snuggled up to each other
and, between kisses and hugs, and touches, we talked.

“ok, now you want to tell me, why me?” i asked, just
inches from her face, her naked body aligned with mine,
a leg over my hip. i would likely be entering her if i
got hard again, as it stiffened up.

“well, honestly?” she asked, i nodded, “you won’t get
upset or anything?”

“not at all, not after what we have just done.” i meant
it too.

“first, i am not joking, you were my secret crush.
remember when you were building the fence? i watched you
for two days and i knew that i was in love with you from
then. no idea what it meant, but silly little girls have
secret loves.”

she stopped and squirmed at my touch.

“then, about a year ago, after dad left, i came home
from somewhere early, and i caught you. you… and mom,
having sex… in her bed.”

i felt my heart pick up and my breath stopped.

“i came home early, but then got out of there, mom said
nothing, even so, i think she didn’t see me and you were
too busy fucking her. she was really loving it too, the
way she was fucking you back, and i wanted that to be me
under you. i was just so jealous of mom, she was getting
what i didn’t know i wanted until then.”

a connection made, “the cucumber?”

“that very night actually – and i have been masturbating
to that scene ever since. anyway, i was more careful
after that, i didn’t want mom to be upset that i knew.
but i already knew anyway, i just didn’t want to believe
it until i saw it for myself.”

“oh?” i replied, somewhat dumbfounded as i thought we
were being real careful. “well, go on, you can’t not
finish that statement now. how did you already know?”

“um, i heard mom and dad arguing, just before he left.”
in a matter of fact tone she said, “it was one of those
really bitchy arguments they used to have. he said
something about her being a slut. she said something
about him not being anywhere near the man you were.”

that rocked me, george did know, but at least he had the
grace to not say anything.

“then she went on and told him that you were my father,
not him.”


“what? i’m your father?” i just about fell off the bed.
and i had just fucked her, and she knew? i sat up and
she said, “oh, mom used to say things like that to dad
just to hurt him, so he could show her he felt
something, but he never did.” lying down, i shrugged my
shoulders, maybe it wasn’t true.

“but…but…” i spluttered.

“look, dad never has an emotion, he is never angry,
never sad, never happy, rarely laughs even though he
smiles a lot. its painted on, that smile-i actually hate
it-it is so phony.” she picked it too, but she couldn’t
put a name to it. i could, and it was an unpleasant
name. “you know, he practices laughing, but he doesn’t
quite get it right. i know he sometimes drives around,
or spends a day with a pencil jammed in his jaws to push
the muscles in his face into a smile.”

“mmmm, all parents have shortcomings, but we love them

“anyway, if dad ever does a paternity test on me, the
results will not make any difference to him either way.”
she said, somewhat bitterly.

then i had the realization, i really was her father-
then she said, “but you didn’t know that i am your
daughter, did you?”

“no. your mother never said a word about it, so i don’t
know. i did wonder, at first, but…” fuck, it wasn’t
important enough to me to ask. if i said that, it would
not help her self esteem at all.

“that was really why i wanted you as my first lover. if
you knew, you would refuse, even if i was stark naked
right in front of you. i would have been if you hadn’t
accepted, you know, just stripped right there.”

“please, i didn’t know anything about this.”

“i didn’t think you knew, that is why this, my father,
my first lover. don’t be too upset, you may have
provided the sperm, but really you are no more my father
than george.”

“how can you be sure?

“i looked at my health records. my blood group is ab.”
she waited, while the significance of that remark sunk
in. “mom and dad are both type o.”

i let by breath out, shocked at the revelation. i am
type ab. shocked at discovering a daughter, a neighbor,
and i never knew. i then realized, i really had just
fucked my own daughter. i felt sickened at that.

“oh, that upset you does it?” erin said. “don’t let it,
i really enjoyed you masturbating me, eating me and then
fucking me. i want to do it again, and again.”

“but… we can’t… i mean… incest is illegal.”

“and… your problem is?” she paused, “who will know?
sean? mom? mary? the only other one who knows you are my
father is not saying anything… and she won’t-ever.
that’s a promise.”

fuck me! i thought, here is this 15 year old kid
commanding silence?

about a month later, i found out how she was able to do

part two

i had some real issues i could not discuss with anyone.
i had been seduced by, or rather, i eagerly allowed
myself to be seduced by, or maybe i was a dirty old man
who would fuck a 15 year old, and she turned out to be
my own daughter. i didn’t know about the relationship,
it was a serious shock to me, i can tell you. i really
enjoyed fucking her too, right up to the moment she told
me of her paternity.

the next few days were perhaps the most difficult days i
had had, emotionally, in my life to that point. mary
knew there was something wrong, but i couldn’t tell her.
i just put it down to work and spent more time in the
office than at home. made the story look better, but my
work output dropped.

i found myself getting very short with people,
intolerant of their foibles, and it was noticeable. mary
asked and i had to lie to her. i don’t like lying to
her, but the problems i had at work were actually
minimal, just i made them out to be larger, and the
names i was mentioning were known to mary as people for
whom i had little professional respect. she bought it,
well, she never mentioned not buying it, and was patient
with me.

i stayed home after the weekend, the summer break on,
but mary was working still, and erin was on holidays.
finally, the doorbell rang, and erin was at the door. i
nearly didn’t let her in, but i needed to talk to her,
even with a deal of trepidation, i sat her down in the
kitchen, and made her a coffee, we had already fucked so
a coffee wasn’t going to make it worse.

“i am not handling this well, erin,” i started.

“i am not asking you to handle it at all, david. i know
i don’t mean much to you.” – to which i protested-
“really, please, we had no real relationship until last
week, you knew who i was, but i bet that is all you
knew. oh, this is going badly.”


“no, don’t say anything, yet. let me get out what i need
to say first, please.” i subsided, giving myself a
chance at ordering my thoughts.

“i know you think it was a dirty trick, getting you into
my bed. you didn’t know, but i did,” she started, “i
really did mean it when i said i had a crush on you,
still do really. it also meant that i been fantasizing
about you ever since i first knew what men and women get
up to. i always wanted you to be the first man to love
me. when i found out you were my father, i was
devastated, because i thought it would never happen. i
had to trick you, it was, for me the only way to find
out if you knew for sure or not.

“the incest thing, its meaningless. it is a taboo for
you, but for me it is a nonsense. i meant it when i said
you may have been the donor, but even though he is a
cold fish, george is the only one i will call “dad”. he
doesn’t understand anyway, there has never been an
emotional attachment, and he is not financially
responsible for us, mom earns enough for us. he is
paying into sean’s college fund, but not mine, mom is
doing that, and no-one will ever ask you to contribute.
even though both chloe and peter are now finished
college, you will not be asked.”

i hadn’t even thought about that, but i would help
anyway. my kids, peter and chloe, are off on their own
lives now, and we only see them on weekends, but that’ll
change when they have kids of their own.

“i am not asking you to take any responsibility here,
this is all mine. i hope you enjoyed yourself, fucking
me, because i want to do it again.”

“erin, i can’t…” i started, but even that was
unconvincing, there was no father-daughter emotional
attachment, she was right. the only resistance i was
getting was from my own innate sense of taboo, social
demands that tell me parents don’t fuck their kids.

“pregnancy is not an issue, i went on the pill two days
ago, and while we still have to use condoms for a while,
eventually, we won’t.”

i said nothing, so she went on, “i really do want to
learn how to fuck properly, to do for someone else what
you did for me the other day. and what better thing can
a father do for his daughter, teach her something

i still said nothing. “what’s more,” she continued, “i
been reading more, and the reality seems that incest is
nowhere near the issue it was.”

“in porn perhaps, but in real life?” i asked, “things
are always going to happen, just i didn’t expect them to
happen to me.”

“tell me that you didn’t enjoy having me the other day?
tell me you hated fucking me.”

“i-i… can’t, because it was great. you were good,
inexperienced, but really willing and enthusiastic. you
smell good and taste better…” i stopped there because
erin pulled out a silver packet from her pocket and put
it on the table.

“go on, please, i didn’t want to interrupt.”

“jesus!” i said, “look, fact is, it is my perception of
right and wrong here that is causing me problems.
fucking my daughter falls into the wrong side.”

“i am not chloe, so i am not your daughter.” she took
her t-shirt off displaying that excellent pair of tits.
firm and soft, full with well proportioned aureoles and
standing nipples. “it is not you who is seducing me, by
the way, it is me seducing you.” she stood and opened
her shorts, letting them fall to the floor. her panties
fell smoothly and she stepped out of them, coming to my
side of the table, holding the condom in her hand. “and
i am going to pinkmail you into fucking me again.”


“yes.” she sat on the table in front of me, and opened
her luscious legs so i could see the pink of the
internal labia lips. “pinkmail.” she spread those
aroused lips with her fingers and reached out with her
other hand, pulling my face down, onto her obviously
moist vagina.

i didn’t surrender to her pinkmail, i took hold of her
tits in both hands, forcing her hand from the back of my
head. “you sexy slut!” i said, “it wouldn’t matter what
i said would it? you wanted to fuck and that is all
there is to it.” she nodded. “well, i did enjoy myself
the other day, i loved my cock inside you, and i don’t
think i really care if you are my daughter or not. i
will fuck you again, right now, in fact.”

i stood and undid the belt on my jeans, opened the
button and zip and dropped them and my boxers in one
single action. i grabbed the condom, then, ripping the
pack open with my teeth, i rolled the condom on to my
rigid tool and within seconds i was inside erin, pumping
her, filling her cunt with my cock. there was nothing
pretty here, just outright lust.

she was really aroused so just fucking her without any
foreplay was exactly the right thing to do here. i am
just the right height to fuck a woman on the table,
fortunately, otherwise it could be a very damaging
process, and not just my ego either.

and she fucked me back. she pumped her hips, this time
in a little better rhythm with mine. my cock went in and
filled her, then out her muscles collapsing around the
knob of my dick as i pulled back, then opened as my cock
rammed into her again and again. her moans and sighs
increased in urgency when i gripped her ass, pulling her
to me, and she reached down rubbing her clit as i fucked

it only seemed like seconds when she squealed her
cumming, and the muscles in her love canal gripped my
cock head, demanding it spew forth it own sweet nectar.
i couldn’t hold on any longer and just let my balls
shoot their precious fluids into the condom, and i just
kept pumping until the last of it was done.

but that wasn’t enough. i pulled out of her, gripping my
cock, sliding the filled rubber packet off my cock. i
tied its end off and put it aside, thinking i was going
to have to make sure it disappeared soon, certainly
didn’t want that around when mary got home. i pulled the
chair back in, from where it slid when i stood up, then
sat back down. i leaned forward and started tonguing
erin’s really wet snatch.

it tasted a little condomish, the oils from the french
letter coated her labia lips, mixed with the juices
produced by her own excitement. she was really wet as i
plunged my tongue into where my cock had been a minute
before. then licking and gumming her clit she worked
into a sexual frenzy, threshing her head about pumping
her hips into my mouth as she came again.

i licked as best i could then plunged the first two
fingers of my hand deep into her. she jumped but then
thrust back down onto them and seemed disappointed when
i withdrew them. reaching up, i poked them into her
mouth and this time, she just sucked them. maybe she was
now ready to suck on my cock for a while.

turning the chair a little, i lifted her off the table,
not ordinarily easy, but in my own sexual frenzy, i was
hercules. i put her down right in front of the chair and
sat down. i then reversed the situation, and said, “suck
it, make me hard again.”

clearly, erin was not happy about that, but she did
start by licking up some of my cum, “mmm a little tarty,
but not really as dreadful as i imagined.” she went back
to licking my tool. she worked her way up to the knob,
and, after hesitating for a moment, she put the knob
into her mouth.

“ooohh that’s good,” i said, “now using your tongue,
wipe it around the knob, just like i do to your clit.”
she did that, and slowly i could feel life coming back
into my cock.

“oooooohhhh yeah… ni-i-i-ice! now, take more into your
mouth, slowly, and not too much. when you think you have
enough, then suck in a little and pull back up.” she did
that too, pursing her cheeks so that they ran over the
head of my rapidly hardening cock. “slowly, but try to
take as much in as you can, without gagging.” erin did
this and then she mistimed it and took too much in. the
gag reflex was too much and she dry retched.
disappointing, but at least she did as i asked.

she then took my cock in her mouth again, and while not
the greatest head job i have had, she was showing she
was more willing to learn now. so what happened? i

over the next few weeks, until erin returned to school
we fucked, not every day, but at least twice a week. she
became more adroit and receptive of pleasure, she showed
real talent in the giving of pleasure. she came in one
day and just sucked my cock. she wouldn’t let me fuck
her, on her period she said, so that was the first time
she made me cum in her mouth.

again, she had shown real improvement in her technique,
and while she wasn’t deep-throating me, she could still
spend the time, have the energy to suck me off. on the
last days before going back to school, erin came over to
invite me to her place that evening.

evening came, i made my apologies to mary and i went and
knocked on the door of my neighbor. allie came to the
door, greeted me and, in her usual manner made me feel
welcome, inviting me in.

“sean is out camping with friends so won’t be back until
the weekend.” allie informed me, then, “erin told me she
was inviting you here tonight, but not why. any

my heart jumped into my mouth, and i thought, fuck, dead
meat. “oh, maybe, but i think i better not say anything,
i have no idea what is in her head.”

“she’s fifteen, so probably not a lot, boy bands and the
like i imagine. although, she has been growing up a lot

we went into the lounge, sat and erin came in. she came
to her mom and hugged her, and i mean hugged her. not in
a daughterly way, but in a far more sensual manner. then
she said “hi,” to me and hugged me, “thank you for
coming” she went on, as did the hug and again, it was
not in a friendly way, it was obviously a far more
intimate hug. allie’s eyebrows jumped to her hairline,
then her look turned somewhat suspicious.

“mom,” erin started, “sit down, the both of you.” allie
went to sit in a single chair and erin said, “on the
sofa mom, next to david.” allie’s look changed again,
this time to a worried, startled rabbit, caught in the
glare of a hunter’s spotlight. she sat.

“okay, starting at the beginning. first, i know that you
have a sexual relationship.” allie jumped, but i knew
that erin knew, and george, allie’s ex- and i surmised
that sean knew too. “so does sean.” allie started
tensing, but i took her hand quickly, before she could
move any further. i also thought i knew where this was
going and there was a sense of resignation, and relief,
it would be out in the open.

“it’s ok,” i said, “we knew they would find out sooner
or later.”

“what i have known for a couple of years is that david
is my real father, mom.”

i could feel allie welling up, the shock of her most
important secret was out in the open. “but-but-”

“i know mom, i saw my health records and both you and
dad are blood type o, and i am a type ab. i know enough
of genetics to know that george is not my father,
therefore, it has to be david.”

i put my arm around allie’s shoulders, and gave her
reassurance that it was alright. i then understood why i
was there, to hold allie while being confronted with the
truth. “i knew about a month ago,” i said, “erin told me
about it, and i had to confirm, i am ab.”

“and my guess, mom, would be the new dna tests would
prove it beyond doubt.” this confused me a bit, i hadn’t
heard about dna testing, but i stayed quiet. allie
nodded, so it was true, erin is my daughter.

“good, now we got that out the way, i want you to
realize that david may be my real father, it is george
who will always be known as my father- neither of which
is going to change. so, let’s clear the air a bit. mom?”

for the next half hour or so we talk around those
issues. erin made it clear that she wasn’t accepting
anything from me, and allie apologized for not telling
me the truth fifteen years ago, and i told erin that i
had about $10,000 left in chloe’s college account that
she wasn’t going to use, so i would happily turn it over
to allie for the same purpose.

both of them were very surprised, and tried to reject
it, but the bottom line is that going to college now is
a lot more expensive than it was just two years ago when
chloe graduated, and it wasn’t going to get cheaper. i
then told them it wasn’t a sense of fatherhood, or
responsibility, or guilt, or any of those things, but
just to add a little help in their lives. i was lying of
course, it was all those things, and in the darkest
reaches of my heart, i suspect it was also guilt payment
for the sex that erin and i have been having.

“ok,” erin went on. “mom, i am glad i went on the pill,
because two weeks ago i had sex.”

wait a minute, two weeks? a month ago, so she is talking
about someone else? i couldn’t help a stab of jealousy

“what? do you think i should know that?”

“yep, i sure do, because it was with sean.”

“fu-u-u-ckk!” allie cried, “your brother?”

“half brother mom,” she replied calmly. “and after last
night, i don’t think you should be objecting.”

last night? what happened last night?

allie shut up like a clam. she just collapsed into
herself. her head was shaking and i wondered just what
the fuck was going on here. then it dawned on me, sean
was away with his friends, had been all week. allie and
erin were home alone, and erin did say that the only
other person who knew i was her father would never say
anything, so, i wondered.

“that is not all, mom. the night i found out for sure
you and david were actually fucking, i took a cucumber
out of the fridge and used it to break my hymen.” allie
was starting to look a little punch drunk by this.
“besides, i could just smell the sex, every time. it was
just so – so – sexy. i would masturbate like crazy.”

“erin!” allie finally said, “i don’t think that david
needs to hear this!”

“well, maybe not, but he has already, so it doesn’t
matter.” allie jumped and looked at me. i must admit i
squirmed a little, well a lot, at that look.

“mom, don’t worry about it, david is really cool about
it all. we have had some really good talks about sex.”

“you been talking to erin about sex? for fuck’s sake,
she is only fifteen!”

“well,” i replied, “in my own defense, i was 12 when i
had sex for the first time, you were thirteen, mary was
older, but 18, and chloe, well, not sure but i suspect
she was only 14. so 15 is not too young, and you know
it. besides, you know that when a girl thinks she is
ready she is going to go for it, no matter what anyone
else says.” i finished with a quiet, “but she never is,

“and i wasn’t coerced, or talked into it, if anything it
was the other way round.” oh shit! i thought, this is
where i get fucked good and proper.

“there was no way was he going to get away from me.
doesn’t matter who, mom, but i was out of my clothes
before he had his shirt off.” true, but not the whole
truth. “and i did it willingly.”

allie was disconcerted by this, but you could see her
making connections, “good fuck was she?” she asked me.


“oh jesus, enough of the bullshit, erin.” i said,
somewhat annoyed, “you mother is quite bright and you
been dropping clues since you started this conversation.
yes, allie, it was me, and she is a very loving and
really sexy young woman. i take it that you didn’t
escape her allure last night either?”

“david!” erin said.

“yes, erin, enough of the bullshit.” allie said. “i went
to bed and erin joined me, and we had sex. i was horny,
and really wanted you over here, but did not know that
erin already knew, nor that you two have been fucking.”

“well, i didn’t realize you were into women.”

“yes, -no – not really. but i was really horny and erin
walked in on me just as i had the vibrator out.”

“the same one-” allie nodded. i knew that toy, having
bought it for her a couple of years ago. “so did you use
it on erin too? each other?” again allie nodded. “”wow..
who would have thought… would love to have seen that.”
i said.

erin looked at me and said dryly, “and why else do you
think you are here tonight?”

allie jumped and said “no!, no way!”

“yes mom, way,” erin said, “it’s bad enough we are both
fucking the same man, but to not share him at the same
time, that is just …erm… neglectful.”

“erin, your mother refused a three way with mary,” i
said, “years ago, and i never followed it up. so what
makes you think her attitude is any different now?”

“because, years ago, she hadn’t had sex with another
woman, now she has. and for my first time, too, it was
actually brilliant. nearly as good as it was with you
that first time.”


erin took allie by the hand and pulled her to her feet,
hugged her, kissed her like a lover, then began to
undress her. allie was not really cooperative, but was
not objecting. looking over her mother’s shoulder, erin
eyeballed me to come and join her. standing up behind
allie, i hugged her from behind and kissed her on the
neck. allie leaned back into me and i knew it was going
to be alright.

within moments she was naked and i got another chance to
touch those wonderful parts of her. from behind i cupped
her breasts and kissed her neck as erin suckled her
nipples. my cock was super hard, trying to make a tent
in my jeans.

“ooohh, i can feel his cock so hard on my ass. want to
let it run free?” allie said.

erin lifted her head and looked at me, smiling “oh yeah,
free until i can trap it inside me – at either end.”

“i saw it first darling, be patient.”

“yes, but you had it lots, let me catch up, mom!”

“ladies!” i said, “there will be plenty to go round.”

“oh there better be, big boy!” allie said as she rounded
on me and in moments, i was as naked as she was.

erin tossed her clothes off and the three of us were
hugging and kissing and touching, standing in the
lounge. erin got on her knees and sucked my cock, as i
masturbated allie. i pulled out of her mouth and lay
down on the floor, motioning allie to come and sit on my
face, which she did, as erin sucked my cock.

lost in the folds of her vaginal lips, i tongued her as
hard and as fast as i could and was rewarded with the
ooohhs and aaahhs of a woman enjoying sex. i could feel
the heat growing from within the love canal. in the
meantime, erin had continued to suck my cock, her lips
wrapped tightly around it and consistently brushing the
ridge at the base of the knob. practice does make
perfect, she was getting better, that’s for sure.

usually i can ignore getting head, especially when i am
giving it, which is why i love 69’ers, they go on
forever for me, and i was doing this here. soon allie
drove her entire vagina into me, as i slurped her cunt,
cumming hard she wailed her orgasm to all who could

“ooohhh fuck!” she cried, “you know how sexy it is
watching another woman sucking a cock while being eaten
out. swap, my darling.” allie got off my face, and as
they changed places, allie kissed erin, whoa, so sexy,
touching her breasts, “enjoy his tongue.”

erin settled on my face and allie, knowing what i like,
set to with a will. fuck, she is good. erin pushed
herself down onto my tongue and having pleasured her
like that a number of times recently, i knew what to do
with her to bring her off really quickly. there is
nothing like this, a woman at both ends at the same
time, or maybe a guy and a woman, never having tried two
guys. allie is not her daughter, she is a much more
accomplished cock sucker, i can tell you. it really is
hard work trying to ignore the sensational head job
allie gives, but i must, for later.

it wasn’t long before erin came on the ministrations of
my tongue, like allie, she squealed and grunted at the
same time, makes for a very unusual sound, but only when
they cum. erin slumped then moved off of my face, to
join allie in sucking my cock. i was somewhat relieved,
the break i got as they moved my rigid pole between
their mouths gave me some small respite from their

after a few minutes, allie motioned to me that is was
time for some serious fucking. she moved to be on all
fours and just looked at me. i smiled and said, “erin,
get under there and suckle, just like you used to.” erin
was only too happy to oblige and scooted around so that
she could suck on mom’s tits while mom was sucking hers.
i moved into position and slid easily into allie’s now
dripping love slot.

a few short strokes, followed by several rally deep
strokes allie was on the edge of cumming again. i felt a
flicker of fingers over her clit and assumed they were
erin’s. allie grunted and squealed as she went over the
edge again. i could feel the tension and release of her
muscles wrapped around my plunging stalk as she came.

i was buried deep in allie and saw erin squirming as she
moved further under allie, then felt her head bumping on
my thighs. pulling out erin appeared under allie’s open
legs and lifted her mouth to where my cock had just
left, her eyes smiling as allie shivered with delight,
feeling erin’s tongue inside her. allie dipped her head
and the movement of these two gorgeous women in a 69’er
became just so erotic.

not wanting to miss out, i dipped my head and began to
kiss allie on her butt, and was quickly tonguing her
asshole. allie shuddered at the unexpected contact, and
moaned her pleasure. i had never seen allie like this
before, she was in a super heightened state of sexual
arousal. she was cumming over and over again. the
squeals of pleasure were just continuous one on top of
the other. i was sure that it wasn’t me doing that, my
bar was getting a little chilled as the lovely juices
that allie had covered it in evaporated, and even with
my tongue on her ass, that wasn’t enough.

soon, allie just collapsed in a heap of quivering sexual
ecstasy. she lay on her side, so i quickly slid into her
place, my cock finding erin’s mouth and my lips
devouring her labia. i rolled us onto our sides then
over again, so i was on my back with erin sucking my
shaft and me slurping on her oozing slit. before i came
in her mouth, she had gotten that much better, i stopped
and moved around, on top of her, sliding my dick into
her, pumping her full of my man meat.

in one of those moments of almost complete stillness,
the music that had been playing in the background, allie
always had music playing, came through clearly. ian
drury and the blockheads, their big song, “hit me with
your rhythm stick” was playing, and the beat of the song
was almost in perfect timing with my fucking of erin.

erin laughed a little as the chorus came on, and started
“fuck me with your rhythm stick, fuck me, fuck me,
fuck me with your great big dick, fuck me, fuck me, fuck
fuck me with your rhythm stick.
fuck me slowly, fuck me quick,
fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeee.”

so i obliged. i fucked her, just as she wanted. all the
time allie was watching, then kissing both of us,
playing with erin’s nipples, running her hand over her.

i got close to cumming myself and cried, “soon, cumming,
cumming…” allie saying, “yes, yes, cum in our
daughter.” erin saying, “yes, cum in me, cum in me.” and
it hit me, my dick exploded with the heat and the
passion of the moment. i pulsed once, shooting bucket
loads of sweet cum into erin. then a second shot, a
third, the sensation of cumming so overpowering.

we all collapsed in a rather large entangled heap. my
heart was beating at huge rate, and i could feel the
heat of blood pressure from both allie and erin.

then i wondered if my life was ever going to be the same

Here He Cums Again (MMF, nc, inc, 1st, voy)

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She heard her bedroom door open and pretended to be 
asleep. But that never worked. The big man slipped into 
her bed and put his hands under her nightie as usual, 
seeking her breasts. She tried to ignore the good 
feelings as he began tweaking her nipples. Damn them, 
they're hard.

Her uncle had been visiting for a week. He caught her 
fucking her boyfriend on the second day and used that as 
leverage to visit her bed every night since. She liked 
sex a lot but wanted it to be HER choice, of course. 

He wasn't very attractive but she had to admit that her 
body had responded to him. He had a lot more experience 
than her boyfriend and it felt like his cock was bigger 
too. He came like crazy, leaving a real mess for her to 
clean up. Good thing she had a contraceptive patch.

Tonight he pushed her up on her hands and knees, licked 
her pussy a few times to get it wetter, and slipped his 
hard meat in. She stayed motionless and bit her lip to 
stifle any sound that might mean she enjoyed the taking 
of her body. But she couldn't hold her orgasm back after 
a while, and she was sure he felt it just before the hot 
flood of semen gushed into her.

Without a word, he pulled out, wiped his pecker on her 
nightgown, and left.

She cried as she washed out her pussy in the bathroom. 
But she slept.

After two repeats she was struggling to find a way to 
fight back. She couldn't go to her parents. She couldn't 
refuse her uncle. What could she do for the next few 
nights until he left?

Her older brother was her best friend. Perhaps he would 
have an idea. He knew she wasn't a virgin. His best 
friend had taken care of that as her brother watched 
from the front seat of the SUV. She could trust him with 
this awful secret. Maybe he could help.

After supper she asked him to go for a walk. He asked, 
"Is something bothering you? You haven't seemed very 
happy the last few days."

Tears ran down her cheeks while she told him what was 
happening. He held her and spoke soothingly, "Oh my dear 
sister. You are in a bind. I'll think of something. We 
can't directly confront him so we have to make you less 
attractive somehow. That might be difficult. You're so 
cute and curvy."

She smiled, "I've never heard you say that about me 
before. Do you think I'm sexy?"

"Hell yes! Watching you with my buddy was the most 
erotic thing I have ever seen. I wished it could have 
been me."

She stopped in her tracks, "Maybe that's it. Uncle 
wouldn't fuck me when he caught us. He told me to get 
cleaned up and be ready for him that night. I'd bet he 
doesn't like sloppy seconds!"

Her brother asked, "Well then, how are you going to get 
your boyfriend in your pants just before bedtime?"

She punched him in the arm, "His isn't the only cock I'd 
like to have cum in me."

"Who else?"

"YOU, silly! I love you and you're very available. Will 
you do me tonight just before bedtime?"

"Shit yes!!"

That night her brother pumped a big load of stored up 
semen in her as she lay in her bed. Both of them 
regretted that it had to be a quickie. She stayed on her 
back so the cum wouldn't drain out for a while. Her 
uncle arrived as expected, licked her pussy, spit it 
out, and, left cursing at her.

Her brother had been watching and went to her bed. They 
hugged as she said, "Thank you. And now I'd like some 
more of the biggest cock I've ever felt."

For the second time he slid into the only pussy he'd 
ever had. Damn it felt good. This time they enjoyed each 
other for hours and he came twice more, deep in his 
sister. Tits were even more fun to suck and play with 
than he had imagined. 

She, in turn, was delighted at how well he fit her and 
touched her hot spots. She only slightly regretted that 
he wasn't the one to get her virginity. His buddy had 
screwed her a few more times before she met her current 
boyfriend over a year ago. He was pretty good, but not 
this good. She'd have to keep dating him though, not 
that that was a bad thing.

This event was repeated each night until uncle left.

By then they couldn't stop their nightly ritual. It was 
especially nice when she came home from dates with her 
boyfriend. Brother liked seconds almost as much as she 

Exhibitionist Wife (MF, wife-sharing, exh, oral, dogging)

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When Liz and I got together she was 35 and I was 42. Liz
was an absolutely beautiful woman, large firm breasts, a
flat washboard stomach great legs and a very pretty
face. She also had a perfect pussy neat, tight and
always moist and juicy. She was a total perfectionist
where her appearance was concerned – perfect hair and
makeup and always immaculately dressed.

She was the perfect girlfriend and we hit it off
sexually right away. She was always up for fun, and we
experimented with all sorts of positions and fantasies.
As we tried different things I noticed that what really
seemed to turn her on was fantasies involving someone
seeing her naked or seeing us fucking. She would have
shattering orgasms and would become completely
insatiable when I described these situations to her-
especially as I slid my cock in and out of her sopping
wet pussy but she would even come while sucking my cock
if she imagined someone was watching her.

As we explored this fantasy together I began to notice
that what really sent her over the top was when she
imagined she was being watched by men as she stripped
and exposed herself to them – her breasts, her arse and
most of all her perfect pussy. She loved the thought of
putting on a show for them – touching herself and
eventually fingering herself until she came in front of

She loved the idea of the men getting more and more
aroused, rubbing their cocks and eventually getting
their cocks out and wanking themselves off as they
stared at her perfect body. What really did it for her
was the thought of her putting on a live sex show for
them, me fucking her hard from behind or her sucking me
off until she made me come over her pretty face and
perfect breasts.

It was clear she was a real exhibitionist and really got
off on the power of arousing men to the point where they
couldn’t control themselves anymore and could do nothing
but spurt spunk from their cocks as they stared at her
willing sexy body.

Eventually, after a really great session, I asked the
million dollar question. ‘Would you like to try it for

‘I’m really not sure,’ she said, ‘I’m not sure how I
would feel if they were actually there looking at me for
real. I might not find it as sexy as the fantasy.’

I looked down and her fingers were massaging her clit as
she spoke. ‘Well you certainly look like you like the
idea to me,’ I said, ‘all those men stroking their big
hard cocks watching you reveal your breasts and your
pussy to them, watching you finger yourself till you

She groaned loudly and came as I spoke. After catching
her breath, she said, ‘Well, maybe, but only if you are
there. I would want to suck you while they watched,’ she
said, licking my cock between words.


The next day I asked her if she was serious, or was it
just lust speaking. ‘I’m game if you are,’ she said.

We talked about how we could make it happen – there
weren’t any sex shops or porn theatres anywhere near us,
where a little exhibitionism might be ok , but we were
aware of a place off the A3 that was notorious for
dogging. We agreed that we would give it a try – we
could stay in the car and check the situation out, and
if she didn’t like it we could just drive off.

We decided to try it next Saturday. Liz got ready,
putting on a tiny thong, a pair of knee length spike
heeled boots, no bra and a dress that wrapped over her
breasts and tied at the side. Her hair and makeup were
perfect as ever and she looked absolutely stunning.


We drove to the area and slowly drove into the woods to
the parking area. It was dark, but we could see a number
of cars parked in a clearing, some with lights on
inside. Someone flashed their lights on as we pulled in,
and we could see a few men moving about outside. It was
a warm summer night and I opened the windows a little so
we could get some air and hear what may be going on. Liz
reached over and started to massage my cock through my
trousers and in no time I had a raging hard-on.

A couple of men moved close to the car and a few seconds
later a third man joined them. Liz started to squeeze
her breasts and rub her hard nipples with her left hand
while she unzipped my fly and pulled my rock hard cock
out. I leaned over and untied the dress, pushing the
material aside so her breasts were on show. Her nipples
were sticking out harder than I had ever seen them.

‘Put the light on,’ said a voice from outside, ‘put the
light on so we can see better.’

Liz reached up and switched on the interior light and
she was bathed in bright light. We could no longer see
outside, but Liz started to put on a show. She reached
down and opened her dress, teasing her nipples with her
left hand and rubbing her pussy through her thong with
her right.

I took about 20 seconds of this before she came,
groaning loudly, her eyes closed. By now the men had
moved really close to her window and were looking
through, rubbing bulges in their trousers. Liz opened
her window a little more. ‘Let’s see some cocks,’ she
demanded, ‘the nicest one might get a little treat.’

I could hardly believe my ears – what did she mean by a
‘little treat’? My mind was reeling but my cock was
harder than ever. I was losing control of the situation
and thought maybe we should go, but I was so aroused
that I wanted to see what happened next even more.

I didn’t have to wait long to find out.

The men outside each unzipped their trousers and pulled
their cocks out. One of them was already hard and I was
gratified to see he was somewhat smaller than me, the
others were semi hard but one cock was already bigger
than mine. It was circumcised and I could see a little
pre-cum shining on the tip in the light.

‘Looks like you need a little encouragement,’ said Liz,
as she opened the window fully and waved the men closer.
She reached out and gave each of them a couple of

‘Hey,’ I said, ‘that wasn’t the deal.’

‘Don’t worry honey, it’s just a little squeeze so I can
see them hard, I won’t forget you.’ She smiled as she
wrapped her hand round my engorged cock. I was totally
lost, my cock was throbbing so hard I didn’t have the
will power to do anything except to try not to spunk all
over her there and then. ‘Looks like you are enjoying
the show too” she said, smiling at me wickedly.

With that, she turned around, took hold of the smallest
cock, and pulled it close to her. She then amazed me by
opening her mouth and sucking it deep down. I watched
mesmerised, as the cock pushed in and out of her mouth.
She was taking his full length easily as he pumped his
cock in and out, fucking her mouth. The other two cocks
were hard and standing proud now and the guys were
wanking themselves. One guy had a decent size cock,
about the same length as mine, 7-inches, but a bit
thicker. The other cock was big – about an inch longer,
but really thick.

Just then the guy Liz was sucking let out a low groan.
Liz pulled off his cock just as long spurts of cum shot
from out, spraying ribbons of spunk across her lips and
down on to her breasts. He just kept on cumming. He must
have spurted 6 or 7 times before he was done.

He was quickly replaced by the next guy who grabbed her
head and pushed his cock into her open mouth. He fucked
her mouth fast, plunging in and out as Liz pushed her
hand between his legs and grabbed his balls. They looked
huge as she massaged them with her right hand, trying to
control his thrusts with her left.

Suddenly the man tensed up, and as Liz squeezed his big
balls he pumped his spunk into her mouth.

I could see the big vein under his cock pulsate over and
over again as he dumped load after load into her mouth
and down her throat. Liz sucked and swallowed for all
she was worth. As he finished and pulled his satisfied
cock out of her mouth, a few ribbons of cum dripped down
her chin to join the first guys load.

‘What about me?’ I asked, rather pathetically.

‘I haven’t forgotten you,’ she said.

As she turned towards me I could see the spunk on her
face, trickling down between her breasts and coating her
erect nipples. It was I could do not to come as she
wriggled out of her dress completely. She was now only
wearing a soaking wet thong and her boots. She leant
over and kissed me and I tasted the warm cum on her

As she turned and knelt on the seat sideways, she
lowered her head on to my cock, her left hand reaching
back to play with her soaking wet pussy. I was in heaven
as she sucked my cock. I could feel the other guys cum
dripping on to my thighs. I was completely overwhelmed
as I rapidly approached orgasm, when I heard Liz grunt

She stopped sucking me and started to gasp as she came
again. It was at that moment that I realised one of the
men had opened the car door and had plunged his cock
into my wife’s pussy. I could see his hips thrusting and
his cock moving in and out of her pussy and his balls
slapping against her.

Before I could react, Liz came loudly, arching her back
in obvious pleasure. As she did, I could just see the
man’s huge cock in her pussy. Her pussy lips were being
pulled out and pushed back as if it was trying to grip
his cock.

I saw him tense up a start and start to come deep inside
her. It was too late to do anything about it, and I
wasn’t sure I even wanted to, for I began spurting my
own load into the air in front of my wife’s face,
covering myself and her in my cum.

The guys finally back off and Liz reached round and
closed the car door. I took that as our cue to go, and
started the car, pulling away slowly.

‘Well, it looks like you enjoyed that nearly as much as
I did,’ she said, looking down at the mess of cum that
was all over my lap.

‘Yes, but I am not sure we’ll be doing it again,’ I

Liz ran her finger through the cum on her breasts and
smiled. ‘Oh I think we probably will,’ she replied.

As my cock stiffened again and she looked down at it and
smiled. ‘in fact, I am certain of it,’ she said, smiling

I knew then, that I would do whatever she demanded.